Ms. Liu from Hefei, Anhui, bought an iPhone12 ProMax mobile phone on Apple’s official website for 10,099 yuan. After receiving the courier, I opened it and took a look. It turned out to be a 250ml bottle of Apple-flavored Mengniu yogurt. At present, the express company is still checking all links, and Apple’s customer service staff also said that it is currently in the verification stage. News source: spent 10099 yuan! Woman receives apple yogurt after buying a mobile phone on Apple’s official website?

After unpacking the box, there are several traces of suspected damage on the side of the package. The transparent fixing strip in the courier box is obviously deformed by violent pulling. It should have been repackaged. The mobile phone bought on Apple’s official website, the company does not have that hesitation. It’s not worth the loss to make such a big joke. The thief also has a good sense of humor to replace an Apple phone with an Apple Drink. It is most likely that this is a theft case. The perpetrators used Mengniu yogurt instead, because they were afraid that there would be suspicion during the transportation and sign-off process. This could not be Apple’s actions. Large companies have a series of procedures to avoid such incidents. The specific circumstances Need to wait for the police to investigate and collect evidence. After the incident, the three parties responded: The courier involved said that the package was delivered by a special person because it contained valuables. When receiving the package, no traces of dismantling of the package were found. It will be handled internally by the company because it fails to hand over the parcel to the parties in person. Apple customer service staff also said that there has been someone responsible for processing the order. The postal EMS company stated that the waybill has stated that the item was missing and is cooperating with Apple’s investigation. I hope that the police will solve the case as soon as possible, return a real “apple” to Ms. Liu, and bring the thief to justice!

In recent years, there has been an increasing acceptance of a view that sometimes life is more outrageous than movies. I spent more than 10,000 yuan to buy a “bottle of apple-flavored yogurt”. I guess I will have some different views on this yogurt in the future. Movies dare not act like this, but life is happening. In fact, there are three aspects to this incident: the shopping party, the Apple official, and the courier party. There is a high probability that shoppers will not direct and perform themselves and false alarms. After all, the shopping voucher express information exists. Apple officials definitely don’t want these things that affect brand effectiveness to appear. After that, will there be groups of jokes? “Did you buy apples?” “You bought it, apple yogurt, you deserve it.” “Apple’s products are so easy to use!” “Ah, don’t apples make yogurt?” So these official things are definitely not allowed. One thing affects the next tens of thousands of things, it is more than the gains. It’s a big loss. Then only the courier is left. According to the survey, the box is different. Although it is not very large, the truth behind every detail may be. Throw out all the impossible possibilities, the next impossible is also the truth. Therefore, there is a high probability that some small problems have occurred in a certain link of express delivery. But the courier is such a safe courier that everyone knows, and its reputation is so far that it makes all this even more confusing. But relatively speaking, the courier may change hands. So it may be more worthwhile to go deeper. So what is the real result, please pay attention to our next season’s show-“The Police Investigation Truth About Apple’s Mobile Phone Turning into Apple Yogurt”. Here we also remind the audience grandpas, express tens of thousands of items, open the box first Article. Valuables need to be signed face-to-face, so please do not leave it in a good mood.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

This incident looks quite ridiculous, but it’s hard to say whether there is a problem with Apple’s mobile phone becoming an apple yogurt. But Mengniu was very happy this time. This spread has saved a lot of advertising costs. Generally speaking, whether it is EMS or Apple, I think the problem is not big. With so many posts a year, the whole process is monitored. It is difficult to have problems in the delivery to transportation. If Ms. Liu is telling the truth, the final link of the express logistics is to check whether there are any problems with the transportation. The other is to find the courier brother, why both Ms. Liu and the courier brother agreed to deliver to the express cabinet, which violates the convention? One of the valuables is unpacked and inspected in person, and the other is handed over to the individual to check the ID card. Now that the yogurt is received, it will be dropped. The scope of inspection is not large. . . I don’t know who dared to do this. Is it interesting to memorize the case? If it’s self-directed and acted, it’s hard to tell the past. . . Like I said at the beginning, the whole thing was nonsense, but it happened. As for the result, we wait for the official investigation. Who is lying? . .

7 months ago

This bottle of yogurt is the most irritating, and it is a surprise. It is recommended to look at the call time and the lock-in time. Before signing in person on the spot, the courier will most likely not dare to do anything. If it is placed in the Fengchao cabinet immediately after the call, the courier will not have time to cheat, and the possibility of problems before delivery is relatively high; otherwise, if it is passed, the courier will not have time to cheat. It took a while to put it in the Fengchao cabinet, and the courier had time to start, there is a high probability that there will be problems in the intermediate process. My experience of buying iPhone 12 is similar to that of this woman, but the result is different. I bought it on Apple’s official website and delivered it to SF Express. At that time, I moved bricks in the company during the day. The courier negotiated to put it at the courier collection store in the community, and got the package intact. So far, all the packages sent have not had the problem of repacking, so I trust the courier company. After reading the answers of most of the answerers, you should be careful about signing for valuable things in the future, and it is best to accept them in person.

