On April 21, after the Tesla brand’s car owners’ rights protection incident, Tao Lin, Tesla’s global vice president, was absent from the 2021 annual meeting of the Boao Forum for Asia, which was originally scheduled to attend. In the previously announced agenda, Tao Lin will attend the “Building a Safe and Controllable Industrial Supply Chain” forum on the 21st. Today, Tao Lin did not show up, nor did she participate in the forum online.

Ms. Tao once called the employees who were at the funeral of her father back to work. How many people know about this? Is Tesla’s vice president “make a fool”, is it inevitable in essence? Sanshu Kankan’s video 319 shows that Tesla’s internal executives in China have formed an “independent kingdom”. As the “kingdom” the three giants in essence, it is normal for Ms. Tao to drift. It’s just that the timing and the respondent were not good this time, so I didn’t have the face to meet people. Not to mention the bad luck, it would be difficult to make a public appearance in the short term. In fact, as early as December last year, I had carefully read an article introducing the current situation of Tesla in China. I recommend everyone to take a look. You can basically have a clear understanding of the motivations of Tesla executives. Much better than guessing. Tesla China chaos: In order to reduce the output of quality problem parts directly on the production line mp.weixin.qq.com This article in addition to introduce Tesla’s inevitable quality control in terms of quality shrinkage and shoddy quality. More important is to point out some power struggles of the company’s management. Even so, Tesla’s headquarters still “retained one hand”. While the Greater China region was “independent”, the positions of Tesla’s Asia Pacific Engineering Director Wang Wenjia and Asia Pacific Customer Service Senior Manager Wang Meng were assigned to Greater China. They Some of the reporting lines still lead directly to the US headquarters. However, some employees within Tesla soon discovered that these two individuals are almost “polished commanders” in the organizational structure of Tesla China. Through four years of operation, Zhu Xiaotong, Tao Lin and others have established a “separation wall” between Tesla’s Chinese employees and Tesla’s US headquarters. A Chinese-American Tesla employee who had a meeting with Zhu Xiaotong and Musk said to Chinese employees: “Your executives have always reported good news but not bad news when they come here. Zhu Xiaotong reported very well. Many, many cars can be built every year”. Of course, this is also true. Under the premise of the existence of this “separation wall”, Tesla China can lay out production and sales more flexibly in its own way. This is also in line with Zhu Xiaotong and even Musk’s expectations: Tesla China has become a labor center and profit center. As for the upgrade of China’s manufacturing and supporting industries, I’m sorry, don’t mention it. And when this wall may be pierced by some unexpected accidents, Zhu Xiaotong and other core Chinese executives will spare no effort to plug it at all costs. In April 2019, when Ren Yuxiang served as vice president of global sales for one year, Tesla China’s organizational structure underwent another large-scale adjustment, and all business and functional department reporting lines were fully integrated into Greater China. . The so-called “three executives” situation of Zhu Xiaotong, Tao Lin and Wang Hao has formally formed. It’s comparable to the Gongdou drama. At the same time, there is also a phenomenon called “contractor culture” within Tesla. A few days ago, I knew that there was a headline saying that a certain star sent employees work needs in the early morning, but I knew that everyone was scolding. This is the norm at Tesla. Several employees close to Zhu Xiaotong said: They often receive calls or WeChat from Zhu Xiaotong after 12 o’clock in the middle of the night. This makes the employees who work in the same area as Zhu Xiaotong very uneasy-because no matter how late the day before, Zhu Xiaotong will appear in the office area on time at ninety o’clock the next morning. He pays special attention to the vacant desks. Then I took a photo and posted it in the work group, asking why this person did not come to work early. As for the attitude towards subordinates, it is no better than the owner of the leek car. He directly calls the insider: Some employees have a deep memory of this scene: Zhu Xiaotong paced back and forth on the stage at the all-staff meeting held every quarter, and then issued A series of questioning, “What else do you want? What else do you want? What bike do you want? You are already at Tesla!” The first thing about Ms. Tao is as follows: Zhu’s direct subordinates, Tao Lin, another executive of Tesla China, has the same style. An employee who directly reported to Tao Lin once received a call from Tao Lin at his father’s funeral, asking “you to come back to work as soon as possible.” In this dictatorial atmosphere, Ms. Tao is too normal to float. But she did not expect that the earth is not Mars, and it is not called the Musk Empire. After all, she can’t let her do whatever she wants. Not to mention the Boao Forum, I am afraid that Ms. Tao will be lost for all important events in the future. This time Tesla encountered a full-scale public opinion attack, which poured cold water on the company. However, Tesla China’s executives can do whatever they want, but not only for the purpose of squeezing employees, but more importantly: this style makes Musk extremely satisfied. Think of Musk as one of the most scientifically literate entrepreneurs in the United States, but he can say something like this: I can only say that it’s not that a family doesn’t enter a family.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

