On April 22, @中南大学 Weibo issued a statement: At 6 o’clock in the morning on April 21, Huang Moumou, a 2019-level professional master student of the Powder Metallurgy Research Institute of our school, fell from a building and died. The police preliminarily determined that he fell from a height (excluding homicide). ).
The school is deeply saddened and sorry for the unfortunate death of Huang XX, and expresses its deep condolences to the family of the student and his relatives and friends.
The school is fully cooperating with the police investigation and actively doing a good job in the aftermath.

Recently, the news of the suicide of students in many prestigious schools has been exposed. Indeed, a large number of studies have pointed out that the incidence of psychological problems among students in famous schools such as 985 is not low. Later, the top journal Nature issued a special warning about the mental health of graduate students. Investigating the reasons, combined with my personal experience and thinking, there are probably so few points. First, the lack of education. Our childhood education tells us to study hard, achieve excellent results, and become a “human master” in the future. However, our education does not seem to tell us what to do when we encounter setbacks and failures. Second, a single value orientation. Those who can enter a prestigious school have a high probability of learning well from an early age. In the minds of schoolmasters, excellent grades and scientific research output endow them with meaning. Once you enter the postgraduate stage, academic performance is not the main thing, but scientific research output is the bulk. And scientific research output often faces failure, coupled with the pressure of employment, in fact, the psychological problems of graduate students are common. Third, peer pressure. Many people say that you graduated from 985 and have a bright future. Why are you worried? Those who say these things see them from the perspective of outsiders. Students in prestigious schools will not compare with people from ordinary schools, but will compare with classmates and friends around them. You may be very good in middle school, and you are among the best, but when you enter university, especially in graduate school, your scores are similar. Many people are more talented, wealthy, worthy, papers, and offers, and you will naturally feel very anxious. Fourth, the expectations of others. Families and society have so high expectations for students from prestigious schools that they dare not do better. I went out and did a good job. People say you are 985, and that’s how it should be. If you don’t do a good job, people will say that the 985 is at this level? Fifth, individual character factors. If students are not good at communicating with others and seeking social support, they can only be held in their stomachs and tend to accumulate negative emotions. Sixth, I didn’t meet a reliable mentor. Some tutors are arbitrary and too strict, which depresses the students’ psychology, or the tutor’s irresponsibility leads to poor academic progress. Seventh, excessive competition in society (commonly known as involution) causes young people to lose hope for the future. “Anxiety in prestigious schools” is already a common social problem, which deserves everyone’s attention. Concern for the mental health of students does not start from the university, but from an early age. In particular, parents should not only pay attention to their children’s performance, but also pay attention to his psychological growth and personality development. Education is a career that obsessed with the growth of people. Our ideal goal of education is to strive to make students grow and achieve results. This is also the most talked about with the parents of my students (middle school students) recently.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Someone climbed up to a high-rise building and jumped to death when they fell. They saw how difficult it was to get it alive, and death is not a relief. I have tried countless times to persuade myself to be more vulgar, so be it, don’t force yourself. When my classmate took the art exam, a school took the sixth place in the province. At that time, it was written in the enrollment guide that five people were recruited across the province. He risked his first choice, slipped, and went on his second choice. It turned out later that the fourth place in the province had slipped. Hu Bo, the director of previous years. The director’s work “Elephant Sitting on the Floor” did not compromise with the management due to editing issues during his lifetime, and eventually committed suicide. After his death, the film won numerous awards. I don’t know whether to be happy or to be sad. I used to have a senior who used him as a profile picture before. I always thought he wanted to pursue himself, not compromise, just like Hu Bo. As a result, someone asked him why he used this profile picture one day. He said that he must warn himself, not to learn from Hu Bo, but to do things that the market recognizes. At that moment, I was so uncomfortable. But I also understand that I may not have to feel uncomfortable. Isn’t life like this, try to be happy, friends. Looking back, at least occasionally there are moons and stars in the sky with me.

7 months ago

1. “When Ruan Ji drove voluntarily, he couldn’t help but the path, the traffic track was poor, and he cried instead.” On January 3, 1889, in a square in the Italian city of Turin, Nietzsche, the philosopher who declared that God was dead, saw a horseman frantically beating an old horse in a cart. He rushed forward, hugging the horse’s neck and weeping bitterly. There are college students, masters, and doctors who commit suicide. I would like to attribute all suicides to “desires not to be desired”. I really hope that you can be more vulgar, eat human fireworks, and enjoy ordinary pleasures.

