April 23 is the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the People’s Navy. In 1972, the People’s Navy has gradually developed into a strategic service with a complete range of five arms and both nuclear and permanent weapons. Escorts in the Gulf of Aden, evacuation of overseas Chinese from Yemen, humanitarian rescue…The People’s Navy has tracked all over the world and has become an important force for maintaining world peace.

At what moments were you proud, proud, and moved because of the People’s Navy? On the Navy Day, we will send blessings to the People’s Navy together.

When the military announced that it would no longer be foolish, the latest official naval propaganda film “Report to the Party Flag”, the results of the sudden war were destroyed: the official naval propaganda film “Report to the Party Flag” Yang Chaochao’s black powder head station video. In 1885, the most touching thing about the whole movie is the one hundred years of changes at the end: Hello 81192, this is the tower of Yongshujiao Airport, the runway has been emptied, please return immediately! Hello Nanhu Red Boat, here is the aircraft carrier formation. This century of achievement has been as you wished. Hello 100 years, this is the People’s Navy, which is moving towards deep blue. What’s interesting is that this military announcement is an attack on the land, who is it implying? When I arrived in Shenzhen last year, I had already inspected the Marine Corps. He also proposed to devote all his mind and energy to preparing for war and maintaining a high level of alertness. Well, no matter who is hitting the land, the People’s Navy is in control of the victory. It is really not easy for the People’s Navy. I think back then, there were speedboat squadrons, gunboat squadrons, and temporary warships that used T34 flat cargo ships as gun emplacements on the Jinmen side. The small boat hit the big boat, the bayonet at sea, the boat sank, and the soldiers could only swim back to the mainland. Back then, there were grenade in the naval battle, but it was too difficult. But never underestimate those who dare to fight for their dreams. China posted pictures of American aircraft carriers on the walls during the Yan’an cave dwellings. When Snow went to northern Shaanxi in 1936, he met two teenage Red Army soldiers. Debate which is the best battleship or aircraft carrier. Today, our navy has finally risen. The navy is testing the overall industrial capabilities. Now that China’s current national strength development has reached this stage, dumping dumplings is inevitable, the prism core has been activated, and justice will eventually be realized. There are now 8 National Destruction 055, and 3 Type 075 Chinese People’s Liberation Army attacked the Yang land ship (the name sounds like Gundam). As for 003, the flue is not found at all, and they have all been found in the center of the hull. Go, the probability of nuclear power is really not low. There is also 076, which is a large-scale battleship of the mainstream new concept created by China itself, and the UAV aircraft carrier platform. To be benchmarked, it can only be benchmarked against the Protoss aircraft carrier. In the future, there will be H20, sea ribbon, big black fish, and all-purpose ship. Compared with the past, the current military fans are really happy, but at that time, everyone is also full of hope. Hello to the military fans in the past, today’s People’s Navy is beyond imagination. The 14th Five-Year Shipbuilding Plan that was spread on the Internet is even more refreshing. During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, the Chinese Navy may launch 1.5 million tons of warships, 055 is For 30 ships, 054 for 100 ships, and 075. It is estimated that eight ships will be built in 2023. Looking at it this way, the total tonnage of the Chinese Navy may really be aimed at “beauty is 70% to me”, “obstructing.” The evil force of free navigation” will become an “important force for maintaining world peace” in the future. With the current situation, the People’s Navy is bound to go ocean, and our country needs a strong ocean-going navy to safeguard overseas interests. In other words, the Pacific Ocean has been polluted by Japanese nuclear wastewater, and our seafood is going to be fished farther away.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

During the Battle of the Eighth Sixth Sea, the People’s Navy had only a 100-ton frigate. It touched the dark, rushed to within 100 meters, and attacked 500-ton and 1200-ton enemy ships with the spirit of bayonet on the artillery. The navy’s tonnage has always been its combat effectiveness. Having a larger ship means having a larger combat platform. Regardless of attack power, protection power, range, continuous combat capability, ammunition load, and number of personnel, it has a huge advantage over small tonnage. The biggest difference between naval warfare and land warfare is that there is no geographical advantage at all. Far away from the coast, both sides of the war are fighting on the same terrain. Once the wind direction was the only natural force that could be used at sea, but with the end of the sailing age, the influence of wind direction has become smaller and smaller, and sea battles have become a competition of equipment. Therefore, in 1965, the Kuomintang still believed that they had the upper hand in naval warfare. After all, they had large warships aided by the United States, and the people’s army could only dispatch fish boats and frigates. But the People’s Army has never won by equipment. Chairman Mao said: “This army has a spirit of indomitable advancement. It must overwhelm all enemies and never be succumbed by the enemy!” Because: “The reason why this army is powerful is because of its indomitable spirit. All those who join this army have conscious discipline; they are not fighting for the private interests of a few people or narrow groups, but for the interests of the broad masses of the people and the whole nation. Standing closely with the Chinese people and serving the Chinese people wholeheartedly is the sole purpose of this army. “So much military common sense has failed in the face of the people’s army. In the “Battle of the Eighth Sixth Sea”, the People’s Army found another ally-Dark Night! In the dark night, it is precisely when the brave meets on a narrow road that the brave wins. When the mutual information is not clear, the one who dares to fight will have a greater advantage. Both the 1200-ton Jianmen and the 500-ton Zhangjiang of the Warring States Army were sunk, killing 170 people below the commander of the enemy fleet, Major General Hu Jiaheng, and capturing 33 people below the lieutenant colonel’s staff. Our army killed 4 people, wounded 28 people, 2 frigates and 2 torpedo boats were damaged. This battle broke the superiority of the Kuomintang navy, and since then the superiority of the army, navy, and air force has been in the People’s Army.

