On the evening of the 21st local time, a car bomb exploded in the parking lot of a luxury hotel in Quetta, the capital of Balochistan province in southwestern Pakistan, killing 4 people and injuring 12 others. According to the latest news from Reuters, the Guardian and other foreign media on the 22nd, Pakistan’s Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad said that the Chinese ambassador to Pakistan was staying in this hotel that day. But when the incident happened, he had already gone out to participate in activities.

Local police officer Nasr Malik said that the incident occurred in the parking lot of the Serena Hotel.

According to reports, the Minister of Interior of Pakistan stated that about four people from the Chinese delegation led by the Chinese ambassador were staying in this hotel. “This is a big explosion. The Chinese ambassador was also staying in this hotel, but he was not there at the time of the incident,” Interior Minister Ahmed told the local media ARY News. “When the explosion occurred, the ambassador was out for an event. Event.”

The Guardian stated that the minister told AFP that the incident was an “terrorist act”.

Reuters also stated that the Taliban claimed responsibility for the incident. A spokesperson for the organization claimed, “This was a suicide attack. Our suicide bomber used his car full of explosives in the hotel.”

The report mentioned that the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan has not yet responded to this.

Fortunately, the Chinese personnel are fine.
This is a premeditated, organized terrorist activity against Chinese diplomats! !
The explosion occurred in the parking lot of the best and safest luxury hotel in Quetta, the capital of Balochistan Province, Pakistan.
The Pakistani Taliban have declared responsibility for this matter. They planned this terrorist operation by means of car bombs. On the day of the incident, the Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Nongrong led a four-member delegation to visit the place, conduct business negotiations, and stayed at this hotel.
According to the arrangement, the delegation will leave Quetta after the meeting today, and the explosion happened today. Fortunately: At the time of the explosion, the delegation was out for negotiations. The explosion killed at least 4 people and injured 12 others. Balochistan Province, where Quetta City is located, is close to the borders of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran. It has a large number of mineral and oil and gas resources, but it is also one of the poorest and most dangerous areas in Pakistan. The Pakistani government has waged a struggle with the Taliban for more than 10 years here. In 2020, the United States and the Taliban will “reconcile”. With the connivance of the United States and the funding and training of India (Pakistan has clear evidence), the Taliban, which is entrenched in the border areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan, will make a comeback. In recent months, the group and other militant groups have intensified their attacks on Pakistani tribal areas near the border with Afghanistan. For a long time, terrorist organizations have hoped that through terrorism, Balochistan can be independent from Pakistan, and they have opposed China’s participation in any project that can develop the region’s economy. Under the control of terrorist organizations and separatist forces, there is still a lack of adequate hospitals, schools, housing, and even clean drinking water. Not only that, terrorist organizations have also colluded with Western media such as the BBC and Reuters, and in turn slandered China for “plundering Pakistan’s resources.” Terrorist organizations and separatist forces have carried out a series of sabotage activities in these years in an attempt to prevent China’s investment and construction in Pakistan. For example, in May 2017, they kidnapped and brutally killed two Chinese in Quetta. Since then, in order to be safe, Chinese citizens need additional security guards when they go out in Quetta, and additional security funds have been invested by dispatching units. Even so, today, if there is no necessary demand, Chinese personnel abroad are strictly prohibited from going out in Quetta. On June 29, 2020, four terrorists attacked the Chinese-invested Pakistan Stock Exchange building in order to obstruct China’s economic investment, killing at least three people. Two years ago, in order to obstruct the Chinese construction project of Gwadar Port in Pakistan, they attacked the supporting hotel project of the project. In January this year, terrorists kidnapped 11 coal miners in the town of Maher, 48 kilometers east of Quetta (this is the site of one of the nine special economic zones in the second phase of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor). The terrorists blindfolded the workers and brutally cut their throats and killed them. They have also continued to attack and attack other Chinese engineering projects here. The Pakistani Taliban continue to use terrorism to intimidate Chinese investors in an attempt to hinder the investment and construction of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor in this way. This is also part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. In the future, billions of dollars of investment from China will land here, so that the rich mineral resources here will be transformed into economic benefits for the benefit of local people. Balochistan is rich in natural gas, coal and copper resources, but for a long time, due to the control of the Taliban, these resources have not been effectively used and exploited and cannot be converted into economic benefits. The spread of the new crown epidemic has even led to Pakistan’s debt exceeding 100 billion U.S. dollars, and it is on the verge of economic collapse. The new crown virus has caused more than 20 million people to lose their jobs, and more than 1,000 departments and companies are on the verge of bankruptcy. Our investment has created thousands of job opportunities for Pakistan and saved Pakistan’s economy damaged by the epidemic. Tens of thousands of people have indirectly benefited from the project. This time, a four-member delegation led by the Nongrong Ambassador came to Quetta to prepare for an investment negotiation. Fortunately, it was precisely because the delegation was out to negotiate and escaped the car bomb full of explosives. Balochistan is bordered by Afghanistan in the north, Iran in the west, and the Arabian Sea in the south. It is the only way from East Asia to West Asia. It is also a potential trade channel for re-export trade between Central Asian countries and Afghan countries. It is also the Middle East and Central Asia. The geographical location of the potential energy channel to the Far East is very important. This is also the location of Gwadar Port, with unique geographical conditions. As China signed a 20-year strategic cooperation agreement with Iran some time ago, coupled with the steady progress of the construction of the One Belt One Road, China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and Gwadar Port. my country will further expand its investment here. Before becoming the Chinese ambassador to Pakistan, our Agricultural Finance Ambassador was responsible for the economic and trade work of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. He is an expert who has grown up in the field of economic and trade investment, and he has considerable experience in economic and trade investment. He is professional in economic and trade cooperation! Benefiting from the unique geographical location of Balochistan, during the construction of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, China will build various infrastructures here, including roads, railways and oil pipelines, and connect Pakistan’s third port. Dar Port/Iran and my country’s Xinjiang region. Without China’s investment and construction, almost all railways in Balochistan would have been constructed during the British colonization of Pakistan. The operation is inefficient, dilapidated, and dangerous. To quote a sentence in the New Year’s Day speech-“The road is not alone, the world is one family. After a year of wind and rain, we have more deeply understood the meaning of a community with a shared future for mankind than ever.” Our investment in Pakistan has benefited the local people. , Mutual benefit, mutual benefit and win-win. Any terrorism trick will be a man’s arm in front of the wheels of the general trend of history, and it will eventually be crushed to pieces. Wish all foreigners from the sea be safe! You are also our heroes!


