Baidu was cruel to develop autonomous driving in the Lu Qi era, but it may be that Baidu’s appeal is not strong. It may be that it got up early and rushed to the late episode. Later, Lu Qi left, and the development of autonomous driving slowed down. Baidu launched an open platform and planned to be the Android of autonomous driving. It was just that automakers believed that autonomous driving was the core technology and core profit source of automakers, and there was no willingness to cooperate. And it’s still related to Baidu’s appeal. At the time, automakers held a wait-and-see mentality: if they could develop autonomous driving technology, they would not use Baidu’s technology. Unless you can’t develop it yourself, or if the technology is too difficult, you will consider investing in hot air outlets using other technologies, but it is not at that time, because the hot air outlets at that time were not in the area of ​​automatic driving. The situation this year is that Baidu intends to build its own car. I think that if Baidu implements its own car one or two years ahead of schedule, it might succeed. Baidu, the company, actually has three major shortcomings: First, it wants to make quick money, especially for medical advertising bidding rankings. The second is too closed. In the era of the highest status ten years ago, some people jokingly said: “Baidu is all Baidu”. It is all Baidu’s own content, such as Tieba, Q&A, and encyclopedia. There is no benefit sharing mechanism for personal content creators. Originally, personal content platforms such as Douyin and Station B are actually the most suitable for Baidu to develop. However, Baidu does not intend to share benefits with personal content, waiting for Baidu to launch Baijia. By the time, it was too late and no appeal. If personal content creators cannot earn income on Baidu platforms such as Tieba, why should they contribute content to Baidu in vain? The third is to make easy money, but I didn’t figure out a truth: Competitors will not easily let go of their core interests and invest in Baidu’s arms. The most typical one is the acquisition of 91 Assistant. Baidu thinks that with 91 Assistant, it will be able to get through the mobile phone. The application store has become a money printing machine. You must know that the mobile phone housekeeper and mobile application store are the core profit sources of a mobile phone manufacturer. Even 360 can’t be used. Why should Baidu’s 91 assistant be installed on my mobile phone? In the desktop computer era, because desktop computers are mainly DIY assembly machines, desktop computer brand manufacturers have little sales and no voice. This gives 360 and Baidu the opportunity. However, in the mobile Internet era, mobile phones are branded. It is easy for a brand mobile phone factory to reject a third-party mobile assistant application store. Therefore, Baidu competes with Huawei for autonomous driving. The current technical level is not important. It does not matter which one is more advanced. It is not important who can live longer than Baidu. As long as it continues to survive, the improvement of the autonomous driving algorithm is only a matter of time. The effect gap will appear in the accumulation of driving big data. Although Huawei does not build its own cars, Huawei also has a series of physical products such as the motor power system. Huawei has a strong appeal. These are all Baidu can’t compare. The appeal alone will lose. In other words, the roadmap of autonomous driving competition: mass production of automobiles-perfect algorithms-accumulation of driving big data: whoever has accumulated more data, who lives for a long time, wins. Of course, autonomous driving will not survive with only one or two like Internet apps, because this cake is larger than a single Internet app, and there is no need to establish an ecological chain like an operating system. Autonomous driving is more like stand-alone software, or like a network dictionary. In the end, about ten companies may survive the semi-networked software. Autonomous driving arena, various heroes gameplay: Huawei gameplay: similar to MTK in the era of copycat mobile phones, MTK provides a complete set of mobile phone hardware core modules and software systems. Copycat mobile phone manufacturers or workshops only need to add a battery and a shell to the mobile phone. The complete phone is out. Huawei’s gameplay is the same. It provides core electric drive power lidar components and autonomous driving algorithms that can be mass-produced. Huawei’s gameplay has two core competitiveness: one is the integration of software and hardware, and the other is driving big data. Under Huawei’s gameplay, auto manufacturers only need to add a battery, a car shell, a few sofas, and four wheels to the core components provided by Huawei, and it will be a complete car. Huawei’s gameplay is suitable for new players who are new to the industry. Didi gameplay: a closed ecosystem with a completely internal loop, creating self-driving cars-unmanned Didi car riders-accumulating big data-selling finished cars to the outside world. This gameplay is also software and hardware integration. DJI + Wuling gameplay: DJI relies on the large production capacity of Wuling Motors, especially Hongguang mini’s sales and production volume advantage. DJI’s advantage is visual processing and control, DJI’s technical advantage + Wuling’s low-cost production capacity advantage , To build the cheapest self-driving car. In the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, it is called: Sun Liu Lianjun. Volkswagen and other large manufacturers’ gameplay: build their own cars, develop their own autonomous driving algorithms, and accumulate driving big data by themselves. This gameplay cannot be used on mobile phones. But it is not a big problem when used in self-driving cars. The gameplay of new forces such as Weilai and the following gameplay of Apple’s car-making: the smiling curve, upstream research and development of autonomous driving + downstream sales + Che Youhui community, hardware car manufacturing by Foxconn-type foundries. If I am a novice in cross-border car building, I would definitely choose to join the Huawei camp and add a car shell, wheel, sofa battery to the car, it’s so simple. The Baidu camp cannot provide me with a complete set of mass-produced hardware systems. It is impossible to land mass-produced cars by simply providing software.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Baidu’s code is open source on github. Anyone can get off the car and run on the road in Changsha, Beijing. Take the kind of video at station B at any time. Baidu also has it. Not to mention that Baidu must be strong, but in the autonomous driving scene, the most important thing at the moment is definitely the algorithm. The cost determines whether the energy is produced, and the algorithm determines whether there is or not. There is a gap between Huawei’s video and Wenyuan and Pony. These two companies are both companies that originated from Baidu to some extent. After the leader and Wang Jin left Baidu, they started their own businesses. Isn’t it obvious for now? As for who will have the last laugh in the future, the two businesses are doing a lot of dead business, and you can’t be successful just because you have a company name. If you don’t copy Baidu stocks like this? Don’t join Huawei to realize the freedom of wealth? Maybe Didi will compress the cost and mass produce L4 first

