The vast majority of ordinary people are not big evil people, the kind who saw children slap in the past while walking; of course, they are not the big saints who saw tigers hungry and cut their own flesh. They are ordinary people, ordinary people with seven emotions and six desires. Precisely because we are ordinary people, in fact, most of the time, we are very easy to talk. The takeaway guy is late, say I’m sorry, and find an excuse, such as heavy rain, such as a broken tire, such as a system bug saying I got it, but I’m still waiting for the merchant to get it out, and then apologize on his face with a pitiful look and gesture. Put it down low, looking like a gentleman. According to our old saying, “All I want is an attitude.” Still the same sentence, most of the common people either have the imaginary “I am a good person”, or they can empathize with “it’s not easy for everyone,” or even “Look at me begging me like this, I’m an adult. A lot, who would call me millions up and down a minute” vanity is fine. After all, if you have a chance to vent your unhappiness, your anger will disappear. According to our old saying, “Just accept it when you see it, you can be forgiven.” Those who are so angry that the other party apologizes seriously (or the performance is serious), and they have to go to the phone to give bad reviews. That sentence is still a minority. Do you think I want to condemn these few people for being cold-blooded? Actually not. Precisely because it is a minority, when the platform is set, the coefficient is adjusted very high, and the penalty is also set high. For example, on a certain platform, a bad review deducts 50 yuan, a complaint deducts 500; another platform is a bad person deducts 100, a complaint deducts 1,000. From the point of view of Utilitarianism, this ensures that most of the brothers from other places will be late, but they will not be late and have a bad attitude. This in turn reduces the probability of most consumers being angry. Therefore, the takeaway was 20 minutes late, and the attitude was not good, and the minority who could bravely give bad reviews served the wider public. And what kind of thing do we need to remind? The takeaway was late and communicated the reasons for the late arrival. For example, the road was closed at the opening meeting, such as the rush hour, such as a fall, the takeaway boy sincerely apologized, but still chose consumers with bad reviews. Theoretically speaking, this behavior is not a big problem. I am upset, and I will give a bad review, and the explanation is to cover up; what I bought is a service, and the service is not completed with quality and quantity, and the bad reviews are not discussed. But from the perspective of Utilitarianism, the result is that the attitude of the take-out does not affect the score, so in the future, the take-out does not need to be served by the attitude. Just ride fast enough. In fact, this deprived more ordinary consumers of the opportunity to enjoy smiling services.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Should be given. Do not give bad reviews, is it fair to those couriers who have a good attitude and deliver them on time? It’s not easy for couriers, but with these good attitudes, it’s even more difficult for couriers who deliver on time. You can’t chill their hearts. The basic logic here is: if you are late without complaints, you can grab more orders. Then, the couriers with a bad attitude about being late will take away the orders from those couriers who are friendly and punctual. So think about it: Is it fair to let these bad couriers who are late deliver the orders from the friendly couriers who are on time? The vast majority of couriers still have a good attitude to deliver on time, and this kind of couriers will not have a bad attitude even if they are late. . . You have to ensure their living soil and don’t let bad money drive them out, and you should decisively give bad reviews to those couriers who can’t provide the services they deserve. Let bad couriers drive out of the team, so that good couriers can grab more orders, and reduce the intrigue of bad couriers on excellent couriers. This is your greatest goodwill to couriers.

6 months ago

If you are really upset, just give it. You’re welcome. Takeaway delivery belongs to the service industry. No matter how many situations the takeaway encounters during the delivery of the food, the basic service attitude is still necessary. Many times he is late and sincerely apologizes to the customer and speaks well. After the customer listens to it, it is because of the wait for the meal. Irritability will be resolved a lot. So if the takeaway has a bad attitude and you are friendly, you can exercise the right to give him a bad review, which is also a flogging for him.

