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First of all, we know that the Marvel universe complies with superstring theory. Put the answer to another question to the argument. The whole film of “Avengers IV” is based on a premise, going back to the past, and it can be seen that this going back to the past will not cause the grandfather’s paradox and annihilation. (New and old nebulae chaotically pass through +biubiubiubiu). Although the ancient one said that it will cause parallel space-time, this parallel space-time will still be corrected, which shows that the time dimension does not disappear linearly. But in the current low-dimensional space (now our three-dimensional + time dimension), the time dimension is vector irreversible. It’s ok! It is enough to look down from the high-dimensional projection to the low-dimensional projection. Look at the theoretical basis shown in the movie again: the flow of time in the so-called quantum world is not linear and not proportional to the macro-scale time. The argument of this quantum world is obviously the high-dimensional layman argument. Ignore the visual expression of those movies. This is the basic string theory of the last century. The possible reason why more dimensions cannot be observed is that it is too small. Ant-Man also said that the premise of entering the quantum world is to become very, very small! bingo! meets the! When the size of the observer becomes smaller, the relative size of the observer becomes larger, so that higher or other dimensions can be observed! After watching the movie, you can remember that Iron Man said a very clear statement: Quantum fluctuations disturbed Planck’s length. Look! Here, the Planck length is variable, so the space-time continuity described by general relativity and its loyal successor supergravity cannot be explained. If the Planck length changes according to quantum fluctuations, this can obviously be seen. There is something undirected in time and space, and the key point of general relativity is that gravity is caused by the bending of space and time. If it is unguided, talk about bending. And our big string theory can explain it. Anyway, everyone is a high-dimensional projection to a low-dimensional projection. It doesn’t matter if there is something extra in that space-time film. Because space-time travel disturbs the vibration of high-dimensional strings, the projections of low-dimensional strings are different, so self-consistent, hahahahaha. This is no problem. Ant-Man is in a macroscopic view, and the angle of the earth’s people is “smaller.” This reduction should not be a reduction in the spatial scale of the earth. Because according to the equidistant reduction on the earth scale, the distance between the atoms in the body will become smaller, the atomic bond will also be shortened, the energy of the atomic bond will not change, and the bond distance will shrink, which will cause energy release. Therefore, it is more appropriate for Ant-Man to “far away” from the lower dimensions of the earth in the high dimension. To understand, if you are a two-dimensional creature and you see a circle in front of you, the circle starts to move away on the Z axis (for a two-dimensional you, the Z axis is high-dimensional), then the circle is in The projection on your dimension will become smaller. So why can we stay away from high-dimensional? Because this is the membrane theory. Hawking once mentioned this problem in his “New World of Membrane” speech. The world exists on high-dimensional membranes, and there are more than one high-dimensional membranes. There are countless high-dimensional membranes in the universe, which oscillate due to supergravity. Certain points will be opened up due to the contact between the two membranes. For any object, the contact point of the second membrane is the entrance of high dimensions, but for the organisms on that membrane, it is just ordinary life. It’s just a place. Therefore, it can be considered that Ant-Man is actually still in a dimension of the existence of organisms (of course this is the most sci-fi part, because it happens that another dimension is also suitable for humans and human mechanical movement, which is a bit of a pull, but it can be forced to explain that the switch is energy Find this point), so the observer on the earth actually observed the projection of Ant-Man from the high dimension to the earth, and the three-dimensional size of this projection has become smaller.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

It’s too graphic to hold the oxygen atom and nibble, hahaha. The atom is not a solid ball. I don’t know how to hold it and how to gnaw it. If Ant-Man gnaws a piece, what is it? Proton? neutron? Quark? Magical micro-oxygen atom smash? But this one can bite and move, is Ant-Man’s body at the water drop level? What kind of Ant-Man? Okay, I can’t make it up. If it is true, you will lose. At this time, you don’t need to think about breathing, and you don’t need to think about the principle. If the director says yes, then you have to do it!

7 months ago

The setting of Ant-Man is purely for the service of movie plot effects. After getting bigger and smaller, the quality is erratic~ You said that the mass gets smaller as the volume gets smaller~ That’s right, the airport battles Ant-Man and loses the tanker, shrinks the tank as a key chain and shrinks the building There are exceptions to the trolley box. Ant-Man can trip the Falcon and capture the Black Widow when it gets smaller. Especially the first villain, hits the Thomas train on the rails.