6 months ago

Huawei is a bit like the public opinion field facing China. As long as Huawei develops relatively strong in a certain aspect, there will be people all over the world looking for them, and even looking for companies that they think are better than Huawei, and then say that Huawei is too bad. This is the case with Huawei’s communication hardware and software technology, Huawei’s new energy technology is like this, Huawei’s Kirin chip is like this, Huawei’s Hongmeng system is like this… Now Huawei’s autonomous driving technology is also like this. It’s really interesting.

6 months ago

Let the bullets fly for a while, whoever mass-produces first is the father, whoever landed first is the king. In terms of market value, the money that Baidu has invested in autonomous driving in the past seven years can buy Baidu’s entire company, test kilometers and so on. Huawei’s layout is a bit late, but according to Huawei’s own requirements, its main business is not the top three in the world, or is on the way to the top three, such as wireless/microwave/energy/optical communications/terminals and so on.

6 months ago

Speaking of bragging, I first thought of Jia Yueting, and second thought of Evergrande Motors. What do you think about Evergrande Motors now? With a market value of 500 billion, it has become China’s largest auto company by market value, even higher than BYD. Can you believe it? In addition, Baidu and Huawei’s unmanned driving is at most L4 level. Let me talk about L6 level. Not only can it be unmanned when on the road, but there is not even a car. It can be called empty driving. Evergrande? Who is it? We must find out. Check the annual report of Evergrande Automobile. It turned out to be a leader in the medical beauty industry and a leader in the health management industry. Evergrande Automobile, which accounted for 1.2% of the automotive sector’s revenue, had 15.4 billion in revenue last year, a loss of 7.66 billion, and a new company with a market value of more than 500 billion. The energy car giant, Evergrande Auto, is disrespectful and disrespectful! Friends who follow Lingle know that the auto show is an important node. At the last Chengdu Auto Show, we got on the BYD car, and the stock price has soared all the way. The highlights of the Shanghai Auto Show can be That’s more. You only paid attention to someone on the roof of the car to defend their rights, but ignored that there were people under the car to decrypt. The story is quite exciting. 01 The most beautiful boy at the Shanghai Auto Show. You think the auto show is like this. There are a dazzling array of cars. You can watch what you want, and touch what you want! While there are model introductions, you can also play with various models and feel the charm of new energy vehicles. The worst thing is that even if you are not allowed to get in the car, you have to walk around the car to take pictures, take a peek at the internal structure, and touch the external design. However, there is a brand that occupies an extremely large area and has an extremely large number of models. The only problem is that the car is on the stage, and you can only listen to the host’s blind BB. You can’t play at close range. This can make a lot of lords. It’s raging, I bought all the tickets, you tell me this? My pants are off, you let me go to bed and fight the landlord? Doudizhu also missed one person. Even when he was exhibiting at the booth later, he still drew a circle. Dozens of employees were responsible for serious explanations. The largest number of security guards at this auto show is definitely not Tesla, but Evergrande. Whenever you are within 5 meters, at least three service personnel will come up to provide personal services to you. Friends, want to play a car? Let’s talk? Want to see the interior? Listen to me! I, Lingle, have also seen countless auto shows, from thousands of cars to three-wheel small electric vehicles. There are countless cars at the auto show. Evergrande’s operation can only be viewed from a distance. Surprised, at least you put a few reporters and self-media veterans in to take pictures. What the hell is the operation