In response to Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga’s offering sacrifices to Yasukuni Shrine, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin stated at a regular press conference on the 21st that Yasukuni Shrine enshrines Class-A war criminals who were directly responsible for Japan’s foreign war of aggression. Has always resolutely opposed the wrong practices of Japanese political leaders.

Wang Wenbin said that China urges Japan to abide by the principles of the four political documents of China and Japan, earnestly implement the consensus on the four principles of China and Japan, face up to and deeply reflect on the history of aggression, draw a clear line with militarism, and take concrete actions to win the trust of neighboring Asian countries and the international community. .

Japan has been very jumping lately. Let’s take a look at a series of recent moves in Japan. On February 1, the “Maritime Police Law of the People’s Republic of China” came into effect. Japanese media repeatedly hyped up the normal cruises of Chinese official ships to the Diaoyu Islands and played up the “China threat theory.” The Japanese government once clamored that if a Chinese coast guard ship tried to land on the Diaoyu Islands and its affiliated islands, the Japanese side might consider this as a “criminal crime” and could conduct “hazardous shooting” at the other side. Where does Japan’s courage come from? According to Japanese media reports, the US Department of Defense claimed on the 23rd to support Japan on the sovereignty of the Senkaku Islands. This is the first time the United States has made a clear statement on the sovereignty of the Senkaku Islands. The United States not only unilaterally asked China to exercise restraint, but at the “2+2” talks between the United States and Japan on March 16, the two countries once again discussed matters concerning the Diaoyu Islands and agreed to hold exercises on the Diaoyu Islands and other surrounding islands. I have seen it, there is old beauty behind her back, and the book is very active. Let us look at the issue of nuclear waste water discharge. Japan declared that it would discharge nuclear waste water. China and South Korea and other neighboring countries strongly opposed it, but Japan obviously did not care. He was waiting for the American father’s statement. Subsequently, U.S. Secretary of State Blinken expressed through social media that he thanked Japan for its efforts to treat Fukushima nuclear wastewater. At the same time, the U.S. State Department issued a statement announcing that Japan’s nuclear wastewater discharge was in compliance with international standards, and he looked forward to Japan and the International Atomic Energy Commission. Cooperation. Western countries are also very cooperative, all are dumb, and there is almost no objection in public opinion. But what if South Korea still opposes it? It’s okay, American dad continues to help the book settle. Before the 17th, South Korea had a clear attitude towards Japan’s discharge of nuclear waste water and was very opposed to it. First, the Korean people spontaneously protested in front of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul and strongly opposed Japan’s decision to discharge nuclear sewage to the Pacific. The coalition of 31 anti-nuclear and environmental protection organizations in South Korea issued a statement expressing its strong condemnation of Japan’s actions. On the 14th, at the first meeting of the China-Korea Maritime Affairs Dialogue and Cooperation Mechanism, China and South Korea expressed their strong opposition to Japan’s unilateral decision to discharge nuclear waste water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident in recent days, despite the opposition of the international community, especially China and South Korea’s two important neighbors. dissatisfied. On the same day, South Korean President Moon Jae-in said in accepting the credential submitted by the Japanese ambassador to South Korea, Sang Sung Koichi, that the South Korean side was deeply worried about Japan’s decision to discharge pollutants into the sea. On the 14th, when Moon Jae-in presided over the meeting, he instructed all departments to actively discuss the application for interim measures and file complaints with the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea. The “provisional measures” refer to the temporary prohibition of Japan’s nuclear weapons before the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea makes a final judgment. Waste water is discharged into the sea. These statements are very firm opposition, and there is no room for relaxation. But look at the statement on the 19th. South Korean Foreign Minister Jeong Yi-yong said that if Japan can treat nuclear-contaminated water in accordance with the standard procedures set by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), South Korea does not need to insist on opposing it. At the same time, it gave its own approved solutions. It can be considered that as long as these requirements are met, South Korea will tacitly agree: First, it needs Japan to provide sufficient scientific evidence on the safety of the discharge of nuclear contaminated water, and second, it needs the Japanese and South Korean governments to carry out adequate measures. In advance negotiation, the third is to allow South Korean experts and research institutes to participate in the verification process of the International Atomic Energy Agency. This is basically a 180-degree turn, directly giving Japan a step, and Japan also understands it, saying that it is considering allowing South Korea to participate in the supervision of the Fukushima nuclear sewage discharge. So, what happened in the middle? On April 17, the so-called U.S. special envoy for climate change, John Kerry, arrived in South Korea. In subsequent talks with the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he supported Japan, expressing Washington’s confidence in the transparency of Japan’s plan and the U.S. to the Japanese government and the International Atomic Energy Agency ( IAEA) has conducted full discussions with confidence and believes that Japan has assessed all options and impacts and has been very transparent in this decision-making and process. The change in South Korea’s attitude is obviously the result of the United States’ mediation. Why is Lao Mei so active and helping Japan? Thinking about Japan’s frequent provocations against China on the Diaoyu Islands and other issues recently, things are already very obvious: Japan hopes to get help from the United States in discharging nuclear waste water, while the United States hopes that Japan will serve as a pawn for the United States to contain China. The two have mutually beneficial interests. Change, it’s all in one shot. Therefore, it is not surprising that Benzi went to sacrifice to ghosts again. Finally, recruit nuclear men, you can continue to dance, and when we free our hands to clean up you, you will know who the real father is.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

