Who is the political commissar? He is what Mr. Lu Xun called “a warrior who dares to fight fiercely alone”. This kind of person is the “backbone of the Chinese nation”, but this does not cover all the political commissars. The chapter political commissars are still ideological executors. When it comes to execution, the first thing that will definitely come to mind is Vader, but Vader is mentally handicapped in front of the political commissar. Don’t look at him shouting “Go forward, go forward by all means” every day. That’s just a slogan. Who won’t shout slogans? I once called out, the key is how to do it. The political commissar can kill the old spacefighter without a trace. If Vader kills Cheng Xin, he can be found immediately, and he has not yet killed it. Therefore, it is not enough to have the ability to execute. What is needed is how to accomplish it when there is only one vague goal. Is this a bit like the one in “Give the Letter to Garcia”? The cleverness of the political commissar does not lie in With firm conviction, this Vader can also do it, and it does not lie in the superb execution methods. In fact, this is already superior, and the most important thing is to adapt to circumstances. Commissary Zhang’s journey was full of variables. The things he could control ended when he assassinated the old spacefighter. He couldn’t decide whether or not the senior officials would allow him to hibernate to support the future. He still couldn’t decide when he would wake up. He can’t decide whether he can enter the space fleet after waking up, and he can’t decide whether he can control an interstellar ship after waking up. To complete the idea of ​​the political commissar, you can only rely on luck and adaptability. The pitiful god finally gave the political commissar a chance to escape. At the moment of entering space, with the wisdom of the people of AD, the political commissar must be the first to realize the “dark forest”. This is really not nonsense. Shi also easily learned about the dark forest, and also proposed a third solution to the dark forest. So why didn’t the political commissar launch an attack on the dark forest immediately? Is he tired? Of course he is tired. Walking so long alone in the night, everyone will be tired. Can he be tired? He can’t. His mission has not been completed. His mission is not just to take the starship to escape. His mission is to continue the earth’s civilization. If it is to continue the earth’s civilization, it seems that the best solution is to kill the remaining starships. Just like the assassination of Lao Hangtian, the political commissar led Dongfang Yanxu to the sea of ​​stars. If Vader must have done it, after all, he can sell his mother like a brothel. What is the betrayal of a few children? Speaking of which, the Starship humans are all children of their AD people, but this is just the best solution that seems to be. Not really the optimal solution. Political commissar Zhang knows that the opportunity he has now is fleeting. Of course, he can take Eastern Yanxu to develop a new civilization, but what he wants is the continuation of earth civilization, not just Eastern Yanxu. In order for the earth’s civilization to continue, the children must grow up. After all, the future is long and the universe is full of hunters in the forest. He must let the children understand the dark forest by themselves, and deal with each other cruelly. A hunter shoots, even if the hunter is his own brother Robeze. When Chu Yan launched an attack, the political commissar Zhang could be satisfied. He was like an old father who had finally sent his child into the bridal chamber. At this time, the child has grown up and he doesn’t need the old father to hold hands and toddlers. At this time, the old father was gratified, so he said the most sorrowful sentence of “all the same”, but the sorrow and sorrow is ours, for the political commissar, he can only be gratified. Let’s talk about the structure of the story again. Chu Yan’s attack means the success of Hines’s plan to face the wall. Chu Yan is a 100% steel seal clan, but he took the initiative to pursue the political commissar. This echoes the greatness of Hines, otherwise the ideological stamp can’t fall. In addition, who should write the magnificent history of the starship mankind’s magnificent pioneering work? Of course, it is Yun Tianming. For a foreshadowing that has been buried for such a long time, he can’t just talk about three fairy tales, and Yun Tianming is definitely more suitable than Zhang Political Commissar The leader of starship civilization. He has endured loneliness. A brain wandering in the universe. This loneliness is deeper than a political commissar alone in the dark. He has experience in interstellar navigation and has been following the Trisolaran fleet for so long. Now, and you really have the qualifications to lead the fleet, and all of them become leaders in the Trisolaran fleet, can’t you lead Chu Yan? This is like the vice president of Alibaba and Tencent who has moved to a small startup company. Does anyone have an opinion on his going to be the CEO? Therefore, the political commissar must die, but his death is not worthless. Like those old spaceflights, he will turn into fireworks to illuminate the future of earth civilization.


