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Fortunately, it is smart! Maybe you don’t have any idea about this intelligence. You think it’s just a toilet. It’s enough to catch my XX. Why do you want to be so smart, but! After reading this answer, you will definitely have a new understanding of smart toilets. The first is the issue of hygiene. If the traditional toilet is not cleaned frequently, it will produce various peculiar smells over time, and even small flying insects will make the entire bathroom dirty. Also, if there are guests at home, borrow it. Your toilet can be very awkward when you flush it, but if you have a smart toilet, you don’t have to worry too much about these problems. Compared with traditional toilets, general smart toilets have a more comprehensive cleaning range and flushing rules. For example, Huida’s smart toilets can be siphoned twice in one flush, and can basically be flushed. Compared with the flush type or the flush type The traditional toilet that can only be siphoned once, the odor will become very weak, and if you buy a better smart toilet, it will have deodorizing and antibacterial functions, plus some fragrance in the toilet, basically you don’t need to be like a traditional toilet. That way you have to deodorize every day. However, it should be noted that the current processing effect of the smart toilet still cannot reach the effect of manual cleaning, so if you want to achieve a better cleaning effect, you still need to cooperate with manual manual cleaning. In addition to hygiene, there is comfort and convenience. Perhaps most people’s understanding of smart toilets is still based on the basic functions of “seat heating”, “cleaning key parts”, and “warm air drying”, but the smart toilets are now fully equipped. The black technology, what LED digital display, what sensor flushing, and even can be linked with other smart home appliances, are really unexpected. Another point that is very important to young people is appearance. Many people may have a certain misunderstanding of smart toilets, thinking that smart toilets look very bulky, unsightly, and do not fit the style of young people today. In fact, it is not, because if you understand the bathroom area, you will find that whether it is a new company in recent years or an established company with a history like Huida, they still follow the current trend in design. Picture, don’t you love this streamlined shape? It is no exaggeration to say that the first time I saw this design was in a high-end hotel, it was really amazing. In short, smart toilets are indeed much easier to use than traditional toilets. Whether you are looking for beauty, quality, convenience, etc., smart toilets actually have enough power to give you, believe me, if you are at home There is also a chance to install a smart toilet, you must install it, you will fall in love with it.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Since the smart toilet was installed, I’m never afraid of freezing my ass when I go to the toilet in winter~ Haha, I have personally recommended a friend around me to install a smart toilet, which is easy to use in my personal test! Let’s list the advantages of smart toilets below. 1. Pumping is more vigorous, saving water and preventing blockage. Cleanliness is one of the most important needs for the toilet. Traditional toilets sometimes cannot completely flush the feces after using the toilet. It is also easy to block. The use of smart toilets can not only achieve a 360-degree flushing effect, but also Keep it more clean and sanitary. The probability of the toilet being blocked is smaller, and it saves water~ 2. The function of cleaning and drying the butt increases the happiness index. With the improvement of the quality of life, everyone’s lifestyle has undergone tremendous changes. Unhealthy eating habits lead to increased moisture in the body and sticky bowel movements (the picture is very strong.). After daily defecation, toilet paper cannot promptly wipe the residue on the buttocks Feces. With a smart toilet, it’s not the same. Whether it’s washing butt, bidet washing or drying, it can be done easily! And the water temperature can also be adjusted, it is not too beautiful~ 3. Temperature adjustment, no longer have to worry about freezing in winter. We have been using smart toilets for three or four years. Since using smart toilets, we never want to use traditional toilets anymore, because in winter we are really afraid of the moment when our buttocks come in contact with the toilet! Smart toilets generally have a heating function, allowing you to escape the cold winter from now on~ 4. Automatically pump water to avoid excessive hand contact. The traditional toilet flushing requires a manual button, but the smart toilet can learn the behavior of people leaving the toilet through photosensitive recognition and pressure detection, and then the toilet can be flushed when approaching. Save trouble and worry~5. Automatic sterilization and deodorization. In fact, the price of smart toilets is not much more expensive than ordinary toilets, but it really improves the happiness index! If you haven’t installed it yet, then I strongly recommend that you install a smart toilet~~~~ I see some netizens have reported the toilet splashing problem. Upon reminding, I thought of my foam machine, which puts a layer of foam on the water surface to effectively prevent water splashing. , But also deodorant, everyone who has high requirements for splashing water, you can consider it~