The nation of Japan is very nonsense. A certain Japanese scholar, whose name has forgotten, has a “Chinese construction theory”. It means that Japanese people often act collectively in an “atmosphere”, but they don’t know who their actual decision-makers are. The Japanese war of aggression was defeated, and the people from above and below reflect on their own, saying that they did not initiate it themselves. Good guy, a nation mobilized by the whole people. After the fight, it was discovered that more than half of the people were opposed to starting a war. Is this in the river? The text “disclosed” by the emperor years later: “I couldn’t stop the war in the first place. I regret it even today when I think about it.” Sparasi! The result of no one being responsible is that Japan actually feels that it is a victim. So in 50 years, will Japan feel that it is also a victim of nuclear waste water? Ha ha. Those who are more mature in Japan can basically not change this collective consciousness (or collective unconsciousness), and they have no choice but to help. So on the matter of worshipping ghosts, even though our Chinese side should make it clear, we should state our position and speak to you in a responsible manner. Don’t blame me for not doing my best at that time. But the Japanese would not understand, because they will always be collective irresponsibility, or a kind of collective unconsciousness. What is pushing Japan to go is to judge the time and the situation of the “field.” That is, the Japanese collective will change its position at any time as the strong and weak environment changes. When “historical issues” affect Japan’s economy, trade and national defense, Japan will begin to “regret”. But as long as these substantive aspects are not affected, then Japan will show its sincerity, and Lao Tzu has never been wrong. On the other hand, when Japan began to “regret”, it showed that he lowered his posture and began to subdue, but in his heart, there is a kind of power that will make it always feel that he is right.

5 months ago

If Yoshihide Suga can live to go to jail, he will definitely write the book “Be the Best Backer”. The situation facing Avisang is roughly as follows: 1. The contradiction between China and the United States is structural. The two sides cannot be resolved by concession unless one party collapses in the Soviet Union. And Japan has to follow. 2. Japan itself is in Asia, and its economy and trade mainly rely on China, but Japan’s security depends on the United States. China promised not to engage in “homonymous revenge”, but it couldn’t stand the fact that it was really dirty in Japanese history, and he couldn’t let it go. 3. The United States is still in a state of instability. The problem is that the United States is currently rushing to Capitol Hill, the new crown is still rising, people are being held at the border, and the irregular state of regular zero-dollar purchases. In the short term, it can be rescued by the Federal Reserve. What should I do if I suddenly make big news after a long time? When the time comes, Japan wants to transfer to another home, how can it show favors? Is it to offer a prime minister to show loyalty? 4. When Avisan grew up, the Americans’ taming of Japan might have been stamped with the ideological stamp of “the American emperor will win”. Under this ideological stamp, the Japanese government is serving the United States, so don’t talk about it. After worshipping, it is not strange to live in.

