In China, more than 200 million people are single. Because there is no family burden, many singles have less awareness of saving than non-single people. Statistics show that in first-tier cities, about 40% of single young people are living in a “moonlight” state of life; as the city ranks downward and monthly income decreases, the proportion of “moonlight” has risen sharply, and single young people in fourth- and fifth-tier cities Among them, the proportion of “moonlight” population is as high as 76%. Without the need for a partner and family, singles are more willing to spend time and money to enjoy themselves. “Where did all the wages go?” Has become a daily torture for single young people.

Where did the salary go? Hehe, it’s obviously a low salary, okay? Of the 200 million single young people, most of them have a monthly salary of 3000-8000! We now take an intermediate figure and get a monthly salary of 5,000 yuan! Well, the monthly rent for a single room in a big city is at least 1500-2000, right? We all follow the least. 1,500 yuan a month for accommodation, and 3500 yuan per month for transportation and 200 yuan for monthly meals, 5 yuan for breakfast, 20 yuan for lunch, and 10 yuan for dinner. Isn’t that high? 35 times 30 equals 1050 yuan. Do you spend 200 lines on daily necessities such as toilet paper and snacks? These three items add up to 1,450 yuan, and we are about 1,500 yuan! This 1500 yuan is still not going out for dinner, eating big meals, socializing and so on. Then 3500 minus 1500, and 2000 yuan is left! If you want to talk about a relationship, go out to eat, watch a movie, play or something, it will cost 500 at a time, right? At least 2-3 times a month, let’s save a little bit, don’t we need to spend 1,000 yuan a month for making friends? Then there is 1,000 yuan left! Well, if it’s a girl, don’t all kinds of cosmetics and skin care products cost money? Then there are all kinds of members, skins, and top-ups that cost money, right? What TV, iQiyi, are you hungry, 88 members, JD plus, which one does not cost money? Do you really have a few hundred dollars left in a month? In addition, young people nowadays like to spend ahead of time, all kinds of Huabei, Baitiao, and online loan platforms, it feels like they are not using their own money. I also like installments, to spend in installments for famous brands. For example, buying an iPhone, a broken phone with more than 8,000 or 9,000, can be bought without eating or drinking for two months. It is very happy in installments! Don’t worry about it at all~ The young people in this class prefer the so-called middle-class lifestyle, and there are so many pseudo-middle-class things. Obviously there is no money in his pocket. I want to buy Dyson. My pocket is cleaner than my face. I need CPB and Yang Shulin. Looks very rich and uses good things. Actually… there is no deposit at all. Everyday Flower spends their days and pays off their online loans. Where can they save money?


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Low EQ: Hundreds of millions of single young people face low wages and high prices, unable to save money for marriage and love. High EQ: Hundreds of millions of single youths are in the moonlight state, but they do not save money when they are single. I found a second-tier city. The average young person’s monthly income is 5000, renting a house is 1200, eating a month is 1500, transportation is 300, water, electricity and telephone bills are 200, how much is this? 3200, how much 1800 is left. Do you wear clothes? Have some fun? Can you buy consumer goods such as mobile phones and computers? Do your parents occasionally show filial piety? Are you sick? Can you buy toothpaste, toothbrush, toilet paper, etc.? Let me calculate the cost of all this, but the monthly average cost of 800 is not too much. One thousand left. Let me see, this two-bedroom and one-living house in a remote place is about 1 million and the price is not high. Fortunately, on your own, you can make up 30% of the down payment for buying a house in 27 and a half years, and you can meet the basic conditions for starting a family. With such a good life, don’t you hurry up to fall in love and have children. Actually spent the remaining one thousand dollars, look at consumerism killing people! I forgot to say, for this income level, for a house of 1 million, you have a down payment of 30%, 330,000, a 30-year loan, that is, a 30-year loan of 670,000, and the monthly repayment is about 3,000. I’m sorry you are like a You can only pay back one thousand a month. Adding to your target, it seems that it is still 1,000 short. I hope that your child will not spend a penny from birth and can help you earn more than 1,000. What a bright future, you young people with a monthly salary of 5,000, don’t you hurry up?

