The leader has just been here for a month. After he came, he removed the director under him. I was a subordinate of that director. After the leader came, he arranged a lot of work for me. I am basically the person who lives the most in the department. I did not slacken my work because of the change of leadership, and I reported to him according to the process. In this performance appraisal, he actually gave me the lowest score in the department, which is lower than the scores of my colleagues. Is he trying to force me to leave? Do you want to ask him

If the subject’s description is true, then remember that the sky will come down to the people. You must first suffer from the will and your muscles… and then white prostitution will let you retreat. Don’t forget to brag to your subordinates when you’re done. The subject, this young man/ The little girl has good abilities, but she can’t stand her temper. She originally wanted to put a little burden on him to train her to entrust her with the important task. Who would think that he didn’t have the ability to resist pressure and ran away by himself. It is recommended that the subject, if you encounter inexplicable and obviously unfair treatment in the workplace, do not communicate with the leader in private, because he can use your left foot to go online to make you unreasonable and unreasonable. If you continue to be patient, you will only get doubled Tasks and more demanding requirements. To solve the problem, it is necessary to expand the influence of his unconcealed violations, find the superiors or in the company group to come up with the company performance appraisal system and your work records to discuss the argument, if the upper side does not cover him, there is a high probability that you will adjust your position His credibility is damaged, and there is a small probability that he will be punished; if you wear a pair of pants with him to force you to leave, you can also leave other employees with a bad impression that the company is cronyism. A reply and supplement to a friend who commented: My answer is based on the truth of the subject’s description. The new leader directly targets the backbone of the department’s business for no reason. This is an irreconcilable contradiction in itself. Whenever the leader is operating normally and new officials take office, especially when the head of the subject is transferred and the superior director personally grasps the work, they should unite the backbone on the surface, and then eliminate dissidents after touching the doorway. The leader described by the subject came up to clean up his subordinates, aimed at the backbone, and stated that he was not well-intentioned, and the more he needed to know, the more mistakes he made. The leader blatantly deducted performance, saying that he had found an excuse. If you don’t know, it means that you have already thrown the pot to the subject, change from passive to active, or communicate privately and be compromised by the leader, which means that the pot that deducts performance is your own. The only thing that needs to be communicated privately is to confirm first. It’s not that the assessment has deducted the wrong points.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

Have you watched “Latent”? Inside, when stationmaster Wu saw Yu Zecheng, he said a very important thing. This sentence means that as long as Yu Zecheng can hide from others, even if his identity is exposed to the stationmaster, the stationmaster will protect him. : The webmaster sees Yu Zecheng again and teaches a few words to be a new leader. The most critical step is to cultivate one’s own people, not to cultivate talents. So at this step, he needs you to “show loyalty.” Yu Zecheng was his disciple. When he came in, he first sent Ye Mingzhu to show his loyalty, and then the station master reminded him: Tianjin is a rebuilt station, with cats and dogs, and the background of the people is complicated. (So I brought you here because of) you, yes My person (I don’t have one of my own here), for fear that Yu Zecheng would not pay attention, he deliberately slowed down his speech, and added: Do you understand what this means? Understand the subject, as long as you are your own person, you can do what you do well and have a good performance. If you are not, I’m sorry, the dirty work belongs to you, and you have to take the blame. Throughout the ages, the more the big factory, the more so, no exception. Suggestion to the subject: If you want to continue to do it, hurry up and make a statement, it should not be enough to lead your own person. I don’t want to follow this kind of person, find my next home with peace of mind, continue to do the work at hand, and ignore everything about persuasion, unless I dismiss the N+1 gift package or find a new home.

5 months ago

It is necessary to ask clearly, how to ask is more important, and what to do after asking is the key. It is recommended that you find a private occasion, with a sincere face, and find the leader alone. Then he asked in a humble tone: “Manager, I noticed my poor performance this month, and I am really anxious to catch up with everyone. I don’t know if you can help me to mention what I haven’t done well enough?” Be sincere, be courteous, and have clear eyes. Then, pay attention to his reaction. If the other person first comforts, encourage you to do well. Then take out the data, enumerate the facts, and tell you how to improve while pointing out that you do have problems at work. Congratulations, I met a qualified and good leader, listened humbly, and go back and cheer. If the other person smiles lightly, and then speaks about it in official language, he speaks empty words, and finally encourages you to cheer, the young man works hard, he is optimistic about you. Then go out and submit your resume directly, without knowing why, it makes no difference whether you work hard or not. If the other party doesn’t talk about work, instead, the topic will change to ask you what you think of the previous director. If you want to continue to do it, you can show loyalty to the other party with Guang Tongchen. If you don’t want to do it, pretend that you don’t understand it and return to submit your resume. No matter how you choose, remember. If an enterprise fires an employee, it must pay +1 compensation for the working life, and one year is counted as more than 6 months. No obvious fault should not be written on the resignation certificate. Finally, keep the attendance, performance, and dialogue records of the past few months, and the leader arranges tasks beyond his ability to communicate by email. Honestly hitting workers is not worthy of expectation, but if you really encounter hooligans, there are legal channels to protect your rights and interests.

