I don’t think it’s possible. The main reason is that the status of the upper middle school is really bad. S8TS. What happened? Saien Akali pressed the crow, the sword girl hit the sword girl directly through, and he took the sword girl directly to the ancestor, and Jess hit two. Including S9’s vampire point captain barrel, angel vampire pressing Jace, crocodile double kill Charo, etc. What does this mean? It means that TS is the top order at the level of power leveling, and it can even be said that it is the Tongtian generation this year. The regular season will be If you don’t talk about it, just practice your lineup, and you’re ready to eat. Anyway, even if you are successful in the playoffs, let’s talk about the playoffs and play five games. I mainly want to talk about the third and fifth innings. I remember that it was a crocodile playing the cube sword demon. Everyone should know what the cube was on. The laning period was not suppressed. When the jungle came many times, the sword demon did not penetrate through the sword demon, let alone kill the sword demon, coincidence The thing is, cube kills our “world’s No. 1 single” Niu Coulee with a crocodile, which is very outrageous. Many people say that Syndra is not good. First of all, Syndra’s burst is still high enough, at least a second crispy skin is enough, and it can be a line tyrant in the early stage. If the sword demon is penetrated, it is completely impossible to resist Sindra’s damage. (When the jungler came so many times or did not penetrate the counter, it basically means the same level. Not to mention the selection of the sword demon. This year, the crocodile single kills the sword demon and is enough to make a collection) fifth In the game, Quinn played Lucian. You should understand what the cube’s Lucian played in the rank. I haven’t selected it before, and the game performance is not very good. I think if it is S8S9 TS, this Lucian may meet in 14 minutes. It’s up to one’s own high ground. As for whether it is a counterpoint counter, Quinn’s burst is high enough, and the blindness is also very advantageous in the fight, and there is one more ignition. As for the follow-up crimes, many people have replays. They just elaborated so much and just wanted to explain one thing, that is, TS is no longer good, it is no longer the Tongtian generation, not even the Xiaodai, just like a cube. As for the broiler, he has not been good for a long time, and his eyes are gone, but he is still a very strong mid laner, but he is no longer a world champion mid laner, Ah Shui. At least IG won’t have a round trip, the bottom lane will be more powerful, and it will give BP a better choice, but it is still difficult to have a chance to compete for the S championship. In the end, IG still has no one to do the vision of course! If you can get RNG Shimosuke coach over! There is still a good chance! At least someone can keep someone’s field of vision. After TS gains the early advantage, rookie will not squeeze blood on an empty stomach. Gala can also stabilize the later stage C and direct the sword to S1…


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5 months ago

If the layout is small, buying jkl is not enough to save the current IG and see the epic performance of gala in the spring game. The best choice for IG now is to buy gala. As we all know, the bottom road is a double road. Gala is so strong that Ming has half the credit, so I bought Ming by the way. Brother Shy has declined this year, and Xiaohu, who has just switched to the top order, is also a live-up top order like Brother Shy, so it is recommended to buy him and rotate with Brother Shy. Everyone who has watched the game knows that Xiaohu is so fierce that he has a wei that pays behind him. Of course, wei should also be bought. And Nakano has always played the role of controlling the situation in the audience. At this point, Cryin and Wei cooperated very well and continued to buy and buy. Finally, this wave of IG operations is equivalent to rebuilding the team, so it should be renamed Reconstruction Gaming, or RNG for short.

5 months ago

I want to repeat what I said 10,000 times before has nothing to do with people, discipline! discipline! discipline! If it weren’t because the team was too lax this year, at least IG would be able to go one more round. That’s for sure. Compared to playing mahjong in the next road, whoever buys and whoever buys it, I think we might as well rectify it first, right? 1. Realize that you are no longer the team that relies on personal ability to crush everything, especially in the eleventh year of League of Legends. 2. Please find the most basic things of a strong team or a professional team— -Discipline 3. Just like bread is the basis for obtaining love, unconstrained operations and commands require stronger execution as the basis

