Compared to “Chernobyl”, HBO should shoot a “Fukushima”. Compared with the shooting material in the Fukushima incident, Chernobyl can only be regarded as a younger brother. The first is the 9-magnitude earthquake and the 13-meter-high tsunami’. The sea floor blocks are moving violently, and the bustling residential area is engulfed by the monstrous tsunami. A small car was driving fast, and a dozen meters behind it was a tsunami that engulfed houses and ships. This kind of big scene is handed over to Roland Albridge, who specializes in disaster films, and pays back in minutes. At the moment when the tsunami broke through the breakwater and went straight to the generator set, an engineer with glasses remembered that afternoon eleven years ago, the report he gave to the company’s leadership was ruthlessly rejected. The report stated that the existing height of the breakwater could not withstand the tsunami caused by the strong earthquake, but the big people in the top just told him to shut up, and a large company could not tolerate any different voices. Now, the curse of eleven years has finally come true. At the first moment the tsunami warning sounded, the reactor immediately ceased operation. But there was still extremely high heat in the reactor, and the diesel generator cooling the reactor was destroyed by the tsunami. It was supposed to start the process of letting sea water into the reactor. At this time, the obese leader said coldly: “If the sea water is let in, the billion-dollar units will be scrapped. You can’t bear the responsibility for the complete destruction of the units. “. The subordinates were frightened by the lewd threat, and had to be silent. So while TEPCO announced at the press conference that everything was fine, the terrible core melted in the high temperature. The top executives of the consortium conceal the truth from the world for their own benefit! Excuse me, what is the price of a lie? Missing the optimal processing time, the Fukushima nuclear power plant exploded. The accident level has changed from level four to level seven. None of TEP’s senior officials and ZF senior officials dared to step forward. In the end, they had to recruit 50 social workers to rescue the crew. Some of these fifty people are gangsters, some are gray-haired old people, and some are disabled people who live on crutches. Before the catastrophe, these fifty people on the margins of society twisted into a rope and became the fifty dead men who saved the world. , They broke out in a small universe, which embodies the great and ordinary nationality of the Yamato nation, and finally saved the precarious crew. However, no one knows the names of these fifty people. Ten years later, high-ranking Japanese officials were praising their crappy rescue operations, but these fifty ordinary people were slowly dying from the sequelae of nuclear radiation. No one remembers the ordinary people who saved the world. In these few paragraphs, special effects, light and shadow, depressive tones, suspenseful music, long shots, etc. are all used, and then a few golden sentences. Make sure that Douban scores full marks.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Talk about a few small details, everyone carefully. 1. After the Chernobyl accident, the commander of the Soviet rescue force mobilized everyone to go to the nuclear power plant to fight the fire: the political commissar and I went up first, followed by the Communists and League members, and other comrades followed! The vacation and the sanatorium in the Black Sea have been prepared for us. Everyone will go up for 40 seconds, shovel two times and come down, for the Soviet motherland! ——The commander of the Soviet rescue force was led by Soviet officers, and the 500,000 people’s heroes went to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, regardless of life or death. In the American drama “Chernobyl,” it was the Soviet high-ranking officials who forced their subordinates to save and distort the facts. 2. After the Fukushima accident, the Japanese Self-Defense Forces refused to go to the reactor for rescue. In the end, only 50 homeless men could be sent to die. Later, Japan shamelessly made a movie called “50 Warriors.” Looking at “Chernobyl” and “50 Warriors” together, the puffer fish is reborn-poisonous. 3. In 1965, the Soviet Union tested a hydrogen bomb in Semipalatinsk Oblast. The large crater left by the explosion formed an artificial lake. Although the Soviet Union has dealt with the radiation of water, people are still worried. So, the Soviet Energy Minister jumped into the water to swim to prove the safety of the lake. 4. In September last year, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga visited the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. Employees of Tokyo Electric Power Company handed the diluted nuclear waste water to Yoshihide Suga and asked him to taste it. After repeated requests from the staff, Yoshihide Suga refused to drink the diluted nuclear waste water. 5. A few days ago, the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games Organizing Committee announced the menu, and the ingredients from Japan’s nuclear leak areas such as Fukushima are listed impressively. Big nuclear nation: You said the food in Fukushima is poisonous? It’s not poisonous. If you don’t believe it, try it. If something goes wrong, we will bow. South Korean delegation: Why don’t you eat it yourself? We will bring our own ingredients, Kangsan Hamida.

