I live in a small county on the 18th line. My son is in the fourth grade and goes to the best elementary school in the county. I have never attended a training class, and most of the children of people I know have never attended. I used to know that many children in big cities would attend training classes, but I didn’t know much about it. I recently watched “Little Willingness” and saw the various classes that those children reported. Each class lasts 2.5 hours, and the tuition fee is tens of thousands. Is this really the point? Is the child so tired?

The first answer is uninvited~ It’s best to just look at Xiaoshe and dare to answer~ Coordinates Beijing Fengtai (which is a weaker area in Beijing’s urban area, but definitely better than the suburbs) is it the same “tired” it’s hard to say, but It’s true that it’s busy, and it’s true that it costs money and parents~ At the forefront, the resources of Beijing and Shanghai are relatively rich and three-dimensional, and there are many choices. Of course, there are also many people who have money, power and culture, such as Beijing natives like me. The competitors are all the children of the second generation of Bei Piao Xueba, the second generation of various second generations, chicken learning feels already the most basic, and in fact, many of the strengths above us may not take the college entrance examination. , They are all different tracks, you can’t see people at all… ① Let me talk about the cost~ My child’s kindergarten middle class, start English enlightenment at the age of 2 and a half, and start offline English classes at the age of 3 years 2w+, almost 4 years old plus One-on-one online for foreign teachers is almost 2w a year; recently the middle class has added live mathematics classes and Chinese AI classes, plus one year to talk about 1w; the second foreigner teaches Japanese at home and teaches Japanese, even if there is no fee before registering (But it also takes time); skating on weekends, like once a week in the Buddhist style, some one-on-one coaches, including equipment and skating costs, nearly 3w a year. To sum up, I have not learned art yet (friends and children around me are learning art or music, and after middle class, children also develop Go or children’s programming) ②Let’s talk about time~ My child is now Online foreign teachers on Monday and Friday nights, online mathematics on Thursday nights, offline English one day in the morning, skating and swimming on weekends. Coupled with doing second foreign affairs, outdoor activities, etc. at home, I think it is quite busy. This is still only the above-mentioned extracurricular classes and the child’s father and grandma are very powerful~ The children of good friends are also the same. , There is basically nothing to do. Maybe you think it’s an exaggeration for the 5th grade children in Xiaoshede to take more than 2 hours of class, but my husband’s colleague’s kindergarten class this year, it’s already 2 hours for my husband’s colleague’s kindergarten class. Let’s talk about tiredness~ I think the child is okay. If the child does what she does spontaneously and voluntarily, in fact, when she eats, sleeps, and has fun, she is very, very happy and doesn’t feel that tired. The feeling of learning something is very pleasant. In fact, there may be a prerequisite, which is to start early and plan well. How to understand it? For example, many children in Beijing and Shanghai started to learn English systematically at the age of 3. You didn’t learn it. When you reach the fifth grade or even junior high school, you find that others don’t take the English in the school exam as a matter at all, and you don’t need to review it at all. You must be tired… The pressure of chasing people will make you even more tired~ Just like the mathematics of Huanhuan in Xiaoye, as the depth and breadth of 5th grade mathematics increases, the gap opens up. Well, it’s almost like that. I can’t represent everyone in the big city. I can only say that as a native of Beijing, most of my friends, classmates, and colleagues around me live this life~ I’m not tired, but It’s very busy and expensive, but I didn’t feel unhappy, and I didn’t feel it was not worth it. Besides, because of the Japanese language for children, I was in a relatively large Japanese enlightenment WeChat group, to be precise, there were 3 The group is close to 1500 people. Although most of them are in the first-tier cities, there are many parents from the “18th-tier small cities” mentioned in the topic. The children have learned second or even third foreigners, and they also have other special hobbies. So maybe… some people just “make a fortune”


