Bo’s result came out: unblocked on July 1. Although I am a fan of FPX, I still feel that the punishment is too low. If it is really for the long-term development of the league, it really has to be in accordance with the rules of death. Four months is too light. Take a look at the news of Hupu E-sports: The main body of the formulation and implementation of the rules is human. As long as it is human, there will be room for manipulation. Even the law will be distorted for various reasons, let alone soft rules? The above words are too classic. “Actively cooperate”, “proactively explain”, “the amount is small and the plot is lighter”. Indeed, these contents will become an important basis for commutation from a legal point of view, but the problem is: this is BOCAI. This is something that will destroy the foundation of the alliance. Is this the punishment? The most important milestone of Bo’s event is that it has done substantive work for the Alliance to really dig out the deep roots (although it may not be able to move certain things). LPL is essentially a business alliance. No matter how many touching deeds these young players have created for us, the entire alliance will disappear if they are separated from some behemoths behind them. In addition, the current LPL resources are highly concentrated (it is not too much to say that it is a monopoly), but people It is always necessary to have a good meal, and naturally there will be something that can’t be seen in the sky. The result of Bo’s handling of the whole matter must have been negotiated by multiple parties before deciding on a lighter sentence, which shows that the incident still does not want to be further magnified. Hey… capital. Capitalism came to the world and every pore was dripping with blood and dirty things from head to toe—Marx was only in this era, and he changed his model. My requirements are actually not high. There will be shadows where there is light. Any event with traffic will inevitably lead to the birth of those things. This is an inevitable fact, but I only hope that this thing is controlled within a range. It’s not like every time I watch a game, the barrage is all over the “Strict Investigation!” Any operation of these players is completely changed in our eyes. People want to eat properly, clubs want to make money, I understand this, but I hope that the root of the game is still there, that is the competitive spirit of the players to pursue their dreams and to achieve better results. This is sports. The root of the foundation. I don’t want to look back in the future to see these things that once made my blood boil, all have changed.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

Leyan’s ranking is suspended for three months with a bug, Bo’s match is four months off, and it’s a natural month. The off-season is considered to be a lighter penalty than Leyan. Condi shed tears when he saw it. Is a bug in qualifying more serious than a fake match? There are bans for Kouhei, bans for players who swear in rankings, and bans for actors for life. When it comes to the fake match, it will be four months? The team behind the LPL is bad, there is nothing to watch in the game, you don’t care about the LPL, you have to sell tickets. Actors on the top of the canyon are rampant. Professional players all go to Hanbok for training. Actors can double row and you don’t care. There are too many anchors. In the early years of LDL live broadcast barrage all used fake matches, fake ones are outrageous, you just care if someone blew up. Cancel the promotion, LPL becomes stagnant, strong teams can only buy Korean aid, you don’t care about it. Looking at the DWG team introduction, it is the LCK who entered the LCK through grassroots Internet cafe players and the team relegated, and finally won the S championship. If the LCK is not relegated, now the GEN champion, does he have such a strong competitiveness in the S game? Why is LPL still the world of old teams? Why does everyone feel like they have changed? Because the newcomers can’t get in, the grassroots cannot afford tickets. This official is really overwhelming. Whoever wants to be punished will be punished, and whoever wants to be spared will be spared. According to this logic, I will make a fake match in LDL first, and then earn him millions. If he is attracted by a big club, I will immediately turn back, give the fake match out, apply for leniency, go to the mountains and play for four months, and take a vacation. , Come back and continue to play the game. If the LPL wants to be that dictator, please treat everyone fairly, and change the ten-month ban to four months in a spring and autumn style. Or the natural month approach makes people suspect that someone is secretly trying. Selling tickets, building a home stadium, canceling relegation, you make money, the audience is hard to say, but in order to make money, to protect the interests of a few people, to engage in dictatorship and ignore the fairness of the league. LPL ignores the future, ruins the promotion channel for newcomers and indulges. For those who play fake matches, this is tantamount to drinking poison to quench their thirst, and such LPL will be over sooner or later.