5 months ago

Normal operation. This is regarded as a statement of Japan’s attitude towards the United States, and we will warn as usual. Since Japan signed the RCEP, the past two years have really been jumping repeatedly between China and the United States. But looking at their attitudes and actions, it can be said that they showed two completely different faces, that is, their mouths are straightforward. So it jumps whenever it wants to, and the harder it jumps, the easier it is to flash around. Don’t be anxious on both sides someday, give it a kick before starting a fight. Ah, I saw Australia tearing up the Belt and Road Agreement as soon as it was sent out. This is much more influential than Japan’s worship of the Yasukuni Shrine.

5 months ago

Japan fights side by side every day. To be honest, the so-called extreme right in Japan is almost cool. After all, the United States also hates this thing. But a sacred toilet and a Diaoyu island are a must-have weapon to provoke Sino-Japanese relations and prevent Japan from falling to China. The sacred toilets are stinky but easy to use. They can let the dogs in and irritate China at every turn. No matter how China protests, it doesn’t work. If you protest today, Japan won’t apologize. After a while, others should pay homage or confess, or confess. After all, now it is up to the owner to beat the dog. Even if we are dissatisfied with the face of the United States, we can only protest. When the U.S. is driven away, Japan will dismantle the sacred toilet without us saying that it will dare to visit? Maybe you have to build a new toilet specifically for the bloody war criminals who beat the Americans, and the U.S. disgusts daily visits.

5 months ago

During this period of time, Japan has made frequent actions and has become the focus of the media time and time again. Visiting the Yasukuni Shrine again and again has touched our sensitive nerves time and time again, wandering on the edge (or blind spot) of Sino-Japanese relations time and time again, undoubtedly wanting to challenge the bottom line of the Chinese again and again. In fact, Japan is no different from the United States. While signing a diplomatic treaty with us, while walking on the edge of a diplomatic game, dare to ask Japan, are you trying? In particular, the Yasukuni Shrine enshrines Class-A war criminals of World War II who were directly responsible for Japan’s foreign war of aggression. Take a look at Japan’s actions during this period of time: ①The epidemic hit the Olympic Games, and they still insisted on holding the Olympics to balance the interests of all parties. The winners and losers are still unknown; ②Attempts to discharge nuclear waste water to the Pacific, for a time, the world’s public opinion is directed. Japan; ③The Japanese government announced on the 19th that black scorpionfish in the seas of Fukushima Prefecture was banned from listing due to “excessive radioactive materials”; ④ Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga visited the United States to talk about China issues and arrogantly dictate; ⑤The epidemic in Japan is also in progress Gradually increasing stage; ⑥ cancel the plan to visit India. Japan’s correct approach is just like what the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said: China urges Japan to abide by the principles of the four political documents of China and Japan, earnestly implement the consensus on the four principles of China and Japan, face up to and deeply reflect on the history of aggression, and draw a clear line from militarism. Action wins the trust of neighboring Asian countries and the international community. It should still be acknowledged and held accountable. You should face your own history and always say “no” to militarism.

