At the State Council’s joint prevention and control mechanism press conference on the 21st, Mi Feng, spokesperson for the National Health Commission, introduced that my country’s new crown vaccination has exceeded 200 million doses so far. The global epidemic is still in a high-level epidemic. The number of new confirmed cases worldwide has risen for 8 consecutive weeks. Among them, 5.26 million new cases were added last week, which is the highest in a single week since the outbreak. New variants of the virus continue to appear. External defense imports and internal defenses rebound. The task is arduous, and we must accelerate the promotion of new crown vaccination.

Compared with the United Kingdom and the United States, the number of vaccinations seems to be quite large. However, due to the huge population base in my country, the vaccination rate is much lower than that of the United Kingdom and the United States, and the partial group immunization is calculated based on the vaccination rate. The rate must reach 70%-80% to produce herd immunity. In response to the new crown epidemic prevention and control and vaccination, Wang Huaqing, chief expert of the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s immunization program, said: Although the number of people vaccinated on a single day in my country has increased rapidly, the vaccination rate has reached 40% or even 6%. Compared with ten countries, it is still at a low level. The reasons for the low vaccination rate in my country 1) my country has a large population base of more than 1.3 billion people, and the population base is large, and the inactivated vaccines and recombinant subunit vaccines currently vaccinated by most people need to be vaccinated 2 to 3 times. It takes 14 to 21 days before the next injection, so the time required for vaccination will be relatively long, and it will take some time to achieve herd immunity. 2) Vaccine production is gradually increasing, but the supply issue is still the top priority. At the Vaccine and Health Conference recently held in Chengdu, Gao Fu, director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, mentioned three important factors in the current large-scale vaccination of COVID-19. Links: First, enterprises must turn production capacity into products; second, regulatory agencies must turn products into vaccines; third, disease control departments must deliver vaccines to all people. He emphasized the first point, that is, the problem of vaccine supply, which is currently the most urgent matter. my country currently has 5 new coronavirus vaccines. The annual production capacity announced by Sinopharm Beijing Biotech and Kexing Zhongwei totals 2 billion doses. Together with the production capacity of Wuhan Biotech, Kangsino, and Zhifeilong Kema, the monthly supply should be at least 150 million doses. It seems that there should be a supply of leverage, which is not a problem, but the reality is very skinny, because there is a problem with a link! This is a key detail of vaccine production: that is the production capacity of vaccine stock solution. Our total supply is no problem, but it must be filled into vaccine bottles before it can become a vaccine product for vaccination. The current filling line is too late. Filling is the bottleneck of vaccine supply. The solution of this bottleneck problem requires the joint efforts of the drug regulatory authorities and pharmaceutical companies, so that the problem of tight supply of China’s COVID-19 vaccine can be quickly resolved at the lowest cost. 3) The phenomenon of “vaccine hesitation” Many people are still hesitant to face the new crown vaccine (perhaps you are struggling), and there are questions like this: Can milk allergies be treated? Can depression be treated with medicine? Can I fight for pregnancy? Can I fight during lactation? ……We have collected and sorted out the 150 hot vaccination questions that everyone cares about the most, and answer them all at once! Having mastered this “Book of Vaccines”, you are not modestly speaking, you are half an expert on the new crown vaccine!


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Zhong Nanshan previously said that 40% of the population will be vaccinated at the end of June, that is, 560 million people, at least 560 million doses, and at most 1.1 billion doses (the proportion of the “three-injection plan” is unknown). At the current speed, even if only the “first stitch” is guaranteed, the possibility of the plan’s failure is still high. There are still difficulties in completing the universal vaccination task within the year. From March 23 to April 20, 2021, a total of 110 million doses were vaccinated nationwide. During this period, my country has a maximum of 6 million doses a day, with an average of 4 million doses. In recent days, the number of inoculations has been around 3 million. The inoculation capacity is not full, and the supply of vaccines is a problem. Vaccination for all people depends on social mobilization, and vaccine production must fully respect the laws of the economy to make enterprises profitable.

7 months ago

To put it harder, it’s only 200 million, which is enough. There is still a long way to go before building an immune barrier. We can barely say that the immune barrier has been established until one billion people have been vaccinated. In the evening of 20210421 News Channel’s 24-hour program, reported a case in which a vaccinated anti-epidemic person was infected again, which was infected by a mutant strain of the crooked fruit. Although it is only mildly ill, it still reminds us that even if it is vaccinated, it is impossible to be 100% immune to infection. Let’s wait for 2 billion to announce the good news. Now it is only a phased achievement, and it cannot even be called a phased success.