7 months ago

Everyone knows the principle of the Divine Power Space with soil. Putting it on Ant-Man can explain that he can have no weight (the body is in the “Marvel” space, and the ant mount is basically weak), and at the same time it can achieve attack (body The surface is outside the space and can have an impact on the outside world). In addition, it is easier to explain with the law of space. Ant-Man throws the props onto the tank, which actually covers the tank with a layer of quantum space, and then this space is folded to shrink the tank while carrying the weight, and then carry it. The tank is equivalent to the “elf ball” in the comment area. For the setting of fantasy novels, even if the outer space is a small world, it is weightless for the carrier. But when attacking, you can also put the space on the enemy, so that the weight is controlled by yourself. For example, after the enemy is covered with space bubbles, there is no need to directly attack the enemy, as long as the space density and quality are increased. The enemy has an impact. Ant-Man can lift a truck, no different from waving a balloon. The rules of dividing the Marvel Universe are fundamentally different from ours, so there is no scientific reason for Ant-Man to shrink. If you insist on explaining, I feel that space is folded and mustard must be more reasonable. For example, Ant-Man’s shrinking is not because of the reduction in the distance between his own atoms (though Marvel set it this way), but the folding of the space around him, just like the Xumi space in fantasy novels, Yihua One world, for the observer outside, Ant-Man has shrunk, but for Ant-Man, it just enters a separate space, which accommodates his weight and volume, so Ant-Man can play as an adult. The power of the ant can ride on the march. So in this way, there is no breathing problem, because this space can be infinitely large for Ant-Man, and Ant-Man is no different from ours in reality.

7 months ago

It’s too cute to hold oxygen atoms and chew! I have only watched movies. In the movie, Ant-Man’s setting is not scientifically tenable. I remember that it was first said in the movie that Ant-Man can be made smaller by the particles changing the distance between atoms. In fact, if the distance between atoms has changed, the entire nature has changed, and the biochemical reactions in the Ant-Man must have changed. If this point involves quantum mechanics, it is too esoteric. But changing the distance between atoms certainly cannot change the conservation of mass. That Ant-Man riding an ant should crush the ant to death. It’s the same as trampling to death. In addition, Ant-Man was later reduced to the subatomic scale. How did this change the distance between atoms? In summary, Ant-Man’s settings can’t stand up to thoughts. So, it’s good to hold the oxygen atom and chew! How cute! (There should be a picture holding oxygen atoms gnawing)

7 months ago

Breathing is only to supply energy for physical activity. When you are a normal size, the macroscopic respiration is only the microscopic internal mitochondria supplying energy. When you become the size of an atom and survive, it means that your body’s energy supply mechanism has changed. The obvious inference of 1+1=2 level: if you get smaller and the energy supply mechanism does not change, then you will not be able to survive. If you are still alive, then your energy supply mechanism must have changed. Since the ant-man is still alive in the story, we can understand that his energy supply mechanism has changed and he no longer relies on breathing oxygen for his livelihood. Supplement: Many people may not have seen an early short comic by MARVEL Comics. It is only a few pages telling that a person drank the shrinking medicine and entered the next level of the nested infinite world, where the earth is again Encountered the crowd there. That is, an infinite universe in an infinitely small micro-element particle in our world, and then he continues to drink the shrinking medicine and enters the next world. The sequence of nested infinite worlds is endless. From this point of view, after Ant-Man shrinks, the oxygen he breathes is different. It is the oxygen molecules that shrink in the world after shrinking.

