I often think of it recently. When I was in the senior year of the career guidance class, the teacher gave us an example of a boy who was also a student of our college. He took the postgraduate entrance examination three times. The first two times have been applied to other schools (seems like 1985). ), both ended in failure. At that time, he had a chance to return to the school. He chose to refuse, so he fought three times. The end of the story is not the highlight of the boy’s successful counterattack in the three wars and the ninth-eighth-five-fifth. It was that he did not go to the ideal school in the end, and finally chose to transfer back to the school. In the past three years of his postgraduate entrance examination, his classmates in the same class have graduated from postgraduate studies, and most of them have developed different degrees of work. Some have bought a house with their own efforts in preparation for marriage. When the teacher finished telling this story, all of us sighed, thinking that it was too worthless, thinking that he was so stupid, and even with so much ridicule. At that time, our postgraduate entrance examination had not yet started. Many people were confident that they would be able to go to the ideal school in the first battle. They thought that among the 5, 10, and 20 people in the enrollment quota, they would have themselves, and they were the lucky ones. dog, from then on to the pinnacle of life. At that time, we all thought we were listening to other people’s stories, and we laughed after listening to it, just one story. Later, I failed the postgraduate entrance examination. High-spirited decision to World War II, I wonder if I can’t pass the exam twice. I really didn’t pass the exam, and I also failed the postgraduate entrance exam in World War II. The method is wrong? Not working hard enough? I hesitated when I was considering whether to have three wars, but I didn’t want it. Who has no regrets and unwillingness in his life? Whose life has not encountered a few love and can’t.

Later I understood that the story of the boy was not someone else’s story, it was also my story, and it was also a story of many people. What happened to the people who failed in the postgraduate entrance examination in World War II? Tell me about myself. I don’t deny that it took me a long time to adjust my mentality before I had the courage to go back on the road. I decided to go to the civil service or career editor to find a job. For the bread and the distance, should we continue to move forward, right? We may walk along, and we will find that life has prepared other gifts for us! The new song “Into the Sea” by Teacher Mao is very popular these days. I don’t know why I want to cry after listening to it. Yes, there is only one answer to the question of the entrance exam, but life is different. There is no standard answer in life. Everyone’s life is the correct answer. Leaping into the sea of ​​people, we all have wind and rain splendid!

I couldn’t sleep late at night and wanted to update my current situation. Seeing the comments of many friends in the comments, and seeing those words, it seems that I can really feel the anxiety, confusion and helplessness. We understand the hard work and hard work of postgraduate candidates, and the eyes of relatives and friends around me. , The pressure of peers, the pressure of increasing age and money, we are all overwhelmed. At this moment, I really want to give you a hug, I want to tell you: relax, all of this, in the near future, will be better. After failing the postgraduate entrance examination, I began to actively prepare for the civil service exams for career staff. I started studying in April of the epidemic and intermittently until August 25, where I took the provincial exam. My major is not good, so I can only apply for three. There are more than 200 people applying for our position, but only one in the end. I felt that I had jumped from one big pit to another, from the postgraduate entrance examination army to the public examination army. In the past few months, one of the questions I often asked myself was, what is the meaning of the exam? Yes, what is the meaning of the exam? How much does an exam change our lives? I can become a winner in life if I pass the exam. Is it a loser if I lose? The significance of the test is that the process is greater than the result. It is the firm figure of a person carrying a backpack to the study room of the library. It is the book that you have read and memorized. It is the one who has no distraction for the goal. The self that settles down after hard work. Later, the results of the public examination did not come out. I was admitted to the teacher. At first, I was very resistant and didn’t want to be a teacher. But after two weeks of work, I gradually fell in love with this profession, and fell in love with my students and colleagues. Teachers are also tired sometimes, but I really feel happy every day. It seems that after coming here, I am less sentimental, because I am “hahahahahaha” every day. I am very satisfied with the current state of life and have a great time. Many graduate students have come with me. Sometimes I comfort myself and see that I can find the same job as a graduate student. Then save the three years of graduate school and work hard. Isn’t it great to make money? It’s not a blessing to lose a horse, and it’s not terrible to fail in World War II. Let’s take it easy, my friends who are taking the postgraduate entrance examination. I am happy for you if you succeed. Don’t be frustrated when you fail, because life is not an exam. There is no winning or losing in life. You will live the life you want, and everything will be fine.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Has everyone checked their results? The answer from a long time ago suddenly appeared more than 100 new news reminders, presumably many friends who just confirmed that they failed in World War II. I have been a little tired and exhausted from teaching and teaching at the institution for the past two days… I have read everyone’s private messages and comments. I have been too busy and tired these days, so I have no reply for the time being. Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me. I also wish my friends who are also fallen from the world will have their own stage in the future to shine in the glorious life. It’s alright! Come on, stranger

7 months ago

Update at 0:00 on February 17, 2021. Let’s get a little more recent. By the way, it’s not anonymous anymore. From the end of World War II to the present, in less than two months, I have gradually seen myself clearly and accepted myself, generously. There is nothing wrong with living my little life. I found a job in a tutoring organization close to home. I am currently teaching high school mathematics in the organization. I went through the entry formalities just before the annual vacation and came full-time. The following is a rumbling job search account…