5 months ago

Why do Japanese people visit Yasukuni Shrine one after another? As an exquisite egoist, no one can do nothing. The people who walked into the Yasukuni Shrine, pretending to be objective, were those who walked into the Yasukuni Shrine, including militarists, political speculators with ill-conceived hearts, and more ordinary people who came just to remember their families. My point of view that I personally summarized the Japanese still don’t feel that they are guilty. The guilty thing is that the ancestors of the previous generation of Japan did not reflect on it, so don’t think that their offspring will reflect on their own. Today Japan is still a group of people with the same thinking. It’s just that these Japanese people no longer have the ability to bully others, so they can only show their memories of the glory of East Asia in the past. Japan has never reflected on why it launched a war. They only reflected on why it was defeated. They believe that it was the United States that defeated them, and China was Japan’s defeated general. Japanese politicians who worshiped ghosts in history should say this in their hearts: The emperor was not wrong, and was not liquidated. The American father agreed with us to bow down. You China just protested and talked about it, and it wouldn’t be true. You still have to maintain a friendly relationship with us. It’s okay to hurt each other for a short time. I can’t lose the face of the Japanese. In a word, visiting worship is beneficial and harmless. My judgment is not that it is not reported, the time has not arrived. The goodwill between Japan and China is just a joke.

5 months ago

Hosei University is next door to the Yasukuni Shrine, but it is a far-left university. The president takes the lead and is LGBT. The Yasukuni Shrine is now a tourist attraction. Young people in Japan agree that the separation between high-pressure rule and fascist expansionism is minimal, and it can even be said to be the world’s inverse. There are many authoritarian or totalitarian countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. On the contrary, the heart of Japan, which is the most harmless, is also speechless.

5 months ago

The Yasukuni Shrine is a totem of Japanese militarists. In the place where the memorial tablets of Japanese war criminals of World War II are enshrined, the dream of “Greater Japan” is enshrined. Li Qingzhao, a talented woman of the Song Dynasty, wrote a poem about remembering Xiang Yu, the overlord of the Western Chu Dynasty: “Life is a hero, and death is also a ghost. I still think about Xiang Yu and refuse to cross Jiangdong.” The original intention of Li Qingzhao to write this poem was to lament Xiang Yu’s self-control. The Japanese Prime Minister’s offering of sacrifices to the Yasukuni Shrine represents a kind of “unkillable heart” by the specter of militarism against Japanese politicians. China has suffered from it and condemned the Japanese Prime Minister for offering sacrifices to the Yasukuni Shrine. “Famous” is both a warning and an exhortation. However, the Japanese prime minister offered sacrifices to the Yasukuni Shrine and even paid homage to the Yasukuni Shrine. This is not only a denial of his criminal history of aggression against China, but also a test of the bottom line of the Chinese government and people, as well as the victims of South Korea and North Korea. The Sino-Japanese War of Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895 in the late Qing Dynasty and the 14-year war of aggression against China during the Republic of China brought great disasters to the Chinese people, and even in the crisis of national subjugation and extinction, its numerous evil deeds are exhausted. But after the defeat of World War II, Japan now plunges into the arms of the United States to survive and become a puppet and puppet controlled by the United States. In order to win the favor of the American master, it is willing to kneel and lick the United States. On the surface, Japan obeys the United States and is willing to act as a pawn and cannon fodder for the United States to contain, encircle and undermine China’s development. The Yasukuni Shrine has become a spiritual symbol of militarism under the Japanese right-wing forces. The United States is happy to see it, but for China, It was an unbearable naked provocation. The visit of Junichiro Koizumi and Shinzo Abe to the Yasukuni Shrine is a resurrection of the ghost of “militarism” representing the right-wing forces in Japan, and Yoshihide Suga’s offerings to the Yasukuni Shrine are also “in the same line.” Facts have proved that a country like Japan is like a capricious villain. Once it finds an opportunity, it will not let go of its dream of continuing to relive the “Greater Japanese Empire”. Therefore, just condemning and protesting the separation of Japanese politicians from militarism is nothing more than an itching. On the surface, it may act as a deterrent and warning. In fact, they still go their own way. For China, it is Guan Jian to continue to strengthen itself and avoid the recurrence of tragedies, because when Guan Jian, you must greet it in a way that it understands, and although the urging and warning have some effect, let it completely cut off the military state. “Ism” is the solution to both the symptoms and the root causes, and these must be backed by strength. If the specter of Japanese “militarism” does not disappear for a day, we will not be able to take it lightly. learn from past experience. For Japan’s right-wing forces and militarism, the lingering poison is unclear, and severe drugs must be used.