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5 months ago

He didn’t hesitate, but the children waiting for the starship Earth realized the law of the dark forest by themselves, otherwise Zhang Beihai would have killed the soldiers on the other four spaceships to seize resources. His goal is not whether he or the natural selection can survive, but needs the birth of a group of new humans who have a tangible experience of the laws of survival in the universe. Only in this way can this new civilization be long-lasting and human civilization can continue. So, he finally said, it doesn’t matter, it’s all the same. General Zhang’s goal has been achieved, and the sea of stars is his best destination.

5 months ago

Zhang Beihai would hesitate, Zhang Beihai died, and we readers are responsible. Why did the three-body I sell badly at that time? We didn’t buy enough. If we are like Xiao Zhan fans, one person would buy 10 sets and 30 sets. Yes, Zhang Beihai specifies that he will not die so soon, haha. In an interview, Liu Cixin said that he did not intend to write Three Body III. The example cited is the death of Zhang Beihai. His original intention was that Zhang Beihai’s character was finally shaped through so many foreshadowings. Then he died. If there is a sequel, it would not be so wasteful. It’s just that the three-body II sells well at the back, so I continued to write about the three-body.

5 months ago

I think he finally hesitated to sublimate his personal design. Zhang Beihai is like a Chinese in traditional knowledge. He has ideals, firm will, and clean methods, but he is successful in the end with tenderness. His goal is to preserve human civilization. Human civilization is indeed preserved. He can’t live. From the point of view of his purpose, it is not important at all, even he himself thinks it is not important, but the last moment he hesitated made his personal design especially tender. It can be said that he died just right because he died here. , Can be said to die in the most perfect place set up by others, it will make people miss it

5 months ago

Believe me, if Dongfang told him in advance that he wanted to fire on the rest of the fleet, he would press it without hesitation. Why? These fleets are equivalent to raising Gu, and the most vicious one must be selected to survive. Although the Beihai mission is completed, it is impossible for him to default to the elimination of his fleet because of this, as long as Dongfang decisively puts forward this suggestion. He would not oppose, but in the end, he took the initiative to propose and do these things (even if it is said that we share this responsibility, we can see that it is not decisive), so his fleet is not Qualified. However, if other fleets are also unqualified, that is, if he did not launch an offensive after he made up his mind, it means that these Gu worms are unqualified. Then Zhang Beihai will definitely choose to continue to lead this fleet to live, but I think this is the last thing Zhang Beihai wants to see, because it means that this human fire is still immature. What will happen after his death?

5 months ago

The “last” here refers to the decision to attack another warship? I haven’t seen it for a long time. I remember that it was in the final decision whether to attack a fellow warship. He had been hesitating and even all the ship’s personnel had come to force the palace to make up his mind? Forget the fact that it will eventually lead to an attack by the other party, which roughly means that it is right; Zhang Beihai is a man of extremely strong will. Because he is a professional soldier for generations, he has absolute persistence and persistence in commands and goals. Zhang Beihai has a clear goal. After that, he has been resolutely implementing his plan. Morality, emotion, and ethics cannot prevent him from completing his plan. In this process, he is a soldier. Laziness, cowardice, hesitation, and looseness have completely disappeared from him. The goal is moving forward; but after he took away the last two warships of mankind, he was finally able to put down his military status and live as a normal person. He can laugh, distract, relax, and hesitate, because his mission has been successfully completed. The degree of completion is 100%. As for his status and the life and death of the fleet after the mission is completed, his mission will not be affected. His work is over. No matter who lives or dies, his mission is completed beautifully; so in the end The moment of hesitation, one is that he has removed the high-intensity thinking mode, there is no need for high-intensity systematic thinking plans and results, because it will not affect the overall situation; the second is that he has removed his identity and his sensibility has returned to his thinking There is the East in the fleet, and there are crew members who admire him. The other side is also the only free man on earth. Anyone will hesitate. In addition, from the perspective of characterization, death is the highest sublimation, making his ending more epic. Sense, make his personality greater~

5 months ago

The correct answer is that the author does not want to write it, but I prefer to understand it this way: a group of crew members who hesitate and need their own consent to defend and attack other ships are far inferior to those who can understand some theories of the Dark Forest without themselves. Compared with the former, the latter is already a true “new human”. Compared with the former group of “old earth people”, the latter has a greater chance of surviving in the universe. It is better to let the new humans live.

