Those who are unhappy in college are actually unhappy in high school. It’s just that there is something to do in high school. The collective atmosphere and collective goals point to something for the college entrance examination, and everyone is pushed away. I didn’t have much time to think about my unhappiness, or I acquiesced in accepting that “high school is unhappy”. At the same time, I also added an expectation to the university that “I should be happy in college” and worked hard with hope. Such people will be even more unhappy when they arrive at the university. Because the gap was too big, they found that the university never released happiness, even grandma’s dreams and goals did not release. Every day, it broadcasts garbage channels such as “anxiety, 996, life is meaningless”. Many people have no self-awareness, and their goals have always been released. Coupled with the output of the junk emotions of these bad channels, they are confused. Because it has transitioned from the unit of collective goals to the pluralism of free exploration. These people will be more confused and at a loss because there is nothing to do, and their own emotions such as “boring and empty, occasional anxiety, frustration” will be more acutely discovered, and they will have more time to “taste” after discovery. Therefore, it is even more painful. However, it is difficult to simply attribute this situation to “too idle.” Because there is another big difference between high school and university, that is, timely feedback. There are frequent exams in high school, and you can monitor the “benefits of your efforts” at any time. But the university does not, half the term, at the end of the semester, even if the grades are good, you will find that “this kind of benefit is not too obvious, and it takes too long.” Human happiness is bound to interpersonal relationships to a certain extent. People who have not felt and experienced intimacy tend to have a sense of dissociation in life. “I always seem to be outside of life. Everything around me seems to be unreal and has nothing to do with me.” For us, the presence of self-feeling is very important, and this sense of presence is to a certain extent The above relies on the feedback from the outside world to us. “You exist, so I exist.” High school is a strong interpersonal relationship, while college is a weak interpersonal relationship. “Not only did the bond with classmates weaken, the bond with parents also weakened, and the bond with teachers also weakened.” The recognition from authority has decreased. When we find that there is nothing to prove, no one will prove it. Look, when no one is in charge and no one is sharing, our motivation to prove is also weakened. Of course, the negative side is over. Let’s talk about “how to do it” or “how to think” to a certain extent. I think that when one has a certain degree of freedom, the ability of “self-exploration” is particularly important. But the basis of self-exploration is “a certain degree of openness.” Many people choose “self-enclosure” at the beginning of the matter and at the beginning of the interpersonal relationship. “I don’t think I like this thing, I think I’m not good at it, I’m not very good at socializing, I don’t think life is meaningful, I think my personality cannot be changed.” You may say these words based on experience, and you may even feel that you are “a rational and objective judgment of yourself.” However, in fact, when you say these words, it is more of an escape and self-comfort. It may be because of fear, or it may be because of fear that “undermines your self-esteem and superiority”, so you use these words to comfort yourself. “Character can be changed, life can be meaningful.” When you leave your illusion, turn to reality, let go of your superiority and vanity, when you start to have the courage to face “you may not be good at it, but you work hard “You will do well”, maybe your stubbornness will begin to peel off. I really hope you can understand the following words: “Only you can be responsible for your life, and all your status quo can only be changed by you.” You have to be responsible for your happiness and happiness, and you have to find ways to make yourself happier. , Stretch a little bit more.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

The essence of man is the sum of all social relations. Compared to being self-sufficient, no external demands are required. More of us will still be eager to meet like-minded people. In fact, whether it is high school or university. If you have a few good brothers or good girlfriends. If you meet a good teacher or a suitable lover. So whether it is a depressing high school or a free university. There will be a lot of happiness in life. This is the feeling I got in some hard internship life. Back then, I was very tired every day, but I felt happy because I was able to work with Faxiao. At that time, we would always walk back to our dormitory after get off work at 7 or 8 in the evening. We talked about the old days, the current situation, the overwhelming life, and the future plans. In any case, there is always more happiness. So when I was in college, I often missed my five-to-nine life in high school. I get up early and sleepy. I never have weekends on weekends, and even on holidays. While busy with art exams, while busy with culture class. In those days that were not as good as dogs, they became shining because of the company of some close friends. Life nowadays is relatively free, and I can have time to do what I want. But began to become more and more confused and hesitated. I have never met anyone who meets like-minded people. So you ask me happiness? I have had it, and I’m still looking for it. It’s just that happiness is always relative. The prerequisite for happiness is what you want in your heart.