7 months ago

A pretty good beginning. 200 million doses are not enough, 2 billion or even 2.6 billion doses before the end of October this year is the number that can give me peace of mind. In fact, the biggest threat of the new crown epidemic is not the fatality rate itself, but the social disorder and economic stagnation brought about by the full ICU. India has demonstrated the consequences of the chaotic social order under the epidemic. The economic recession led to the reduction of agricultural subsidies, which led to farmers to besiege the capital for several months; the pandemic prevention policy was chaotic and the migrant workers rushed to the city twice to return home, which led to the further spread of the epidemic; the absence of new crown tests on departing flights led to the blockade of flights to India by many countries; cross-regional seizures The oxygen cylinder incident has already happened. Is the script for a humanitarian crisis caused by strict blockade of local autonomy, complete blockade of personnel, economy, and logistics still far away? Native chickens, Brazil, Russia, and the laws of the United States and Britain show the consequences of economic chaos. The native chickens achieved the ambitious goal of tens of percent of inflation per month, and the nation’s assets were directly discounted by 20%; the Federal Reserve has released the usual decades of floods for more than a dozen months, and the world is frightened and avoiding this flood of floods. , Japan and South Korea’s semiconductor industries were directly asked to transplant to the United States, and more than 500,000 people died at the same time; the double blow of Brexit + the new crown directly hit -10%, and the enthusiasm of the local separatist forces was unprecedentedly high. As for other small countries, people all over the world begging to get a vaccine, even if they are capable of governing. Since my country entered the normalization of epidemic prevention in May 2020, there have been more than 20 incidents of imported epidemics. Although they have been successfully dealt with and extinguished without serious consequences, they have also exposed many shortcomings and deficiencies. First, the emergency response capabilities of local governments in various regions are uneven. It is difficult to control the epidemic without affecting the economic operation. The people’s livelihood lies behind the economic operation. Second, the cost of the small-scale epidemic elimination war is still very high. If Shanghai can stand it, it does not mean that the border town of Yunnan can stand it; the money paid by Hebei does not mean that Heilongjiang has paid. Third, local governments have limited management capabilities. Under the premise of the central government’s three orders and five applications for prevention of epidemics in low-risk areas, under the premise of voluntary vaccination, there are still violations of “overweighting” and “mandatory inoculation”. The fundamental problem is to use “one size fits all” to make up for the lack of capacity. In the short term, there is insufficient money and capacity. As long as you are lucky, there may be no problem, but it is obvious that you cannot fight the epidemic in the long term with luck. The recent surge of the epidemic in India has once again sounded the alarm for the world. The new mutation is already full of heat resistance, and sooner or later it spreads across the world and becomes the mainstream strain. The next wave of global peaks may be within a few months, and the next round of spreading will also occur in many places. It will not be very far, and the time left for us may not be as far as the end of October.

7 months ago

From the cumulative inoculation of 1024.17 million doses on March 27 to over 200 million doses today, it only took more than 20 days to complete the second 100 million doses! Why is the vaccination rate so fast? This is inseparable from the principle of “successfully, step by step, highlighting key points, and ensuring safety” and the active organization and implementation of vaccination in all parts of the country. In response to recent reports from the public that it is difficult to make an appointment for the second dose, at the State Council’s joint prevention and control mechanism press conference on the 21st, the spokesperson of the National Health Commission Mi Feng said that the state has given full consideration to the deployment and supply of vaccines to various provinces. The demand for the second dose of vaccination as scheduled. All localities must make accurate deployment to ensure that the second dose of vaccination is completed within 8 weeks to avoid the situation where the injection is given but not given. The National Health Commission’s stationed working groups will also strengthen supervision on this. According to a report from China Central Broadcasting Corporation, the latest data shows that as of April 19, Beijing has reported a total of 21.125,400 doses of new coronavirus vaccines, and a total of 13.0291 million inoculations. Not only that, but many places in the country have also liberalized vaccination services for foreigners. Looking at the world, the situation of epidemic prevention and control is not optimistic. Wu Zunyou, chief expert of epidemiology at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, recently emphasized: – This winter will still be a test. ——Whoever achieves herd vaccination rate first will be the first to open the country. ——China achieves herd immunity through vaccination, and the number of people who need to be vaccinated reaches 1 billion, which is a huge challenge. -Therefore, we must work together to achieve herd immunity as soon as possible. What is the production capacity of the accelerated vaccination? “Thanks to earlier strategic decisions, institutional advantages, and innovative organization and management, the current annual production capacity of China’s new crown virus vaccine is close to 5 billion doses. It is expected that this year’s output will exceed 3 billion doses and will be gradually realized in the second half of the year.” On April 20, Zheng Zhongwei, the leader of the Vaccine R&D Special Team of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism Research Team of the State Council, and the director of the Medical Science and Technology Development Research Center of the National Health Commission, said at the 2021 annual meeting of the Boao Forum for Asia. China’s vaccines help the global fight against the epidemic In addition to the continuous acceleration of domestic vaccination, China continues to contribute to the global fight against the epidemic. Yin Weidong, Chairman and CEO of Kexing Holding Biotechnology Co., Ltd. recently stated at the Boao Forum for Asia 2021 annual meeting that Kexing has provided a total of 260 million doses of the new crown vaccine to the world. More than 60% of them are provided to countries outside of China. “This is a Chinese company’s role in the global prevention and control of new crowns, especially in the supply of new crowns vaccines.” According to Yin Weidong, the current daily production capacity of Kexing’s new crown vaccines is more than 6 million doses, and this year’s production capacity reaches 2 billion doses. , The domestic vaccination has nearly 100 million doses. “It is almost produced today, inoculated tomorrow, and the stock is zero the day after tomorrow.”

