Video of a Tesla in Guangzhou that caught fire out of control was spread across the Internet. The video showed that the vehicle caught fire, and medical staff were nearby to give emergency rescue to the injured. On April 21, the reporter learned from the police that the incident occurred at the north of Dongjiang Avenue in Zengcheng, Guangzhou, and it was already under verification. According to an online video, a Tesla sedan hit the roadside concrete bridge while overtaking from behind a moving sedan, causing serious damage. In the picture, a man said: Tesla broke out of control and crashed into the roadside and caught fire. The car was surrounded by a raging fire and eventually burned to an empty frame. Guangzhou Zengcheng Public Security:
Guangzhou Zengcheng police report a traffic accident
Guangzhou Zengcheng Police announced today (April 21):
At about 22:00 on April 17, 2021, a traffic accident occurred on the north of Dongjiang Avenue in Zengcheng District. The Zengcheng police immediately dispatched police, together with emergency rescue forces and “120” medical personnel, rushed to the scene to carry out accident handling.
After preliminary investigation, at the time of the incident, Zuo (male, 33 years old) was driving a car with a male passenger on the above road. The vehicle collided with the concrete wall on the right side of the road and the car driven by Wang (female, 32 years old). , Causing the death of a male passenger in a certain car on the left. The accident did not cause injuries to other people, and then the vehicle driven by the left one burned. The cause of the accident is still under further investigation.

It is worth thinking about. The time of the accident was April 17th. The time for rights protection on the roof of the Tesla female car owner station is April 19th. Under pressure from the regulatory authorities, Tesla issued an apology statement overnight on the evening of April 20. On April 21st, the incident of Tesla’s out-of-control fire causing one death finally broke out. An online video showed that a Tesla car hit the roadside concrete bridge during overtaking from the back of a moving car and was seriously damaged. In the video, a man said: Tesla lost control and hit the side and turned over. A few flips. International big names have always been full of arrogance and prejudice in product disputes involving China, especially Tesla. They thought that as long as they were treated coldly, people would forget it after three days. Fortunately, at least the domestic Internet media has not been completely controlled by these companies. Without Ms. Zhang standing on the roof of the car at the Shanghai Auto Show, it would be impossible to attract the attention of regulatory authorities and major media. Tesla will continue to “make Chinese people’s money and hit Chinese people’s lives.” Today’s Tesla is just like the Samsung mobile phone that was popular in China in the past. Samsung once occupied a large share of the Chinese mobile phone market, and surpassed Apple for a time at its peak. However, because of the battery explosion incident and discriminated against domestic users, it was resisted by domestic consumers, and now it has almost disappeared in China. If Tesla continues to be arrogant, let him follow Samsung’s old path!


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

To be fair, Tesla, as a smart car, is really very smart. When you go to the test drive, you will know that the degree of intelligence is very, very, very high. How high is it? After the high-end remote upgrades your car through the Internet, your car will have a cushion heating function…this is intelligent, tut tut. To be honest, I have written code for so many years, how many bugs can a very intelligent system have, I am not sure? For a simple project on github, if the code exceeds a thousand lines, go and see how many issues there are…especially metaphysics artificial intelligence autopilot, this kind of ‘autopilot service’ embedded in the vehicle, ha ha ha. Don’t talk about using this feature, really. You sent me to choose a system equipped with this function, and asked me to turn off these functions for my use, I dare not use it. Because things like bugs are not what you think. For example, it’s not that the central control has a problem, it must be reflected on the screen… It may be the same as a lumbar disc herniation. The problem is in the waist, but the pain is in the legs… I guess it blindly, not only you don’t know why. Just like the brake failure, Tesla doesn’t necessarily know it. Bugs, bugs that are so easy to reproduce have long been detected and fixed. The bugs that can survive mass production have a magical skill, do you understand… You ask me, I definitely don’t know. If I know it, I will sell it as 0day. It is not a big problem to get rich and live in Tomson first product… This kind of bug is magical The magic is that you will never think of this kind of magic. Only with a small probability of reappearing, reappearing, reappearing, accidents, accidents, and accidents again with a small probability in the super frequency of use… Finally, maybe someday through the reconfiguration of the system (redesigning the entire system), the The problem was solved somehow. Then you still can’t guarantee that 100% of the problem will disappear. Maybe someday, it will return to the king… This is the fate of a highly intelligent system. There are also Tesla fans who say that this accident happened after selling millions of cars… I tell you, the most terrible thing about metaphysics bugs is that you have to sell millions of cars to have these accidents. At this time, you never know whether the disaster will fall on you in the next second. This is not the same thing as the breakdown of the car caused by the breakdown… The breakdown or other problems caused by the breakdown are controllable disasters, but the problems caused by the bugs are completely uncontrollable. The advantage of low intelligence is that there are generally no such metaphysical bugs. As large as the old pickup truck, as small as the old blister TV, which one can not be used for more than ten, twenty or even thirty years… But what about a highly intelligent system? Maybe a Huangmei genius is halfway through, and then it’s broken. So, if you throw the pot on the brake system, I definitely don’t believe it. I must bet on blindly guessing what went wrong, my mind that has written a few decades of code does not allow me to bet on something like Bosch’s mechanical system… Why am I always a new energy source? Fans of, think that trams are good, but they also strongly oppose intelligence and brag about intelligence… I think this answer should be clearer.

