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One day, when Tang San was walking on the grass, he stumbled on a grassy slope. Tang San got up and said viciously: “Disciples of the Tang Sect, don’t easily provoke right and wrong, but if there are active offenders, Xu Yi Leiting will pay back. After that, he lit the entire grass with a fire, and said softly: “Make sure that the opponent is the enemy. As long as he has a way to kill him, don’t be merciful, otherwise it will only add trouble to yourself.” Watching the fire spread. , Burning to the forest next to the grass, Tang Sanyi gritted his teeth and said: “Wildfire is endless, spring breeze blows, and we must cut the weeds and roots!” After all, he lit the forest next to him from the outside, and saw all kinds of things in the forest. The animals were wailing all over the field, and a few birds seemed to try to fly out. Tang San took out a hidden weapon and killed them one by one, saying: “The little thing doesn’t understand right and wrong, I’m afraid that after the little thing escapes, it will complain to me. It’s better than a hundred. It will retaliate when the province is saved.” Tang San left without worry until the forest and grassland were burned to ashes. When he encountered a little rabbit who was lost, Tang San hugged it aside and put it gently, muttering to himself. “I, Tang San, always have a clear conscience in doing things, but from the bottom of my heart, I have always been a kind person.” Soon after Tang San found the rabbit’s den and put it back in, he heard a scream, it turned out to be A wolf has been lurking here for a long time. Tang San was angry and cursed: “What an inhuman beast, who has done such a detrimental thing, today I am going to act for the sky and kill you beast! Let you know what justice is!” He said that he killed the wolf. A child on the tree nearby saw it and smiled there and said, “You are really funny. The rabbit finally ran out, and you sent them back to feed the wolf.” Tang San said angrily, “Nonsense. Paldao, what did the rabbit do wrong to be eaten? It just wants to be an ordinary rabbit and live a stable life. It just wants to go home. Isn’t that OK? For justice, I want to kill all here. Wolf!” At this time, the narrator said that Tang San came from the Tang Sect, and he naturally regarded the Tang Sect’s rules as a guide. (Of course, this does not include the secret book that disciples of the outer sect cannot steal). The Tang Sect never pretended to be a high school. It is both righteous and evil, so Tang San can also wipe out all the wolves around here for justice…


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7 months ago

So there are people who say that the City of Killing should be bombed because the wicked inside are enjoying it? The evil spirit masters were chased by the spirit hall and had no way to go, and they had no choice but to enter the killing capital. Those who had no ability in the outer city would have to donate a catty of blood a month, and the skinny and bones would not survive for a few years; In the inner city, what do you want to do is to enjoy it? No matter what you are doing, someone will kill you at any time, and you also have to participate in ten-in-one life-and-death duels on a regular basis. If there are two thousand evil spirit masters in the inner city, one thousand will die in the city’s sneak attack, and the remaining thousand will participate. After the game, there are one hundred left. Ten of them will survive again. They will die soon. Only super geniuses can survive. And these people who survive are basically not evil spirit masters but come from experience, and they are better than Hu Liena. After drinking the blood of the Slaughter City, he would be poisoned in the road of hell like Tang San saves, so the Evil Soul Master didn’t enjoy it at all in it, and it didn’t take long before a large number of Tang San could basically be killed by Douluo II’s evil spirits. Master said, Patriarch 1. I felt that the city of killing was evil, so he destroyed the prison where evil spirit masters were held. Where is the place of killing? In fact, the biggest advantage is not being able to imprison evil spirit masters, but directly limiting the strength of evil spirit masters. It is well known that evil spirit masters practice fast, but in the city of killing, the talented evil spirit masters are killing each other. Only one of ten can survive. Even if you survive the hell road in the end, you won’t have to go. Only eight of them came out in a thousand years. There are also Tang Chen, Tang Hao and Bibi Dong, and the rest are not seen. It must be an evil spirit master, right? The evil spirit masters who were hanging from the martial arts have long since died in the arena. Looking at Douluo II, the evil spirit master has not only become an organizational system, but the high-end combat power has crushed Shrek Academy. Don’t you dare to say that there is no Tang San’s pot? 2. Indiscriminate killing of innocents when the level is low, the concierge talks badly and wants to kill others, the master sees through the twin spirits to kill others, Ma Hongjun fights with prostitutes to kill others, it’s okay when the level is low, just think about it I didn’t do anything, I started killing frantically when I was at a high level. Someone who bought metal molested Xiao Wu and destroyed the whole Wuhun Temple branch hall. When I came back from Sea God Island, I met a branch hall and killed them all. Are the people in it hindering you? At least it has nothing to do with your parents and daughter-in-law’s hatred? They practiced honestly and finally mixed up with an iron rice bowl and met you and was killed by you. There is even a lot of people who died in vain. The kind of good people who specially went to do martial arts awakening for children in remote mountainous areas at the beginning, you killed at least There are also four-figure people. Before leaving, they ruined the City of Killing and killed tens of thousands of people. This also includes the girl NPC in the City of Killing. Are people getting in your way again? 3. Hunting high-wisdom spirit beasts with cruel methods How many intelligent creatures were killed for all spirit rings over 50,000 years old in the later period? I really have the face to say that I only kill evil spirit beasts, and that the weak and powerful soul beasts are justified. Why do you define evil for people? The soul beasts in the sunset forest for more than 50,000 years were slaughtered by Tang San. The Emperor Qianjun ant occupied a place where no one was left and was killed in a pot. The Devil Whale King of the Deep Sea himself had been cultivating for hundreds of thousands of years before being killed by you. The third part became the leader of the biggest evil spirit master. In the second part, a scorpion tiger Douluo sucked the blood of a soul-sucking beast and was labelled as a evil soul master. You Tang San sucked it with eight spider spears. How many people and soul beasts were there? what? All you suck is the enemy? So, the Lace Tiger Douluo sucks friends?

