In the early morning of April 21, Beijing time, Manchester United, Arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool and Chelsea collectively announced their withdrawal from the European Super League

Previously, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham and Arsenal collectively announced that they would join the new European Super League plan, but once this was announced, it was firmly opposed by UEFA, fans, players and the British government.

It is certain that the UEFA Champions League will not continue. This wave is that I haven’t fully understood it, and of course I will die when I go out. Even if we say that UEFA is incompetent and brain-dead, they have integrated European football for more than half a century. How can a thing die so quickly? Do you think it is a video double-speed button? It is not unreasonable for so many people to look down on the UEFA Europa League at first. Whether it is American capital that has made European capital and European governments vigilant, or European giant club oligarchs want to eliminate monopoly, it means that there is no foundation or soil to break away from the social foundation of European football at this stage. But to be honest, this wave of European football oligarchs and capital taking over football and developing to play for capital is irreversible. Is this wave of UEFA really tenable? Look at the strategy of the new Champions League. Isn’t that another capital monopoly? And this new Champions League pusher also has the shadow of the giants, then Juventus’s Agnelli is still pushing the new Champions League this January, but he himself started to jump around with Juventus. Those teams that have not joined the UEFA Champions League and have now announced their withdrawal from the UEFA Champions League, are they really looking after the overall situation for the development of European football? No, it’s nothing more than long-term interests and short-term interests. S’s interests and B’s interests are weighed. These twelve “iron hat kings” who want to do things are all sitting on the capital’s mansion. They want to make a fuss about the redistribution of old and new interests. Which of the six Premier League teams is not a product of capital. Manchester United Arab Emirates national capital, Manchester United Liverpool Arsenal American capital predators, Tottenham British native capital, Chelsea Russian oligarch capital. There is no people’s team here. But a team without people ≠ fans are not important ≠ European football basics are not important. Think about it if it really angers local fans, angers local player leaders, leaves Stamford Bridge empty, leaving Old Traderford Anfield with only protest slogans, do you guess whether the capital will continue to follow up and place bets for them, you guessed it Will the British government focus its resources on some other teams? Perhaps the national football associations, including UEFA, cannot legally prohibit the twelve iron hat kings from starting anew. But European football is not incapable of nurturing a wave of fresh forces. Your twelve brothers want to give European football and European society a big action to cut off children from grandchildren. Then our official government agencies will use all kinds of off-hand tricks to suppress you and neglect you, and finally see who gets through. Is it true that you, the Premier League big6, really live longer than the dignified Great Britain? Of course, everything is not absolute, otherwise the president of UEFA and the national football federations will not jump in a hurry. This wave of Premier League big jumps back and forth between UEFA and UEFA, also shows that some of UEFA’s ideas have indeed come to change, including UEFA’s entire organization when it is time to change, just look at this time. Can the “defection” of the Premier League, which has the most commercial brand, become an opportunity for UEFA to change? There are more melons. Look at it. Let’s change it. Post an article organized by the local indigenous fans in Milan from the South Stand. Some Chinese fans who feel that football has not been harmed this time really want to see what football is like.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

Woke up, the top five of the Premier League collectively withdrew from the European League, Chelsea are also drafting documents. Obviously, the 4.5 billion euro pie drawn by UEFA has had an effect. In order to divorce the UEFA members, it is also possible to give extra commitments to the quitters. Then the already weak interest alliance quickly split, because it is loose and has each other. The organization of the ghost fetus simply cannot bear the pressure of the enemy. Yes, they can not be afraid of UEFA, but Boris opposes, the leader of the Labor Party jumped, and the old scumbag all clarified their unsupported position. Henderson called the captains of the Premier League teams overnight to meet, and the fans hung up banners to RIP. Chelsea’s home game was blocked by their own fans… Will Abramovich and Mansour continue to wade through the muddy water after seeing this situation? “We were not short of money. After the establishment of the UEFA Europa League, my influence on the team may be weakened.” So, one family, two, five, six, big6 groups entered and exited, although the Lafayette was still stiff. But as long as there is no Premier League, the UEFA Europa League will fall apart in an instant. After all, I firmly oppose the establishment of the UEFA Super League to play games, because that will gradually make the big plate of football smaller, but I support the UEFA’s symbolic riots and force UEFA to make some substantive actions. Reform: For example, open finances, don’t blindly expand the Champions League, cancel the special UEFA, and distribute the hidden income… Just like the “European Championship income tilt” that the G14 won back then. Players must be paid for playing national team games and You have to pay if you are injured.” But no, nothing. The result of this farce will not be to punish the club, but to arrest a few leaders and pull them down. San Dezi announced his resignation (of course, this was decided earlier but only announced in advance), and every board of directors had to catch a back-up man. The positions of Glazer, Kroenke, and Henry are already very embarrassing, and we may be able to see it soon. Someone is going to sell shares… It hurts to win, and it hurts to win nothing after the fight. Florentino was completely shaken, and his career as Real Madrid chairman may not end well.