7 months ago

Because smart toilets are better in terms of appearance and functional experience. 1. Appearance is the primary productivity, and it is also the first part that everyone will pay attention to when buying a toilet. Common toilets are conjoined, split, wall-mounted, etc., with a simple and generous appearance. Smart toilets Currently, most of the common products on the market are instant-heating products, which have a lighter and thinner visual perception and a strong sense of technology. 2. Function & experience The basic function of the ordinary toilet is to flush the toilet, some may have deodorizing and seat heating functions, relatively speaking, the functional experience is relatively simple. P.S. To measure the quality of the toilet experience, special attention must be paid to the details, such as: the impulse must be large enough, the glaze must be easy to clean and not stained, the toilet lid must be slow and silent, and the design must be ergonomic. Smart toilet Compared with ordinary toilets, smart toilets have more “smart” words, and the functions and experiences that come with it are also more intelligent. Compared with ordinary toilets, smart toilets have more powerful functions such as warm water cleaning, seat heating, warm air drying, induction flip, smart remote control, etc. The rich functions also bring users a leap in experience: washing and drying instead of paper Wiping, seat heating, refusal to ice PP, induction flip lid to liberate hands, all in all, it is more convenient, comfortable and clean to use.

7 months ago

1. Reasonable price. Usually the decoration company adds 2,000 to replace the smart toilet. I wonder if I spent more than 100,000 in renovation costs. Is this 2,000 worse? Some elderly people can’t think about it. This place likes pure solid wood, that place likes carvings, and there must be a fancy background wall. All of them have an increase of 10,000. These are not distressed. A dishwasher with a few thousand yuan and a smart toilet with two thousand yuan These things that really improve the quality of life are distressed. 2. Good-looking. Compared with the old toilet with a water tank, the shape is simple and fashionable. In other words, if the old toilet looks good, the price is about the same as the smart toilet. 3. Just need to punch ass. I can not cook every day, but I can’t help but shit every day. People who have undergone a perianal cyst surgery will never dare to scratch their buttocks in this life. It’s not a problem to run to the shower head every day to wash with water. The ass is indeed just needed.

7 months ago

It’s really good-looking, it’s a big and heavy one, and it looks very high-end when you put it in the bathroom! The most important thing is that it is not expensive, the cheap ones are more than 2,000, and the medium ones are only around 5,000! There are mainly a few commonly used experiences, heating function, winter fart is not cold, chrysanthemum flushing function, no need to look at the yellow objects on the roll paper, and clean drying function, this experience is not good, because generally I don’t have the patience to wait for drying. Wipe dry with paper,,,, automatic flushing function, lift up your buttocks and go, no need to press. Deodorization function, this is also very easy to use, the toilet smell is improved very well. But there is also a shortcoming, it costs electricity,, In winter, the heating function is really easy to use, but the heating must be turned on for 24 hours. Heating has always been the most electricity-consuming item. Because you can’t wait to turn on the heating when you use it, and the time is too late, otherwise you will wait for the heating function to start. , Your butt has already heated the toilet, so in order for the butt to enjoy the heating function at any time, you must turn on the heating function for 24 hours. This is a bit of a waste of electricity. Finally, no matter whether you currently use a smart toilet or not, the toilet is decorated next to it. Every time I leave a socket, in case you need to use it later, even if you don’t use it, selling the house later will be a selling point. Others want to use it.

7 months ago

A hard and wide tip every day. The advantage of a smart toilet is that it is more expensive! Cut leeks faster! At this stage, most of the so-called smart XXs are mostly IQ taxes. After a few people buy them home, except for how many so-called smart functions are used at the beginning, how many of them insist on using later? I used to decorate my home before, and I saw a bedroom lamp on the Internet, which is called a smart lamp. When I look at the introduction, oh, the so-called smart is that you can connect to your mobile phone via Bluetooth and use the mobile app to control the color, brightness and switch of the light. Isn’t this thing taking off your pants and farting? Entering the darkened room, first take out the phone to unlock, open the app, and then click to turn on the light. This set of procedures has gone down, and it is almost 1 minute. Isn’t it fragrant if I use the remote control or the wall switch? Speaking of toilets, is there any need for intelligence in a toilet? If functions such as washing butt washing and drying are added, it is not smart, at best it is multi-functional! If the so-called intelligence is embodied in the ability to control these functions through a mobile phone, wouldn’t it be more convenient to design a control panel? Why take off your pants and fart? The toilet in my house was an ordinary toilet, but the toilet lid has the functions of seat heating, flushing after toilet, and drying. It is still very comfortable to use, but it has nothing to do with the so-called smart!