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

You can’t blame the old beauty for everything, but in this place, the old beauty is indispensable. First look at a question, why is it Pakistan? What is Pakistan? Putting aside common interests, the relationship between “Batie” and China need not be said. Isn’t there news that China may be moving in Afghanistan (the news released by the United States)? Doesn’t China claim to have the best relationship with Pakistan? I can’t provoke you, but it’s disgusting and a warning is always okay. According to Reuters, the Taliban claimed responsibility for the incident. If the news is credible, think about why? If the news is unreliable, then you have to think about who it is and whether it is the blame? Is it a back pot? First of all, let’s take a look at Balochistan. What is this place? The province is bordered by Afghanistan in the north, Iran in the west, and the Arabian Sea in the south. It is the geography of Balochistan from East Asia to West Asia. The location and the only way for major cities is also a potential trade channel for re-export trade between Central Asian countries and Afghan countries, as well as a potential energy channel from the Middle East and Central Asia to the Far East. Geographical location is very important. First: Baluchistan is located in the border area with Iran and Afghanistan. It is the largest province in Pakistan, and its population is dominated by Baluchis. (The largest area, ethnic minorities, which province in our country reminds you of?) Yes, there are also a large number of “Balochistan” singles in Baluchistan. Therefore, long-term instability and instability will help all forces to fish in troubled water. In conjunction with the regular press conference of the US Department of Defense some time ago, there were reports that released news that after the United States withdrew from Afghanistan, China might send peacekeeping troops. Throughout these media reports, it is not groundless. Perhaps the Taliban had smelled something, but the intent of this threat warning is even more obvious. After all, whether it is the CIA or terrorists, if it is determined to target China, it may not be the number of casualties now. Second: The local natural gas reserves are very rich, coupled with the unique geographical location, it is destined to be an important energy export here. Third: This place is also the nuclear test site of the Pakistan Army. I won’t explain how important the nuclear test base is. Such an important place, if the United States and India are not mixed, I don’t believe it. Therefore, I boldly predict that this incident will be dominated by local pals and Taliban elements, and the United States and India have contributed to the incident. In a word: messing with Baloch is in the common interests of the United States, India, and “Ba Independence”. The evil imperialists and terrorist organizations have already acted on each other’s faces and have become crazy. Assassinations and instigation activities will become even more maddening in the future. Peace-loving and justice-upholding countries and people all over the world must increase their vigilance and strengthen prevention and protection.

