I like sleeping naked, but I often think that if there is an earthquake, it will be seen by people. So the clothes will be worn back, otherwise I can’t sleep, how can I break them?
Sleeping naked is so comfortable! All kinds of cool! But the place where I live is an earthquake zone。

In 2008, Sichuan 51. At 2:25, I was reading in the school library. Opposite a couple, Qingqing, I, and I interfered with the reading of people around. That girl is indeed pretty. I had nothing to do and took out Nokia to shoot the ceiling. (Pictures, supplemented) Suddenly shook, the ceiling (old library, plasterboard) fell down, and the couple opposite, the boy left the girl behind, and ran faster than the rabbit. I yelled for an earthquake, and the noon The sleeping person woke up some (the decibels should be enough) and got up to escape. We are on the fourth floor of the library. The girl from the opposing couple was already frightened and slumped. Her boyfriend was missing. I pulled the slumped girl to the door. She held the stairs and was washed away by the crowd. I held on to the armrest in a panic, and the armrest was shaking. Cries, shouts, books and glasses on the floor. . . . I took out my mobile phone and quickly typed “Earthquake, don’t wait for me” with my Nokia keyboard machine to my girlfriend in a different place. (Why the Nokia keyboard machine was mentioned earlier is because it can be typed blindly, but it is really difficult to do it on a smart machine). With the flow of people squeezing out the crumbling library, he ran into the open space in one breath. At this time, the mobile phone has no signal. I looked back and saw that the surrounding buildings were still shaking. So he ran to the football field in one breath. Next, I saw a group of girls running out of the girls’ dormitory on the other side of the stadium. Sichuan is very hot in summer, and most people have the habit of taking a nap, and many people take off their shirts to sleep in the dormitory because of the heat. Anyway, I saw with my own eyes a large group of white girls running towards me at the stadium. Isn’t the subject asking about the experience of streaking in an earthquake? Don’t worry. Next, a girl in our class ran past me naked, and I saw that she only wore a pair of slippers. So I quickly took off my shoes and clothes and gave them to her. Ever since the aftershocks, I experienced the earthquake streaking as the subject asked. Dry goods: I can’t take care of my life, where is the shame. Everyone is the same, but where does the comparison come from. However, if you breathe a little bit, human civilization will come to your heart. During the earthquake, there were many things worthy of scrutiny, probably about human nature, which has nothing to do with the topic, so I won’t show it here. 1. At that time, a girlfriend in a different place. That’s another heart-stirring story. 2. Girls with single slippers. Later, there were many touching stories. 3. Girls whose boyfriends run faster than rabbits. I also met later. 4. Later, the lonely years of wandering away from a foreign land in Sichuan, and now returning to Chengdu. At the picture meeting, it is not convenient to answer questions at the decoration site of my company. understanding.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

I have had this experience. When I was in Chongqing and Ya’an earthquake, I felt a very strong tremor. At that time, everyone was still sleeping when there was no class in the morning. I felt the bed was shaking but I hadn’t fully woken up yet. Our dormitory is on the third floor, but in fact it is the first floor of the hall where you enter the door, which is equivalent to the first floor. There are two floors below (yes, the Chongqing house is like this), which is very close to the life teacher. Then I heard the life teacher hurriedly knocking on our dormitory door one by one. After being awakened, I felt shaking everywhere. My roommates woke up to each other and ran outside. I was wearing pajamas but no pants, so I grabbed a dress on the bed and ran outside before I had time to wear it. My roommate was even worse. She ran out after wearing only her underwear. When I got outside, I found that everyone wears very little. The girl in the dormitory next door ran out directly wrapped in a quilt because she didn’t wear clothes. She was from Sichuan who had experienced 512. It is estimated that she was terrified last time. Fell down. As mentioned earlier, our dormitory is very close to the lobby. When I arrived in the lobby, I put my dress on the outside of my pajamas. Although it was strange but at least not embarrassing, I ran to the outside of the dormitory. My roommate who only wore underwear and underwear ran into the lobby and dared not go out again, because I really didn’t see any sister papers that she wore less. At least the hall is full of girls. If something happens, there will be no time to go out. Later, another girl who didn’t know gave her roommate’s sister a jacket, and it was not so embarrassing after putting it on. After standing outside for a while, I calmed down and felt no shock. I went back and changed my clothes, and then went to the football field. Feelings: In that case, everyone is flustered and looks at you at most, but the attention is still focused on the earthquake, so it won’t be too embarrassing. And everyone wants to help each other, just like the girl who I don’t know lends clothes to my roommate.