The loss to Tesla caused by her statement cannot be made up for by her salary. Originally it was just a small rights protection incident. On the same day, there were rights protection activities at Toyota and Volvo booths, and they did not cause much trouble. Even if the female car owner stands on the roof of the car for a day, at most it is just a fresh melon. Tesla can definitely handle it even if it costs 1 million. But to take the car owner out in front of the media is a bit too much. It is equivalent to giving the media a big melon that has not been seen in ten years. In fact, at this point, Tesla still has room for recovery, because it can be avoided to the scene for improper handling, and expressing an apology in time can at least save some impression points. The results of it? President Tao said he would not compromise, and the owner of the car was detained for five days. Isn’t this equivalent to taking this package to Tesla? Her words can represent Tesla’s official position and directly add fuel to the fire in her backyard, causing the situation to be completely uncontrollable.

7 months ago

This Tao Lin is not only highly educated and highly qualified, but the key is that she is very patriotic. I have no doubt about this. why? Hidden inside Tesla, without showing any expression, just a few fluttering words caused the stocks of a Fortune 500 company to plummet. The curve helped Chinese people and deserves praise and praise. The public resume shows that Tao Lin MBA graduated from Peking University Guanghua School of Management, joined Tesla in January 2014 and is currently the global vice president of Tesla Inc., responsible for government affairs, public relations, markets and brands in Greater China. Before Tesla, Tao Lin is said to have worked for companies such as Baidu and Renren.com, and served as a reporter, producer and director for China Central Television and Wuhan Television. In December last year, Tao Lin was awarded the title of “Shanghai Model Worker”. It is really ironic that if it were not for the second battalion commander, I would have blasted the conventional strategic intercontinental anti-ship ballistic missile nuclear bomb. It’s for you to watch, not the referral officer who asked you to buy it, hey, I just play~

7 months ago

Who said that Tesla has no public relations? Hasn’t this public relations already begun? The first step is to separate Tesla’s vice president Tao Lin from Tesla, and want to change her original remarks on behalf of the company into her own “arrogance”. In fact, what she said also represents the company’s values. A vice president, no matter how stupid he can go, and no matter how stupid he is, he knows that her remarks will represent the company. Whether it is “forced” or “active”, her attitudes and practices must be roughly the same as that of Tesla. It must be divided, and it cannot be divided. Under this issue, there are remarks such as “think of yourself as Musk.” Isn’t Musk thinking that way? Mr. Tao is just a brave man, don’t be wrong, her remarks are Tesla’s official remarks, and it is impossible not to go through review.

7 months ago

Vice President Tao is really miserable. First, the local authorities supported it and blocked the positive public opinion; after the Xinhua News Agency ended, it was unable to withstand the sudden pressure. In fact, this wave is definitely a misjudgment: You must know that Xinhua News Agency has frequently participated in many issues of brand marketing recently. From Yuanqi Forest to Tesla, the continuous fermentation of this incident from the beginning to the present is bound to attract Highly heated discussion. When Tesla expressed his stance, he never thought about being subjected to higher-level pressure, thinking that he was truly “supported by the people.” First of all, from the perspective of the establishment of brand image, Tesla suffered a significant loss of its brand image after this incident. The data of “90% of consumers choose again” changed its taste the moment Tao Lin said it. Thirdly, from the perspective of the accumulation of brand equity, it is very dangerous for Tesla to sacrifice some car owners in exchange for the continued prosperity of the market at the expense of a small number of problematic vehicles. Automobile products do not end with the sale of goods, and product quality is even more critical. Such a posture is really ugly.

7 months ago

She is a successful person. Tesla’s vice president of public relations, going out with his own halo, is also considered a well-known figure in the industry. But this person is too aggressive, and the word describes her really appropriately. She is too arrogant and rude, and regards consumers’ lives as nothing. She doesn’t know how to respect others. This person doesn’t know how to be in awe, he’s too crazy. I used to think that Tesla’s cars have good looks and strong performance. Now I am extremely disgusted with this brand, this is a car company that has squeezed human life.