5 months ago

All aspects are good for bookmakers from all walks of life. Go, the era of the big game holiday has arrived! This step is taken step by step by lpl itself. The popularity of lol may be declining, and lpl may need more and more capital inflows. He needs to lower various entry barriers-whether it is for the team or the players, these are factors that may affect the conclusion. However, the punishment for bo is determined by lpl itself. If it is to encourage players participating in the fake match to voluntarily surrender through lighter penalties, it is to put hope on the morality of the players who ate gambling. The gate of this fake match was opened by the official. No one or anything is persecuting them. At least this method is feasible now-through the players to tie the players, then through the players to tie the team, and finally tie the league. The next step is the recruitment of bo-after four months of suspension, will he have a chance to join which team? Now there is only one bo, and each team will wait and see. When there are more players in the fake match, everyone may just follow it.

5 months ago

“That year it was revealed that ESY played against LGDY and the final score was 19-4. At that time, I saw Bo Sui sitting in a chair crying, this scene I will never forget. At that moment, I was thinking, if I can become a professional player, I Must bet everything. Now spinach is in front of me, I have to consider whether this is the only opportunity in my life. I believe that spinach can have the supremacy in the past, bo is indispensable. It is incumbent for me to recast the glory of spinach. “S13 League of Legends Professional Players Registration Manual, Chapter One, Paragraph 1” I only think Grandpa Kang was too wronged, Grandpa Kang was the three big wild kings of lpl, son of dragon, 2017 lpl spring championship jungler, 2017 One of the champion junglers of the Intercontinental Tournament, the main jungler of the s7 expedition team, he bought a bet and won by himself. No fake matches were played, and the money did not fall. He reported that the team was gambling and reported that others attempted to fight a fake match. He was sentenced. Suspended for 18 months, he sealed his career. No matter how bad we are, we got stuck in a bug. We still use it when we play rank, and tm will affect the game experience of very few people. We are suspended to the third bo3 in the spring competition and pay the club. And this bo? I played single-digit lpl, I participated in a fake match, and was beaten by a stone hammer. I kept hiding and surrendered to the club until I was threatened. The money was already in the bag and caused a complete suspension of ldl for rectification. Actually it was only sentenced to a four-month ban, or from the beginning of the investigation period. Dear people of Goose City, do you think this is fair? Good attitude is one aspect, but there is zero tolerance for tm counterfeiting and eating spinach. This is the bottom line, right? How did LPL deal with fake matches in recent LPL penalties for “participation in improper conduct affecting fair competition”: 2019.6.18: Condi suspended for 18 months 2019.8.20: Coach Zhang Hanxiang suspended for 8 months 2020.3.27: WeiYan Was banned for 24 months (after being banned for life) bo is sentenced to 4 months. What about spring break? Think about what the spinach people will say in the future: Hey, four months to change their wages for two or three years, earning money from eating blood, and being punished without losing money, this business spinach can wake up in dreams, 1.8 million will be delivered tomorrow, this spinach Do not eat or people? It is recommended that all those who fry coins, fry graphics cards and fry hard disks, fry lpl with high prices. Isn’t this more profitable than mining? lpl? Please make money inside! What’s more intriguing is that the official actually thinks this is reasonable, not only reasonable, but also very proud and proud. I not only sentenced Bo and the others to a monthly ban, but also reorganized ldl and pinched a piece of spinach floating on the surface. , Saved several big fathers, and praised himself with a big fanfare: “Look, I am fair and efficient, I have a competitive spirit, you can praise me.” There are several meanings in this, the people of Goose City Let’s try your own products. If I were a spinach person, I could wake up with a smile in my dreams. I have already booked a bungalow to open champagne and look for tender models.

