Hello, I want to tell you a story. I hope you will have some insights after reading it. I am 23 years old now, and my mother was killed when I was 10 years old. My mother drove a taxi, and it was night. The murderer sat behind the driver’s seat and strangled my mother with a rice cooker cord. Maybe there was still hope to come back to life, the murderer raped the corpse, and then threw the corpse into the river. My mother can’t swim. I can’t imagine what she might be like when she wakes up in the river. I can’t imagine the feeling of being strangled. Even in retrospect, I just feel like a knife. The police cracked the case, and my father burst into tears when he caught my mother from the river. I was still young, and I only remember that when I woke up from a dream that night, my parents were gone. I stood at the door crying desperately, and awakened the neighbor, who asked me to wait for my dad to come back. At about two o’clock, my dad came back. He rode my uncle’s motorcycle and tied me with a rope to the back of the motorcycle and tied me to my dad’s waist. That night, my dad and I looked for my mother for one night, four in the morning. I went to the police station to report the case at five o’clock, but it seemed that the case could not be opened because the time was too short. Later, the case was solved and the murderer was sentenced to death, but my mother would never come back. I called my mother all the way after school every day. No one would promise again. No one would cook for me when I was uncomfortable. Dress me and give me slippers, no one will send me to school again. Let me talk about the impact of my mother’s death on me: probably until the junior college, I think someone who is a good friend of mine, I will tell others about my mother’s death. As I grew up, I realized that there was no so-called empathy at all. They were just listening to a story, but for me, it was a constant process of taking out the wound and spreading salt. So after I came out to work, I never told anyone about my mother. When I was young, I wrote an essay about my mother. My Chinese teacher at the time planned to let me read it in the class. I didn’t have it, but I just lay down and cry. Maybe I have been hiding my pain since then because I hope that others can treat me fairly, I hate the look in others’ pitying eyes, and I hate it. I imagine myself as a child growing up in a normal family. During the day, I make myself “cheerful” and “lively”, pretending that I am very happy every day, I will make others happy, make friends with others and so on. It’s just this kind of longing that can’t be hidden at night. I remember that since 15 years, I would cry every night, and the question that I think about every night is why other people’s mothers are there, why my mother has become a tombstone, why, what did I do wrong. So I became particularly insecure. I came out to work early, hoping to help my father share the burden of the family. I just want to rely on myself, one step at a time, one day in the future, can become another pride of my father. Later I felt that going through suffering is a good thing, it will make you stronger. The dead are gone, the living should be like this. Give everything to time, let the past pass, and let the future come. The mentality is the most important. PS: I believe that if I live well, my mother will be happy for me in the sky. 12:25 Update: I am very grateful to all the neighbors who donated money and all the kindness when my father took me to the city center to beg. The strangers in, it was their kindness that allowed me and my father to survive when the savings of 10 years at home were all gone. I am also grateful to the government for giving us a home when my father and I were swept out by my grandmother and left homeless. I am also very grateful to my brother for helping me and my father to pay for the low-rent housing when he just started his career. What I want to thank most is that my father was already so difficult to protect me when he was impoverished at home, but he still had to work hard to maintain my self-esteem. The phone can be reached. Now that I want to come, I just feel the endless sadness. How did he spend those long years. I remember him waiting foolishly at the door of his home when he knew that my mother would never come back, day after day. I saw a dad who couldn’t cut potato shreds well and became a good father of today’s culinary thieves. I came forward when I was being bullied, didn’t say a word when I was sad, just stayed with me quietly. In order to raise me wholeheartedly, I was afraid that I would be scared at home alone, and would not do anything to go to other places. Years later, when I asked my father how he came here, he said: Every time you call, all the 100 yuan I just made will be called to you, and there will be no money. I asked him: Then why didn’t you tell me? He replied: There are other children, I won’t show you that it’s not uncomfortable for you to see them. When the family was impoverished, my father still used a very optimistic attitude. Countless difficulties have passed. This is what my father taught me. It was the attitude of all of them that let me know that as long as I live, there is hope, and let me know that life is not all smooth sailing. (Bows) Without them, there would be no me who I am now, and I will keep working hard. Maybe this is what Qihua said, when a crit in life comes, how to deal with it. After Qianfan was exhausted, I became able to understand everything and became unable to believe anything. After many years of thinking about this, my own experience is: let it die and live. Now occasionally when I feel like I can’t make it any longer, I think: Mencius said: Shun was sent out in the acres; Fu Shuo was lifted in the fish and salt between the printing plates; Guan Yiwu was lifted in the sea; Sun Shuao was lifted in the sea; Baili Xiju is in the city, and the day will come. The people of Yusi must also suffer their minds; they will hungry their body and skin; they will be emptied, and their behavior will be disturbed; therefore, they are tempted to endure what they can’t. People persevere; then they can overcome their difficulties in the mind, balance and worry, and then act as a sign, express themselves in color, and then enter. Then they can’t stay at home. If they come out, they are invincible. The foreign patient. The country is perpetually dead. Then he knows that he was born in sorrow and died in peace. Source: Mencius ·Gaozixia” After all, life still has to continue. Thank you everyone who comforted me in the comments; I am fine now. Will do everything possible to take care of his father. I wish you peace and joy in your life, and success and worry-free; Happy Mid-Autumn Festival. I deleted this answer before. Now that I figured it out, I still want to keep it as a record. If my story can encourage or help you, I would be very happy; when I was the most uncomfortable, I listened to Nakajima Mika’s “Once I also thought about a hundred”, the following is the subtitle at the end of the live version of the MV: The whole brain I only thought about one hundred times in the middle. I must be too serious about the matter of being alive. Zeng Jin, I also thought about one hundred times because I haven’t met you like you in this world. I have a little hope for this world. To describe the strong hope, you must first describe the deep dark life. The same is true. I hope to see the last you can live actively


