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The male protagonist is really not suitable for this role, his facial features are too old. First, let me talk about being absolutely objective and fair, without any political stance. Including “Don’t Tell Her” starring the heroine very much, and also welcome and look forward to the friendly Chinese elements in Western works. At the same time, I admire Liu Simu’s anti-Chinese politicians and supporting Asians… We should not judge a person by the appearance of good looks, but we still need the actors in the film and television drama to match the role. The male lead actor Liu Simu’s facial features are not bad, but the facial features lack the brilliance of a superhero, and they are more like ordinary passersby. The following screenshots are basically the image of the male protagonist in the trailer. It was okay at the press conference the year before, how come people felt swollen in the movie… The meat on both sides of the cheeks seemed to come out… The statutory lines may be too heavy because of the larger apple muscles. Liu Simu’s statutory lines are much more obvious than the average person, which leads to a lot of his. The expression will look old. Basically, his decree pattern always appears in the trailer. In fact, the drooping eyelids of his eyes are more obvious. Without discussing “squinting”, his drooping feeling is too heavy, which can easily make people feel old and “sick”. There is a lot of flesh on both sides of the cheeks. At the press conference the year before last, many of his photo retouching had a good influence on the Chinese Internet. Everyone’s feedback was that although the eyes were small, the figure was good and it should not be said that people are ugly because of their small eyes. The trailer also shows a lot of flesh, but. . . Why do you feel Liu Simu’s face is swollen! Especially the cheeks are round and swollen in many shots, and it feels like a double chin. Originally, he had a short face and strong lines, but the swollen cheeks made the whole character look fat. The lip line is too obvious. In the case of strong nasolabial folds, Liu Simu’s lip line is too obvious. Make the lower half of his face too three-dimensional and protruding when applying close shots or applying force to his lips. The audience usually looks at the actor’s eyes and nose, but Liu Simu will unconsciously let the audience look at his mouth, such as the raised lip line and the relatively exaggerated nasolabial lines, which are caused by the more fleshy cheeks. . . I actually looked at the character posters and found that there is no spirit or aura of the past superheroes. It is more like being stared at by a Korean uncle… The refined posters are like this. The dynamic shots in the trailer just want me Just look at the muscles without looking at the face. As a Chinese American, Liu Simu supports Asian power and works hard to promote movies in China and the United States. I admire him very much, but I really feel that his facial features are not suitable for superheroes… Although he is strong in body, his nasolabial folds and apple muscles are too strong. Obviously short face again, not photogenic enough. To exaggerate, there is not enough sexual tension. In fact, there are many excellent Asian male actors in the United States, who look like Lin Ludi and Cen Yongkang. Although they are older than Liu Simu, they are obviously more…sexual. And there will be no sense of mediocrity as a passerby at first glance. Even in the photo of Liu Simu with his friends, you will find that some of his Chinese friends look more sunny and comfortable than him. The boy on the left will feel more natural than Liu Simu. Liu Simu’s facial features are too concentrated, and the statute lines are highlighted with a smile. So not to discuss the plot or special effects. As a neutral audience, I would think that the male protagonist’s appearance does not fit the image of a superhero or even young and promising in my mind. Liu Simu’s facial features may be more suitable for acting in some realistic movies. Superheroes should still be played by people with impact on the facial features… His facial features and appearance lack the first eye-catching features, and are somewhat old, which leads to the feeling in the movie. Like a middle-aged person. Horizontally contrasting the Mulan male protagonist, although he is also a slender oriental temperament, he still has the temperament and the feeling of the male protagonist. Of course, small eyes or oriental eyebrows can be the leading actor, but I hope that the refreshing or outstanding temperament is unified. Liu Simu’s biggest problem as an actor is that his facial features are too tough and mature to be substituted into this young superhero. Even the rainbow groups on the Chinese Internet have said no to his pictures, which is really not suitable. Although the male protagonist of Hua Mulan is also a small-eyed male god, his aura and temperament are online, and he can admit that he is a handsome guy and not a handsome uncle. Finally, I am not evaluating looks, but discussing the suitability of the male lead role.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Seeing a lot of answers, it came up as “I’m not commenting on the looks of actors”, carefully stating that I am “not prejudiced” or “not commenting.” I’m so weird. Anyone who has eyes can tell that this male and female “starring” is ugly! What can’t you say about this? It is rude to comment on the looks of passers-by, but actors, they are actors, they dare to act, passers-by can’t comment? From ancient times to the present, “appearance” is a very important part. They are so ugly, the men are considered to be “ordinary looks”, and the women are generally not so long, can they not squat their backs? Not to say that “ugly people make troubles” is already very cultivated. Decades ago, when Chow Yun-fat, Jet Li, and Gong Li “went into Hollywood”, I found it very strange. People in the United States, of course, like to watch their own white films. You are an Asian, no matter how beautiful, no matter how good your acting is, you are so different from white people, and your life culture is completely different, how do you play the leading role? In other words, if you let white people play the Chinese story, you can’t be the protagonist. However, at that time, the domestic economic level was still low, and the film and television industry was underdeveloped. Perhaps the “internal loop” market was too small? Therefore, the temple is not small enough to accommodate the Big Bodhisattva, and those who are known as “superstars” will go to the United States regardless of common sense. Now that our economy is up, the domestic market is big enough, and the “superstars” who have a good mind, even if they have a foreign nationality, know that they still have to eat in China. However, I am really curious about what Marvel’s company thinks? Shouldn’t all capital theory be very shrewd? Why do you want to make this kind of film that the white people don’t watch it, and the Chinese people don’t watch it? Too much money is useless? Or is it a tool for money laundering? Or, do American producers still imagine that as long as it is an “American blockbuster”, even if the actors are ugly, the Chinese will rush to watch it? Shouldn’t it, this market research commissioned by Zhan Suzuo?

