“Surfing in Kanagawa” created by Japanese painter Katsushika Hokusai during the Edo period means “human beings face difficulties and strive hard,” and can be regarded as the most representative “magic work” among Japanese Ukiyo-e works. Recently, the Japanese government’s open decision to discharge nuclear contaminated water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant into the sea has aroused widespread criticism. A Chinese illustrator whose Weibo ID is “a boy who loves to learn” created “Kana Tritium Surfing” to express his protest.

On the 20th, the illustrator said in an interview with a reporter from the Global Times that the core message of this painting is that “the Japanese government should not’pour down nuclear contaminated water'”, otherwise all mankind will face The consequences will be the same as in the picture.

I think we can learn from the American Embassy back then. We will send a measuring boat to the sea off Fukushima to measure radiation daily and issue notices. We can also catch fish and measure the radiation in the atmosphere by the way. Whether there is a problem is not important, the key is disgusting Japan. Since we said that this is a common problem for all mankind, and the Japanese cannot have the final say, then it is normal for China, as a neighbor with a strip of water, to help measure the value. Since there is a survey ship, it needs to be recharged. It is normal for our replenishment ship to run off Fukushima. It should be normal to follow a few destroyers by the way. Thinking about it this way, can China normally cruise on the east coast of Japan. For a country like Japan, the short-term fierce response and moral condemnation are actually not very effective. It is the political correctness of Japan to bully honest people who are reasonable. To deal with such people, the only way to force the other party to change their policies in a short time is to directly apply high-intensity pressure. If this painting is spread to Japan, I am afraid that people who are determined to discharge nuclear sewage will secretly joke.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

There is another song in “Fusi-e” and “Kana Tritium Surfing”, the content is even better: before I speak, first I kick your mascot, the harmless expressions of humans and animals can’t stop the anger of the people, so I named them. Tokyo Electric Power, take off your hypocritical mask. I guess the radiation has hurt you. Otherwise, the United States will support you because your brain has mutated, because you have long thought of pacifying the people. After all, the president who stepped down is called Tritium. If the nuclear waste water can be drunk , Then take a cup to Suga Yoshihide, you dare not drink, because you are treacherous, unrighteous, hypocritical!

7 months ago

What is the difference between today’s young people on the Internet and 10 years ago or even earlier? In my opinion, the biggest difference is “strike the opponent in a way that the opponent understands.” I remember more than 10 years ago, when people protested against some behaviors in Japan or the United States, they were often criticized by the standard country, or some things that seemed very “happy” but could only hurt their compatriots, such as smashing Japanese products. Vent plain national sentiments. But at that time, people had limited knowledge and lacked the opportunity to fully understand foreign cultures. So for a while, they gave the public the opportunity to frantically spread rumors that the sewers and Japanese underground were all coal dug from China. It’s ridiculous to think about it now, everyone didn’t understand at that time! So I felt so deeply and fell into self-reflection, self-abasement and self-deception. Now, including this painter and creators such as Wuhe Qilin…Young people have become broad-minded and have experienced many battles. Not to mention the well-known jokes are already bankrupt, young people may even be more familiar with foreign cultures than some foreigners, so that they can create a large number of fine works that can be broken by foreigners (such as the Prime Minister of Australia). No violent means, no swearing like a shrew, we just use art to mock and make the other party speechless. I believe that similar “playing stalks” will become more popular in the future, and never underestimate the creativity of Chinese young people. Now, please increase your efforts and don’t stop!

7 months ago

“Heal Pond Moon Cesium-Spreading World Painting” splashed a bucket of tritium water slowly flowing, flowing into the sea and rippling slightly, a small nuclear faintly sounded, and the American hydrogen sound fell beside me. The little boy lights up the stars of the night. Who will add a piece of manganese iridium for me? Push open the broken window and look from a distance. Who will drop the sorrow of yesterday. I’m like a fish in your nuclear pond, just to wait for the bright white nuclear light with you. Uranium is still fragrant after the four seasons, waiting for you to sink in the middle of the water. I woke up and found that I was numb. To tell the truth, I encountered this kind of thing while studying in Japan, but I always faintly felt that the Japanese high-level officials would have to shit all over the street when they risked the serious harm of international wind reviews. Anyway, wait for the final result.

