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Of course there was a problem. In 2019, Weilai and Tesla experienced spontaneous combustion. Weilai recalled and Tesla ota. In 2021, Weilai has sold more than 100,000 vehicles and has never experienced a spontaneous combustion, including spontaneous combustion after an accident. Tesla just broke out another spontaneous accident on April 21, and the passenger died. Is internet public opinion tolerant of domestic cars? In 2019, Weilai was scolded by a digital car critic and several younger brothers who followed him. It once affected Weilai’s financing plan, and the stock price fell to 1.19. It looked like he was lying down immediately. Ideally, ota was scolded by Quan Zhihu pointing his nose to the hardware, and finally had to apologize for rectification. The price cut of Xiaopeng G3 was criticized by CCTV. Why is it loose? In fact, domestic public opinion is too loose on Tesla, right? Loss of dash cam collision data can be a bug. Hainan’s failure to stop the car can be a slippery road. If the charge is broken, it may be a fault with the State Grid. These previous incidents were forcefully pushed down after only a day or two of heat. Even the police reported the spontaneous combustion accident on the 17th on April 21, and the public was generally aware of it. Whose public opinion environment is invincible? Had it not been for the deputy national level to come out this time, I am afraid it would be the treatment of delisting in the 24-hour hot list, right? Still wronged? With the money in Shanghai and the cheap land in Shanghai, we didn’t spend money to invite a foreign master. I asked you to build a good car to promote the energy transition. It’s not that you are arrogant about your dissatisfaction that “everyone is equal before the law” every day. Everyone has read the obscured data. Your braking data is really eye-catching. Believe it for the time being, isn’t the distance and effect of full braking too dramatic? What about 40 brakes in half an hour, just ask if the ABS is fully braked for these 40 brakes? The brakes in the downtown area are fading? I don’t think there are enough brakes for 40 times on open roads in normal urban areas. Oh, yes, it’s the evening rush hour. Even if you don’t provide data for the first 30 minutes, what about user privacy, what does it mean to take out the 40 times for brakes? What is your Tesla suggesting? This data is not user privacy, is it? Wait for the user’s 30-minute data and monitoring to cross-check it.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

How not? Ideally Broken Shaft was initially recalled as an upgrade, but it was not let off by the media and users. In the end, Ideal apologized. More than 19 years of Weilai have spontaneous combustion, issued a notice explaining the reason, and recalled. Some time ago, the underground parking lot brake “failed”, the dash cam was announced later, and the data at the time proved that the vehicle brake was ok. I don’t know whether the person concerned approved it, but most of the comments on the Internet agreed with this point of view. There are even more Xiaopengs. All kinds of saying that Xiaopeng is a thief car. Some time ago, it was voluntarily recalled and it was said that the technology was immature. Can domestic cars be sprayed, but not Tesla? At least the attitude of domestic manufacturers is okay. Tesla is definitely not compromised like car owners. Of course, as soon as the official comes out, I immediately apologize.

7 months ago

After only two days, the problem of washing the floor came out. Tesla’s public relations can really do it. Instead of focusing on solving the problem, it just wants to direct the dirty water to others. Is Tesla’s problem with car quality? (Of course the quality of the car is indeed a big problem) The biggest problem is that it doesn’t want to solve the problem, okay? Which car company dare to say that it has no problems at all? But anyhow domestically-made cars are not so arrogant, they are at least solving their problems. What about Tesla? The problem is that the driver will not drive. Never compromise? It’s okay to bother PR and use snacks. I really thought it would be enough to pour dirty water on the domestic car? Our domestic consumers shouldn’t be so stubborn, they are all riding on their necks to pull s, so we can give money to somehow, why do we have to buy this ruined thing?

