According to a number of foreign media sources on the 21st, Australian Foreign Minister Payne announced in a statement that day that the “Belt and Road” agreement signed by Victoria, Australia and China had been cancelled by the federal government of that country. Payne said in a statement that this agreement does not conform to Australia’s foreign policy.

In October 2019, China and the State of Victoria, Australia signed the “One Belt One Road” agreement, and the two sides will launch economic cooperation in various aspects such as infrastructure and trade. After the agreement was signed, many Australian government officials opposed the agreement in the name of “opacity” and stigmatized it as a “Chinese propaganda strategy.”

In December 2020, the Australian Federal Parliament passed the new “Foreign Relations Act”, which gives the federal government the power to veto state governments and other levels of government and institutions to sign agreements with foreign countries. According to reports, this move to veto the “Belt and Road” agreement is the first time that the Australian Federal Government has used the veto power granted by this bill.

In response, the Chinese Embassy in Australia responded: We express our strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition to the Australian Foreign Minister’s announcement on April 21 to tear up the “Belt and Road” memorandum and framework agreement signed between China and the Victorian government of Australia.

The “Belt and Road” is an economic cooperation initiative that always adheres to the principle of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits, and advocates the spirit of openness, tolerance, and transparency, which has brought tangible benefits to all parties involved. The cooperation between China and Victoria, Australia under the framework of the “Belt and Road” is conducive to deepening bilateral economic and trade relations, promoting the economic development of Victoria, and enhancing the well-being of the Victorian people.

Australia’s move is yet another unreasonable provocation against China. It once again shows that Australia has no sincerity in improving China-Australia relations. It is bound to cause further damage to bilateral relations, and it is bound to shoot itself in the foot.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

How can Ho Te, the kangaroo country, dare to be the first bird repeatedly? Is it just because there is Uncle Sam standing behind? Look at two sets of data: iron ore. The vast majority of China’s iron ore demand relies on imports. The data in the “China’s Iron Ore Industry Investment Environment and Risk Analysis Report” written and released based on Global Impression shows that the supply of imported iron ore in China has increased in recent years. Concentrated in Australia and Brazil. In 2017, the imports from the two countries accounted for 83.5% of which only the import of ore from Australia accounted for up to 62.2%. The purchase price of iron ore was concentrated on the sellers and the exporters of the three giants to China’s iron ore The monopoly of China’s exports is not conducive to China’s future imports. The concentration of China’s iron ore imports is not conducive to the diversification of import risks, which threatens the main raw material supply of China’s iron and steel industry. Thermal coal, looking at China from January-September 2020 data The top five countries in terms of imported thermal coal are Indonesia (61%), Australia (23%), Russia (10%), the Philippines (3%), and Mongolia (2%) due to the unbalanced distribution of coal resources and consumption areas in China. Imported coal is favored by some users in the southeast coastal area with a relatively large price advantage. The above is where the kangaroo country is emboldened. In order to reduce the dependence of bulk commodities on a single country, our country has been working hard to decentralize imports to cooperate and unite Africa and South America. The brothers are breaking the monopoly of the bulk commodity seller’s market. They are also actively promoting the new energy revolution. From an economic point of view, new energy may not be more cost-effective than fossil energy, but this move can reduce the degree of external dependence on energy. The purpose is to protect energy security. If you get stuck in other countries, don’t talk to them about the spirit of contract. What contract spirit can a country established by reform-through laborers have. Can a gang of people burn and looting pirates everywhere can tell you fairness? What the upper echelons can do is to disperse the import of commodities on the one hand. Channels, on the other hand, actively promote technological changes and increase resource utilization. What individuals can do is to do their job well and change their lifestyles, and use the above “stones” to smash “re-education through labor” and “pirates” in the foot of a low-carbon green life.