7 months ago

Musk Pink Armor: Valuable data has been collected, the experiment is successful, and we continue to move forward. Our journey is the sea of ​​stars! Musk Fan B: Fast iteration, constant trial and error, constant innovation, this is the spirit of the Internet! China’s new energy vehicles do not want to make progress and need a “catfish” like Tesla! Last time I said, you have to thank Ms. Zhang, it’s not that she ran to the auto show and climbed to the roof of the car and shouted “Brake failure.” The lady is saving the lives of your Tesla owners. Ms. Zhang was caught by her hands and feet and threw it out. She was also put into administrative detention for five days. She still insisted on fighting. She is the hero among Tesla owners. A car of hundreds of thousands will suddenly fail brakes, charge fire, spontaneously explode, fly off the sunroof, blank the central control screen, drop the system, crash and hit a tree… People buy a family car, not a hearse! The accident that happened on April 17, burned and exploded, and killed one person. The news didn’t come up until a few days later. Do you dare to say that Tesla has no public relations? Now that Tesla is doing hot searches every day, it really doesn’t need public relations anymore. Various accidents finally can’t be suppressed, and no longer talk about “female driver’s braking power is small”, “State Grid’s current is not working”, “Supplier parts are not working”. …Finally began to bow his head and apologize. In fact, we don’t need this kind of hypocritical “apology”, because it is afraid of public power, not the people, and it does not put Chinese consumers and users in its eyes at all. This is the arrogance of international capital. If all investigations are inconclusive, and if all accidents end up silently, I think we can consider making this company the next Samsung in China. After all, China’s new energy vehicles do not have to be Tesla.

7 months ago

It is not easy to be able to defend rights alive… Tesla must be a big deal. I advise you to rattle your tail! Correct attitude, investigate the cause of the accident, publish the real data, and give a convincing investigation report! Don’t think that you are a star company in the US, you can be arrogant and never compromise. You may be irreplaceable in the United States, but in China, it is optional. Watching the video of the accident, it was really sparkling with lightning… The video showed that the overall traffic speed of this lane was not fast at that time, but the accident car still hit the side of the road at a high speed. Brake failure? The vehicle is out of control? Or Tesla’s standard answer: car owner question? Not much to say, stay tuned and wait for details!

7 months ago

Tesla estimates that it is very painful now. It must be a software bug, but they don’t know how it happened, and they knew it was fixed early. Then this bug may not be 100% recurring. It is completely unclear what the dependent variable is, and it is even more impossible to provide targeted software redundancy protection. Then, if the physical redundancy protection is to be added, it is equivalent to admitting that there is a problem. Then all the cars on the market have to be recalled, and they would go bankrupt that year. Therefore, it is the only thing that is left to refuse to admit the account, hold on to the refund, and avoid bankruptcy is the big thing. Many people are still mentally arguing for Tesla by shareholders and saying that other manufacturers are black Tesla. It is clear that the nature of this fault is the same as that of the 737max. It is a software bug, and it is a signal feedback processing error, and it is fatal. The difference is that one is a life of nine deaths, and the other is a life of ten deaths. If Tesla really has a kind and says it’s okay, then publish the driving data. The truth of the data is now monitored at a glance. If the car owner is speeding, there is a surveillance camera on the road, and the speed recorded by the probe is inconsistent with the Tesla record. If the data is consistent, then ask why the brake light is on at a speed of tens of kilometers per hour, indicating that the normal brake is not stopped? The 737max crash appeared to be a large depression angle dive stall, but in fact the internal cause was the difficulty of leveling the aircraft nose due to repeated activation of MCAS. And the spirit of Tesla’s recent rear-end collisions, shareholders can guarantee that it was not caused by software bugs that could not stop the car?

