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This involves two classic worldview settings of cyberpunk. One is that the cyberpunk world is in the later stage of capital accumulation. In the early stage of capital accumulation, the level of technology was low, and capitalists needed to hire 90% of the entire society to maintain their business empire. In the later stage, with the development of science and technology and the improvement of productivity, capitalists can dominate the world by hiring only 10% of the people. Therefore, there are not only outrageously cheap commodities, but also a large number of unemployed people. As we all know, in a capitalist society, the crime rate of the unemployed will inevitably soar. Another classic setting is the more advanced, more addictive, but more combative “super dream” type of virtual entertainment, or some “chemical bliss” you know, can make people addicted to it like drugs. Specific reference to the spiritual life of the Japanese dead house. Of course, these entertainments cost money. So we have this kind of crowd: they have no work, have 24 hours of free time a day, lead a poor subsidy life, are surrounded by overwhelming advertisements, and are addicted to all kinds of highly addictive entertainment. Entertainment krypton gold is a bottomless pit, but it is only one of countless bottomless pits in the capitalist world. So this group of people lives in filthy rental houses every day, thinking about whether to charge the next meal into the game or buy another milliliter of Happy Water. Mass consumption demand conflicts with meager living allowances. How can they make money? Therefore, the cyberpunk world is often flooded with criminals, and the police are also weak in law enforcement in order to save law enforcement costs, because they obey the orders of the capitalists rather than the government. As long as the bottom people don’t delay the capitalists’ business, it doesn’t matter whether they die or live. It just so happens that they need to buy a capitalist’s body for fighting. Supplement: Regarding the question that some people mentioned that these people cannot make capitalists profitable if they receive relief and spend money, suppose the social composition of the cyberpunk world is 1% bourgeoisie, 9% middle class, Twenty percent of the workers hit, 70% of the unemployed. What will the distribution of wealth in this world look like? Of course, it is the capitalists, middle class, and workers who have divided up 90% of society’s property, while 70% of the unemployed have only 10% of the property. In other words, the unemployed are at best a fraction of their spending power, and the capitalists really have to earn money from the rich. In addition, do you think the capitalists pay for the money to raise the poor? They are exploiting workers and property owners, using their money to feed the poor, lest the poor really can’t live anymore and rebel. The poor of this era are at best the npcs that create an atmosphere in the game, and they don’t even have the qualifications to be exploited by capitalists.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

When doing a side task, I saw a father and daughter arguing in a building. The father advised his daughter not to be sex puppets and to find a decent job. The daughter said, should she go to work in the factory? My mother was contaminated at work and died of illness, “I would rather give a stranger to death”, the male V walked over and she would say “Sorry to be closed today”. At that time, this little girl was really sorry and wanted to give her some money. , Unfortunately, the game does not have this mechanism. The other was encountered in the rich area when it was clear blue. The rich man’s bodyguard killed a tramp because he was picking up trash in the rich area, and then follow the clues to see him His residence and computer, everyone else in the computer persuaded him to go back, because there are too many people who go to the rich area to pick up rubbish and then disappear inexplicably…The rich in 2077 are so overbearing, they don’t pick up the rubbish, but in 2077, Most people in Night City do not have serious jobs… If you watch a TV show, there is a period of workers complaining to the company, saying that the factory forced them to replace their arms with robotic arms, but then the robotic arm had a problem and the factory directly laid off employees, causing people to be laid off. He was directly disabled, and the program team gave the worker a pair of prosthetic arms (they were later recovered after filming the show). Can this society survive? I’m afraid I don’t even feel alive.