5 months ago

Of course you have to ask him, but not in the current state. Every word of you now reveals anger. Of course you can be angry and you have power to anger, but your anger should be a strategy, not a state. If anger is a state, you may say radical words and act radically. You don’t want to let you go, you have to go; but if anger is a strategy, you still remain rational, your The anger should be appropriately expressed how much he has done too much. I understand your feelings very well and have paid a lot, but in the end I got insulted. If you want to get justice, anger and questioning are not enough. Confronting your big leader is an important moment and an important event for you. You need clear thinking. First, what is your current goal? Is to gain recognition, still work in this company or vent your anger. To analyze your goals, you must make a comprehensive analysis of your situation. If you are currently “do not keep your master here, you have your own place to keep your master”, you will be a good guy if you rush to the top and pat the table with the leader and question him. But if you think the job is good and valuable to you, then is your goal to be recognized? Expressing anger is just a strategy to gain recognition. Second, if your goal is to gain recognition, you need to do some analysis of the motivation of the leader. You think you work hard, why should he give you the lowest performance? There are several possibilities: 1. Set you as an imaginary enemy and want you to go. 2. It is true that you do not recognize your work, and that your performance is just not good enough. 3. The handling of a certain matter made him very dissatisfied and impressed. 4. It is purely to see that you are not pleasing to the eye. And you, the heart has already predicted that is the first type, the leader just wants you to go, but did not verify it. Consider other possibilities. Third, in order to avoid falling behind when talking to leaders, the suggested approach must be to justify the matter. If you show your emotions and stand from the beginning, the leader wants me to go. If you haven’t talked about it, you will lose. Everything starts from performance, prepare your performance materials, and sincerely ask the leader if you are not doing enough. If he is wrong, show your performance certificate and convince him. The best result is to persuade the leader to change the performance, and everyone is happy; the second best result is that the leader changes their view of you. Although the performance cannot be changed, you will cooperate sincerely in the future and have a bright future. The result was again, no results were discussed, and the leaders still need to continue to communicate with each other. In the worst case, you decide to find the next home, and the leader decides to recruit again.

5 months ago

Alas, it’s another unlucky workplace white. Another victim of workplace chicken soup. “As long as I work hard, I can…” “As long as I listen to the leadership, I can…” Wake up, boy. Uncle tells you, this question is too simple and belongs to the most basic workplace question. Uncle blindly guessed that after the new leader came, even though you were busy and busy, you definitely didn’t do a thing. And this matter is still very important. That is-Bye Wharf. Do you think that after the new leader comes, what are you most concerned about? Is it what you do and do? Or do you follow discipline and follow the procedures? Not at all. The first thing the new leader should do, and what he cares most, is the human heart. Once the emperor and the courtier, he needs to quickly figure out which of these people in the department are the old and the young and the old, who are the ground snakes with background, and which are the old fried dough sticks. Of course, there are also Xiaobai who are working hard like you. This has something to do with whether the new leader and the director are dealing with each other, but it doesn’t really matter too much. Because no matter how they are, the first of the three new officials must be related to personnel affairs. He must have figured out you clearly-relatively simple; more willing to do; less troublesome. A few other colleagues, the uncle dare to say, a little bit of foresight, surely soon after the new leader took office, he quietly went to the dock and showed his loyalty. How to worship? Including but not limited to: the situation of the department, the situation of the director, the situation of each person, who has a good relationship with whom, who does not deal with whom, who has done what merit, who has committed what, who has money in the family, etc. Wait and so on, all breathe to the new leader. It’s even possible to send something meaning. In the minds of the new leader, you have been placed in a good position: the old scalper. In other words, the tool man. Put more effort, feed less, whipping a few whips from time to time, let you do the work, and the squeezing is over. By the way, maybe you will have to take it back in the future. Now that the performance has the lowest score, it shows two things-one thing, he thinks you are the best to bully and least afraid of offending; another thing, he wants to give you offense, test you, and see if you are enough Just, or enough oil. If you are strong enough, you will get up and change his perception, maybe he thinks he can use you as a gun in the future and use it for other purposes; of course, if you are incompetent, you may also be taken away; There are two possibilities. If you have enough oil, if you see the wind and use the rudder, something will happen, and he will also consider changing your usage, for example, as a glove. The follow-up will depend on your own performance. However, according to the current situation, the possibility of being a tool man is relatively high. This is bad news. The good news is that the uncle has already sorted out this bureau for you. After the game is clear, you can compare your own mind and will to know what to do next.