7 months ago

China’s new crown vaccination has exceeded 200 million times. What does it mean? It means that the manufacturing madman blew the Charge to the medical field. You must know that the domestic inoculation has exceeded 200 million times. What is the scale of production? At least doubled, the output of 400 million yuan… not only to ensure the speed of domestic people’s vaccination, but also to assume the responsibility of a major country to export Chinese vaccines overseas, and truly create a community with a shared future for mankind with vaccine safety. We are not like some countries, which only focus on fighting ourselves. We are also pulling other countries to move towards vaccine freedom and antibody freedom. On this road, we believe that more and more countries and regions will join this big family. At the same time, the “vaccine passport” that we advocated has already come out. This hand is really beautiful. But we should remain calm. After all, facing the population base of our country, to form an immune barrier covering 60 to 70% of the population, the number of vaccination required should be between 1.7 billion and 2 billion per dose. Therefore, the progress bar for the formation of the immune barrier is only 10% complete. I believe that major pharmaceutical companies have worked overtime, and a series of guarantees such as production and transportation must be the highest priority. In terms of production capacity, I believe there is no doubt. What I worry about is that the people have concerns about their willingness and enthusiasm for vaccination. After all, some people around me believe that the current domestic environment is relatively safe and there is no need for outbound exchanges. From their own point of view, the urgency of vaccination is indeed not high. But this is the most dangerous thing. We can’t keep our country closed and just open a gap to the world. Developed countries have a small population and strong production capacity. They can form an immune barrier for their citizens in a relatively short period of time. At that time, their so-called vaccinated people or even asymptomatic infected people will roam the world, as if American colonists brought the virus to the indigenous people of North America hundreds of years ago. same. That’s the greatest harm to us. At the same time, judging from the priority of the population for vaccination in our country, it is the most advantageous to form an immune barrier as soon as possible. The country’s decision-makers let people who are suitable for vaccination be vaccinated as soon as possible, so as to better protect the elderly, babies, pregnant women, etc. around us and even in our family. They can be our children, lovers, parents, grandparents. They may not be suitable for vaccination due to physical reasons. We can form an immune barrier as soon as possible, and we can provide them with a safe environment to protect them within the immune barrier. It can be said that to form the Great Wall of immune barrier, everyone who is looking at this answer needs to act now…In this war against the virus, none of us are bystanders.

7 months ago

Haha, so, can the vaccine not be used? Vaccination is not to prevent diseases, but to prevent smearing and public knowledge, to block some people’s mouths. With the Western double standard, at this time, not talking about the number of diagnoses, just talking about the number of vaccinations. China dare not fight and say that China can’t, thinking of the law to smear. People in the Western world were diagnosed in July and August of 19, and they were all beautified as “positive serum samples were found,” and then they continued to slander Wuhan. Where is the positive sample of the confirmed case in tm? If China dares not to fight, the Internet is overwhelming. It means that China does not consider the people, and then escalates to the lack of cohesion of the Chinese people, the inferiority of the Chinese people, etc., and then a bunch of strange reflections and strange physiques will be brought together. There will always be people who deliberately forget 20 years of feats of the people of the country working together to fight the virus. In all fairness, is the domestic prevention and control done well? Is it possible to do a good job of vaccines step by step? Why do you have to compare the vaccination schedule with countries where the virus is raging? Biden, I wish you a long life and a hundred years, the United States also just broke 200 million yesterday or today, right? China is later than your large-scale vaccination campaign, and it has caught up with your vaccination volume, which is interesting enough.