7 months ago

Remember the start of the company employees? How much did it cost to work in a world-class company like Arasaka for many years and to mix up with a white-collar worker? I remember it was a little over 120,000, not as much money as you did ten commissions, which is enough to buy a Mackinaw. What about people who hang around on the street? Surely less? And it’s not a little bit less, right? Do you still remember how much bonus you give for the ncpd baseball bat task? Desperately singled out more than a dozen people, and the bonus was only about 1,000. Maybe the city center and the bad land are more. The enemy levels here are relatively high. But in the slum-like Watson Kabuki district, it only looks like less than 800 at a time. That ordinary street gangster, there is no such thing as ours, where to go to get these hundreds of euros, even if we fought with the food factory and the whirlpool at the beginning, we may not bother it at the end of the battle. At that time, Jack Don’t you still say “I almost confessed.” In fact, the people of Night City are not able to survive. There are beggars and homeless people, but many people still have food and shelter, but the conditions are not good. Besides, 128,000 Mackinacs. We have to think twice when we buy them. How many have you seen on the road? This is the mainstay of the Night City family. Let’s add a bit of content. Remember a baseball bat mission in Santo Domingo. There are a bunch of junk cars around. I think I can sneak if I can sneak, and kill the outer ones first. The innermost bastard held the d5 copperhead snake and pointed at several people who were kneeling on the ground. At that time, the gun was not fired, only the two NPCs next to him were talking, “You said they can’t eat so much, why don’t you give it to us, why do you want to throw it away.” The other replied, “Because they can’t see us.” I Thinking of what they were saying, only hearing the gunshots from the front, the guy with the gun started shooting at people. I didn’t see it right. I was holding Yinglong in my hand and didn’t dare to shoot rashly. I was afraid that the people would be wanted by accident. I put on a prelude and took away the NPCs next to me. Team, mentally ill!” Another time was in the Li Scenic Area, which was also a baseball bat mission. I happened to hear the gunshots, and immediately ran to see a few people squatting on the ground with Valentino’s help. I used to think that they were all ready to search for the loot, but saw an NPC not only not running away, but slowly coming towards me, I looked down, lying next to me was a girl who had just been killed, she With more than 100 euros, the guy who came over should be her husband or boyfriend. I watched him walk up to me neither humble nor humble, seemingly said a few thank you, and then squatted beside her with his head in his arms. Since then, anyone who saw skulls, baseball bats and the like ran over and took out the samurai sword to do it. What kind of hackers, what sneaks, what kind of target analysis, and peace is the most important thing, don’t even think about it! This is the street, how do ordinary people live? This is a gang, and there are all kinds of crimes? Is there a company squeeze? Is there still a flood of drugs? I usually don’t shoot randomly on the road, and I drive very carefully, so I rarely hit people. I was only wanted twice. The first time I was too close to the police and was deemed to have assaulted the police. The second time I was really careless. I missed the J-turn on Jackson Street when I drifted with a Canary gecko and hit two people…The company The middle and lower classes are also not having a good time. For example, there is a task, and Senator Cole has a big carnival. I wonder if you still have any impressions. It happened that I took a photo of this. I was doped at the company during the day and worked with tits at night. I couldn’t help it. Hope this photo will not be harmonized. Don’t report me if you have any questions, just change it if you have a private message.

7 months ago

People don’t just live by eating. One task is like this. A father picks up tatters. Since he had a daughter, he has been frugal and saved money for his daughter to go to college. Later, the daughter was hit and killed by a company executive, because the executive had insured, and the insurance company paid her a fine. The executive did not even enter the bureau, and the father did not receive a penny of compensation. The father, who had nothing left, took out the tuition he saved for his daughter and hired V… Can a night city like this be able to live with food and drink?