of wiping the car all the time? Not to mention that Rolls-Royce is allowed to go up and play, even if it is a concept car that has not yet landed on Mercedes-Benz and BMW, you are still allowed to peep on the window. Why is Evergrande that you can’t get close within three steps? Dongfang Xiong on the booth Lion, the words scorn the world are particularly dazzling. After thinking about it for a while, I understood that Hengda must have too high technical level and beware of commercial theft, so I reluctantly installed all the glass with pure black glass film, set up a fence, and strictly guarded against it. After all, there is Tesla on the left, and Mercedes-Benz Audi on the right. As a domestic technology that has mastered the core technology, every step has to be done step by step, deeply moved by the conscience of the industry. But Rao was so vigilant, and was still leaked by lawbreakers. A Weibo big V even dared to take photos of the scenery under Hengchi’s skirt and make it public. Although I was mentally prepared, I was still a little surprised when I saw the chassis. Everyone knows that the batteries of new energy vehicles are placed on the chassis, so the bottom is very flat, but no matter how flat, there are cars. Hanging, and Hengchi, empty, nothing. At that moment, I realized that Evergrande is at the forefront of the times. It has developed air suspension and even anti-gravity suspension in advance. People with too low IQ can’t see it. Only when IQ exceeds 250 can you feel the void suspension. charm. After watching the Evergrande Auto Show, I suddenly felt that everything was dull. When Xiaomi, Huawei, Baidu, and DJI were still investing wildly in new energy vehicles, Evergrande was already ahead of the times, with the only level of technology that will last a lifetime. It is impossible to surpass it. Only the legendary person who will return to China next week can make a higher and lower one. Hengchi is destined to be the end of the evolution of new energy vehicles. I advise companies that have invested huge sums of money in research and development to realize the gap in realm early. 02 Evergrande’s car is worth 500 billion? Do you think Hengda Automobile’s plunge today was the starting point of the crash? Simply, the market value of 500 billion is only the starting point for Evergrande’s growth. Today’s plunge is only a slight correction in the process of Evergrande. After the 12% drop, the market value is still as high as HK$500 billion. Looking at the stock price trend of Evergrande Auto, whether it is K-line trend or trading volume, it is very strange. As a veteran stockholder, Lingle has seen countless K-lines. Generally speaking, the increase in stock price must be accompanied by the growth of fundamentals. , While the fundamentals of Evergrande Motors remained unchanged, but the stock price rose on the ground, forcibly pulled up by two waves, and increased the market value by 20 times. Generally speaking, the stock price rise will inevitably be accompanied by the enlargement of trading volume, but Evergrande Motors has not. The trading volume is much smaller than that in July last year. Now the daily trading volume is only one or two billion. BYD, which has the same market value and is also listed on Hong Kong stocks, every day However, the turnover is as high as one billion, or even tens of billions. This can’t be regarded as an invisible hand controlling the market value, and it is almost becoming a tangible hand. In stock terms, it means that the main force controls the market value too high. So who is the main force? Who is speculating with the market again? Whenever you seriously search for the reputation of Evergrande Motors, it must be rave reviews and shocking. Who dares to say that Evergrande Motors has a problem? I was the first in the media to disagree and directly searched for the news of Evergrande Motors. The 150,000 entries are all objective and true evaluations from the media industry. China’s call for good cars, bright moments, and leading the future is endless. There are always rumors on the Internet that Evergrande has a large number of navy forces. This is a huge misunderstanding. The national brand does not invite naval forces and is following a solid technical line. How can it take the line of public opinion. There is only navy on the blue ocean! 