7 months ago

Please refer to the description of the separatist forces in Peluchi, Pakistan in “The Will of the State”. Pakistan is a country with deep-rooted tribal forces. Central government orders are only feasible in a few more developed provinces and large cities. Most rural underdeveloped areas, especially mountainous areas, are in fact in a state of tribal (religious) autonomy, and various separatist forces are rampant. , It’s a little better than Afghanistan. Various terrorist attacks (bombings, kidnappings, murders) are commonplace in Pakistan. (By the way, the Pakistani central government is also in a mess. Several large families have private soldiers entrenched in the local area, and they use this as a backing to fight against each other. There is no way for the Pakistani military’s tri-service intelligence bureau to wind up a coup at every turn. In addition, Pro-U.S. and pro-China, secular and religious routes are still mixed and messed up.) Among them, the province of Beirut is the hardest-hit area of ​​Pakistan’s terrorist secession movement. During the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947, the Karat Tubang of Balochistan Province refused to join Pakistan and declared the establishment of an “Independent State of Balochistan”. A year later, it was suppressed by the Pakistani government by force. Later, the Baluchis launched armed riots several times, which were quelled by the Pakistani government. At present, the main force of terrorism in Bulge Road is the Baluchistan Liberation Army (BLA), and the backbone is the three tribal armed forces: Marri (Mali), Bugti (Bugti), Mangal (Mengger). In addition, Afghanistan The Taliban organization also has branches here. On the other hand, the geographical location of Bilbao is particularly advantageous and important. It is the gateway to the Arabian Sea for Pakistan and the One Belt One Road. The United States and India are deeply involved in it. India. Needless to say as Pakistan’s main geostrategic opponent. The United States is nominally an ally of Pakistan, but it is very dissatisfied with Pakistan’s approach to China. Although on July 2, 2019, the US State Department announced that the “Balochian Liberation Army” was classified as a terrorist Organization, but the relationship between the two has been ambiguous. It is suspected that the relationship between the Americans and the Afghan jihadists in those days. The Separation Forces of the Humble Road is also an important bargaining chip for the United States to control the political situation in Pakistan. Before the United States stationed in Afghanistan, it needed to rely on Pakistan’s logistics and transportation supply lines. As well as the support of the Pakistan’s three services in intelligence and tribal coordination, many things are still a rat. Now that Biden has completely withdrawn, Pakistan’s strategic position has fallen drastically, and the alliance relationship exists in name only. The United States immediately chanted “respect for sovereignty” and beware of China’s presence. The Central Asian power expanded, and then there was an explosion immediately. This is a coincidence! What a coincidence! Whether this explosion was aimed at the Chinese ambassador is hard to say, but Chinese-funded enterprises in Pakistan can be said to have suffered a lot. Important threats. According to information, the main terrorist attacks against China in recent years are as follows: On November 23, 2018, the “Baloch Liberation Army” attacked the Chinese Consulate in Pakistan. On May 11, 2019, it was located in Balochistan, southern Pakistan. The Pearl Intercontinental Hotel in Gwadar, a provincial port city, was attacked by armed men with guns. It is said that the Taliban branch of Bulge Road came out and claimed responsibility for the explosion. It is still unknown whether it is true or not. It remains to be seen. I don’t know what Chief of Staff Lin’s opinion has on this. ?