6 months ago

I didn’t feel lonely alone in high school, but I felt it when I went to college. I trusted the teacher in high school, but when I went to college, I couldn’t believe it all. I believed that my friends believed my classmates in high school, and I couldn’t believe it even when I went to college. I am only in the second semester of freshman year, but I am already too tired. I’ve stepped on a lot of pitfalls. In high school, I only worry about studying. I have too many things to worry about when I go to college. I can’t make myself happy. I am very depressed. Sorry for giving this negative answer to your question. But the days always have to go down, we feel better if we want to drive a little bit. You have to live your life by yourself. The most important thing is to adjust your mentality yourself. It’s hard to come to this world. We are burdened with so many people’s expectations. Come on, no matter what period, happiness is given to ourselves.

6 months ago

Do you say that you are happy in high school because you never went to college? The high school devil called for nothing in three years? As a graduate of one of the world’s largest universities, my high school is like a walking dead. Apart from studying, studying is nothing to do with happiness. Of course, I don’t know the kind of natural intelligence who can be admitted to a good university without working hard, but most people That’s a desperate high school! The first and second year of high school is okay. The only happy memory is probably going to physical education. The boys in the class are holding a football and playing football, but the happy time is too short, and most of the time they are studying hard. Rural children, know the weight of the college entrance examination, that is the only chance to “change their destiny”! This kind of opportunity is definitely not to be given up, so you have to tighten your nerves at all times, and feel full of guilt when you are lazy and play for a while. Going to college is another kind of life. College is happy no matter what dimension it is. I can understand those who miss high school, but high school is really unhappy for me.

6 months ago

I am very happy in university. This kind of happiness may not be comparable to high school. A few happy friends in high school hooked up their shoulders and put their backs on their backs. They were so good and bad, for the same goal. The happiness of university is also because I have met a group of like-minded friends. After all, I have met a group of friends in the club even beyond the dormitory. And I am full every day, just like writing Zhihu now, I have a lot of things to do by myself, full and happy. Now I am going to the self-study room in the group of 8 members. The feeling of studying alone is the most refreshing. I walk alone on the road without any interruption. Don’t bring your mobile phone, or you will want to play when you go to the study room. The gap between university and high school does exist, but the university must find its own direction. Once you don’t know what you want, it is really difficult for you to be happy.

6 months ago

Without trying to define happiness, happiness is very metaphysical. Some people only sleep four or five hours a day in high school, and he is very happy; some people are also very happy when they go to Internet cafes every day. You say that people who don’t work hard afterwards will regret it, and he will be unhappy? Please, what you said was an afterthought, at least, he was happy at the time. The same goes for college. Some people plan their time to the fullest. Exams, competitions, clubs, and activities do not fail. The comprehensive test is the bigwig, the national awards guarantee research, and you ask him if he is happy? He said that he had a very stable life and was very contented in his heart; and some people only asked for a 60-point auspiciousness. They couldn’t get any awards but they didn’t hang on to the subject. He usually went out with his roommates and classmates to have a drink, brag, and dorms. Even sitting in the dark, running in the playground to tease the girl/han, do you ask him if he is happy? He said that he was very comfortable and finally got rid of the oppressive life of high school. There are a thousand Hamlet for a thousand readers. Sister Lin in your eyes is different from Sister Lin in my eyes. In the same way, the happiness in everyone’s eyes is different. For the struggling boss, happiness = 100 points + scholarship + research… For lying flat salted fish, happiness = 600,000 years old + sleep + entertainment… The specifics may be different, happiness = A+B+C… But the general formula for happiness In, the A, B, and C that everyone is willing to fill in are different. So which one is happier than college or high school is a question with no standard answer to a certain extent, because everyone has different definitions of happiness. In simple quantification, if Zhang San’s expectation of high school happiness is 5, he will finally get a happiness of 7, and Zhang San’s expectation of college happiness is 15, but he will only get a happiness of 10. When Zhang San graduates, you ask him if he is happier in high school or happier in college. He may tell you that high school is happier, because the experience of coming down from high school brings him more happiness than expected, and the happiness of college Maybe it did not meet his expectations, and even disappointed him a little bit. So even if the university is more happy in absolute terms, Zhang San’s subjective feeling is still that the university is more happy. This is a question of expected value. If you can reach the expected value or even exceed it, then the human utility can be greatly satisfied, but if you can’t even reach the expected value, the psychological gap will smooth out what you have already obtained. That small part will occupy your entire subjective feelings. For example, your expectation for college life is 10, even if you have already obtained a 9, the difference of 1 may have a much higher impact on your experience than the 9 you have already obtained. Everyone has their own standards, and everyone has their own expectations. There are strong individual differences. At the same time, we have to be clear that the standards and expectations of the same thing will change over time. I have a very deep experience of this. I remember that when I was still in high school, none of my classmates and I had a good opinion of high school life. When I arrived at university, I began to miss high school life. Now, I can only sigh: Can I go to high school for another three years? You don’t have to think about anything, you don’t have to worry about anything, just read a book. This may be because we have experienced more, watched more people and things, and our standards and expectations for high school life have also changed. Of course, during this period, there is also a question of choice. Some people choose to go to the hall every day, and some choose to lie flat in the dormitory. However, no matter what kind of lifestyle, you must be clear about your expectations and always face the mirror and ask yourself. One sentence: What kind of high school/college life do you want? After you have clarified your goals and expectations, then do the corresponding things that should be done, which is the most important. Rather than go with the crowd and go with the crowd. Seeing other people go to the library every day, then I should also go to the library to sit down? Seeing others struggling to take the postgraduate entrance examination, should I also register for the postgraduate entrance examination? Seeing the sweetness of others and objects, shall I find someone too? Seeing other people staying in bed, then I should lie down in bed for a day, right? This is absolutely impossible. Everything is the expectations of others, and the choices others make based on your own goals and expectations are not yours. Determine your own goals and expectations and make your own choices so that you will be happy.