5 months ago

The American sports industry capitalists did not understand the basic national conditions of the European society, blindly tapped the potential of leeks, and finally stabbed the lungs of the main audiences, and then overturned the industry in situ. The American sports capital, represented by the two vice presidents of the UEFA Super League, the American Kroenke and the American John Henry II, obviously did not realize that football is a political and religious issue in Europe, not a purely economic issue. Here, you can accept offerings, but you can’t open a bank directly. You can sell sacrament, but you can’t open a butcher’s shop. The social environment in Europe is extremely special. Because Europe was the first region in the world to enter industrial civilization, it was also the main battlefield of the two world wars, and the front line of the Cold War confrontation. It has experienced a long period of ignorance in history. Religious culture has an extremely broad and profound social foundation in Europe, and religious behavior is a part of European society itself. However, many historical changes and fierce social transformations in modern times have caused religion and ideology to gradually withdraw from their normal participation in social practice. Therefore, to some extent, Europe is the region where social consciousness entered the postmodern state first in the world. This kind of religious demand exists objectively because it is part of the social foundation. Therefore, many things that were not originally religion and ideology gradually entered the market, replacing the niche of religion and ideology, and taking on the responsibility of religion and ideology. The social functions borne by the form are entrusted with a large number of spiritual demands. This includes not limited to the construction of social communities, the construction of public opinion issues, the carriers of interpersonal relationships and social networks, and even patriotism. Watching a football game together and praying together are essentially the same thing. They are both part of collective participation, collective construction and collective memory. Take Germany, for example. In Germany after World War II, apart from football matches, where else can you publicly express your patriotic enthusiasm? Even “Germany Above All” can only sing the third paragraph. Over time, the original operating structure of the European football game itself has become the objective carrier of these social demands. Its value and significance are similar to the debate in European history on whether the sacrament should be eaten or dead bread. The nuances that seem to be insignificant, in their eyes, are a matter of human relations and defense. The American sports industry capitalists obviously did not realize this, or realized it, but underestimated it, they entered the game roughly, attempted to destroy the original structure, and build a new system based on the logic of maximizing capital gains. This is equivalent to breaking into the sacrament, pouring the wine of all believers, and replacing it with Coca-Cola. No holy war at this time, when will you stay? The accountant met a philosopher, and one had only banknotes in his mind, and the other had only faith in his mind. It would be weird if you don’t boil and turn into a genius. The lesson from this is that we must be cautious about changes in the social infrastructure, and we must not rush to the cornerstones of society easily in the interest of short-term economic benefits, otherwise the backlash will be far more intense than imagined.

