No one has ever traveled. I want to go crazy before getting married and fulfill a dream when I was young. I just saw Tibet in a book before. I want to see Tibet myself one day, but I don’t have experience, so I want to ask. Ask everyone for their opinions.

I don’t have any other goals or ideas to go to Tibet. I just want to walk around the streets of Tibet, take pictures, and see the Potala Palace. The most important thing is to fulfill my young wishes. I think there should be no such thing after I get married. I have a chance, I still want to visit Litang, but I think many people say that Tibetans are more sturdy and a little scared.

So friends, can you give me some comments or experience, the more detailed the better, thank you!

First of all, it is feasible, but I hope you limit the scope of “one person” to Lhasa. Secondly, I would like to give you a suggestion for “Be crazy before getting married”. If you really want to fulfill your Tibetan dream, you can actually go to Lhasa with your fiance. Some novels say that with the testimony of the blue sky and white cloud prayer flags Hada, your dream can be realized more thoroughly (I can’t tell the truth? Tell me not to listen to chicken soup?). If your future husband needs to make money to support his family and cannot accompany you to realize this magnificent dream. Then you take your parents or best friends to the streets of Lhasa (you can’t see that I am talking about parents or friends. Which word did you say to let people go alone?). Finally, Litang is in Sichuan. See how many kilometers away from Lhasa on the map. Option 1: Take the Sichuan-Tibet line, starting from Chengdu, all the way through Litang to Lhasa. Option 2: Chengdu Feiyading, take a car to Litang, and then from Aden (via Chengdu or Kunming) to Lhasa. Option 3: Fly to Lhasa and go back to Chengdu, the manager of the Sichuan-Tibet line. Find out why you want to go to Tibet, save enough money, handle things well, figure out your travel route, ensure your safety, and get support from your family before you leave. Those who talk about the glacier, first of all, I have been to the glacier. Not only did I go to the glacier, I also went to Ali, I also went to the border guards, and I went to the border between China and Nepal, China and India, China and Bhutan. In addition to glaciers, Tibet also has lakes, mountains, grasslands, and forests. In addition to watching Douyin, you can also watch documentaries such as “The Third Pole”, “Into Tibet”, and “Polar Region”. At least get to know this land. Don’t listen to wind or rain. Security issues: The most common areas in Lhasa are troops and police stations. From a political point of view, public security is not bad. If you have to live in a place that deviates from the city and blame the law and order, there is nothing to say. You can read Teacher Pinghuo’s answer. As he said, all counties in Tibet must swipe their ID cards. When entering Lhasa, the first thing is to swipe their ID cards. The small alleys in the ancient city are full of cameras. In case of danger, please call the police in time.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

If you just “return to Lhasa,” there are no obstacles to yourself. If you want to explore more places, let’s not talk about Alishan South Chayu, just go to Ranwu, Nam Co, Yanghu and other relatively popular attractions. For traffic conditions and safety considerations, it is also recommended to join the group or live with young people. For youth hostels, it’s also very convenient to get together. Oh my God, I miss the carefree days of staying in the Youth Hostel 20 years ago. Now when you go out, you have to consider your sleep comfort.

7 months ago

In fact, it is completely feasible. When I graduated that year, I didn’t want to stay in one place for the rest of my life, so I applied to go to Tibet, and I went to Tibet for five years. During this period, I took about 400 days of leave. I’ve been to 17 counties, and I’ve been crazy in retrospect. Tibet covers an area of ​​more than 1.22 million square kilometers, accounting for about 1/8 of the country. In fact, you can compare it with provinces and cities, which is equivalent to about 80 Beijing, more than 30 Hainan islands, 12 Jiangsu provinces, etc., so your short trip No matter how crazy you are, you can only go to a little place. Tibet now has a lot of inland people. 10 years ago, I saw people riding bicycles, walking, scooting, and driving trains and planes on the Sichuan-Tibet highway. I have also visited many remote towns and villages. There are mainlanders doing business there, not to mention now, so traveling to Tibet now is really not crazy, it’s just a trip. If you are traveling for the first time, it is recommended to go to cities and scenic spots, try to take public transportation, do not look for no-man’s land with a curious mind, try to see the scenery that no one has seen before, don’t feel that no one has gone there The place is just crazy things. Although Tibet’s overall safety is higher than that of the mainland, after all, it is a vast land with sparse population, high altitude, and poor climate. If you feel sick in the city, you can get timely treatment.

7 months ago

Of course it works. Girls travel to Tibet alone, provided that they go by train or plane. The streets of Lhasa, Tibet are still very safe, safer than inland. Don’t think about the unrealistic ideas of the poor travel, the roadside ride, and the poor travel will let you know the sinister world. Also, although Litang is also a place where Tibetans live, Litang is in Sichuan Province, not in Tibet. The two places are far apart, so it is not recommended to go to Litang when going to Tibet.