6 months ago

The “Chernobyl” filmed by the United States originally contained a lot of private goods and was used to hack the Soviet Union. This uncontroversial Chernobyl accident reflected certain problems in the Soviet Union. There is no controversy. Nobel’s rescue process embodies some of the advantages of the socialist Soviet Union. The rescue team is indeed heroic and brave. Many people do not recognize this. However, in contrast to the real existence, the handling of the Fukushima accident in Japan is really the same as that of the Soviet Red Army. There is no comparison. It can even be said that comparing Fukushima to the Soviet Red Army is itself an insult to the Soviet Red Army. The United States magnified the problem as much as possible in the Chernobyl accident in the Soviet Union and turned a blind eye to Fukushima. The double standard was very slippery. It is normal for netizens to curse a few words, “Comrades, please rest! Everyone knows our mission. Me and The political commissar has just gone to the roof once, and there is nothing great there! Everything is ready, everyone will shovel twice on the top and hurry down, remember the protective essentials! Each group of ten people, no more than 40 seconds! Or I will go up first, and then They are political commissars, communists, and Communist Youth League members. Other comrades will follow, pay attention to safety. Holidays and sanatoriums in the Black Sea have been prepared for us, for the Soviet motherland! “We are not going, can we let the people go?”

6 months ago

“I watched “Chernobyl” because of Japan’s recent move. At the same time, I felt “the absurdity of life” because the short comment pointed out the hypocrisy and double standards of the Western countries’ approach to things led by the United States.” The subject vividly shows us How the so-called history is written, how public opinion is transformed, and how some people accept this writing and transformation. TV series cannot help you understand the real Chernobyl, just like no one would believe in “Fukushima “50 Warriors” is really the same.

6 months ago

The Chernobyl incident is about to be 35 years away. We can fully pay for the script and cooperate with Maozi. Maozi will be born, and we will shoot some of our own literary works about Chernobyl. This incident has a very ideal villain—the Soviet bureaucracy, but also a very ideal decency—mainly the army and workers who dealt with the incident. For this kind of themes, the ability of special effects of domestic funds and props is not a problem. Because the script problem is a foreign matter, the rules are much smaller, and there is no controversy about the identity of the pros and the villains.

6 months ago

In the classic Japanese drama “Unnatural Death”, in the first episode of pneumonia, the protagonist withstood the pressure and reported it and found the chain of transmission, which successfully attracted the attention of the government. Now everyone knows that in the face of the epidemic, Japan does not have a neutral research institution to speak out, and there are no retired officials who can stand against the crowd, only the prime minister who conceals, throws the pot, and runs away. “Chernobyl” is the same, using advanced audiovisual language to create an exquisite lie. The three films “Unnatural Death”, “Chernobyl” and “The Distance Between Us and Evil” are worthy of everyone’s study. How should political propaganda films be made?

