According to a report from the World Wide Web, on April 19, the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games Organizing Committee announced that the “food plan for everyone” menu for the athlete’s village restaurant has been finalized, which will include Fukushima Prefecture and others affected by the Japanese nuclear leak. Regional ingredients and local specialties. On the 19th, the Japanese government announced that the black raccoon in the waters of Fukushima Prefecture was banned from listing due to the detection of radioactive substances in the samples. South Korea is considering bringing its own ingredients to participate in the Tokyo Olympics.

First, make a mascot, and then put Fukushima ingredients on the Olympic table. After participating in the Olympics, you can directly participate in the Paralympics? This is a “Hongmen Banquet”. It’s not rude to eat tritium dishes, it’s shameless to the point of madness! The result is that all countries are afraid to move forward. Japan has won all the gold medals and set a historical record! In a black raccoon caught in the waters of Fukushima Prefecture last week, 270 becquerels of radioactive cesium per kilogram were detected, which exceeded the standard value stipulated by Japan’s Food Sanitation Law. According to reports, the black scorpionfish was caught on April 1 at a depth of 37 meters, 13 kilometers away from Minamisoma City, Fukushima Prefecture. Look at the appearance of this fish, tusk, who dares to eat it? What is the difference between this action in Japan and deliberate homicide? This is poisoning to entertain guests! Post a song to describe Japan: “Fooshie” and “Kana Tritium Surfing”: Before I speak, I will kick your mascot. The harmless expressions of humans and animals cannot stop the anger of the people, so I named The surname is Tokyo Electric Power, and I have taken off your hypocritical mask. I guess the radiation has hurt you. Otherwise, the United States will support you because your brain has mutated because you have long thought of pacifying the people. After all, the president who stepped down is called Tritium. Drink, then take a drink to Suga Yoshihide, you dare not drink, because you are treacherous, unrighteous, hypocritical!


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

This operation in Japan is confusing and angry! The polite Japanese mask of hypocrisy is torn down ruthlessly! In the beginning, the Japanese said that the nuclear-contaminated wastewater can be drunk after treatment. As early as 2013, Canadian CTVNEWS reported that after the Fukushima nuclear leak, at least 800 people around the world suffered from cancer because of eating fish caught in the seas of Japan, and half of them were fatal. The Deputy Prime Minister of Japan said that it is okay to drink nuclear waste water. It is reported that the Prime Minister did not drink the diluted nuclear waste water after asking what standard the nuclear waste water would meet after being treated. Moreover, it will go its own way: the Japanese government has decided to discharge the nuclear waste water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant into the sea! Said that this is a Sao operation in Japan, where is Sao? The general idea is that in order to prove that the nuclear waste water is harmless, the proponents consume it first and then prove to everyone that it is harmless. Japan’s thinking is that in order to prove that nuclear waste water is harmless, let’s try it! Just when everyone was still accusing me of righteous indignation, I first discharged into the sea, and I let you eat first! There is another news, please note: In order to show his support for Fukushima, the hardest-hit area, 63-year-old Otsuka has tried many Fukushima vegetables on TV programs that are suspected of being contaminated by nuclear radiation, such as asparagus, tomatoes, and shiitake mushrooms. Waiting for cooking. … After the news of Otsuka’s cancer came out, it attracted the attention of the media and questioned that it might be related to eating contaminated food.

7 months ago

It is recommended to customize a Fukushima food menu for the American team players. I think this kind of high-end and high-grade special treatment can only be matched by the American team players. Anyway, the People’s State also supports Japan’s operation of discharging nuclear sewage. It must be that the People’s State has already brainwashed the people, and the people below have also allowed it by default. Nuclear radiation tamagoyaki, nuclear radiation tempura, nuclear radiation oden, nuclear radiation seafood sashimi, nuclear radiation seafood sushi, nuclear radiation Japanese A5 wagyu (Doesn’t the old beauty love steak? Please ask them to eat more when they come. ) Nuclear radiation takoyaki………and so on Japanese traditional cuisine, to increase the exchange of food culture between Japan and the United States. Are you okay with my proposal?