7 months ago

The latest news, Zhengdong New District Municipal Supervision Bureau of Zhengzhou: ordered Tesla to unconditionally provide complete driving data half an hour before the accident. I looked for the previous accident records and found out that Tesla had been quietly deleting the background data of the accident car, you dare to believe it! ! ! It stands to reason that we can see acceleration, braking and other information through the background data of Tesla for so many out-of-control events before. Therefore, for the many out-of-control events before, we only need to retrieve the background data. , You can basically figure out the truth of the matter, and see if you did not step on the brakes or stepped on the brakes when you were out of control. but! In the context of so many out-of-control accidents, Tesla has not shown this data to the customer once. If the customer is pressed into a hurry, the background data, including the driving video, will automatically disappear! On July 17, 2020, when a Model 3 in Beijing turned around and reversed into R gear, the vehicle suddenly lost control and rammed forward. The owner stepped on the brakes in time and stopped the brakes. In the end, no casualties were caused. But after letting Tesla check it for two weeks, the cloud data on the car was gone. An owner of an accident car in Linyi, Shandong said that when the accident happened, the vehicle “lost control and could not step on the brakes” and showed the tire marks left by the vehicle still running normally under the brakes. However, the backstage of the vehicle automatically cleaned up the recorded video of the crash. There are even more terrifying things. According to the revelation of @ Tesla维权车主-Han Chao, a car owner in Hangzhou braked the vehicle urgently in the morning, but he was still far away from the car in front. He thought it was a rear-end collision, but it did not. Then the vehicle central control pops up a warning to disable parking. Subsequently, the owner drove at the intersection of Jianghui Road, Binkang Road, Hangzhou, and his Tesla vehicle suddenly accelerated on the road. He saw the speed on the screen automatically increased, and there was no slope, and he confirmed that the AP was not turned on. Features. After such a situation occurred, the owner immediately called the Tesla 400 customer service number, and the other party advised him not to drive the vehicle. Immediately afterwards, he saw on the APP that Tesla’s backstage was checking its vehicle data. However, after he arrived at the company, he found that the vehicle including the dash cam and other settings were all deleted, and he asked you, this way Are you afraid of your company? Han Chao, the owner of Tesla’s rights activist, invaded and deleted. In the end, let me post part of the article published by the Political and Legal Committee yesterday. I think it is much better than what I wrote. There are also many friends who have different opinions on this matter. I don’t want to say that this is Bangtes. The truth becomes clearer and clearer, as long as everyone is an ideal discussion. Guangzhou Zengcheng Police announced today (April 21): At about 22:00 on April 17, 2021, a traffic accident occurred on the north of Dongjiang Avenue in Zengcheng District. After preliminary investigation, at the time of the incident, Zuo (male, 33 years old) was driving a car with a male passenger on the above road. The vehicle collided with the concrete wall on the right side of the road and the car driven by Wang (female, 32 years old). , Causing the death of a male passenger in a certain car on the left. The accident did not cause injuries to other people, and then the vehicle driven by the left one burned. The cause of the accident is still under further investigation. The news currently seen is that the car was driving in the lane normally, and then collided and caught fire. The male passenger died on the spot. . The video of Tesla’s investment notes in Guangzhou burst into flames. The 13,000-played video was reproduced from the boiling point video and was invaded and deleted. Some people may think why Tesla has always had troubles recently? I don’t think there was an accident recently, but there have been problems such as loss of control, braking, etc., but it has been exposed recently. Others commented on whether Tesla has been targeted by peers, so scandals have repeatedly exploded? Offending people is indeed offending people, but it is not a peer, but a consumer. Some manufacturers, some people, always have a sense of superiority, and even treat them differently, just like Samsung in those days. Tao Lin, the vice president, said to consumers openly, never compromise. This is the first time that I have seen such a rigid public relations with customers. Then the Central Political and Legal Committee published an article on the official account, and immediately compromised, saying that he would try his best to cooperate and handle the matter well. It is disgusting to be stubborn and respectful afterwards. Many small partners in the message are discussing about the detection and responsibilities of the previous accident car. I also think this is the key to solving