5 months ago

New leaders give you the lowest score for performance. There may be several reasons: 1. Each leader has a different temperament. Some like to work hard in obscurity, some like to be active and talkative, and some like to slacken and beat horses, which is very useful. Yes, your hard work has not been recognized by the leader. It may be that there is a gap between your hard work and his expectations for this job, and it may not necessarily involve grievances. If this is the case, if you go to him eagerly, you may pay the price for your unprovoked suspicion. It’s only been a month and it’s not long. You can be patient and see if things are what you think. Then work hard and do what you like. If the result is the same next month, you guessed it. Then please see the second one. 2. Give you a chance, he just wants to deal with the manpower of the original director and support his team. If this job is important to you, in order to survive, try to be loyal to the new leader, follow the new leader in everything, and work hard to enter his team. You are an old man in the department. If you stand on the opposite side of him, you will be a thorn in his eye. If you stand with him, you will be his right-hand man. 3. He just doesn’t eat your way, collect strong evidence, and make trouble with him. In either case, don’t go to ask clearly, it seems naive, except to express your depressed emotions, it will not do any good. When you ask, he didn’t intend to target you and also target you.

5 months ago

Remember, not to ask! Instead, go and ask! Leaders, this month’s performance has discredited you (I am your person, my performance is low, and your face is dull! Get closer)! This month, I did not do a good job on a few tasks. On the one hand, I lacked my ability and did not add knowledge in time to respond to changes. On the other hand, I lowered my self-demand, and my performance was low. (Leader, you are really a martial artist, I discovered my problem right after taking office) So today I am mainly to admit my mistakes to you! (My attitude is correct) Again, I want to listen to your suggestions and opinions, how can I adjust my work style and status, carry out the following work, and strive to no longer be the bottom in performance! (You give guidance and guidance, and I will do what you want in the future! To the bottom, that is, you have no way to guide!) At this time, your leader has only two choices. One is to tell you how to improve and improve. If you reply to you in this way, you don’t need to think too much. He 100% does not want to eliminate you, but only because your grades are really poor. After all, they are still willing to help you improve! If his answer is neither lukewarm nor cold, or a state of ignorance! It’s time to flip the table! How to lift it? Look at my other answer! If you like, please follow my column. The boss keeps asking for trouble for no reason, all kinds of faults, anyway, all kinds of uncomfortable, what to do, online?

5 months ago

The first thing you need to consider is, do you want to stay? Regardless of whether the leader wants you to go, simply consider whether you want to stay or not. Or is there a better place to go? If you can work with the previous director, it is definitely the best. In the workplace, it is more important to be with the right person. Everyone needs their own person. If you can’t leave and want to continue working under this person, you must talk to him with a heart-to-heart. Of course, what I call heart-to-heart is a strategic way to let him see your sincerity. Just take the low performance appraisal score as the starting point, lower your posture, and ask the leader for advice in a humble, sincere, and polite manner. With such low performance, where is the problem and how to improve, ask the leader for advice. Remember, you must adjust your mentality before you talk. If you go in with emotions, it is possible to talk directly and irretrievably. If he gives you a clear and specific point of the problem at work, and you feel that what he said is reasonable and can be achieved through personal efforts, then you can accept it happily, and use this to invite him to dinner or present a gift to get closer to him Relationship, let him receive the signal that you are willing to follow him. If he is just perfunctory-sounding you, or some unreliable goals, it means that he just sees you not pleasing to the eye and wants to drive you away. At this time, you need to deal with it in accordance with your actual situation and personality characteristics. If you have a certain level of performance and can speak well, you can just pierce the window paper and tell him that he is a very professional and he is finally in his position, so no matter who is his own leader, he will support and cooperate with all his strength, and give him reassurance. To make him happy, see if he can break the ice and build new trust. If you don’t have the ability to negotiate, or your leader is stubborn, you need to consider how to leave. You don’t care about him, and you can’t afford to leave him. You need to get the compensation you deserve through regular channels, and it’s best to spend some time with him after you find the next one and leave. Rest assured, the effect of force is mutual. You look at him uncomfortable, and he will not feel comfortable looking at you. Torturing each other hurts each other. This can hone your will, cultivate a strong heart, and help you grow in the workplace. . To live well in the workplace, you have to be exquisite and shameless.