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

When I was in college, I taught the children of wealthy people. Let’s just talk about it. Let’s first introduce the general situation of the family, and see if it does not meet the standards you mentioned. Starting a company in a first-tier city to do business seems to be related to foreign trade. More than one house. I usually go to make up classes because they often live, which is about 90 square meters. I heard people say that it seems to be 67,000 square meters, and it is the type that money can’t buy, because the environment is good and there are schools nearby. I don’t know if it is a school district room. There are two cars I have seen, both of which have landed over one million cars, and both have local license plates. The child did not go to school next to his home, but went to that kind of “aristocratic school”. Regarding supplementary lessons: I just went over the weekend to watch my child do homework. She met something she couldn’t. I would explain it to her. Sometimes I need to accompany her to practice English conversation. The child has a good temper, is very polite, and can act like a baby. During the weekend, the child learns taekwondo and painting. It can be seen that their family is really interested in learning, not for learning results, because she still learns to dance before, and she clearly expresses that she doesn’t like it, so she doesn’t. Go on again. Her mother told me that learning these is to cultivate her character, taekwondo is to learn judgment and bravery, and to learn to paint is to cultivate patience. It feels that her mother has planned well. By the way, her mother is not a housewife. There is one point when getting along with each other, that is, parents will strictly control the time and distance their children watch TV to prevent myopia, and they like to let their children go to the playground to exercise or play with other children. Except for making phone calls, never let children play with mobile phones. After a few remedial classes, their family would take me out for dinner, and the children would order their favorite dishes, and then would take the initiative to share them with me. It was really lovely. The parents of the child often talk to her and tell her that it is not easy to make money. Once, her mother took her to the supermarket and said that she could buy anything. But she didn’t buy it randomly, only a toy and a few boxes of biscuits. It was summer, and I asked her if she wanted an ice cream. She said that she couldn’t buy it because she would have diarrhea. Sometimes when I make up lessons for her, I will meet her and her father are angry, and then I will pouted and look unhappy, but if I explain to her, she knows that she is wrong, she will go over and apologize to her father. Then the two reconcile. If her father is wrong, she will say that father also apologizes. I really think this kid is well raised.