6 months ago

Moonlight shows that young people have strong consumer demand. Consumption is the driving force of economic growth. Therefore, more and more young people, Moonlight, can greatly stimulate domestic demand, and the future economic growth potential is huge. Young people are the future, and domestic demand is driven by them. Not afraid of their moonlight, but afraid that they will not consume. How can the economy grow if everyone does not consume? Now that trade protectionism is on the rise, domestic demand is not expanding, and it is becoming increasingly unreliable to rely on exports to drive the economy. High house prices are not without benefits. When young people have no hope of buying a house, they will not be obsessed with saving money to buy a house, but spend money on consumption. Therefore, some people think that high housing prices have a crowding-out effect on consumption, but this is actually wrong. From the perspective of young people’s moonlight, high housing prices have a positive effect on consumption. Therefore, it is necessary to recognize the positive side of the young moonlight in a dialectical view.

6 months ago

Once, single schoolmasters were in a “moonlight” state for a long time, and the reason for the moonlight was that I didn’t know exactly where the salary was spent. I still remember that once, when Mr. Xuetang won a prize of 20 yuan on Weibo, he started to happily calculate how to use it. I also wanted to drink milk tea and fried chicken. It was like winning 200 yuan in his mental account. Winning the lottery actually spent a lot of unnecessary money. What’s even more frightening is that when I checked Alipay’s bill later, I couldn’t remember what I bought at the time. Later, Xuetangjun learned an essential skill for survival: formulating a life financial budget. Now the schoolmaster has transformed into a wealth management expert, so you don’t have to worry about “moonlight” anymore~ Now, please think about the following questions carefully: What is your monthly income? What is the expenditure? How many soft sister coins are used for food in the expenditure? How much is used to buy clothes? What is the proportion of impulse consumption? Do you regularly fund yourself for travel? Master Xuetang guesses that you are already empty-headed and eye-catching! You may be wondering: I obviously plan for my small vault every month, why am I at a loss now? Today we will talk seriously about the financial budget. The magic of budgeting From elementary school, we began to learn how to use our pocket money, whether to buy beautiful stickers or to buy steaming fried chicken drumsticks. The benefits of budgeting are probably known with your toes. // 01 The preparation stage of the budget to help us understand our financial situation is an excellent opportunity to help us clarify our current financial situation: what is the monthly income; how much debt is there; how various consumption is distributed, and the proportion of rent, food, and entertainment in it Than, wait. The awareness of one’s own assets, liabilities, consumption and other financial status is called financial self-awareness (FSA). Studies have shown that a good financial self-awareness not only helps us make more wise financial decisions, but also enhances our sense of self-efficacy and makes us more confident to maintain and improve our financial management capabilities [1]. 02 Help us clarify our financial goals. Writing down a budget is a form of setting financial goals[2]. It helps us decide how much we will spend on non-essential items such as entertainment and dining out in the future, how much debt we will repay each month, and how much money we can save. . These are important decisions, and the budget keeps us from going astray in the temptation of weirdness. If I budget to spend 500 yuan a week to eat out, I will know how much I still have and decide whether to splurge on an expensive dinner and eat it in the cafeteria for a few weeks to make up for it. // 03 Improve self-control ability Because an extra consumption expenditure means no small pain[3], we will avoid this struggle and pain by controlling our thoughts and behaviors. Therefore, the process of striving to comply with the budget is the process of honing self-control. The budget is so powerful, why do I keep eating dirt? When browsing media platforms such as Moments, Weibo, and Zhihu, we will find that one of the most common themes is the personal financial situation that is not optimistic. The college students with planned consumption are similar to each other, and the college students with unplanned