03What is the real asset? So the question is, why is Evergrande’s technology so strong? What factors have caused its market value to be so high and the social response is so good? In fact, when talking about Evergrande, the first thing that comes to my mind is the “report for support” which was rejected in September last year. I will briefly summarize it. To the People’s Government of Guangdong Province: In 2016, in response to the supply-side reforms, under your guidance, I was asked to borrow the door of Shenshen Real Estate to be listed on the A-share market, and then Shenshen Real Estate gave me an investment, which helped me. The Shenzhen Municipal Government and the competent authorities of the China Securities Regulatory Commission all talked well, but later the group of people from the China Securities Regulatory Commission refused to let me pass. After a delay of more than a year, I went to private investment (strategic investment) for 130 billion, but this group of private investment is conditional, that is, before January 31, 2021, if I don’t have a backdoor deep house. To go public, we have to pay back 130 billion and add 13.7 billion in interest. I definitely can’t afford it. I don’t care. If I don’t let me go public, I’m going to die. So far, I owe a total of 835.5 billion yuan, involving 128 plus banks. If I die, hum, don’t even want to run. There are 8441 upstream and downstream companies, 229. In urban projects, 3.31 million people will be unemployed and 617,000 suites have not yet been delivered, which will affect 2.04 million owners. Time is running out. Go and talk to the group of people from the China Securities Regulatory Commission. If I don’t go public, I’ll get cold. Thank you, and hereby attach the financial institutions I borrowed from and how much money each owes me. At the first moment after reading Evergrande’s refuting the rumors, I was shocked by the level of the counterfeiter. The detailed content, the degree of fit with the facts, the writing style and tone of the document are exactly the same as Evergrande, the most important thing. Yes, the rumored document still has an official seal, and the rumored document does not even have an official seal. I’m at a loss as to which one is true. At this time point, the time point for Evergrande to repay the debt has long passed. Evergrande has begun to explore new projects, such as replacing the real estate project with Evergrande Group with the equity of Evergrande Auto, raising 26 billion Hong Kong dollars. Didn’t you understand? Evergrande Real Estate? Evergrande? Equity swap? What kind of god operation is this? Can Evergrande Motor’s stock still play like this? According to Caixin’s research, the essence of this equity transaction is that Xu Jiayin, the actual controller of Evergrande Auto, negotiated with Chen Hua, and Chen Hua sold Jingji Real Estate’s under-construction project “Jingji Royal View Residence” to Evergrande Real Estate. Yu Dingzeng, in exchange for the aforementioned shares of Evergrande Auto. The exchange of shares of Evergrande Motor for 26 billion genuine real estate in Shenzhen, no matter how you look at it, is that Jingji Real Estate has lost money, and Evergrande has made a huge profit. You think Hengchi Auto is a product of Evergrande. In fact, Hengda Auto stock is a profitable product. You Diss Hengchi only stand on the first floor. Evergrande’s operation is in the atmosphere. When Xiaomi, Huawei, and Baidu entered the industry to build cars, only Evergrande still maintained its original aspirations, cultivating finance and innovation. Lingle’s biggest expectation is that Evergrande cars can be sold overseas, to Europe, and to the United States. It would be a good talk if one day we can compete with the American FF Faraday Future! Finally, the article is praising Evergrande. Please do not misunderstand or distort the facts. The sources of information are all public information on the Internet. Please do not spread rumors.