the problem, but for technical judgment and Tesla after-sales, I want to use some of my previous work experience, Tell me about my opinion. For after-sales, or public relations issues. I am not the party involved, and I have no experience in car retailing, but I have done development in the mobile phone hardware department of a communications company before. Yes, this is the one you thought of first. I am responsible for the development of the battery. At the same time, according to the company’s process, after the development, there will be battery safety issues in the market, which will also be reported to me, so I have a better understanding of how sales colleagues deal with similar issues. First of all, if there is a serious problem, such as a combustion explosion, comforting customers is a very important job content for sales colleagues. Let me talk about it. There must be a burning and explosion of mobile phones, and the probability can be one in a million. Even if it is not bad in the industry, every brand has it, and Apple has it, and I don’t think the quality of Apple’s batteries is better than that. The good of the former employer, everyone is an enterprise foundry. The manpower and funds invested by my former employer on batteries and safety are unmatched by other friends. I set up a laboratory very early and bought a lot of money. At the same time, people are invested in the front-end development of the equipment to jointly develop and follow up. During the manufacturing process, people will be stationed in the factory to control the manufacturing process. Pulled away. Come back to communication with customers. After taking the product, perform a technical analysis, even if the analysis is determined to be the customer’s responsibility, after-sales, as long as the customer’s request is not excessive, we will try our best to meet it, such as free repairs, replacement of new accessories, free replacement of new machines, or even There is also a need to replace the old models with the latest models with higher prices. Although a bit too much, they are also moderately satisfied. It is absolutely not to be torn up with customers, so that the threat of no compromise will be unheard of. So, in the final analysis, there is a company’s basic attitude towards consumers. I believe that other new energy car companies will also encounter similar problems. I believe it may not be less than Tesla, but other car companies have this and What are consumers doing? Maybe Mercedes-Benz is one of them. After all, these foreign companies are the masters. There are very few domestic brands in my impression that there are such hard-headed consumers. At least they are incomparable with some foreign companies. Let’s talk about third-party testing. Although the third party claims to be independent, everyone should be able to think that they also have to pay for it. Individuals generally don’t pay for the test. Even if it does, how many times can you pay? And the needs of enterprises are continuous. You can think that many large enterprises are the big customers of these third-party organizations. This kind of testing demand is continuous. Therefore, the third-party testing agency can be said to be independent, but there is room for issuing reports. For example, after testing related issues, there is no room for modification of the facts and parameters detected, but the statement Yes, there is also the logic of analysis. Consumers do not understand professional technology, and the traceability of product anomalies is very complicated, especially for destructive anomalies. Products have often been damaged very seriously. At this time, they want a clear evidence of the stone hammer. That is very unrealistic. There is also a very important problem, which is that product problems are often not caused by one reason. When the product is designed, a certain tolerance will be given, which can be considered as tolerance during use, or the range of raw material quality fluctuations. So after the problem, is it caused by the customer, the product design, or the quality of the raw materials exceeding the tolerance? This is very difficult to define, because objectively speaking, problems often occur when all factors are at the limit. Please don’t question it. I have been specializing in this stuff for several years, and I am speaking about it very objectively. Therefore, there is definitely room for modification of third-party test reports. The doubts of these rights defenders are not unreasonable. In fact, when defending consumer rights, we really can’t put individual consumers and manufacturers under the same framework of rights and responsibilities, because the company is too strong, and individuals have no room for resistance in front of the company, and they don’t recognize it as professional technology. , Or energy, or funding. So, in the end, when companies face rights protection, please try to think about it from the perspective of customers. As ordinary people who eat melons, we must not have excessive and unrealistic demands on individual consumers. When facing rights protection, relevant departments should consider it from the perspective of consumers.

