Update progress: The teacher in question was severely warned and punished by the party, lowered his job level, and removed from his job

The Education Bureau of Jinnan District launched an investigation into the incident of improper remarks made by Xiao Moumou in the process of educating students on the Internet. After investigation and verification with relevant personnel, the situation is true. As a teacher, Xiao XX seriously violated the teacher’s ethics and style, causing extremely bad effects. The district education bureau’s party committee decided to give Xiao XX a serious warning within the party, lower his job level, revoke his teacher’s qualifications in accordance with the “Teacher Qualification Regulations”, and transfer his post; hold the school’s principal responsible person accountable and give a party warning Punishment; in-depth rectification of teachers’ morality and style in the education system of the whole district, in-depth reflection, lessons learned, inferences, and lessons learned, and resolutely prevent similar incidents from happening again.

This teacher used his own efforts to expose the shady industry, and the principal should give her a chicken leg.

There are many similar things. For example, when we were young, we did not arrange seats according to height.

The order in which the teacher arranges the seats is always a mystery, as in the video below.
Arranging seats is a matter of learning. In addition to sitting in the front row, you can also arrange the same table with excellent grades. Even the front, back, left, and right tables can be arranged. It’s called a Zhongxingpengyue with flowers blooming like a brocade. When I was in junior high school, there was a forward-looking parent in our class. He asked the teacher to arrange for his son to have girls at the front and rear desks, which is called EQ exercise. The classmates named this man’s seat Peach Blossom Island, and there are no other boys within two meters in diameter. In the end, I don’t know if the EQ of this dear friend has improved. Anyway, the EQ of the girls around has made a qualitative leap. It is very sad to read this news. Fortunately, there are only a few teachers who refresh the three views. I am very fortunate that I have not met such a teacher. During the years I left school, every time I think of the teachers, it is a warm memory. I mentioned one of my teachers in another answer. Such serious and responsible teachers are the majority. After listening to the recording of this question, let’s get some positive energy.


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9 months ago

This teacher has cancelled his qualifications and was transferred from his post, which is considered to have taught himself a profound lesson in his words, deeds, and moral quality. As far as this teacher’s remarks and conduct are concerned, it is not an exception. How can the school really return to the place of teaching and educating people, so that the teacher really treats every student equally? This should be a problem that the society and school teachers need to face. Some schools will collect the basic information of the children in the class as soon as the school starts, including the parents’ name, contact information, work unit and position, and the unit and position are still mandatory options. Sometimes I don’t understand it. When a child goes to school, he writes about what his parents do.

9 months ago

Compare with the income of other parents, and compare the family conditions of previous students with the family conditions of this year. Isn’t teaching for the purpose of educating people, not for achievement? Is it that you teach only to compare the students you teach and how they are at home? I really can’t help thinking, dare to ask, are your qualities the same as other teachers? Dare to ask, how many qualities do you have? When is quality determined by more money and less money? Dare to ask, how many qualities do you have in your family? How can you be snobbish? Dare to ask, are you teaching and educating people? Or show off official power? Dare to ask, how can you educate students? Dare to ask, do you know how to write the word teacher?

9 months ago

To be honest, I am now full of despair in the profession of teachers. I myself came from a teacher-training major. I have made a lot of classmates and friends who work in the school. The profession I am engaged in is also inextricably linked to the school. I understand the difficulty of this industry, the hard work of teachers, and the understanding that teachers are just a career, not a career. However, the ethos of this industry is really terrible. Teachers from room to room compare in the office, dazzling bags, watches, jewelry, clothes of the season, and the social status of their spouses. The better the school, the heavier the comparison, the younger the students, the more fierce they are. There are very few things that can get out of the silt in the atmosphere without being stained, and they will be squeezed out. On the contrary, the school is relatively poor, there are no expensive educational resources, and the parents of the students cannot afford to give gifts. There will be a few more teachers who are more sincere and consider them more for the students.

9 months ago

I made a temporary appointment with a classmate who is a teacher for dinner. When we met, she made a lot of makeup. I asked her if it was a cultural performance. She said no. She usually does it like this. Other teachers do, or the students look down on you. When she called, I saw her ring. I was surprised and asked her, do you still wear a diamond ring? How inconvenient. At this time, she pulled out her bracelet and necklace, and said that other teachers would bring them, and students who did not bring them looked down on you. The world has changed, and now it will be different from ours. I said, you have changed, and the world has changed. She asked me, who changed me? I support this kind of teacher severely punishing, and only if I am in awe, can I get back on the right path. It’s just that, in addition to rectifying face, this industry should also govern itself.