7 months ago

Personal opinion: Apple itself will not do such a thing. Although Ms. Liu bought an iPhone Pro Max worth 10,000 yuan, according to Apple’s financial report, last quarter Apple’s net profit has reached a terrifying $22.24 billion. What is the concept? Some netizens have calculated that this is equivalent to an increase of RMB 18,000 per second in Apple’s bank account! Apple’s products are important customers of EMS, and EMS delivery will also give priority to delivery. Whether it is each express sorting center or the final delivery point, it is delivered with a single seal, and it is separated from other express delivery. In addition, each link All are executed under monitoring.

7 months ago

Apple’s official after-sales policy, I always think it is very good, 14 days of unreasonable return, there are many renewal policies before, so many people in China take advantage of a lot of loopholes, so that some after-sales policies are at home and abroad. There is no choice but to treat them differently. Therefore, when this happens, I think it shouldn’t be intentional to send the wrong goods. It is very likely that the package was subcontracted in the middle. Please quietly wait for the follow-up investigation.

7 months ago

Apple’s mobile phone turns into apple yogurt. This taste is too strong. It is completely the story of the civet cat changing the prince. Consumers bought an iPhone 12 ProMax for RMB 10,099. After receiving the courier, they opened it and found a bottle of 250ml of Apple-flavored Mengniu yogurt. This may be the most expensive bottle of yogurt consumers have ever seen in their lives. It costs 40 yuan per gram, which is more expensive than Moutai. In fact, there is only one point that needs to be cared about in the law. Take away the real Apple phone.

7 months ago

Apple only sells mobile phones, not yogurt, so there is probably no problem at the source. A pack of yogurt is 3 yuan and 5 yuan. The price of this mobile phone can buy more than 2,800 packs of yogurt. Postal EMS is a dedicated person to deliver express delivery. Personally, I feel that it is unlikely that the package will be adjusted in this channel. In this case, the EMS transport personnel also have records, which can be easily discovered. Of course, if the courier brother does not move, it does not mean that he does it when no one else in this channel subcontracts. The most likely thing is that at this stage when the goods arrive in the express cabinet, someone maliciously opens and exchanges them. Then this behavior is undoubtedly theft, and the target value of more than 10,000 yuan has fully met the theft model. So in the case that the express cabinet was originally a real phone, assuming that the consumer wants to let the Apple mobile phone give another mobile phone, then the consumer has to claim that he is not at fault, claiming that the risk of the loss of the goods is borne by Apple.

7 months ago

The first question is whether the consumer asks the courier brother to store the valuables in the express cabinet, does it mean that the delivery of the goods has been completed, and the risk is at his own expense. Consumers can open it because there is a unique verification code in the express cabinet. If it is considered that the goods have arrived in the express cabinet and have been delivered, then the consumer is actually quite passive. Of course, there is a prerequisite for the risk burden of a contract for the sale of goods, that is, the fault of both parties cannot be attributed. In this way, it seems that the consumer did not inspect the goods on the spot, and the courier brother did not have to insist on agreeing to put it in the express cabinet when he came to the door. But after all, it is a normal consumption activity, including the delivery of express delivery. From this perspective, it should not be too harsh.

7 months ago

It’s impossible in theory… At least my own experience tells me that it’s not easy… I remember that the courier I received the cell phone was not the same as the courier in charge of my film. I was still very curious at the time. They have a valuable delivery person who is responsible for this kind of valuable mobile phone. When giving it to me, he was cautious and provided ID card, but also provided a knife, so that it was convenient to open the courier for inspection at that time, and then I was willing to leave without worry… ……Moreover, you must receive the goods face to face in person…

7 months ago

This is estimated to be the most expensive Mengniu yogurt in history, worth 10,000 yuan, and it is still apple flavored! Mengniu may be laughing everywhere, and our apple-flavored yogurt can be rubbed onto the Apple mobile phone. The world is so big, there are no surprises. Who would have thought of buying an Apple mobile phone, and finally received a box of apple yogurt. Apple’s official website, Ms. Liu and the express company, the most prone to problems can only be in express delivery. Link. The most likely thing is that the package was dropped in the middle, and Ms. Liu herself also found obvious signs of damage to the package. Ms. Liu found that there was nothing damaged on the appearance of the express box, but there were several suspected damage traces on the side of the package after the box was opened. At the same time, the transparent fixing strip in the express box is obviously deformed by violent pulling. In fact, I often encounter strange things with EMC’s express service. Sometimes you buy something on a third-party platform. If they use EMS, it is often that the item has not arrived yet, but the above message will show that you have received it! Although it was delivered in the end, most of the time everyone didn’t care too much, but it would be too much to buy an Apple mobile phone and give an apple-flavored yogurt at the end. The loss in the middle is not just the value of the item itself!

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7 months ago

This matter is a skillful legal issue. As a consumer, I would not choose to report to the police at the first time. Even if the report is made, I would not choose to report to the police easily. Because, I will not bring this matter to the criminal level, I will put it to the level of civil disputes to resolve, this is the best solution. In the case of helplessness, the police will finally go to the police. In other words, I am a consumer myself. There are several solutions to deal with this matter. When the first solution fails, the second solution is used. When the second solution fails, the third solution is used instead of doing everything at once. Because it has different relationships, it is divided into seriousness and difficulty as well as difficulty. In any case, it’s ok to get things done in the end.

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