7 months ago

Shangqi rushed in the United States: look, filming for Asians, this is the end, and then Hollywood’s share of Asians will be further reduced, and the right to speak of Asians will be suppressed from a little bit to a little bit without Shangqi in the United States. No rush: You see, Asians like this tune. Who says that male and female stars are ugly. This is their handsome and beautiful girls. Then there will be more and more similar shit in the future, and the image of Asians will be further promoted. China has rushed: Media headlines: China does not accept American Asians, but they are not rushing in China: Anyway, Marvel feeds what Xiang. People in China are rushing to eat. It will only become more disgusting in the future. A win-win situation for Chinese audiences is that Marvel wins. How about four times, it’s Marvel’s big move to win the numb

7 months ago

Have you heard of “Mulan”, I mean the one in 2020, the live-action version of Mulan shot by Disney, played by Liu Yifei. Douban scored 5.0, and the mainland box office was 280 million. Correct. It’s thorough enough to pounce on the street. It is also produced by the Disney Group, and it is also very good in publicity. In the end, it made a total of 280 million. There are still Liu Yifei’s beauty blessings, as well as Gong Li, Jet Li, Donnie Yen, Zheng Peipei, Wen Mingna and other old drama bones, right? The reputation and box office appeal of these people is there. It’s not a joke. Hua Mulan’s IP is also very valuable in China, and finally made 280 million. So when you look at the configuration of “Shang Qi”, the male protagonist does not recognize (and looks unpleasant), and the female protagonist does not recognize (and looks unpleasant), so Tony Leung (a villain) has some box office appeals Power, the IP of “Shangqi” is not appealing at all in China. The only positive thing should be “Marvel”. But just relying on Marvel alone, even if it can win “Mulan” with so many “buffs”, how much can it win? Even if the impact of the epidemic this year is smaller than last year, how much impact can it have? Look at the “Black Panther” of the past few years. Douban scored 6.5 points, and the domestic box office was 660 million. (That was before the epidemic, Sino-US relations were not as tense as they are now. Everyone trusts Marvel more than it is now and is still curious about Africa. Case). Marvel has proved that “Black Panther”, which “Americans photographed for black Americans”, does not work in China. Disney has also proved through “Mulan” that this kind of “Americans photographed for Asian Americans” (in fact, the casting and story are really biased towards the Chinese market) things do not work in China. Therefore, I have no idea that the original story of “Shang Qi” was unpopular in China, and at the casting stage, I did not want to please the Chinese market “Americans photographed for American Asians” stuff. I have a little expectation. . I just hope this movie will die a little bit worse now.

7 months ago

Not surprisingly, it is the second “Ninja Assassin”. It tells the secret of the god Shen Jing Dong in the eyes of Westerners. But there is one thing to say, I personally like “Ninja Assassin”, Rain’s appearance and body are all over Liu Simu. The action scene is also N times more refreshing than the trailer. I have always been curious about how Marvel and Disney executives think about it. To be honest, I asked a few international students around me. They all said that these kinds of movies that describe the East have some novelty to Westerners, but they generally don’t choose to go to the cinema the first time. So the question is, aside from emulsification, the Western market may be unfavorable for such topics at the beginning, and the Eastern market they will not investigate at all? Or they think that Tony Leung alone can fully pull up the Chinese market. Except for Tony Leung, the Chinese in the trailer looked really panicked.