7 months ago

Good guy, really good guy. Especially after confirming that this painter is not a black kylin. Why am I so excited after confirming that it is not a Wuhe Qilin creation? Because I still remember when the Wuhe Qilin was reorganized last year, some people in the so-called domestic painter circle clamored that the Wuhe Qilin would be permanently unemployed. ——If you remember correctly, at that time, the Qilin boss just drew the satirical work “Crowning the Jester” which satirizes Fang Fang. In that painting, the clown symbolizing Fang Fang kneels before the throne of the Western world, exchanging tethers with bloody rumors. I don’t know anything about painting, just as I don’t know much about the chip manufacturing process. I have only one Chinese who is outraged about this matter. Now, I think, my anger can begin to calm down. Go ahead, Chinese cultural youth!

7 months ago

Don’t give up this once-in-a-lifetime historical opportunity. Don’t let the history books record that we sit and watch the great opportunity slip away. We must use all means to intervene in time to squeeze and weaken the traditional sphere of influence of the United States in East Asia. The decade-long negligence of duty during the Fukushima nuclear crisis gives us enough reason to believe that Japan does not have the realistic possibility of independently responding to the Fukushima nuclear crisis and its aftermath. China and other neighboring countries have intervened. It is imperative. Because of the situation, Japan has been passive and incompetent against the increasingly serious Fukushima nuclear crisis over the course of ten years. It dragged a second-level nuclear accident to the seventh-level. At the same time, the Japanese authorities invested a large amount of money in public relations and public relations. Rather than accident management, it has long been committed to making East Asian society ignore the serious consequences of its dereliction of duty through high-intensity control and evaluation. In the words of Suga Yoshihide himself, “The Japanese government as a whole will severely crack down on harmful rumors.” As long as they spend one-third of their enthusiasm for accusation and evaluation to deal with the accident itself, the matter will not be where it is today. According to Li, Japan has artificially created serious natural disasters under the wing of the United States, and when other stakeholders questioned its irresponsibility, the Japanese side either claimed that its behavior had been forgiven by the United States, or the International Atomic Energy Agency had illegally acted against Japan. The theoretical feasibility of pollutant discharge behavior is extended to pass. This kind of high-strength trick of holding chicken feathers as an arrow is extremely harmful, and the Fukushima nuclear waste water has been severely leaked many times before. Japan’s response measures have been passive and slow, and the consequences are extremely serious. As public safety in the region is seriously threatened, Japan has actually given up its national sovereignty over the handling of the Fukushima nuclear crisis and related issues. This gap must be filled by someone. Responsible regional forces must be deeply involved in the response to the Fukushima nuclear crisis under a multilateral framework that includes the participation of surrounding stakeholders, effectively intervene in Japan’s illegal pollutant discharge, and guide Japan’s follow-up work. If this is not the case, it is not enough to solve this problem that endangers global public governance when the United States, the most capable stakeholder in Japan’s effective response to the Fukushima nuclear crisis, condones and shelters Japan’s illegal pollutant discharge. To benefit, Japan is the core fulcrum in East Asia when the United States controls the edge of the world island. With the United States’ geopolitical control as the biggest threat to regional security, weakening and squeezing the traditional sphere of influence of the United States is itself a safeguard for the region. The greatest contribution to security and peace. Don’t worry about other people’s doubts. Even if we don’t do anything, they still have to question us, or do the right thing without ruining reputation, take on larger and more critical historical responsibilities, set issues to take advantage, and then take the initiative to make a difference. , Give history an explanation. This accident provides us with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us to deeply intervene in regional public governance to shape regional political order, exclude or at least weaken US control of this region, and consolidate and expand the region including RECP. Results of cooperation. Don’t be afraid to take strong actions against Japan. This is what it owes neighboring countries. From decades ago to now, it owes more and more political and historical debts to neighboring countries. It’s long overdue to pay it back. Fukushima Nuclear The accident is nothing more than a direct approach to bankruptcy. In particular, don’t worry about the impact on RECP. In Japan, the more resolute you treat it, the faster it compromises. The more you fight with it, the more compliant it will be to you. It can even be said that we are working on the Fukushima nuclear accident. The more determined the struggle and pressure on Japan, the more consolidated the results of RECP. Take a step back and say that although nuclear waste water flowed to the United States at the beginning, we still cannot escape. If we want to stop it, we must take the initiative, do nothing and wait to die. Then this real threat will always exist.