7 months ago

The following is only a personal analysis. 1. The Taliban and the United States are inextricably linked, and they are now reconciled with the United States. It is very likely that the gold master and instigators are the American emperor. 2. The US imperial goal is to destroy the construction of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and the One Belt One Road strategy. 3. The Taliban who launched the attack are not stupid, otherwise the organization will not survive the present. The bombing will definitely be bombed, but if the bombing kills offends China, the United States will not make a difference if it is not bombed. It can only be bombed when someone is away. 4. Our overseas personnel really need to pay attention to safety.

7 months ago

I personally believe that this terrorist attack has the following background: 1. The United States is preparing to withdraw from Afghanistan, and the Taliban and the United States have reached an agreement. The Taliban intends to regain power in Afghanistan, so they are dissatisfied with China’s recognition of supporting the current Afghan government. 2. Lao Mi propagates all over the world that China is preparing to send peacekeeping troops after Lao Mi withdraws. The Taliban’s move has a warning sign. 3. It is visually observed that after Laomi’s withdrawal, Afghanistan will face a new wave of wars and a wave of refugees will appear in the border areas. When the situation in Afghanistan deteriorates, it will become a new battlefield for the powers of the United States, China, Russia, Iran, India and other major powers to compete in the shadow war. The response method is nothing more than three sets of methods: 1. Non-interference policy. Implement contact strategies with the current government and the Taliban. No matter what the result is, we all support the victorious side. 2. Limited intervention policy. Completely blockade the land border between China and Afghanistan, and send peacekeeping troops out of the Wakhan Corridor in the name of the United Nations to establish refugee camps. Prevent terrorist forces from entering the country mixed with refugees. 3. Actively intervene in policies. Invite neighboring powers to form a joint peacekeeping force, including Iran, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and India. Support the current Afghan government and tribal armed forces. Our forces are concentrated on protecting the One Belt One Road project, as well as limited counter-terrorism and humanitarian assistance.

7 months ago

The wife is too old-fashioned, it’s not news anymore. The most fortunate thing is that the ambassador escaped a disaster outside. In the past sixty years, has cia done few similar things? Maybe someone said that it was not the Taliban who claimed responsibility? But if you want to use your toes, you know that it’s not cia, your Taliban are full, and are looking for trouble with China? Terrorist organizations are not mindless. Can you have any interest in doing this without the backing of the United States? In the next ten years, similar things will only increase year by year. Be prepared for the new Cold War period.

7 months ago

The White House spokesperson announced to the world that the United States would withdraw from Afghanistan. At the same time, the United States called on the world to respect the sovereignty of Afghanistan. The United States, which has invaded Afghanistan for 20 years, can hesitate to say respect for the sovereignty of Afghanistan. It has to be said that the superpower has an extraordinary psychological quality. As soon as the plan for the withdrawal of the Americans from Afghanistan was finalized, the Pakistani foreign minister went to Iran to meet with its core leadership. Iran expressed its hope to cooperate with Pakistan to maintain the continuous peaceful development of neighboring Afghanistan. The “Taliban” in Pakistan and the Taliban in Afghanistan have begun to beat their minds. Who on earth are the Iranians and Pakistan supporting to lead Afghanistan? In September 1996, the Taliban occupied Kabul. There were only three countries supporting Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. At this time, there were many Pakistanis in the Taliban organization. After the Afghan Taliban regime came to power, they continued to pursue extreme religious policies with the U.S.-identified terrorist organization Osama bin Laden and his gang. This coincided with the September 11 incident in the United States. The U.S. launched a war against Afghanistan for national security. The Taliban was overthrown and turned into a guerrilla. The scattered Taliban still received care and asylum from Pakistan. It was not until the United States became extremely upset that Pakistan, as an ally of the United States, abandoned the Taliban and began to write about the Taliban without coordinated actions. The deeper the love, the more the hatred. Pakistan has supported the Taliban since the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979, and coordinated with the United States to oppose the Taliban. The grievances and hatred in it cannot be simply attributed to love and hatred. During the two decades of dealings between the Afghan Taliban and the United States, Pakistan has been a stable rear for them to evade blows, and it is full of Pakistan’s helplessness. Now that the Americans are gone, the Taliban organization has stepped up time to seize the territory and transport the army to expand its sphere of influence. You must know that the Afghan government forces and the southern warlords have been eyeing the Taliban organization base areas. At this time, the Taliban suddenly remembered Peshawar, which belonged to Afghanistan in history and was captured by the British. Peshawar is the main route of transportation between Central and South Asia. If Peshawar is occupied, the Taliban will have strategic leadership. The Pakistani and Iranians are of course aware of the status quo in Afghanistan and the demands of the Taliban, but Pakistan believes that Peshawar left by the British cannot be handed over casually, so the Taliban is ruthless and unjust. For the hotel bombing in Pakistan, the Taliban claimed responsibility, so the U.S. military outside the Taliban in Afghanistan has not yet withdrawn to make such a move. This is to shock the tiger. Following the withdrawal of the U.S. military, the peace process in Afghanistan is full of uncertainties.

