Recently, a company’s HR claimed that those who don’t work overtime are rubbish, causing heated discussions. The HR stated that “please lower your posture before entering the workplace and study hard instead of worrying about working overtime”. Should I lower my profile when I first enter the workplace? Some netizens believe that newcomers in the workplace should lower their stance and seek advice humbly; some netizens believe that it is not necessary to lower their stance and learn with an humility. Do you think you should lower your profile when you first enter the workplace?

The complete chat record is as follows: HR: Can you accept overtime? Candidate: If you are busy during that time, I think it is normal to work overtime occasionally. HR: When can I accept overtime at the latest? Job seeker: What are the normal working hours? Will overtime be paid for long hours of overtime? HR: Did your teacher delay to make up your rest time after class? Overtime work depends on the project. If the project is done well, there will be a corresponding bonus. The bonus is more than the overtime pay, instead of just looking at the overtime pay in front of you. Candidates: This is not a secret exchange concept, yes. If frequent overtime work seriously affects work and rest life, isn’t unpaid overtime equivalent to deduction of wages? The bonus belongs to the bonus. Do you mean that most of the people you hire leave because they can’t stand the pressure of overtime? HR: Please lower your profile and study hard before entering the workplace, instead of worrying about working overtime, and don’t make arrogant assertions before you do your basic homework without understanding an industry. I’m sorry that your brother did a good job here. The salary is very high, but you are not a little bit off. We are very clear about your basic details. I’m really sorry, you are really inferior to the same fresh graduates in terms of human relationship and comprehensive strength. Job applicant: Then I really thank you for your understanding and advice. My human relationship is not your turn. To make irresponsible remarks HR: Well, we do not collect garbage, goodbye, I wish you a suitable job as soon as possible, and a happy life. Before I understand the details, I actually thought that the job seeker said something excessive that caused the HR to explode. However, after reading the dialogue, I found that the emotional control ability of this HR has serious problems and does not have the qualities that HR should have. First correct some typical wrong thinking. 1. Overtime ≠ the teacher pays for dragging the class to school, and the extra money is forfeited for dragging the class; work is profitable, and overtime should have extra income. This is stipulated by the Labor Contract Law. Of course, I understand that many company bosses do not take the labor contract law seriously, and HR may not be able to do it. If there is no overtime pay, HR can emphasize that there is a time off; if there is no time off, HR can emphasize not to clock in, and leave early if something happens; if you have to clock in… HR can emphasize that we pay a higher salary than the market; if we don’t give money, Many, I suggest that HR also change jobs, this can’t be done. From the perspective of HR’s emphasis on bonuses, it can be said that your company’s corporate culture may not be easy to recruit. Since it is not easy, if you find a candidate who does not recognize the overtime culture culturally, just bless them and then interview others. But this HR actually has time to teach candidates to be humans, boldly predicting that the workload is not saturated. 2. Study hard ≠ don’t care about working overtime. Many bosses, especially small company bosses, have a rather outrageous thinking: you are a newcomer, you have to study hard, you should work more overtime. Regarding the attitude of overtime, I mentioned in the previous answer: What are the social rules that everyone does not say but need to know? I am not opposed to working overtime. Sometimes it is inevitable to work overtime. As the job seeker said at the beginning: Every company may have a busy season, or it is understandable to work overtime occasionally in order to complete a project sprint. But I will emphasize: work overtime for yourself. To find out if our overtime is valuable. The method is simple. Ask yourself three questions: Can my workplace skills/professional knowledge grow through overtime? If this project has a field that I have always wanted to learn, or can significantly improve my abilities, and can endorse my career development in the future, then why not do it? At the beginning, Zhang Xiaolong’s team used overtime to grab the WeChat product in the competition among many Tencent teams. The members of this team got real benefits. Even if they switched jobs, they also had WeChat endorsements. This class was worth the extra work. Can I win more opportunities by working overtime? Sometimes we work overtime to do some chores. No value. But we know that our leaders are reliable. This time I helped the leaders. Next time there will be good training opportunities or rotation opportunities. The leaders will give priority to me and consider me, so why not go to such overtime? Is overtime normal? Can I take a shift after working overtime? Workplace is the same as life, I will help you and you will help me. When the boss urgently needs me, I work overtime, so when I need to ask for leave, will the leader approve the leave without hesitation? If employees are unwilling to work overtime, what should the boss do? Here I mentioned my own point of view: the so-called flexible working system is a mutually beneficial model. You hope that employees can help the company in emergency, and the company must also provide convenience to employees. The logic of overtime should be to save the emergency but not the poor. The company that normalizes overtime work in 996 is the most terrifying: it deprives employees of their personal time and personal growth time through the system, and the boss does not feel that there is anything owed to you. This kind of overtime hurts employees the most. 3. HR needs to have the ability to control emotions. I would like to say a few more words to HR practitioners. Whether you are recruiting, training, or doing HRBP, your job is to “deal with people.” The ability to control emotions is extremely important. Because once you lose control of your emotions, you may not hurt a certain candidate or a certain employee, but all employees, all candidates, or even the company’s employer brand. If I were this HR, in this conversation, I would have at least three communication nodes and I would quit. In the first scene, if the candidate is disgusted with overtime, what I have to do is “understand, accept, and give up” instead of teaching him to be a human being. In the second scenario, if a candidate raises a question, what we have to do is “explain + exit”, rather than questioning the job applicant’s abilities. This is purely angry. If, as an HR, you really feel that the student’s ability is extremely poor, then you should just give up without asking anything. In the third scenario, if I were a job seeker, the first few screenshots were enough for me to ferment on social media, but at this time the candidate can still chat with HR, which is still a remedial opportunity. “You are right, I was too emotional just now; indeed, I did not participate in your human relationship, and I have no right to speak. But our company does exist overtime. If you can’t accept it, I fully understand it. I wish you a good company. “As a result, the HR then threw out the “junk” keyword-bosses directly hired automatically judged to be “harassment”-directly provided the media with a hot topic: HR believes that people who do not work overtime are rubbish. Emotions are the devil. Of course, there is another possibility. HR feels very bitter in such a company that does not have overtime wages for overtime work, and hopes to provide shelter for other job seekers. Found that the student was obsessed with wanting to join, reluctantly turned into a black HR, and prevented the student’s wrong behavior. If so, this HR, I am wrong, you are in the stratosphere.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

