Because of the Ph.D, the students of a tutor are in the same laboratory for experimental reasons. Others are not familiar with it. The most familiar are the senior sister and the junior brother. The three of them will eat together. Most of the time, the senior sister will not go, so he eats with the senior sister. There is a lot of time, and sometimes Sister Sister, Junior Brother and him go shopping and watch movies together. Should I mind?

The heart of defense is indispensable, the more everyone tells you not to care, the more you should care. The most familiar are the senior sister and junior brother. The three of them will eat together. Most of the time, the junior brother does not go there, so he spends more time eating together with the senior sister. Why didn’t the younger brother go? The high probability is that the younger brothers don’t want to get involved, why don’t they want to get involved? Because one of the three people feels left out, they will withdraw. But if you mind if you can’t understand it, your boyfriend will definitely think you are making a fuss. If you are making noisy words, your boyfriend and senior sister will tell you that senior sister will probably justly persuade your boyfriend not to be familiar with you, and should spoil you more. You can find the opportunity to have a meal with your senior sister with your boyfriend, prepare a small gift for the senior sister, it is best to call the senior sister’s boyfriend. Observe these three people carefully while eating. If the senior sister’s body is obviously close to her boyfriend, there is no big problem. If you can’t see it, be careful. In addition, look for opportunities to develop a relationship with the younger brother. If there are circumstances, the younger brother will hint to you. In this case, don’t make noise or make noise. Just express your jealousy slightly, and make more friends of the opposite sex to broaden your horizons. Also, if your boyfriend tells you about the senior sister every day, it may just be that he has nothing else to say, you can’t afford to talk about it, you can’t afford to talk about it, and he can’t talk about it, so you two have no communication. You can talk about a few more topics to make your boyfriend and you happier, so that you don’t think of the senior sister.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

Two aspects. first of all. During the lab, it’s really rare for the senior sister to engage with the younger brother, and since the older sister has a boyfriend, it is estimated that she will not specifically target the younger brother. And your partner dared to tell you openly, indicating that there is nothing wrong with it. And it’s normal to eat together between the laboratories and go shopping. on the other hand. You are actually right to mind, because… My partner always meets another opposite sex, which is not good in perception, of course it is not jealous or something, it is just bad in perception. In the past few years, there was a girlfriend A. She always asked one of my younger brothers in front of me. Of course, I knew that the two of them must be okay, but he was willing to talk about some things about this younger brother. I criticized him at the time. I said You always mention that the other sex is not very good. In addition, I also have some friends of the opposite sex who have a good relationship, and I know A, but I also deliberately don’t even mention these girls. Another example is that it was my other girlfriend B earlier, one day. In the evening I cut a watermelon, the color is very good, and then I took a picture and posted it to Moments, but, accidentally. I took a picture of my mobile phone, and I was on a voice call with a school girl. In fact, I was doing a mock interview for him. But, at that time, person B turned his face and said that you don’t talk to me very much about voices. What did you talk to other school girls this night? Even though I’m working, and his thing is really unreasonable, but I can actually understand it to a certain extent. So I’m not bad at this matter, but I also think that I’m doing nothing wrong. In short, my judgment is that your boyfriend and this sister who has a girlfriend are relatively innocent and at the same time. The subject of the question minds that my boyfriend always mentions the elder sister, I also understand. If it doesn’t work, you just mention it directly to the subject, saying, what do you always do with another girl in front of me? You said I still don’t like to listen.

5 months ago

Sisters, brothers, brothers and sisters, there are not many people in the same laboratory who can cultivate righteous results. Anyway, it’s the song that sang it. My dear, it’s not love. Your boyfriend mentions the elder sister every day, and it’s mostly okay to be a elder sister who has a boyfriend. It’s okay for a elder sister and brother to make an appointment to go shopping together, I don’t think it will be any evidence of your boyfriend’s change of heart. It was the same for us back then. Soon we made an appointment for a meal or something, and we talked about each other and encouraged each other, and we were just a comrade in the trench. To tell the truth, the boyfriend and senior sister probably know you exist. The Ph.D. study is very hard. There are not many people who can read and cheat like a female doctor of medicine from Fudan University. There are not many scientific research dogs who are bald every day and don’t want to think about too many things about men and women. At that time, I went straight to the laboratory without wanting to wash my face. The clothes were just like that. I was still a woman. You say, who can look at me, my skin is greasy, and my body is not managed anymore, juniors and sisters. Seeing me like this, ha ha ha ha ha laugh (two years later they will be like me too) sister, don’t think too much, there is nothing wrong with it. If something really needs to happen, you can’t stop it. What if you really want it, can you just hammer it out?