5 months ago

To put it simply, two such “beautiful” things are on the verge of collapse in three days. What is the problem? Very simple, because it violates the basic values ​​of football. We like football, what do we like? What we like is that the players sweat in the middle of the week and impress the head coach with their performance in training, so as to get valuable opportunities to play. What we like is that everyone cheers for each other in the locker room and shouts “kill them!” In order to gain endless courage, what we like is that the team competes for every inch of space on the court, overcomes every physical limit together, and obtains the result of victory. What we like is a club that takes a year from training in the summer to winning the championship in the summer. All these things of hard work to win the final trophy are inseparable from the basic principle of “efforts are possible to succeed”. However, the so-called “European Super League” shattered this basic criterion. 15 clubs lie down in the league, they can still enter this most dazzling stage. Yes, as long as the formation is successful, this is the most dazzling stage. Why? Put it nicely, by history, by prestige, by those trophies in the honor room. To put it harder, it depends on the number of followers on social media pages. This is not fair. The owners of these clubs have forgotten, or they simply disdain to know how these history, prestige, trophies, and fans came from. When Real Madrid was sixteen years old, everyone was working hard for a breakthrough next season. Mourinho led the team to the quarter-finals and semi-finals step by step, and he still remembered when he broke the demons. Excited to win the tenth, eleventh, twelfth, and thirteenth crowns? At the end of the Barcelona Dream II era, when a head coach who was still coaching the B team last season worked hard with a group of players without Ronaldinho and Deco, do you remember what miracles the Red and Blues created at the end of the season? Juventus was dropped into Serie B due to the phone call incident. Players such as Piero and Buffon chose to stick to their efforts. When Juventus, who was badly injured, ranked seventh for two consecutive seasons, I still remember the first time he regained the Serie A championship. In the mood? Manchester United’s Munich tragedy, Manchester City’s history before 9320, Abramovich did not own Chelsea, Arsenal, who frequently sells big-name stars, Liverpool’s years of rebuilding, Tottenham before the appearance of the youth guards, Atletico Madrid without Simeone At the time, AC Milan after Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva were sold, and Inter Milan before the Triple Crown. Twelve clubs, who has not lived through the darkest moment? Only by working hard can success turn into tears. In the two goals in stoppage time, Aguero beat QPR, Drogba scored a header in the Champions League final, and killed “Wu Guan” in the FA Cup. Last summer’s first Premier League champion, Boche Tino’s face is full of tears, the La Liga trophy won at the Nou Camp, Ibrahimovic’s hope of returning to Milan, the upcoming Inter Milan. This is the most moving part of football. You can say that I don’t care about these shit values, I just want to watch strong dialogues, I just want to watch Messi and Ronaldo. Ok. The reason Messi is Messi is because of his slow growth, he struggled alone in La Masia, and with repeated efforts and dedication, he won the opportunity to rule the Nou Camp. Cristiano Ronaldo is Cristiano Ronaldo because he overcame his loneliness when he lost his father early, and started his legendary career from Portuguese sports with repeated efforts and dedication. Through their hard work, the two have shared most of the big and small honors in the football world in the past ten years. This is their greatness. When they were old, they also continued to work hard to break their championship. , The monopoly of honor. No one can always sit on the throne, no one should always sit on the throne. Should UEFA reform? Should football move on? The answer is yes. From a certain perspective, without this farce, UEFA may not give in and cut its flesh, and the future of football will not arouse everyone’s deep thoughts. However, none of this should trample on the value of “efforts are possible to succeed”. Because today’s stars, famous coaches, and giants, no one has climbed to where they are today without hard work. The real powerhouse is not afraid of any competition, rather than hiding in the so-called “European Super League” incubator. This is the reason why players, coaches, celebrities, and fans oppose loudly. Some people may want to say that the Champions League was created from scratch. Why can’t the UEFA Champions League? the reason is simple. Hear the name, the Champions League. UEFA Champions League, UEFA Champions League. Rather than the European giants league.

5 months ago

Hey. In general, everyone has said more comprehensively. Let me talk about the impact that it may have on my family from the perspective of a Manchester United fan. If you have played games like “Civilization” and “P Society 4 Moe”, you should know that declaring war on other countries will result in a red entry that reduces diplomatic relations for a long time. Manchester United has been quite advanced in the establishment of the Super League this time. For other clubs that have not joined, they have stated clearly that “we don’t want to take you to play”. Is it enough to reduce the relationship? Don’t worry, there is the relationship “You have betrayed the “revolution”” hanging over the clubs that have not quit. What will this lead to? Recall the problems encountered in the transfer period of Manchester United before, as soon as it was heard that Manchester United raised the price, exposed it to the media, and the ink was in the end. After the deterioration of the relationship between Manchester United and Mangmanduo small and medium clubs and big clubs, how much difficulty will the transfer be? It can be said that the first summer window when Mertaf took office was the difficulty of hell, which caused Solskjaer’s bad luck. This is just the transfer window. How does this Manchester United deal with public relations with fans, public opinion, the FA Football Association, and the government? Pray for a miracle to happen to Manchester United in the summer.