The famous American management experts Gary Hamel and CK Prahalad mentioned such an experiment in the book “Competing for the Future” and described it to us The origin of morality: Five monkeys (monkeys 1-5) were locked in a cage, and a bunch of bananas were hung in the cage. The experimenter installed an automatic device. Once it detects that a monkey is going to get a banana, the cage will be energized, causing the monkey to receive an electric shock. The first monkey to get a banana triggered an electric shock, but the other monkeys didn’t know why. Afterwards, as long as a monkey tries to get a banana, all monkeys will be shocked. Over time, the monkeys reached a consensus: Don’t get bananas, or you will be electrocuted. At this time, even if the staff is no longer powered on, the monkeys will not pick up bananas anymore. After that, the experimenter would take out a monkey in the cage and re-release a completely strange monkey A in. Of course, the monkey’s first reaction when he came in was to get a banana. As a result, he was beaten violently by four other monkeys… he was beaten a lot more times, and this monkey knew how not to get a banana, otherwise he would be beaten, although he didn’t understand why he was beaten. After that, the experimenter continued to replace a monkey that had experienced an electric shock, and let a strange monkey B in. Monkey B went through the same process as Monkey A, and finally learned not to take a banana. This process repeats itself until all the monkeys 1-5 in the cage have been replaced, and none of the monkeys who stayed in the cage have experienced an electric shock. Then they continued to replace the monkeys. The experimenters found that although the monkeys in the cage had never experienced an electric shock, they didn’t know why they shouldn’t get bananas, but as long as a new monkey tried to get bananas, they would respond without hesitation. Monkeys beat them…So, in this small society in cages, “cannot take bananas” has become the norm. This is the origin of morality. When more and more young people begin to discuss whether not working overtime is bad; when more and more bosses begin to regard “not working overtime” as a quality defect of employees. “Not working overtime” has become a “banana that can’t be taken.” The bosses look for granted, and the employees look suspicious and timid, which fuels this trend, and makes people even start to acquiesce that “whatever doesn’t work overtime is rubbish”! It is even possible that these bosses have experienced more serious overtime when they were employees. What they are doing now is just a projection of what they experienced back then, thinking that there is nothing unreasonable. After all, they were beaten up by other “monkeys” for “not working overtime”. So, now that this kind of social consensus has been formed, and there is even a tendency to strengthen it, can we only accept fate when hitting workers? No room for maneuver? of course not! Continuing the experiment at the beginning, if five new monkeys instead of one unfamiliar new monkey are brought in at this time, they will go to get bananas together. I am afraid that even if there is a block, it will be of no avail. And with this turning point, continue to put new monkeys in the cage. Under the premise of ensuring that there are enough bananas, even if they are beaten by the old monkeys, the new monkeys will definitely be able to eat the bananas. Even the old monkeys will start to try to eat bananas… So, as the saying goes: the proletariat of the world unites. Don’t persuade, just do it! Can’t get used to these distorted capitalists!

