At the beginning, the leader promoted the subordinates who were at the same time as me, and went to the next-door team to be equal to me. Later, two people were recruited. After about a year, they also promoted one. Then they found the next-door team to take over. I stayed there for a year and got promoted again. Are they too good, or the leaders don’t approve of my ability? What does this mean

As the saying goes, everyone gathers firewood and the flames are high, but you hope that your leader will only reuse you among the many loving generals, settle down with you, and be a lonely person. Obviously, your leader is recruiting troops, strengthening his core role in your organization, expanding influence, and looking for opportunities to reach the next level. You obviously lack the eye for knowledge. In fact, you should have recommended your talents to your leaders, promote them to the top, show your leadership, and express to your leader your support for his continued promotion, so that when he goes up, the first thing you think about will be to pull you back. One hand, let you be his successor. And you have been in a comfortable state for a long time, and you have almost lost this opportunity. According to your description, the leader promotes your subordinates one after another, but you have some hindsight, and you probably did not get the leader’s early ventilation prompt. , Or not aware of the leadership’s intentions, otherwise you will not have begun to doubt the leadership’s ability to distrust you. And the leader’s decision must be made after a long period of investigation and deliberation. What’s more, he should continue to mention people from the employees under the jurisdiction of the subordinates he has promoted earlier. This kind of thing will definitely tell his key confidant. , Or at least blow ventilation. Did you achieve his key confidant? You have to ask yourself. To put it bluntly, before you have started to think of being alienated from the leader, the leader sees you through. Your ability is only shown in your work ability. Do your work tasks well and help him solve some tasks. You have absolutely no problem with these things, but you have to lead the team to help him continue to rise. You did not even think of such a deed, and did not indicate how you let the leader trust and rest assured? To be more thorough, your leader is a foresighted person, with the appearance of a big leader, but you just want to sit back and enjoy the results. Generally, there are two ways for high-level leaders who are appointed or dismissed from the promotion authority and want to go further. “One”, while he has the ability, he also has an absolute relationship and background. Even if his personal experience is not enough, he can also be directly transferred through parallel transfers in a short term, roundabout rotations, and he is commonly known as the Son of Destiny. , Ride the Rockets. Your leader is obviously not such a professional player. “Two”, his personal abilities and resume are enough, he just met the opportunity, when he mentioned the high-level, he has been sitting peacefully, without particularly conspicuous results, it is difficult to break through and rise again, and there is a risk of forced landing. At this time, he must give Create an opportunity to advance and retreat. The core is to replace all the key positions in the organization with your own people. When there is an opportunity to advance, you can mobilize all the brave officers from all departments to stand up and support yourself, isn’t it? Safe and secure? When encountering resistance and there may be a risk of forced landing, all the people below are your own people. I am afraid it will be difficult to change to another person. In this way, your leader will not be a person who can move if the company wants to move. Your leader clearly fits this situation better. So this means that as long as you can’t afford to be unreasonable, do well in the old leadership status of your once subordinates, and continue to support your leadership, even if you don’t get promoted, at least sit firmly in your current position and don’t worry too much.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

The information is not comprehensive, but after the first subordinates in the same period were promoted to the same level as the subject, and the newcomers who were promoted later are definitely not as high as the subject, I understand that the authority of your leadership promotion is up to you. The level has been capped, which means that your leadership ability can only be promoted to your level. Of course, if it weren’t for my analysis, the leader promoted your subordinates one after another, and he has the ability to promote you again but didn’t mention it. There must be some problems here, and you can only explore it yourself. But to be honest, one after another in your own department is a great thing. Leadership promotion will only be selected in excellent departments. This is your affirmation of the department. Also, according to common sense, you are not far from promotion. This is the case in the system anyway. . In the system, there are too many situations in which subordinates have been promoted to be equal to you. Keep a calm mind. Subordinates and colleagues who have talents will think that this is the person you cultivated. At the same time, the promotion of subordinates is also conducive to your work, isn’t it? Grieving too much to prevent intestinal broken, the scenery should be long-sighted.

6 months ago

You didn’t even realize that you are here at the Whampoa Military Academy, and you have cultivated talents that leaders like. Flat management, it is estimated that you are in a company like the Internet. The meaning of promotion? There are only a few levels. Leader, above is the big boss. Leaders have always trusted you, let you manage a bunch of newcomers, and lead the team. He promotes other people to be equal to you, rather than superior to you, which has already explained the situation. If you want the leader to lift you up, you have to think about where he is going? Is there more room for him? This is the key. If not, then there is no problem. If he rises up and does not take you, but promotes your subordinates, you will think about this problem again. One more thing, is there any special care and salary increase for you, do you have any of these? This is what you should care about most. Focusing on a few factors a day, the others are not a problem. 1 Have you grown up? 2 Do you bring value to the team? Self-growth and team value will have feedback on the company’s profit. Look at your salary. If you are not satisfied, just leave. Have confidence. We must switch to this perspective to look at the problem. good luck!