7 months ago

It’s not a big city, it’s an ordinary thirteen-tier county seat. A county with a per capita income of three or four thousand. Watching dramas really feel that the world is real. Children’s kindergarten, the annual tuition fee is 15 thousand. My husband and I have a Buddhist mentality, just like the Nan Li couple. Do not pursue expensive schools, only care about children’s life, study, and social environment. I hope she grows up happily. However, a good environment determines the price. With the heart of Buddhism, we were pushed forward step by step by the “children of other people”… Interest classes, tutoring classes, and afternoon nursery classes on the streets and alleys. Under the greetings of relatives, I enrolled in the piano class. My husband and I discussed it and stopped there. It is enough for the child to go to a class, and keep happy in childhood. Letting children have a precious childhood is more important than unnecessary books. However, the turning point of the matter came from our friend… the situation in my friend’s home is like this. Grandparents have high vocational and high salaries. A family of four earns 30,000 yuan a month, all of which are reserved for raising a child. The key people still have time. Picture books are full of bookcases, hundreds of toys are piled up in piles, roller skating classes, speaking classes, offline programming classes, reverse thinking classes…and African drum classes…thinking, Chinese characters, language, and English. There are all ai classes that can be reported. I started to have a good mentality, and after a long time my mentality began to change. It is not the difference between the children themselves, after all, my children have been enlightened by me since childhood, generous and optimistic, lovely and uplifting. Since the child is about to go to preschool…Many parents in kindergarten transfer their children to preschool education. Among them are children of high school teachers. The reason was that they complained that the kindergarten didn’t teach anything, and the children couldn’t keep up with the elementary school immediately. (Kindergarten is Montessori Garden, what we advocate is quality education, don’t teach children so many rote things) Don’t chat with Bao Ma, especially teachers and families who value learning. Otherwise you will fall into a bottomless abyss of anxiety. After a long talk with the mothers, I started a long investigation, study, constant trial class, constant comparison, and finally selected suitable ones for my children. The time cost in the middle is aside, and I live in anxiety every day. So… the child can’t understand mathematics but the arithmetic of the assembly line. Cultivate children’s thinking skills from an early age and learn to draw inferences from one another, otherwise mathematics will only be able to formulate formulas, and will not be able to change the topic. So we started taking thinking lessons. Entrance to a good elementary school requires examinations, which include introducing yourself fluently in English. So he reported to the second foreign teacher in the city for a foreign teacher class. Halfway through the programming class, it stopped. Because there is really no time. The language class is not reported, and the child’s own language ability is good. I have gone through many screenings and worked hard to shoulder the responsibility of my children. It’s too late to be afraid of too much, and the child can’t digest it. It does not include Hong En literacy, Oxford tree, Lego, magnetic film, etc… all kinds of teaching aids that can assist children in entering elementary school. Let’s calculate the cost: 1.5w tuition, 6k piano, 6k English, 3k thinking. Other teaching aids 2k. A total of 3.2w. Then talk about the time: Every day my husband leaves work at 5:30, and when the child goes home after practicing the piano, it is 7 o’clock. Cooking, the child starts to do homework, (preschool education at the beginning of kindergarten, a lot of homework) 8:30 after the meal. Do dishes, go to class, and review English. 10 O’Clock. They go to bed at 11 o’clock. Every day the children go home like fighting, and time is tight. Don’t talk about TV, kids have no time to play with toys. In this way, we dare not relax, we must work hard to make money. Why save money to buy a house in the city? Enrollment rate! Enrollment rate! Enrollment rate! The junior high school, which has the highest rate of enrollment in the city, requires Mathematical Olympiad and oral English for entrance examination. There are only two hundred people in the city. Even if you pass the exam, you may not be able to do it. Because there are local tyrants who spend money to get places to grab places. The key entrance rate of 63% is the second highest in junior high school, and the key entrance rate of 31.5% still needs to be taken. There are few places and it’s hard to get in. If you don’t pass the private exam, you will get a good public institution, and you need a school district room. A good private junior high school can be directly promoted to elementary school. Although these elementary schools have high thresholds, they still have to fight hard. In order to enter a private junior high school, my classmate’s family is ready to send their children to live in an elementary school more than 20 kilometers away from home. Starting from kindergarten, primary school direct promotion, and junior high school enrollment rates are all for the one-book rate of key high schools. That is to say, starting from kindergarten, which school and cram school you go to have a high probability of determining which university you go to. The key high schools in the city have a rate of 85%. The key high schools in the county have a rate of 32.9%. Even if they are the second best, there are many junior high schools in the county who failed to pass the county’s key high schools. They could not pass the exam before “paying more tuition.” Okay, don’t even think about it now. Don’t talk about the Olympic Mathematics, the admission rate of the Olympic Mathematics every year, the admission rate of the letter to the Olympic Games, etc., are directly linked to the tutoring class. Every parent wants to catch more, fearing that their children will be left behind, so they report for classes one after another. So watching “Little Willingness” is not because parents put a lot of pressure on their children, it’s like this in a big environment. Undifferentiated schools have a low enrollment rate, and elite schools do not fight how to enter. You can’t leave all your expectations to your children, and hope that your children can suddenly have superpowers in the future, and they can become the top students in ordinary schools and become the top ten in that percentage. You can only quietly let your child develop good study habits step by step before he starts to study hard, not watch TV, play less, plunge into the sea of ​​books, and work tirelessly. It’s not that parents are forcing your children. The big environment is really like this. If you don’t fight, your children will fall behind and be thrown away by the percentage of the enrollment rate. When Xia Junshan showed the admission rate, I wanted to say it was exactly the same as my home. However, in the small county seat on the 18th line, I have already investigated the issue of entering a higher school. Teacher Zhang is called a loving educator in the play. I really think that the more such teachers, the better. Education has been dominated by money. School district housing, tutoring classes, elite schools, everywhere reveal the taste of money, but what can we parents do? You can’t be so lucky to have a child with a genius brain like Mi Tao. Therefore, we can only work step by step to prevent children from being left behind by the nine-year-educated army at any time.