5 months ago

I have really thought about this issue seriously. A few years ago, when I was an exchange student in Taiwan, I encountered three earthquakes in one semester. One of them happened to be taking a shower. At that time, I was covered with bubbles, rock&roll, while washing was happily, was shaken a bit, holding on to the partition of the public bathroom, almost did not fall. Before he could react, the buddies next door shouted “Earthquake”, and the figure disappeared, leaving behind a string of barefoot running on the tiles. Although I have encountered several earthquakes on the mainland before, it is completely different from the situation that drove me to the buttress. I really stopped. From head to toe foam, do I rush or not? If you rush, should you rush around your eyes first to ensure that your vision is normal, or rush your feet first to ensure you don’t slip to death? If you don’t rush, should you wear foam and wear clothes, or should you run away with a towel? There was confusion in his mind. I was young at the time, and I didn’t know that life was expensive and face was poor. Thinking of the Taiwanese girls gathered in the playground downstairs, they decided that they still had to keep their images, even if they kneel, they had to kneel gracefully, not to embarrass the mainlanders, right? So he rushed to clean, abandoning the small inner inner and put on the beach pants, and ran downstairs after wearing slippers. During this period, I shook it about three or four times. Fortunately, it was only on the third floor, and it came out soon. When I walked to the playground, I felt a great escape, my image was there, my life was saved, and I silently gave myself a compliment. As a result, as soon as I got up, I saw the buddy running very fast in the shower room next door. He stood in a small group of people talking and laughing happily, with no confusion between his hands and feet, a few sisters were amused by him and giggled, completely different from the person who fled in a panic just now. On the other hand, I risked my life and tossed for two more minutes. I thought I would get an imminent evaluation. The fact is that wearing beach pants shirtless without eight pack abs, it looks like a street gangster. Why is this happening? why? why? Because he is wearing a bathrobe! I hadn’t seen much of the world at the time, this thing really opened my eyes.

5 months ago

Since I can remember, I slept naked once. Freshman, dormitory, late spring. Then there was a fucking earthquake, magnitude 4.2, less than 2 kilometers from the epicenter, and the roar of the earth could be heard. I live in a plain where the probability of an earthquake is super damn low, and the university is also nearby. I have never experienced an earthquake since I was a child. At 5 o’clock in the morning when I slept naked for the first time in my life, there was an earthquake—so it became my last naked sleep so far. When I was awakened, my heart was too late to collapse. The feeling of collapse does not appear until it is cool below. People, when turning over from the bed, the first thing is to lift the quilt; there are mosquitoes at the end of spring, so the second thing is to pull the mosquito net; the third thing is to get out of the ground and get a pair of shoes, so the reason for wearing a The idea of ​​slippers is because our stairs are uneven, which may hurt our feet. Just as I stepped on a slipper and looked for the second one, several running figures flew over the window. The roommate opened the door, rushed out one, and threw off a slipper… A refreshing morning breeze blew… Why is it so cool below me? ? ! I fuck! Where’s my fucking clothes? In just a flash of effort, human beings’ shame has defeated the desire to survive. I threw on the mosquito net, and my hands trembling because of the adrenaline soaring finally pulled out the pajamas I took off last night, but there was still only one shoe on my feet, so the last one rushed out of the dormitory without locking the door. At this time, the building has stopped shaking. Downstairs there was a crowd in the dark. Some were flesh-colored, some were in pajamas, some were wrapped in quilts; some were wearing shoes, some were barefoot, and some were wearing one. The person next to the bed swayed over, pulled a pair of jeans from the clothes line in the open air corridor, put it on silently, and lifted the pants on the spot. Seeing I was watching, he showed an awkward but friendly smile and said to me: Damn, I am the only one in the dormitory. When I came out, I locked the door but didn’t bring the key. Before I had time to wear the pants, I would pull the one that didn’t work for a while…I’ll go to your dormitory to sit for a while, damn it.