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

This is a photo taken during the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008. I shed tears every time I look at it. My father walked 25 kilometers home with his son who died in the earthquake on his back. This photo made me unforgettable. When the earthquake struck, he rushed to his son’s school regardless of the danger of his life, but when he rushed to the school, he only saw his son’s body. He wrapped his son’s cold body without saying a word, and slowly picked up his son and walked back on foot. To my home 25 kilometers away. Don’t leave my son in the rubble. I read this passage from this father’s face: We are a father and son. We wanted to protect you from the wind and rain all our lives. However, the disaster came so swiftly that the earthquake took you away, and I There is nothing I can do, in this life I remember that you were here, and I will use the rest of my life to recall the years of our father and son. This section of the road home is very long, and I will never finish it in my life, and I will not be able to get out of it. He must be very sad—after all, he lost his son in the middle age, but he was also very helpless. This is a natural disaster—that cannot be restored by humans. All he can do is carry his son home to reunite. Later, the father buried his son, but did not forget the hardship of the 50-mile mountain road back and forth. He began to build roads for the mountain road leading to his hometown. The government knew that it had helped him fulfill his wish in the future. You have lost your child. The pain in your heart cannot be comforted by words. Any words in front of your loss of child are pale and weak. But please take care of yourself, because there is still a long way to go. You can think about where the child wants to go, walk and see for him; if there is any food he wants to eat, try it for him; try to make up for his regrets during his lifetime, complete the unfinished business, and spend the rest of his life. Live for him.