7 months ago

The city of Night City has low income, high consumption, and poor public security. The outgoing class is solidified. It is normal that you can’t survive. You also want to carry a bucket and run away for you. Now let’s play a role-playing role-playing game. Put yourself in and experience the civilian life in the Night City: you are an ordinary person, your father is a worker in the Night City, and your mom is a yakitori hawker. You haven’t been born for a few days. When you are full, the most you eat is the synthetic yakitori made by your mother. Although it tastes good, you always feel that eating it is like chewing on an eraser. When you were 8 years old, your father was slammed by terrorists for participating in a labor union to ask for a salary. The company symbolically accompanied your family with a little money, and then found a reason for “non-employee family members” to drive your family out of the dormitory. Then your mother rented a small house with the company’s compensation, while taking care of you while selling grilled chicken skewers. Fortunately, you are obedient, do nothing, and occasionally help your mother, it seems that there is nothing wrong with the day. Then what you see most is those gangs who collect “protection fees” and NCPD who collect environmental management fees. Every time these two plague gods come, 70% of your family’s income is taken away, and the rest After the money is split into the raw materials, there is not much left, so that if you want to eat a XXL blue burrito, it depends on your business. Fortunately, because your mother’s secret sauce is well received, take-out is never lacking, so the business at the barbecue stall is pretty good, so you can still eat a lot of snacks in your childhood. When you were 16 years old, your mother suddenly disappeared. The reason was that stray bullets from the gang street shootout unfortunately hit her. The mayor and NCPD gave you a symbolic comfort and turned your family’s car for a living into a hornet’s nest. Your barbecue truck will be repaired and returned to you. You glanced at the barbecue cart and thought of your kind and hardworking old mother, so you: 1. Take over your mom’s stall and continue to sell grilled chicken skewers; 2. Want to avenge your mom, so you join another gang; 3 .Want to join the NCPD for justice; 4. In order to take revenge, you choose to be a mercenary. The following is the ending: 1-1. You took over your mom’s stall, and worked diligently every day to go out early and return late. As your business was good, you could live a good life. Suddenly one day, the gang was fighting again near your barbecue stall. It’s… 1-2. You have spent most of your life mechanically, without encountering gang rushes, and your life is okay, until one day a passerby who came to buy yakitori suddenly wailed, his cyberpsychiatric prisoner Now…1-3. You have not encountered gang fights or cyber mental illness. You think you can finally live a peaceful life. Suddenly one day, a bunch of gang critics provoke the Terror Mobile Team. I happened to run past your stall…1-4. You haven’t encountered gang rushing in most of your life, nor have you encountered cyber mental illness, nor have you encountered the Terrorist Mobile Team, but…something The stunned green mercenary who just debuted has admitted the wrong person…2-1. You think taking over your mother’s class will not avenge her, so you join the gang, and within a few days the boss asks you to bring weapons and they are going to leave The gang opens, you go, and then the people are gone. 2-2. You’ve been in the bottom of the ground for many years, and you have come over. Gradually, you have a little reputation. Other gangs want to dig you, but you didn’t agree, because the enemy has not been found. Then one day, the boss of the hostile gang felt that you were a hidden danger and could not stay, so he issued a mission to the middleman. A few days later, a buddy who was covered in combat prostheses found you…2-3. You did not die from the gang fight , And no mercenaries came to you, but when you were chatting with your friends, you heard that the newly appointed mayor was going to take the gangs and use the “Policy” card to win votes. You smiled disdainfully, in your hand. He has a lot of fate, what can NCPD’s gangsters do? Before you finish smoking, a floating car parked on you and your brothers, and several strips wearing four-hole night vision goggles and heavy bullet-proof suits with purple light strips jumped out of the car… 3-1. You feel that there must be someone to do justice in Night City, so you practiced your physical fitness and fighting skills. Finally, when you were 18 years old, you were admitted to the police force and became a member of the NCPD. Then one day, your boss sent you to deal with a civil dispute. When you arrived at the place, you saw that the two gangs were fighting each other, and then a bullet missed and hit you in the head. 3-2. In the past few years, you used thunder means to suppress gang members in the night city and became famous. The flat-headed people worshiped you as an idol and regarded you as the incarnation of justice. Until one day, your boss sent you to resolve a “civil dispute”, you and your partner arrived at the place, waiting for you are dozens of gang members armed with various weapons. Yes, your boss collected black money and sold you to the gang. 3-3. You have become the patron saint of Night City. The mayor and councillors like you very much, so your boss and gang members dare not move you. Then one day, you were injured when you were out of the police and lost your fighting ability. , So the police platooned you for various reasons. After losing the police benefits, a lot of your money was spent on healing wounds and paying insurance. Eventually you became a cyber lunatic due to various complications, and finally you were slapped by a guy named V…4-1. In order to take revenge, you found a prosthetic doctor named Lao Wei. He was willing to give you a credit and let you change into a combat prosthetic. Then during a mission, because the opponent was too tough, you stopped fighting… 4-2. Your mercenary journey is smooth, and you gradually gain a little fame, and then one day, an unreliable employer gives you an unreliable task…4-3. You are very lucky, both the employer and the middleman Very reliable, Lao Wei is also willing to provide services for you. One day you lay at home and plan to surf the Internet, but you accidentally broke into a certain company’s intranet, and then was discovered…4-4. You didn’t encounter any problems with your mercenary road, and because of your superb hacking skills, you can molest the company on a daily basis. One day a person who called himself Arasaka’s security department sat in front of you and opened a lot of ordinary people to you. You can’t enjoy the treatment, provided that you must join Arasaka. You agreed, and you worked overtime throughout the year. One day and night, you became ill due to overwork and people disappeared… The above is the life of most of the residents of Night City. Why do you think the people can’t survive? In fact, the core of Cyberpunk Watch is not just the so-called “high-tech, low-life”, but high-tech has brought great convenience to people, so that people lose their enterprising spirit, become content with the status quo and timid. On the one hand, people hate the so-called big capital and large enterprises, and want to resist but have lost the means of resistance; on the other hand, they are afraid that change will make them lose everything, and they are eager for change but fearful. The development of the entire society has stagnated, the rich and the poor are extremely divided, and the bottom layer is tumbling on each other, and it is completely stagnant. It is inevitable for a person like V to become a cyber tragedy, because V’s behavior is bound to touch the interests of the superior. The superior will never allow the emergence of such breakers, and will definitely try to obstruct it in every possible way. , V looks a little weird like the exquisite people in the game.