6 months ago

The People’s Navy on the reefs of the South China Sea moved me.
You may be unfamiliar with the situation before the reclaiming of Nansha Island and reefs, which are small stilts and buildings away from the crowds. Except for the land underfoot. It’s the vast sea. The islands and reefs of Nansha are often invisible. The so-called reef is buried under five meters of sea water as soon as the water rises. There is no soil, no flowers and plants. Only the black reef is buried deep in the sea floor, making the foundation of the house. Building a house in such a place and guarding the border is a huge test. If you are bored and want to play basketball, you may shoot the ball into the sea as soon as you hit the ball. If you want to eat a bite of vegetables from your hometown, it may be a luxury. This vast sea has no soil for terrestrial life. To send vegetables from my hometown, I have to start from Hainan Island, 800 kilometers away. The most difficult thing is that when there is no fresh water, when the throat is thirsty and burning like a fire, few drops of that precious fresh water enters the throat. If we retire, we leave. What will happen? For naval officers and soldiers, it is a relief. Can finally leave this ocean prison. But for China, it is an irreversible loss. With the launch of an island and reef, a large piece of ocean territory is lost. The territorial waters of tens of thousands and thousands of square kilometers stayed in China because of such a small point. For oneself, the best way is to withdraw, for others, for the motherland and for the nation, the best way is to persist. And they chose for others. From the 1988 year of the Chigua Jiao naval battle to 1998 and 2008. Generations of reef guards have persisted in this way. They have endured many years of loneliness and pain, and there are still dangers. Because around the island, I don’t know how many guns of foreign troops are facing them, and how many hateful eyes are looking at them. But they persisted! Survived! What people will always remember is the hero who fights the country. The heroes of the Xisha naval battle and the Chigua Reef naval battle are always missed by people. But it is not easy to fight the country, and it is even more difficult to guard the country. The battle of the Xisha Sea at Chigua Reef lasted only a few hours, but it was just a moment of swinging a sword. And for the land regained after swinging the sword, more people have given their youth! I remembered a story, the story of the Han Dynasty far away. A long time ago, the Han Dynasty also had such a “South Island Reef” in the Western Regions. It was an isolated city outside Yumen Pass, and outside the beacon tower was the Xiongnu. There is no blade of grass in the yellow sand. This city was called Shule City, and it was in Jimsar, Xinjiang, not far from Urumqi. In the eighteenth year of Yongping in the Eastern Han Dynasty (75 years), the Northern Huns attacked this lonely city and blocked the water source of the Jue Han Army. Shule city guard Geng Gong dug a well in the city for fifteen feet, but still no water came out. The officers and soldiers were so thirsty and sleepy that they even squeezed horse manure juice to drink. Geng Gong raised his head and sighed and said, “I heard that the former second division general Li Guangli drew his sword and stabbed the mountain, and Feiquan spurted out of the mountain. Now that the Han Dynasty is sacred, how can it be desperate?” So he arranged his clothes and prayed to the well for two times, praying for the soldiers. After a while, a jet of water spouted out, and everyone shouted long live. Geng Gong ordered people to pour water on the city for the North Huns to see. The Northern Huns were surprised and thought that a god was helping the Han army, so they led the troops to retreat. Gongyi Shule city has a stream of water for solidification, and in May, it is used by soldiers. In July, the Huns came back to attack Gong, and they recruited thousands of people to go straight. Hu Qi dispersed, and the Huns swept the water under the city. Gong Yu pierced the well for fifteen feet in the city and couldn’t get water. The officials were thirsty, and Ruoma drank it with dung juice. Respectfully sighed and said: “Wearing that the former second division general pulled his sword and smashed the mountain, flying springs gushing out; today, the gods of Han, how can there be poverty.” But the whole clothes bowed to the well and prayed for the officials. After a while, the water spring rushed out, and everyone called it Long live. It is to make the officials raise water to show their captives. Suddenly, he thought it was a god, so he led away. “The Book of the Later Han Dynasty·The Biography of Geng Dang” no matter the era, no matter where, no matter the desert of the Western Regions or the blue waters of the South China Sea. Regardless of the navy or the army, regardless of the Han Dynasty or the current dynasty. Whether the enemy is the Huns or Vietnam. The Han army is immortal, and the Han soul is immortal! The soul of China is always there!