5 months ago

My brother died, he was 13 years old when he died. The family is poor, and the parents are at odds. In his 13 years of life, he has never eaten a good meal or wore a decent dress. The bag on my back was stitched and sewn by my mother after I broke it. The pencil case used is so rusty that the original color cannot be seen. When my parents were in a bad mood or the trivial things in life bothered them, they would beat us for no reason. After I left home to go to school, these tortures fell on him. After his death, my mother remembered him one day and said guiltily that she slammed his head against the wall and poured pesticide into his mouth. He will take care of himself when he is very young, quiet and sensible, unlike other little boys who are naughty and mischievous. Even death was very sensible, and he went there after only a few days in the hospital. It didn’t bring much suffering to the family, and didn’t even cost a lot of money. After his death, everyone tacitly stopped mentioning him, including my parents, and all his belongings were burned. He seemed to have never been in this world before, leaving no trace. However, I really miss him. I can’t tell the difference between reality and illusion. Often, when I wake up one morning and think of him, I don’t know if he really existed, or just a dream of mine. I dream about him every night, even though ten years have passed. In his dream, he was still small and thin, and his eyes were full of weakness and sadness, just as before. And I am a 30-year-old woman, married, and will welcome my own children in the near future. My life is still going on, but he stayed forever that summer and became a small mound. There is no monument on it, only weeds. I really can’t tell what is true and what is illusion. Such a real person, the person who has been with me for 13 years, the person who called my sister, the person who snatched my snacks, the person who was beaten up by my parents, the person I hugged sleeping, the person who wrote crookedly, what are you doing now? Can you only see it in a dream? I once woke up from a dream and asked myself, if there is a medicine, I can forget it forever if I take it, and I don’t have to be so painful again, would I take it? My answer is, I will never. He has lived a real life, cried and laughed over the years. He left me endless thoughts and reminded me of the years he was with me in many inadvertent moments. I really miss him.

5 months ago

My husband left us twelve days ago and died suddenly. We were married for less than two years, and our son was exactly five months old, and he didn’t leave a word. Before going to bed, we chatted and told me that I thought I was with my son. Woke up and the hospital informed me. , I have become a widow who is less than thirty years old… I couldn’t accept this fact and wanted to let him go, but reason told me that I can’t do this, I still have family, I have children, and I can’t let my son Being an orphan cannot make my family more miserable! I was depressed and hesitated and couldn’t find a cathartic outlet. I madly posted some posts about reincarnation, ghosts and gods in previous lives. I comforted myself and he hoped that we had a better life. I took good care of our son and our parents. That is what he most wants to see! But I don’t regret living with him for more than a year. The happiness he gave me is enough for me to remember my whole life. I believe he feels the same as mine. Now I want to raise my child and tell him his How good my father is, how loving my father and mother are… Although my son is only five months old, although he lacks his father’s company in his future growth, the love his father gives him will always accompany him. Build up the courage to add another wave: My husband is thirty-two years old, an engineer, and the youngest cadre of a certain level in the entire group. The future is bright. He struggled to buy a house, a car, marry a wife and have children without spending a penny at home. He was filial and sensible since childhood. After getting married, I was busy at work and didn’t have time to take care of my family, but he loved me and my child very much. After his son was born, he told his son that in the future, we two men will protect our mother together… the day before he died, he told me to stay healthy and accompany me to grow old. When my son grows up, watching him babble, toddler and grow up… He likes planning for the future this way. He has planned a lot with me, but he didn’t tell me how we should live without him. He loves children so much, he didn’t wait for his son to call him Dad… He left abruptly without leaving a word. I don’t know how to pay the utility bill, and I don’t know the mortgage payment date. My sky suddenly fell, but I I must cheer up and support my son. I’m now going to work hard to handle the follow-up things. I’m going to cancel the account for him and transfer the house and car… Every time I go through the formalities, I will expose my scars again. The cruelest thing is to take one All traces of people’s lives are erased…May all people in the world be safe and smooth, and don’t experience my pain. Questions about some friends: I don’t know how to pay the mortgage on water and electricity, because the mortgage is under my husband’s name, and the water and electricity were bound to Alipay before we got married, so I haven’t taken care of it. Of course, I didn’t bother him about the things I could do, such as cooking, housework, pregnancy check-ups, such as getting up in the middle of the night to take the baby, such as anything I could do by myself… He did it if I couldn’t. For example, something in the house is broken, such as installing some small furniture…I believe that every family’s housework has a tacit and reasonable division of labor, and I did not put all the pressure on my husband. 2019.7.28 Lunar June 20th 6. Today is my husband’s 32nd birthday. On the fiftieth day of his death, I made him his favorite jujube cake. I couldn’t do anything else… I always felt like he was still by my side, but I missed me again. I’ll never see him again in this life, and my heart still hurts like being pinched. I understand all the truths, but it’s too difficult to do it… Ten years of life and death are boundless. Don’t think about it. Self unforgettable. Thousands of miles of lonely grave, there is nowhere to say desolate. Even if they meet, they should not know, the dust is covered with dust, and the temples are like frost. You Meng suddenly returned home in the night. Xiaoxuan window. Dressing up. There is nothing but tears. Expected to be broken every year, bright moon night, short Matsuoka. I used to read Su Shi’s “Jiangchengzi·Yimao First Moon Twentieth Night Dream” and saw this sentence: There is nothing to say, but a thousand lines of tears… I always feel inexplicably sad, and now I finally realize the sad sadness of nowhere to talk. . Life is so bitter, but life and death are the most bitter! Reprinting is prohibited, thank you for your understanding! On February 27th, 2020.02. I don’t know why there were so many likes and comments, and there were also a lot of questions about the time point: because there were supplements later, the last modification date was displayed, and the previous one did not move, so it seems that the time point is wrong. ! Regarding the subject of the wrong text: I was in a bad mood at the time. I saw a similar question and answered it casually. Regarding what some people think is made up: I also especially hope it is made up! How about you make one too? Those who spray: go out and turn right and don’t give it away, and don’t participate in my life, so don’t point fingers at me. If you spray me again, I’ll fuck you.