5 months ago

Related interests: For Bayern fans, I was not optimistic about the UEFA Champions League from the beginning. Without him, this UEFA Champions League has betrayed the fans and the core spirit of fighting and competition in football. As I said in this answer, I was ridiculed by a bunch of “fans”. I don’t know if they don’t watch the football or they are also eroded by the culture of the meal circle. The 12 major clubs in Europe announced the creation of the European Super League. What impact will this have on the football landscape? Now let’s first talk about why the top six in the Premier League will withdraw first. First of all, historical reasons. England is the birthplace of modern football. England’s football league has also developed quite well. From the top Premier League to the lowest amateur league, there are 9 levels. The FA Cup and League Cup are attended by low-level league teams. , As long as you have the strength and luck, you can also overturn a strong team, such as the amateur league team Cheorre defeating Wigan Athletic. Conversely, if the team is not aggressive and makes business mistakes, you will also be demoted. Don’t you see, where is Nottingham Forest, which won the Champions League twice? See you, where is Blackburn, the red rose back then? The closed UEFA Super League makes competition, hard work, and struggle all meaningless. Second, the fan factor. Although the fans of the Premier League big6 are the majority, many small teams that are now mixed in the amateur league may have a history of a hundred years, and there are also a group of fans who are loyal to the team. Many fans are all fans. And even the big6 fans of the Premier League are reluctant to abandon the tradition and enter the closed game of the European Super League. Since the news of the establishment of the European Super League came out, many Premier League stars have opposed this incident, and many fans have also protested at the team’s training and competition fields. Yesterday, Chelsea’s match against Brighton was postponed for fifteen minutes because of fan protests. In the final analysis, fans are the foundation of the team’s survival. You have no fans, who do you sell your tickets and jerseys to? How much can I get for the broadcast fee? Third, the opposition of the British government. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson issued a statement against the UEFA Champions League, and the British government is also discussing how to respond. This seems to be the only head of state I have seen that came out against it, and this puts a lot of pressure on the team. After all, no matter what the team boss says, he is a businessman, and he should be cautious about confronting the government of a country. Fourth, there is little economic pressure. In fact, from the beginning, I felt that the Premier League big6 was fooled into it. Behind Manchester City is the oil dad, who is not short of money, and Chelsea boss Abramovich is not short of money. Manchester United, Arsenal, and Liverpool are all American bosses behind them, and they are not short of money. At best, the Glazers and Kroenke are unwilling to invest money (Kroenke is very generous to throw money at the Rams). It may be that Spurs boss Liewei has less money, but Spurs hasn’t made a big transfer in recent years. In general, it is definitely not as good as Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​which have debts of one billion, so they urgently want to make money. In summary, there is no shortage of money, and the government resists. Fans, celebrities, including their own players and coaches (such as Klopp) all oppose it. Coupled with what agreement may have been reached in private with UEFA, it is normal for the Premier League top six to opt out. Then talk about the impact, that is, the European Super League is gone. 12 teams are not enough to play, other teams, Bayern, Dortmund and all other Bundesliga teams, including Hamburg, have made it clear that they will not join (I seriously suspect that Hamburg is here to brush their presence), and Paris has not let go. After the Premier League big6 retires, there are only 6 teams left. Who will come if you pull people again? Other teams are a little more clever and won’t join in this opposition. Even if they are short of money and mad, they won’t risk the world at this time. If the UEFA Super League is gone, it is still necessary to be held accountable. Manchester United’s Woodward has announced his resignation (I think this is good news for Manchester United). Juve’s Agnelli also has news to resign. Even if he does not resign, he is no longer the chairman of ECA. After this, his influence is no longer as before. Barcelona will not have any major influence. They said that the agreement was signed by Bartomeu. Well, this reason cannot be refuted. As for Florentino, with his status, his reputation has been severely damaged even if the impact is not significant.