7 months ago

Not necessarily. Coordinates Beijing. The world is very diversified, and everyone’s choices are different, so the attitudes and methods for children’s learning are also different. There are chicken babies like Xiaoshede, but to be honest, it is not very common. Especially in the last two years, even the parents of Haidian have realized what Olympiad to their children, but it is to accompany the prince to study. Therefore, many parents have rationally withdrawn from this trend. And to be honest, many parents around me are still struggling to finish the baseline of school assignments. Especially in a city like Beijing, where there are all kinds of people, naturally there are all kinds of choices. For example, many aboriginals in Beijing (many, not all). They don’t have that sense of urgency in their hearts. Anyway, my grandmother and grandmother’s family gave me a house, so I won’t die of starvation depending on the rent in the future. Relying on the relationship between parents, even if it is not a major university graduation, it is not difficult to arrange a similar job. His grandparents, grandparents, and even his parents’ pensions were eventually given to him by himself. So many of the children I know of indigenous people in Beijing have a more relaxed life. The extracurricular classes are not unreported. Most of them just report in English. But there is no such exaggeration in Xiao Yi. It is mainly based on children’s interests. And as far as the situation in Beijing is concerned, because there is no cram school, it is impossible for the school to fail the exam like Huanhuan. Unless the child really doesn’t study seriously. Otherwise, the school exams are definitely included in the syllabus, and the teacher will definitely talk about it in class. Although there are differences between how well the teacher talks, it is absolutely impossible not to talk about it. There are also many Beijing aborigines and families living in Beijing with better economic conditions, and they just changed the track. They sent their children all the way privately, and then they went abroad. The children around me have been private all the way, and plan to go abroad in the future. Or go to junior high school in public, and then rush to international high school to go abroad, accounting for about 20%. Our company has six children. Two are still in kindergarten, and one elementary school is experimenting in Zhongguancun. Not a baby, they plan to go abroad in high school and international school. A child has just graduated from New York University with a bachelor’s degree. This year, due to the epidemic, he will attend New York University’s online master’s course in China. A child went to the United States in elementary school, and now the child is in college in the United States, and she returns to work by herself. It is estimated that the Taihu school that a child attends will also go abroad in the future. Next is the so-called Beijing second generation, new Beijingers. Many people are also more rational. Many people in those small towns who do T homes are worried about the decline in class, so they keep on growing up. There are also many people who have suffered from these hardships when they were young, so they don’t want their children to suffer from these hardships. For example, I have a cousin who is very difficult at home. However, he relied on good academic performance and various examinations along the way. After graduating from university, he entered Beijing and became the director of a very important central ministry. It’s a middle-class elite. He chose an elementary school in Dongcheng District for his son that is good at teaching Chinese. He usually doesn’t have a baby at all. His son’s hobby is playing with various water pipes. So he bought various water pipes for his son at home, and his son helped the gardener in the yard water the flowers every day when he was not in school. My cousin learns Chinese, and my sister-in-law is also a small town writer, researching airplanes, and working in COMAC. The two have one literary and one academic, and the study atmosphere at home is very good. In addition to playing with water pipes, children write their own homework, read books, and watch English cartoons. Their academic performance is considered the first echelon in their school, and their composition always wins prizes. So sometimes you can learn well if you don’t have a baby. I live in Huilongguan, Beijing, which is the community where there is the Huitian Cup football game and programmers gather. Most of the parents in the community chose to go to the Caixiao school opposite us. To be honest, the code farmers themselves have 996 every day, and it is impossible for them to run around with their children in various training classes like Xiao Shede. Every day from 7:30 to 8:30 is the peak time for middle-aged residents in the community to return home from get off work. It is impossible for this group of people to accompany their children in tutoring classes every day like Xiao Shede. Besides time, there is money. The community I live in is not a school district housing. If the community has a down payment of 20%, the monthly mortgage will be about 30,000 yuan for 20 years. A couple in a small town who has no parental support. If the couple earns 70,000 pre-tax monthly income (this salary is definitely higher than the Beijing median), they will receive no more than 50,000 after tax. After deducting the mortgage and leaving more than 10,000, I really don’t have the money to go to training classes for tens of thousands a year like Xiaoshe De. Of course there are special chicken babies. I used to have a colleague who belonged to the army, and her husband was a big money. She retired in the army at the age of 38. She took the salary of the army every day, and her main job was the chicken baby. Specifically, I won’t talk about what her family has learned, just one thing. One day she walked outside our compound with her son, and met another colleague and asked her what she was going to do. She said: “Take my son to swim.” As a result, another colleague was very surprised and asked: “Is it going to be tested for swimming now?” Just like my colleague, the families of those chicken babies are basically full-time mothers, or their mothers do a particularly free job. The father has a very high income, or his grandparents are rich, otherwise there is no condition for the baby. So it’s actually a choice if you don’t have a chicken baby. Even in a city like Beijing, chicken babies are not mainstream. Some families do not want chicken babies, and some families have no conditions for chicken babies.