7 months ago

The advantage is simple, that is, it is more comfortable and sanitary than ordinary toilets. To say something that some students in the city don’t believe, 20 years ago, we were still very backward. We basically didn’t use paper for wiping our buttocks. We only used dirt and leaves. The tin foil of cigarette boxes was considered high-end. Many homes don’t even have a toilet. If you want to go to the toilet, you have to go to the wild and wipe it with tree leaves. The result is that children often have red and swollen buttocks, and worms. Adults are also prone to hemorrhoids. Later, there was a dry toilet. It was fine in winter. In summer, it smells like you go in. It is a terrible thing to go to the toilet. Mosquitoes bite your butt, and flies fly around on your butt. Therefore, for a long time later, the rural areas were renovating toilets uniformly, because the researchers found that renovating toilets and improving toilet hygiene are very useful for preventing infectious diseases and intestinal diseases. Toilet hygiene has always been improved and pursued by everyone, not a trivial matter. Talking about the toilet again, the toilet is actually anti-human, because many people squat on the toilet and can’t pull it out at all. After squatting for a long time, they will have hemorrhoids, which is a bit uncomfortable. Another point is that it is not clean enough, and there are very few people who actually wash the toilet every day. Also, even if you have a toilet, you need to wipe off the dirt with your hands. The advantage of the smart toilet is that it is more comfortable, the cushion is heated and massaged, so that your legs are not so numb, and the comfort of using the toilet has been qualitatively improved. Another point is that it is relatively clean and completely frees hands. After the toilet is completed, it is directly flushed with hot water, which is much cleaner than paper wipes. Smart toilets can give you a more comfortable toilet environment, deodorize, clean, and prevent many diseases. With these points, it is enough.

7 months ago

In recent years, as smart appliances have become more and more common, every household has begun to introduce smart appliances. The smart toilet is one of the hot smart home decorations in recent years, and many people will choose it. So, how much do you know about smart toilets? What do you think about smart toilets? Is the smart toilet so magical in the legend? Today, let’s explore it with everyone and let you have a new understanding of it. First of all, one of the most famous functions that everyone knows about smart toilets is the cleaning function. It is said that it can effectively treat hemorrhoids. After using the toilet, the smart toilet will automatically spray water to clean it. After cleaning, it also has a drying function. This is an incomparable advantage of the traditional toilet. It is indeed very healthy and convenient! There are many smart toilets to choose from, and you must keep in mind when choosing carefully: Jimujia national chain decoration: Jimujia national chain decoration: strength, capital, and reputation are guaranteed. Secondly, there is another advantage of smart toilets that are very popular. In winter, the smart toilet will automatically heat up. When we need to go to the toilet, it will no longer feel as cold as before. Is this really a great boon for going to the toilet in winter? I think it will make everyone fall in love with the toilet in winter, so you don’t have to shiver from freezing! Furthermore, another very important feature of the smart toilet is the automatic deodorizing function. The peculiar smell is hard to eliminate after using the toilet, or after the traditional toilet has been used for a long time, a smell will inevitably appear. The smart toilet is equipped with an automatic deodorizing device, which can extract the odor in the toilet in time, and keep you fresh, no matter how long it is used, it can be free of odor interference. The above three advantages of smart toilets are more often used in our lives, which greatly help the convenience of life. What other advantages do you think about smart toilets are more attractive to you?