5 months ago

I am firmly opposed to the UEFA Super League. Why, because the sport of football itself has sustenance, and there is a buff bonus. Supporting the national team, there is a national honor buff bonus, even if the national football is a dog, you still support them in your heart, because they represent China, you are happy if you play well, you can’t wait to give him a mouth if you don’t play well. Why, because they represent China. You support the club, you support the hometown club Guoan Taida Luneng, it may be because that is your hometown, that represents the honor of your hometown, you can go to the Workers’ Stadium every Friday to the Jinan Olympic Stadium to cheer for them, maybe you Sitting behind you can’t even see a ball. After watching N for many years, you still can’t figure out what is called offside, but you are still willing to go. When local players like Xu Yunlong and Cao Yang retired, you were very moved and looked at a hairy boy. Walking from youth to middle age interprets the definition of loyalty to one person, one city, and you will also think back to your time watching football over the years, and sigh that time is really unrealistic. If you drink some wine with others and pretend to be compelling, you will say that our Guoan is awesome, and Alaska is invincible. I traveled to Jinan that year and I made Sanbengzi from Daming Lake. The driver is a Luneng fan. The seats are all wearing Montillo’s jersey. I drove Sanbengzi every week to the Olympics to watch football. I watched it for decades. Speaking of Han Peng, Zhou Haibin, and Hao Junmin, the expressions are really full of awe, not full of pride. Not to mention the century-old European football culture. Several generations of people are fans of a certain club. Maybe they all know each other in the football field. The picture below shows the scene when the Berlin United team was upgraded. You support foreign clubs, you support Real Madrid, and you support Manchester United. This is a kind of emotional sustenance. You watch your favorite star play from Fenghua Zhengmao to heroic white head, watch you watch your favorite team take a step from the bottom. Walking to the top, watching them fall again and again, fall into the mortal world again and again, patted the dirt on their bodies again and again and stood up hard, watching a crying-nose-loving kid from the Madeira Peninsula grow up from a boy For a real man to grow into a real national hope, watching the boy from Rosario step by step become a beautiful elf in the football world. This is sustenance. The miracle of Leicester City, the miracle of Kaiserslautern, this is the spiritual motivation, this kind of just listening to it has been burned, it will inspire many people who do not watch football, and it will also become the material in the composition of middle school students. To put it bluntly, football is the number one sport in the human world. Football that contains so much sustenance can show extreme human emotions within 90 minutes, and human happiness, anger, sorrow, and joy are fully manifested and released at this moment. The seemingly simple game, as a fan, you don’t need to know any tactics, you just follow the atmosphere of the audience and shout and it’s over. Football is a show, but it is a show with a lot of emotions. Without these buffs, let alone clubs, football would not be able to develop into the world’s No. 1 sport now. Take the current empty games as an example. Unless they are scouts or football self-media writers or football-related practitioners, ordinary fans are drowsy watching home team games, not to mention that the iQiyi group opens off-duty commentary. If it weren’t for Pei You, I don’t want to watch the game. Why, there are no fans on the scene without wailing shouts, emotions can’t be driven, and without fans, the emotions of players can’t be driven. This greatly reduces the appreciation of football. You are now talking about the entire European Super League, the kind of sports in the United States, the sports culture of the fast food spot, no nostalgic fans, and training future fans. It is a word that feels cool. The venues are arranged for Ronaldo Messi and Liverpool to do it. Barcelona, ​​Milan Derby, the stars shine. Future-oriented fans will watch a refreshing experience. Today I will see you in the UEFA Super League. Tomorrow maybe I will see Aikari Ishihara hope Mikami Yua Aizawa Minami Momomi Nogi Channa Sakura Sakura Motokiji Yamagishi Aika Hashimoto Yurika , Anyway, just look cool. At that time, the 12 stars will return to the league to lie flat and go to play, U23 will go up and play, and many matchups in the league itself have a lot of regional or class struggle meanings, such as Ruudby, national derby, Catalan derby, there are Some teams play the Man and Man card, and some teams play the Noble card. Abandoning the league and ruining the league is equivalent to giving up the foundation of the club. Real Madrid, Barcelona and Arsenal also cultivated little monsters. Whoever buys 350 million likes a year can’t directly buy it (how the spiritual shareholder 350 million spends it) Harland is involved, Wei Shihao is involved, and Mbappe is involved. There is no promotion or relegation. The Twelve Stars in the Iron Hat play Arsenal, National Derby, Milan Derby, and Ami repeats this famous scene to Li Village. They have been doing this all the time, and I’m tired of watching a few games. Since it is an American sports, capital-led programmatic event, the hourly extra hour is not too fast, it’s normal. When the league is about to end, like the second day, it won’t be too much for you to score four or five in ten minutes. Anyway, future fans Just look cool, what’s the point of this. To put it bluntly, it means the same as the International Champions Cup that was made during the offseason. The International Champions Cup plus, the prize money is so high that people can give up the league. This kind of event can be done during the offseason. If it goes in parallel with the league, then Just dig one’s own grave. UEFA is a dog, and I can see that this group of people has indeed made a lot of money, and it is true that as a housekeeper, they can’t see their position and mess up the game. It is possible to force these people to spit out in a normal way. The formation of such a league that goes against the spirit of sports and destroys the foundation of football is regarded as killing chickens and getting eggs. But it also left something like “Is it useful for local European fans?” “Why should the giants be parasitized by those small teams?” “The life-saving giants without Wall Street capital are about to die” “Does JPMorgan Chase know better than you? Does Galeries Lafayette know better than you? “The small team will die, I am not a spiritual European”, “Man City Legal Department requested to play”, “FBI to arrest people”, “Gary Neville Carragher don’t understand what Manchester United Liverpool is”, “There are not a large number of precision experts. You know” such a ridiculous joke. As well as “Creator” and “Jewish”, if Netflix wants to take a small Agnelli (orthodox successor family business that was assigned to the tertiary industry and the old nobleman who was also sidelined by others) as the first point of view review in the future. I will certainly support the incident of the two-day reform. Finally, get rid of the American (Jewish) guy! There are some things that money can’t buy! Football won, long live football!