6 months ago

In the eyes of Westerners, especially the Angs, treaties and agreements are meant to be torn apart. Tearing up the agreement itself is also part of the agreement. What they need to think about and decide is only the violent endorsement of the treaty and when to tear up the treaty will bring them the most benefit. The same way of thinking is that “the bottom line is used to touch.” When we set a bottom line, they will directly understand that they can touch the bottom line or hit the side ball. Therefore, I always think that compared with them, the Chinese are more likely to believe in treaties blindly. This blind faith, including when the international situation can no longer support the implementation of the treaty, still unilaterally abides by the “national credibility”. For example, until 1939, the government of the Republic of China was still paying indemnities to Japan. In modern times, China still gives people an image of “everyone is bragging and only you take it seriously” on the international stage. Westerners have an extremely profound understanding of agreements and treaties. When they find that an agreement that benefits them cannot be endorsed by their own violence, they will emphasize the spirit of the contract; and once they find that they cannot make a profit and their opponents can’t do anything about it, they will emphasize the spirit of the contract. Will tear up the agreement. The United States has always defaulted, but it will never lose its trust, because national strength is the only endorsement of credit. For example, the Paris Climate Agreement, it will increase if you want to increase, or you will retreat if you want to retreat, you can add it if you want to add it, and you can retreat if you want to retreat. You still have nothing to do with it. To put it harder to say, if Australia wants to go back in the future. As long as the next new government comes to power and criticizes the mistakes of the previous one, China still has to welcome it politely. Western countries, as long as they cannot guarantee continuity, basically cannot be personified; countries that can be personified are generally those with strong styles like China that can maintain continuity. Let it go.

