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During the 2018 Spring Festival, I took a cruise to Vietnam. Departing from Shenzhen, the route cuts across the sea from the south of Hainan Island, first to Da Nang, then to Halong Bay, and returning via the Qiongzhou Strait. In fact, during that voyage, the warship I encountered for the first time did not come from the motherland, but when I arrived in Da Nang, I saw the second-hand Pohang-class artillery frigate (HQ-20), a relatively new one, which the Vietnamese navy sought from South Korea. The “Firefly”-class patrol boat and the old-fashioned “Wasp”-class missile boat (too far away to see the ship number) parked in the military port, and they also observed the antique “Sonia”-class wooden minesweeper from a close range. Practice docking staggeringly. The Vietnamese naval base in Da Nang was photographed casually at that time; the naval port, with the maritime police on the left and the navy on the right; the Sonia-class wooden minesweepers witnessed these seemingly ineffective warships, as well as laziness, disheveled clothing, and nothing. The vigorous Vietnamese sailors couldn’t help laughing a lot in their hearts. At that time, the elder in the family passed away not long ago, so he didn’t want to play. Most of the time, I was bored, except for going to the small exhibition room behind the bridge to watch the chart and navigation data, and to see the bridge through the glass, which is to watch the sea blowers on the upper deck. After leaving Halong Bay, sail all the way east. Early that morning, I put my phone in the room for charging, and took a look at the real-time location. On the high seas of the Beibu Gulf, it would take about two hours to enter the Qiongzhou Strait, so I turned on the deck. As a result, as soon as we walked out of the restaurant and came to the deck, a familiar ship shadow came into view-a certain type of guided-missile frigate, which may be less than 1 nautical mile away (the number of hull numbers cannot be seen with the naked eye), follow us Reverse sailing. Although I often go to play near the shipyard that gave birth to it, this warship in my impression is always unpainted, leaning on the pier, weapons covered with gun coats, and the ship’s railings have the appearance of a red banner “No Taking Pictures” on the ship’s railings. And that day, I really knew what is meant by “battleship running through the waves.” Its bow plough opened waves higher than the freeboard, and the main gun rose slightly, dragging a long white track on the deep blue sea. Although the tonnage was not large, it looked as swift as a steed. Compared with the Vietnamese navy ships seen before, it is a world of difference. After admiring it for a few seconds, I suddenly realized that I should take a photo. I found that I didn’t bring my mobile phone. I hurried back to the room and ran up again, but the ship’s shadow was no longer found on the sky water line at the stern. It can be regarded as a small regret. I look forward to taking a cruise after the epidemic is over, and I look forward to the reappearance of this unexpected experience of encountering the warship of the motherland’s navy on the high seas. PS A long time ago, when I was a primary school student, I went to Cheung Chau Island in Hong Kong. On the way to the island by boat, I saw the Kitty Hawk and the accompanying Ticonderoga from the United States up close… Since then, there seems to be a knot in my heart. , If one day meets and witnesses the heroic appearance of a Chinese aircraft carrier at sea, maybe this inexplicable knot will be solved [hehe


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

It’s a digression. I once saw the Jiangkai II FFG of the Chinese Navy in a certain sea area, and vaguely remember it was the Rizhao ship. At that time, the Rizhao ship and another smaller frigate were shadowing our fleet, and I was in charge of monitoring Chinese communications in the situation room (of course I didn’t hear anything remarkable). I was on duty from midnight until sunrise at 6 o’clock in the morning. I saw the Rizhao ship on the radar only a few miles away from our ship. I wanted to see what this warship looked like. Then went to the stern deck to smoke. I was just thinking about the appearance of an ordinary FFG of only a thousand or a few hundred tons. I was naturally surprised to see a giant ship sailing through the wind and waves nearby. I have always paid close attention to naval news on Zhihu. I know that China has recently built ships like “dumplings”, but in fact, seeing such killing weapons up close, it feels different. Recalling that I have been to the Minsk Aircraft Carrier World in Shenzhen before. While smoking a cigarette and thinking a lot, I waved at the Rizhao ship. This is my habit of seeing warships. American sailors often greet them with excitement, but Haozhou people have never responded to my wave of hands. When I went to smoke again in the afternoon, I saw the beauty that I can’t forget in my life. It was still winter, and although the sea conditions were not bad, there were still small waves in the gloomy. But just on the port side, a small opening broke in the clouded sky, and a beam of sunlight shone on the Rizhao ship (only now I found out what a coincidence!). Just like a miracle, everything around is in the shadows, only the warship is advancing in the sun. It’s a pity that because of the angle problem, I think the officers and soldiers of the Rizhao Ship didn’t know that they had ever had such a bright moment. I think this issue was raised by the People’s Navy. Maybe you can help tell us a story like this.