7 months ago

Among the attacking giants, one of Marais’s conventional tactics: sell the beverages/drinks mixed with the beast giant spinal fluid as high-quality products to the Eldia to drink. If you want to fight, you can scream in the enemy population. The dense area summons giants, and the consumables may have to be exported from the enemy country. I thought this was a whimsical idea developed by jsc based on the giant’s characteristics, which has no use value. I didn’t expect the Japanese government to learn and use it. Packing well-known poisons as high-quality products as they can’t afford to eat is like a bunker. Considering that the athletes are the best-in-class fierce sisters, they are excellent experimental materials and the establishment of 731. It is not impossible to entrain some private goods. Physical examinations are arranged on the grounds of athletes’ health. If there is a problem, you can also throw the pot away. The ingredients are really good means. The first second of the exposure of this tactic was the highest light plot. The father of the potato girl forgave the killing of the female enemy. Now two of my favorite highlight plots have been destroyed. Dongyang people really have you.

7 months ago

Not surprisingly, there will be a group of “intellectuals” who will use their own set of scientific research data that they don’t know where they come from, showing that Fukushima’s ingredients are safe enough to be edible and meet xx standards. Not surprisingly, these people will be sprayed into shit. In fact, just how harmful the ingredients of Fukushima are, is not the focus of this matter at all, okay? The point is that Japan endorsed such a Fukushima ingredient, which is generally considered to be less safe than conventional ingredients, in the name of the Olympics. This incident itself is ridiculous. The previous hand just put the black scorpionfish in the seas of Fukushima Prefecture on the blacklist, and then brought the Fukushima ingredients to the Olympic athletes all over the world to eat. What is the double standard, comrades? Japan’s purpose is also very simple. Later, international forces will accuse you of the problem with Fukushima’s seafood, and directly respond with the sentence “This is what Olympic athletes all over the world have eaten. Why do you say that there is a problem?” This matter cannot be isolated. Look at. The United States previously stated that it supports Japan’s decision to enter the sea from Fukushima’s sewage, claiming that it complies with globally recognized nuclear safety standards. Even the spokesperson of the US State Department used the word “appreciation” to comment on Japan’s nuclear sewage discharge. Ok, no problem. Then, in the United States, would you let athletes from your own country eat these Fukushima ingredients? That’s why we understand that the original double standard is passed down in the same vein. I don’t care what Japan does, as long as we also bring our own ingredients.

7 months ago

It’s not surprising, it’s not surprising to do anything. I don’t know which forehead made this decision. Other countries hold the Olympic Games to show their best side, for fear that a little mistake will affect the international image. He’s not good, it’s straightforward. It hasn’t been a few days since the nuclear sewage incident, and now he has directly put Fukushima food on the Olympic table. He is really a talent. Is this to fill the hatred? Even if you are eager to restore Fukushima’s economy, you can’t do that if you want to restore Fukushima’s image! This is a joke about the health of athletes and spectators all over the world! Are you really deceiving yourself and others here? What do you say? The equipment for detecting radiation is not unique to your family. Don’t steal the chicken, eat the rice. When there are really no athletes participating, it will be a joke when there is no audience watching, so let’s play by yourself. This time I’m quite next door, I have to say, the next door has always been more enthusiastic about this kind of thing. When the world’s participating athletes all bring their own ingredients, what should I do if they do? This is not to say that hospitality is rude, it is simply murder.