5 months ago

The only girl is twelve years old. She is lively, healthy, independent, tolerant and intelligent. I am surprised. I love her very much. The focus of life has always been around her. No one thought that a sudden illness would disappear for three days in April. She went to the top hospitals in the country and didn’t keep her. The life-and-death atmosphere in the ICU is as unbearable as the hell on earth. The parents sat in embarrassment on the iron chairs in front of the ICU, and the couple were not allowed to leave for 24 hours. Because the child’s condition changes at any time, parents need to sign numerous risk notifications. The parents were all faceless and silent. Every time the doctor tells the parents of xx to be there, it’s like hearing the hell is calling. A mother with an endangered child went crazy on the spot. The other parents were also silent or forced to calm down. No one dared to comfort her, because everyone was on the verge of collapse, and there was no trace of desperate sparks, which would turn everyone’s sanity into ashes. No one knows if the next one is himself. The same is the mother, I understand her, and I can’t comfort her. After all, the language is too pale at this time. What should I say to her? My husband and I sat outside the ICU and kept drinking mineral water. If we don’t drink water to lubricate at any time, we can’t even swallow the saliva. Every time we breathe, we feel our throats stick together. It’s not thirsty, fear, or fear. Being summoned by doctors, directors, nurses, and in turn, every time it is not good news, let us be prepared. Their words and help during those desperate days at least helped us avoid some regrets. Let the children go home and the fallen leaves return to their roots. I would like to thank and pay tribute to the medical staff. Although my children were not saved, they did save some other families and did not have to endure this catastrophe. This kind of pain is really unbearable. They are very young boys and girls, and very few of them are older. I wonder who can bear to face the separation of life and death every day, everyone is human, flesh and blood. Especially when people are older, everyone will inevitably experience the life and death of their loved ones. Faced with such a high-intensity and negative energy environment every day, it takes a strong heart to withstand it. Because it has been too painful, the follow-up procedures are all run with the help of relatives. So we can’t say our gratitude to the medical staff who have helped us in person. We can only express our gratitude here. In May, I went to the hospital to check my body. An old doctor asked about the situation of my family and children. In general, I tried my best to cover it up. After all, there are elderly people and other relatives in the family. I don’t want to cry and cry. At that time, I didn’t know why I couldn’t help crying suddenly. The old doctor comforted me. I always remembered one sentence at the time. She said: Whoever comforts you, you can’t listen to it, you just remember what I should. Indeed, what she said was right, sometimes when I can’t stand it or when I always ask myself why, or when I blame myself. Just remembered what the old doctor said, what I should have said, for no reason. A Buddhist story says that a woman who lost her child went to the Buddha to resurrect her child. The Buddha said that as long as you go to the city, you will return a mustard seed to me from any family that hasn’t died before. The woman was so happy, but she asked all over the city that there was no family in the city who had never died. The human world is a journey of suffering, and suffering differs only in form and size. No one is without suffering. A person can’t decide what happens by himself. If life is a path of practice, we can only make ourselves stronger. We are still alive is the will of God, a seemingly useless and ordinary day, meaning that some people don’t understand. Don’t ask why, cherish the moment, be strong! To everyone, be strong! Love yourself!