consumption are different. Among them, there are two main reasons that cause our consumption to be unplanned. // 01 Do not make a budget When studying household budgets, the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada found that among the 5942 participants, 54% of the participants have a recent financial budget, and 46% of the participants did not make a budget. When asked why the participants did not budget, 44% of them reported “I don’t know where to start”, 13% reported “I don’t have time to budget”, and some participants reported “I don’t have enough money to do it.” “Calculate”, “I don’t need a budget” and so on. In addition, 49% of the more than 5,000 participants believe that it is difficult for them to distinguish between what they need and what they want. Whether it is a person with a budget or a person without a budget, this problem occurs to a large extent [4]. 02 Informal and incomplete budgets A questionnaire survey in the Netherlands found that most people were only thinking about their budgets when they were making budgets, and they were not recorded. The budgeting process was not formal enough, and the financial classification was incomplete. Among the 4280 participants, only 27.9% will save money in advance for various future expenses, and only 25.3% will set an upper limit for their consumption and strictly abide by [5]. How to transform into a “financial expert” gorgeously? Although budgeting makes a useful practice, it can bring huge returns. But it turns out that budgeting is also a difficult practice, especially for those who have never budgeted. Before writing the first budget, there are many things to understand and think about, and it is even more difficult to stick to it day after day. The following tips can help you make full use of your budget and achieve a turnaround. // 01 Distinguishing “needs” and “wants” If Perfect wants to make a perfect budget, we must try to distinguish our “needs” from “wants” and maintain a balance between the two. “Needs” are necessary for survival. We need to buy food when we are hungry, and we need to see a doctor when we are living. “Want” is based on need. It is the enrichment of needs, which makes our life more comfortable and interesting. For example, we want to go to high-end restaurants to eat, and when we are sick, we want to go to the best hospital and the most expensive specialist. number. Everyone has different metrics for “need” and “want”. We have to actively talk to ourselves to find the standard that suits us best. We might as well set up a “need & want” list, categorize the items into the list, and attach a text explaining the reason. In addition, it is also a good choice to ask a friend for help when it is difficult to make a decision. When you are struggling with whether a lipstick with the latest color number is “needed” or “want”, an objective and calm friend will give you a straightforward answer. // 02 The classification should be clear and complete. Nobel Prize winner Thaler stated in the mental accounting theory that people will be divided into multiple classifications of different natures according to the source of wealth and expenditure, each with a separate With regard to budget and control rules, money cannot be easily transferred from one category to another, that is, the “non-substitution” of money [6]. This is like when we are in college, we can divide our living expenses into multiple detailed and clear categories such as savings, favors, clothing, food and drink, transportation, education, and star chasing, and set strict upper limits for each category one by one. Because of the existence of “non-substitution”, it is difficult for us to allocate the budget for shopping and drinking to star fans. The effect of this fine budget will definitely be much better than the effect of only dividing “hedonic” and “non-hedonic”. 03 Move our little fingers; our memory ability is limited, and the budget that flashes in our minds is hard to recall and value. There is a saying that “good memory is not as good as bad pen”, we can use paper and pen, electronic documents, various interesting budgeting and accounting apps to assist our memory and reduce the memory load. In addition, writing it down can also give us a sense of ritual. Rituals can often reduce people’s anxiety and improve people’s performance in tasks, giving people a sense of control[7][8]. In general, the more we know where our money is spent, the easier it will be to get out of the “moonlight” state. I hope that Mr. Xuetang’s suggestions today can give you some help, and you can become a wealth management expert, too!