5 months ago

I also like to sleep naked. The place where I live is by the sea and the altitude is -20m. If an earthquake occurs, it is likely to cause a tsunami. I can’t imagine myself running out of the house and heading to the vast ocean outside the house. You know that to avoid a tsunami, people will stand up high. then. I’m so proud, standing naked on the highest place? ! Then do you say I call for help or not? I yelled and you all saw it! “Help” “Hey, look at that person who is naked, hahaha” “Yes, that person is like a monkey…” So I would double check the bed with thick nightgown, slippers and disaster relief bag before going to bed every day. …(You must wear thick-soled slippers when you run after an earthquake, otherwise the glass will prick your feet. Why do you run) Until one day the fire alarm rang in my apartment, which rang loudly for more than half an hour, and at that time I just slept all night It didn’t take long. The whole building was said to have run out. After I was woken up, I felt that I was dreaming and heard the fire alarm, and fell asleep again… I fell asleep… So I was always worried about the use of these. Maybe someone like me fell asleep for a long time. You won’t wake up even after a thunderstorm, let my disaster relief bag, nightgown and slippers go together and sleep naked! Sleep freely naked!

5 months ago

Those who say false in the comments, please tell me more in detail, otherwise I don’t know how to reply. In 2008, I was in Chengdu in 512. I rushed to the picture all night the day before and slept at noon. I didn’t wake up after the earthquake. My bedroom brother was playing a game. He ran to the corridor to take a look. He turned around and shouted that there was an earthquake and ran away. I still didn’t wake up, he ran out for two steps and saw that I didn’t come out, then came back and shook me up, and ran away after seeing me get up. I got up, put on my short sleeves, put on my pants and stepped on slippers before running down the sixth floor. I have never seen so many people downstairs, especially the one from Lou Yi Chuan opposite. How close is the opposite building? I can hear the sound of the toothbrush hitting the enamel cylinder when I brush my teeth on the opposite side. At night, I don’t need a telescope to identify a girl who wanders in the bedroom after wearing three o’clock. But at this time, many girls don’t even have three points, underneath a panties, stepping on a sandal, holding an apple book against their chest, squatting on the ground in twos and threes, trembling pitifully. I scanned it quickly, and then I chose a girl who was beloved, walked up, picked it up and ran, oh no, I took off my short-sleeved shirt to her. Suddenly, the handsome guys from the School of Architecture followed suit one after another, choosing their beloved girls and offering their tops. Later, they became a pair. I think they started from a very good starting point. After all, they have met each other frankly and know the roots.

5 months ago

As a person who nearly died in Mianyang during the 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake and Emei during the 4.20 Ya’an earthquake, it is perfect to answer this question. Saturday, April 20, 2013. As a scumbag, it’s impossible not to sleep late on weekends. A little more than 8 o’clock, people are not awake, dreams are not gone. Suddenly, the whole bedroom began to shake violently. The eyes were not opened, and the brain swiftly moved: “~ An earthquake? ~ It’s okay, I won’t shake it after a while! ~ Fuck, why is it still shaking? ~ Be steady, and run if you shake it again~ Damn! Fierce! I can’t run away! I’m going to die here today!” He opened his eyes and ran down from the upper bunk. I don’t care about my glasses, my phone, I don’t have shoes, I don’t have clothes. When I ran downstairs, I realized that I didn’t wear anything except underwear. Looking around, I was not the only one running naked. Nima, how can anyone think about this at this time? (Of course, I learned afterwards that the three buddies in the next bedroom were still wearing pants and belts calmly despite the violent swings). Fortunately, I met a 180+ fat man in our class. I grabbed his jacket and used it as a skirt. Otherwise, I guess I would be like those “unfortunate” buddies and let my nude photos circulate in the space circle of friends. . He snatched a cell phone from the fat man in class B to inform his family that he was safe. This allowed me to settle down a little bit. As for the feelings, I can’t think of so much between life and death. It’s also lucky to have a dog’s life from 5.12 (you can Baidu “Sangzao Middle School” by yourself). In a real crisis, running is purely a biological instinct, as for face. Yes, it’s actually the same thing