5 months ago

Not long ago, after the United States and Japan’s joint speeches, it was obvious that the action immediately accelerated. Biden is definitely more reliable than Trump. It is the American political elite who has become more refined after decades of rolling, and is much better than Obama. Obama and later Tron Everyone has a new era of Internet celebrity style, loves to show off, the actual operation ability is very poor, is seen through. Biden pretends to fall asleep all day long, and looks unhealthy. However, in our history, this kind of person may be Sima Yi. The older he gets, the more spiritual he violates the law of the elderly. He has the ambition of Liu Bang and Liu Bei to become stronger in Vietnam, and Justinian the Great of New Rome in the United States. At this moment, the United States is also in the pandemic. But this time this new Rome has unprecedented talents and amazing technical power on earth. To be a great emperor, he needs to be accomplished, and he must be re-elected. It seems that Biden is going to bleed from Russia and look further at the development of the situation, because it is a pig that can see that Slavs are now weak enough to be slaughtered. It can also be seen from the New Black Death that the European and American worlds are really not afraid of death. If your Slavs are nuclear threatened, they will be exterminated! Many people do not know that the smooth resolution of the Cuban nuclear crisis is that the United States has seen through Cuba’s cards and that the missiles launched from Cuba are not worth mentioning. If launched from all over Russia and submarine platforms, they are actually quite ordinary. Submarines rely on stealing technology and they are certainly not the best and most advanced, because they are also studying it. In the end, this is the coffin of the Soviet Union for decades. Are the Slavs really capable of maintenance? Taking down the Slavs, the United States really “continues to be great.” Biden was named the emperor. It doesn’t matter if you do it again. It doesn’t matter if you lie down in a coffin under your neck. The Americans are fed up with the war madness, political correctness, and mad dogs that Bush started. At the same time, returning to the topic is very simple. The United States needs devils. Devils want to be the bridgehead of the big brother’s democracy. And maybe they want to grab the big show on the side of Western Slavs. This time, the United States will first Asia and then Europe, OK?

5 months ago

How to look at it? Diplomacy is the continuation of internal affairs. The Yasukuni Shrine contains tablets of World War II war criminals, which has become a symbol of today’s right-wing denial of defeat and incitement of domestic militarism in Japan. It has also become a diplomatic card for Japan in East Asia, whether it is China-Japan or South Korea-Japan relations. This card is not only disgusting, but can always successfully transfer contradictions when East Asian relations are tense. Recently, former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe also visited the Yasukuni Shrine, undoubtedly still seeking support from the Japanese right wing to achieve Abe’s goal of amending the constitution. The current Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga is just a puppet, but this puppet also has ambitions. After they shifted their eyes from East Asia, the incumbent could pour water and get TEPCO to support him. He instantly had the support of the consortium, and in the future he could also become a big door in Japan. The predecessor can go one step closer to amending the constitution, and his predecessor is strong, so he doesn’t worry about the incumbent’s backlash at all. The two happened to be embarrassed. You ask me what I think, I can only say that the Japanese government is shameless, and it must be wary that Japan is also preparing to engage in militarism in the Asia-Pacific region, turning East Asia into a war-torn like Europe. This kind of wonderful work willing to serve as a pawn for the United States can still dream of a big country every day. It is really hard to find in the world. In addition, from the perspective of the democratic election system, you will find that Japan now has a particularly large number of right-wing manga writers, and this culture will affect many people, and these people are voters. Therefore, the Liberal Democratic Party is also a political show for the position of prime minister. Let me just say, I think that since the Internet is fully rolled out, traditional democratic elections are simply a political show. Whoever plays can win. Old Reagan has

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