5 months ago

I have long suspected that the senior level of the LPL League might also be involved in match-fixing. This TM is a copy of Chinese football that year. The Yu-Shen case was so bad that the investigation was finally terminated and only fined (and in the beginning when there was a match-fixing in Chinese football. National football is still regarded as the first-class level in Asia.) Later, in 2009, the anti-gambling scandal found that Chinese football had long been rotten home. From the top of the football association (such as the chairman of the football association Xie Yalong and Nan Yong) to the ordinary players, there were people suspected of match-fixing. Not to mention the counterfeiting of Jiang Jin (he only lost one goal in 9 games in the top ten) and Qi Hong, the two great heroes who helped the national football team to reach the 2002 World Cup.

5 months ago

Low EQ: After Leyan card bug hits rank, he took the initiative to report a three-month suspension to catch up with the spring game. The league imposed additional fines on Leyan players. High EQ: Bo takes the initiative to confess to the counterfeit match, with a good attitude and a low amount. He is suspended for four months to catch up with the summer game. The league imposes additional fines on bo players. Wonderful! My Lord Le is not convinced! As a professional player, if you don’t even follow the most basic rules, how can you talk about becoming a professional player, you have to deal with it, increase the processing or conduct a thorough investigation, who will not behave? Anyone who fights the counterfeit match can return to the game. I have to say that the capitalists behind this are putting too much pressure on you, or that’s it. Leyan bugs can be banned for three months, this thing is only four months? Do I doubt that the government regards our netizens as fools. A professional player who doesn’t abide by professional ethics and fights fake matches because of a little profit. I have to say that he is really stupid. He is not without the strength. Sooner or later he can play his worth. Why do you want to make a little money? (Officially said). Regardless of the industry, these things actually happen. After all, this society is very realistic. Bo is actually not very old. I can understand that fortunately, the LDL who has been playing for so long has no chance to rise. , I believe that every ldl player has this idea. I believe that every LOL fan has a professional dream in his heart. Would you like to go to the professional arena to shed tears, will shine with your own light. A professional test to let you know if you have the talent to be a professional player. The Self-Directed Search is an assessment tool compiled by American career guidance expert John Holland based on his extensive career consulting experience and career type theory. Holland believes that there should be an internal correspondence between personal professional interests and occupations. According to different interests, personality can be divided into six dimensions: research type (I), artistic type (A), social type (S), enterprise type (E), traditional type (C), and realistic type (R). His personality is a combination of these six dimensions in varying degrees. However, we don’t understand how the professional players are. This official punishment is what makes us chilling. As a fan of LOL, I really feel that such punishment is very difficult for us to accept.

5 months ago

I understand the difficulty of the processor too much. Who is not the cruel and cruel character of the shady gang? You cut the way for others to make money, and they cut your way for life. Even if the owners of the various clubs are all white lotus flowers, which one is the generation of benefactors? People spent a lot of money to build the club and you are banned. Who will tell you about his loss? Will you pay for it? It really annoys these big guys, and shakes out all kinds of shady transactions in these years. How many of these people can take care of themselves? The big stick can only fall gently if it is lifted high, hello, my hello, hello everyone, it’s too peaceful to put on a whitewash. Regardless of the turbulent waves behind me. It’s all business, not shabby. I will add two more sentences. From the beginning, I did not report any expectations, because this is an institutional problem. Such a big piece of cake, only one person eats the brain full of fat intestines, and other people spend a lot of money to buy tickets to the table but find that it is difficult for them to drink the soup. What do you make these people think? It’s talking about working together to be bigger and stronger, and the benefits are for you to eat alone. Others want to do private work if they don’t have enough to eat. You jump out at this time and shout that private work is forbidden. Well, it sounds absolutely politically correct, but people are starving to death. Is it useful to talk to them about your ideals? What is called an alliance is a community of interests, not for you to take advantage and to send others to death. If the problem of benefit distribution is not solved fundamentally, this kind of thing is endless wildfires, and spring breeze blows again.