7 months ago

My child attended three classes. Mathematics and English are utilitarian. She really likes painting. She proposed to use a musical instrument. I didn’t agree. If she really likes it, she can go to summer vacation. Three classes happen to take up the child’s time during the day on Saturday. Are you tired? Not to mention, we had six days of class a week when we used to work six days. I’m not an anxious parent. To be honest, many parents put out various data such as entrance rate of high school entrance examination, different entrance rates of various high schools, this thing does not scare me. I have never felt that the 50% enrollment rate for the senior high school entrance examination is a very low number. There are more than 22 million people my age, and 3.75 million took the college entrance examination in the end, and more than 1 million entered the undergraduate colleges. If you are worried that the 50% elimination rate of children will not pass, in fact, chickens are of no use, and the dolls are not for reading. Is the extracurricular training class meaningful? Yes, everyone is not stupid. It’s really useless that so many people go to the school. The child is in English mathematics. Now she can deal with the English mathematics in school very easily, and she finishes a math paper in ten minutes for her homework. But on the other hand, if children find it difficult to study in school, the extracurricular training classes are meaningless, and the content of the two does not overlap very much. Training classes are just icing on the cake for school subjects, but if children have the ability to learn more difficult knowledge and are interested in learning an art sports course, parents do not provide educational opportunities, which is actually a kind of dereliction of duty.

7 months ago

The selection of the TV series is definitely the part that exists, but is more exaggerated and dramatic. But a few years ago, when I heard that our part-time worker Wang Sister, paid tens of thousands of tens of thousands of dollars to the children, and spent 100,000 to send the children to key middle schools. I looked at the one-year-old Pippi, really shivering. Sister Wang works in my home and another family, each for half a day, 2,500 a month, her husband 6,000 or 7,000 a month, and the children’s training class is at least 60,000 a year. Sister Wang said that this is just Peiyou, and the child did not attend any interest class. This is common in the class and the money spent is not too much. Coordinates in Wuhan, chicken babies are definitely not as common as Beishangguang, at least there is no such terrible cow around me. However, judging from the enthusiasm of the various classes around to report to their children, parents and children are not easy. In our community, children’s kindergarten stage, musical instruments, painting and a sport are basically standard equipment. In addition, in terms of learning, at least half of the children in English and thinking classes will attend. In short, from Monday to Friday, there are basically training classes after school. The children who go to elementary school around must have extracurricular classes outside of mathematics. There may not be so many interest classes, but because of the various high school entrance examination bonus policies, I will definitely keep learning the same. The mentality is basically like this: other people’s children have special skills, so they dare not not learn. What if a policy advantage is given later and it doesn’t catch up? My little Pippi is now three years old. It is false to say that he is not at all anxious. After all, the cruel social reality lies here! At the moment, I also happened to be reading a parenting book. Without a strong economic foundation, it can give children too much fault tolerance. Therefore, in the aspect of learning, parents will definitely work hard to supervise them. But now it seems that I have a more efficient way of thinking, which is to shift the focus of “chicken” from the child to myself. Instead of forcing children to attend various training classes, it is better to study and study how to improve the possibility of cultivating children with “student masters”. For example, read more books, learn more about the child’s development, and increase the bargaining chip in family education, so that he can start from becoming a self-esteem, independent, and independent thinking person. Gradually have a good emotional regulation ability, good concentration, continuous self-drive, and a “growth thinking mode” that is related to success. These seem to have nothing to do with academic performance, but they are really very important factors. A child with a sense of autonomy can arrange all kinds of things in his study life. A child with good emotional regulation ability can have better interpersonal relationships, and can also come out of negative emotions and face the normal rhythm of learning and life. Not to mention concentration. Without good concentration, no amount of cram school attendance is futile. From the parenting-related books I have read, I will share some of the books that are particularly worth reading. Take time to take a look, it’s good for yourself and your baby!