7 months ago

Continue to add more, a buddy in the comment area asked, is it possible that “Shang Qi” has also set up a reversal like the “Captain Marvel” in the Scrooge? This question is actually quite interesting. Judging from the information available now, the possibility of a reversal is unlikely. Even if there is a reversal, the reversal must be strong enough to reverse the poor image of the movie by the Chinese audience in the early stage. I used to guess the plot of “Godzilla vs. King Kong” almost completely before it was released. Then this time, I will also poison the milk. What kind of reversal must exist in “Shang Qi” in order to change its fate, which is almost certain to be a bad film. First of all, this is not washing the floor! Don’t shoot at me! This is not washing the floor! Don’t shoot at me! This is not washing the floor! Don’t shoot at me! Inverting the most basic point, the lighthouse country and the East must exchange their positions of good and evil. In the background of the story, Liu Simu, played by Shangqi, left his father and lived in the lighthouse country for ten years. In his heart, he always felt that his father Tony Leung was a pedantic and old-fashioned person, always forcing himself to work hard to practice some not great kung fu. Ten years ago, Shangqi escaped from his father’s control and came to Lighthouse Country, and lived a “simple, equal, free and happy” life with his friends without any exercise. One day, Tony Leung still found him and asked to take him back to live his original life. Shangqi chose to resist, but was knocked out after losing to his father. When he woke up, he found that he had not been captured by his father, but was rescued by his little companion, the hostess. In fact, the hostess has always been a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent lurking beside him to protect him. Shangqi was almost beaten to death by his father. In order to save him, the heroine injected him with super soldier serum without authorization. Now he does not need to practice exercises. He can do two push-ups to make his body stronger and easily beat seven. A. But the hunt from his father did not end. Tony Leung sent a masked master to hunt down Shangqi and the heroine. The hostess told Shangqi that the reason why his father was strong was that he possessed the legendary ten precepts, and only the power of the ten precepts could defeat the ten precepts. So they no longer sit and wait for death, but take the initiative to find the Ten Commandments while avoiding pursuit. Finally, after finding the Ten Commandments, Shangqi found out the clues. He realized that the masked killer was dressed in the way of Zuo Jun, which is definitely not a taboo that the traditional and conservative Orientals of his father and the like would commit! After seeing through the scam, the people of “S.H.I.E.L.D.” surrounded him round and round. He realized that this chase was nothing but a farce directed and performed by the people of the lighthouse nation in order to obtain the Eastern Treasures, Ten Commandments. In the crisis, Tony Leung rescued his stupid son, but he was also seriously injured. Tony Leung mobilized the power of the Ten Commandments, allowing the silly son Shang Qi to see the true past scenes. It turned out that the Beacon Kingdom kidnapped him 10 years ago and proposed to his father to exchange his son at the cost of the Ten Precepts. Father did not compromise in order to protect the Ten Commandments, so he grew up in the lighthouse country. And Shang Qi has not only modified his memory. In order to avoid being rescued by Tony Leung, the Beacon also performed plastic surgery on the child. His appearance was not at all the small eyes and high cheekbones now, but: since then, the most impressive Both the disgusting East and West stance of righteousness and the cast of stereotyped actors have been reversed. Shangqi, who learned the truth, regretted it, but it was too late and the Ten Commandments had been taken away. Tony Leung told his son that the lighthouse man did not have the key to open the door to the power of the ten precepts. The key to using the power of the ten precepts was to combine his power with the kung fu and Zen that his father taught him since he was a child. The East is not strong because of the possession of treasures. What is strong is that the Easterners always adhere to their culture and beliefs. The enlightened Shangqi snatched the Ten Commandments from the lighthouse man and brought them back to the east, guarding this treasure with his father, and inheriting the Eastern culture that is more precious than the treasure. In the end credits, Shang Qi, who has returned to the East, has used the power of the Ten Commandments to change some of his appearance through practice. Although it has not changed back to Peng Yuyan’s handsome face, it has also become a lot pleasing to the eye. At this time, a line of subtitles appeared: Shang Qi 2 will be starred by Lei Jiayin. I think if Marvel can achieve this level of reversal in “Shangqi”, I will admit that all the judgments I make about “Shangqi” are misunderstandings. But is it possible? This possibility is very slim. The above speculation is after all my tricks. Hollywood will never make a movie with such values. The movie ending “shows” the set of values ​​of the beacon. I insist that after the release of “Shang Qi”, it will only expose more malice and problems than in the trailer. The above play stalks do not intend to offend Peng Yuyan and Lei Jiayin, please spit their fans lightly.