7 months ago

I can’t remember the first time. Graduate students and PhD students have now become “high-risk occupations”? The school always thinks that graduate students and doctoral students are both in their twenties, and they are already mature adults. But maturity has never been related to age, but to experience. Staying in the ivory tower, studies have become the most important life value. Maybe many people in society don’t understand it. If you can’t continue to learn, you won’t learn. If you can’t graduate, you can find a job and eat. They don’t understand that no one enters graduate school with a life of scumbags. Those who study Ph.D. use their most precious years of youth to bet on a better future. They can’t afford to lose in this bet. In the event of a loss, it is not only a few years of youth and future that are wasted, but also the doubts and ridicules of others. No company will understand an applicant who does not get a master’s certificate, they will only question his inability; few parents will understand a child who does not get a master’s certificate, they will only question whether he is not working hard enough; in fact, it is better than The person they can’t understand is precisely the one who studies Ph.D. People in the twenty-fourth five-year plan, some of the same age have an annual salary of hundreds of thousands, some have been married and have children, and only themselves are poor and vain, struggling to hold on to an uncertain future. The most incomprehensible thing is that I have worked very hard, but everything is not under my control. The mentor becomes the boss and holds the power of your life and death; classmates become colleagues, throwing you a big pot anytime and anywhere; the school becomes a cage, imprisoning you in a small space; the school is ten times more cruel than the workplace, and the workplace encounters Stupid bosses and stupid companies, it is a big deal to resign and leave; but the school is not good, there is only one way to a diploma, and the referee is not a test paper, but a person. When the only way is broken, the way of life is also broken, and death is truly a relief. The road builders need to reflect on whether the road was built properly or not, and the referees placed it properly; the road builders need to look up at the sky, and then put the sky in their minds.

7 months ago

Is there a way out for the metallurgical profession? Have. The headquarters of central enterprises such as Aluminum Corporation of China, China Minmetals, and China Nonferrous Metals are well paid. The problem is that if you don’t mind, you can’t get in at all. Where can I go? China Enfi’s metallurgical design institute, various local mining companies, and first-line smelters. This kind of basically has no future. Han Chuang has been studying hard for 20 to 30 years with a meager income, and the working environment is still very poor. Those who can understand, read this kind of unsolicited profession, will decisively follow three paths: first, transfer to popular majors such as computers; second, domestic waste majors, which are high-income foreigners, such as machinery, civil engineering vehicles, etc. And the most welcome foreigners are this kind of technical talents, so they strive to study and immigrate; thirdly, they can change jobs directly based on their own hobbies and expertise, usually in some low-threshold industries, but they are all sunrise industries, and they are very promising, such as Education and training, fitness/swimming/nutrition trainers, self-media, photography, video editing, ui design, Internet operations, product managers, etc. The first one is the best to operate, but you need to renounce the sunk costs; the second requires a good family background, and the third requires you to have special skills (also requires a good family background, a good family will support you to enrich your extracurricular skills ) The rapid changes in this society are beyond our imagination. If your own major has no future, either change your social life or switch quickly to adapt to this new society. Finally, I gave a thumbs up to the official of Central South University. At least I didn’t spend money to delete the hot search, and I dared to report it. In contrast, not long ago, when a senior girl in Landscape Architecture of Beijing Forestry University jumped out of the building, the one who deleted the post from the school was called a Qin.

7 months ago

Powder metallurgy is Zhongnan’s trump card specialty. This student is in the second grade of 2019. Zhongnan does not actually distinguish between the master’s degree and the master’s degree. The three-year system is unified. Graduation requires a CSCD for a master’s degree and an SCI for a master’s degree. I don’t know if the graduation requirements are considered high. The journals of Zhongnan’s own college meet the graduation requirements. The opening date is in December each year. This student should have just started the topic not long ago. I am not sure if it is because the topic is not going well. Finally, there are still many problems in domestic postgraduate education. Everyone jokingly calls “What is a disadvantaged group? Graduate students are disadvantaged groups.” I hope that the students will be just a little bit more in graduate school. Don’t use scientific research as research, just use it as a tool for making a living. If you don’t do well, they will do side jobs. The four points of postgraduate study are: 1. To persuade yourself to accept, scientific research can do the same as shi, most people do the same as shi, but some people pack like chocolate. 2. We must learn to find things that can bring us positive feedback from life. 3. Don’t magnify negative emotions. Don’t pay too much attention to the negation / abuse / disappointment of the tutor. If you are naturally more sensitive, provide a new way of thinking, “If your tutor is really so powerful, he won’t be your tutor. Many teachers’ “brain head” decisions are just to provide the world with more scientific research rubbish…” 4 After three years, you and I are the best guys in the society. Don’t give up lightly. If you can’t stand it, you will take your time, leave school to find an internship, accompany your parents at home, and go out to meet old friends.