5 months ago

Can not accept. In fact, I had a foreboding that Bo would be punished very lightly when Bo had an accident at that time. One is because the word “coercion” was used in the notice at that time, which means that Bo didn’t want to play a fake match. He had trouble, and the other was after Bo’s accident. He has always maintained a high-intensity rank. The number of ranks he has been replaced after the accident is more than that of many players who are still playing. This is obviously unreasonable. The only explanation is that someone told him that he will be able to play soon. The third is bo. The performance at the time was amazing. Why do I say it is unacceptable? Compared with the next-door lck, professional players can be permanently banned for power leveling. The penalty level of lpl is ridiculous, and the penalty standard is not the same. Kandi is 18 months, why is the bo only 4 months? Xiaoleyan has used bugs in the rank for 3 months, and you have only 4 months of counterfeiting? The only thing Tengjing can say is intimidation and surrender, but it is true that Bo is intimidated, and the fake match is also true. He played the fake match in ldl, and now someone threatens him to play the fake match in lpl with the evidence of his previous fake match, so he takes it lightly. Punishment simply cannot be justified. After all, this is capital being a demon. After Bo is on the court, the fpx is really strong, so strong that it is suffocating. This year, LPL is a local warfare, so it is not difficult to understand this kind of punishment. His performance is not so good, and his suspension will inevitably be longer. Suspended for 4 months, can play on July 1st, disgusting.

5 months ago

Alas…Looking at it this way, the penalty to Leyan was really not light at the time. At that time, I actually felt that banning for only three natural months was very light, and a malicious bug would not be worse than this kind of fake match. What is the concept of 4 natural months? Rounding means no penalty. Not to mention other people’s LCK side, even Condi here in LPL has also been punished far more severely than this. Please don’t say anything about “encumbering”, because the word itself is very magical. There is a positive representative of Rat on the same team. In addition, Bo is not only the so-called “cow” to go to the fake match, he also told his friends and asked them to place bets. This is not something that a mere four natural months can make up for! In the A-B Five Rats incident that year, Song Weiping, who was the owner of Greentown at the time, immediately fired five people, and these five people were permanently banned. His football career came to an abrupt end. Among them, there were also small and famous new stars at the time. Other teams participating in the fake match either More or less punished, I don’t know the details of these teams, but I know Greentown better, and there are a few people I know. Although the punishment I think is not so reasonable, I have to raise my hands in favor of the anti-counterfeit action. The most important significance of this action should be to confirm how the fake matches should be rectified, it should be to knock the mountain and shake the tiger, and it should be to investigate the betting parties that are still operating off the court. If we only pay attention to Bo and other people who participated in the fake match, it is far from enough. Even these people themselves are only a small part of the fake match storm. The public opinion must condemn them, but we can’t just focus on this. I am really concerned about the length of the suspension. After seeing the result, I did feel a bit angry again. But when I turned my head, what about those holding the handle? How should they investigate it? What kind of punishment should they get? What I mean is that the people who organize the fake match are doing illegal things, looking for clues, and making them pay the price, so that’s good… Mo Sheng SybeFinn, AKA Syber, “but blow the sound to the Mo,” SybeFinn by his real name Adapted as a suffix for distinction. Being active in all fields, embracing every interesting soul, attacking the vulgarity in my eyes, including myself…

5 months ago

Blogger? Lord Bo! If there is no more follow-up to dig out a bunch of big bosses, it basically means that lpl is already rotten, so you can’t dig it. If you pull your whole body, you can dig out a family and give it to you. Everyone will play it together. Especially since lol is already an old game, it’s hard to say that it can last for a few years. At this time, the players and bosses in the field are more likely to think about retreating after the game loses popularity, and then the fake match will be given a lighter punishment, emmm . Anyway, starting from today, I will not be watching lpl games, and I even start to doubt that the passionate blood I watched before is somewhat real.

5 months ago

So, this is the disadvantage of monopoly capital. I can do whatever I want, whatever I want. I don’t care what ethical culture a company should have. As long as I make money, you are “daddy.” Has Tencent considered that this punishment method is fundamentally a kind of indulgence, a kind of complete indulgence to the fake match? So it’s only four months for a fake match? Anyway, you can’t see the hope of becoming a star player in the LPL in your life as a professional player. How about playing fake matches to make extra money? After all, what professional brothers eat is also a youth meal, which is more serious than computers.

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