6 months ago

Once the memories have polished the past, the days of going to school on the muddy ridges in the fields are more fun than riding on the hard concrete roads. Although one foot is deep and the other is shallow, on the slippery, curved ridge, against the scorching sun, and making many detours, they are all left in the corner of memory. After many years, we will walk again as adults. Once again, only the nostalgia for the disappeared childhood is left: playing with friends, laughing and joking, skin feeling cold and moist in the water, picking flowers and grass in the warm spring breeze… So, simple days become the most The more good times we experience, the more so it is. High school life is nothing more than that. Even though the day and night to study the questions and tirelessly make up classes at the time, they caused some harm to our body and mind, but they did not smash the soul. Instead, it leaves scars. After time has passed healing and selective forgetting, high school students study hard in the cold window. Sincere feelings have become thoughts in the mind, especially adults. Under the pressure of life, we habitually run away. Escape to the memories, go there, and the pain disappears. There is a paradise as you wish. When I entered university, I wanted to understand this truth. Every time I encountered a disgusting thing or exam week, four or six grades, When the pressure of competitions and postgraduate entrance examinations comes to me, I will warn myself: Don’t run away! The past is far less happy than the present! There is no future happiness now! After eighteen years of hard work, I entered the university, where I tasted the harvest of eighteen years! After N years of hard work, I live now, and I am the happiest me now!

6 months ago

When I was chatting with someone yesterday, I happened to talk about this topic. At that time, she and I both agreed that college was happier. Think about it, colleges don’t need to be like high schools anymore. They can only stay in the classroom every day, sitting at the desks, grimacing and working hard all day, every day for the exams after dozens of days. It’s okay if you have a firm goal or ideal in your heart. Even if you encounter setbacks or difficulties, you will move forward courageously because of it and overcome all difficulties. But if it doesn’t, it’s too painful. You don’t know why others can keep studying attentively, even if the pages are full of circles. You don’t understand why others can keep their energy and use the best state to welcome every day. You don’t understand many things, and you dare not waste time thinking about it, because the people around you are moving forward all the time, and only you stay where you are. In addition, parents and parents are drawing up the blueprint for the future with you. They are telling you that it is easy to get into a good university, and you can play at will in the university and do whatever you want. But what about reality? The gap between vision and reality is too big, you simply cannot accept the gap, and you find that the university is not as good as you imagined. After getting admitted to a good university, you have been crowned the title of a small town as a tester. Zhang Hua was admitted to Peking University; Li Ping entered a secondary technical school; I worked as a salesperson in a department store; we all have a bright future. You gradually realize that the single-dimensional world once thought in middle school no longer exists. The previous visions and fantasies were all wrong when I entered the university, and everything was wrong. You seem to find that coming to university seems to be more boring, and the days are even more boring. In order to achieve grade points, you can only brush your face constantly and be familiar with each other. You must work harder for every point. In order to meet friends and exercise yourself, you have participated in many activities, joined a few clubs, and campaigned for class committees. You find that you are very busy every day. You are pushed away by many things. You have no choice but to follow Big stream. However, it may be early in the morning of a certain day or late at night, and you are surprised to find that you have not gained anything, even though you are abnormally busy every day. You try to think about what you have done, what is your seemingly fulfilling but empty life. You begin to feel tired, and every time you accomplish a meaningless thing, this distraction tiredness will increase. You will also find that you have an ordinary appearance, an ordinary family, an ordinary school, and a major in sinkholes. Graduating equals unemployment. You may not even find your passion, and you may not find someone to accompany you for a lifetime. Every day you only play mobile phones, play games, follow dramas, use vibrato, and indulge in all kinds of cheap entertainment. The homework is all copied, the exam is stubborn, and everything goes well. You thought you could be handsome if you weren’t serious, and you thought you were different, but for a few years or as long as ten years, sooner or later you will realize that you are the original one. silly dog. But by then it was too late, the key point has passed, you have no more to stand up, you can only watch other people’s counterattack stories to comfort yourself. Yes, I am talking about myself. Goodbye.