7 months ago

She is anxious to put out the fire. Because everyone discovered that the root cause of Tesla’s failure to stop lies in systematic and fundamental design errors. I have always believed: “Hearing is false and seeing is believing.” Because of the deliberate design of the Tesla program, the original Tesla driving recorder will not record the video several minutes before the vehicle accident! Therefore, videos of Tesla accidents are rarely kept. However, in the Tesla brake failure accident in Haikou City, Hainan Province on March 11, 2021, the owner used his mobile phone to clearly record that the official Tesla staff was unable to brake the car at a speed of 30 kilometers per hour while driving a model3. The brake system is malfunctioning. In the Tesla brake accident in Liyang, Jiangsu Province on April 17, 2021, the driving recorder of the next car clearly recorded a very strange picture: “Tesla’s brake system is working, and the brake lights are on! But Tesla’s motors continued to accelerate, accelerate, and accelerate wildly! Until the crash occurred, a passenger died and the driver was hospitalized.” On April 20, 2021, when a female Tesla owner was defending her rights at the Shanghai Auto Show Shouting: “Brake failure!” The two accidents shared the same characteristics: the brake system did not work, did not work well, or did not work at all. The root of the problem lies in the design error of Tesla’s entire system! In the debate between the traditional auto industry giants and Tesla, one of the focal questions is: “Who owns the ultimate control of a car?” The traditional auto industry giants believe that people can determine the final control of a car. That is, whether it is braking or accelerator, people can decide everything. BYD, which is transformed from a traditional car manufacturer, believes that autonomous driving can help people make fewer driving mistakes, but people can have the ultimate control of a car. Tesla believes that the calculation of the trip computer is always better than others. When L4 autonomous driving appears in the future, a car does not need a steering wheel, accelerator, or brake. The trip computer can have the final control of a car. (Note: Autonomous driving is divided into four stages: L1-L4, L1 is cruise at a constant speed; L2 is ACC, auto-following the car, and people still control the car; starting from L3, people don’t need to control the car at all; people in L4 don’t control the car at all. ) Therefore, all Tesla cars are different from traditional cars, and the trip computer can have the final control of a car. Why does Tesla have to do this? The reason is simple: autonomous driving. Tesla’s core technology is autonomous driving. The core of autonomous driving is software code and data. In order to pursue autonomous driving, it is necessary to maintain the stability of software code while accumulating data. In our daily work, we can only have the best working condition without being disturbed. In the same way, only the trip computer can have the final control of a car and collect data to the greatest extent. And only from L1 (the state of Tesla model3 without FSD), let all the code be written and run under the premise that “the trip computer can have the final control of a car”; it is not needed in the L3 L4 stage Rewrite the autonomous driving code to reduce costs. Ultimately achieve maximum profit! Tesla is a private company, understand? Serious analysis: Tesla uses Bosch’s second-generation ibooster system. Bosch’s iBooster system eliminates the vacuum booster, and the brake boosting work is done by the motor inside the assembly. The connection of the brake pedal and the push rod of the iBooster assembly is only used to collect signals. In this way, the iBooster system that relies on the motor to achieve power can control the pressure more accurately, allowing engineers to reprogram according to the gearbox gear, speed, steering angle, lateral acceleration or drive mode, etc., to achieve different pedal feel or Braking characteristics. In other words, this set of brake system allows engineers from major auto manufacturers to adapt the battery on the trip computer according to the motor performance of their cars. The basic