7 months ago

First of all, we have no way to determine that domestic companies have not used public relations to guide public opinion and strengthen Tesla’s negative image. The domestic media prefer to report negative news about Tesla. The essence is Tesla’s own video of the third uncle. 1441 Broadcasting of this kind of thing occurs in any industry, and there is nothing bad to admit. But in the final analysis, this is only a secondary factor. The key point is: even if the media itself is unwilling to stand between different brands, it can’t hold your Tesla to give away materials and heads again and again! Domestically-made electric vehicles have always had news about spontaneous combustion, accidents, and recalls. For example, Xiaopeng a few days ago: But we also know that as a product with a complex structure, it is impossible to say that the quality of automobiles is 100% reliable. The key lies in how the manufacturer solves the problem after the problem occurs. According to my observations on brand public relations in the automotive industry, usually after a public opinion crisis, although there will be operations to reduce the heat, the more important thing is that the official (sometimes even the founder) comes forward to admit the problem and then provide a solution. For example, Li Xiang in the previous screenshot is like this. In this way, for the media, there is actually no value that is particularly worth reporting. After all, vehicle accident recalls happen every month. From the KPI perspective, if the editor who sends news can only report these things, then wait. Let’s be laid off. At this time, Musk and Tesla saved the jobs of countless editors by their own efforts! The State Grid, the female driver is weak, “We will never compromise”, “Oh, I really can’t stop”… These official public relations behaviors are more ridiculous than one, and one is more eye-catching, without reporting who you are reporting. ? If I’m a reporter in the auto industry, I have to give Musk a longevity tablet and beg his old man to do more work. After all, it is a purely foreign-funded enterprise, and it does not have the genes for the Easterners to make a fortune. Coupled with the status of the self-proclaimed owner of the electric car industry leader, even if stepping on the head of the car owner, the leeks are rushing to send the faith recharge. This attitude, of course, will be ignited by public opinion. To put it harshly, although Tesla has a lot of problems, including quality cutting corners, internal executive dictatorship, and so on. But if you can adopt a relatively low-key attitude, or keep up with the service, at least there will not be so much public opinion pressure. Anyway, I don’t know how other regular media think about it, but the reason I hate Tesla is because I was coldly rejected by the on-site staff when I wanted to see the inside of the car in Hefei Vientiane City. I have no money to dress up as a student. Porsche didn’t dare to do that! Isn’t Tesla going to be black all his life? Of course, since Tesla is willing to die, don’t blame the media for fanning the flames. How do you say that? When a company starts to go downhill, there will always be someone stomping on the accelerator.

7 months ago

Good guy, are you thinking about washing it after all this? ? ? The strength of the interstellar factory is terrifying! I just took a breath of exhaust gas! Today’s electricity is fired by chopping wood, and it is not as good as the exhaust gas of yesterday’s wind energy… What’s the matter with this? The question of this can prove the problem of TSL. Tesla has a problem → deal with the problem arrogantly → we spray Tesla and say, not only we have problems, other electric vehicles have problems! But what we sprayed on you is that you have a bad attitude in dealing with problems! Licking the dog: Geigei has worked so hard, why do you spray him! Guard the best geigei! The flow of people still knows about pet fans. When you are good, you hang up and beat consumers… Besides, is your Tesla a common problem with electric vehicles? Is it because of poor assembly that the battery life has shrunk? You have a brake problem! People are cheating money at most, you are terrible! Pirates are also good! Is braking a problem of probability? Friends from Hainan have directly reproduced the situation! Do you know what an accident recurrence is? This is the situation, as long as it is a car of this batch (be more rigorous, not to mention this model), it will not stop! The most NB is that all the data is not given! Oh, CCTV rolls the name, the Communist Youth League is over, you give it! Then we think about it, did you give it to the previous one? The Market Supervision and Administration Bureau will not come…get on the roof → CCTV roll call → Communist Youth League roll call → don’t put the data on the roof → CCTV don’t know → the Communist Youth League don’t know → what to do if you don’t give the data, do you understand?

7 months ago

I was meeting product requirements with the product manager, and both of them made mistakes in their work. Me: Xiaoa, look at this feature, how can it be designed like this? This product experience will be very poor! Little a: I originally thought… I: But the market demand is Dad. Little a: Okay, I get it, I’ll change it right away. Me: Xiao b, look at the externalization of this product, it is really simple. Little b: This is not called simple, this is called minimalist style, do you understand design? Me: But the market demand…Little b: The market knows what a shit, what do they know about a product? This kind of product has low cost and high reuse rate, low R&D investment, and large profit. Isn’t it good to spend a little bit to strengthen the logo design for the money saved? Which product manager’s product is more competitive?

7 months ago

The competition in the industry is so fierce. As long as there is a chance to combat competitors, no company will be softened in the face of a market scale of 100 billion or even trillion. It is possible to use any means of bright or dark, such as so much black material in the mobile phone circle, tearing, and xx rare in the air? No one pretends to be a white lotus. However, when it comes to the end, it still depends on the quality of the product and the real skill. Apple has never been less exposed to various problems, and has never been less biased by various media reports, especially for a period of time after the new product launch conference. However, Apple has stood firm in China so far, and Samsung has become the others. , The gap in product power. The same is true for Tesla, or any player in a new energy vehicle is the same. As long as you get out of your head, there will be countless pairs of eyes staring at you, exploding you, correcting you, and blacking you. In the short term, public opinion and the media may have some deviating influence, but in the end it still depends on the quality of the car. No one is a fool, just like the person who thinks that the person who buys an iPhone is a fool is often he, let alone a person who buys a car with hundreds of thousands of millions? As long as the quality of the car is excellent, everyone will vote with their feet. It is not moving, it has shortcomings, and it is stained. The Volkswagen Audi diesel door scandal was a public environmental test fraud and cheating, and it was issued a sky-high ticket (the impression is 20 billion). More than US dollars), how does it affect the purchase of Audi and German cars in China? As for what attitude, what arrogance, and what differentiated treatment between Chinese and American users, that is not the fundamental element. BBA and Apple are also arrogant, and both domestic and Chinese users are treated differently, so what? Tesla is not afraid of the dark as long as the quality of its own car is excellent. But if the quality is not good, then you can only ask for more blessings. “Tesla should “leverage” not the rights defenders, but the quality of its own vehicles”-CCTV News.