7 months ago

Yes, it is so tired. I now live in Xiacheng, Hangzhou (it will be changed to Gongshu soon). There are Provincial People’s Hospital, Municipal Children’s Hospital, school and youth activity center around my home. One more interesting phenomenon is that there are all kinds of luxury cars that I can’t afford, such as Big G, Palamela, Enzo, and Koenigsegg parked downstairs in my house. But just 50 meters away at the corner, there are all kinds of motorcycles and bicycles with seats. The reason is simple. Those who park motorcycles and bicycles are those who send their children to the activity center for training in their interests and specialties. From Monday to Sunday, every morning, noon and afternoon, the water is blocked there. Parents, grandparents and grandparents of all ages gather at the door, waiting for their children to leave school. This situation vividly interprets what is called involution-at least for parents who are struggling to ride bicycles and small motorcycles, it should be no problem to buy a better scooter or even a bba. But why don’t they buy a car and drive the children? Because the place is so large, there is no parking space at all. To put it bluntly, if you want to feel comfortable and experience it well, then don’t send your children. Really, every time we pass there, my girlfriend and I will be more resistant and suspicious about the future birth of a child. I can’t imagine how these parents make money while spending all their private life time with their children to suffer this kind of life. So from the bottom of my heart, I personally hate TV series like “Little Will” and the previous “Little Farewell”. I don’t think we should not let our children have more childhood, or I don’t think we should respect our children’s individual consciousness and choices. It’s that this kind of TV series only pays attention to the side of children in this social phenomenon, and ignores a major problem that everyone knows but is deliberately ignored by us: few people in this world are willing to spend money and effort. Not thankful? These parents are so squeezing themselves and forcing their children. Is it really a matter of the parents’ educational philosophy and methods? Of course not, the reality is-if you don’t use the money from buying a bba to report classes for your child, and only buy a scooter and bicycle for transportation, then your child may not even be eligible to buy a bicycle in the future. Of course the child is tired, but the parents are not tired? In other words, how much of the daily hard work of today’s adults is for the improvement of pure self-worth? How many are there to avoid being compared? Just talk about buying a house. In such a big city, what determines the housing price? It is nothing more than a supply-demand relationship. This means that the later you buy a house, the fewer houses you can buy. The higher the price you have to pay. Is it a concept for 1000 people to grab 100 houses and 901 people to grab 1 house? But as a parent, the resources at your disposal are always limited. How to allocate this part of resources? There are no more than two options. 1. Put this part of resources into adult internal scrolls, buy a house, buy a car, consume early and enjoy early, and let the child go with the flow and let him go later. 2. Put this part of resources into the child and let yourself give up a large part of the non-rigid internal scrolling consumption, so that the child can get at least one admission ticket in the future internal scrolling. So facts have proved that most of the world are parents who love their children. Most parents are making the second choice. But the more parents who make the second choice, the more tired the parents, and the harder and more stressful the children will be. And those children who choose path one will be further and farther down in the future. Don’t ask parents to hold all children accountable for their situation and problems as soon as they mention children. Still the same sentence, no one is a cheap bone, and parents are not stupid. If they can, who doesn’t want to buy a few more pieces of meat for the money saved in class registration, and buy more beautiful clothes and toys for their children? In this way, the children’s parents are relaxed, and the children’s parents are happy. Why not? But this kind of happiness can only be maintained in a limited moment. Parents have to plan for the future of their children. Young children don’t understand this choice. The grown-ups in society, how come those who make TV series don’t understand? It is said that Yingzi in the previous “Little Farewell” quarreled with his parents because of school choice, and even wanted to commit suicide. After a lot of people looked at it, poor Yingzi said that she saw herself from Yingzi…but don’t tease me, Yingzi was chosen in Peking University and Nanda University. what about you? How did Yingzi get this choice? Is it due to her being smart, is it due to her own hard work? Yes, but the most important thing is not the hukou given to her by his parents, and her admission to a good school? Are these things brought by strong winds? Don’t bully because your child’s choices and problems are in front of your eyes, and your child’s emotions are more open and will not converge. These people have no right to speak on the Internet, and those who are tired will not speak loudly, just bite their teeth and swallow honestly. Parents? Involution has never been a choice of life path, but a kind of helplessness under the general environment. Parents can be salted fish and live a mediocre life, but they can’t deprive their children of the choice of future progress, right? What parents hope is-even if you grow up, you will be a salted fish. That is your choice, not your helpless compromise. As a result, this positive willingness has been distorted in the online public opinion dominated by young people, and it has become selfish and selfish because parents are not lacking in asking their children to become a dragon and a phoenix. It’s nothing more than looking to raise children to prevent old age. Ha ha. In this age, who is counting on raising children to prevent old age? When the child grows up, he doesn’t ask the family for money to suck blood, so he’s grateful. Open your eyes and see the reality. Parents are not neurotic, and parents are not paranoid. As a child, as a young person, you don’t have to understand or choose the path they want you to take. There is no problem. But we can’t pick up the bowl to eat and put down the bowl to scold the mother. The child’s difficult living situation is not forced by the parents, the parents are just channels and paths. Is not it?