7 months ago

Because the money system in the game is actually self-contradictory. Dark matter sex puppets are released once for 3000, voodoo boss Bridget offers a reward of 2000, and Maelstrom helps boss Brick to offer a reward of 5,000. Only the animal boss Savage King is slightly better, she is worth 15,000, barely enough to sell dark matter sex puppets. One week (and there are also weekends). In fact, don’t talk about them. Arasaka’s counterintelligence part special operations team leader Ebernathy, her life is only worth 40,000, not enough for a double jumper… Besides, everyone made a fortune in the city of night. , Don’t you rely on untitled 18 Blanchesi oil paintings? I tend to think that the numbers in the early stage are more in line with the psychology of the production team, because the early tasks are obviously better than the later ones. In other words, it takes only 40,000 to hire a killer to assassinate a middle-aged Arasaka boss who can drive champagne in a floating cart (Ebernassi is higher than Jenkins), and you are more than 2 euros in food prices… If you don’t look at money, night There is no public security in the city. Sanhe can lie down, repair cars, and work in a black factory. It’s not because of China’s security, you try to stay in the city of night? In minutes, he will be pulled to shoot Hei Chaomeng or cut his waist, or be taken by the company to experiment with new drugs. Hurry up and buy a ticket for Route 250 to run away.

7 months ago

The reason is simple. It is limited by gameplay… The currency unit in the game is the Euro. If you convert it according to the current exchange rate, you will find that the prices of the things in it are indistinguishable from the contemporary ones. So here comes the problem. Suppose you are doing manual labor and doing miscellaneous tasks in reality, earning a few thousand a month, saving money and spending two thousand a month, and you end up spending two thousand a month. In reality, the restaurant is full of guests and friends. In addition to brand-name clothing, the stall is T 30 shirts (5 euros), how do you feel about yourself? Because the water, electricity and heat are all confiscated in the game, but can you still be happy if you cut it off once in reality? Because in the game you can only have zero equity, not negative equity, but in reality negative equity is easy to achieve. (V is such a powerful character, but it is not that he owes rent, of course, no one will collect it in the end. It is not that he owes money to Lao Wei, because Lao Wei is really kind. You can sell you to shoot the black super dream…) Because you won’t get sick in the game, and you won’t be burdened with expensive medical debts, but in reality you will catch a cold in the United States. Because you don’t have to read in the game, you won’t have that large amount of education expenditure, but in reality, you can go to a university in the United States. Because in the game you are an extraordinary mercenary from the beginning. The initial points are 22 points (I know it doesn’t seem to be many), but many people may start with 15 points or less (you have 3 points for each item, Perhaps it is already the standard value or even the extreme value of many people), so making some money is really taking your life to earn it. You make a single order of a few hundred yuan, which is only enough for a few months of living expenses. In the end, a meal is 10 euros for food and drink, and 30 euros for three meals a day. It costs more than RMB 200 a day to live in the five internal organs temple. Do you think this day is good? Clothes are cheap, but how many of them can be worn in the hotel? In reality, a T-shirt is only a few dozen yuan, and a coat is a cheap one hundred and ten euros, which is equivalent to a few euros or a dozen euros. It is reasonable, but would you wear this stuff to the interview? So, even if you don’t consider the safety issue (what these big guys are quite clear about), you still have a bad life… Consider the safety issue, don’t go far, let’s take a look at the place where V lives. Super skyscraper. Imagine that you rented a few thousand yuan a month in the tube building, you can see everywhere in the corridor such as takeaway boxes, used syringes, used TT, foraging Xiaoqiang and rodents, strange Blood stains and so on. The industry in the building is rich in ecology, including small powder lamp shampoo rooms, mysterious secret drug sellers, second-hand pisto salesmen, muscle brothers and expensive thugs, enthusiastic lenders, small food workshops with strange ingredients, and neurotic doctors. Everything is available (no one is legal), but there is no property. Every three to five, you can see a few sick gangsters with colored hairs ringed on their faces and more medicine on their faces, banging your next door to collect collections, and occasionally I can see the police uncle pulling the isolation zone in the corridor and moving them. A strange black package that came by one person left. I can hear all kinds of strange noises from behind the poorly soundproofed wall during the night. Is this house comfortable? You said to rent another place? Don’t make trouble, places at the same price are like birds, you can’t afford to rent better places…you dare to say that you are doing well?