5 months ago

My first child died of illness when he was 3 years old. At that time, I felt that no one could replace her, and I decided not to have any more children. As time passed, I gradually felt that if I didn’t have a child, I would go crazy. Two years later, I was pregnant with another one, and I felt hopeful in life, but my second child fell ill at the age of four, a heart disease that is more serious than cancer, and there is no way to do it. Cured cardiomyopathy. When I was more than six years old, my second child’s condition suddenly worsened. We moved to Shanghai and Beijing and wanted to do a heart transplant for him. However, his physical condition at the time was too poor to support it. In August 2016, my second child also left. At that time, I felt that the whole world was on my opposite side. I thought, as long as he is alive, even if he is 20, 18, or even 10 years old. Looking back on my own life, the happy stages are when I was a child, elementary school, junior high school, high school, university, work, marriage…My happiness and happiness have been going down. But it’s very strange. During my happy childhood, I would always hope that I had never been in this world. Now I understand the human nature of this world more and more. I just want to live well, even in pain and sorrow. I don’t want me to fall into depression one day. By the way, my third child is almost three years old, and on the 1st of this month, I divorced.

5 months ago

My sister died at the age of 24. She was in poor health. She was a treasure in the palm of the family since she was a child. It’s no exaggeration to hold her in her hands and grew up. She was used to growing up. She was self-willed and lost her temper, but she was really kind and loving. The person who loves people the most is not stingy and pays nothing but pays off. It’s so kind. I always feel that she is silly and sweet and then died of a heart attack. Everything is very fast. Although she always told me that she might die someday when she was a child. , I only did not resist when she was fascinated when she really came. After the person is gone, everything is also thrown away except locked in the corner album. It seems that this person has never been here. There is no trace in this world. Everyone I never mentioned a word, and the tacit understanding was long. Most of the time, I even wondered if I had dreamed of this person in my life. I always felt that this person had never appeared before. There was no change in life. Family It’s all done step by step, but a small amount of time will be different. My dad always sits on the balcony late at night and smokes, looking at the sky. One by one, one sentence after another. My mom always asks me to send her my sister every once in a while. The previous photos were closed in the house and wept and cried, then deleted the photos and opened the door and returned to normal. This confirms that the traces that have also existed are not the characters in my fantasy. This matter is only controlled by the grandmother. Maybe I can’t hide my emotions even when I’m old. I always pull me when I go home and say that I can’t think of her. I dreamed of her again. It’s a pity that her big treasure cried and shut the door tightly for fear of being heard by my parents. I only dare to mention to me that every time I broadcast TV to an old lady, I always find it impossible to accurately find the TV series she wants to watch, and always mumble in a low voice. When Dabao was in the past, I could find it right away. I think I control it, but I don’t let myself think about it. Inseparable from the people around me who have grown up together for more than 20 years, there are so many things I don’t know why I just can’t remember reading a book, saying that it’s because the brain has turned on the protective mechanism. Bad memories are automatically filtered, but when these words are typed, they are very peaceful and I am very calm. Her typing, tears, crackling, and falling is amazing. It may indeed become everyone’s pain. It’s become a taboo to survive and continue to live. Everyone is self-regulating, looking for balance, and hiding her in his heart. A safe has no lock and no longer tells the secret of becoming a universal. With the passage of time, it is not forgotten, but buried deeper. “” A firm materialist, but only with you. I hope that there will be a future life and hope that there will be another life. See you or you are waiting for us on the next journey””