7 months ago

I once imagined that when I was a child, I was a military fan and then when I went to study in the US, I drove to the Long Beach Port of Los Angeles to see the warship as soon as possible (because the “Long Beach” nuclear-powered cruiser is one of my favorites). The military port is naturally a warship and I haven’t seen it for a long time. I had to go back home in grief and surf the Internet. When I checked the news, several terminals in Long Beach Port were leased to COSCO China… At that time, a picture flashed in my mind as if I saw it. The warships of the People’s Navy are parked at that port. Although I know that it is a commercial terminal leased by COSCO, although we only had modern class and 051C in that era; every time I saw the powerful lineup of the Chinese Navy today, I would think of the scorching afternoon. Standing alone by the pier in a daze will remind you of the scene in your mind when the Chinese navy was stationed at Long Beach Port… The following is about the Long Beach Port and the Long Beach Port (Long Beach) located in southern California, 40 kilometers south of Los Angeles. It is the primary gateway for U.S. trans-Pacific trade and the second busiest container seaport in the United States. This is the Port of Los Angeles alone. The port handles more than 194 billion U.S. dollars in annual trade. It is one of the few U.S. ports that can call today’s largest ships. One. The Port of Long Beach has 140 routes connecting 217 seaports around the world. The port includes 3,200 acres, 31 miles of waterfront, 10 piers, 62 berths and 68 ultra-Panamax gantry cranes. Long Beach Port is hard to find. I don’t know if it’s

7 months ago

This official invited me, and I was too embarrassed to refuse it again. As an inland baby, to be honest, all the photos of warships are from the Internet. I haven’t read the actual ones. I’m sorry everyone has delayed the education of patriotism. In addition, I am content with seeing warships and aircraft carriers at home compared to others. But having said that, I really hope to see our warship throwing away the handkerchief in Taiwan Province. It doesn’t take too much. Just make a circle and then everyone will play the throwing handkerchief in a circle. Think about that picture. Hundreds of warships happily throwing away their handkerchiefs in the Taiwan Strait under the leadership of two aircraft carriers. The setting sun shines on the warships. That is the happiest time for every Chinese.

7 months ago

It should be extremely proud. Thinking of the evacuation of overseas Chinese in the Gulf of Aden, under the tense situation, all Chinese citizens quickly evacuated, and also assisted 8 nationals from Romania, India, Egypt and other countries to evacuate safely. Such a sense of security and responsibility is tangible and steadfast, reverberating in people’s hearts and warming the soul. The film of Operation Red Sea was adapted from this event. Although it is only a film, it also experienced the panic in people’s minds during the war. Order is completely lost, life is threatened at any time, dignity is no longer…Such chaos is not what you and I can truly experience in a peaceful environment, but it is imaginable. So when the battleship of the motherland appears in time when it is needed, what excitement, anger, and pride will be.

