On April 20, according to Hong Kong’s “Economic Daily”, at least 53 passengers of a flight arriving in Hong Kong from New Delhi, the capital of India, on April 4 were diagnosed and described by the media as a “flight in the hardest hit area”. According to reports, this flight can carry up to 188 passengers, but the authorities did not disclose the number of passengers on board. Recently, India’s new crown epidemic has deteriorated sharply. As of now, it has increased by more than 200,000 cases for 6 consecutive days. The “double mutation” new coronavirus is suspected to have worsened the epidemic.

For this question, I feel that most of the answers are in the wrong direction. Yes, there is an outbreak in India recently; yes, India’s not enough hospital beds/not enough ventilators/not enough oxygen/not enough cemetery/not enough firewood; yeah, Holi/Large Kettle Festival/ The canvassing scene of the general election was touching; yes, B.1.617 was mostly a mutation of the poison king. All of the above is correct. However, the above conditions are diagnosed with more than 50 people on a flight, does it have a dime relationship? It’s okay to talk about things, is this a strong answer? Please understand that this is an international flight to Hong Kong. In other words, all passengers must obtain a negative PCR test certificate within 72 hours before departure and have no obvious symptoms. Otherwise, boarding is not allowed: so the situation is obvious. Even if Delhi has exploded so much that your mother doesn’t know you, even if all the passengers on the flight have been recruited, but do you dare to believe that the PCR test within 72 hours of take-off will miss more than 50 in one go? Haven’t heard that B.1.617 has a special function to escape PCR detection, right? So, this is not the problem of the outbreak in India at all, nor is it the problem of hospital beds/ventilators/insufficient oxygen, and it is not the problem of the Humb Festival/Holi festival, and of course it is not the problem of virus mutation. This is a problem of PCR detection. This is a problem of PCR detection. This is a problem of PCR detection. Repeat three. You guys, you may lack some imagination for the magical realism in India…In India, PCR detection fraud has long been separated from the low level of PS and has become a big business involving testing laboratories, travel agencies, and airlines. Testing laboratory fraud, the fourth episode is too lazy to enumerate one by one, let’s take a news report: PCR detection fraud in Mumbai. So, everyone, imagination is a good thing.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Hong Kong’s heart is really big. The Indian epidemic took off and flights have not stopped. British Prime Minister Johnson and Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga both canceled their visits and evaded them. The number of cases increased by 200,000 for six consecutive days, and the total number of confirmed cases exceeded 15 million. “On the surface” figures, long ago everyone predicted that India would collapse sooner or later, but only now? It is estimated to have collapsed prematurely! Be wary of India’s “dead flight”! Heathcliff’s video 2050 broadcast. According to news reports, Indian gravediggers are busy, and the growth rate of the death toll from the new crown pneumonia has exceeded the rate at which the crematorium can dispose of the remains. The outbreak of the epidemic in India on such a large scale is in line with the government election. Regarding, just like the previous US election, the epidemic has been automatically ignored compared to political interests. In addition, large-scale religious gatherings are also a big reason. The “Dahu Festival” is a traditional Hindu festival. According to statistics, from April 10th to 14th, about 1,700 people who participated in this event were diagnosed. The Indian people who are not afraid of death are fearless. Under such circumstances, Hong Kong can’t stop flying. It can only be said that this is the introduction of the virus into the room. It is estimated that many people go to Hong Kong for treatment.

7 months ago

In fact, when the foreign epidemic was the worst last year, everyone said that it was India that was most worried about. India’s land area is only one third of China’s, but its population is about the same as China’s. Dirty, messy, densely populated, huge number of slums, and poor medical conditions. These words are my impressions of India. The Indian government has no ability to control and can only spread by the epidemic. I am afraid that universal immunization will be realized in India. But does India have the capacity and place to deal with people who have died from the virus? Will it cause another epidemic? The answer is I don’t know. I believe that the hundreds of thousands of people that are increasing every day are not real data. It is possible that the daily increase is several million. As the United States and Europe are allies of India, it is time to help them, allocate supplies, send medical teams, and contribute to the world. Hong Kong can’t help flying to India, and I can’t understand it. People like me know that India is dangerous now. India is now a major source of poison, so don’t go.