6 months ago

I have watched the “Chernobyl” TV series, and I have also watched the original work of Aleksevich. “Chernobyl” is a success of the American film and television industry and communication studies, but it would be absurd to regard it as a great art. As a TV series, it meets the various standards of the industry, but none of them surpasses the traditional abilities of the Americans. no more. So I don’t think these criticisms cannot be raised. I think this work is very similar to the words of some people-exaggerating disasters and the smallness of people, but not talking about the greatness of humanity before disasters. For example, I still remember the description of the three Chernobyl warriors. No matter how mobilized, the people on the stage remained indifferent until someone said “Russia’s spirit of sacrifice for thousands of years.” Then three people stood up and volunteered. What is the need to portray them as irrational fanatical saints? Is it to satirize that socialist ideology cannot give people any spiritual power? This is compliment, but the premise is to degrade the people of the time as ignorant and poor “fools.” “Chernobyl” tells you that the hero of all mankind may also be nothing short of you. (Because they are a different kind of creature from us.) “Chernobyl” is just like this. It is a concentrated capsule. Swallowing it will ensure you have an incomparable sense of moral superiority and happiness in life. It happened in a distant pagan world, where black and white are reversed, and good people are hard to find, but everything has been solved. The Soviet Union has disintegrated, and the world is using the most advanced American technology. These disasters will not happen to us. After watching the TV series, you can fall asleep peacefully, even if there are tragic scenes in your dreams, you can also exclaim that you are so kind and soft-hearted, and then go to sleep more satisfied. What’s more frightening is that it will not use the unquestionable nobility to make you self-interrogate and make you feel sleepy and sleepy for your own comfort. Instead, it guides you to transfer the noble responsibilities to other places and let others do it for you. After writing this, I understand the cause of the mental state of Westerners. Thinking about it carefully, the acceptance of “Chernobyl” by contemporary Chinese people is actually no different from that of mainstream Western audiences. Nuclear leakage is undoubted, but the purpose of art is to show us how people at the time faced disasters. Otherwise, what is the difference between it and propaganda? If covering up the facts and reporting only good people and good deeds is a kind of propaganda, then this reverse deception will only last longer than the former, because the former does not shy away from his artificial traces, while the latter pretends to be true. Movies are deception, but documentaries are even greater deception. Some people will give an example, saying that local people on the Internet think that this drama is well filmed and has a sense of responsibility. What I want to say is that it is because these Russians and Ukrainians lack the sensitivity to reflect on history. The current history does not happen to them, and they are therefore less concerned about the past. If you examine what is the structure of their memories of the past, I am afraid that the result will not be any different from that of most Chinese today. Americans enthusiastically write history for them, and today’s best-selling Japanese authors are dumping popular history books into mainland China. This is the prevailing state now: the father misidentifies the son, and the son misidentifies the father. Not everyone in the world can establish a connection with the collective destiny. The Chinese people’s obsession with history and destiny is an advantage that we cannot give up. This means that we have the conditions to think outside of our own experience. When we think about the history of countries in the world, care about their current situation and future, even more than themselves, we should not feel ashamed-this is part of our responsibility. We do this not because we have nothing else to do, but because we are in the position we are today. The Chinese should provide the world with a Chinese perspective. Of course, what I am talking about is not a “Chinese perspective” in the vulgar sense. In the short term, everyone’s comments are still a bit naive and irrational, and these can easily become the handle of attacks. But “Chernobyl” is a valuable training: it lets us know that there is no single correspondence between history and reality. In the past, we considered the same socialist countries, our today is Chernobyl’s past; but today we found ironically that all this is still happening in Japan, within the capitalist countries, and no one has stipulated this.” “Historical stories” can only be used to satirize someone. So why should we argue with some superficial similarities and specious analogies? We should realize that the factual level may be ridiculously wrong, and the arguments put forward by analogy are also quite absurd. When a person chooses analogy rather than deeply understand the object’s own development process, he may have another purpose. “Chernobyl” is an occasion for discussion, it allows us to see a lot of things.

6 months ago

“When the soldier died in battle, the first thing the flies saw was his shortcomings and scars. They screamed, and the camp screamed, thinking they were proud, thinking they were more heroic than the dead soldiers. But the soldiers have died in battle, no Then wave them away again. So the flies called their camps, and they thought they were immortal voices, because their completeness was far above the soldiers. Indeed, no one has seen the shortcomings and wounds of the flies. However, no one has seen the shortcomings and wounds of the flies. A flawed fighter is a fighter after all, and a perfect fly is nothing but a fly after all. Go, flies! Although they have wings, they can camp, and they will never surpass the fighters. You insects!” “Lies!” What’s the price of it?” I didn’t read this line when I saw it.