7 months ago

This question must be answered. Thank you for the invitation of the People’s Navy. I saw our 52D in Indonesia. The workmanship is quite exquisite, the hull is not rough, and it is as big as a mountain, but some media did not shoot it well. I did not see our 055 destroyer outside, but she must be very beautiful, a ship with both beauty and combat effectiveness. It can be called “the king of the ship Bingbing.” April 23 is the birthday of the People’s Navy, but strictly speaking The development of our navy began in the late Qing Dynasty of the Republic of China. They were heroes, but they did not encounter a good era. But these heroes use their lives to tell us that a powerful country cannot be bought, it must be built by itself, as small as a switch and a screw must be built by itself, and only by building itself can the blockade be broken. After more than 70 years of hard work, the development of the Chinese Navy has been recognized by the United States. In the original words of the United States, China is the only country with military, economic and diplomatic capabilities that poses a major challenge. Although the United States has the meaning of asking for military spending, it is actually an official announcement that China is the second largest country in the world. If you still don’t understand, let’s look at another sentence from the United States. I have lived for so many years, and I have never seen when the United States will say such things as not forcing its allies to stand in line. Although the United States will never do this. And I think this sentence is very funny, what country is the United States? The world’s largest developed country and the only blue star superpower, has always wanted to be the world’s hegemon. As a result, the United States actually came up with a sentence, does not force its allies to choose between the United States and China, a country with a per capita GDp of less than 10,000 U.S. dollars? America’s allies may include several developed countries with a per capita value of 100,000 U.S. dollars, more than a dozen developed countries with a per capita tens of thousands of U.S. dollars, and several developing countries whose per capita is higher than China. The U.S. does not force them to stand in line. The U.S. not only loses its share, He even dropped their share. This is our current naval strength. I do not deny the gap between us and the United States, but this is not irreparable. Because our warships are purely domestically produced, there is no issue of blockade. And our first electromagnetic launch aircraft carrier 003 will be completed in 2021. 003 electromagnetic launch aircraft carrier’s bottom protection performance: the main dimension is 325 meters, the full load displacement is 85,000 metric tons, the overload displacement is 90,000 metric tons, and it carries 65 aircraft of various types. The ultimate performance of the Type 003 aircraft carrier is also my opinion: the nuclear-powered electromagnetic launch aircraft carrier has a main scale of 335-340 meters, a full load displacement of 100,000 metric tons, and carries 80 aircraft of various types. And our weapons are all made in China. Of course, the focus of my answer is not to discuss the specific performance of 003, but our goal has always been to align with the United States. Regardless of the performance of the 003, as far as I know, apart from the United States, it seems that only one of us, a developing country, is doing it. And no matter what kind of performance, you can fight alone with the Ford aircraft carrier in the offshore waters, and you can be a Bianfuxia. With two such large aircraft carriers in service, we will be able to completely solve the problem of a certain island under the interference of the United States and deploy 003 on that island. That island is very important to us. Even if the Type 003 aircraft carrier does not go to sea, but just stays on that island, our coastal defense line can advance about 1,000 kilometers. And we must realize that many people on this island no longer approve of peaceful reunification, and many women also make small action movies on emotional communication and contribute funds to buy weapons. Many people ask us, what do we want such a large aircraft carrier to do, now is a peaceful age. I just want to say that there has not been a truly peaceful age in the world. You think so because you are in China. People in Iraq, Syria, and Libya don’t think that this is an era of peace. Does the US aircraft carrier enter the territorial waters? Is it because the Americans are kind? Absolutely not. The American habit has always been to hold a can of laundry detergent to declare a potential threat, and then launch a war if the Security Council disagrees. So for China, the biggest competitor he officially declared, the United States did not do this with washing powder, and did not even enter the territorial waters. This is definitely not because the Unglu Saxons have changed their minds and stopped being robbers. This is why we make these equipment. They won’t go on the battlefield, but they won’t work without them. This is also a contradiction. We hope that more people will understand the development of our naval equipment and our achievements. But I don’t want more people to understand, because weapons appear frequently and more and more people understand, indicating that the world is not peaceful. There are also many military fans in Iraq and Syria, but they are not because of interest like us, but because of circumstances. Finally, I attached a song adapted by my younger brother, dedicated to the Navy and the Chinese aircraft carrier: How long have you forgotten, I don’t know if you still remember those distant and clear stories. I watched it for a long time and I became happy because you didn’t forget. I hope you will never understand what I mean to you. I just want to guard the sea and sky for you every night and early in the morning. I would like to become the angel you love in the fairy tale. Open your hands and take off and land the plane to guard you. You have to believe that we will dream till dawn for you like in a fairy tale. You have to believe that I will become the angel in the fairy tale. The stars and the sea will accompany you. The pain of the past will always be a clear memory and love will always be only for you.