6 months ago

Let’s not hide the subject, I don’t think there is much to talk about on this issue. If you can ask this question, it means that you feel that going to college is not as good as you think. But this does not mean that going to high school is really so happy. People always remember to eat or not to fight. Whenever the reality is unsatisfactory, they always think about how beautiful the past is. At junior high school, I feel that elementary school is simply heaven. Going to high school, I feel that junior high school is the happy planet. Now that I have finally passed the college entrance examination, I start to feel how happy I am in high school. But is high school really that happy? Most of our high schools should be very hard. To give a very simple example, if high school is really so happy, why do so many people prefer to go to a better school instead of going to a better school instead of going to a better school? If possible, no one wants to go back to their previous life, unless you are not doing well now.

6 months ago

I think it depends on the individual. Of course, it depends on the learning attitude and personal lifestyle. University will be more free, and more dependent on self-consciousness. In my opinion, going to university is more joyful! University life can also be colorful, interesting, full of harvest, free and happy, and it can also create a comfortable life. A good place to study is also the university life I have always longed for. Those who have not gone to university really must be admitted to experience the joy of going to university again. High school is also the most important stage of advancement. The pressure will be greater and the competition will be fierce. This important stage must not be relaxed. It is necessary to study against the clock, keep making progress, remember to study, and strive to be admitted to a good university. Only in this way can we get a better diploma. The process will be difficult, but the effort will not be bad. If you don’t work hard, it’s hard to get into a good university. It’s better to just go out and work. If you want to continue, you have to get a good school. Then you can get out and work early to make money. There is no need to find a university casually. It’s not interesting at all. It’s really unnecessary to waste time. The above is my personal opinion. Everyone will have their own ideas and many answers. It is normal, because everyone has their own unique thoughts. Just think about it and do it. Remember that some things still have to think twice. Then go ahead!

6 months ago

University is definitely happy! Whether you are happy or not, everyone has their own feelings, and it has a lot to do with each stage. The first stage: when I first entered university, I suddenly felt very happy. There are no endless college entrance examination questions, no endless self-study in the morning and evening. Except for the required courses and elective courses, the whole study life is easier than high school. Little, I feel that college is really happy, and Youran feel that all the contributions of high school at that time are for the better life of college now. The second stage: the third and fourth students are facing graduation thesis and internship looking for a job. Only then did they find that their professional knowledge is pitiful, and their experience is not very rich. Only in the process of facing the interviewer’s assessment did I realize that there are many If you haven’t experienced it or considered it seriously, what do you want to do in the future? At that time, I was very confused and confused. I didn’t know what I was going to do, and I couldn’t give a complete answer at that time. At that time, there were two ways, either to take a postgraduate entrance examination or to go to work. When it came time to choose one of two, I felt that the university was not as happy as I imagined. Fortunately, I collected my thoughts in time, chose the path of postgraduate entrance examination, and chose to continue studying. The third stage: graduation from graduate school means that college life is really coming to an end, and I go to work, and I feel relieved. I did not let my college life down, did not waste my time, and combined my major and hard work to find a share Decent work, able to continue in my favorite major, able to apply the knowledge learned in actual engineering, and have a full sense of anticipation for the future. The whole college life had a satisfactory result, and then I really realized that college is still happy. Therefore, whether you are happy or not is closely related to your own stages, and is closely related to your own experience. Only by working hard to fight for will make college life happier.

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