6 months ago

I have already said that this film is the highest form of the enemy’s brainwashing of artistic youth in country c. Hei Su came to Hei Su through 9 truths and 1 lie. Through “Su is black” to insinuate “the total is bad” and then insinuate that tg is as bad as Su. In the end, the brainwashing of the small Bourgeois of the c country made the small Bourgeois rebellious. Who knows, who knows that Chernobyl in country c has become Chernobyl in a beautiful country. Su’s goings and successes contrasted the bow of the craftsman country. It illustrates a problem: when the level of propaganda does not match the actual situation, the level of propaganda goes up to the sky, and everyone on the ground will not believe it.

6 months ago

These short comments prove that the comprehension and analysis capabilities of the Chinese people are still relatively weak. Many people lack a macro perspective and can only react to a certain event in the moment, but cannot see the development of things and the connections between different things, and cannot construct a three-dimensional cognition of things from points to areas. There are only individuals who betray the class, and there is no class who betrays the interests-the HBO version of “Chernobyl” will inevitably hold private goods. In fact, the smuggling of “Chernobyl” is difficult to detect. The book is shameless and shameless, only to realize that the Soviet Union has made great efforts to deal with the Chernobyl nuclear accident? I wonder if the new crown is not over yet, right? The destructive power of the new crown is no less than that of any natural or man-made disaster. This party has been around for more than a year. How many people ridiculed in the early Wuhan thunderstorm? All kinds of “you national waste”, “fixed question”, how many clowns were exploded at once. The West is even more ugly, taking advantage of your illness to kill you, and can’t wait to directly pronounce China as a sinner of all mankind, and the crime is extremely heinous. and then! my country quickly contained the epidemic, and the West was still staged a farce, and the clowns were silent. Gradually, the situation became clear, and it turned out that the West didn’t even have a special face. Isn’t Wuhan the contemporary Chernobyl? ! Closing the city, rushing to aid, even if life is in danger, still has no hesitation. I am going. This is China and the Soviet Union. So I am also curious, why do people start to question HBO “Chernobyl” now? The disintegration of the Soviet Union was that the corrupt bureaucratic leaders of the CPSU betrayed communist beliefs, betrayed the Soviets, betrayed the revolution, and betrayed the country and the people. But the people never betrayed the Soviets until the collapse of the Soviet Union. The smuggling of “Chernobyl” is precisely by criticizing the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, thereby denying collectivism, and denying the communist faith of the Soviet people that shines like the sun. Comrades, please rest! Everyone knows their mission. The political commissar and I just went to the roof once, and there was nothing great there! Everything is in place. Everyone shovels twice when they get to the top and then hurry down. Remember the essentials of protection! Ten people per group, no more than 40 seconds! I will go up first, then the political commissar, Communist Party members, and Communist Youth League members. Other comrades followed, pay attention to safety. Holidays and sanatoriums in the Black Sea have been prepared for us. For the Soviet motherland! ——Taraknov, commander of the Soviet Army Engineers, yes, for the Soviet motherland! The people are not always a whole. The people can only gather when they know why they fight, and then burst out with a strong fighting force and unyielding spirit of dedication. The Chernobyl accident was the worst nuclear leak in human history. The reactor exploded directly, completing the entire 10 years of death in Fukushima, Japan, in a few seconds. That’s right, Japan’s shameless counselor has been dead for 10 years. If Fukushima is a pressure cooker that blows up the valve, it slowly leaks the gravy from the pot through steam over a period of ten years, making it greasy everywhere. After the water in the pot evaporated, the pot leaked, and the charred meat spilled out with the fire, and it was about to ignite the kitchen. That Chernobyl was a direct explosion of the pressure cooker, and the hot broth collapsed into the kitchen. Incidentally, there is a risk of greater explosions with gas stoves. But what the Soviets directly faced was the ultimate hell mode-to immediately continue the chain nuclear reaction, the fire at the scene was hot, lethal radioactive contamination was everywhere, and the building structure was already unstable to solve these problems immediately. Finally, on the 35th day of the accident: the fire was extinguished, the chain reaction was terminated, the exposed core was successfully cooled, the radioactive contaminated debris was cleaned up, and the foundation structure of the accident site was stabilized. Finally, a huge lid was placed on the wreckage of the original factory building, and the ruins were sealed into a huge sarcophagus. The handling of the Chernobyl nuclear accident received a phased victory. The price was heavy. About 4,000 square kilometers of Pripyat, where the Chernobyl nuclear power plant was located, was completely abandoned. Those firefighters who fought the disaster, those fighters, those heroes, many people lost their lives, and more people suffered from strange illnesses for life. Someone has to do this, either we or someone else. I don’t regret it at all. -Chernobyl veteran. The Soviets traded their huge sacrifices for the safety of the entire Europe and the world. The Japanese chose to be an ostrich for ten years, and finally pulled the global bill. So what did I see from the short comment? I saw that the West continued to discredit the Soviet Union; I saw the two sides of the West; I also saw the shame of the West. I have even seen the everlasting glory of mankind!