5 months ago

The tree fell and scattered, France also resisted for a month that year, the UEFA Super League only took 48 hours. The top six of the Premier League is not a monolithic one. The backbone of the entire UEFA Super League is only the top three of the Western Super League, especially Real Madrid. Do Chelsea and Manchester City need exactly this money? Abramovich bought the bottom of Europe last summer and threw 200 million pounds to strengthen Chelsea; and Manchester City did not give too much. After quickly winning Ake (41 million pounds) and Ferran Torres (23 million euros), they spent another 68 million euros. Under Portuguese defender Ruben Dias, Blue Moon spends almost 100 million in every transfer window, and money is nothing for Manchester City. It is worth noting that Manchester City has already spent more on the defense line than the British Army’s military expenditures. The per capita value of the defenders is 50 million, which is enough for the British Army to equip another heavy armored battalion (an armored regiment is also okay?). The joining of Chelsea and Manchester City is to hear that Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham are also in this Super League, lest they are excluded and their interests will be damaged. These two clubs are a little bit similar and don’t know the situation at all. Let’s just stand in and talk about it. If it doesn’t help, we will withdraw immediately! Do Tottenham and Arsenal need this Premier League? Very necessary! And it is a special need! ! Tottenham have only been in the Champions League final once under Pochettino and lost. Tottenham has become a frequent visitor to the Champions League in the past ten years. Arsenal is even more ridiculous. Since losing their Champions League qualification in 2016/17, they have never been able to enter the top four of the Premier League. After Wenger left, Arsenal’s record has plummeted, and this season it once slipped only four points from the relegation zone. Kroenke is stingy and everyone in Europe knows that Arsenal’s results are poor and he refuses to spend money. Even if you spend money, everything you buy is pretty good. Among the 12 clubs in the UEFA Super League, only Arsenal, Manchester City, Tottenham and Atletico have not won the Champions League, and Tottenham’s last top league title was in 1961. Therefore, Tottenham and Arsenal are following the chaos and get a piece of the pie. Manchester United and Liverpool are different. They are both joint-stock companies, and Manchester United is a listed company. Both clubs need to put out a certain percentage of funds to give back to shareholders, that is, to distribute dividends to shareholders. Liverpool’s performance just improved a bit, and as a result, it hit the epidemic. The Glazer family of Manchester United regards Manchester United as a cash machine all the year round. The family is all paid at Manchester United, and the Glazer family of vampires comes from this. Why did LeBron James add funds to Liverpool? LeBron spent 6.5 million US dollars (4.9 million pounds) in 2011 to become a minority shareholder in Liverpool. As Liverpool’s record rebounded, his 2% of Liverpool shares have risen to $52 million! (There is also $32 million, which is a big double.) In March of this year, Fenway Group announced that LeBron James has become a partner, and LeBron James has added some additional funds. (Amount unknown) Fenway Group announced the sale of 10% of its shares to Red Bird Capital, LeBron James and three others became partners. The family of Chen She said: Is there any kind of prince and general Xiangning? I am afraid that these six clubs have forgotten their original aspirations. They were all founded by the working class, not aristocrats by birth. Arsenal: It was founded by a group of workers at the “Royal Arsenal” weapons factory in Dale Square in the Woolwich area of ​​southeast London. Manchester United: formerly known as the British “Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Company” (abbreviated “LYR”) railway workers formed an amateur team called the Newton Heath LYR Football and Cricket Club. Manchester City: The group of miners is deeply connected. Tottenham and Liverpool are supported by industrial workers and port workers, while Chelsea has the Stamford Bridge Stadium to have a team. The establishment of the European Super League goes against the traditional supporters of the Premier League’s top six. They are not born aristocrats, nor are they born winners. They have also had a trough: Manchester United had a low ebb for 20 years after the retiring of the Jazz Busby; Liverpool hit Shanghai Sur and Hillsborough at the peak of the two tragedies entered the low ebb; Chelsea in the 70s of the last century At the end of the decade, he fell into a trough and almost went bankrupt. It wasn’t until Abramovich took over that he paid off his debts and regained his youth; Tottenham has been away from the top league championship since 1961 until now. When faced with huge external pressure, fans protested, sponsors withdrew, and the attitude of the top six in the Premier League to withdraw is a natural thing. The other 14 clubs in the Premier League have held an emergency meeting today. The most severe punishment requires the removal of the CEO of the top six clubs. It does not rule out the requirement that the instigator Glazer family sell Manchester United. The Fenway Group forced to sell Liverpool may also be the next one. Arsenal asked the fans for forgiveness in the withdrawal announcement, and Kroenke may have escaped and replaced the CEO. The biggest pusher of the European Super League is not the Premier League semi-finals, but the Western Premier League. Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico have been dragged down by their high wages and expensive operating costs. Although Real Madrid has cut 10% of their salaries from top to bottom, the renovation of the Bernabéu has cost a lot of money; Atletico’s loss has approached 1 billion euros , This is because Atletico, in order not to be left behind by Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​forced to follow Real Madrid in an arms race; Barcelona will not mention those things, Bartomeu is about to bankrupt Barcelona, ​​and the debt is nearly 1.2 billion. Europe. In addition, there are rumors that Real Madrid’s financial situation is very precarious, Real Madrid’s salary is about to be released, and it has not been effectively confirmed; Barcelona’s weekly salary, De Jong’s 350,000 weekly salary? Real Madrid’s weekly salary, Casemiro only 90,000 weekly salary? Florentino claimed to have a legal action against the top six in the Premier League. Alas, I’m still worried about whether Real Madrid can pass Chelsea. The Spanish environment is still very friendly to Real Madrid, and there is no need to worry about the chairmanship, but with such a big beam from UEFA, the Champions League semi-finals will be miserable.