6 months ago

Is this the spirit of the contract in the legend? Isn’t this hitting the known face naked? No, I was wrong. After all, the ancestors were all criminals, and then they were all pirates. It was my fault to think that they would have the spirit of contract. Australia thinks that if you follow the United States, you can eat and drink, but look at Japan, the front foot supports Japan’s nuclear waste water discharge, and the back foot prohibits food imports. A complete break with China, thinking that by submitting a certificate to the United States, you can get the benefits of the United States? foolish and naive. Let’s talk about the issue that everyone is most concerned about, is Australia’s withdrawal, will it have a big impact on China? I don’t think it is big. Let’s take an intuitive look at the strategic plan of the Belt and Road Initiative. The Belt and Road Initiative includes the Land Silk Road and the Maritime Silk Road. Australia is only one of the links of the Maritime Silk Road. The essence of the Silk Road is an economic agreement. In the economy, from top to bottom, it includes demand and supply, that is, market and production. Where is the largest market in this agreement? Obviously China and Europe. Where is the largest production base? China. Other countries along the route participate in it, and exchange information. In this process, countries use their respective comparative advantages to determine your position in this large economic consortium, so that each country can obtain better economic benefits than before joining. This is actually the basic of international trade. principle. For example, if you have rich natural resources, you can get a lot of export profits. If your market is relatively large but there is no excellent supply, such as Russia, where heavy industry is developed and natural resources are abundant, but the light industry for the national economy and the people’s livelihood is weak, then We can export heavy industrial products and natural resources in exchange for more textiles, electronic products, etc., so as to make the country’s economic development better. Then let’s talk about Australia in detail. Australia’s GDP in 2019 was US$1.396 trillion, and its per capita GDP was US$55,000. In 2020, it was 1.36 trillion U.S. dollars. As can be seen from the figure below, after the GDP reached its peak in 2013, it has been volatile for about 10 years. Two problems can be seen from the above data. First, in terms of total GDP, Australia is basically stable at around 1.3 trillion yuan, and it has been stagnant for many years. In the Belt and Road Initiative, China’s GDP in 2020 is 14.7 trillion, and the EU’s is 15.6 trillion in 2019. The sum of the two alone will exceed 30 trillion. The Australian market has not had that much impact on the Belt and Road. Second, Australia ranks 13th in the world and 12th in the world in terms of per capita GDP. From this point of view, you can think of Australia as a developed country. Then you may intuitively think that it should be a big market country in the international society, and at the same time its economic structure It should be based on high-end service industries or high-end manufacturing. But this is not the case. Australia is a developed country in terms of GDP per capita, but it is more like a developing country in terms of economic structure. Let’s take a look at the industrial characteristics of developed countries. Either there is a very developed financial industry, such as the United Kingdom, the London Stock Exchange, one of the four largest stock exchanges in the world (the other three are the New York Stock Exchange and the Tokyo Stock Exchange. , Nasdaq), is also the world’s top financial center. As the largest exchange in Europe, the London Stock Exchange undertakes more than two-thirds of the international stock business and is an ideal gateway for investors from all over the world to Europe. The London Metal Exchange, the world’s largest non-ferrous metal exchange, trades copper, aluminum, lead, zinc, nickel and aluminum alloys. The price and inventory of the exchange have an important impact on the production and sales of non-ferrous metals worldwide. This is certainly no stranger to small partners who do stock and futures trading. Either there is a very developed high-end manufacturing industry. For example, in Japan, in terms of the chip industry chain that everyone has been more concerned about in the past two years, everyone may absolutely not have a well-developed chip industry in Japan. This is a wrong perception. The chip industry chain includes design, foundry, raw materials, equipment, packaging and testing, and Japan has a very large say in raw materials. For example, more than half of the world’s semiconductor silicon material production capacity is concentrated in Japan, and the more high-end The more serious the product monopoly. High-end photoresist is basically monopolized by the United States and Japan, and electronic special gases, the United States, Germany, France, and Japan monopolize more than 90% of the global share. More than 90% of chemical mechanical polishing materials are monopolized by the United States, Japan, and South Korea. I won’t lift European chestnuts. Or both the high-end service industry and high-end manufacturing industry are very developed. The one that meets this requirement is the old American. The NYSE has great global influence. If the US stock market sneezes, the big A will get sick. There are also dollar hegemony, various Internet giants such as Facebook and Amazon, various high-end manufacturing industries, including the semiconductor industry chain mentioned above, as well as Apple and so on. But what’s in Australia? If I think about it, it really doesn’t. The only thing that impresses me is Australia’s exports of goods and low-end services such as tourism. You can compare it with the GPD trend above. The trend of exports of goods and services has risen against the trend. There is an important reason for the slight recovery of Australia’s overall GDP after 2016. What is the export of goods and services? Of course, all kinds of industrial raw materials exported to China, including coal, iron ore, etc., as well as tourism, education, etc. So, what role does Australia currently play in the Belt and Road Initiative? At most is the role of a resource supplier, a manufacturing center? nonexistent. Demand center? The volume is too small. So I don’t think it plays a very important role. Travel, will you have a big impact if you don’t go to Australia? Studying abroad, will it make a big difference if you do not go to Australia? If you don’t use Australian coal or eat Australian lobsters, there will be no coal. Can you eat without lobsters? Of course, for industrial raw materials, there is a question of grade, especially iron ore. Australia’s short-term substitutability is still relatively weak, but China has begun to explore new resource supply areas. Last year, Shandong Weiqiao Group and Yantai Port Group , Chinalco and other Chinese companies have invested heavily in Simandou iron ore in Africa, Guinea. The annual output of Simandou iron ore is expected to exceed 150 million tons after it is put into operation. If it goes into operation smoothly, it can be solved to a large extent. China’s dependence on Australia in the field of iron ore. Some friends also expressed that they are more worried that Australia will make a bad head and lead other countries to follow suit. There is such a possibility, but I don’t think it is big. One is that everyone has to dress and eat. This kind of mutual benefit is essentially good for everyone. From the bottom of our hearts, everyone hopes to accept it. Even if it is a notebook, the politics and China remain cold but the economy is hot. In fact, Australia was also before, but there are very few people as mindless as it is. The second is that there are few countries like Australia. They are determined to die with the United States. Isn’t it okay for both to take advantage of it? Look at Singapore. It was a jump before, but in the past few years, has it begun to become more neutral? ? Even many times we think it feels a bit friendly? The third is that for big countries, especially the European Union, they hope that they can have a place in a multi-polar world. How can they be willing to be a thorough horse? This is a big difference between them, Benzi and Tuao. the difference. Fourth, we must also consider the impact on our country and government. In a country like Australia that says to tear up the agreement, which country will dare to play with it casually in the future? Do you dare to invest? Fifth, Australia wants to be the first bird, then China will surely let him seek benevolence and benevolence, kill this chicken, and let other chickens and monkeys think about it. Therefore, like Australia, who are determined to follow the United States and are willing to be a dog, regardless of economic and political influence, leaving no way for themselves, and the extreme intelligence of government decision-makers, I think there are not many in the world. The best is the case after all. Simply put, there are bad people; there are stupid people; there are also people without bones, but they are stupid and bad and have no bones. In such a country, who do you think besides Australia?

