“The people don’t seem to see their future.”

“The government and leaders bear the primary responsibility for the current disappointment and even despair.”

“For a long time, political factions have been fighting endlessly, politicians have done nothing, abuse of power and corruption have been repeatedly banned, and national governance has almost failed.”

On February 22, the United Nations Security Council held a video conference on the issue of Haiti. Ambassador Geng Shuang, the Deputy Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations, severely criticized Haiti at the meeting. Geng Shuang added that in the past 30 years, the United Nations has invested huge resources to help Haiti get rid of the crisis. The input cost of various support organizations alone has exceeded US$8 billion, but it has not achieved the desired results.

The harsh language of Geng Shuang’s speech is really rare.

Haiti just broke out a coup on February 7, which led to a large number of demonstrations and the whole country fell into chaos.

However, the coup failed. The current President Moise ordered the military and police to search for the opposition, which has resulted in 23 arrests. It also led to kidnappings and conflicts between armed gangs leading to civilian deaths, homes being burned down, and people being displaced.

And Haiti is currently a “close friend” of Taiwan.
On September 24, 2020, the Presidents of Haiti and Nauru jointly spoke for Taipei at the UN General Assembly. After praising their excellent handling of the epidemic, they openly called it a “country”, and later Palau, Paraguay, Marshall Islands, etc. The 14 countries also supported it, and Haiti was the one taking the lead. The power system of Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, has the strong participation of Taiwanese companies, which is regarded as a typical representative of Taipei’s foreign aid friendly countries, and Haiti will naturally reciprocate. Haiti is a French-speaking country located in Central America. It is deeply influenced by the United States and France. China can only criticize it verbally. And they are also a famous failed country in the Western Hemisphere. Every time they go to international news, they are basically bad things (natural disasters, civil wars, coups, infectious diseases, refugees, earthquakes).

China rarely criticizes a country openly in the UN General Assembly, and it is generally because of irreconcilable contradictions, such as sovereignty issues. Haiti is a staunch friend of Taipei, and it is extremely difficult to be dug over (the ones who are easy to dug have already turned their backs). Coupled with the recent turmoil in Shanghai, the president’s wanton arrest and repression have caused human rights problems. Dozens of countries in the world are condemning them (even Vietnam has followed them). Then we criticize Haiti for its bad human rights. Is there a problem?


By zhiwo

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9 months ago

For so many years, Haiti has been testing the lower limit of the world’s worst country, and has repeatedly broken the lower limit to create new records. The world’s patience with Haiti has really come to an end. Haiti has lost the value of being a sovereign country 30 years ago, but At that time, the United Nations stated that it wanted to help Haiti. The international environment at that time helped poor countries still have a market in Europe, America and Western countries. A large number of volunteer organizations were stationed and the United Nations coalition forces to maintain order. At that time, everyone thought it would be such a big effort to pull a small country. At any rate, it can prove the unity of mankind. Then thirty years have passed. In that place, the biggest industry is lottery, the cleanest organization is gang, the most distinctive restaurant is soil, and the gap between the rich and the poor is invisible to India and Brazil. To the extent that a gang of slave countries have begun to restore slavery, even hypocritical politicians dare not say that Haiti is developing for the better. This is the back garden of the United States. The United States has destroyed it and wants to help it again. Large-scale test site, now the United States has to admit that the test failed. The Chinese ambassador said those words, but you actually felt it was a curse. That is already an extremely restrained statement of the facts.

9 months ago

Except for the Middle East, Somalia is the country that initiates chaos. However, although Somalia is divided, Somaliland, Puntland and Southwestern countries are all developing peacefully, and the rest of Somalia is more promising than Haiti. After the establishment of the Federal Government of Somalia in 2012, it focused on the development of infrastructure, public services, manufacturing, real estate and building materials industries. Economic development has begun to take shape, foreign capital has begun to enter, a large number of expatriates have returned to their hometowns, and people’s living standards have improved. In 2016, the Federal Government of Somalia formulated the first national development plan in 30 years and identified priority areas for economic development. It will strengthen infrastructure construction, develop agriculture, fishery, and animal husbandry, and establish and improve financial, taxation and audit systems.

9 months ago

In Haiti now, railways can only be used to pull sugarcane, and airplanes can only pull natives. The rural illiteracy rate is 85%, adult illiteracy rate is 47%, AIDS is rampant, guns are rampant, government corruption, coming to power depends on bribery, and stepping down depends on coup. Somalia was split likewise, but also divided from a chaotic and backward city into several chaotic and backward villages. So, what’s wrong with scolding you? And this time it’s a rare China-U.S. scolding together. If Haiti is a French-speaking country, everyone has no influence, and the ear-scraping would have muddled your face.