7 months ago

There was a time when I had thoughts of suicide. It lasted for a month or two, and I might have some depressive tendencies. I don’t know this behavior and my heart, neither at home nor outsiders, nor do I know it myself. But I just didn’t know how to climb to the top floor before late at night to watch the night view of Suzhou, and then I wanted to jump from it. In the end, reason is greater than depressive tendency, but fortunately, it is fine now. Everyone has their own thoughts or relief when they leave, and we cannot know their true thoughts after they leave. Because most really only they know that at the moment they jump down, perhaps for them, they are relieved.

7 months ago

Both are from South Central, both are graduate students, liberal arts, no article is published, every day one person eats, one person stays in the office to read, one person goes back to the rental house, one person rides a small electric shuttle in the crowd…no one communicates , No one communicates, the daily news is official except for official business. NetEase Cloud Music and QQ Music have been uninstalled, and I dare not listen to it. I am afraid that the more I listen, the more lonely, the more sad the more I listen. Are you miserable? It’s not miserable. At least I chose it myself. It’s impossible to complain to your parents about these helplessness and pressure, because they don’t understand. It is also not easy for them, they are also squeezing in the mud of life, and they have never enjoyed the blessings in their lives. What am I talking about… I just want to live up to their expectations. It’s impossible to tell a good friend, because some good friends are already in love, married, having children, and are experiencing the sweetness or bitterness of life. What am I talking about… Maybe they are more difficult than me. It’s impossible to tell the classmates around me, because they are just as I have experienced. There is no good in the good, and there is no bad in the bad. What am I talking about… what can I do? I can only help myself. Read more books, watch movies, write more diaries, and discover more of the beauty in life. “The boy is determined to go out of his hometown, and he will not return when he fails to become famous. No need to bury his bones. There is no green hill in life.” “When I enter the world, I will be pessimistic with the public, and I will believe that there is another day in the clump.” “I thought, I still have the possibility of change, so my heart is surging.” Life has already come to this point, it is better to go for a while. Fear life. Maybe you can fulfill yourself and fulfill your dreams. Not everyone has the opportunity and the ability to go to graduate school. Let me try to be a person who contributes to society! To encourage each other!

7 months ago

I am studying for a master’s degree at a friend school next door to Zhongnan, level 18. During the blind review of the graduation thesis, I sometimes think: If I don’t have family or friends, I don’t have all the social relations. I don’t have to compare them with others. I don’t care about anyone’s vision and opinions, and live exactly the way I want to find a relaxed job. I don’t get married, sell houses, or have children. It’s for me to use my salary to do what I like. My life is a cool word, but I can only think about it two days ago. Thanks to Dr. Huang from the Chinese University of Science and Technology. I have many similarities with his school experience. From a small village to the present, family conditions are better than him, but also It’s not good to go to my parents for 20 years of hard work. I believe that the students in rural areas can better understand that they are waiting to pass the master’s degree and graduate early to find a good job. So: Where would you dare to have a job when you were in graduate school? Half a complaint, the instructor told Dongdong to never go west to help with chores; no problem, do it! As long as you can graduate! Help with the project; no problem, do it! As long as you can graduate! Help write materials; no problem, write! As long as you can graduate! What, even the essay I wrote? No problem, here! As long as you can graduate! You ask me if I like scientific research? I like a fart! Everything I do is for graduation, or for the job that can change the living conditions of the whole family after graduation. When the graduation season came, the job search was completed; the parents were very pleased that their son who had been paying for 20 years was about to graduate, and began to brag with the whole village. At this time, if an unscrupulous tutor gives you a card for graduation; or because of other reasons, you can’t graduate on time. Your three years of hard work, the grievances you have received, and the expectations of your parents will all fall to nothing. So when I saw some answers: “The world is beautiful, don’t think about it”; the big deal is to drop out, why give up life”; When “Chinese education should allow students to fail”, I really want to say: “The world is indeed beautiful, but it must have abundant material conditions”; “Leave school? Would you return one for me to see? “;”For children from poor families, failure is really not allowed. “I actually really understand those students who choose to give up everything. Their choice cannot be explained by a simple “poor psychological quality”. The specific reasons may vary, but all are because they don’t know how to face the current predicament. At this time, for them, death is a simpler way to solve their dilemma than living.