6 months ago

Diplomatic language is flashback. Australia tore up the agreement should be trying to win some bargaining chips to resume the Sino-Australian dialogue. The problem is that the Belt and Road Initiative is mutually beneficial and win-win. If you like to sign, no one asks you, we will only regret deeply and be determined. Oppose this kind of behavior that violates the spirit of the contract. The Turkish and Australian foreign minister said in an exclusive interview with the Sydney Morning Herald that she had been trying to get in touch with Chinese officials for several months, but the Chinese side did not respond. Australia wanted to kneel and twisted. Now it has chosen to ask the Ministry of Commerce to answer the phone in this way. It can only be said that this is really a brainless hand down from the ancestors. The act of tearing up the agreement violated China’s legitimate rights and interests and is a clear signal of hostility. We must firmly oppose it, and it is possible that asymmetric and tough measures will be taken in the future. Australia really shot itself in the foot. Australia: Am I not the colonial governor of the Angsa governing Asia? Why is this? Did I take the wrong script? Of course, the foreign minister also said that the Biden government has already expressed support for Australia. How does Biden support it? According to media reports, the current Australian coal imports have completely returned to zero. At the same time, the gap left by Australian coal has been largely filled by the United States. Australia is charging desperately in order to follow the master’s values. He didn’t expect the master to grab dog food, and the clown was himself. United States: China dare not buy your coal, watch me make his money and give you a blow. Australia: Mighty, how are you going to make it back? U.S.: I am speechless for selling coal to politicians not based on national interests. New Zealand has persuaded Australia before and “do more diplomatic skills” when dealing with China. As a result, Australia was also provoked and forced New Zealand officials to finally apologize:” China-Australia relations are a matter for China and Australia, and I shouldn’t represent Australia.” This apology is kind of weird. New Zealand’s road is widened. New: “Don’t be stupid anymore…” Australia: “When was I smart? How dare you say it! There is no end to not apologizing!” In short, there is still a lot of room for decline in Sino-Australian relations. If we lose our red line, then kneeling is useless. Will the Australian Foreign Minister Payne explode into the sky? Please continue to suffer. How many floors does a bag of rice have to resist?

6 months ago

What is this picture of Tuao? Speaking of, I read some novels about traversing more than ten years ago. At that time, pig’s feet returned to Europe and the United States, and the leaders said that the Soviet Union was unreliable, and Europe and the United States only talked about contracts… and then a few years ago Some similar novels clearly write that pig’s feet are filmed in Europe and the United States. You must hire a good lawyer throughout the process, otherwise you will not get the money… But also, to be honest about the contract, where do you need so many lawyers? This is probably because the information is developed and the other is now going abroad. Most of them are rich people and can see the real upper class in Europe and America. Unlike before, children who have no money can only go to public when they go abroad. The same way that American happy education can cultivate talents… Of course, there are also some points in Europe and America. For example, companies are more formal. Of course, this is the fact that European and American workers have struggled in the past. We are still less of this step.