7 months ago

Former MCU fans, resolutely will not go to see this movie, and may not even go to see all future MCU works because of the appearance of this movie. As too many commentators have said, this movie is intentionally crooked: the Chinese boy was “influenced” by the beacon of freedom cultural thoughts, broke with the evil Eastern father who tried to “stain” the beautiful country, and committed himself to “freedom” after “righteously destroying relatives”. The embrace of “equality”. When the male and female protagonists with obvious Western stereotypes and cognitions are selected, there are people who use “Don’t maliciously attack the actor’s appearance” to wash the floor? It can be seen that the output of the lighthouse culture did indeed work. Please, is it the same thing to discuss the looks of an actor and to judge people by their appearance in the real world? This is not going to a restaurant to eat. The restaurant has cooked the rice, and said to you with a shy face, “Don’t waste food maliciously”, but in my heart I thought “Your skin color determines that you should eat this”, may I ask you to buy this? ? It’s good not to beat up the bad cook and the bad shop. Regarding “face value”, “stereotype” and “casting”, let me say a little more. 1. “Personal appearance” and “popular aesthetics”. Since the MCU was opened, characters who have filmed personal movies include Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow (not released), Hulk (Edward Norton Edition), Thor, Spider-Man, Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, and Black Panther. Compared with other peers in the casting of actors for these roles, “face value” is a strength and advantage. Of course, their acting skills are also very good. This also shows from the one hand that the Marvel production party is very clear that when choosing a superhero role, it is easier to get praise and support by choosing the “good-looking man and beautiful girl” type. However, Liu Simu, an up-and-coming actor, is really not an advantage in terms of “face value”. This is not an attack on the actor but a fact. Aesthetics are indeed different from person to person, but most people’s aesthetics are similar, and there is a popular aesthetic. Speaking of Liu Simu’s low face value, many fans immediately retorted that “you can say what you look like.” Indeed, Liu Simu’s “face value” should be ranked at least to the middle level in the standard of public aesthetics. He is likely to have a higher face value than ordinary people who are not film and television practitioners, and it is only “some”. Compared with other actors who play the protagonist of MCU personal movies, his “face value” is an obvious shortcoming. Suppose an experiment is to randomly select 97 passers-by and put their photos with Downey, Chris, and Liu Simu together with another 100 complete strangers to rank their appearance. According to the statistics, I guess Downey and Chris will probably be in the forefront of the 100 lists, and Liu Simu’s ranking will be far behind them. 2. “Rolling” and “Stereotype”. Continuing the previous article, I am not saying that actors with low “facial value” are not good actors. Taking China as an example, most of the leading actors on the box office list are not good at “facial value”. But only for superhero casting, choosing “good-looking men and beautiful women” is the trend. Why should we choose actors who are not good-looking men and beautiful women when it comes to representing oriental, Chinese, and yellow people? Don’t the Marvel producers understand Eastern aesthetics? Then why did you choose a handsome actor like Tony Leung for the villain? I don’t make a conclusion about its motives, and no one can make a conclusion about it, but each of us will make a guess about this reason in our hearts. I just want to show that the casting of “Shang Qi” is against the conventions of superhero movies. It is not difficult to understand that such a choice became the reason why it was resisted by Chinese audiences. I used to like MCU because I only regarded that world as a fictional superhero world. I certainly admit that the “Avengers can freely cross-border law enforcement” is also exported with cultural awareness. But I think this is acceptable in a fictional comic world. In “Iron Man 3”, when I saw the MCU tainted character “Mandarin” was redesigned and joined the plot that Tony was reborn with the help of Chinese medical personnel played by Wang Xueqi and Fan Bingbing, I even Secretly relieved inwardly. But the appearance of “Shang Qi” made me admit that I still think too much. As a former MCU fan, I feel it is a pity. For the story of Guardians of the Galaxy 3, Thor 4, and Doctor Strange 2, I have to admit that I still have some expectations. After Avengers 4, MCU has faced challenges. But after witnessing the whole process of “Shang Qi” from project establishment, to casting, and preview, regardless of whether the MCU will be “cooled” because of this, at least my personal love for MCUs has gone down for a while. Since MCU is willing to give up the Chinese market in order to satisfy the Chinese audience, whoever loves to watch this movie will watch it. I will not watch “Shangqi”, and no longer support other MCU movies linked with “Shangqi”.