5 months ago

27 years old, what a beautiful age, the same is true for us, the same age, my husband, went away in a car accident on May 22, the pain really feels that this pain should not be borne by my age, we have only been married for three months, After being together for so long, I finally cultivated Zhengguo, and everything is getting better. Since we have nothing, we have the determination to accompany him to suffer together. Always wondering how he would leave, it’s impossible, how could this happen. Drinking too much and being crazy, no one tortured himself, just thinking that he could feel sorry for himself. But everything is useless. Although I am very helpless, I have to accept it. I have never thought about it. I can only say that it may not be so difficult for a longer time. Maybe it will occasionally collapse. Then think about him, accept it calmly, and go if you think about him. miss you. I hope everything is fine for him, because he is willing to believe in everything possible. In Zhihu, he will always look for the question of whether there is a soul. I am willing to believe and believe that he has always been with me. It’s the same with you, Auntie, we have to believe that he is doing well in other places, and he also hopes that you can do well. Come on, we will all get better. Today is just 30 days, no more, no less. The wedding photos that I have always said to upload are posted to the space today. Looking at the photos, we can remember the mood when we took the photo. There is no need for the photographer to make us happy. Just looking at his face, we can laugh so happy . It was the same when we got married, maybe it took up all my happiness in this life. We still have so many things to do and why he left without realizing it. Say I’m so ugly when I cry, don’t you come to coax me every time, but why don’t you coax me anymore? I’m mad at me, right? I always have a bad temper and quarrel with him. I quarreled with him on the day of the accident. If I was angry and didn’t call him, I really felt that I couldn’t forgive myself in my entire life. If I called him, it wouldn’t be the end. Is it good to have a temper with him every time? No, without him, there is nothing to look forward to in the future. I always like to put one foot on a chair when I eat. He always tells me that I don’t look like a little girl, but I haven’t gotten better yet. Why should I leave? Shouldn’t I be urged, so I stretch out every time. My feet thought of him and let go. Didn’t you say that the love apartment will be filmed on five? I’m curious if Zeng Xiaoxian and Hu Yifei are together. He loves to watch the love apartment and we’ve seen crying before. We used to be sideways. He held me in his arms and watched with me, laughing and joking very happily. Even when we quarreled, he always went home after ten o’clock, because I’m at home, but why didn’t I go home this time? I waited for him to come home every night, even if it was a quarrel, he would go home every time. The one holding me to sleep, why didn’t you go home for so long? I’m always thinking about why I didn’t treat him better, why I always quarreled with him, always blamed himself, he always smiled, mischievous, and you coaxed me. What to do, so willing to be with him, even if our parents objected, we insisted on coming over, why did it become like this when I just married me and went home. Shouldn’t we have a long life to go? My friend told me that he didn’t want it, and no one wanted you to be better than him. But why not tell me by yourself. I told my friend today: Well, then I finally learned how to love, but unfortunately you were long gone and disappeared in the crowd. Later, I finally understood in my tears that some people would not be there once they missed it. My friend replied to me: There is a boy who loves that girl. I burst into tears in an instant, yes, he is still my boy, the boy who still loves me, the boy who will always love me. I have saved all his images, even if it is just a shadow, I believe he is guarding me. On the first day of August, you left me on the 72nd day. If you are here tomorrow, it will be the commemoration of our five-month marriage. Remember that you bought a lot of things during the first month of your marriage and talked about the one-month anniversary. Get along peacefully. Do my friends still say that the wedding anniversary comes on a monthly basis? Haha just very happy. In fact, there are also times when you are unhappy. It may be the case when you just got married. Just tell you that we are over the break-in phase. As I said before, we have an endless fight for a lifetime, because we have a long life to go. We still have a long life to go, right? In fact, during the recent period of time, I heard a lot of bad things about you, and I was very skeptical of many, many things. I really didn’t understand and did some bad things. It’s not worth it to live, right? Singing in a song is also worthy of love, and worthy of both wrong and wrong. As long as I think it’s worth it, it’s fine, isn’t it? After receiving so much encouragement, I am also changing myself a little bit. The haggard appearance makes people look really bad. I’m also at work. Here is my baby, haha, I might have replaced the place you used to accompany him to dinner. In his car, I’m sitting in the place where you did it, and the words you wrote are still on the window. I always stare at him in a daze. He doesn’t let me miss you. He will talk about you in the chat. Most of the time he is happy, but occasionally he collapses. At the beginning, he actually didn’t cry in front of him. I started crying after I dreamed of you. He will also tell me something about you. Sometimes it feels very disturbing, but there is not so much disturbing. Many times he talks about not crying, not crying, crying enough, it’s really much better. . There will be different worries, life should be like this, it is difficult, and continue to cheer. I have been practicing for the second subject of car training for a month, and I haven’t taken the test yet. You said that if I didn’t pass the test for so long, it would be shameful. If you were here, you would laugh at me mercilessly. Knowing you for more than 4,300 days, our way of getting along seems to be this way, we like each other and dislike each other. A big circle around you was with you. Before you got married, the note you gave me was Sabi. After you got married, he changed to Mrs. Li and became your Mrs. Li for more than two months. The blessings in this life may be too shallow, without such blessings to accompany you, how will the next life be. I haven’t made a good meal for you and enjoy the life after marriage. Okay, in the next life, it’s done.

