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Everyone’s personality, environment and other factors are different. I have no way to advise you. But I have also experienced it, so I want to let myself go. Once I was forced to take a one-year suspension of high school, and this year of suspension has really become an intractable wound in my heart. Today, if I really have time to go back, I don’t want to suspend school. In my second year of high school that year, I went back to school with joy and told my teacher that I was much better now and I wanted to come back to school. I clearly remember that my high school class teacher took me directly to the door of the Academic Affairs Office and asked my dad and I to wait at the door, and later he took out a one-year leave notice. Tell me that the body is important and the task of study is heavy, which is not what my body can bear now. It is better to go home and get a good health before returning to school. Now I really want to go back and slap myself back then and go to school. This year, the teacher in charge of my class was considered dispensable in my class. I didn’t know my file until I was in college because some materials were missing during the year. It was not until I graduated for several years that I got high school because of the missing year Graduation certificate, although this is useless. I am not in school, no one manages my things. Regarding academic performance, I am in a province where the college entrance examination is relatively weak. Except for the top 50, the key classes of our school are in one class, and the remaining 150 people are distributed in the other three classes. Before the suspension of school, I was 11 or 2 in the class. , Sometimes it’s close to the top ten, the seventy or eighty of the whole year, because at that time there were 30 people in the examination room, and I had been in the third examination room. This grade is actually not good, it can only be said to be at an intermediate level (though I later found out that it was caused by poor self-study ability), but I think it can be a normal book if I play well in the college entrance examination, and I can generally play a better one. The second book. After the leave of school, my parents had work to be busy. The first few days were carefree playing and watching TV. My parents would not care because of illness, but then I was in endless anxiety, and I would suffer from insomnia. Nightmare, I dreamed that ten years later, my classmates saw me and said why you are still the same, not motivated. Don’t talk about raising the body like this. Because of the interruption of studies, the passage of time, and the anxiety that made my temper worse and worse, I talked to my parents about my anxiety, and my parents said that you just study, but I took out the textbook and workbook, and I found out about me. I usually rely too much on the teacher’s indoctrination during class, and I have no self-learning ability and no scientific study plan. My study plan is just a piece of waste paper, and my attention is always easily attracted by other things. So during that time, my mentality collapsed. The whole family was quiet and only myself. No one told me what to do. Even if I told me, I couldn’t listen. I would be forced to death by myself. Now it’s naive to think about it. , And wrote numerous suicide notes to himself. Later, of course, I learned to go with the crowd, and became a tortoise. After half a year, I occasionally appeared self-motivated. I asked my mother to take me to another high school in another city. The teacher took out the test papers for the exam. I didn’t study for half a year. I lost the confidence that I had learned. I forgot what I learned. I naturally answered in a mess. I can get the reading fee for good answers. Now there is only a trace of self-motivated work left. However, the high borrowing fees do, after all, the sickness still cost the family a lot of money. In another six months, I went back to my former school and went to the next grade. My former classmates were preparing for the college entrance examination. I was out of place in the new class. My personality prevented me from joining the new class, even though they were only one year younger than me. Years old, but I don’t think I can get past the gap. They learned what I learned, so it was easy at the beginning. Chinese and English are only sixty points, which can make me rank in the top of the new class. It’s a pity that the good times didn’t last long. During the May Day holiday, I felt uncomfortable and stayed at home for a month, so the previous year did not help. After coming back, I have already begun to enter the overall review stage of the college entrance examination. I am not used to the new teacher’s teaching method, and I rely too much on the teacher. My biology teacher often takes sick leave or self-study. My biology has dropped from 90 points to 20-30 points. Other subjects are not much stronger. Only Chinese can reach more than 120 with the encouragement of the Chinese teacher. Under the teacher’s responsibility, English can barely pass, and he is in his early 100s. Then I was third last in the class. I was ignorant and ignorant in the first grade of elementary school and maybe counted down, but then it was the first and second in the class. I am desperate myself. I can’t ask the teacher any questions, but I still can’t help it. I talked about the teacher’s food at the same table. It’s better to study by myself. So the tortoise-breath Dafa I cultivated in a year appeared and I stopped learning. So I finished reading Zichuan and Tomb Raider’s Notes, and other novels. Sit firmly on the penultimate throne. The examination room went to the seven or eight examination room, but there was no need to climb stairs. Later, in the college entrance examination, I lost more than a dozen points in Chinese, and I made up my English. I just passed the mathematics. I didn’t do one of the big questions at the back of the comprehensive paper. I didn’t know how to do it. I only did multiple-choice questions. Fortunately, I did just fine. Wrong one and a half. Fortunately, the grades were not high that year, but there were not many schools in the province that could apply for it. Then I had to travel far away from my university to a school far away. Differences in living habits, various reasons, university haunted, and later graduated haunted, escape from the depths of the bones, let oneself settle in the status quo and escape reality. In fact, in the final analysis, my heart is not strong enough, and I don’t have the ability to learn by myself. Before leaving school, I was really serious in class, to what extent, the teacher in my world only taught the content of the teacher, there is no other voice, then the memory is good, the teacher remembers it after the lecture. So what the hell is self-study? The teacher said it is easy to understand why reading obscure things in the book wastes time. So I never realized how important self-learning ability is. If I didn’t suspend school that year, even if I didn’t do well in the college entrance examination, I would dare to repeat it for another year, but because of the suspension, I was older than others, and my previous study status was gone, so I wouldn’t dare to repeat it. After people don’t study well, they don’t want to study even more. After graduating from university, I don’t even have the idea of ​​taking a postgraduate entrance examination. Is it regrettable? The path of your own choice. If allowed, I still have to draw myself back home and go to school. Originally answered anonymously, I wanted to let myself be relieved like a tree hole, but the indelible emotions in my heart broke out, until insomnia. Find out the high school graduation certificate (this graduation certificate was issued one year later because the materials were missing when I was off school. The class teacher at that time added something to me and was delayed by one year. After I graduated from university many years ago, the class teacher at that time kept asking many people to come to me. Contact information, send it to me, so I keep the graduation certificate. I am very grateful to the teacher Liu, as a transfer student, he has always taken care of me, he opened his eyes and closed a lot of things I did not right. For one eye, if my grades improved a little, he would praise me in the class. Unfortunately, I did not attend the class meeting that day when I caught a cold.) The grades on the graduation certificate are the results of the college entrance examination, and the college entrance examination was taken before the liberal arts. Although the college entrance examination is simple and simple, it should be a great province to look at our examination papers. But there seem to be few all A’s in the class. High school, so many years have passed, although I know that people want to look forward, but I am too axis, many things have not been let go in the past many years, when I wake up from a midnight dream, I can’t help thinking, if there is no stagnation of that year, no matter what No matter how bad school I go to, no matter how many problems I have, I still have a heart to work hard and never give up, right?