7 months ago

laxative. How does the system know that I played 2077? Not being able to live is not starving to death, but being beaten to death. The mainstream consumption of cyberpunk is not clothing, food, shelter, but body. Without a prosthetic body, it is like facing a long gun and a short gun unarmed, and there is no doubt that you will die. In addition, the wealthy and company dogs also have trauma team members and Arasaka guardian souls. It almost means that the poor at the bottom are the same class as pigs and dogs. Company dogs and wealthy people are like half immortals. Do you need a reason when you say that half fairy kills pigs? The one who can survive is either a company dog or a gang boy, or at least a stray. The plot is very well done, and the starting identity shows that you can’t survive except for these backgrounds. There seems to be a story in the branch line. A street girl enters the company. Her hairpin feels that she has betrayed everyone, but her father is proud of her. When V went to talk, the other party disappeared as soon as his muscles were on, which was thought-provoking. The game of 2077, because it is incomplete, missed the opportunity to become a masterpiece based on the plot. What a pity.

7 months ago

The price in 2077 is a reward system designed for the game, not the real “price”. When you suddenly kill a bunch of people with a gun, the NCPD awards you 1,500 euros, and you can’t buy a wheel for a good car. I repeat After killing hundreds of people, I bought a car. This job is going to be put in the real world. What are you doing? I have the ability to kill hundreds of people in one night, so why not rebel? Come, let’s put aside the game and price, imagine that there is really such a world’s earliest, your great-grandfather entered the first company of human society with only the flesh given by his parents, sitting on the production line, and using labor to obtain daily income. After the remuneration, your grandfather’s parents not only need to raise him, but also send him to school. He is also upbeat. After graduation, he enters the company and later, in your father’s generation, your grandfather not only needs to raise him, but also send him to school. The school helped him enroll in various extracurricular classes. He still worked hard. He finally joined the company and came to your generation. Not only did your parents need to support you, they would also send you to school, enroll you in various classes, and help. You buy a prosthetic body, and you don’t know if you can join the company. You had poor academic performance when you were young, because your parents didn’t work hard to upgrade when they were young. The prosthetic body bought for him is translated in 20 languages, and your prosthetic body can only understand the dialect of the county next door. When you grow up as a mercenary, your performance is not good because you don’t have the money to buy the prosthetic eye with the NCPD database cracking. When others go to cut the target of 10,000 euros, you chase the goal of 50 euros all day long. So you desperately fight monsters to upgrade to buy a prosthetic body, and buy a prosthetic body to fight monsters to upgrade. Now there is a word—–education inflation, which probably refers to such a phenomenon that at the earliest you go to the restaurant to wash the dishes and do not look at your academic qualifications. It is good that you are an individual, and then you want to be a junior high school student, then a high school, and then a college student. In fact, obtaining job opportunities in modern society requires early input from laborers. If a society requires higher and higher labor requirements, but cannot allow the employers to bear the early costs in some way, it is actually exploiting laborers in disguise. There is a cost of money, as well as time and energy. What’s this called? This is called a company dog. You must first bring your own dog food. Above, I just cite an example of a field. There are other fields. That’s all right now. In 2077, who do you not rebel?