7 months ago

What is the relationship between electric and non-electric braking system? Why is there a problem with Tesla’s braking system and other electric vehicles also have problems? Is the braking system and strategy of other cars exactly the same as Tesla? At present, the hardware of the brake system on passenger cars is basically the same. The main difference is the power-assisted system. Some have to use vacuum power, and some can use electric power. But it does not mean that electric vehicles must be electric power. It must be vacuum boost. In fact, most cars used vacuum booster pumps before 2016. Electric booster pumps can help improve fuel consumption and endurance. In recent years, both fuel and electric vehicles have been used. There is no problem with the vacuum booster pump for electric vehicles. The solutions are ready-made, because there is no negative pressure in the intake manifold of turbocharged vehicles. The vacuum booster pump for turbocharged vehicles requires an additional camshaft to take power. Or an electric vacuum pump can provide vacuum, and electric vehicles can directly use this solution. Therefore, if the problem with the brake system is a hardware problem, then the same supplier will generally have a problem. If there is a problem with the control logic and program, then the car itself has a problem, and it has nothing to do with other models.

7 months ago

First, isn’t it normal for a problem to be revealed? Does the subject think that if there is a problem, it should not be exploded, and only if there is a problem with the domestic car will the Tesla explode to attract firepower? Second, does the subject feel that Tesla’s question is fabricated? Does not exist? Otherwise why can’t it be reported? Third, if there are problems with domestically produced cars and Tesla, there are no contradictions or conflicts. Does the report also call for a choice between the two? Fourth, there are many related media reporting on Tesla ↓ For example, intent? Hype? Isn’t it right to seek truth from facts and report the news? When does news have to report good news and not bad news? If something goes wrong, there is an accident. Report the problem in time?

7 months ago

In addition to building cars, Tesla’s entry into China has done two things that do not follow the customs of the country. First, it canceled the 4s store franchise model and changed to a direct sales model, online ordering, and door-to-door sales. New forces have been attracted to follow suit, and now they have begun to gradually influence traditional car companies. Volkswagen’s latest trams are also directly operated. 4S is only responsible for outsourcing services and does not participate in the bargaining process. This move directly touched the core interests of 4S stores in the trillion-dollar market and downstream channel dealers. The former Pinduoduo channel dealer Yibuy car and Tesla’s farce were also born from this. Tesla has become the enemy of 4S store groups and distributors. Second, the public relations fee for the (self) media has been cancelled. This is one of the points that Tesla Tao Lin does not want to compromise (this person is too big to say anything). If other car companies follow suit, they will definitely It touches the core interests of hundreds of billions of automotive media and even major Internet social media platforms (such as Zhihu, Douyin, Toutiao, etc.). This interest is probably only a lot more than the 4S market. You can refer to the following figure, Tesla’s marketing The cost is only 1/1000 of the Volkswagen Group. If it is imitated by other car companies, I don’t know how many jobs will be overturned. This is why every time Tesla’s negative news has countless media free (I guess many are voluntary labor) writing and disseminating, after all, this is a matter of survival. Tesla has become the enemy of all (recharged) media. In addition to those direct competitors, from new powers to traditional brands, you can’t count them, and you have many enemies. Whenever you have a chance, won’t you be pushed by everyone? As an ordinary consumer, I firmly support any car company to adopt a direct sales model, not to recharge self-media, to reduce marketing costs, lower prices, and improve quality.

7 months ago

I am afraid there are problems with domestically produced cars. If it weren’t for Tesla’s thunderstorm that caused media attention and digging deeply, I don’t know that China today has no testing and identification standards for new energy vehicles, and computer software standards cannot be applied and cannot guide vehicle software. This has led to any electric vehicle that involves software that may explode. After thunder exploding, consumers are not afraid of not letting go or even going to court. You have to appraise the lawsuit, even if there is no appraisal standard, how can you judge me to be wrong? It’s because Tesla’s thunderstorm has attracted a lot of attention, and consumers have gradually realized how many holes there are.

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