7 months ago

On a sunny day, Modi wore his beloved slippers and stirred a cup of healthy cow urine with a spoon, ready to start his day’s work. At this moment, the secretary broke into his office. Secretary: “That’s not good! That’s not good! King! There is a monk with a hairy face and Lei Gong’s mouth…” Modi: “Hey! My fliend! You are too anxious! The second half of this year hasn’t arrived, so you don’t need to be so early. Two blossoms!” The secretary grabbed Modi’s cup and prepared to moisturize his throat. After seeing the content, he returned the cup to Modi calmly, and said breathlessly: “Our new crown epidemic is more serious…” Modi used The spoon skimmed the floating end of the cup and smiled slightly: “So what? My fliend!” Secretary: “We have 270,000 more cases in one day!! There are 53 Indians on a nuclear flight with 118 people. The person was found to be diagnosed!!!” Modi “chipped” the contents of the cup, and asked, “What then?” The secretary looked at him with a calm expression. He didn’t slap his feet and stomped his heart. Yiheng, with the mentality of Runtu Prickly, decided to give a lesson to the “oil seller” in front of him. “Modi, do you know how many kangaroos there are in Australia?” Modi: “47 million. I also know that the permanent population of the Vatican is only 800. If kangaroos decide to invade the Vatican, then every Vatican will have 58,750 kangaroos. “The secretary was stunned, but Modi continued: “I also know that China has a population of 1.4 billion. If the Chinese decide to invade Australia, then each kangaroo will have to beat 30 Chinese.” “The same is true. Yes, we have diagnosed more than 15.72 million people in total. If we use these people to infect China, an Indian will infect 90 Chinese. You don’t know, you don’t care, you only care about yourself!” Secretary: “So, you Means…” Modi: “There are not enough people, wait a minute.” Secretary: “I would like to call you the contemporary Gu King.”

7 months ago

India is a super large source of poison. The crowd is dense, sanitary conditions are poor, isolation protection is lacking, and there are ignorant social perceptions. Various conditions for raising Gu are gathered in India. There are several reasons why India has not seen the epidemic so severe before. First, India’s own population mortality rate is not low. The United Nations announced in 2017 that India’s infant mortality rate was 4%. Under normal circumstances, India’s infant mortality rate is higher than India’s. The announced death rate of the new crown naturally seems to be less serious in India. The second is that many people living in slums in India have no chance to go to the hospital for diagnosis and statistics of the new crown. Naturally, the deaths of these people will not be counted in the deaths of the new crown infection. The third is that India itself is in the tropics, the temperature is relatively high, and the spread of the new coronavirus is less effective in high-temperature environments, giving India the illusion that the epidemic is not very serious. However, India clearly underestimated how powerful the variability of the new coronavirus is. In Russia, a patient infected with several different strains of the new crown virus was found, and Boston also found a new crown case that recovered and relapsed repeatedly within a hundred days. In other words, the new coronavirus can continuously mutate and infect itself repeatedly (the virus mutates in the body and then re-infects the patient). The mutated virus in the UK is highly transmissible, and the new coronavirus in South Africa is highly immune. This mutation occurs in conjunction with the local health conditions. In a country like India that has poor sanitation, the citizens themselves have a lot of antibodies. After combining with the new coronavirus, it is very easy to mutate into a virus with very strong immunity and very toxic. This is why this wave of epidemics in India has almost risen sharply. India has no ability to control the epidemic, and India maintains very close exchanges with Canada. Because many Canadian parliamentarians are of Indian descent, and Canada is tied to the United States, the epidemic will surely spread to the world along with Indian flights. Everywhere. This is very, very dangerous. If a virus with no current vaccines is really mutated, it will really be a disaster for the world. The new crown is terrible. We still have to protect the country. The Himalayas are truly the sacred mountain of protecting the country. Without the Himalayas, China would definitely be infected by the Indians to an unimaginable degree.

7 months ago

First express your attitude: Thank you for protecting the country, Himalayas! Next, let’s talk about the current situation of the epidemic situation in India: an increase of 270,000 (strongly suspected of 270,000 inspections per day), and a steady increase of more than 200,000 daily since mid-April, totaling 14.78 million. The death toll exceeded 1,000 for 6 consecutive days. Considering that only Indian nationals are eligible for testing, I reasonably suspect that the actual data is almost 5 times more than this. Why are there so many confirmed cases in India? First of all, the Indians have no sense of protection at all. In mid-March, 130,000 fans watched the game directly in the stadium. Judging from the photos on the scene, no one wears a mask. I’ll talk more about the Songkran Festival, and I will understand everyone who understands it. Secondly, Indians do not pay much attention to this epidemic, because in India’s view, the death rate of about 1.5% is nothing but a mere illusion. Is this serious? The most important thing is that if you want to prevent it, you don’t have that condition. You can’t afford so many masks. I can’t afford to eat at ordinary times, so how can I still use money to buy masks? Death from illness is a matter of one or two months, and death from starvation is a matter of three days.