6 months ago

It is almost impossible for Australia to become a good partner of the Belt and Road Initiative, so there is no need to make a fuss. In other words, it is China that sees this layer, so it chooses Australia as a typical countermeasure. Now that Australia has been chosen as the model, the tearing up of Australia is also expected. Can not give up on this typical action. Analyzing who can play this kind of thing with the Belt and Road Initiative, we must think of this level: If the US-led order turns to a Chinese-led order, then which countries will benefit and which countries will suffer? First of all, assume that technology will not suddenly explode. The market is so big. The global industrial chain is still “one radish, one pit”. No matter how it is done, it is impossible to get 10 more pits. In a community with a shared future for mankind, the world is still like this. Since China has promised to bring Africa and Southeast Asia up, it has to squeeze out some countries, including who? First of all, the United States will be squeezed out of the center, with the greatest loss; followed by countries like Canada and Australia that have a good seat in the American order but are actually insufficiently capable, will be squeezed out first. I will not list it for the time being, because only the Australian issue will be discussed. (You can discuss positions in other countries, but I refuse to discuss the Indian issue. The Indian brain circuit is not something I can understand…) China’s demand for Australia is highly substitutable. If you have to investigate it, in fact, Australia can’t do much. No matter how bad the relationship is, no one in Australia wants to tear up the free trade agreement. They just habitually brush up their presence and have to be strong. In terms of actual damage, apart from the iron ore problem that year, it is far inferior to the damage done to China by the United States and the EU. But the United States is too strong, and the 51st state like Canada has no room to struggle. The European Union is the object of hope. Japan and South Korea are tied up too tightly. Isn’t Australia a perfect goal: decoupling and decoupling, who is afraid of whom? In the Sino-Australian trade, China still has a huge deficit, so it is better to say. (By the way, the trade volume between China and Australia is going up in 2020…) Not to mention the unimportant thing like red wine (I recommend Georgian red wine, which is of high quality and low price. My sister recommended it to me. It is definitely better than Australian red wine. Georgia is pro-American and anti-Russian but not anti-China. There is no political problem. But…I rarely want to add a product link but I can’t find how to add it). Since iron ore wants to bring the third world brothers up, and Australia has pitted China too badly back then, of course, we must try to give this piece of cake to others. In the long run, China’s coal demand will continue to decline, and the import of Australian coal is also due to cost and quality considerations. Although reducing imports has a considerable impact, it is still acceptable. Studying abroad, traveling, emigrating, etc…. Maybe it’s better not to deal with it. Isn’t it good to let the Chinese landlord who specialize in Chinese landlords lose their jobs? China-Australia relations will continue to deteriorate, but further deterioration will not tear up the free trade agreement. Starting from the miscalculation of the situation in Australia, when anti-China vanguards and China assessed that Australia was the most suitable typical target, this trend became irreversible. It will only end if one party surrenders one day.

6 months ago

The division between land power countries and sea power countries is becoming more and more obvious. As the initiator and starting point of the Belt and Road Initiative, the division of power formed by China and the Western sea power countries headed by the United States is unfolding before our eyes. Australia’s tearing up of the Belt and Road Agreement is an act of showing loyalty to the United States. After Australia’s coal exports to China were halted by China, the United States and other minions rushed in and took advantage of it. After Japan used its own efforts to poison Asia and the world, the United States took the lead and restricted Japan’s imports. The younger brothers are selling their lives, the eldest brother turns around and sells the younger brother, and the alliance of the sea power nations has officially entered the sadomasochistic mode. All for the older brother, the younger brother should show loyalty to self-harm. As China is the second largest market in the world, sea power nations must preserve the dignity of their eldest brother while harming their own interests, and must take over for the eldest brother. The eldest brother cannot make money, so he abandons the market and allows him to make money. It is so loyal and loyal to the U.S. military. Base and ideological work can be said to be the ultimate. Soon, the world’s largest consumer market will be in a state of choosing one of the two. If you choose the United States, don’t choose China. The new round of standing is becoming more and more obvious. China and the United States now depend on who can last long.