7 months ago

Young people don’t pick, and if you have work, do it first. Do what you need to do and do it well. Don’t think too much.” In fact, I always searched for “the way out for teachers in training institutions”, “first job”, “I’m afraid of going wrong.” The more I look at it, the more anxious the whole person becomes, and the more I feel that this can’t be done and that can’t be done. But two very experienced people give me the feeling that there are so many worries, Work hard and work hard, enrich yourself after work, learn more, and be prepared. I am not afraid that there will be no good way in the future. Plus I think about it. As far as my current situation is, it seems that there is nothing better than going to an institution. That’s the way…I don’t know if I’m too technical, and people don’t like me. I don’t like to do manual labor without technical content. Workers, promotions, milk tea girls, emmmm, are even more unrealistic, (sorry , I’m not professional discrimination, I just feel sorry for myself after reading so many years of books to do this business), it seems that there is no other choice

7 months ago

Because I studied undergraduate in Shanghai and my hometown is a very backward area. Although it is the provincial capital, to be honest, I hated abandoning my hometown since I was young, and I wanted to go to the outside world to break out of the world. Such a strong impact made me really entangled. It’s been a long, long time, and I thought before that even people from the countryside who have nothing to do, go to be a takeaway brother, a housekeeping aunt, and go to Shanghai alone, can survive, and I can always find my place when I go. As for the hungry stomach, maybe I can go to Guangzhou, which I like. There are really many opportunities in big cities. Should I go out or try again? After all, they are teachers. They have come into contact with many, many students. They have seen too many young people. It can be said that almost no one stayed outside. In the end, they all came back after going around. When they came back at the age of 30 or 40, they could say that From the beginning, nothing. In addition to the two failures of the postgraduate entrance examination, I also feel that my ability and current education, strength, etc., are really too difficult to develop abroad. In summary, the result of our discussion is that if you stay in your hometown, the competition is relatively less intense, and the stage for me to develop will be bigger.

7 months ago

Wy is a classmate of mine. After he failed in World War II full-time, he chose to continue. At that time, after I failed the postgraduate entrance examination, I was deeply hit and chose to work. However, my on-the-job postgraduate entrance examination preparation was not sufficient, and it was still a bit short. So theoretically I also failed in World War II. Having said that, I don’t feel how hopeless life is, because I think about the problem like this: Compared to those students who were ignorant during college, at least I have been studying, and I am also working hard. After failing the postgraduate entrance examination, I also found a job above the average level without any delay. Serving World War II took up some of my rest time, and I still had nothing to lose, and at the same time I saved my first pot of gold. This became the start-up fund for me to set up an eight-person shopping group for postgraduate entrance examinations. The eight people fought hard, and most of them achieved good results. I also went back to the South China region without one of my favorite schools.

7 months ago

I was in my junior year when I decided to take the postgraduate entrance examination. I was hesitating and confused. I decided not to take the English test at the very beginning, because it was really too much. I think I will be a teacher of the English tutoring class in elementary school at most. At this time, a major change occurred in the family. Under my dad’s wonderful operation, our ordinary working family was almost ransacked by relatives, the house was mortgaged, and the parents’ wages were mortgaged, and relatives ran away. (The specific situation is complicated, there is a chance to post another post) In addition, my dad heard from nowhere, learning accounting to make money, even though he doesn’t know anything about accounting, even though he knows to learn math by himself, even though he doesn’t know anything, But I got on the thief ship of inter-accounting in such a daze, because I tried to think of myself as the Jesus who saved our family from beginning to end.

7 months ago

High morale is important, but a long flow of water is the norm. From the initial ambition to the later cessation, the fundamental reason is that the professional choice is sloppy, the difficulty is too great, there is no hope, and it is just holding on. As the saying goes, the economic base determines the superstructure. Spending your own money is called persistence, because no one can control it. Spending your parents’ money is to listen to them. Because the economy is not independent, their efforts must be effective. You must see you. To succeed, not to fail. As long as you fail, you are sorry for them and their efforts are in vain. I am not saying that parental care is pure exchange. I just think that parenting and taking care of children are the norm in every family and should not be a bargaining chip for criticism. Because if the economy is completely independent, can you do things regardless of the parents’ feelings if you don’t eat what you don’t need? This is obviously wrong. The power of family affection is much more than that. If you can only take it out of the family, it will only be very guilty, but is guilt useful for learning.

7 months ago

Attitude issues. Do you really treat the exam as a very important thing, if not, why is it so, and when did it start? No matter how hard you prepare for the exam, no one can get as high as others. No matter how hard you try, no one is better than others. Your night reading is just the light of others, and your English foundation is so poor. What can be used to make up for it? So you want to change majors, you want to change majors to achieve the same starting line for everyone, but you are really ordinary, why do you think other majors are not as good as you? Admit it, you are really ordinary, everywhere, you can’t be the leader in that respect.

7 months ago

After the defeat in World War II, I began to prepare for various public examinations, because my mother thought that it was still early for the postgraduate entrance examination. If it were not for the impact of the epidemic, the exam could be completed in the first half of the year, but it was pushed to July and August. During this period, the thought of doing nothing often occurred in the middle of the night when I was trying to solve the problem, and it instantly rushed to my heart, sucking away my fulfillment and joy-I was afraid of failure. I tried to find sustenance in books and movies and wrote: boy, man

7 months ago

Now that I have gone through a series of changes, failures, cold and warm, I understand more clearly that I am an ordinary person-no one can save it. Back to the question that I thought about in my freshman year: What is the difference between ordinary and mediocre? Ordinary is the basic attribute of everyone and the foundation of one’s life. It is undeniable that the great wheel of history needs to be promoted by great men like Chairman Mao, but who can deny that he is an ordinary person? We recognize that ordinary is to recognize and accept facts, it is a clear understanding of our own situation and our own situation, which means that we have a basic direction for our future development direction and future. Otherwise, indulging in the gentle homeland where the heart is higher than the sky and the life is thinner than the paper, you can only look at the master and the hands regardless of the importance, but in the end Chenchen will wear off the smoke gun under the weight of life.

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