principle of Bosch’s iBooster system is: step on the brake pedal-send the brake signal to the trip computer-send the trip computer to the iBooster assembly-the brake is completed. Model 3 has strong braking performance. The braking distance is within 40 meters at a speed of 100km and the braking distance is 3 meters at a speed of 30km . In other words, the hardware of Tesla Model 3 can definitely be braked. But in the above two case videos, the biggest problem is not braking. In line with the logic that the trip computer can have the ultimate control of a car. Tesla has deeply integrated the iBooster system with its own AutoPilot. Tesla has made a lot of “magic changes” to the software control system, and at the same time, it does not allow drivers to directly control the iBooster system. Tesla brake system: Step on the brake pedal-the brake signal is sent to the trip computer-the trip computer is sent to the iBooster assembly-the brake is completed. If the Tesla trip computer has a bug, the brake system cannot receive the brake signal directly from the driver. Then finish braking. That is what I said before: the trip computer can have the final control of a car. In contrast, the ibooster system used by Tesla is widely used in BYD Han and other new energy vehicles. Go to search for BYD’s description of this system: BYD emphasized one point: In the case of traffic jams following the car in the city, emergency braking is actually needed at this time, and this comfortable function is not needed, and corresponding strategies have been made. . For example, when the driver quickly steps on the pedal, or when the pedal is pressed a little deeper, the computer actively exits the intervention, and then follows the driver’s braking request. That is, the driver directly controls the brake in an emergency. The process is: when you brake suddenly, step on the brake pedal-the brake signal is directly transmitted to the iBooster assembly-even if the brake is completed, even if there is a bug in the automatic driving, it is misjudged, just let the driver take over! That is what I said before: Autonomous driving can help people make fewer mistakes in driving, but people can have the final control of a car. But, think about it the other way around. Tesla has not considered that if there is a bug in the trip computer, the brakes fail, and the customer dies in a car accident? I think so, but Musk doesn’t care. When the new crown rages on the U.S. imperialism in 2020, what is Musk doing online? Shout to the California government: Start! If you don’t start work, move the factory to another place! Musk is an extreme right-wing capitalist! Traditional capitalists still need to shape a good social image and please consumers; right-wing politicians still care about the welfare of their voters, while right-wing capitalist Musk does not care whether ordinary people live or die. In his eyes, ordinary people are just ant-like existences, either for his dreams of 996 and 007, to become rocket fuel; either he can harvest leeks; or he can die garbage. In recent years, some self-media like to tout Musk very much. Hearing him launching rockets, launching the Tesla, Starlink” project, “human-machine interface”, and immediately climaxed in his head. Many literary and artistic youths who have no knowledge of science and engineering worship him as a cult leader, what is “Iron Man” , The future of human science and technology, men who died on Mars. However, they did not expect that in Musk’s eyes, they were just rocket fuel, one-off. Now, Tesla himself is in a desperate situation and can survive the mass production bug. There is no one in a million. This kind of hidden BUG is very difficult to find and reproduce in Tesla’s mountain of code. It is estimated that Tesla can only bet that the probability of BUG emergence is lower than Normal accident rate. After all, in China, car companies are strong. Back then, Volkswagen’s turbocharged engine burned oil, the dry dual clutch failed repeatedly, and the suspension of the Sagitar was alive and well. As for consumers, first of all, I I advise you not to buy Tesla. If you must buy it, please be more virtuous and do good deeds, because Tesla does not know when the BUG will appear.