7 months ago

This question seems to us from a professional point of view! Let me first talk about the advantages of smart toilets: 1. Warm water flushing is cleaner. Now all smart toilets have the function of warm water flushing. This advantage is clean and comfortable. Because the human body is willing, there are many small lines in the anus that are easy to hide dirt and dirt, which is cleaner than the traditional wiping method. During the menstrual period of women, it is also a product that gives them care. Prevent the occurrence of diseases such as gynecology. 2. The seat is heated and comfortable. It is a painful thing to go to the bathroom in winter, especially when you have just touched the icy toilet seat. When there is a smart toilet, it is a very pleasant enjoyment when you sit on a warm seat. 3. Laxation and detoxification are healthy. Some excellent smart toilets also have a laxative function, which is specially prepared for patients with constipation! The principle is to use clean water to increase its pressure, constantly flushing and stimulating the sphincter, so that people can quickly produce bowel movements, so as to achieve the purpose of laxative! For the elderly at home, it would be great to use one with this function. All of Coburg’s smart all-in-ones have this function! 4. Auto-sensing high-tech If you have a limited budget, you can consider a smart toilet with a foot-feel flushing and a foot-feel flip-flop, which can be achieved by touching the sensing area of ​​the toilet’s porcelain surface with your foot. 5. In addition to flushing and heating the seat, the smart toilet with deodorizing and purifying air also has a deodorizing function. There is no odor-causing gas in the small space of the toilet. When choosing, you can also ask what material is used for deodorization. It is best to use diatom alcohol like the Coburg smart toilet, which has an adsorption capacity of 1000 times that of activated carbon. 6. The automatic flushing after leaving the seat is super convenient. When you are finished using the toilet, you can turn around and leave! The smart toilet will flush by default when it senses that you leave the seat, so you don’t need to touch other buttons. In summary, having a smart toilet at home is really super convenient, and it can be said to be a weapon to improve the quality of life. It is a humanized technology product in a small bathroom.

7 months ago

why? Why did the ancients use “toilet chips”, why there was “pasture paper” later, why did the villages use “stalks” to wipe, “soiled rubbish”, wipe with rice leaves, wipe with everything that can be obtained, is it because of environmental protection? ? No, because there is no choice. My nephew is very cute. He is six years old this year in the kindergarten class. Once his mother found that the child’s underwear was dirty and asked him why it was so dirty. The child honestly said, “Mom, it’s so dirty”! The difference between a smart toilet and an ordinary toilet is the difference between Tukela and Papyrus, and the difference between Papyrus and Yan Shifan’s “anal dog”. How do you describe it to you? With the smart toilet, your hands are freed. But there is a disadvantage, that is, you have to adapt to using ordinary toilets outside to overcome “that’s too dirty.” It’s really easy to change from frugality to luxury, but difficult to change from luxury to frugality

7 months ago

Responsible for appearance: Compared with traditional toilets, the integrated design of the smart toilet has clear lines and is modified, and the buttons combined with the sense of technology highlight the high-end product personality. For the requirements of modern urban decoration, the smart toilet seems to have become Standard equipment for fine decoration. Fully automatic induction: The smart toilet basically has the function of automatic induction. Once it leaves the seat, the flushing mode will be activated, and it can be flushed automatically without contact, and it will be cleaner. At the same time, the slow-down silent cover will also be covered. Live water is hot. Multiple cleaning modes. Warm air drying: The function of live water is also one of the highlights of the smart toilet. The warm water that is hot when you turn on can also be adjusted in four levels according to your needs, so that you can enjoy uninterrupted comfort. At the same time, it is equipped with four cleaning modes, buttocks cleaning, gentle bidet, mobile cleaning, and nozzle self-cleaning, which can be adjusted according to your needs, which is very convenient. After cleaning, you can turn on the warm air to dry, let pp warm and keep dry and comfortable. Cyclone flush: the necessary flush effect of a good smart toilet must be good, because the residue of dirt will increase the trouble of cleaning. We can see the whirlwind-style powerful flushing smart toilet. The water gushes out from the side pipe, whirls along the smooth inner wall for several weeks and then accelerates down. With the super swirling siphon force of the water injection channel, the dirt is quickly flushed away. Heated seat ring: Induction seat ring heating, seat induction, you can enjoy a warm toilet experience even in winter. Automatic deodorization: The smart toilet is equipped with an activated carbon deodorization device, which automatically activates the deodorization function after seating, and the air is fresh and odorless. Night lighting: The night lighting function is very user-friendly, especially if there are elderly or children in the home, it is very safe and convenient.

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