7 months ago

Thanks to Ms. Tao Lin, Tesla’s global vice president. Without Ms. Tao Lin’s “super hard core” reply, the news of the Tesla accident that has passed many days may not have been released. It was her who made Tesla stand on top of public opinion. At that time, Chairman Mao’s evaluation of “Water Margin” was good because Song Jiang accepted the call and awakened the world. This time, Tesla’s global vice president’s sentence “Never compromise” and “is a necessary process for the development of a new product” throws blockbuster bombs on the auto show rights protection incidents that have been continuously fermented, and the entire public opinion field is completely boiling. , While attracting countless spit stars, it also provokes Tianlei and invites many powerful official media to criticize and question by name. What kind of spirit is this? This is a fearless spirit of sacrifice. As the global vice president of a well-known company, he would rather sacrifice his own future career path, at the expense of his own reputation, to alert the world. With our own efforts, continue to grill Tesla on the fire, let Tesla win the key attention of the official media, and make the auto show rights protection event spread far and wide. Please let us see the true face of the so-called star corporate star models of the United States. This is a noble patriotism. When China and the U.S. communicate with each other, and when the sales of domestic new energy vehicles were suppressed by Tesla, her response was to give the country a bargaining bargaining chip and give domestic car companies golden confidence. Support the motherland with practical actions and support the domestic new energy industry. This is a kind of selfless “lurking” nature. As a senior Tesla manager, he finally broke into the enemy’s internal core, and when he found a huge danger, he would not hesitate to expose himself to the danger, screaming in the media conference, stay away from Tesla, stay away from danger. Her efforts were not in vain, and the Market Supervision Administration has ordered Tesla to provide driving data immediately and unconditionally. The State Administration for Market Regulation and the China Consumers Association responded to this rights protection incident with comments. The people thank her!

7 months ago

The most terrible thing is actually not a Tesla defect, but something that happened to society and enterprises, and you can casually suppress it on the Internet. In the Internet age, is this normal? What happened on the 17th and 21st was only willing to explode. After the talks of the ministries and committees, I would like to ask everyone, if the department does not ask, when will we see that Tesla’s defects are even bigger than this defect? Also, the big V who is usually entertaining and talking nonsense, encounters such things and It’s a lot of time to be an invisible person for social events.

7 months ago

Looking at it this way, we can understand why the lady is going to the auto show to use such a drastic means to appeal. This is not rights defense, but revenge. Tesla’s brake failure nearly killed her and her family. This is the enemy of murder and even destruction. Tesla’s arrogant response made such rights protection or revenge to face a kind of institutional evil. In the face of this kind of institutional evil, if you want revenge, you can’t even find a specific enemy, and you don’t know who caused the accident. Is there any difference between Tesla, which allowed the brakes, and the Japanese government, which dumped waste water? Of course, the Japanese government has already apologized to the world. People are killed, will Tesla still have a repurchase? Will anyone still buy it?

7 months ago

Oops, this is Tesla’s birth year. The Shanghai rights defense incident a few days ago hadn’t ended yet, and there was another explosion, and this time it was a game of fire, causing deaths. Is it possible that Tesla has opened up the latest features to physically overtake car owners? After the brake fails, it can still burn when hit, cremated on the spot, and ascended to heaven with one click? I don’t think this is called a new energy car. Tesla can call it a new coffin car, sit on it and get it right in one step. When relatives arrive at the scene, they can immediately collect the ashes, and then everyone eats together and blows suona. Maybe we misunderstood Tesla’s after-sales service at the beginning. Others’ after-sales service is car repair, and Tesla is a one-stop funeral service. At this time, Tesla is very powerful. It sells coffin cars and plays heartbeat. The spokesperson is right. 90% of customers will choose Tesla again, because the remaining 10% of customers choose the same place. Cremation. And what she said is absolutely justified. There have been two fatalities in the United States, and Tesla in the United States has no intention of changing, and is still doing its own way. Therefore, we may have misunderstood Tesla instead of just defending in the United States. The rules are not aimed at the Chinese market, but treat all markets equally. What I sell is a private hearse, and I will never compromise. Because American Tesla customers use their lives to support Ma, so Chinese Tesla customers will also use their lives to support Ma. With so many accidents and so many calamities, if Tesla is still standing, if anyone has personal grievances, he will give him a Tesla to ensure that he can be physically overrun, cremated on the spot, and by the way, he can buy some personal insurance to benefit himself. By. A black industrial chain was born…

7 months ago

The famous science fiction writer Liu Cixin put forward a concept called “social wealth liquefaction” in the novel “Support for Mankind”. The human society in the story actively distributes wealth to the poor under the pressure of extraterrestrial civilization. irony. However, the real world is always more absurd than novels. Tesla, the aristocratic brand of electric vehicles, has repeatedly encountered various unimaginable fatal accidents, and the out-of-control blasting and burning were completed in an instant. Such a Tesla is no longer just a simple car company, but also undertakes the arduous mission of precisely hunting down the property class, promoting the redistribution of wealth circulation, and easing class consolidation. It is the Social Wealth Liquefaction Committee of our time, a ruthless and rational pioneer. Musk is Marx, and Marx is Musk.

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