5 months ago

But JKL has a very big advantage. With him, the atmosphere of the entire team will not be bad; in a game, the atmosphere of a team is very important. Just like the documentary at Station B, an RNG fan said: I think RNG’s current players are playing games like on the execution ground. How can they win the FPX this year’s spring finals. If it weren’t for doinb and Xiaotian, the team atmosphere wouldn’t be so bad after losing two sets. Everyone You look at this year’s RNG and TES defeater group match, Xiaohu and Xiaoming were pushed to the door of the house by TES, and jokingly asked Guo Guogo to go to Jace’s gun to see the damage; When I played G2 in 18, I had a better mentality and a better atmosphere in the last game; even lowered my posture from the beginning and didn’t want to hit someone 3:0 so that I wouldn’t be able to beat G2. Speaking of IG, what’s the current atmosphere of IG, TS language is blocked and I don’t want to talk about it, Rookie’s good old folks don’t speak much, puff speaks nobody, and wink doesn’t speak much. Take the red buff from RA, where is wink? Watching TS’s performance and entangled in giving up, TS still stands to see whether Wink’s attitude wants to eat; what was the atmosphere before JKL would say: Yijin, you will be a dog, a dog, brothers have a dog (robbed by rookie) Five kills) TS said: I can’t, I have to eat a red to fight the dragon; JKL will return to him: Do you want me or not give you; TS will coax a child and ask JKL: I must win now Well, Rookie will also sing before the game and make fun with JKL. Ning and Baolan will also participate in the exchange. The current IG summary is that Rookie has no light in Rookie’s eyes, TS enters the ICU with nothing to do, no one listens to the jungle command, and the lower auxiliary strategic position is low; with JKL, it will definitely not be like this, just like in TES even in S10 8 enters 4 After being beaten 2:0, I also comforted my teammates with Largo, and continued to cheer together. After being eliminated by RNG in the spring of 18, Rookie also comforted Rookie with the gesture of coming over when sitting on the chair and crying; after all, JKL is one I can go shopping and fight, even open a trumpet to scold my own players, so I have a big heart, and I can mobilize the atmosphere of the team; this is a big advantage of JKL in addition to the strength; a team has an atmosphere group is really very good It’s important, otherwise, how to fight with the expressions that everyone wants to click when you hit the headwind.

5 months ago

Impossible things can really be said… Why don’t you say to buy lqs and lwx, why did you buy jkl? If you don’t buy ming by the way, maybe you can make jkl play the blind, and ningming will come to my personal conclusion: No matter whether you buy lwx or jkl, there is one characteristic-it is unambiguous when you need his c. Ah Shui’s Deleven and fpx’s four pack two are all harbingers of the next move and he needs to be steady. At that time, both of them can stabilize the line segment and liberate the aid. Is it possible that Akali rookie is worse than doinb? The top laner is not that there is no hero pool, but the team must need him and midway c. He s10 Aoun and smashed the Xiatian Linggai with a hammer, and later can Aoun win. I bought jkl, not leyan? Rhythm and wild-core dual-system benchmarking fpx, s match directly to the top of the world? The key is jkl+ming or lwx+crisp, they are all non-sale products, who would really sell them? Oh, it’s IG management, that’s okay. Some controversies about tes tes this team is rushing to the Galaxy Warships, the jungler Rado, the genius mid-laner left hand, the declining talent jkl, the auxiliary rookie king gear brother, the champion coach warhorse. Let’s say 369 is the prince, this investment is also huge, just like Griffin of s9. The situation is now, the left hand is invisible, 369 will explode if you don’t help, and Casa has one leg full of people and the other leg is still slalom kicking jkl and averaging 900 damage to win… you think it’s so outrageous, why ban the tower Humm, because you started a group to boil the water, Tame has time to respond, and then you can cooperate with jkl to fight back and win the game smoothly. GG does not have Tame and is a middle-upper sleepwalking. Casa chooses a personal horse. Fortunately, choosing a Udyr is of no use, and then Ah Shui died as soon as he was opened, and he withdrew at the first glance. What is the picture of the stone out of the turbo alchemy pot… Is your ultimate speed fast enough, and there is a big mortal Lucian on the opposite front tooth, you keep Kai’Sa, (it seems that the czar without the ancient dragon is not easy to kill Well, if you open both of them, isn’t Draven’s damage done directly and his left hand is even more outrageous… Old cowardly… Why do I say that IG buying jkl can be greatly enhanced, because this is still the top, middle and bottom. Don’t be afraid of being back, the rookie operation may not be so sharp, but compared to the peak of him. You play a team with a team of these three people, the pressure is that each of these three people’s injuries is a monster, you just need to do it when you start Ashui It’s good to be filled with the preparations of the other two people’s aoe and don’t have to worry about being penetrated in the bottom lane. With more tactical options, there is no longer a big problem with the top laner Calista and the vanguard put down the road. Ning is back to the state. Well, the composition of the wild core rhythm dual system will not be worse than fpx.