6 months ago

It means that you are an abandoned person…I have been freelance for a while, so I feel the same…Because your ability is too outstanding…Posture point: For the current status of China, small and medium-sized enterprises, there is no “power and control”. High-end gameplay ~ are all eating the “demographic dividend” that is: you already understand “the entire production process, how to realize it”…you only need to hire a few people to help you do things, and you will just reap the profits…you have been abandoned from the beginning …When I was young, I played hard and didn’t like to be fixed. I especially liked to change jobs. I have outstanding personal abilities, and job hopping will cause the team to collapse. Many people follow you… This is what every boss is worried about… Your value: determined from the beginning …Once a company pulled me to think that it was too high for me, so I didn’t go… After a long time, I added WeChat again… In this case, I gave up decisively…because I realized that I was emptied… Some industry Inside, it also made me dumb to a large extent in the end… Instead of doing nothing, it is better to pursue freedom from the beginning… Anyway, a few thousand dollars can’t make a fortune…

6 months ago

Subject: You are the dean of the Youth Leadership Academy! And you have overlooked a problem, that is, your leader can only be promoted by one level! First assume that you are the supervisor and your leader is the manager. Then the manager can nominate an individual to be the supervisor, and you are already the supervisor. If you are promoted to the manager level, your manager may not be able to handle it. The general manager has to decide! It’s like: The director can promote a section member to be the section chief, but can he promote the section chief to be the section chief? Obviously not. You seem to be the section chief. How can he mention you? Can’t do it! So don’t worry about your leadership. If you want to go to the next level, you may have to wait until your leadership is promoted before you have a chance, or you can only find a bigger dock, don’t count on your leadership! Besides, have you noticed? Dean, all those who come to you have been promoted, which proves that your leader still values ​​your abilities; so you don’t need to think about it in the dark. Even if your leader only uses you to promote a cronies, that’s nothing wrong, because he can’t treat you anymore. Mentioned up! The promotion of the workplace is often about the right time and place; the ability is important, the relationship is like this, the leadership is important to you, the opportunity is also very important, and many times you need some luck, so do your job! And the order I recognize more is: ability>opportunity>relationship. Without the ability, the leader does not recognize your ability, so no matter how many opportunities are given to you, there is no way to grasp it. Especially within the system, you have to be responsible for mentioning people. It does not have to be strong in business ability, at least not bad. There are also opportunities. We often have young people under the age of 30 and young cadres under the age of 35. These time points are very important. This wave of promotion has not caught up, and the next wave of three years, three years and three years, I don’t know. Feeling made the mistake of age! The last is the relationship. Many people may say: You are still too young, but the fact is that in many cases, ability and opportunity have knocked down a bunch of so-called relationship households; those people who came up, it doesn’t matter whether you are not, the leader Recognition and leadership respect, is this a relationship? Finally, I wish all the bosses to be promoted!

6 months ago

The key depends on the promotion of your subordinates, whether you have discussed and planned with you in advance, if you just tell you routinely, honestly the result is not very good. In fact, being a leader in the workplace has two results, either step by step to become a strong one, or standing still and being emptied by others. In the first category, let’s talk about the practice of getting higher and higher. Being a small leader may depend on a larger level of personal ability. To become a leader with a higher rank, everyone must set up a stage to sing well. To put it bluntly, you have to learn to plan ahead. Therefore, many smart leaders often transfer their capable personnel away from their core circle, seeming to be selfless, sending talents to other teams, but in fact they are for a larger bureau and territory. There are three levels to get along with the leaders: the most shallow level is to justify the situation, the second level is the strategy and the third level is the mutual benefit and win-win situation. If the relationship with the leader is on the second or even the third level, it means that the leader treats you as his own person, and he will definitely communicate with you in advance during personnel arrangements. Friends, at what level are your leaders? You know better than us. In the second category, if you are incapable or want to kill you a long time ago, the leader may hinder each other’s fighting friendship and team contribution, and it is not convenient to directly kill you. That will slowly disperse your power and slowly decay your business scope. In the end, you become a dispensable person, because the team runs without you and is waiting for a place. Therefore, when encountering such things, you must have a certain level of awareness and deduction ability, especially for those leaders who are silent on the surface but move people behind them, you must consider their situation in advance. Forewarned is forearmed, without prejudging the waste. Everyone has to leave a way out for himself in the workplace, so that he has a choice. If used in a project, it is called PlanB. My friend, at what level are your relationship with the leader? In a series of personnel changes, are you the first type or the second type?