5 months ago

The impact is that the UEFA team ushered in a wave of leadership resignations. The UEFA plan only became a fantasy and made UEFA tougher, which indirectly contributed to UEFA’s power. Florentino is really very stubborn. What is his picture? He is a billionaire worthy of billions. Real Madrid is a membership system and no profit is allowed. How much money comes in, you have to spend some money, not to mention now Real Madrid is not only unprofitable, but also in debt. He can only earn reputation, not wealth directly. UEFA is indeed corrupt, but this approach is too radical, and it leaves fans and players no time to buffer and accept, and players will also consider the feelings of the fans and the honor of the national team, so this league remembers It is difficult. If you want a revolution, you need a revolutionary program and a mass foundation. Obviously, the UEFA Super League does not have a mass foundation.

5 months ago

Isn’t it a pity not to make such a wonderful and absurd true story? In many cases, things that can be fooled with money are really not a matter. From 3.5 billion to 4.5 billion, just changing a number will completely change the direction of the story. Organizations with ghosts in their hearts are also packaged as revolutions for the benefit of troubles. When have you ever seen the revolution of wearing shoes can be successful? They are all people with vested interests. Although it is common to scold the mother while eating the pot, it really breaks the basket. Everyone understands the truth about the lack of food. Although I am a little hungry now, it is better than having a full meal and not eating at all. The money sent to the door in difficult times is the temptation of the devil. I still have that view. Don’t take it lightly. If you take it, it will be Wuzhishan. If you can’t kill you, you will be trapped for hundreds of years. Capital is inherently profit-seeking. If you don’t invest in profitable projects, you don’t want to invest in debt projects. You can’t win the deal even if you take off your pants. I believe people in those clubs also understand this truth, but sometimes the pleasure of drinking poison to quench thirst is too attractive. In addition, I always feel that it is possible to achieve illusory perfection that can be advanced or retreated, but in fact, this world does not have so many advances and retreats, only standing in teams. Promises are sometimes worth a thousand dollars, sometimes not as good as bullshit. It’s not about where the butt sits and how the abacus is beaten. UEFA is not the child of a poor family. It has accumulated more than half a century of management, and there are not a few benefactors or thugs behind it. It’s really hard to get things done, to have an advantage over the Yankees, the time, the place and the people are all right, and it really wipes out a few teams and re-emerges a new row of so-called giants. Is it difficult? No, a lot of century-old clubs are waiting for this opportunity. That may be the real revolution. Whoever stipulates that European football is Real Saren, is the Premier League BIG6, is the Serie A 7 sisters, we also want to taste the delicacy of money and victory. Those teams in the middle and lower reaches of the league are eagerly roaring to find new opportunities and positions in this troubled world, and it is easier for Feng Shui to take turns in times of crisis. In addition to the competitive aspect, the charm of football often brings strength and encouragement to us when we cannot break through in reality. If the power of this mapping disappears, it is actually meaningless. The prerequisite for the strong-strong dialogue is the existence of the strong and the weak. A system with only the so-called strong existence will inevitably lead to a complete weakening. The UEFA Champions League is a bad name. The UEFA Champions League is still fighting for a championship. Why are you doing it for the Super? It may seem like a painstaking effort, but it is full of ridiculous papers, borrowing words from an article by Ned yesterday.

5 months ago