7 months ago

There are too many science and engineering students who are driven crazy by thesis. How do you write a master’s thesis for science and engineering students? This is the master of economics major in the undergraduate school: A master’s thesis only took a lot of money from getting the title to submitting the first draft. In one month, more than one week of conception and preliminary preparation, one week of data analysis and processing, and less than two weeks of writing, it shattered my three views. The reason why I understand so clearly is because I taught A’s stata software. Do you think this is all there is? What surprised me even more is still to come. A’s graduation thesis is considered to be more difficult, because the topic is selected late, and the simple topics are all picked by others, so it is said that A has written the thesis for less than a month. It’s not so watery, and A’s tutor personally praised A’s writing of the thesis. Several of A’s roommates are masters, and the graduation thesis only needs 12,000 words to be completed in less than two weeks. As a comparison, my undergraduate thesis has 8,000 words and I did a whole semester experiment. The graduate students in our school need to move bricks for three years and post an article. The difficulty of graduation is completely heaven and hell. Liberal arts: talk about a relationship, find an internship, turn to Internet companies; materialization: experiment, experiment, and re-experiment; graduate from master’s degree: get the title of the graduation thesis in the third year, spend several months writing; I did three years of experiments, sent sci, and worked hard to write a graduation thesis; materialization work: choose one of the factory or school, staying in the bank in addition to low wages and 996, but also drug use; liberal arts work: full internship experience, enter You can go to the Internet to work as a agricultural product operation, and you can go to school to be a teacher or test public. Salary is at best level with your talents; cherish life and stay away from all experimental subjects

7 months ago

1. For the whole society, it is only the number of citizens -1; 2. For the media (including this platform), it is just that there is one more piece of news today-a master student from Central South University has fallen to death, and the police ruled out homicide; 3. For the media (including this platform) For everyone on this platform, there is just one more question-a master’s degree student of Central South University has fallen to death. The police ruled out homicide. What other information needs attention? 4. For the school, it is only the number of students -1; 5. But for the students in the same dormitory, roommates who fell from this place will have to live in the shadows from now on, whether they are in the dormitory or they used to live together Time; 6. But for teachers and students in the same class, classmates died in this school, and they will all live in the shadows, whether it is for the school or the intersection of previous studies; 7. For parents, they are the most precious After leaving this world, all the love and expectations that he had for him disappeared. From then on, a huge gap has been left in his life, which will take a lifetime to repair. I personally have never underestimated the meaning of life, and you can find out in my past content. I always feel that life has only existence itself, and all meanings are given by human subjectively. Therefore, even if life itself does not have any human endowment The meaning of is still the most precious in the world. Success and failure, rise and fall, happiness and sorrow are just by-products of the existence of life. If life does not exist, everything will cease to exist. Therefore, the most important thing is Life exists itself. Most people who are trapped by life are tired of meaning. The meaning given by various human beings is more important than life. This is not a huge cognitive error! The old saying of the ancestors-it is better to die than to live, which fully clarifies this point. As long as you are alive, there is still a chance for everything. Liu Bang is alive, and he has the opportunity to build Han to become a great ancestor, Xiang Yu is dead, and there is nothing…In this world, as long as you live, you have a chance. If someone doesn’t believe me, then I can find a bunch of examples of so-called meaning only when I get old. In short, I am not accusing this student who has passed away, and I am not qualified. I write so much to tell all young people not to pay too much attention to the so-called meaning given by human beings. The so-called reputation is nothing but the past. Getting it does not necessarily mean success, and not getting it does not necessarily mean failure. If we lose our horses, we can’t know what a blessing is. Misfortune lies in the blessing, the blessing lies in the misfortune. Don’t take the current gains and losses as the meaning of life, not worth it.

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