5 months ago

There is no need to “mind”, because “mind” is useless and meaningless. Because they are indeed students of the same tutor. You should focus more on your own other more meaningful things to make yourself worthy of attention, not that you are always paying attention to others. But, at the same time, you need to examine whether your boyfriend meets the criteria for being a “marriage partner”. If you do not meet the criteria, then you will know in your heart what will happen and what will happen. If you “fit”, then you will naturally understand what will happen in the future and what will happen. So, you have to think clearly, what is your own “marriage standard”?

5 months ago

Look at so many lab sisters who tell you that you don’t need to worry about it, it’s impossible, nothing, what should you do. I didn’t say that what people said was wrong. But what kind of species a boy is actually everyone knows, even if the opposite sex is really nothing to them, as long as the boy gets along day and night, the boy will feel a little bit in his heart. Even if he looks down on other girls, he will think that girls must treat him a little bit. My advice to you here is that there is a high probability that nothing will happen. But if you are in a different place, the probability of your boyfriend sliding to the edge of danger is greater than that of you in one place; if you are particularly worried and jealous all day long, then the probability of your boyfriend sliding to the edge of danger is better than when you are in one place. You are confident enough and don’t pay much attention to it. You may even make fun of him and the senior sister, and drink the right amount of vinegar (that is, to make him feel that you care about him but don’t bother him). There is a high probability that your boyfriend and the senior sister will not be able to achieve a positive result, but your senior sister is definitely the end of his youth after you and your boyfriend have achieved a positive result. His academic career cannot be erased. You weigh it yourself. From my own experience, you have to find your own color.

5 months ago

With the senior sisters and younger brothers in the laboratory, getting along day and night, dealing with the boss together, and covering each other, this kind of fighting friendship is easy to sublimate. As for whether you mind or not, this is not a question of whether you should or should not. You mind, even if I say you shouldn’t mind, you still do. I can only say that this kind of thing, if you let it go completely, or interfere too strongly, it will not be good for your relationship. The suggestion is to be generous, but also to let your boyfriend know how to measure. For example, girls have a natural trick: acting like a baby. Half-joking pretending to be angry and jealous, true or false, if your boyfriend is smarter, he will understand.

5 months ago

I was afraid of death, so I answered anonymously. I am the master sister of the laboratory, and I will graduate in a few months. In terms of current experience, as a senior sister who still has articles writing and submitting, I am even more afraid that the juniors will use me and ask me to include their names in their articles. It’s normal for you to worry and mind, but as a senior sister, I am more worried than you. One is worried about being used, and the other is worried about being used. . . Therefore, based on these two reasons, in addition to contact with one person in the workplace, people who want to run far away at other times, except for the news of the experimental problem, do not want to reply to the kind of far. If there is a third person, I personally think It doesn’t matter. Because it is more difficult to make appointments with friends from other research groups, most of them are doing experiments together, and there is just time to eat or go shopping together.

5 months ago

I am a master sister in our group. In order to facilitate management, I am often fierce towards the juniors and juniors. Everyone is also very obedient, and said that they are more afraid of me when I get angry because of some irregularities in the laboratory. But usually there are more dinner parties. Fortunately, the children are also very lively and cheerful, so our daily relationship is very good, just like a family. There is no situation you said. But, I guess, you mind so, of course, it is absolutely right to mind. I would mind if you give it to me. I guess, your boyfriend didn’t take you to eat and play with the laboratory. If he deliberately prevents you from appearing in casual occasions with seniors, there is definitely a problem. I take my husband every time I have a lunch in the laboratory, and he is studying for a Ph.D. in another school. The direct result of this is that he is very familiar with the fellows in the laboratory. If they have calculation problems, they would contact my husband one-line for advice. They told me afterwards that they asked my brother-in-law. My fellows even got angry with my husband after drinking. It’s terrible, huh