7 months ago

The dream of some contemporary people is to spend money and consume. There is no place to work hard at all, so I can only welcome myself to be moved, and I can’t get anyone’s approval. After consumption, there is only a momentary emotional expansion and more emptiness. Counting on consumption and expecting to spend money to change oneself is meaningless behavior. “A girl’s dream is to travel to Tibet alone.” Here, “girl”, “a person”, and “Tibet” are nothing but rhetoric. Even “travel” is just synonymous with “eating, drinking and playing” consumption. The current Tibet is not a difficult place. Airplanes, roads, and railways can achieve their goals with only money, let alone any profound meaning. The security in Tibet is also very good. As long as you don’t die in no man’s land, then, what girl is the difference between a person? For 100 yuan, I can spend a day in the center of Guangzhou. Some people regard going to Tibet to spend 10,000 yuan as a dream in life, which is also naive. There are others whose dream is to travel around the world. Or go to Paris, or go to New York, or travel to Tokyo, Japan. Frankly speaking, this looks different from Tibet, but it is actually consumerist. It’s nothing more than a different amount. I spend 10 yuan on the subway to travel through downtown Guangzhou. Someone spent 300,000 traversing the entire earth. The two are just the difference in the amount of consumption, what is the difference? It is ridiculous to have to decorate the consumer behavior to decorate the dream of adult life and the growth of adulthood. Contemporary consumerism has invaded every aspect. I see the so-called dreams of many people. The so-called hard work is nothing more than consumption and entertainment. For example, some people’s dream is to watch the entire Gundam (or other movies). Gundam is certainly a good movie, but to finish it, it just needs some entertainment time. For example, someone’s dream is to have a grand wedding. Although a grand wedding is good, all it takes is money. The only sigh. A free heart is not bound by the life of 996, far better than the Tibet party. A person who truly loves is not limited by secular wealth and status, and is far better than a grand wedding.

7 months ago

Tibet is a huge geographical concept, with a vast territory. If you want to figure out where you want to go, you can’t hit the beaten track. Litang is in Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan, more than a thousand kilometers away from Lhasa. With an area of ​​more than 15,000 square kilometers and a population of only 50,000 to 60,000, the county seat is almost like a remote town in the interior. The nearest Tibetan city, Mangkang or Jiangda, is also two to three hundred kilometers away. It is not an easy-to-reach place, let alone an attractive tourist destination. I have traveled here and there three or four times, and I have never stopped once. I have not even visited the most famous Changqingqing Keer Temple here, because the value is not high. The reason why you want to go to Litang, which you don’t know at all, must be affected by the “Ding Zhen bombing”, which shows that your knowledge of Tibetan areas is very limited. It is inconvenient and unsafe to go to a certain big city even if you don’t know your travel destination, let alone Tibet. Therefore, you must either deepen your understanding of Tibetan areas and then plan for the next step, or go together with you, or simply don’t go. If you have to go there alone, you must limit your destination to the triangle of Lhasa, Xigaze, and Gyangze before landing with the group.

7 months ago

In April after the epidemic was brought under control, I quit my job. It took 35 days to complete the Beijing-Lhasa-Beijing self-driving trip alone. Back to the question, is it feasible for girls to go to Tibet alone? Of course it works! but! You must do all kinds of preparations. I have planned this self-driving trip in Tibet for many years. Before that, I drove the Yunnan Great Ring Road, Hulunbuir Great Ring Road, Southern Xinjiang Great Ring Road, Southeast and South Guizhou… and other large and small areas in other provinces and cities. I have accumulated a lot of self-driving experience and experience of traveling alone. At the same time, in 2018, I replaced the original CR-V with a more off-road BJ40, the only purpose is to drive it into Tibet one day. In any case, Tibet, as a place where tourism development is not too perfect compared to other provinces and cities in the country, once encountered various emergencies, the cost of solving will be relatively high. At this time, all your previous travel experience Becomes especially important. For example, the control of the itinerary and route, the resolution of emergencies (I did not find my ID card on the road and the car was rubbed against the drain on the road and the tire punctured), etc., so if it is a completely inexperienced Xiaobai, I suggest you find a tour group. Speaking of people, the local people or tourists who also traveled to Tibet were very special and kind. This really moved me all the way, especially when they saw that I was a girl. Will take extra care, there is a sense of vip treatment haha ​​~ let’s talk about safety. Many people’s impressions of Tibet are still many years ago, but now I can say responsibly that Tibet is a fairly safe place to travel, especially 318 is already a very mature tourist route, and there are hotels along the route. It’s also very good. People like me who are particularly picky about hotels can fully adapt. If it is the first time to enter Tibet, it is recommended to go 318. On the return trip, I walked for a section of 317 and turned 214 in Leiwuqi County to leave Tibet and enter Qinghai. The road conditions of 317 are relatively poor, but there are many checkpoints along the way. There is almost one checkpoint when entering a county. The staff at the checkpoints are also very good, so I feel any sense of insecurity. So, if you have a good strategy and preparation, go bravely. Often what prevents us is the fear of the unknown. When you really experience it, you will find that the first step is the hardest.