7 months ago

As expected, the routine operation of the Japanese depends on my answer last year. For a long time, I have been unpredictable for Japan’s lower limit. After all, these bastards can send Fukushima tomatoes on a major occasion. I don’t know how to open it. At this point, I have to mention Smecta. In 2019, the Smecta Culture and Sports Department confirmed that South Korea will participate in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, but expressed that it is extremely worried about the safety of Fukushima food. During the Olympics, the South Korean delegation will only consume food made from imported ingredients from the country. This time at the Olympics, care about food. If you really don’t, just do the same thing as South Korea! Back then, the Seoul Olympics, the 02 World Cup, the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics…what scenes, what kind of extraterrestrial tricks I have never seen before? As for Japan, the three-legged cat ranks in trouble with big things and small things. I really use my feet in Korea, and you can level your high ground with your eyes closed.

7 months ago

Come to the brain, the Japanese have no lower limit, are they not fools? Don’t know what others think? Most of the Japanese people now hope that the Olympics will be suspended; the new crown epidemic has not been eradicated, and the expected economic prosperity of the Olympics will be greatly reduced; Enough for the relevant person in charge to step down. Maybe the book has done some calculations internally, and feels that it is at a loss if it is done, so if it is done as scheduled, it is impossible for all countries to bring their own food. There will always be some third world countries that do not have the ability. Fukushima agricultural products can be re-sold “just as they say”. Even if it is boycotted by most countries in the world and cannot be done, it can be said that it has to be cancelled “because of overseas boycott”. It’s better than changing your mouth and slapping your face. Say “regret” and it’s over. From the standpoint of this book, this can be a bit of “profit”, which is better than total loss. If we continue to reason in this situation, maybe the closer we get to the Olympics, the more I will do in the book.

7 months ago

Japan has really become more and more incomprehensible. The ups and downs are all incomprehensible. The upper echelons of this country only know that they are willing to be downcast to the United States all day, and then they turn around and all day fantasize that they are still the best in Asia. Then use the fate of ordinary middle- and lower-class people to bet on their own political future. Hopeless already.

7 months ago

Japan’s doing this is nothing more than a public relations act to rectify Fukushima’s agricultural products and Japanese food, and to use the Olympic heat to advertise for Fukushima’s agricultural products in an attempt to restore the normalization of the sales of Fukushima’s agricultural products. With the endorsement of the Olympic Games and the athletes, they can export Fukushima agricultural products and other Japanese foods in a fair manner. Whoever dared to question them, he moved out of the Olympics, saying that the athletes would be fine after eating, and you are prejudiced. The problem is that Japan is famous for lying and making fakes. Who dares to believe what they say, who dares to eat their food, has nuclear contaminated waste water to drink, and then Fukushima ingredients are put on the table. Sometimes I really want to open the heads of Japanese people to see what’s in them! Who can see that Japan is seriously ill! It hasn’t been a decade since cerebral thrombosis could not say such a thing! Is it a temptation or a real brain injury? If it is a temptation, this kind of weird remarks are simply untenable, whether these ingredients can be eaten and put aside. Even if you can eat it, give it to athletes participating in the Olympics! The whole world won’t agree, right? If xx, just now when I didn’t

7 months ago

It is a marketing method to use Olympic catering to bring food materials from the Fukushima nuclear power plant contaminated area to the market on a large scale, but it may not be successful. The food in this area obviously needs time to verify its safety. For example, a kind of food fish radiation in the Fukushima waters has just been discovered. Excessive substances are prohibited from entering the market, indicating that it is not 100% sure whether it is safe or not. Athletes from various countries eating such nuclear-contaminated food may not have disease at the time. Therefore, cancer or other diseases are irresponsible in future life. The Japanese Olympic Organizing Committee should be the opposite. Efforts to direction is to avoid Fukushima food and enter the Olympic catering menu to reflect the host spirit of the person in charge. If it does so, will South Korea want to bring food to participate in the Tokyo Olympics? Don’t trouble the participating athletes should be the motto of the Tokyo Olympics, because the epidemic also needs to be carefully prevented and controlled. If you participate in the Tokyo Olympics, you should be infected with new crown pneumonia and die.

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