5 months ago

Subject, I understand you very well. This kind of thing really happened to me. Not only that, I also think about this question every time I get a haircut: If there is a sudden earthquake, would I have to run out with a half-cut haircut? That’s really embarrassing… I believe that the subject of your distress is not just how to solve this problem, but more that no one can understand you, right? I also told the people around me about my distress, and I asked them: Are you really worried about the earthquake during the haircut? As a result, they didn’t get any sympathy, and they looked at me like a fool. This incident bothered me for many years, until one of my good friends, Long Ge, woke me up with one sentence. Subject, I think this sentence will definitely save you, so I share it here, hoping to help you. Brother Long said: “Who would want to see you after the damn earthquake!”

5 months ago

Let me give you a counterexample. The highest vote replied, “The fate is gone, how can I care about shame” is actually not all. In 2008, my English teacher was the last one to run down the whole building. He was neatly dressed and panicked. She was on a lunch break, because she was wearing a dress and there was no pajamas in the school dormitory, so she took off all her clothes to sleep. The house shook a lot during the earthquake. When she woke up, the ceiling was falling off lime and the latex paint on the wall cracked. She quickly grabbed the dress and put it on her body, only to find that fucking! Wear it upside down! My teacher’s heart sank and thought: I will die with dignity; so in that shaky room, she actually took off her clothes and put them on again! The psychological quality of women who love beauty is really not so strong!

5 months ago

Sleeping naked in an earthquake. I trembled on the bed and heard the voice of the rescue team in my ear. I yelled hurriedly and chose to be silent. “You should come to save me at night. You should make a sign first. You should save others in the morning. !” A clear female voice heard in the evening, “Hello everyone from the audience friends all over the country, when he was rescued, this gentleman gave himself up, come, let us see how great he looks…” I’m going to be rescued, But I think it’s better to die

5 months ago

512 and the Ya’an earthquake, these two times are shit! Was sleeping naked once! Is there anything more embarrassing than me! I still remember the horrible demon wind on the 512th day, absolutely never seen such a strange wind in my entire life. Don’t ask me what is weird, I just felt weird that day anyway! I’m working hard in the toilet of the teaching building. There is a Guliang on the opposite side. I don’t know whether to make it bigger or smaller. Suddenly the wind became strangely strong, and even the house was swaying from side to side. (Don’t ask me why I made this judgment. I just felt that the house was blown by the wind.) Then there was a “buzzing” noise around. That’s right, an earthquake would sound like this. How did tma drove the car on the road to the school! (Don’t ask me why I think it’s the sound of a car pressing on the road, I really don’t know, I don’t know) Do you still remember the girl who didn’t know how to make a big and small girl on the other side, because it’s just across from me, so I Glancing at her inadvertently. Suddenly she stood up and ran. Only then did I realize that something was wrong! But I don’t know what the hell is going on, but it’s a serious matter that everyone else ran away. I have completely given up thinking about whether to wipe my buttocks or not. Anyway, there weren’t many out there, and then I was wearing a skirt again, so I just put on my underwear loosely so that it won’t get on my underwear. let’s go. Hey, I still thought about such a memory. Anyway, I just ran out with um, no one knows anyway. Then Ya’an that day. On weekends, I must be sleeping, and sleeping naked is also a must. Because it was awakened from sleep, there was not so much thought activity. The first reaction was to kick my husband up, and then he turned over and pulled me to the toilet. I seem to have grabbed a pajama? I shook it for a long time that day, I really thought I was going to hang up this time! 512 is not so scared, and it will be Lao Tzu’s wedding 13 days later. Hey! But when I was covering my chest in my pajamas, I still felt ashamed to die so naked. By the way, while we were escaping to the toilet, my husband also let me out of the house (well, meow has a separate room). After asking him why, he said he didn’t know…Of course, we also severely criticized Miaozi as a sensitive animal for not predicting earthquakes! Forgot to say, after the shock, I put a set of pajamas and went downstairs in a neutral position. Although no one knew it was a neutral position, even though it was a flat chest, I was still quite ashamed.

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