5 months ago

You ask the leader to ask, do you want to drive me away? The leader said frankly, yes, since you can see it, go ahead and leave now. The result is that you leave this company. You ask the leader to ask, do you want to drive me away? The leader said in surprise, no, don’t think about it. After you have left, the more he ponders, the more upset he feels. Is this arrogant and arrogant or do not know that the sky is high and the earth is thick? I really have to find some way to get rid of him. The result is that you leave this company. You ask the leader to ask, do you want to drive me away? You have a background, or you are a big cow, you are fearless. The leader flickered and said, “No, no, don’t think about it, I’m totally right and wrong, work hard.” You beat the leader and left with satisfaction. So the leader held a grudge, and continued to make troubles in the future, and one day it was unpleasant, and both of them left. The result is that you leave this company. Why bother?

5 months ago

It is obvious that your new leader is about to start a big change of blood. Because your immediate superior has been successfully taken away by him, to be honest, your current status is also a bit precarious. Generally speaking, most of the management who arrive by air from elsewhere are more willing to use people they have brought (following for many years) or people they have re-recruited, because they know the basics, and they will also select them because they have personally selected them. Relationship, more trust and intimacy. And he doesn’t know your details. He killed the boss you used to follow, and keeps you. His heart is more or less uncomfortable, just like a nail, and it’s hard for him to treat you. Establishing trust in a short period of time, even if you have it, you need to pay a lot, and this time will not be short but long, because in his eyes, you are still the person of the former leader, not his person. Of course, there will indeed be cases in which new leaders who have arrived by air can still treat old employees objectively and fairly, but such cases are still relatively rare. There are even some more scheming leaders who will comfort the old employees first, because he is not familiar with the current situation of the department, and he still needs the support of the old employees to start the department management work as soon as possible. If the department is too turbulent, he will become a lonely person. When he is in full control of the new environment and new job, he will start to use the knife, because at that time he has already taken the initiative and no longer These old employees are needed. Even if he doesn’t want to get rid of these old employees, he will slowly introduce his own people and then marginalize these old employees. Unless you have been cultivating in your current position for many years, the job is particularly effective, the company recognizes it, and then your position is unlikely to come, then maybe he will think you are useful and keep you. If your position is a general grassroots position, which is highly substitutable, you should be more careful now to see if the new leader has recruiters or brings the original subordinates over and so on. As for whether you want to show off directly with him, I don’t think it is too necessary. You don’t want to see through this kind of thing. You do the most things, you don’t make mistakes, and your performance is not as good as other messengers. People with a discerning look will know what is going on. However, I suggest you don’t worry first. During this time, you can start riding a donkey to find a horse, while finding a home for yourself, while still doing it. After all, he has only been here for a month, and he still can’t fully explain what the problem is, maybe he too. I’m testing you. If I give you the lowest score for no reason for 2-3 months, I suggest that you don’t have a place for you to stay here. There is no need to continue wasting time and life here. Finally, when you find a new job, let’s just show it off and ask him why he gave you the lowest score. Anyway, you don’t want to stay anymore. It’s equivalent to getting a result that allows you to walk freely, because I think he’s giving you the lowest score. If you can’t get a fair answer, to ask for a result is nothing more than to show that you are not a bully. good luck!

5 months ago

As a professor of devil management at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, I can tell you responsibly: I am the new leader you mentioned! That’s right, I gave you the lowest score for your performance, I fired your director, and I gave you more work. You want to ask me if you want to drive you away, OK, very welcome, it proves that you are still a bit temperamental, I like people with temperament. But have you ever thought about it with your toes, since I can drive your director away, why can’t I drive you away? I’m afraid the earth won’t turn when you are gone? What am I keeping you for? To torture you? Am I so free? Don’t I worry about you messing up with me? Obviously, no silly leader will leave a time bomb in his own vegetable plot. The fact that I keep you proves that I can rest assured of you. However, rest assured that you are not the same as optimistic about you. I have to know: whether we can play together in the future, whether you are willing to play with me, will you play with me with negative emotions, whether we are suitable for playing together, this is all under management Uncertainty needs to be understood slowly. The ancients said that if the sky wants to give you a big task, you must work hard first. I am not talented, and temporarily acted as the sky that gave you the big task. So far we have only been together for a month. Obviously, you have a strong sense of guard. This is normal and reasonable. But I don’t know, this vigilance can make you tempted to endure what you can’t, or it will completely expose your narrow thinking. Therefore, if you feel that you are a piece of material and are willing to work hard with me, then you should be prepared first, and the things to toss you are still to come, ranging from three months to half a year. If you don’t think it is necessary to suffocate yourself here, you can put your resignation letter on my desk tomorrow morning, and I will sincerely wish you good luck. Come on, young man, follow your heart and walk your own way.

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