6 months ago

To be honest, almost none. Because the vast majority of Chinese people have no chance to see the People’s Navy, let alone the People’s Navy warships. As far as the answerer himself is concerned, he usually has the opportunity to come into contact with the army, the armed police, the air force, the rocket army, or see the equipment of these services in real life. For example, the army and the armed police, in the handling of emergency incidents such as local flood control, the people in the disaster-stricken area can see their charge at close range. As for the Air Force, in daily training, a large number of citizens on the ground also have the opportunity to see the existence of the People’s Air Force. Moreover, due to the widespread military training in middle schools and universities in China, most Chinese people will have closer contact with the army in their lives, and have the opportunity to get close contact and operate the army’s equipment during the military training shooting link. On the other hand, the navy has no naval units in most parts of the country. In a few places where there are naval units, the local residents usually have no chance to get close to naval personnel, let alone see naval ship equipment in reality. Up. As far as the answer is concerned, apart from Qingdao’s Naval Museum and Xiamen’s Navy Dock, where naval ships can be seen up close, most of the naval ship’s docks in other places are heavily guarded and remote. In addition, the domestic navy has almost no tradition of naval open day, and it is not open to ordinary people to visit active-duty warships, making the vast majority of people in the country, from a certain point of view, never have contact with the People’s Navy in their entire life… Due to the number of domestic military museums, the proportion and number of exhibits of its naval vessels is very small. According to a related video statistics made by a military video leader, there are only 62 retired warships in China so far, distributed in 17 provincial-level administrative regions. Excluding the ships preserved by the Qingdao Naval Museum and certain scientific research and production units, the number is extremely large. There are only one or two exhibits in most provinces. In contrast, most prefecture-level cities in China have museums displaying army equipment (most of them are also historical exhibition halls). For example, in the city where the respondent is located, there are rare special military museums. Among the exhibits are a number of retired tanks and artillery, as well as several types of military aircraft. Even the missiles of the Rocket Army have 1:1 scale models, and the only one in the province. A retired warship, a small submarine hunter. But even this submarine hunting vessel with a long service period with outdated technology can only be viewed from the shore and is not allowed to be boarded. Citizens in cities where there are no exhibits of retired naval vessels will not be against the People’s Navy. Produce an intuitive impression. While the answerer went to Qingdao Naval Museum to visit in the past few years, the most direct feeling is that the exhibits look good from a distance. When you visit it up close, the maintenance of the details is hard to say… Finally, let’s go back to “At what time did the People’s Navy Are you proud, proud and touched?” This question, the answerer thinks, the People’s Navy still has a lot to improve and improve in terms of making the people proud, proud and touched. After all, you can’t expect the people to just Watching CCTV can spontaneously produce feelings of pride, pride, and touch on the People’s Navy. More often, this kind of emotion needs to be seen, touched, and intuitively felt by the people in their daily lives—you don’t fight for the people. The goodwill and support of the people, in turn, will only give the goodwill and support of the people to those weird Japanese cute dolphin card people.

6 months ago

This highly flammable People’s Navy propaganda film will definitely bring you pride, pride and touch! The navy released an official promotional video: Hello 100 years, I am the People’s Navy, and I am going to the deep blue Chinese military network video. 1610 broadcasts “Submersible Oceans, they are the killer to defend national sovereignty; flying to the sea, they are the vanguard of safeguarding the peace of the motherland The dragon assaults, they are invincible killer blades…” On the 72nd anniversary of the People’s Navy, the Navy publicly released the theme propaganda film “Report to the Party Flag” to the whole society to celebrate the centenary of the party. By demonstrating the loyal mission of the navy’s front-line troops, the bravery and the heroic pursuit of the ocean, let you appreciate the feelings of home and country of the navy officers and soldiers of the new era, and let you feel the people’s navy’s lofty ambition to make a strong chart.