5 months ago

1. Auntie, my husband left at 33 years old last month. My mother-in-law was already suffering from depression. This shock made her unable to eat and sleep. She kept talking about death every day, and lost more than 20 kilograms in half a month. I said that my mother-in-law wanted to tell you that there are too many people who have such misfortunes and pains. For me, the blow is fatal, no less than my mother-in-law. As for how to face it, you have to face it if you don’t want to face it, because this fact is right in front of you. Don’t think there is any way to get yourself out as quickly as possible, there is no way. It can only be cured by time. Don’t bother about others telling you that things have happened and people are no longer there. You have to remember that his soul is still there and he will be with you by your side. He doesn’t want to be like this, but he can’t help it. If you think about him, think about it as much as you can, and secretly treat the people around him as him. Tell yourself that he is by your side and talk to him when you are alone. When you are sad, you can grieve as much as you can, and cry hard if you want to cry. After a long time, you will accept it, and you will feel that he has turned into everything to accompany you, all the time. I will write to him every day on Weibo, and I will also read articles about ghosts and gods, to find evidence of the existence of souls, and look forward to a day with him. 2. Many people like it. But my own state is not as good as each day. I thought I was very rational and would be strong, but during this period of time I became more and more unable to hold it. My heart is cramped every day, I can’t sleep at night, and when I wake up during the day, I feel depressed. My parents went out to play cards after lunch every day, no one cared about me, cared about my changes. I couldn’t bear any grievances at home before, but now what my parents say, I don’t even bother to explain. What they say, I just do what they say. But my son, sticks to me every day, don’t want grandpa or grandma, grandpa doesn’t give him a hug if he wants to hug, just mother. He will do whatever I say, and he will give me whatever I want. I am everything to him, but how failed I am. I didn’t protect his father, and failed to give him a complete home. Now when I need my cheer the most, I hide in my gray corner every day. My life is nothing but my son. I pick him up from school, play with him, bathe him, sleep with him, and repeat it mechanically every day. While doing these things, I miss my husband endlessly and regret not cherishing it. In those days with him, I regret many things, and think of my husband’s poor life. I feel distressed, I don’t love him enough, I feel I can die…Some words were typed out unknowingly, including now , Tears kept streaming. It’s really tough. really. In fact, I am not a weak person, and an outgoing person, but this kind of pain is like tearing me apart. I want to see you, my love. 3. Thank you so many people for your encouragement. A few days ago, a friend who studied Zhouyi told me that I feel that your one has not left and has been by your side. It may be uneasy for you. After hearing this, there was not much disturbance in my heart, and I was not particularly happy, because I knew that if he really did not leave, it would be normal to follow me, but he was too sticky to me. I said that if I don’t go, I won’t go, and it would be nice to let him follow me. My friend said, but in fact, if he follows you, it is not good to him or to you. You should talk to him, let him put it down, and go with peace of mind. I asked my friend, if he doesn’t leave, can I see him if I die? The friend said yes. I asked him every time I burned him, can he receive anything? My friend said yes. I said then don’t leave, I will burn more money for him, raise him, and see me when I die! It doesn’t matter what is good or not. My friend said that what’s bad for me is in terms of physical fortune. I thought to myself, I don’t care about him, life is meaningless anyway, what’s the matter with love! I went to see him a few days ago, burned incense for him, and asked him, you must miss me and my son very much, the incense ash all fell off. Maybe he really has been there. In fact, every time I ask a question, I get an immediate response. I don’t believe in so many coincidences.