5 months ago

Can’t. As we all know, the bottom road is a two-person road. A Shui has just run in with Zhuo. TES is just about to start working hard. You said that you bought A Shui, and it is unlikely to go back ten thousand steps. You bought Jack and Zhuo together. Rookie and TheShy are no longer the two of s8s9. Now IG doesn’t know who is the commander. It feels like a game that relies on the personal strength of five people. The degree of cooperation is comparable to the high score. Now what IG needs most is to buy a wei. Wild, the first is to supplement the command, the second is to drive the middle and upper rhythm, learn gala in the next road, assist in walking more, ADC has the opportunity to eat and eat experience, if there is no chance, go to the second tower autistic grass, IG is a core team on the road How to win RNG should have been taught, why?

5 months ago

My lord, the times have changed. It’s 2021. Why is there a saying that if XX is here, the team’s performance will be better? What is the reason for the peak of IG? S81 single line strength peak, S8’s upper and middle double C does not say that the world is invincible, single line world top 3 is no problem, Ning Wang is also the pinnacle, the bottom lane is slightly insufficient, but the flaw does not hide the good, the overall strength is S level. The 2 version is suitable, the S8 online version, the single-line personal ability to maximize the single-line personal ability, IG’s best single-line personal ability can be played out in the version, plus the jungler is mostly a tool person, and it is also the Ning king version. The IG system adapts the version. , Rez Gajsi’s ​​swing opposite can’t handle it at all. The 3IG play style has not been studied. At that time, LPL was most concerned about RNG, and the inverse formula operation system of G2 could not fight IG chaos at all. Moreover, the problems of standing guard on the road, vision problems, and easy death when pressing the line have not been exposed at all. 4 With a little bit of luck, KT was the No. 1 seed of LCK, and S8 was the competition soft-footed shrimp that year. The Ucal Crow’s various mistakes, plus deft, semb’s performance is not good, so that the IG World Championship does not have a strong opponent. Playing FNC, G2 is strength, but restraint in the play system also helped them. The peak strength of S91 continues, JKL has also been improved, and IG’s personal strength is still at the S level. Although MSI exposed the decline of player status, extremely bad vision, and the problem of jungle shopping, but after JKL carried IG into the S game, the IG status was found again, and the strength of the competition-type players began to show. 2 In the World Tournament, IG found a strong attack that suits him. The midfield double gank went on the road to raise the daddy TS big nuclear genre, and the effect was remarkable. No brain help, on the road team battle one to five. Cooperate with the road to harvest. The IG system is fine. However, there are many strong teams in the S9 World Championship, IFPX, DWG, SKT, G2 and other strengths are not bad, IG has also been studied to understand, the group stage was double-killed by DWG, coach Kim sees IG thoroughly, avoids the battle and catches it. Tuan pulls not recklessly. Ning was invaded by the handlebar of God, and Tian Beng started. In addition, I didn’t handle the details well, so I was defeated. If the LCK team is still eliminated in the first round and the LEC team is behind, they can still win the championship. But the world game environment is different, and the final four. After that, there were more IG problems. S10’s inverse version of play will not be wild cores. Players will be in a poor state. The system will be rough. They will show cards. Many times because of the loss of vision, they just don’t change. Underworld BP, some teams honestly choose one. The meat resisted the pressure, and IG took off. However, some teams started to fight with IG and found that IG was so powerful. On the road fighters beat the shooters, IG directly did not move, Lucian, Calista a ban, a round of playoffs. By the end of this year, there will be more IG problems. The bottom lane is arranged and combined with multiple rotations, and there is no replacement. Therefore, the top lane becomes a death, and the middle lane has no light in his eyes, and he has to retire. The state of the person is no longer good, the old problem is not solved, the play is lagging, and the spirits are lost, the middle and the middle are removed, and then again. Big advantage, Naer on the road jumped into the crowd and was killed, the skateboard shoes on the road doubled the knife, and the other roads have gone crazy. IG is completely like a ranking now. There is no communication and no rules. It depends on personal ability to make a hard top. It cannot be solved by another person. What is the effect of adding another person to the road at this time? IG has never been the main bot team, nor will it play. It seems that IG selected the Alligator and returned to the mainstream lineup, but the style of play is still the same as that of IG, and the details have not been done well. If the return is effective, then all the previous S tournament champions will be able to win consecutive championships. The version is different, the state of the person is different, the mood is different, and the effect of the fight will be different. Moreover, IG is a team that relies on personal ability. Now with JKL, what is the ranking of IG’s 3C personal ability? Bin and Nuguri on the top lane are worthy of TS, FoFo in the middle lane, a junior, better than Rookie, let alone the bottom lane, but JKL, but in terms of performance, it is completely crushed by viper and gala. Moreover, JKL’s easy death feature also shows that he cannot be a team guarantee. Just fight for personal ability, IG plus JKL, the strength of five people is the top 5 level of LPL, not better than EDG, not better than FPX, not better than SN. Where are IG’s winning points compared to strong teams? Others have a little bit of BP, tactics, and the system makes an effort, IG is GG. SKT won the championship in S3, and was shot through by IMP Rats in the second year back. The strongest SSW team has only been strong for a month, and the region can’t beat SSB. The summer championship of the region is KTA. Player status, system, suitability for version, luck, mentality and other comprehensive factors can be added together to create a peak team. Aside from these, one person can change the entire team. The possibility is too low, unless he is the last One quick puzzle. Obviously, the current IG is not a problem of missing a piece of the puzzle, but a problem of not knowing where the picture is. One last thing, the current IG team members may not have such a high spirit of the subject, do you see anyone coming out to express their ambitions? Just retreat from the rapids, why do you make meaningless efforts? IG buys JKL rigid DK? Do you think you can win? You think that the SN runner-up will take off in the second year, but Suning will sell people back in the second year. The current League of Legends is prosperous on the surface. In fact, the official is making money, the old players are enjoying life, the newcomers are playing counterfeit matches, and then doing some marketing to make the audience tearful, don’t take it seriously.