7 months ago

First, we will summarize the key information points as of noon on April 22 (continuous update): On the evening of the 21st local time, a car bomb exploded in a hotel parking lot in Quetta, the capital of Balochistan province in southwestern Pakistan, killing 4 people and 12 people. Injured; Quetta is the capital of Pakistan’s Balochistan province. According to reports, Serena Hotel often receives important guests. On the day of the incident, Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Nong Rong was staying in this hotel, but he had already gone out to participate in activities when the incident occurred. According to reports, there were no Chinese at the scene of the incident. According to the footage provided by local media, the Chinese ambassador was on his way back to the hotel, only a few minutes’ drive from the hotel when the explosion occurred. Reuters also stated that the Taliban claimed responsibility for the incident. A spokesperson for the organization claimed, “This is a suicide attack. Our suicide bomber used his car filled with explosives in a hotel.” It is understood that the Pakistani Taliban movement, established in 2007, is loyal to the “base”. “The organization uses suicide attacks as the main attack method and has repeatedly launched violent attacks against Pakistani military and civilians.

7 months ago

This kind of hotel will have secret passages to drive out. This shows that the attacker’s “informants” are still only obtaining information from the outer layer of the hotel. The hotel surveillance should not have penetrated, nor is it using ordinary drones. If the attacker has more effective information, other serious accidents may occur. Of course, relevant parties will also obtain valuable information to protect important people. The contest between the two sides is also a competition between spear and shield. The attacker may launch an attack at any time in a dark place. Important personnel in the open place must always be careful of their own safety.

7 months ago

1: According to reports, it was only a few minutes away. The ambassador was on his way back. Fortunately, our ambassador was safe. 2: The Taliban claimed responsibility for this incident. A spokesperson for the organization wrote in a text message to Reuters, “This is a suicide attack. Our suicide bomber used a car full of explosives in a hotel.” 3: It was clearly aimed at. Balochistan, Pakistan, China is very important to the Belt and Road Initiative, and the famous Gwadar Port is in Balochistan. Gwadar Port was built by China alone, and then Pakistan forcibly took back the 40-year management right of the port from Singapore and transferred it to China. Therefore, China has reduced its dependence on the Strait of Malacca, and the importance of Gwadar Port to China is self-evident. Pakistan’s transfer of 40-year port management rights to China will inevitably anger some vested interests. Balochistan has always been a headache area for Pakistan. The secession has never stopped, and the Taliban are involved behind it. After the U.S. troops withdrew, the Taliban’s life has been relatively easy, and now it is time to come out to grab benefits. Coupled with the story behind it, it is not difficult to understand the terrorist activities of the Chinese. It’s impossible to send soldiers over to fight, which is a bit of a headache.

7 months ago

Super dog, waiting for us to mobilize the western theater, CNN will falsely report a wave of positive forces XJ, how much force us to do it, let’s endure it again and again, we know our own strength, but what about those spectators? I only feel that the persimmons are ripe. This year I dare not make any big moves in the south, but when the west is done, it’s the Diaoyu Island’s turn in the east. Before the end of 22, this matter is unsolvable, wait for a divine pretense

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