7 months ago

In fact, the details of this painting are very intuitive and can be seen almost at a glance; in “Kana Tritium Surfing”, the white waves are like human deformed fingers, twisted babies, and mutated marine creatures, suffering in the waves. struggle. The ship is loaded with a piggy bank with a radioactive symbol, and workers wearing protective clothing and gas masks are pouring barrels of nuclear-contaminated water into the sea…The unmoving Mount Fuji has become a smoke-emitting nuclear power plant , The clouds in the sky became a symbol of the tomb. The words “Kanagawa Surfing” on the left side of the cross were also written as “Kanagawa Tritium Surfing”. The person who paddles in the original picture was created as a middle-aged man with “tie” and “hair fading”, referring to Japanese bureaucrats. The author of the painting told reporters, “They will only bow and apologize, and will not do anything else.” He asked back, “But what’s the use of an apology?” “All the details of my design are very intuitive. I hope that no matter if you are Chinese, Japanese or Westerners, you can understand this painting.” The illustrator said that the core message he wants to convey is “The Japanese government shouldn’t The nuclear contaminated water is “poured out”, otherwise the consequences for all mankind will be the same as in the picture.” Here we are going to talk about the radioactive substances contained in nuclear sewage. Among them, the most difficult to be eliminated is “tritium”, which has a half-life of 12 years. It takes at least 60 years to eliminate most of the tritium. Although tritium will not penetrate the human body without direct contact, if there is tritium in drinking water, it can enter the human body through the digestive tract and other channels, and then have a negative impact on human chromosomes. Due to the low metabolic rate of organic tritium in organisms and the gradual accumulation of nutrients along the food chain, it will cause continuous internal radiation hazards to organisms. The main hazards of low-dose internal radiation are fatigue, lethargy, loss of appetite, nausea, and upper abdominal tenderness. Long-term exposure to tritium may cause chronic radiation sickness, and the long-term effects of tritium damage are carcinogenic effects; although Japan said that it would treat nuclear sewage before discharging it into the sea, and said it would dilute the tritium concentration to lower than Japan’s One fortieth of the national standard has been processed, so the Deputy Prime Minister of Japan believes that the nuclear sewage has been processed and it is okay to drink it. Since it’s okay, why doesn’t Japan keep it for drinking (the deputy prime minister does it first) or washing and cooking? Why do you want to line up to the Pacific Ocean? No matter how bad it is, it can be used to irrigate farmland. It’s like saying that it’s only for money, but after getting the money, there are robbers who kill others. And, can the Japanese government guarantee that it will do what it says? After all, all the rogues that dump pollutants into the sea can be done, and failure to comply with the promise is nothing. No one can stand it on anyone! To be honest, Aso and Trump have some fights. Trump said that disinfectant water can cure the new crown, and Aso said that nuclear waste water can be drunk. Why are there so many clowns in this world? I can’t bear it anymore, the second battalion commander, take Lao Tzu’s Italian cannon!