Unexpectedly, it made sense. Although it was not very certain before, I also thought that there would be a possibility that the UEFA would encounter problems after various games, but I did not expect that the Premier League team would take the lead in withdrawing. I originally thought that because of the membership system and the fans’ resistance to the UEFA Europa League system, the La Liga teams would first withdraw. After all, compared to the membership system of La Liga, the voice of the Premier League team owners is more important. Not to mention that the British should be more resistant to European integration itself than other countries. But from Zhuge Liang’s point of view after the fact, there is a certain degree of rationality. As a Chinese fan, even though the football league has been introduced to China for decades and has attracted an extremely large number of fans, it is essentially an exotic product. Not to mention that for the Chinese, this entertainment industry is an entertainment industry (for details, please see everyone’s comments during the boycott of the NBA, although this is the last…), but for some fanatical football fans in Europe and South America It’s a big part of life, and it’s not an exaggeration to say that it’s faith. It’s even half way short of American sports fans. It is hard for us to imagine the fascination of European fans for the “community” attributes of local teams. In essence, although the membership system is played by Spanish teams and the evil 50+1 system belongs to Germany, the United Kingdom is the most terrifying country of football communityization on a certain level. An excerpt from Wikipedia: “The English football league system (English: The English football league system), also known as the “football pyramid”, is a series of England, 5 Wales and 1 Guernsey. The related leagues of the island’s football clubs. The hierarchical system provides promotion or demotion mechanisms at different levels of the league, so that each team has the opportunity to climb to the top of the pyramid. There are more than 140 different leagues in the system, including More than 480 groups[1]. Due to clubs joining or withdrawing, or even closing down, the number of teams participating in each league varies from year to year, but it is estimated that there are about 15 teams per level on average, and the entire system has about 5,300 clubs. And more than 7,000 teams participated.” The old saying is that England can have Jimmy Vardy who once mixed into the semi-professional league and then all the way to become the top scorer of the Premier League, the England international! Although there are many giants, but they are deeply rooted in the community, which makes it necessary for the team to take into account the opinions of the fans. What’s interesting is that the fans did not show an awesome attitude to the “Brexit” movement in football like it did in politics. Instead, the fans feel that this is the big capital controlling football. In the past few days, I just brushed the ins, but I don’t know how many pictures of fans resisting the club’s Brexit. Some people in China labeled this incident as the team’s resistance to the evil UEFA, and European fans are very interesting to put the label of the fans group against the evil capital. After watching this incident, Gary Neville and other British football stars have spoken out. Although Gary Neville’s transition commentary must be relatively biased towards the FA to oppose the UEFA Champions League, his excitement personally thinks that there is true feelings in it. of. It should be the reaction of the vast majority of English fans that the giants “betrayed football”. The Premier League’s banning of UEFA teams from participating in the Premier League is also a major factor. Compared with La Liga and the poor Serie A in recent years, the Premier League’s dividends are still very optimistic. Compared to the UEFA Champions League, which is being boycotted by the fans while fate, it seems like a good choice to stop losses in time and keep the meat in the Premier League bowl.

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