7 months ago

Questions: What is the electricity price of the public when there is a shortage of electricity in Texas? When you start to wonder why an unreasonable world in the painting is unreasonable, you start to cut the umbilical cord of Uropoulos, and this must be a painful process. In the social model of “1984” that requires the energy of perpetual motion machines, the music of dumping the pot is obviously more efficient than building a society of lunatics. Then why does “1984” exist for ethics? “If you don’t have to spend money on the family, you will either die of starvation, or die in the trenches, or die.” “The road to hell is paved by good wishes.” “The least bad system.” This is ethics. And cyberpunk only dared to write about despair, but rarely wrote about salvation, praising the cause of the glory of humanity? The self-impaired citizens, desperately trying to believe that they cannot live the life under propaganda, need to find something to hide, and this in itself has become a part of the entertainment industry, making them indulged in persecuted delusions “Sybonite” “, isn’t this very cyberpunk?

7 months ago

These bottom layers are not starving to death. Let’s summarize what you have to die as a bottom class citizen in 2077: You were robbed by various gangs and gang fired. You happened to be assassinated by the gang, and the target happened to be hiding next to your tent. The company is on fire, and you happened to be passing by (somewhat deserves it, the company is still picking a place for this kind of thing) company assassination, and the target happens to be hiding next to your tent. (This is not a collateral injury, the company’s order is to leave no witnesses.) Wandering around was blown up by the fort in the hacker’s hideout. Go to the rich area to pick up the tatters, and died under the viaduct a few days later. Picking up the tatters and found things from the company, he died under the viaduct a few days later. Wanted to join the gang, took the wrong medicine and caused cyber psychosis, and was sanctioned by a mercenary. Inexplicably abducted by the vortex gang, excessive transformation caused cyber psychosis and was sanctioned by a mercenary. Mai Hei Chaomeng was kidnapped by a Russian gang and died in a bathtub. Wanderers who accidentally run and are kidnapped by random knives will die in a certain freezer. In addition to the security incidents in the above games, there are more than 100 unidentified unidentified corpses in Night City. None of them were starved to death. On the contrary, there are a lot of food in the garbage dump and a lot of sealed food in the abandoned supermarket. , The civilians who died in the game are basically poor in physique, poor in weapons, and unable to resist or even escape in emergencies. I went to the clothing store and wanted to avoid being killed by 3 shots in the North District. Regardless of weapons, the clothes and tortoise shells cost about 10,000, or a legendary subcutaneous armor of 20,000. Where can you save this money if you live for 30 euros a day? In addition, I considered the situation that the whole city’s beverage machines were sold out and you died of thirst, but after thinking about it carefully, you can at least eat glutinous rice to replenish water. Ramen restaurants also have soup, and no one wants them all over the city. Your coffee machine can be used to boil hot water with your own hands, so you won’t die of thirst. Of course, in fact, there is a very common cause of death. A mercenary lost control and knocked you to death when driving a turn. There is nothing to do. Even if you are a violent terrorist mobile team full of legendary bodies, you will die. This is the rule of this world.

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