7 months ago

I thought of an article I read when I was a child, “Hey-Come Out.” Everyone feels that the author happens to be Shinichi Hoshi, a famous short story writer from Japan. “Hey-Come Out” After a typhoon, the sky is clear. In the suburbs not far from the city, a village was damaged by a typhoon. However, the loss was not too serious. It was just that the small temple at the foot of the mountain outside the village was swept away by the typhoon, and no one was hurt. The next morning, the people in the village heard about it and started talking about it. . “Which dynasty is the temple left behind?” “Who knows, it is a long time ago.” “A new temple must be rebuilt as soon as possible.” Just as everyone said something to me, there were several people. The look ran over in a panic. “It’s a big disaster!” “What’s the matter? Is it nearby?” “No, I have to go a little bit, just over there.” At this moment, a person suddenly turned pale and exclaimed: “Hey, come on. Look! What’s the matter with this hole?” Everyone ran over and saw that there really is a hole on the ground, about one meter in diameter. People poked their heads and looked inside, but they couldn’t see anything in the hole. However, people have an unfathomable feeling that this hole seems to lead all the way to the center of the earth. Someone suspected him and said: “Isn’t it a fox hole?” A young man yelled into the hole, “Hey-come out!” However, no echo came from under the hole. So he picked up a small stone nearby and was going to throw it into the hole. A timid old man put his hands tremblingly, trying to discourage young people from doing this. “This must not be thrown down, maybe it will be a terrible punishment.” However, the young man had already taken the lead and threw the stone into the hole. However, there was still no echo from the bottom of the hole. The villagers chopped down many branches and used ropes to wrap them one after another to make a fence, and to enclose the hole. Then, they went back to the village for a while. “What should I do next?” “Let’s build a temple on this cave as it was.” Everyone talked about it, and there were different opinions. One day passed like this. The well-informed newspaper reporters quickly inquired about the incident and rushed in their cars, scrambling to get there. After a while, scientists and scholars also heard the news. Moreover, everyone showed an extremely profound and omniscient look, and looked calmly into the cave. Subsequently, a large group of people watching the excitement came one after another. Some people looked at the hole over and over again, with greedy eyes in their eyes, wondering whether they could make any profit from it, or should they pay a high price to buy the patent right for this hole as soon as possible? The police from the police station kept guarding around the entrance of the cave to prevent anyone from accidentally falling. A news reporter took a very long thin rope, tied the weighing mound to one end, and carefully lowered it down. Gradually, the rope was lowered foot by foot. However, after the ropes were all laid out, they couldn’t be pulled up. He called two or three people over to help. Everyone pulled hard together, and the rope broke somewhere in the hole. A reporter with a camera in his hand saw this situation, and silently untied the strong thick rope tied to his waist. A scholar asked someone to bring a high-power amplifier from the research institute to analyze the frequency of the echo from the bottom of the cave. However, he fiddled with the amplifier for a long time and tried various sounds, but he didn’t even hear the slightest echo. The scholar felt quite puzzled. He pondered hard about what reason this was. However, under the full view of the public, we must not give up and be ridiculed. He put the amplifier close to the hole and turned the volume to its maximum. The deafening sound came out of the amplifier continuously for a long time. If it is on the ground, people tens of kilometers away can hear this sound. However, this hole did not refuse to come, and swallowed all the voices. The scholar couldn’t help feeling a little guilty. He pretended to be calm and confident, and turned off the amplifier, and said in an unquestionable tone: “Hurry up and fill it out!” Although the matter has not been clarified yet, it is better to deal with it as soon as possible. , Lest dignified scholars make a fool of themselves in public. Did it just end up so hastily? Those around me who watched the excitement felt it was a pity. But there is no alternative, it seems that I have to be disappointed. At this moment, a man sweating profusely squeezed out of the crowd, and loudly proposed: “Please give me this hole. I will fill it in for you.” He planned to buy this at a high price. The speculator of Dong’s patent right. However, the head of this village disagreed. “It is a good thing that you are willing to fill this hole for us, but this hole cannot be given to you. Because we must build a temple on it.” “Don’t worry, I will build you a better temple right away. And there is a square attached, how about it?” Before the village chief could answer, the villagers shouted in unison. “Is this true? It would be nice if it was built a little closer to our village.” “What’s so strange about a hole, I’ll give it to you now.” Then, the sale was finalized. Of