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Re-reading it is self-evident how important high school is. The first year of high school is a year of foundation. The high-rise buildings rise on the ground, and the foundation is not firmly shaken. Furthermore, I am still very worried about people’s self-control, not to say that there are no people with strong self-discipline, but after all, ordinary people with weak willpower occupy the majority. It’s almost impossible for you to study at home better than with teachers and classmates at school. If you choose to go directly to the second year of high school, it is very likely that you will slacken off because you can’t keep up, and your enthusiasm for learning will be severely affected by poor grades, and there will be no good results in the end. Repetition will be delayed for a year, but life is very long. The present year may change you for decades in the future. Why not be the last, I wish you all the best and good health

7 months ago

In fact, you can regard the year of illness as the epidemic of last year. Last year, many students did not take online courses seriously, but they will continue to advance to the next grade as usual, so as long as you are at home this year, you will arrange your time reasonably. I believe Your learning won’t fall a lot because of this. There are still plenty of opportunities for online learning. As long as you don’t regard yourself as a sick state this year, what should you do with self-discipline every day, see a doctor when you should see a doctor, and study hard when you should study. I really like the phrase “self-discipline” on the keep app. I am free”, here I am sending you this sentence, so if you seize the time this year, what you earn back is a year of youth and nothing else. Of course, you can take a year off from school. High school learning basically requires students to be self-conscious, so as long as you work hard on your own, you may do better than when you were in school. Come on!