5 months ago

Go and taste his favorite meals, continue to eat his favorite snacks for him, parks, botanical gardens, lively streets, quiet beaches, continue to feel all the taste and temperature of the world for him, imagine that he is still by your side Staying with you, you don’t have to work overtime and busy, boss’s face is crowded out by colleagues, love injuries, fatigue after marriage, you don’t need to squeeze the bus and subway every day, all sweaty and smelly, he just quietly accompanies you to feel all the breath. , You are calm and he is calm, you are sad and he feels distressed, you are relaxed and comfortable, and so is him. We all love you.

5 months ago

Because the baby lamb of the mother sheep died, the mother sheep was lying on the bed, so uncomfortable that she couldn’t sleep, and no one paid any attention to it. Half-knitted sweaters, toys that the lamb played with… The mother sheep looked at things and thought about the sheep, remembering the days when the lamb was still there. So the eyes are moist again. At the same time, in the sky, the lamb who is about to go to heaven is seeing all this. Seeing her mother’s sadness, the lamb was also very sad, so she borrowed a razor from the aunt in front, hid away, and shaved all her hair. At this time, the wolf guard saw the lamb, so he went to warn him, don’t be careful, although you don’t know what you are going to do, stand obediently and don’t run around. After the guard left, the lamb continued to run to do his own thing. It turned out that he braided his own hair into a rope, and he was too tired in the middle, so he slept for a while. After editing, I put it down on the cloud, wanting to go back to the world to find my mother. The wind was so strong that the lamb was gripping hard and was almost blown off (note that there is a different color of the rope in the middle). The lamb returned to the ground through the rope and came in front of her mother. The lamb hugged her mother, but after all, he was already a soul. The mother sheep did not respond, still immersed in the pain of losing the lamb. At this time, the wolf guard appeared again and forcibly pulled the lamb away. At this moment, the mother sheep seemed to feel something, right where the lamb had just been hugged, the mother sheep seemed to feel the existence of the lamb, recalling those moments, recalling that she had promised the lamb to knit a sweater for him. of. So he took out the sweater that had been under the bed for a long time, and knit it carefully. The Lamb Sutra was captured and went back to the paradise. I don’t know if my mother is still sad now. The mother sheep is still knitting the sweater hard. The mother sheep finally finished knitting and showed it to the little sheep in the sky to comfort the spirit of the sky. The lamb received the emotions passed by his mother, put on the sweater knitted by his mother, and jumped up happily. He understood his mother’s intentions, and went to the other side of the river contentedly (other sheep took things outside of the body, so he crossed the river. After all disappeared, but the sweater is still on the lamb, but the lamb’s crown disappeared). The lamb turned his head and found that the back of the wolf guard was bald. It turned out that the wolf guard secretly knit his own hair into the rope while the lamb was asleep. The wolf guard glanced back and didn’t say a word. The lamb understood something, waved his hand, and left. When night came, the wolf guard saw that there was no one, waved his cane, and the rope turned into stars. Mother Sheep saw these stars on the ground. Although we have nothing in our hands, we can hold each other tightly. The tone of the whole short film is rather sad, but it embodies warmth and love everywhere. Mother sheep’s sorrow for losing the lamb; the lamb misses her mother’s efforts to see her mother again; the wolf guard’s help to the lamb; and the encouragement expressed in the song… We know that meeting and separation are inevitable. Appearance is not under our control, but we still cannot restrain it, the joy of meeting and the sadness of parting. People are not grassy because they have all kinds of emotions and cannot be hidden. Perhaps it is the smile from the heart when moved, or the starlight in the eyes when facing tenderness. Most people in this world may think the same way as a lamb. I didn’t have anything in my hands, but I tried my best to tell you that I always care about you, as long as I can see you. , You are still the one I love. Because I love you, I will certainly give you everything I can give. The crown is an unsentimental thing outside of the body. Life cannot bring death and cannot be taken away, so it was finally thrown away. The sweater is the love of mother for the lamb, and no one can deprive it, so it followed the lamb to heaven. We came into this world with empty hands, and when we left, we could not take a brick and a tile, except for love. Although there is nothing in our hands, we warm the world with love. Enjoy being loved, while still being loved. There is always someone who loves you secretly, in a place you don’t know.

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