6 months ago

In fact, “Chernobyl” is to promote the fear of China’s centralized government. In the eyes of the West, the Soviet Union is the ultimate centralized government, and China inherits the Soviet Union’s centralized mantle. It is self-evident to discredit the Soviet Union and reflect China. Under the centralized government structure, people can be mobilized on a large scale. Since large-scale mobilization is wrong, then the United States has also made countless mistakes. The time when the Soviet Union pushed groups of soldiers to Chernobyl was 30 years back. In 1950, the United States stationed 6,000 soldiers near the Nevada atomic bomb site to withstand the impact of the atomic bomb and use human bodies to test the intensity of nuclear radiation. In 1945, Hiroshima and Nagasaki had verified the terrible radiation of the atomic bomb, and the United States still went to put these soldiers outside the atomic bomb center in 1950. After that, at the Nevada nuclear explosion test site, a total of eight military exercises under the nuclear explosion were held, and hundreds of thousands of US troops participated in military exercises. After the nuclear explosion, they were ordered to immediately launch a “charge” towards the rising mushroom cloud without any nuclear protective equipment! This is the evil of the American government. There is no disaster relief and no war. A group of soldiers is because the top Americans want to see the intensity of nuclear tests. However, these problems must be mapped in appropriate places. In the United States, they will be attributed to early ignorance, while in the East, it is a problem of government structure. In 1957, the Las Vegas City elections in the United States were awarded the “Prize” for the nuclear explosion. Hearing the news, many Americans went to the scene to watch. The poor people who were kept in the dark felt that they were viewers of “fashion shows”. . The bad things that the U.S. government should do is not to do less, but to put on a more human coat, for the sake of mankind and for fashion…Today it is meaningless to black the Soviet Union alone, but the Soviet Union has fallen, and China still has it. Now, and unlike the Soviet threat to the West, China threatens the global economic system established by the United States under the economic system established by the United States. Americans are not afraid of war, because how wars are fought are basically outside the United States, and the U.S. military-industrial group will ultimately benefit. But the foundation of the United States is the global dollar system, the petro-dollar linkage structure, and the economic control of the lifeline industries of all countries. However, under this ternary structure, China survived under the rules established by the Americans, and began to partially replace the United States, and the United States’ hostility to China has grown. Chernobyl was just a signal that was released before, and afterwards, there will be more and more explicit and unbearable movies in China. Movies and televisions are only representations, and the inner story logic is the weapon that affects the movie-watching experience. Hollywood is good at using movies to convey simple logic. If there is no Fukushima wastewater, many viewers will still not be able to find Hollywood’s methods, and other movies will continue to blacken China, but we have not noticed it.

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