7 months ago

There are two kinds of children with poor learning in our population: one is that they don’t want to learn/limited by their talents, so they are poor in learning. The other is that a certain knowledge point is born with poor learning. It is important to note that the second type of students is very, very, very, very, very, very poor. many. Because our education has problems, there are far more negatives than positives, and criticism is always better than praise. Not to mention a certain year, just a knowledge point, if it fails to keep up, it may cause the butterfly effect, and then completely fail to keep up. At this time, the wheel of history is rolling forward, and the teacher’s teaching progress will never stop because you have not kept up. And most of the knowledge is one link after another, maybe you just didn’t understand this little bit accidentally. But first of all, every time you encounter this knowledge point, you will give you negative feedback, passing you the message of “I can’t do it, I’m too stupid”; secondly, you will not be related to it later, which will eventually lead to a subject The most terrible consequence of doubts is Seligman’s learned helplessness, a thorough questioning of his own learning ability. Did we say it was the student’s fault? No, I can only say that there is a lack of more psychological intervention and scientific teaching. In order to be more sincere and admonish, share my personal experience. There are two nodes in my study. The first is mathematics. I didn’t learn well in the space, which aroused doubts about my mathematics. The second was the increase in listening comprehension in the reform of the English college entrance examination and the failure to adapt well, which led to the collapse of English. Originally, my grades were always the first in the grade, and finally fell to the last 30%. It can be said to be terrible. To this day, I am still quite regretful………… Either I gritted my teeth and had a chance to keep up, or it would be better if I had a teacher. Personal experience, the code word is not easy! Please double-click to like to support it. Memo da References: 1. Learned helplessness “Learned helplessness” was proposed by the American psychologist Seligman (MEP) in 1967 when he was studying animals. He made a classic experiment with a dog. At first, the dog was locked in a cage. As long as the buzzer sounded, it would give an uncomfortable electric shock. The dog could not escape the electric shock in the cage. After many experiments, the buzzer Before giving the electric shock, open the cage door first. At this time, the dog not only does not run away, but falls to the ground before the electric shock appears and starts groaning and trembling. It could have taken the initiative to escape but desperately waited for the pain to come. Learned helplessness. Psychologists later proved that this phenomenon also occurs in humans. If a person perceives that his behavior is impossible to achieve a specific goal, or has no possibility of success, he will have a mental state of powerlessness or self-rejection, which is manifested as cognitive loss, decreased motivation level, emotional discomfort, etc. Psychological phenomenon. Of course, people have subjective initiative, can analyze the objective environment and subjective factors, and attribute the results of their own behavior failures. When a person attributes uncontrollable negative events or failure results to their own intelligence and ability, a diffuse, helpless and depressed state will appear, self-evaluation will be reduced, and motivation will be reduced to a minimum Level, helplessness also arises from this. 2. Butterfly effect Butterfly effect refers to the long-term huge chain reaction of the entire system that can be driven by small changes in the initial conditions in a dynamic system. The butterfly effect is a kind of chaotic phenomenon, which shows that there are definite numbers and variables in the development of everything. During the development of things, their development trajectory has a law to follow. At the same time, there are also unpredictable “variables.” Change can affect the development of things, confirming the complexity of the development of things.

7 months ago

It is recommended that you arrange your studies according to your physical condition during the time at home. Since you have left school at home because of illness, you should focus on your body, and don’t force yourself. As for whether you want to repeat the exam or think this is a very simple question with the sophomore. After the final exam is over, the subject can ask the head teacher for the answers and transcripts of the final exam. I strictly follow the test requirements at home to test and let the parents or teachers help me to judge whether my performance is good or bad according to the performance of other people and whether it meets the psychological expectations. Then decide whether to repeat or follow the sophomore year. If the subject is embarrassed to ask parents or teachers to make corrections, you can also make corrections yourself, but this is not recommended because it is easy to give more points when you make corrections on your own test papers.

7 months ago

It depends on the master’s own situation. Everyone’s learning ability and self-control are different from the teachers in the school. Taking myself as an example, I got a good high school in the middle school entrance examination, but because the people in the city are more impetuous, I didn’t take many classes in the first year of high school, and I skipped class to play in late self-study. Except for English, I didn’t know much about anything else. Passed, the heart was big at the time, there was no psychological burden at all, and now I think of it ashamed. At the end of the first year of high school and the beginning of the second year of high school, I started to suffer from insomnia, unable to sleep all night, and not sleepy during the day, so I was anxiously unable to do it. I had nothing to do at my leisure, so I had to listen to the class and start to do my homework in the evening. I clearly remembered that one of the classes I listened carefully to in high school was the newly opened physics elective 3-1. In class, I was very focused on the teacher. I did physics. The teacher was very excited. I asked my classmates when I encountered a problem with my homework in the evening. They even teased me and found it incredible. Then…I don’t have insomnia anymore. I studied hard for a year in the second year of high school, and the teachers in our school are also very high, so at the end of the second year of high school, I reached the 30th grade. In fact, most of the key and difficult points of the college entrance examination are in the second year of high school. If you understand all the problems in the second year of high school, there will be no problem in the first year of high school. Anyway, you will review it many times in the third year. However, it still depends on your own situation. You have a correct assessment of the difficulty of the college entrance examination for yourself, your school, and the area. This is the most important thing. Anyway, there is no rush this year.