6 months ago

Give it a bad attitude. They are all hitting workers, no one should be pitiful. It was not easy to see the media promoting the takeaway brother before. Now that I see similar news, I feel resisted, and I get tired after reading too much. It’s not difficult, those 996 people, those who get up early and work in the dark, those who go to work during the day and night, and those who take the bread and squeeze the subway and wait for the bread to turn into pizza. These people may be scolded for mistakes in their work. head. From the beginning of “more tolerance”, it gradually became a kind of privilege, a kind of different treatment. You have to reflect on yourself if you give a bad review, it is unnecessary or unnecessary. If the platform time is unreasonable, too many negative reviews will naturally urge the platform to readjust the delivery time. I endure it, maybe the platform feels squeezed.

6 months ago

Super angry will give bad reviews, but generally not. If you start from yourself, you are not afraid of ten thousand, just in case. When is there someone at home, who is there? If you want to know, you only need to pay attention to it for a few days at your door. It is basically completely exposed. In theory, we think that bad service can lead to bad reviews. This was originally our right, but now it has become a “moral shackle” that restrains us (customers). Because of the bad reviews, how many things happened between the consumers and the delivery staff. . . When something goes wrong, consumers can only give feedback to the system, and if the delivery staff receives a bad review, they can only find the person with the bad review. This is the contradiction between the delivery staff and the consumer, but no matter which one of these two concessions, the problem will not have to be. To solve it, who is the key variable of the problem? There are too many similar things, no matter whether you give a bad review or not, the problem will still appear again and again. In the final analysis, this is a platform problem. The platform should no longer bury its head in the sand.

6 months ago

As a takeaway uncle who works part-time but does a good job, I think I should give it. I have timed out more than 20 minutes, or even more. Anyway, I was in a very ashamed mood at that time. I should sincerely apologize to the customer if I took so long to eat. In fact, there are no more than four reasons: slow food delivery by merchants, messy delivery of orders in the system, greediness to bring along, and problems with the car. Corresponding to the problems of xx merchants, the problems of the black-hearted system, their own problems, and the problems of luck. Either way has nothing to do with the customer!

6 months ago

I have encountered this problem many times…every time I encounter a contradiction between the “takeaway” and the “consumer”, I feel that it is a means for the food delivery platform to shift the contradiction. I know that the takeaways are very hard. I know that during the epidemic, many takeout guys risked themselves to be the ferrymen in the city. Knowing that some takeaways stayed up late to deliver the food and they were so exhausted that they died suddenly… Let’s put aside the “ethics”: but the takeaway’s. The status quo is not caused by consumers. Consumers and takeaways are not an employment relationship. In the final analysis, takeaways are people who are circled in the system. Bad reviews are just feedback. How to better coordinate and feedback is the platform. Responsibility is just the bottomless competition between platforms. The delivery time has been shortened repeatedly, which has caused the squeeze of the delivery staff to become a bottomless pit, which in turn has caused consumers to spend money to buy “ethical” orders. Every time this kind of “takeaway” and “consumer” contradiction, public opinion tends to be either the takeaway or the consumer; in fact, all living beings are leeks, and you and I are cannon fodder. Having said that, I haven’t had any bad reviews until now… I don’t have the heart, em… I don’t dare…

6 months ago

People who often eat takeaways must be accustomed to overtime. Orders placed at 11 o’clock, prompt delivery at 11:30, usually at, 11:37-11:30. For any order, the rider time will be 7 minutes longer than the delivery time. This means that the timeout has been 3 minutes on the customer’s mobile phone, and there are 4 minutes left before the timeout on the rider’s mobile phone. Can you understand? There is another one, place an order at 11 o’clock and deliver it at 11:40. Delivery in 40 minutes. Due to the merchant’s inability to deliver the meal or the rider’s various reasons, the order was cancelled at 11:20 and the order was cancelled at 11:20. The delivery time is only 30 minutes from 11:20, and the delivery time is only 30 minutes from 11:20. Delivery time is 11:50. 10 minutes timeout. Well, let’s talk about it. The original 40-minute delivery time became 30 minutes when it came to the second rider. It was very nervous at first. When it was delivered to the customer, the customer overdue for about 10 minutes. The second rider will be ridiculed by customers. After a long time, no one will send the order, but the order will continue to be sent. The more people who refuse, the longer the timeout will be. (Various platform controls refuse orders, here is another topic, not to expand) What do I want to say, 40 minutes of work, you must be 30 minutes or less, finish it, who can be emotional. Who can have a good attitude. The 10 minutes of delivering food is not just for fun. The delivery staff who have been delivering for a long time usually don’t talk, or just two words. Hello. It’s hard to talk about whether the attitude is good or not. (The more you talk, the worse your attitude is) Normal people don’t give good comments. I’m all busy. What about you? There is no money for good reviews, does that takeaway care about good reviews? Stand up and take a look at me? There is no way to make a bad review, anyway, I won’t explain it, I won’t talk back, I love it.