6 months ago

Not surprisingly, the current international world is a process of mutual games. No country is purely mindless to stand in line for the so-called ideology, after all, after the high-level “pros and cons” analysis, they will choose a plan that they think is reasonable. In the past, a state in Australia signed an agreement with us because that state found it profitable and in line with actual needs. But now the Australian government believes that only by following the United States, or even going too far than the United States, will it be possible to get more pie after “downfalling” China in the future. Therefore, this method of tearing up the agreement was made. At the same time, I remember watching also mentioned that the future strategy of the United States will definitely start with the Belt and Road Initiative and continue to create various problems and interfere with the development of this strategy. So now that Australia is leading the way, it might not be without a demonstration role to send a signal to other countries, regions, and forces that are willing to bet their interests on “the United States will certainly dominate the world.” Of course, we don’t have to make a fuss about one city and one pool. The game is always a dynamic process. I tore it up today, and it may not be re-signed tomorrow. No one can tell about this. Especially for a “democratic” government, a complete overthrow of the current strategy is nothing more than a change of government. Let the bullet fly for a while.

6 months ago

It is still the last step to clean up Australia, and whether this step can be successful, we still need to do a lot of work. Before this step is achieved, Australia has the confidence to continue to challenge us, at least they may think so. Yesterday, the Australian Foreign Minister announced in a statement that the “One Belt One Road” agreement signed between Australia’s Victorian State and China has been cancelled by the country’s federal government. Australia passed a “Foreign Relations Act” at the end of last year. According to this bill, the federal government can veto the signing of agreements between state governments and foreign countries. This is probably a bill tailored for this matter. As for the official announcement of invalidation, there may be two reasons. One is anger and anger. The Australian side has repeatedly requested dialogue with us, especially after the export of coal, wine, lobster, and timber was banned. The United States also changed After the president, Australia found that no one was supporting him at all, so it wanted to look back, but we ignored him at all. The second reason may be that the economic and trade data in the first quarter gave them a sigh of relief. In the first quarter of this year, Australia’s total exports to China increased by 20.7% to US$33.7 billion, a record high. Why is there such a situation? The main reason is that the export of iron ore offsets the amount of all prohibited commodities. Since last year, iron ore prices have been rising. Now the largest share of Australia’s exports has basically been concentrated on the single product of iron ore. Therefore, the last step to attack Australia is to draw wages from the bottom of Australia’s iron ore. The main thing is to start from the two aspects of supply and demand. Although the supply side has been developing the Simandou iron ore in West Africa for a long time, there are not many effective short-term solutions. The main thing is to find a solution in terms of demand. The most important thing on the demand side is to reduce domestic demand. Our current crude steel output is high, and there is still export, and there is a tax rebate policy for exports. Although this part of the volume is not very large, it also increases the demand for iron ore. Demand. Therefore, if we want to further clean up Australia economically, our domestic production of crude steel is reduced, exports are reduced, and crude steel imports are expanded. These aspects must be coordinated and unified action can be effective.

6 months ago

You say this is a coincidence, but I don’t believe it. If this kind of thing can happen, it means that our enemy is locking up our encirclement. They have begun to target us all the time. For China, now the hostile forces have begun to face us with the most indiscriminate tricks, and they still have no scruples about the other kind. After all, look at the four people killed in the bombing, the one who was not innocent people, but was able to involve innocent people in order to intimidate China, enough to see that the powerful and powerful of these countries have begun to be crazy to suppress China. All in all, whether it is tearing up the treaty or this kind of terrorist attack, it will not be a case for our country. In the future, they will use more shameless means to suppress our country. And what else we can do, do I need to say? That’s it, are there still people who have illusions about these countries? If there is, it is either the extreme of innocence, or the extreme of shamelessness.

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