7 months ago

I was so excited that I was cueed by the official media. Since it is said that the freedom of navigation, when the nuclear power of our rabbit sauce is entered into service, we will install FC31, and bring 055, 052D, 054, “Xia”, “Shang”, “Zhou?”, “Qiandao Lake”, “Gaoyou Lake”, Let’s take a trip around the world. Expand the big map and plan well; start at Dalian Port, cross the Korean Strait, circle Japan’s Honshu Island, Hokkaido Island, Shikoku Island, Kyushu Island, and Ryukyu Islands, and then go down and circle Taiwan Province. Go to Hong Kong to rest and let some banana people understand that Tujiang is the real father. Don’t think that everything outside is delicious. Okay, let’s go around the Philippines and Indonesia to see the strength of the “Five Eyes Alliance”. Well, the port is full of stranded iron ore, seafood, and wool, so I can rest assured. Make a circle around Australia, cross the Java Sea, and take a look at the Indochina Peninsula. Pass through Malacca, arrive at the Bay of Bengal, enter the Indian Ocean, and go to Calcutta to rest and walk. Be careful in the Bay of Bengal. It is said that some parts will fall from the sky at every turn. Enter the Arabian Sea through the Boker Strait, and go to the Persian Gulf. The Iranian people are looking forward to us. By the way, I will go to Iraq to give condolences to this little pitiful who has been caught by a certain eagle. Turning back out of the Persian Gulf to the Gulf of Aden, for nothing else, go to Djibouti to see if there are any dead pirates and come to provoke the warships with the “Pentagram” and “August 1st”. I won’t go to the Red Sea. The Suez Canal can’t squeeze me. Go south to the Cape of Good Hope, come with a good luck buff, go all the way north, to the Strait of Gibraltar, and remember to stop when you arrive in Gambia. After all, you have been beaten by all the five constants. Do you want to take you to Europe, start you sweeping Europe, occupying the “Soviet Union”, and leveling North America Journey. Forget it, now that diplomatic relations have been restored, Big Brother still persuades you to live a good life, follow Big Brother and do well, don’t repeat. It’s been a long time since I changed to the Mediterranean. Let’s organize an exercise in the Mediterranean. By the way, I would go to Syria to express my condolences. There was a little pitiful who was caught by a certain eagle. Go north from Gibraltar, cross the English Channel, and enter the North Sea. Look at the “Old Eyes” of the “Five Eyes Alliance”. They are so corrupt and so dull. They follow the World Police as a co-op. Here is a set of eye exercises from the celestial dynasty. Take good care of your eyes, keep your eyes open and see, how much will the world police of Amelika First take care of you? Enter the Baltic Sea and see how iron is the head of the Polish hammer? Your current rabbit sauce products can list a thick encyclopedia, but we limit what can you limit? After thinking about it, maybe only the Polish idiots are restricted. Let’s take a look at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. Can your peace prize be cancelled? Few people who were judged were peacemakers. Pack some Nordic seafood to help them solve the pain of the flood of seafood. Going out of the Baltic Sea, returning to the North Sea, going to Scotland to see the referendum, and seeing how the sun never sets, then the sun does not rise. Next, I crossed the Atlantic Ocean and went straight to Boston. I ate so many pollons and I had never eaten fresh fish. New York, Washington, and Miami cross the Florida Strait and enter the Gulf of Mexico, New Orleans, and Houston. This area is good, it’s a pity not to have a large-scale military exercise. Go to Cuba, see Little Castro, and communicate revolutionary friendship. Quickly bypassing South America, the ball is not playing well, I am embarrassed to stay more. Go across the Strait of Magellan to the east coast of the North Pacific, and watch a comic show in San Diego. Look at Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle at four o’clock in the morning. Go straight to the Bering Strait. Call the old Russian guys and organize a joint military exercise in the Bering Sea. Successfully completed, hard work all the way, south to Hawaii, Aloha, we have come to vacation. Take a break, set off, go to Saipan and Guam. I heard that this is the place where the world police fight with Little Neon. I really responded to the old saying and joined him if he couldn’t fight. Okay, I’ll go back to my hometown and Keelung Port. This time, I don’t have to have a major repair. (Purely for entertainment, the battleship of the motherland, I hope he only needs to appear in the borders of the motherland. We will neither show off our power, nor interfere in the internal affairs of other countries, let alone go to others for our own sake.)

7 months ago

I think I should be very excited to see the 054A in the Thames. Although I would like to see it abroad, I have never had this opportunity. I hope I can see Chinese warships in all oceans in the future.
Where would you like to see it most…Okinawa, Yokosuka, Sasebo, Maizuru, Iwakuni, Naha, Hachinohe

7 months ago

In October 2019, I watched the Taiyuan ship depart from Tokyo Bay. It was very emotional to see the motherland’s warship crossing the Rainbow Bridge. Although 052D is out of breath now (military fans are all big trotters), it is still quite shocking to see the real guy. Hope to see 055 in Tokyo Bay in the future. By the way, the Japanese in the military house in the model department of my university was more excited than I was. The Taiyuan ship was also on the Japanese hot list that day. The real military house bosses all went to take close-up photos on the trails of the Rainbow Bridge. Up. (The Taiyuan ship originally came to participate in Haizi’s ship review, but because of the typhoon it was cancelled and stopped in Tokyo Bay for a few days)

7 months ago

There are more than 800 US military bases in the world and 242 naval bases (the number is in doubt). If I can see these bases flying the five-star red flag alive, I will crawl all of them; if I can’t see them in my lifetime, I will scatter the ashes. On the sea, sprinkle on the ground, let him follow the ocean currents, follow the strong wind again…. That day, watching the waves sway, the sunny day and the breeze, you will know that I am going to see you

7 months ago

On the Russian Navy Festival in 18 years, I went to join in the fun with my friends, but unfortunately the PLA didn’t seem to send warships to participate this year. But I saw the F22p frigate of the Pakistan Navy. The first three frigates of this type were all built by Shanghai Hudong Shipyard. The design is also based on the 053H3 frigate of the Chinese Navy. It is a pity that Pakistan made the fourth ship of this type to participate in the Navy Festival. It can be regarded as a warship with strong Chinese descent overseas.

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