5 months ago

Judging from the plot, Beihai just wants to leave seeds for mankind. Which one of the five spaceships is the same. Similarly, Beihai is equivalent to the image of a father in the fleet, and he actually regards himself as the father of Starship Earth in his heart, because he was originally a father with a daughter. For the internal struggle between the children for survival, all I can do is to dedicate myself. Although what I did has ruined the lives of other people in natural selection and became a sinner, “I don’t go to hell, who goes to hell”… There is a lot of nonsense. In reality, because Liu doesn’t want to write the third book

5 months ago

Many people may not understand why Beihai, who has always been determined and decisive, has been unable to press the button. I even think that the people in Beihai have collapsed in this chapter. In fact, Beihai was never just a cold-hearted person. From assassinating the old spaceflight to running away with the ship, his every move serves the survival of human civilization. At the last moment, Beihai said, “It doesn’t matter, it’s all the same.” In fact, this is different. Perhaps for Beihai, the infrasonic hydrogen bomb that died on the Ultimate Law is a better destination. If this war ended with Zhang Beihai decisively pressing the button and winning. Then in the rest of his life, I am afraid that he will worry about whether the new human beings after his death one day will be able to face this empty and dark universe countless times. Now, Zhang Beihai has no need to worry. The new humans of Starship Earth are finally “spicy” enough and don’t need his “old father” of the golden age to continue to shelter. It can be said that Zhang Beihai not only stares at this scene, but also smiles. As the “Father of Starship Earth” and “Father of Mankind in the Galaxy”, Zhang Beihai not only created the Starship Earth, but also observed every step it took and looked forward to its growth. Even if the so-called growth is a sharp edge towards him. He has done everything a father should have. He has long regarded the survival of Starship Earth more than his own life. I think that Zhang Beihai, who is decisive in killing the old spaceflight and yet reluctant to press the small fire button, is a complete Beihai, a Zhang Beihai with “sword and stars in his eyes at the same time”.​

5 months ago

Combining the understanding of many issues, make the following understanding: Because Zhang Beihai’s ultimate goal is to continue the fire for mankind, he chose to let the most enlightened fleet survive (he cannot shelter the Natural Selection forever). This is a resolute determination like a sharp sword. Even if he is eventually broken, this character is destroyed in perseverance. What a decisive determination! “It doesn’t matter, it’s all the same.” This is an expression of extreme saneness and extreme fortitude.

5 months ago

Your “Never procrastinate in doing things, be vigorous and resolute” shows that Da Liu Shu is really well written, and that ordinary readers who read quickly can get an alternative “cool” feeling. “Three-body is a work that requires repeated viewing and thinking.” This is my personal opinion. The first time you watch, you are reading a science fiction novel; the second time you watch, you are enjoying the book to make you feel aftertaste. Endless chapters; in the third viewing, you have swept away the details before checking the missing and filling vacancies; in the fourth viewing, you read after reading Liu Cixin’s other works, and you have begun to find Liu Cixin in the book One of its thoughts is mapped. At this level, you will understand more or less that Liu Cixin has always held a negative attitude towards humanity before the 21st century, and even believes that if humans want to enter the next stage of space, they must abandon part of their minds and evolve into ” “New humans” or “new species” may be suitable for the future world. We have no doubt that if the Trisolaran is true, most of the chapters about human nature that take place in it will take place in the real world, because no one knows ourselves better than human beings, and we also understand the world in which we live. Speaking of Zhang Beihai, we can find out from the book that he is not a “resolute” person. On the contrary, he is an activist who strives to “do what he can”, from consulting his father on his own “what to do” to exposing Wu Yue. The unbearable after the fact of “failureism” also shows that he himself is not an unusually rational person, he also has a perceptual side, and his behavioral motivation is precisely the simplest “choose one thing, lifelong” can also be regarded as ” Choose a goal and implement it unswervingly.” “If I don’t do it, then it is possible that others will do it, but I can’t guarantee that others will do it. So in order to maximize the success rate of the results, I have to do it.” This is thinking from a rational level, so he hesitated at the last moment. The remaining sensibility also relieved him. I think he didn’t think about anything else at that moment, but wondered if he had it. The ability to continue to lead everyone forward, do you have the courage to welcome a new future, what should you do if you encounter other threats in space, but in the end the blue space sirens let him wake up, and it remains. With a little sensibility, whether he can go to the future, the “children” of the Blue Space have already told him by action that they are more suitable than him, so they are relieved.

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