6 months ago

Technically: The specific things Huawei has made are obvious to all, such as tsv120, such as Barong 5000, such as Shengteng 910, which are all tangible things. The Kunlun chip that Baidu took out did not say that it was slinging and rising. It should be inferior in some places. And apart from Baidu’s AI chip, there are not many news about technological breakthroughs. Manufacturing: Huawei has a complete supply chain management system, manufacturing integration experience, and its own mobile phone assembly manufacturing plant. Baidu does not. On patents: Baidu has four times the number of patents for autonomous driving inventions published, and Baidu has won. However, the concepts that have been announced and those that have been applied for are different, and it is not possible to directly judge the technical strength gap between the two parties. It can only be said that Baidu may have a deeper layout on the autonomous driving side. Brand: If Huawei is very unpopular among certain groups, then Baidu has never heard of which group is popular… at least Zhihu’s performance is like this. Product: Huawei’s Polar Fox and Celes are both in the reservation status, and Baidu’s progress is unknown. Final conclusion: Huawei is more optimistic about Huawei in the short term, while Baidu has certain opportunities in the long term.

6 months ago

After reading so many answers and comments, I came to a conclusion: car companies are all idiots, looking for “immature” Huawei to cooperate and mass production, why didn’t they see Baidu with more “mature” technology? How long do you think Huawei has been doing autonomous driving? It must be better for Baidu to do it for so long. What do you say about video? Was Huawei not able to test the road in that section? Baidu has a map and the world has tested it. The road test experience far exceeds Huawei. What kind of radar do you say? Our automatic driving is the algorithm first. Well, we are definitely stronger without radar.

6 months ago

Stop bragging on both sides. There are currently no evaluation standards for the software system of new energy vehicles, and those standards cannot be applied by computers, nor can they be used to guide automotive software engineers. The Tesla thunder is ahead. Stop bragging about the domestic smart car industry. It is the topic to quickly arguing the evaluation criteria, and by the way, take the evaluation system into your own hands. Think about it, if Huawei’s engineers don’t nod, Tesla’s car safety is not qualified to land, so the beauty of the painting is not worth it.

6 months ago

Baidu has been working for so many years. In addition to the first successful search, there were any successful big projects later. During the period, Baidu also developed many projects. As a result, everyone knows, or the stock price is not the same as it is now. Huawei is very cautious about strategically investing in a project, especially as a boss, always imposing various internal constraints. However, Huawei’s strategic investment projects rarely fail due to normal commercial and technical reasons. Pioneers are often not successful, especially in a new industry that is still just beginning to develop. I don’t know how strong Baidu is now. It is inevitable that Huawei will be better than Baidu in the end. Comprehensive ability is not a level.