course, the village head had no choice but to agree to this. The businessman who bought the patent right fulfilled his promise in accordance with the contract. A little closer to the village, a small temple was built, and a square was also built. In the autumn harvest season of this year, the patent owner founded a novel “hole filling company.” A small house was built near this hole with a small sign on the door. Then, the patent owner asked his partners to run around the city, using various methods to promote. “Our company has a wonderfully unfathomable hole. According to estimates by scholars, its depth is at least five kilometers or more. This is the best place to contain nuclear waste and other dangerous goods from nuclear reactors. Opportunities are indispensable, and timeless. Come again!” Soon, the relevant government department issued a business permit. Many nuclear power companies are scrambling to sign contracts. At the beginning, people in the village were a little worried, for fear that something might happen. However, the “hole-filling company” sent people to explain to them that this is a very safe hole and will never cause any harm to the ground even after thousands of years. In addition, the villagers can also benefit from it. After everyone understands this, they feel relieved. Moreover, the modern highway leading from the city to the village was quickly completed and opened to traffic. The truck was racing on the highway, and many large boxes made of lead were brought in continuously. The lid of the box automatically opened above the hole, and the waste of the nuclear reactor was poured into the hole. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of National Defense threw in the unneeded confidential documents together with the safe. The government officials who came with the car to perform the supervision task easily talked about golfing, while the lower-ranking staff members were throwing various documents while talking about the pinball room. It seems that this hole will never be filled. Everyone agrees that this is an unfathomable bottomless hole, and perhaps the deeper the hole, the larger the diameter. The business scale of the “hole filling company” has been expanded bit by bit. The corpses of the animals that were experimenting with infectious diseases in the university were transported, and many unclaimed vagrants were also mixed in them. The relevant parties have formulated a plan to lay a large number of pipelines to discharge all the waste and sewage in the city into this cave. This method is much better than discharging pollutants into the ocean. This hole made the residents living in the city feel great relief. In the most recent period, people have been desperately expanding the scale of production, which has caused extremely serious pollution to the city. However, it is very difficult to manage these public hazards, and no matter who it is, it is very difficult. Moreover, people are only willing to work in production companies or commercial companies, and no one wants to deal with all kinds of garbage every day. However, people now believe that this social problem will be gradually and properly solved through this hole. The engaged girls all threw their old diaries into this hole. Others threw the photos they had taken with their lovers into the hole, and then started a new relationship with peace of mind. After the police confiscated the extremely cleverly forged counterfeit banknotes, they all handed them over to this hole for processing, and they would be foolproof from then on. The criminals quietly threw all kinds of criminal evidence into the hole, thinking that they would get away with it. No matter what is thrown in, this generous hole is treated equally and accepted correctly. This cave washes the whole city with all kinds of filthy things relentlessly. Gradually, the ocean and sky turned into a beautiful azure blue, which looked like transparent glass from a distance. Under the tile-blue sky, the newly constructed high-rise buildings are sprung up one after another like bamboo shoots after a rain. One day, a worker climbed on top of a building under construction to work. After he finished riveting a rivet, he put down his tools and rested for a while. Suddenly, he heard a strange cry from above his head. “Hey-come out!” However, he raised his head and looked up to the sky, but there was nothing, his eyes were so clear that he was so clear. He thought he was a little dizzy just now, and had some illusion. Then, just as he returned to his previous posture and was about to rest for a while, a stone flew from the direction where the sound was just made, passed in front of him, and fell to the ground. However, he just squinted his eyes and gazed at the distant horizon triumphantly. Ah, our city is getting better and better! Of course, that insignificant little stone did not attract his attention at all. Sure enough, it is the Japanese themselves who know the Japanese best. A few decades ago, they predicted that the Japanese would eventually pour the intractable nuclear waste into a “hole”, and this “hole” is today’s Pacific Ocean. If a country makes mistakes and makes all mankind pay the bill, it is so arrogant, so shameless and so calm! He doesn’t leave a way for his children and grandchildren, just like “After I die, I don’t care about the flood!”