5 months ago

As a girlfriend, it’s normal to mind. I really don’t mind. That means the relationship is coming to an end. It’s just the same laboratory, which is similar to a good colleague relationship. Since he is willing to talk to you, he is confessing to you. So even if you mind, unless his senior sister graduates, nothing will change. But you can act like a baby. For example, after they go to dinner, they say “is it delicious? Take me to try it next time?”, or after watching a movie, complaining “I want to see this too, why are you? Would you watch it first without accompany me?” This sort of thing. Of course, this trick of long-distance relationship is not applicable… To be honest, this description of the problem, I even suspect that it is alluding to me. I am now a master sister in the laboratory, and I started to travel on business with a younger brother. This junior was carried by me. His undergraduate graduate program was done under my hands, and he basically followed me to do it. Now I am leaving, and he is taking over my research direction. It is indeed a good relationship. In addition to doing experiments, I have eaten, watched movies, went shopping, and even when I was abroad, I also took him to leave his tutor and sneak to the playground to play. But how to put it, in most cases, it is mainly because we are the only ones, and then this matter has been brought up and hit it off again. For example: dry rice? let’s go! If my boyfriend is there, I will definitely not ask him. Isn’t my boyfriend more fun than him? For him, the same is true. Even as long as another doctor is free, we must not be just two people eating. After all, there are differences in the tastes of meals from north to south. In essence, it is the tragic story of two poor dogs in other places supporting each other in the field (at most two months, this is the day when he was alone here! He laughed unkindly). A living example, I have watched so many animated movies before, and I came back to recommend them to this group of people, but none of them went to see them. But the answer I got one time was “I also watched it, it’s really good-looking”. “The movie chosen by the little girl?” “Otherwise?” The little girl knows of my existence, because according to the younger brother’s description, when they met for the first time, he said to the little girl: Then you should talk to my younger sister. Let’s talk. (Nothing else, I am a Disney fan) My boyfriend knows more about my “colleagues”. After all, I also subconsciously report on my daily activities, and it is not possible to share the funny things that happen with my boyfriend. Double happiness? So how to put it, some things are actually not that complicated.

5 months ago

I’m also a Ph.D. sister in the laboratory, and I’m the kind of a master who is about to graduate. Want to say, worry is still unnecessary. For so many years, I have not seen male and female doctors in the same group. During my Ph.D., there are very few masters in the same discipline, because once we break up, it will be embarrassing that even the group meeting cannot be opened properly. Secondly, elder sisters and elder brothers are rarely together, and there are too many elder sisters and brothers or in the same session. I have seen that there is only one pair of elder sisters and younger brothers together. They are masters. That boy has never called her “senior sister” ever since he saw a girl first. Your boyfriend is in front of you, the senior sister is long, and the senior sister is short. One name tells that he has no evil thoughts in his heart. However, if your boyfriend calls the elder sister the elder sister; or your boyfriend mentioned to you that the elder sister wants your boyfriend to call her elder sister, that is the kind that insists your boyfriend to call her, then you have to be vigilant Be vigilant! In fact, in general, the same doctor, senior sister and younger brother, even if two people are single, it is difficult to be together in two ways. Moreover, the man still has the master, so there is no need to worry at all. In particular, the female doctors I have met have very high moral bottom lines, and they will definitely not think badly about people who have girlfriends. However, it is normal for a girlfriend to be worried. It is recommended that you can have a peaceful chat with your boyfriend. There is no need to bring emotions, because it is not necessary at all. Just be calm and just have a chat, and you should find a way that is comfortable for you all.

5 months ago

Haha, it’s also a problem not to mention it all the time. My husband, when I was most difficult, went out to a meeting with a girl from the same school (we are all classmates, this girl is unmarried, one year younger than me), to instruct other people’s papers, eat with people many times and sometimes bring children, never Don’t tell me. Later, the child told me that it was very uncomfortable. At that time, I just brought my child to kindergarten, when I had no job, no direction in life, and needed support from people most. It is said that men are cold, what can be done? He may think that I can’t do it if I don’t work hard, and the girl who is so positive and motivated thinks I am not good. Intellectually, of course, I know that they have no real relationship, and that girl can’t do anything with a married man (we are all masters and doctors from a certain university, and our friendship circle overlaps). But still feel deeply hurt. When your boyfriend said this, obviously he didn’t care about it, and there was no ambiguity between the two. If you are uncomfortable, let him not mention this senior sister in the future. Men are always obsessive, as long as they don’t actually derail, they are responsible for the family, and it’s okay to open one’s eyes and close one’s eyes. It is your freedom to find a male friend to chat if you are really unbalanced in your heart.

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