9 months ago

My impression is that there are only 3 million people in Haiti. When did it become 12 million? I think that in order to solve the problem of overpopulation in Haiti, the United States should cede the states of Alabama and Louisiana to Haiti as compensation and gratitude to Haiti, and compensation for everything the United States has done to Haiti over the years. I also thank Haiti for its great contribution to the expansion of the United States in the history of Haiti. Of course, this is just a talk, after all, this is an ungrateful country. Question: Who does “inglessness” refer to here?

9 months ago

The current president of Haiti is an unpopular corruption criminal, and the government team on stage is an outright comprador regime, and does not intend to serve the people at all.

Only a few days ago, the current president arrested 23 people, including judges of the country’s Supreme Court, for “attempted coup.” When the people protested against the Haitian authorities two years ago, a senator even picked up a pistol and fired at the crowd.

9 months ago

The courts donated by the Taiwan authorities (donated to a country with an average life expectancy of 63 years to build courts?) And the poverty of Haiti has many factors, but the most fundamental reason is corruption in the bones. Dominican Republic, which is on the same island as Haiti, has a per capita income of US$6,000 although it is not rich. Compared to Haiti, which has long been regarded as one of the world’s least developed countries, the Dominican Republic is obviously more respectable. The incompetence of the Haitian authorities is even recognized by Taiwan’s mainstream media.

9 months ago

In order to maintain the last point of self-esteem, the Taiwan authorities still desperately defend Haiti, even naked trampling on the values they uphold (or pretend to uphold). I have to say that this is the biggest irony to the Taiwan authorities. Haiti has always received assistance from the United Nations, but the corrupt authorities have failed to give the money back to the people. To change this situation is to stop aid and force the Haitian authorities to correct or to overthrow the country spontaneously by the people and the opposition. But why can a regime as unbearable as the Haitian authorities last so long? Which country is supporting the current president? Maybe we can glimpse the bald eagle that has been hidden behind it since the Monroe doctrine?

9 months ago

Did not interfere in internal affairs, please read the original text. Probably it means that we (the United Nations) help you do your best (8 billion). The problem with you now lies in yourself (all these investments have not been cherished and used), and if you do this, we will not help you anymore (referring to United Nations assistance). ) (Comprehensive assessment of the development of the situation… to avoid endless invalid inputs). An intrusive speech should look like this: Your xxx issue has aroused our great attention, and we call on your government to pay attention to yyy (and make the move I specify). Before you make any changes, we impose zzz sanctions on you. The evaluation is: I think this speech is entirely within the functions of the United Nations. It describes what the United Nations should do and discuss, not what Haiti should do, and it does not clearly express and define what means the Haitian government should take to resolve itself. Existing problems.

9 months ago

Seeing the speech of our ambassador criticizing the Haitian government, some people couldn’t sit still again. They were inexplicably surprised and secretly accused our country of “interfering in other countries’ internal affairs.” I don’t know if they have noticed the theme of this meeting: the Security Council Video Conference on Haiti. Maybe they noticed, but just ignored it deliberately. In a UN conference on the issue of Haiti, as a permanent member of the United Nations, our country has to be deprived of the right to speak by some people? The fact that the issue of Haiti can become the subject of the UN Security Council meeting itself shows that this issue has become a serious issue that has a devastating impact on the world. Haiti, a country where corruption is rampant, a country where half of its people are struggling to survive on the poverty line, and a country that wastes a lot of UN aid funds every year but does nothing. Shouldn’t it be criticized? What’s more, this is a country that is used as a testing ground by the United States, a country that Taiwan calls “Taiwan’s friends”, and a country that openly called Taiwan a “country” at the UN General Assembly. Does it mean that some netizens will criticize you for criticism?

9 months ago

Speaking of Haiti, the first thing that came to my mind was the magnitude 7 earthquake in Haiti on January 12, 2010. Why do I think of this, because 8 Chinese peacekeeping heroes stayed there forever during the earthquake. Many of the heroes who sacrificed came from Yunnan. At that time, I was in elementary school and I saw the hero’s return on TV and the family of heroes. The interview is vivid. For Haiti, in the absence of diplomatic relations, China has indeed invested a lot of strength. After the Haiti earthquake, China has invested a large amount of materials, medical teams, rescue teams, and free assistance of more than 10 million yuan.

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