7 months ago

Sure enough, the penetrating power of the artwork is still strong. No matter how you protest and condemn it, the effect will not be as good as the effect of this painting. The Ugly Qilin boss has already shown the power of the artwork for you before, and I hope you artists will continue Work hard, it’s best to make some more film and television documentaries or something, and try to break them down. I also mentioned the issue of Japanese nuclear waste water and artistic creation. I recommend a drama to everyone. When I wanted to watch a documentary about Chernobyl but didn’t want to watch the version made by hbo, I searched station B. I found out a Russian film “Chernobyl Exclusion Zone”. I thought it was a documentary and chased it up. It turned out to be a TV series. Then I looked at it and found that it was still a thriller and suspense. Then I found out that it was The magical drama was then discovered to be a sci-fi drama. The specific plot is not spoiled for everyone. What I want to say is the final ending. The black American black laughed silly to me. How interesting is it? Because of certain changes in Chernobyl, the Soviet Union survived the crisis, the United States was divided, the Internet became the Russian network, the madness became the Russian madness, and the truth. Ooguan Haihe Chuan Jianguo: “Chernobyl Fragment of “Pele Exclusion Zone” Fragment of the Russian drama “Chernobyl Exclusion Zone”, the Soviet Union did not disintegrate, and the United States had a civil war.

7 months ago

I admire the author’s creativity and hope to create better works. There is no news about polluted water on major news portals in Japan. Recently, Japan is going to declare an emergency for the third time. The fourth or fifth wave of the epidemic has already swept Japan. The proportion of Japanese people supporting nuclear waste water is 59%, and the survey base is close to 200,000 people. This is explained in detail in my answer! Wasn’t Japan the first to suffer from nuclear sewage? ​I have been thinking about the Japanese supporting the Japanese government in this incident for the past two days. I have summarized the following reasons. 1. The Japanese secretly changed the concept. In Japanese, it is not called nuclear waste water but uses Chinese characters to treat water. The meaning is the same as in Chinese, indicating that the water has been treated, plus the Japanese government’s insistence that the treated water has met the WHO discharge standards, and it has also been recognized by the International Atomic Energy Agency. 2. It has nothing to do with the vital interests of most Japanese people. More straightforwardly, I didn’t take money from most Japanese pockets. If you look at the current consumption tax increase from 10% to 11%, it is estimated that the Internet will be crazy. Therefore, the Japanese are not very concerned about this kind of thing. Only a part of the fishermen’s interests are affected, but what waves can this group make? 3. The announced time node is really clever. Looking at the approval rate of the Japanese cabinet this year, when was it high and when was it low? If the epidemic cannot be controlled, it will be low, and it will be high as soon as the epidemic is alleviated. When will this decision be released? It was shortly after the second declaration of emergency was lifted. It was the time when the Japanese relaxed their vigilance. The Japanese had just passed more than a month of frustrated time. It was when they went out to play, and most people were not concerned about the nuclear waste water incident. Of course, there is also the support of the United States. I have analyzed these reasons, and welcome to leave a message to communicate with me! Finally, I wish there can be such a beautiful sea on the earth!

7 months ago

Art is the most penetrating thing. After processing and creating on the works of art they are most familiar with and proud of, every time they appreciate the original painting in the future, they will naturally think of the Fukushima nuclear waste water. This kind of spiritual pollution should not be too cool for them. Still want to realize that “human beings face difficulties and forge ahead tenaciously”? Don’t even think about it. As long as we can make this painting spread widely in Japan, the original painting will represent “nuclear waste water” in the future. What is spiritual pollution of artworks? To give the simplest example, you originally liked a song, but suddenly you find that the author of this song wrote this song with a plagiarized melody, so would you still like this song? Every time you listen to this song in the future, do you feel that the author is mocking and insulting you?

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