7 months ago

How dangerous is India’s new crown variant B.1.617? India’s new crown variant B.1.6174 On the 20th, in just 24 hours, the Indian Ministry of Health reported a total of 274,000 new coronavirus cases. The new coronavirus variant B.1.617 was found in 61% of the infections examined. Even so, tens of thousands of Indians still gathered in the Ganges to bathe and participate in the pilgrimage of the Big Pot Festival in April. This can only make the virus spread more violently. The Big Hu Festival pilgrimage B.1.617 is called a super variant because it has a double mutation and is more infectious than the original strain. At present, 77 double mutations have been detected in the United Kingdom, and the B.1.617 variant has also been found in Germany, the United States, Denmark, Singapore and other countries. But this is probably just the beginning… The new crown variant from India, like the mutants in South Africa and Brazil, manages to bypass the immune defense of antibodies, thereby making the vaccine ineffective or weakened. People who have been vaccinated or who have only been infected with a mild coronavirus may be infected again with a new variant of the coronavirus. —— Jörg Timm, director of the Institute of Virology, University of Düsseldorf, India has nearly 300,000 new crowns every day, and the other side continues to block it. The success of the Indo-Pacific strategy is ignorant whether the Ganges can be poured…

7 months ago

People in Hong Kong are already numb. The Hong Kong authorities confirmed on Tuesday (20th) that at least 53 passengers on a flight arriving in Hong Kong from India were known to be diagnosed with the new coronavirus pneumonia. The plane can carry 188 passengers, but the Hong Kong authorities did not specify how many people will be on the flight. Hong Kong currently implements a 21-day compulsory quarantine for entry, which is one of the most stringent entry measures currently available. The passengers of this flight were diagnosed during the quarantine period. Hong Kong authorities said that on flights from Mumbai, India to Hong Kong, several confirmed cases have also been discovered. On the 18th, there was a flight (UK6397) operated by Vistara from Mumbai to Hong Kong. Three passengers on the flight were confirmed after the arrival test. The Hong Kong Department of Health prohibits the relevant flights from landing in Hong Kong under the current mechanism. Hong Kong notified 8 new confirmed cases on the 20th, of which 2 were passengers arriving by plane from India. A total of 11,703 cases were confirmed in Hong Kong, of which 209 died. According to a press release issued by the Hong Kong government on Monday, the implementation of a circuit breaker mechanism for regional flights in India, Pakistan and the Philippines will prohibit all civil airliners from these three countries from landing in Hong Kong for a period of 14 days. The Hong Kong Government has classified the above-mentioned areas as extremely high-risk areas and restricted those who have stayed in these areas from boarding to Hong Kong for a period of 14 days. The Hong Kong government is still boasting and still believes that its own leaky epidemic prevention measures are one of the strictest immigration measures currently available. It is still waiting until now that a big thunder has burst before implementing the fuse limit, and the ban is only 14 days. All kinds of variant strains are newly added every day, either Indian or Southeast Asian. However, the local media has few reports on “international friends” accidents. Instead, they focused their firepower on a large number of cases diagnosed in Hong Kong that used “Easy Return to Hong Kong” to avoid quarantine. Make a fuss. How do you evaluate it? I’m not in the mood to evaluate it, I’m too tired to evaluate it, and it’s numb. Thanks to Lam Cheng and the Hong Kong government for allowing people from all standpoints in Hong Kong to unite and scold the same object. In this special period, it is indeed a great merit.

7 months ago

Let’s put it this way, a friend is doing business in Uzbekistan in Central Asia. He said that half of the Uzbek workers in the factory were diagnosed with the new crown. The conditions of other Chinese factories are not much different. This is the factory paid for them to test. These workers’ Family members are basically not infected with the new crown, do you think it is possible? The number of confirmed diagnoses in Uzbekistan so far has not exceeded 100,000, why? Because unexpectedly, there will be none. Many developing countries have no testing capabilities at all, not to mention developing countries. The developed country Japan has only tested about 11 million people. Tokyo, a metropolis with a population of 10 million, has only 10,000 people tested every day. If anything happens, there will be none. Not only I complained, but the people of Osaka also complained about Tokyo for cheating. The real number of new crown infections in the world, the death toll is probably several times the current figure.

7 months ago

Can the untouchables who are too poor to walk home can afford to fly? China’s economy has developed to the present, and there are still 1 billion people who have not taken a plane. What about India? More to say, at most 200 million people have been on an airplane. In other words, this is India’s richest 200 million people fleeing abroad, and there are so many cases on a plane. In India, where the caste is strict, these people are bound to be the middle and high caste class. When the middle and high caste class occupies most of the resources, the virus infection situation is like this. So what is the infection status of the remaining 1.2 billion people who are not wealthy? I dare not think about it.

7 months ago

Except for China, let alone India now, the daily increase in the number of people in general countries cannot be believed. The invisible data is much larger than the detected data, and the actual number of infections is much larger. Last year, the WHO said that it can be controlled this summer. It is impossible to control the whole world in the summer of next year. The day before yesterday, I saw “Universe” and said that he was a person who returned to Pineapple Island from Africa. He had to test and return to Pineapple Island with a negative certificate. As a result, the local doctor said that you have any symptoms? This person said no, the doctor gave him a negative certificate, and then returned to Pineapple Island. No matter how bad India is, no matter how you pull the hips, it is somewhat better than southern Africa. At least there is a medical system. The big pot festival, the big flickering festival. , Just think about it, you stomped and you are numb

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