9 months ago

Sometimes Zhihu is still a bit interesting-in another hotly discussed ranking of Zhihu today, a group of people said: Doctors should not go to high school, junior high and elementary schools. It is a waste of education resources in our country. It is overkill; then here, I will discuss why high school Teachers in junior high and elementary schools are of low quality, with only money and officials in their eyes, and they take the lead in discriminating against students. This year is my sixth year in Zhihu-I think there are several significant trends on Zhihu, except for the polarization of opinions, the younger age of users, and the misunderstanding of economic forecasts, which are common among big Vs. Commercialization, the template of high praise answers, the most interesting thing is: disagreement between words and deeds: most of the views supported by users and the ethical standards that they aspire to are different from their own behavior.


9 months ago

In fact, it’s nothing new for teachers to dislike student poverty—don’t talk about “people’s minds are old and the world is going down.” 20 years ago, when China’s economy was relatively poor, the quality of junior high school teachers was even more worrying, and they were often justified. Ask the parents of students to ask for bribes. Many teachers will find some excuses to punish certain students who are powerless and do not study well (students who study well are relatively better, after all, the rate of enrollment is linked to the teacher’s bonus). This situation is very common. So it’s better to ask and think about it. Why don’t the current teachers dare to beat the students openly and semi-openly asking the parents of the students for the benefits like 20 years ago? (Previously, students’ seats in class can be adjusted in many schools. Generally, three rows are good seats, and good students are also good seats next to them. There are often cases where the head teacher collects money and receives gifts for students to adjust).

9 months ago

Of course, if you don’t want to think about it, let’s change to a set of your favorite high praise answer templates: I feel sad, after watching this video-the teacher in the video is a bastard, this kind of person’s three views Worthy to be a teacher? I even put myself in the same role as the child in the video, imagine how helpless, uncomfortable, crying, and powerless if I were this student! What kind of feelings should the parents of students feel if they know that their children receive this kind of treatment at school? I hope everyone will pay attention to the fact that the teacher in this video is only suspended. She is actually protected to some extent. Suspension is not downgrading, let alone expulsion. The salary is also paid (no job allowance)!

9 months ago

It is very likely that this teacher is not the first time that such remarks have been made. Generally, primary and secondary schools are not allowed to bring mobile phones, and no middle school student will prepare a mobile phone for no reason and record such critical sentences. I don’t know how many years it will take to develop this kind of arrogant and domineering arrogance, and I don’t know how many years of students have been brutally poisoned before. What this teacher said that touched me the most is this sentence: XX’s mother earns more money in a year than your mother in 50 years. Are your qualities the same? Do you reflect on the quality of your parents? In this sentence, it seems to be a natural default: making more money equals high quality. Of course, if you put these words in the ears of the parents, you will never say it all. The echo is also a matter of taste.

9 months ago

Such remarks are a reflection of the downward trend of society as a whole and the gradual consolidation of classes. In this kind of society, people begin to lack hope and regard facts as established and unchangeable. When social mobility is strong, there will be room for what people say, and discrimination is less likely to occur. People may fawn on being officials, but they will not demean civilians. Because he may one day develop, it is time for you to be sad. Discrimination often appears in those unchangeable objects. The most important thing is blood discrimination (for example, the huge difference between nobles and civilians under aristocracy), followed by racial discrimination. In theory, wealth discrimination is rising in society as a whole, and it is not easy to appear in the era of rapid economic development, because social mobility is strong at this time. However, as this discrimination increases, it reflects the gradual decline of society.

9 months ago

Such remarks are absolutely taboo in the field of education. Almost any teacher will not say it. You have never heard of it before, right? Because such words hurt the children too much. Fortunately, it is a junior high school student, if it is a primary school student, it can cry in a class. Children are the most sensitive and vain time. They are prone to low self-esteem from a business background. As an educator, they don’t want to encourage and enlighten children. Instead, they suppress and deny children. This not only makes poor children feel inferior, but also makes the Let the other students distort their three views and become imaginary and impetuous people. In fact, if you say something honestly, what she said is actually true in many cases. The wealthy children in the family are indeed able to receive better education, and parents’ genes and qualities will likely be better. My friend who was a teacher joked, “Sometimes when I look at a child, I know what his father is. Grade”. If you have a simpler mind, maybe you really think she is telling the truth. But, I want to say but.

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