6 months ago

First, I don’t know what kind of management structure your company is, what position you are in, how many people are under your hand, and whether there is a leader under your direct leadership, so it is not very good to accurately judge the “meaning”. But, there is one thing, your leader doesn’t pay much attention to you! Second, in general, to promote a person, you must first seek the opinions of the direct leader, even the team leader, it is best to talk about it, so as not to affect the enthusiasm of the employees and hurt the feelings of the employees; because of the specific work situation and the emotions of the employees. , Work ability, character, attitude, etc. Only the direct leaders have a better understanding, and the higher-level leaders may not have a comprehensive understanding or no understanding at all, unless your team structure is relatively simple. Third, judging from the situation you said, your worries and incomprehension are justified! Whether they are better than you, you should be clear, from their education, ability, handling, handling affairs, and the relationship with the leader you think about it-are they better than you? At the same time, we must also consider the management thinking of the leader—competition, restriction, suppression, reserve…Finally, I remind you to get closer to the leader. If you have a good relationship, it is estimated that the leader has already told you or will I want to talk to you, listen to your thoughts, and communicate with you, but now the situation is just going the other way, you have to think about why? What is wrong, whether it is work or other aspects, find the reason and solve it as soon as possible!

6 months ago

Follow the tiger, if you still want to move the tiger’s direction, this is a very dangerous thing! Listening to this, is it possible that you are going to pretend to be a wolf with a big tail? “My subordinate”? Isn’t it his subordinate? If he wants to promote, who has to look at whose face is not good? He can only rely on someone to fail? How many eggs can he put in another basket? If you want to become a “high-powered master” situation, can’t it? No matter what happens, you have to be in chaos, have thunder in your chest, face like a lake, and have a steelyard in your heart. Regardless of its subordinates or subordinates, you should act according to the rules of the same class and jointly maintain the leadership and reason. Well, it’s hard to say. As long as there is no demon moth, and the leader’s inverse scales are not touched, there will be benefits, and naturally, I will have the share I deserve. It means that there is too much thinking now!

6 months ago

It’s not that your ability is not enough, but that the leader regards you as a mentor for cultivating talents. You are the most suitable for cultivating new people, but when you are promoted, who will train new people for him. So this is the key to not promoting you. It’s like a person. He can only do the first thing in this post, and then it will be discarded when he arrives in another post. So maybe this is the best place for you to stay.

6 months ago

This question is more interesting. To be straightforward is to prepare to take you off and replace you. But it’s not necessarily. Maybe it’s paving the way for you, making the people below feel that you have a future together, but it depends on whether you are promoted in the end.
If it is the first situation, be a good person, pretend to be confused, and get stuck. Why be more serious? You are not a shareholder.

6 months ago

The leader does not promote you. You have to consider whether you have any problems. You are about the same age as Zhang San, have the same education, and have the same abilities. Why does the leader promote him but not promote you? The explanation given to you by the leader is to appoint people on their merits. If you believe it for a lifetime, that’s it. I want to tell you that when a leader promotes a person, it is neither “appointing others for good or nepotism, but for appointing others for profit.” What does this “profit” mean? Two levels of meaning? 1. It can bring long-term benefits to oneself. Second, it’s to your advantage to promote you. If you are free, but it’s not good for me, you can’t be promoted. You don’t follow me to promote you to run my family’s grave in the future? If you don’t believe me, look at Hai Rui, he is very wise and talented, Zhang Juzheng just doesn’t promote him. So even if you are very virtuous and want to be promoted, you must “go from good to good, and then to profit.” If you are rebellious, I’m sorry, the seat is full of things for you. If you don’t believe me, look at Yao Qisheng in the Kangxi Dynasty. He had to close the stage, but he was disobedient. Kangxi did not torture him much before starting him. In the end, Yao Qisheng served him, and Kangxi was relieved. He was appointed as the governor of the platform. Someone might say. Since it is for the benefit of directly appointing people as relatives, isn’t it? Relatives are more reliable. First, this kind of operation is easy to be grasped by others. Second, if relatives are muddy and can’t support the wall, they will easily cause trouble for themselves. Therefore, it is better to use others for profit.

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