6 months ago

Regarding the question of single moonlight, I have seen that many respondents are doing serious analysis, and your answers are excellent, and they are all right. But I want to tell you what if your conclusion is correct? Do you really think that some people are stupid than us? They are just selectively invisible. The core of this question describes where the salary goes, which obviously has another meaning. First of all, the problem is turned upside down. It is not because of being single and being in a moonlight state, but being forced into a moonlight state that leads to being single. But if this conclusion is true, it will inevitably be traced back to another question, which is why everyone’s income is so low? At this time, the question arises, do you think anyone dares to admit that your low salary is because I am exploiting you? But the problem is that 200 million singles are such a big thing here, you always have to give the upper side an explanation, right? Since mistakes can’t be resisted on yourself, then the pot must be thrown on you single people. So the conclusion that singles are more willing to spend time and money to enjoy themselves without a partner and family company turned out. On the surface, this seems to be a neutral evaluation, but the subtext is not to blame you young people for spending money, not being responsible, and not considering the future? You are optimistic, the rhythm of criticism will soon appear. So, the current capital is the same as Fan Zhiyi’s evaluation of football. I want to empty the pockets of young people, but are unwilling to bear the consequences.

6 months ago

Rent 2000, shared single room, 500m away from the subway, eat breakfast 10 lunch 25 night 25 (including fruit snacks, a total of 60 * 30 = 1800 water and telephone charges, transportation, 300 bar, here is 4100 single, except for buying clothes and shoes, some daily necessities , I will buy some electronic products every year, and then give the family a subsidy. If you do this, you basically spend 5-6k a month anyway. If you find a partner, the cost will be at least 1k more a month. (Maybe more, I haven’t been in a relationship for a long time. I don’t understand the market anymore. It’s still difficult to save money. It’s hard to reduce my expenses. I can only open more sources. In fact, I still recommend that you save more money. It can withstand risks, and you can have the capital to do what you like in the future. In addition, I still have 7,000 or 8,000 savings per month. Don’t worry about my expenses. The rented house is one subway station away from the company, and it takes 20 minutes to work. Recently, I’m going to change cities, and my income and expenses are expected to increase. Increase a lot. I hope I can save enough money soon to do what I like.

6 months ago

Because it’s hard to make money! It’s hard to make money! It’s hard to make money! Many reports have said before that the vast majority of people in China have low incomes. The threshold of 3K can stop half of the young people. 5K can stop most of the middle-aged and elderly people who have worked for many years… 1W is basically the threshold for high-income groups, stopping more than 85% of Chinese people. I once joked with my colleagues. In general, there are not many families in a neighborhood that can directly take out 30W of cash without borrowing or selling things…except for those rich people. However, some people on Zhihu firmly believe that a large number of people in the world have a sideline income of over 10,000 ~ countless hidden family properties over 600W… Why not eat meat in the 21st century has been staged for more than ten years. . . Many people’s understanding is seriously out of touch with reality. It’s not that I’m joking. I know the income of most people. It’s not as good as the beggars in our square… 99% of people can’t even keep up with the income of setting up a barbecue stall at home… The Sanwu hawkers on the side of the station are pretty good~ Although these young people will find the hawkers pitiful while watching the news with their mobile phones…

6 months ago

For 200 million single youths, 40% to 70% is an average value, even 55%. That is 200 million times 0.55 equals 110 million people. Everyone has a monthly salary of 3,000 to 8,000, and the average monthly salary is 5,000 yuan. 110 million times 5000 equals 550 billion. Food and lodging accounted for 50%, transportation accounted for 10%, and social gatherings accounted for 10%, a total of 70%, so where did the remaining 30% of the money go? 550 billion multiplied by 30% equals 165 billion. It is said that a certain head-carrying Internet celebrity can take away 10 billion in a live broadcast. There are two or three more such top influencers, and even if only one live broadcast is opened every month, 30 billion can be directly taken away. There are 135 billion left, left to the second-tier Internet celebrities, just tens of millions of fans, how can a live broadcast can take away 50 billion. There are 85 billion left, and if it is broadcasted again, it can almost be cleared.