5 months ago

Do you think that the reason for the brainless catch in ig is that theshy is easier to catch than before, and the second level catch in the previous uzi, the jungler will put a lot of pressure on the other half of the field and the branch. Yes, it’s a pity that there is no pressure now, and it’s over if you don’t have a brain. Now ig’s down road puts no pressure on others at all, and the half-blood being pressed down is not because the jungler doesn’t take care of it.

5 months ago

What is the concept of the pinnacle of s8? The regular season record is 36-2. The s match rolled from the group stage to the knockout stage to the final. To win the championship by one stroke. The team that has been going strong for a whole year. And in this situation has been hit until the msi overturned in 19 years. lpl You can’t buy anyone now. Unless you bought the time and version. If this spring split is jkl. Not to mention a few more rounds of the playoffs is for sure. There is hope for the championship. Now whether it is a combination of advantages or disadvantages, the bottom lane will be pushed. If you don’t help you may be beaten through. It is indeed the most obvious problem.

5 months ago

Can’t. A lot of problems have been exposed in the LPL league in the S9 season, when JKL was still there. The most essential reason is the decline in player status and version changes. After the IG S8 wins, it is estimated that there will be a question mark on how much management power the coaching staff has left. In BP, players have a high decision weight. If you want to buy a person to greatly improve the team’s performance, you must first have the big-core version, and the other is that this person can take the position of the big brother to carry the team. The current version is not, and JKL is not that kind of player either.

5 months ago

JKL hasn’t left the team in S9, did IG defend his S8 crown? Isn’t it the same as being kicked out of the crown by the little phoenix? Compared to the performance of S8, Ah Shui in S9 is the real peak. It is necessary to suppress the online suppression and the stable output. Although I am very uncomfortable as a dog fan, I mentioned the AD of LPL in 19 As for the noodles, the first thing I can think of is Ah Shui, not UZI. At that time, Ah Shui couldn’t help IG defend the honor. Now how can Ah Shui, who has fallen out of the top three in the LPL, help the already ill IG regain its glory? The reason for IG’s defeat in Maicheng was that Ueno got sick and became more and more serious, the broilers declined, and the intermittent neurological disorders of TS became more and more serious. From the S8’s leashing dog to the timely rain to send ginger, this is the thing that IG should solve most. As for JKL? Don’t delay him, let him save time to worry about, more rank is better than anything.

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