7 months ago

If the Chinese don’t tell Marvel that we don’t like eating shit at the box office, then there will be shit coming in the future, so don’t blame me for saying that those who insist on seeing it belong to themselves to find shit to eat. I’m not using narrow feelings to resist a single movie. In the film, I’m using the framework of behavioral costs to inform you that strong and resolute resistance is exchanged for a long-term refreshment in the future. If you can’t hold back eating shit once, the cook will think you’re good for this in order to fight for a long-term game. The best result is also for the long-term interests and reputation of Marvel in the Chinese market in the future. You should resist this kind of film. The film was made for them. It’s okay to welcome yellow bananas and China. I want to see whether the capitalist society pays more attention to mainland audiences or Asian audiences.

7 months ago

It is foreseeable that this is a “Mulan-like” Oriental fancy movie filmed based on the stereotype of white people. It is like no matter how politically correct it is, it is disgusting to join in the filming of “Black Panther”. The ancient elements such as the selection of the monarch due to the duel, so “Shangqi” is the same, the original intention of Shangyang adults wants to make you more money, but the stereotype impression is deeply rooted, like in recent years, I want to make Chinese money and insult China for various reasons company of. Zach Schneider knows to choose an authentic Chinese who is acceptable to the public to play the Atom, although there is no more. Of course, the smorgasbord elements of China, Japan and South Korea are mixed in the film. Who cares whether it is Shangqi, Shangki Taro or Shangqi Smecta? My advanced Hollywood technology has done a good job for you, and I still care about so many details? Do you dare to be picky eaters inferior Asian? Below is a picture of Lin Ludi, one of the most popular candidates. As for why you don’t use it—all the yellow guys have risen from nerd’s team supporting actor to the protagonist. Do you still want to be handsome?

7 months ago

From the trailer, we can clearly see: the male lead role can not support this drama, Marvel’s selection of people completely failed. A basic requirement for movies is that the performer must show the characteristics of the role. For example, when I play a martial arts movie, when I play Huang Rong, I have to perform smart and cunning, when I play Xiaolongnu, I have to perform elegant and refined, and when I play Kang Min, I have to perform like a peach, plum and a snake. For example, when I play historical movies, I play Yingzheng and I will play Qin Huangsuo Liuhe, look at He Xiongzai’s domineering, and play Liu Bang must capture the different temperaments of Liu Bang in different periods, such as the rascal atmosphere of the market during Pei Gong’s period, and the city government at the Hongmen Banquet. and many more. Okay, take a look at the trailer of Shangqi, what is the protagonist? Practicing in the mountains, living freely in the United States for ten years, and finally chose to rebel against his father-this is probably the content of the trailer? Ok, what did the actor perform? Uh… a middle-aged greasy man who is confused about his life due to his livelihood? If the setting of Shangqi has not changed, the male protagonist is probably 20 to 30 years older than Shangqi himself. The kind of “righteousness” and “resoluteness” that challenged the villain’s life prepared for him by the villain’s father. Without showing it, all I saw was the confusion about life and the helplessness of drifting with the flow. After watching the trailer, it is not so much that Shangqi chose to break with his father, it is as if someone next door kidnapped the heroine to prevent Shangqi from joining his father, forcing Shangqi to fight with his father or something. Bad reviews do not explain.

7 months ago

Haha is destined to be Marvel’s landmark work! The ugliest male protagonist with the ugliest female protagonist plus the most mysterious East Asian stereotypes collection, this film can be applied for, and the reason is written as “The Encyclopedia of Human Prejudice”. Oh, by the way, an Asian actor with both strength and popularity is needed to improve the acting skills of the whole film. If Tony Leung takes this, I will contribute three or four expressions (meaningful smile, meaningful gaze) , Thinking about bad things at a glance, it’s so sad to be betrayed), save trouble. The black panther photographed the black man riding a rhino in Africa, and the black man was hi. Shangqi beat the yellow guy to practice Kungfu in Asia, and the yellow guy cried. Otherwise, we yellow monkeys don’t know how to promote. If they let you be an Asian superhero, what bikes do you need? It would be nice to be able to match you with a heroine. In the past, you Asians were only worthy of being a nerd who would never have a relationship with a woman for a lifetime. Our play is called Shangqi, and we have to be worthy of a rickety Asian girl who is out of breath, what? White heroine? Do you think you shoot Wolf Warriors? I’ll go to you…

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