7 months ago

I have read an article before, and I have studied it specifically, whether there is scientific correctness about Ant-Man. It is very simple to analyze if Ant-Man shrinks, through the formula: ρv=m (ρ represents density, v volume, m mass). According to the law of conservation of mass, the mass m is constant (assuming that relativity and low speed of light are not considered), the object Having mass is because the molecules and atoms that make up an object have basic masses, and the masses of atoms are mainly reflected in neutrons, protons, and electrons. If you want to reduce the mass without affecting the properties of the elements, you can try to reduce the neutrons. Quantity, but the state of the atom without neutrons is unpredictable, and technology is not allowed. Based on the modern macroscopic “Law of Conservation of Mass”, it is difficult to realize the operation of ant-man zoom in and zoom out. Therefore, from a basic theoretical point of view, zoom in and zoom out should only be changes in volume and density, and should not be involved. Quality changes. If the volume v shrinks, the corresponding density ρ will increase. If it exceeds its Schwarzschild radius, a black hole may even form. At that time, the entire earth may become its “nutrient absorption”. On the contrary, if the ant-man becomes larger, the density ρ decreases sharply, it will become as light as cotton, and a breeze will blow Ant-Man away. The article also mentioned that if only by reducing the distance between atoms, due to the existence of repulsive forces between atoms and the limitation of the size of the atoms themselves, it is impossible for Ant-Man to shrink to subatomic and other spaces of the same scale as atoms. The main reason is that it only belongs to atomic scale scaling. As we all know, everything we perceive in the world is composed of basic molecules and atoms. Except for metals and some special elements, most of the smallest units that are stable in nature are molecules. Molecules are composed of several atoms splicing together through chemical bonds, and then through the action of “Van der Waals force”, the molecules are combined together to form the substance we see in a macroscopic view. Therefore, whether it is a fluffy gas, liquid, or hard solid, there are actually many gaps between molecules (atoms). The size of the gap directly determines the volume and density of the object. If the distance between molecules (or atoms) can be actively controlled, the size, volume and density of the material can be controlled. The key to explaining the zooming technique in the film lies in the “reduction of atomic distance”. By reducing the distance between atoms, the volume of the object is reduced, the density of the material is increased, and the strength is enhanced. However, this explanation is not completely accurate. According to scientific calculations, if we only reduce the distance between atoms and molecules, or reduce it to zero, we can only reduce the solid to the limit of one-fourth.

7 months ago

Although it is a hypothesis, it can actually be explained in a scientific way. Normal people, normal size, let’s call it intuitive. The realm of the size of the atom is already a microscopic realm. If a person becomes conscious of the size of an atom, and acts in proportions such as self-consciousness, then he is no longer a person in the original sense. It is necessary, so there is no need to visualize the micro-meaning with intuitive knowledge. As for the size of an atom, gnawing oxygen atoms to breathe is just an intuitive way of imagining the microscopic world. Based on the conclusion of the current level of scientific development, either the size of an atom will not be the size of a person, or a person will not become the size of an atom. The setting of Ant-Man is not so much science fiction as it is a fantasy dressed in science fiction.

7 months ago

That’s the truth, so strictly speaking, he must at least bring an oxygen tank with oxygen made up of reduced oxygen molecules to ensure that his clothes really have this effect, but it’s still nonsense. The loophole is that if he inhales it. The air was instantly transformed from clothes into a reduced version of matter, so it always came to the back. With his surface area, he could only convert one molecule by one. With the pressure of his breathing, even an oxygen atom could not be absorbed and he exhaled. If the gas is converted into normal elements by clothes and released, Ant-Man will move backwards in a jet-like manner……….There are many other things, such as he will become heavier when he gets bigger, and he will step on the enemy directly. , Becomes smaller but not lighter, and punches are still powerful. This is too bullshit. Ant-Man is indeed a superhero with poor ability and bullshit. Other superpowers challenge a few basic laws, and he is directly prying all the load-bearing pillars of physics.

7 months ago

In this way, Ant-Man becomes the size of an atom, and the reduction effect will affect his entire body range. Therefore, when Ant-Man breathes, the air will also shrink in proportion. Anyway, things within the Ant-Man’s body range will be proportionally reduced. As for How this is done, only the director knows.

7 months ago

This kind of popcorn work should not be too real to remind me of a novel I eat tomatoes, it should be “Snow Eagle Lord”. The characters inside cultivate supernatural powers (probably). If the body is destroyed, even one atom can be revived from it. But there is also a way of restraint. Remember that an enemy will use voodoo, which can infect a person from the atomic level and cause all the atoms to be poisoned and broken. How to resurrect from an atom, how to poison it, how to break it apart, we don’t know. When you ask a question like this, the author and the director both roll their eyes. Of course, it can also be overrun from the perspective of science fiction. The unknown technology of aliens, their flying vehicles, etc., are continuously dense when observed with a microscope that can identify atoms. In this way, there is a smaller scale of operability. But this kind of thing that goes against modern science, if you want to describe it further, let’s forget it. Like the great god zhtttty, who wrote Daqian Shijie, he couldn’t write it later. After all, how do you let people describe something one dimension higher than yourself.

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