6 months ago

Give it as it should, and no one owes it to anyone. Delivering food is the job of the delivery staff, and it is their duty to deliver it in time, which is what every delivery staff should do. Since it is late, the delivery staff should admit the mistake and politely apologize to the user. I was 20 minutes late and my attitude was not good. I gave a bad review, which is very reasonable. I was 20 minutes late, with a very good attitude, giving a bad review, which was reasonable, but uncomfortable. Being one second late, very good attitude, giving a bad review, very reasonable, but very unsatisfactory. Regardless of the length of the tardiness, we have the right to give a negative review, which is given by the platform. Whether you should give a bad review or not is nothing more than a matter of worldliness, but it is also based on your personality and the personality of the delivery staff, and more based on your mood at the time.

6 months ago

Shouldn’t. He has a bad attitude with you, and you have a bad attitude with him. This is called a relationship. Giving a bad review is an escalation of contradictions. Don’t escalate easily. The food delivery industry as a whole is squeezing delivery staff, and most of the friction is caused by the environment rather than the quality of the delivery staff. You have the right to negative reviews, but your enemy is not actually the takeaway in front of you, but the system that gives you the power to negative reviews. When you give a bad review, you are actually swallowed by the system. After the contradiction is escalated, the system will deteriorate rather than be optimized. Of course, if you are really upset, you can give it. I am just a suggestion, but I will not give it. Some people say that giving bad reviews can optimize the quality of takeaways and eliminate inferior takeaways. This is a positive incentive on the surface. This is a kind of thinking of a rational person in economics, a kind of wrong thinking, thinking very well, but not realistic. The biggest feature of takeaway is that the company is completely spin-off and is not responsible. Only the delivery staff is responsible. The greater the pressure on the delivery staff and the more psychologically wronged, the more friction in the service. You give a bad review to a takeaway, and the takeaway complains to your peers. What do you think of the peers? Colleagues will be further squeezed, there will be more psychological pressure. The entire food delivery industry is a game of interests among the platform, customers, and delivery staff. Among the three, the only one who pays the labor value is the delivery staff. The only ones who actually come into contact with consumers and take the most risks are also takeaways. Chinese society, remember to be more grateful to the workers. Have a good relationship with workers. If it is not a particularly serious matter, don’t escalate the conflict easily. Otherwise, the conflict between the takeaway and the customer will escalate, and the takeaway platform will be reaping the profits without any responsibility. This is the final result. At that time, it would not be good for consumers.

6 months ago

Related interests: I am a takeaway boy. I suggest you give it as much as you want. The takeaway boy is not so unbearable and speechless. I don’t know what is going on in the big city. In our small town, the little guys all have a tacit understanding, that is, when a customer asks about the fines during small chats, we are all strict. In fact, most of the time the boss will impose a symbolic penalty. It depends on the situation. For example, there are fewer orders and more orders. As long as you send them well, you will not be fined. But if you do something malicious and then don’t send it out, that’s definitely another matter. So don’t be too burdened with your thoughts. It doesn’t matter if you have one or two orders. You won’t be able to survive because of your two orders. Furthermore, bad reviews are also a spur to those with poor service attitudes.

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