7 months ago

It was estimated a few days ago that to achieve the goal of opening in August and September, it would require 10 million vaccination per day. It was indeed at this speed for a few days. Later, there was a concentrated outbreak in Yunnan, and the entire population was vaccinated. At that time, the feeling was that the rate of national vaccination had slowed down and many vaccination sites did not have enough vaccines. My wife also said that all the vaccines were shipped to Yunnan? I checked, there are only one or two million people in that city, which will not have much impact on the number of vaccines. The current rate of vaccination is 4 million per day. According to this rate, it will take another year to complete the vaccination of 800 million people. What’s the reason? 1. Our production capacity drops suddenly. In accordance with the rabbit’s usual style, basically not bragging. Being able to speak big is basically something that can be done. It may be an irresistible reason that caused a sudden decrease in vaccine production. This is hard to say. 2. The production capacity remains unchanged, and the number of inoculations decreases. In other words, the vaccines produced are temporarily stored and not all put into society. This is a bit interesting, huh! In fact, our vaccination speed has to compete with the United States and Europe, at least not to be left behind by them. A few days ago, news spread around the world about the ineffectiveness of vaccines against new coronary pneumonia. Recently, such information is increasing. At this time, China’s vaccination volume suddenly dropped. I wondered, is there any connection between these? A month or two ago, everyone actively promoted vaccination. It was obvious that the time was tight, the task was heavy, and it meant a competition. The mission is completed before the United States opens its borders. If European and American vaccines may be ineffective, then we are not in a hurry. In the current environment, only a few countries such as China and North Korea can control the epidemic without relying on vaccines. The more the epidemic is raging, the more China’s role as a beacon can be demonstrated. If China’s current production capacity is more than self-sufficient and exports are insufficient, for example, 15 to 20 million pieces are produced every day. Let China stop for a while and wait for the people of the world. There is nothing wrong with it. If China is currently vaccinated with 400 million and the world epidemic is still raging, how many rumors will the Jews compose to slander China. It is said that China engages in hegemony regardless of the life and death of the people of the world. Let China separate more vaccines. In this way, it is very passive. On the contrary, let the bullets fly for a while. In India, hundreds of thousands a day, vaccines are not working well, and most vaccines in the world are not working well. The world is in panic again. Autumn is here, winter is snowing, rabbits feel the vaccine in their pockets, count 4 billion. OK, enough for your own use, enough for takeaway. Carry out universal vaccinations, achieve immunization for all, develop a few models and make a few models. The 2022 Winter Olympics will make China’s lighthouse brighter.

7 months ago

I just hope that I won’t be forced to get an injection if I’m in poor health. I want to get an injection. I also know how serious the infection of the new crown is, but my physical condition is really too bad. It’s going to be opened again in a week. I’m going to force you endlessly. I’m a living person. Why do I have to force me to inject drugs into my body? If I’m healthy, I’ll take it again. Why should I do this?

7 months ago

Achieving herd immunity requires 70-80% of the total population to obtain immunity. If the percentage of vaccine herd immunity is insufficient, natural immunity needs to be supplemented. The percentage of people gaining immunity through vaccination = inoculation rate * vaccine effective rate. China’s vaccination rate has gone from 100 million to 200 million, which shows that another big step has been taken in mitigating possible disasters. I believe that the vaccination will be completed soon. It is hoped that herd immunity will be achieved as soon as possible to restore the normal social order of production and life. for freedom!

7 months ago

To be honest, there is really no motivation to get vaccinated. The main reason is that the epidemic has been controlled too well. I haven’t had an injection for many years.. At present, vaccinations around me are basically mandatory, such as civil servants and institutions. For certain positions, such as teachers who can’t leave the province without being vaccinated, such as Didi drivers and other industries, our company has also received notices, requesting vaccinations. At the beginning, I also had doubts about the vaccines, such as side effects. But the last time I went to a government department and chatted with the uncle doorman, he said that he was afraid of the side effects of a fart, and our chief had beaten up. The officials are not afraid of anything, so I am also prepared to make an appointment when I am finished. It’s really annoying to wear a mask every time. I hope everyone gets the vaccine. Let’s take off the mask. Now the cost of going out has doubled, and you have to set up a mask for 1 yuan. This mask I don’t want to wear it a second time after I take it off, so now I have to spend four or five masks a day.

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