6 months ago

I don’t know which HR is, it is very lacking. 1. Lowering your profile does not mean accepting all unreasonable evaluations when entering the workplace as a newcomer. It must be appropriate to lower your profile, but it is definitely not unconditional to accept all requirements, especially many unreasonable requirements. After all, even if we are newcomers, we still come to work. We work as employees and get the rewards we deserve. This is essentially an employment relationship with the company. The HR’s speech is like treating employees as the private property of the company, and employees who cannot create additional value are “bad assets.” It is undeniable that when newcomers enter the workplace, there are still many things they don’t understand, and they need to be open-minded to ask for advice from their predecessors. But I am more inclined to call this “low profile” politeness and gratitude. The politeness and gratitude to those who are willing to take the time to teach us does not mean that I just lower my posture because I am a newcomer, especially those who are nothing. We still rely on seniors who are good at selling old, after all, everyone is equal, and they are all workers. 2. Extra overtime should be paid as it should be. As for overtime, I think personal pursuits are different and cannot be generalized. Some people want to struggle, love to use their love to generate electricity, and want to achieve greater success at work. This type of people is more likely to work overtime voluntarily and does not feel that this is a burden. And some people are old and young. TAs not only play the role of company employees, they may also be the parents of which children, the sons and daughters of which elderly people… These people generally want to balance work and life, then It may not be able to work overtime, and accordingly, the achievements in work may not be as good as people who regard work as life. As mentioned above, employees and the company are essentially an employment relationship. If you pay more, you get more, and if you pay less, you get less. So HR says that employees who don’t work overtime are all rubbish, it is in PUA. It was originally a matter of personal choice, and worked harder to get more money, distributed according to work, why should I be insulted if I choose not to work overtime? It’s not just to say that unpaid overtime works, although it is said that more work is earned, and the distribution is based on work, but in fact many unscrupulous companies squeeze employees, not only asking for overtime, but also asking for unpaid overtime, without any subsidies and remuneration, they want employees to pay all the time. I want the horse to run without feeding the horse”, this is the contradiction of overtime. I heard more than one friend say something like this: “It’s okay to work overtime, and you just have to pay enough.” This shows that many people can actually work overtime, but the company does not pay them for the extra labor, so it is very repellent to the company’s “white prostitution” behavior. I think a good company’s attitude towards overtime work should be: formulating an appropriate overtime subsidy system can not only make people who use power generation more motivated, but also motivate some employees who can or may not work overtime to create for the company. More value. Although it may be possible for the company to increase the cost of the employee after the subsidy for overtime work, as long as the value created by the employee is greater than the cost, the long-term benefits will outweigh the disadvantages for the company, and it will be good. Virtuous circle. A good company cannot develop long-term by squeezing employees. If a company wants to grow bigger and stronger and operate for a long time, it must not be achieved by squeezing the surplus value of employees, but by encouraging employees to create more value through a reasonable management system. To achieve. As an employee, whether it is a newcomer or an old man, he must be wary of falling into the PUA of an unscrupulous company. If he does his job well, he should get the reward he deserves. For those companies that treat their employees as private property and carry out life attacks and insults, they must not compromise. This is a kind of workplace PUA, which makes you feel that it is a very bad person not to work for the company. But be aware that in many cases newcomers in the workplace are unavoidable to work overtime, because they are not yet familiar with the work content, there are many things to learn, and sometimes they may not be able to complete the work content on time, and in order not to affect the team progress, they can only work overtime and finish first. . But this is certainly not the norm. Once you are familiar with the work content, you can improve your work efficiency, and you don’t have to work overtime after you finish your work.