7 months ago

Agree with what the above person said is not necessarily. Shanghai old Jing’an and Xuhui have also stayed there, and they have a wide range of friends (only living 20 years old, according to university and work), there are undergraduates in Harvard and Princeton, because of the newspapers and books published in Qingbei. Class majors, resumed diplomatic studies, and there are also many ordinary universities (for example, the previous two books are now cancelled). But the overall feeling is that really good people are not as strenuous as in the show, as I thought in another answer, usually Nan Li’s family will have a rice peach. I may be really “educational fatalism”. If I want to get good grades, I really have to rely on my children to want to be good and not to be too stupid. It doesn’t mean that the child and the parents grow up very smoothly, but generally people with good final grades (recommendation and above). At least before elementary school and the second and third grades, it should be easy to learn something in class. I was born in 2000, and I have seen the content of the current junior high school. I don’t think it will be much worse. If the child is struggling even in the lower grades (not counting all kinds of extracurricular extensions) like the two in the drama, then I’m afraid Parents at least shouldn’t expect their children to be players who rely on talent to win. Good grades, good mentality, good growth, good families, many times happen together. What comes out of extracurricular classes is definitely not as good as the atmosphere soaked in at home (not to say that extracurricular classes are useless). My father is a person who insists on reading classical economics until he is over 50 years old. When I wanted to apply for Oxford PPE (Political Economic Philosophy) in high school (although I could not apply), I was directly persuaded by pedestrians who knew how to leave: You Did you grow up next to a dining table that can influence national politics? Indeed, blame my dad. You can obviously see that some things are “relaxed”, it is a matter of course and natural; but if you don’t have it, you don’t have it. No matter what. This, most of the things in the play did not tell you. Amateur art and sports hobbies are really not a chicken blood, that is, for fun. I attend 8 classes on weekends from elementary school to junior high school. 25+/40 in the class can play the piano, and the rest are violin, erhu, etc. Almost no one knows a musical instrument, of course, the level is uneven. If your parents want to learn a musical instrument as a big deal, unless you are professional, it is better to relax your mind. This is just an aid. When it comes to my sister’s classmates, I can see more clearly. Most of the students in elementary school have this kind of mathematics, and the middle 80% of them are no longer top-notch in junior high school. Those parents whose education level is still good and their children are very anxious in elementary school. They are also very demanding and even beat and scold them, but their children are far worse than some parents with a stable mind. The latter realized very early that their children are not bullfrogs and do not have superhuman endowments. Instead, they walk more smoothly and go to school. The road is smoother. The former is about to enter the entrance examination, and many of them are not listed or even the district key; while the latter, they are now returning to schools and equivalent schools and above, and there is no exception.