6 months ago

In fact, this problem is ultimately due to the high housing prices. Because of the high housing prices, everything is expensive. Because people who want to buy a house cannot earn so much money, they cannot buy a house or cannot pay the monthly payment, so the price must be increased. Those who have bought shops for investment, because of rising housing prices, also have the motivation to raise rents. Although the leasing market is completely market-oriented, the invisible hand of the market always has a very serious lag. Rising rents have led to an increase in operating costs for all operating formats, and rising costs have led to various price increases. Rising prices have caused not enough money to spend. Rising rents have also led to an increasing proportion of rent in wages, and there is not much money to pay for rent. It turned out that the salary that looked acceptable was not enough in an instant. Doesn’t the company raise wages? Of course, companies don’t want to raise their wages. If they can take care of people by 3,000, why spend 5,000? The high probability of salary increase is passive. So what if everyone doesn’t have enough money to spend and they don’t want to do it? Then companies can only increase their salaries. The problem is that this lower limit is very slow, and the lower limit will never be enough to spend. And when the labor cost of the company is too high, he considers leaving this city to go to another city. It’s the same reason as the industrial transfer to Southeast Asia. More people will be unemployed by that time. The low salary has also led to the lack of expectations for buying a house. It is better to have fun in time and spend all your money to be happy. After all, the dream is too far away, from hope to despair. There are countless consumerist brainwashing, the wind of comparison, the aboriginal people have houses and cars, and the salary is a little bit lower, and the invisible pressure on the foreigners is invisible. In the final analysis, it is the house’s fault. Everyone had fun in time! Then you must drink more, it is really good for Moutai!

6 months ago

Seeing the answers below, it is already clear. Where does the salary go? The salary is maintaining a basic life, or it is necessary to have a salary to live. This is necessary for torture. The core is low income and high expenditure. Three or four years ago, the promotion of consumption upgrades, now it is to stimulate consumption. The key is that there is no income, how to upgrade, how to stimulate, whether it is various guidance from the media, or various discounts from brands, they all want to squeeze young people’s money out. The evil consequences of online loans for college students are already very obvious. The government has taken action. The behavior of showing off wealth stimulates the nerves of young people, and the government is trying to protect it. Single young people are too fragile, and they have worked very hard just to live, let alone an accident or something from a sickness, in a precarious state. Many people want to engage in sideline jobs, but your sideline job is the main job of others. You are definitely better at, more professional, and more professional than you, and it’s not that easy to do. If things go on like this, let’s not talk about the state of the economy, what the state of mind and life will be like, over time it is not known whether you will despair of life, lose your positive attitude, and will have a series of social problems.

6 months ago

First of all, I observe that the desire to save money for single people is indeed much lower than that of people who are in love or who are in love for the purpose of marriage. Take me as an example, I also started saving money after having a girlfriend and credit card bills. With a significant decline, my industry is the IT industry. The salary in Beijing is higher than the median. Although it is a younger brother compared to knowing that the per capita X million is a younger brother. When you are single, the source of expenses is more boring except for a fixed rent. Water, electricity, food, drink, commuting and other expenses will have some luxury expenses. For example, I am curious about a new convenience store. For example, I suddenly feel that I need to change clothes. Although the unit price is not expensive. After falling in love, spending will consciously start to save some (in fact, some freedom has been lost. After all, some people have discussed that a lot of overhead will be easy to save). Of course, it still depends on the consumption views of both parties. The girlfriend happens to be a Cantonese. My low level gradually affected and assimilated me, and then income and saving money are still related. After all, the cost is as high as Beijing. As long as you have the city to match the cost and income level, it is still easy to save money unconsciously. The tradition of saving money finally has something to do with the times. I am a post-90s generation or an earlier post-90s generation. Now everyone gets married late, so I’m just those people who got married late. The desire and idea of ​​saving money is obvious. It is much higher than the younger partners, and the post-00s can only say that the age is different. Each age gives young people a different concept of consumption. Younger classmates have not had time to form a better concept of consumption and may fall into the consumption trap. Behaviors such as advanced consumption and loan consumption

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