7 months ago

The following is the reason why Tesla has no time to look around. The United States is the main problem to be solved. Tesla’s rise from a few dollars incidentally opened up the bull market in the United States from the bottom (around 20,000 to 30,000). One point is very similar to the LeTV.com. LeTV stock price also followed this trend. By the way, after the GEM was brought up, LeTV went out. The A shares returned to 3,000 points in n years. Tesla’s stock price is now as dangerous as LeTV back then. If you don’t go well, it will be overwhelmed. By the way, the market will collapse, and even the trading market where Musk will increase leverage will not lose Jia Yueting. The success or failure of space entrepreneurship is unknown. At present, it is all leverage. This is why Tesla has to build a bunch of virtual coins to make financial reports.

7 months ago

Sort out the timeline of this incident and see how it has grown from childhood: in the afternoon of April 19, Tesla advocated that women were at the auto show site, the roof of the car was defended, saying that the brakes had failed and were taken to the scene. At 14:59 pm on April 19, Tesla responded that the car owner entered the exhibition hall through an unconventional method. Then, Tao Lin, vice president of Tesla, said: No compromise. On the afternoon of April 19, Xinhua News Agency published a commentary: “”Car roof rights protection has become a hot spot”, and who is not “decent”.” In the middle of the night on April 19, Tesla admitted a little bit for the first time and responded: the compensation should be compensated, the penalty should be fined, but the unreasonable demands were not compromised. At 7 am on April 20, it was notified that Zhang was sentenced to administrative detention for 5 days for disrupting public order. The matter is getting worse again. At 8 o’clock in the morning on April 20, Xinhua News Agency continued to fire, commenting on Tesla executives, neither should they encourage rights defenders to “succumb to trouble”, nor should they allow companies to “deceive customers.” On the morning of April 20, that was the issue, Tesla Vice President Tao Lin was absent from the Boao Forum for Asia. On April 20, the Zhengzhou Municipal Supervision Bureau responded to “car roof rights protection”: Tesla refused to provide driving data. Tesla continued to fight, and things continued to make trouble. In the middle of the night on April 20, Tesla apologized to customers on Weibo and stated that it had set up a special handling team to meet the demands of car owners. At noon on April 21, CCTV News commented: What Tesla really should “stroke” is the quality of the vehicle. On April 21, the Zhengzhou Municipal Supervision Bureau ordered Tesla to unconditionally provide complete driving data 30 minutes before the accident. On the evening of April 21, the Zhengzhou Tesla Experience Center stated that it would provide complete driving data 30 minutes before the accident. The service is soft. On the evening of April 21, Xinhua News Agency continued to comment: Tesla, you should reflect on the roots. The General Administration of Market Supervision and the China Consumers Association also came to an end. At 23:52 on April 23, Tesla responded, willing to provide data before the accident, and begged to identify and restore the truth. You see, it was really an eye-catching thing. The female car owner climbed on the roof to defend her rights. It was very unrespectable. If you really want to say that the brakes are not working, in fact, you might search a car factory and have similar news, but none of them caused such a big wave of public opinion. Tesla alone should have a better way to deal with it, but it was the female vice president who made things worse. “Recent negatives are all contributed by her”, “Never compromise”…The picture is from Zunjia Financial App. It is just that Tesla’s stock price fell more than 6% after “Never compromise”, and fell below 700 in one fell swoop The U.S. dollar fell to 691.85 U.S. dollars, and its market value shrank by 46 billion U.S. dollars. As of the close, Tesla shares fell 3.4%. After the “compromise”, the stock price rose 3.48% again. Perhaps this is also Tesla’s consistent arrogance: either the car owner’s problem, the road problem, or the electricity problem. It’s always someone else’s problem, and Tesla will never be a problem. Tesla, including the vice president, should pay for this arrogance. For more questions, please pay attention to Zunjia Finance, Hong Kong and the United States A shares 0 commission ~ risk warning: the content of the article has its own specific position, investment is risky, trading needs to be cautious. Zunjia strives but cannot guarantee that the above content is completely accurate and reliable, and does not assume any responsibility for the profit or loss arising from the operation of relying on or using third-party information.

7 months ago

I don’t know if Vice President Tao has made great achievements in the past, but even if she doesn’t have a manuscript when she speaks in front of the media, she should be able to write a secret manuscript, right? There is only one possibility, Mr. Tao is convinced: “90% of Tesla owners will continue to choose Tes.” This sentence is not wrong, so she rightly said it out loud in front of the media. Maybe Mr. Tao hasn’t understood yet. What’s wrong with this sentence? Isn’t a score of 90 on a 100-point test not enough to be considered excellent? Because in addition to cold laws that restrict enterprises and people, there are moral and moral issues that cannot be explained by scores. As small as the bus is to give up seats to the elderly and the weak, pregnant and young, as large as the disaster strikes, the elderly and children leave first. Morality exists in our hearts, respecting life, and protecting disadvantaged groups, so that when we become a disadvantaged group, we can be protected by society. If only 90% of the people are satisfied, and the interests of 10% are abandoned, for people in society, today, standing in the 90% of the population is indifferent to the 10% abandoned. When you become the next 10% tomorrow, who will shout for yourself? Don’t take for granted to stand on the strong side to despise the interests of disadvantaged groups.

7 months ago

No matter what the consideration is, the words “Tesla will never compromise” should never be said from a global vice president responsible for government affairs, public relations, marketing and branding in Greater China. Unless the person was short-circuited in his brain. Maybe Tesla has developed too smoothly in the past few years, and its market value easily exceeded $700 billion, which is several times that of Toyota. The boss went to Mars and dug a tunnel, and became the world’s richest man in a daze! It feels like the earth can’t hold it anymore. I am a fan of Musk. I say this not to criticize Musk, but Tao Lin and others may have had an illusion long ago under Musk’s infinite aura, and she may think of Musk as herself. The omnipotent Musk, SpaceX, and Tesla gave Tao Lin and others the uncompromising confidence. In fact, the arrogance of Tao Lin’s generation has been around for a long time, and many examples can be seen with just one ship. But she forgot, this is in China. This is not a place where citizens can be killed arbitrarily. The public opinion here is very important. She also forgot that not long ago, a more bullish boss ended up dismal because of false statements. Finally, I just want to say from the perspective of public relations and branding, Tao Lin’s operation has failed completely. PS: Talking about public relations, you still have to look at Durex.

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