7 months ago

You can’t kill everything with one stick. To exaggerate, some people’s inherent thinking: metropolises like Beijing and Shanghai have abundant and good educational resources, and the pressure of competition among children is very high. They feel that children are just as tired as in “Little Will”. It’s a “chicken” baby. Not necessarily! Although there are children who are as tired as those in “Little Will,” they are still in the minority, but most of them still enroll in cram school. In such a big city, it is no exaggeration to say that most children attend at least 2-3 cram schools. Speaking of tired, it is not particularly tired, after all, one of the 2-3 cram schools is a child interest cram school. But let’s say it’s not tiring. These cram schools take up the children’s play time on weekends, and they can only be described by another word, which is “busy”. Why are children “busy”? It is not that children want to be “busy”, but that they have to be “busy” in the environment they are in. Why do you say that? Just like in the TV series “Little Will,” Nan Li was a parent who practiced happiness education at first, but eventually became the next Tian Yulan under the influence of the surrounding environment. This is a typical herd effect. The so-called herd effect, also known as the band float effect, refers to when individuals are affected by the group The influence of (guidance or pressure), will doubt and change one’s own views, judgments and behaviors, and change in a direction consistent with the majority of the group. It means that individuals are influenced by the group to doubt and change their opinions, judgments, and behaviors in order to be consistent with others. This is what we usually call “follow the trend”. Imagine that each of the surrounding parents enrolled their children for 2-3 cram schools. Not only did they make rapid progress in grades, they also made progress in other areas (such as art). In this environment, I think very few parents will not enroll their children in cram school. When the children around them become excellent, but their children “stay in place”, most parents will start to become anxious. And in my opinion, parents in big cities are well aware of a truth: if you are not good enough, you will be eliminated by this society. Is the cost of cram school really so high? Let’s talk about the cost of cram school. I asked: “Little Willingness”, I saw the various classes that those children reported. Each class lasts 2.5 hours, and the tuition fee is tens of thousands. Is this really the point? It is no exaggeration to say: Yes! Let’s not talk about tuition classes that burn money like art, but we will only talk about tuition fees for basic subjects such as language, mathematics, and English. It is understood that, like institutional tutoring classes, the minimum fee for a semester is 3-4k (different cities and different institutions have different charging standards, don’t use it). For those tutoring classes with famous teachers, this fee is only The same as in “Little Willingness”. Let’s talk about one-to-one tutoring. This kind of one-to-one tutoring is very common in universities. It is not about tutoring college students, but inviting college students to tutor. I have encountered many such advertisements in colleges, such as: 50/60 yuan per hour for tutoring, 90/100 yuan per hour for a bit more expensive. Usually it takes 2.3 hours for a tutoring session, so it takes a minimum of more than 100. This is still relatively cheap, after all, it is tutoring for college students. If you hire a famous teacher, it will be more expensive. Calculated in this way, it is very common in big cities that tuition fees reach tens of thousands. In big cities, not only is the pressure of competition among parents, but also the pressure of work. Although the children are not as tired as in “Little Will,” the pressure is not small.

7 months ago

For the first generation based in big cities, without the help of parents and relatives and friends, it’s almost the only option for children to go to training classes after school. Even if you know that the training class is very limited, but at least you can’t pick up your children back on time. When at home, the child is safe and is taken care of by someone. Not to mention that these people basically rely on education to change their destiny, how could they not pay attention to children’s education. This kind of inconvenience is not felt in a small county. Half an hour of commuting time is already a long time. If you have time to take care of your children, even if you don’t have time, you can ask your parents and relatives and friends to stay in the community after school. Play with the children in the neighborhood, know each other well, and don’t worry about the safety of the children.

7 months ago

Tired, definitely tired sometimes. But is it mostly happiness or only exhaustion? Is it positive or suffocating? I think the key is the mentality of the parents. I just saw a passage yesterday, which is really classic-“The three stages of maturity in life: 1. Recognize that parents are ordinary people; 2. Recognize that you are ordinary people; 3. Recognize that children are ordinary people.” I thought, The parents first accept that the child is an ordinary person, and relax their mentality. At least, getting along with the child will not bring a sense of suffocation. Treating every step of the child’s progress will not be so nervous.

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