6 months ago

Really treat yourself as a gadget. This powerful HR, who can claim to not work overtime all the time is rubbish. Either the squeezed habit becomes natural, or it is a typical pleasing personality. When you first enter the workplace, you should lower your posture and learn from and ask your seniors. This is the way to behave as a reason, and it doesn’t need to be taught at all. Because no one can be stupid, pretend to be a wolf with a big tail in front of the predecessors. And this HR fellow said: “Before entering the workplace, please lower your posture and study hard instead of worrying about working overtime.” I take the liberty to ask, does this HR start working overtime as soon as he graduates? Have been working overtime until now? Regardless of overtime and salary, are we here to do charity for the company? Is studying overtime? Is overtime a promotion? Does overtime mean hard work? It’s a talent to be able to speak so confidently about squeezing.

6 months ago

Those HRs who keep saying that “the ones who don’t work overtime are rubbish” are the real rubbish. I have just graduated and entered the workplace. I really need to learn and improve myself. However, there are various ways of learning for different people. For those who are smarter, they may not need to work overtime at all, so they can get started quickly and do well. For those who need to spend more time than others to improve themselves, it does not matter whether they choose to work overtime to improve themselves, or even if they are eliminated. Why do you have to work overtime across the board? Even after working for a few years, if the working hours are operated at full capacity and there is no overtime pay for overtime, why should I work overtime? Of course, Yongai Power Generation is another matter.

6 months ago

There is a story in “Liao Zhai” that has been compiled into textbooks. The name of the story is “Wolf”: The general content is that a butcher went home with the leftover bones at night and met two wolves on the way! He threw a bone first, hoping that the wolf would eat the bone and let him go! But the wolf still followed him! He threw another piece…until the bone was gone! The wolf still follows him! He knew the wolf was going to eat him! So he leaned against a haystack, took out the boning knife and prepared to work hard! One of the wolves has left, while the other is still there! The butcher mustered up the courage to kill the wolf with a knife! When he was about to leave, he found that another wolf had gotten into the haystack behind him, preparing to attack him! Only a butt leaked out of the haystack! The butcher was furious and killed the wolf in the haystack! The butcher in the story, like many newbies, is the first time he has encountered a wolf! At first he thought it would be good to give the wolf a few bones, but he did not expect that the wolf is insatiable! Finally was forced to resist! In fact, from the very beginning, I didn’t take any chances and just thought of a way to kill the wolf, maybe even the bones were saved! Sometimes you compromise at the beginning, and when you want to resist, your chances may be gone! The above are personal opinions, for reference only!