6 months ago

The use of “absolute” and “first” limit words violates the “Advertising Law.” Article 55 Anyone who publishes false advertisements in violation of the provisions of this law shall be ordered by the administrative department for industry and commerce to stop publishing advertisements, order advertisers to eliminate the impact within the corresponding scope, and impose a fine of three to five times the advertising cost. If the calculation is or is obviously low, a fine of more than 200,000 yuan but less than one million yuan shall be imposed; if there are three or more illegal acts within two years or other serious circumstances, a fine of five to ten times the advertising cost will be imposed. The advertising cost cannot be If the calculation is or is obviously low, a fine of not less than one million yuan but not more than two million yuan may be imposed, the business license may be revoked, and the advertisement review approval document shall be revoked by the advertising review agency, and its advertising review application will not be accepted within one year. Taobao used to be called “the largest online commodity trading platform”, but now it has also been changed to “the largest trading platform in Asia.” Huawei’s promotion of autonomous driving can be changed to “Leader in the world” or “Second” without violating the advertising law.

6 months ago

Come on, let’s change our thinking. Don’t ask, “Do you think Baidu VS Huawei, who is the strongest driverless?” Let’s ask directly: If you have money, you want to buy an autonomous car, which one of Baidu’s and Huawei’s will you buy. Let’s not talk about the brand, let’s talk about what these two are currently bringing: Company A, starting from 2018, began to do actual road driving one after another, and then went on CCTV, and Sa Bening was in the driverless car. On board as a passenger. Many officials from the Beijing Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government also participated personally. Moreover, the experimental site and the experimental equipment are there, open-ended, so you can see it if you want to. You can see the financial report every year. You also know how much money has been spent on this task in the past five or six years. Almost everyone thinks that their family is the first person to do this in China. Then after three or four years of publicity, commercial projects began to land one after another. Company B, first said that it does not build a car, and has not seen any relevant news. Then on April 15, 2021, the first 7-minute test drive video was suddenly released. The overall effect is also very good. Then, at the auto show a few days later, it was announced that direct mass production would begin. Let’s not talk about the problems of these two brands. There are only two things before you. One is a steady and steady fight. You can find every improvement and every problem that has occurred. Then you can go for a test drive anytime. The other 16-25w is a blockbuster, it was nothing before, and now it brings a lot of concepts that you don’t necessarily understand. And this thing is currently only at the auto show. The only evidence is a 7-minute video. 25-35w-Who do you prefer to put a lot of money on? Frankly speaking, I dare not buy the Huawei. It’s not that Huawei is not good, nor that Huawei is not awesome, but you have to let me know that you are awesome. Quietly, just a 7-minute video, and a bunch of new concepts that I haven’t figured out what it means, let me buy a Taipei car for 300,000 yuan? Or BAIC? I really have to think about it. The future depends on the course of history. But at this juncture in 2021, it is clear that the credibility of what the other party brings out is much higher. future? Jihu is also not optimistic about the future. One of the core issues is that I believe in the Huawei brand. But I don’t believe in polar fox? Huawei has to choose a suitable teammate if it doesn’t stop building its own car, right? From 2012 to 2019, BAIC New Energy has been the largest sales volume of pure electric vehicles in China, and its sales volume in 2020 has dropped by 82.79%. Because from 2012 to 2019, almost all of BAIC’s products were either defrauding state subsidies, or were sold to ride-hailing platforms such as Didi and Kuaiche for “customized ride-hailing”. For such a company, when it was time to study, it did not study technology, and it was caught up by Weilai and Xiaopeng. When the market’s high-end lines are no longer able to keep up, we don’t try to catch up. Anyway, we will go with the capital to cut the leeks of the ride-hailing drivers, and produce a large number of products that are nothing but a car. Sold in bulk to leasing companies, and then sub-leased to drivers to drive online car-hailing. In first- and second-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, when online car-hailing is monopolized by BAIC New Energy in 2019-2020, everyone has forgotten? So, back to the question: Baidu VS Huawei, who is the strongest driverless? At this stage, Baidu’s technology is indeed a bit more than Huawei’s. Baidu VS Huawei, who is the strongest driverless? In the future, Huawei’s development is likely to be dragged down by BAIC Jihu. After all, a company that only wants to make quick money cannot be innovative on the new track.

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