6 months ago

The first ship knowledge magazine I bought when I was 12 was this issue. At that time, compared with Chinese and foreign ships, even 053H thought it was a treasure. Then I read a book called “The History of Naval Battles in the Republic”, from fighting with KMT’s stickers to fighting against the Vietnamese invaders. At that time, I was very proud of the People’s Navy-no matter what the equipment, but dare to fight and fight, this naval spirit is already a world-class navy. Then at the beginning of the 21st century, the beautiful ship design of 167 Shenzhen, China Hyundai 168 Guangzhou, and 169 Wuhan had been very exciting in that era. In 2003, the 170 Lanzhou ship was born, and the Chinese Aegis made various military forums full of excitement. Then there was the entry of the Liaoning into service in 2012, fulfilling the dream of an aircraft carrier of unknown Chinese military fans (patriots). At that time, the “go you” style was popular all over the Internet. The 054A of Yemen’s evacuation of overseas Chinese finally appeared on the big screen of “Operation Red Sea”. To be honest, many people cannot imagine the growth of the Chinese Navy. In the Navy version of the Superbase Military Forum, there is a post about 2006. The theme is to look forward to the Chinese Navy in 2020. The author only imagined that the Chinese Navy would have an aircraft carrier, and then mainly Kirov, glorious and so on. Russian-made weapons did not expect the explosive growth of our navy after 2010. To be honest, as a veteran military fan, I am super satisfied with the current development results of the People’s Navy. At present, I only want to see the flat-deck electromagnetic ejection aircraft carrier, the next generation of carrier-based aircraft, the next generation of attack nuclear submarines and ballistic missile nuclear submarines. May the People’s Navy become stronger and stronger, and the People’s Navy will move forward! At the end of 2019, after taking my son to watch the Chang 5 launch in Hainan, I went north to Tianjin. Next to me was a very talkative Hebei brother. Talking about how to play in Hainan and so on, the more I talked, the happier I got, and I asked him how he traveled. He said: I didn’t have much fun this time, but I came back to gather for my comrades. As a veteran army fan, I immediately became interested and asked: What kind of service do you have? The answer is the navy. I directly replied: You are a native of Cangzhou, Hebei, and you have never taken a boat. You must be a troop stationed on the island, right? Hard work, pay tribute to you and your comrades-in-arms! They laughed, you don’t watch the news, your Xinjiang Uyghur girls (actually Kazakhs) are still steering the aircraft carrier. I, a Hebeiese, is closer to the sea than Xinjiang, right? Why can’t you get on board? I was a little embarrassed and said: guess what you shouldn’t ask, and you can’t ask. Which department are you? Engine or gun? I can’t say but I can’t say. “Hey, you still know this, I’m a marine engine.” “It’s also very hard.” “Well, the ship we served in that year was okay. Have you heard of the Jianghu class?” “Isn’t that the NATO code name? Old ship? “I said you can understand 053? It’s an old ship, but it has air conditioning. You don’t know, older ships have to be equipped with an external unit (air conditioning).” I thought for a while and said: Your ship is also decommissioned. what. He laughed: Well, at the beginning, it was said that it would be transferred to the coast guard, but it should be sold now. Someone at the comrades-in-arms gathering has said that it is still in Bangladesh. Alas, if it could be as good as those destroyers. . . I laughed and said: Wouldn’t it be great if the comrades-in-arms could get together? The ship finally returned to the country to make money. “You don’t understand, that’s home to us, that’s my home in the army during those years.” The old man shook his head and said in a low voice. “Don’t look at her old. At 16 years, we were at the forefront and the main force was behind.” “There is no reason to let your old boats be at the front. Radar electronic warfare is completely behind. If you really want to fight, We were beaten if we couldn’t see anyone.” “On the one hand, we did have a mission to patrol the islands. On the other hand, our mission was to report that the enemy had launched an attack.” I was speechless, thinking After a while, I asked, “Are you afraid of it then?” “Afraid of him being a DIAOMAO?! Our political commissar was given a chance to disembark when the mobilization meeting was held, and none of them left. All of them were written for the war, and the suicide note was also left.” After a pause, “I’m afraid I’m afraid I won’t have the chance to beat them when they fight, and I can’t shoot them back.”…This old man never mentioned the hull number and equipment of the warships he served from the beginning to the end. With such a great soldier (brother is a volunteer, a non-commissioned officer), I believe that our People’s Navy will definitely be able to protect our thousands of miles of sea and territories!

6 months ago

The actions of the People’s Navy on the coast of Somalia and the assistance to Chinese nationals during the Libyan war made me feel proud, proud and moved.
If one day, the People’s Navy can perform free navigation missions outside the Port of Los Angeles, the Gulf of Mexico, and outside the Port of New York, it will undoubtedly be a bright moment for him.
The people look forward to the early arrival of that day…

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