6 months ago

You can “lower your profile” when you first enter the workplace, and you should also “lower your profile”. However, one cannot “degrade personality.” Low profile refers to studying with an open mind, working hard, and getting along with colleagues. Those who don’t work overtime are rubbish. This is an insult to personality. We live in a society where everyone is equal. Equality here refers more to personality. We must not be inferior in personality and let others bully just because we have just entered the workplace. Just like in this society, we have different wealth, resources, connections, and circles. We can tolerate inequality in wealth, inequality in resources, and inequality in connections, but we cannot endure rich people because we are poor. Bullying is the same. Our personalities are all equal, and people are always poor!

6 months ago

As an HR, let’s talk about my own understanding. I think lowering your posture and giving up your posture are two different things. Lowering your posture is to hope that you can learn and deal with others in a relatively humble attitude, rather than completely turning yourself into A small sheep that can be easily manipulated, in an organization, except for the boss, everyone is an equal servant, followed by professionals of different positions and different years. In addition, with regard to working overtime, some people like to generate energy for love. Work can inspire their own enthusiasm and find their own value. Some people think that they cannot lose their life for work. Work is a part and life is an equally important part. These two points are actually There is nothing wrong with it. Try not to criticize other people’s ideas from your own perspective. Moreover, sometimes the quality of work is not just an indicator of overtime.

6 months ago

HR of a company said that those who don’t work overtime are garbage. This blow is too big…In the system, as well as state-owned enterprises, they strictly abide by the labor law and abide by the working hours. I don’t know how they felt after listening to this HR’s words. Does this HR work overtime by himself? If not, he is also rubbish. If yes, logically speaking, it may not be rubbish. Can’t make it right, he said this during non-overtime hours, deliberately to the boss? They are all hitting workers, so why is it too anxious? There is another question: Does the employee work overtime or not, does it have anything to do with HR? Feeling silly! Now let’s talk about the issue of low profile when entering the workplace. This sentence should be fine. When you first enter the workplace, you need to learn more from your predecessors, learn more, practice more, and be modest and prudent. This is usually the case. Of course, there are mines at home, except for special characters who have magic blessings themselves. The term arrogance is for them. This is beyond the scope of our discussion. Lowering your stance does not mean that you will be “bullyed” when you first enter the workplace, and your legitimate rights and interests will be violated. It is not an excuse for others to make profit.

6 months ago

This case gave me room for imagination: In direct employment, instant conversations can be so intense, so if you replace it with a face-to-face interview, how hot the scene should be! We all know that written communication (email, WeChat, and other instant dialogue platforms) gives people sufficient time to think carefully, to evaluate and examine whether their words are excessive or inappropriate. As an HR, you must pay attention to this when communicating with people, whether it is for leaders, colleagues, or external job seekers. This is also the basic professionalism. If a company is responsible for recruiting HR like this, I will have a bad impression of this company-what is the company’s employment philosophy and standards? If the Tao is different, don’t seek each other, let’s find another “ideal home”.

6 months ago

I remembered the company that was interviewing for the first time. When asked “Will there be overtime work?”, hr immediately responded to me, “At first glance, you just came out of society. You have only yourself and no company in your heart. You only care about your own interests, but no company. Dedication.” I did not come out to make money, not charity. Some hrs really feel that they are personal, defiant, arrogant and arrogant. In this news, hr is even more ruthless. Everyone is looking for a job in a two-way manner, and business is not righteous. What’s more, it is only in the online communication stage. If there is a difference, they secretly change concepts to teach people, draw big cakes, and even covertly say about job hunting. The person is rubbish; such hr is really happy. In this conversation, I don’t think the applicant has any radical remarks, and this hr spoke rudely. Everyone is out to work, and if you are good at positioning yourself, you are just a recruiter if you put it bluntly, so why bother to be superior and save the time. After stepping back ten thousand steps, isn’t it reasonable for the applicant to ask about the job content? But this hr kept saying “not working overtime is rubbish”, this kind of naked insult to others is simply hateful! The relationship between employees and the company has always been equal. You can choose me, I can also choose you, don’t look high all day long, who do you show to? Qing Dynasty is dead!

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