7 months ago

The point is not how many of you are, but what method you choose. Tibet is not that mysterious. There are planes and trains in Lhasa, and people enjoy the convenience of modernization brought about by the same as other Chinese cities. I think it’s safer to take public transportation, take the train to Xining, adapt to the plateau environment, and then go to Lhasa by train. Of course, it’s not impossible to fly directly to Lhasa if you are in a hurry, but you must pay attention to your body. , High reaction is sometimes terrible, you must go to a doctor if you feel severely unwell. Start drinking rhodiola water some time before you travel. Don’t be reluctant to buy gas cylinders if you are lack of oxygen. There are very small portable gas cylinders. The tour group will also be prepared. If you don’t go with the group, you can buy it yourself. The symptoms are mild Yes, if it is serious, seek medical attention immediately. Don’t take the attitude of resisting the first resistance. No other problems. It’s no different from other cities. Take public transportation, stay in formal hostels or hotels, keep a distance from strangers, don’t be overly familiar, and communicate with friends and family sooner or later. Principle of universal application). Finally, don’t try to travel by car in order to experience the authentic Tibet. It’s not necessary, really. Have fun.

7 months ago

If you want to go crazy in Tibet, you don’t have to. Tibet is also in the human world, in fact, there is nothing special about it. The meaning of travel is nothing more than seeing more tolerant. To go to Tibet, please prepare enough money first. The consumption in Tibet is higher than that in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Lhasa is located on the plateau with relatively small population and high consumption is natural. The law and order in China is very good now, especially in Tibetan areas, which are relatively safer. Of course, the premise is that you also travel normally, for example, it is best to return to the hotel to rest after ten o’clock in the evening. Lhasa is very convenient for food, lodging and transportation. Try to live better. If you want to eat, go to places where there are many people. Travel is an experience in the first place. If there is a high reaction, there will be a little bit, but most people can tolerate it. If you feel unwell, please contact the hospital as soon as possible. As far as I have contact with Tibetans, most of them are friendly. Smile more outside. Even if we don’t understand the customs of Tibetans, please respect them and don’t speak arrogantly. If you are unfamiliar, I suggest not to have too much contact. After all, it is always good to be cautious in your words and deeds by yourself. The world’s third-pole scenery and humanities are all first-class, please enjoy it.

7 months ago

It is feasible to make good travel plans, especially when sufficient funds are prepared. Preparations: Prepare at least 8000-20000 travel funds. It fluctuates depending on the length of time. Rhodiola, which prevents high reaction, is eaten one or two weeks in advance. keep healthy. Brightly colored clothes, warm clothes, comfortable and lightweight shoes, sun protection equipment. To go to the eastern Tibetan area in southern Tibet, the natural landscape and urban intertwined areas where you can pass through towns not far from both sides of the road, you can: 1 report to a travel agency and worry about the whole journey; the price is relatively cheap, but many scenic spots may only be able to watch flowers. The route is fixed. 2 Semi-free travel. It is recommended that the local travel agency can take a small group of semi-free tours, the whole chartered car, you can drive slowly, stop and go to see the scenery. To go to the northwestern part of Tibet, especially if you have to go through a long-distance uninhabited area, such as Ali, then you must have an off-road team. In this case, you have to gather a few people and charter a car together. If you just travel around in Lhasa, it’s enough by yourself. Find a good place to live, visit the scenic spots in downtown Lhasa, the Potala Palace, Norbulingka, the Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street, etc., go to see Princess Wencheng’s live performances, visit museums, and eat various special meals. Take a walk along the Lhasa River…Take a bus to reach nearby temples. It’s no problem to transfer for 2-3 days~ As for the kind of travel where one person can travel all the way by car, it is still extremely not recommended.

7 months ago

It is perfectly feasible to go to Tibet alone. As long as you are not alone to go to remote places to explore. The main thing here is young people. If you just go to Lhasa, it is very convenient to eat, live, and travel. That is, most drivers who take taxis have to carpool, and the wait may be longer. Public transportation in the city is very convenient, it is best to prepare a 1 yuan change; Didi’s starting fee is 15 yuan. As for altitude sickness, it’s usually a little bit, and it’s not as terrible as you might think. Try not to catch a cold before entering Tibet; it’s important to take a good rest the night before, and the reaction will be smaller; on the day you enter Tibet, take a good rest in the hotel and prepare for a plateau. Eating, or 50% glucose; some people run around without any reaction when they arrive, which will aggravate the high reaction. Even if the reaction is relatively large, most hotels have oxygen rentals, and the oxygen will be relieved after a few hours of oxygen, or there is oxygen in nearby clinics. If you can’t find it, there is an oxygen company at the gate of the Red Mountain Hotel on the west side of the Potala Palace Square, which can inhale oxygen, buy or rent oxygen tanks. Arrange the itinerary according to your physical condition on the second day. If you feel that there is still a high reaction, arrange for those that do not require much activity, such as: leisurely find a sweet tea house to taste sweet tea people, butter tea, Tibetan noodles, and experience the Tibetans first The special diet. Let’s stop here today.

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