7 months ago

It is recommended to go directly to the third year of high school (I am third from the bottom of the ten thousand years in the experimental class of the key high school in the first and second city of high school.. The daily countdown of grade, simulation and guessing can test 400+. Among them, Chinese and English add up to 250. Mathematics and theory I got up 200…) I just started learning in the first round of high school grade three. It’s a score of 600 in one breath. I personally think that the total review of the third year of high school is much cooler than that of the first year and second year of high school. Of course, 600 points can not even be 211. I want to take the high score and study for a few more years.

7 months ago

It is recommended that you consider your health according to your family situation and your own physical condition. If long-term study will affect your health, it is recommended to take a good rest and repeat the first year of high school. If the body is okay, but it is weak, or it is not convenient to go out, it is recommended to study at home and go directly to the second year of high school. For studying at home, you can consider online classes and tutoring. If financial conditions permit, it is recommended to find a tuition agency, the kind of tutoring. Learn two courses every day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The rest of the time can be self-study, or do homework and take a break. Wait until the school’s monthly exam, or at the end of the term, ask the teacher for an exam paper to see how many points you can get. Calculate the results, as long as the ranking is not the last one, you can continue to study. Or even if it’s the last one, you can understand the explanation of the wrong question, that’s fine. You can also consider online classes. The time for online classes is relatively free and can be arranged at any time. When financial conditions are limited, watch the instructional videos online. Buy a workbook for each subject, a set of medium-difficulty, arrange time to study according to the chapters in the workbook, and then do the workbook. This requires higher self-control. When you reach the third year of high school, the class will be reviewed as a whole, and a lot of knowledge will be revisited. If you think it is necessary in the third year of high school, a lot of knowledge may be enough to brush more questions, but there is not enough time, you can consider repeating one year. Just repeat it now, it may not be necessary.

7 months ago

Hello subject, the amount of tasks in high school and junior high school are not the same. If you go directly to the second year of junior high school, you may be able to keep up, but if you go directly to the second year of high school, it is very difficult to keep up. The first year of high school and the second year of high school are for the foundation, and the foundation of the first year of high school is not strong. It is very difficult to review in the third year of high school. It is recommended to repeat the course for one year. And because they have not been in school for a whole year, have not studied, and have left the school environment, their ability to learn in all aspects will be reduced. The subject can learn some knowledge by himself at home, so that the brain can adapt in advance; in order to enter the school as soon as possible status. If the subject feels that his attention is a little bit inattentive, you can take this test. If the attention test results have attention deficits, you can perform some attention-enhancing training.

7 months ago

It depends on your ability. I was also ill in high school and took half a year off. It’s the last semester of high school, which is the leave from May to December. The first round of general review is not knowing anything. Of course I am smart but I am too lazy to study. Almost all of them oscillate between pass and fail. I still remember going back to school in December and taking the first test, and I got 475 points on the test. 750 full marks, one line was around 540, science. Then I wanted to study in the next semester of high school. I really want to read. In the last semester of high school, I went to the classroom at 5:30 and back to the dormitory at 10:30 every day. Just madly self-study the lessons left in the first and second year of high school. The final score was pretty good, 600 points. Of course I have this ability, so I didn’t study much in the first year and second year of high school. I still asked for leave in the third year of high school. The time to study really hard is only half a semester. I still don’t have enough time for review, and I feel that there is still a lot to learn. Why not repeat it? It’s because I can’t pass the Tsinghua exam even after repeating the exam, so I’ll just do it. So you have to look at your ability. If you have good abilities, there is nothing difficult in the first year and second year of high school, and you can make up for it yourself. Don’t be afraid of your jokes. I learned acceleration in the first class of physics in the first year of high school. I didn’t understand until the third year of high school. I also understood what the mole unit of chemistry actually means. But I learned quickly. In fact, you can just follow along. Instead of repeating the first year of high school, it is better to repeat the third year of high school.

7 months ago

Consider the pros and cons and personal character and academic situation. Consider the pros and cons. Repeated reading, the age on the road in the future is one year older than the same level. With the increase of age, this disadvantage will become greater and greater. In terms of physical health, Party A considers looking for a job, etc. I didn’t feel much before leaving the campus. After leaving the campus, I was very old. What about layoffs at the age of 30, growth rate within 3-5 years of work, and so on. Consider from your own character and academic background. Personality is tough and persevering, biased towards self-discipline, clear the pros and cons, have certain self-learning ability, can stick to the general level of the first year of high school, and can work hard to increase the advantage in the third year; if you ask how to learn, know about a bunch of high school courses Learning methods, etc., given the method, you can’t learn by yourself, so there’s no way. The subject of the question only now considers whether to repeat or go directly to the second year of high school, indicating that the beginning of the illness did not have a clear plan for the future. Either hurry up from now, or retreat one year and take the same pace

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