7 months ago

After watching Douluo for so many years, I found that the real righteousness is truly awe-inspiring, and the only person who is righteous is the Spirit Hall. Let’s take a look at the major crimes in the Spirit Hall. It has always been a contradiction within the ruling class. In terms of specific work, Wuhundian has always been concerned with the life of low-level spirit masters and the issue of people’s spirit awakening. For many years, the low-level spirit masters of Wuhun have awakened the spirit of the vast majority of the people. From the pope to the ordinary lower-level spirit masters, they continue to hunt down evil spirit masters without fear of life and death, and use Slaughter City as a prison. It can be said that the threat of evil spirit masters to the lives of the people has been fundamentally solved. Looking back at all this, what we have found ? The so-called sins of Wuhundian are all contradictions within the ruling class. What the Wuhundian resolves is either the decadent feudal imperial family, the relationship between humans and beasts, or the family of great spirit masters who exploit the people. What are you doing? It is to serve the people! Protect people’s lives and property safety, fight against decadent feudal society, and exercise dictatorship over the people’s enemies. So what is Tang San? Cultivating and killing countless all the way, when the bitch still set up an archway, he finally stood on the opposite side of the people and became the gatekeeper of a decadent feudal society. He destroyed the prison in which the evil spirit master was held, and destroyed the dictatorship of the evil spirit master. The Spirit Hall of the People’s Republic of China directly led to the flooding of the next two Douluo mainland evil spirit masters, and the destruction of the Spirit Hall resulted in the fact that when Dou Er didn’t pass the spirit pagoda, the vast rural people couldn’t even find a place for the spirit to awaken. The people were in feudalism. Unable to raise his head under social oppression. At a critical moment in the history of social progress, Tang San resolutely stood on the opposite side of the people and defended the decadent feudal dynasty. It was stinking for thousands of years and was inaudible. He should be nailed to the pillar of shame in the history of the Douluo mainland.

7 months ago

First of all, I would like to apologize to all readers. I admit that it is because of the author and the follow-up series Hei Tang San that I am really overly black on the issue of Evil Soul Master (Dou Yi only). Although Tang San did a lot of inauthentic things in Douyi, it still couldn’t reach the level of evil, and there were no evil characters or spirit beasts in Douyi. The original answer was written based on Dou Yi’s original text and Dou Er Evil Soul Master’s standards. According to Dou Er’s standards, Tang San conformed to the Evil Spirit Master’s behavior. To blame, the Dou Er Evil Soul Master’s standards were too low. This answer is just for entertainment, everyone should take it to see if Douluo has serious logic bugs or Tang San has black spots. Under the popular science, how did Tang San’s killing domain come from? The rule for the killing of the capital is to win more than a hundred life and death matches, and ten people can only live one in each game. In other words, Tang San had to kill nine hundred people in order to survive Yum. The other Tang San killed in the Slaughter City sneak attack, not long-eyed, and courageous, adding up to a thousand people. This is the data written in the original text. The Killing Capital was destroyed directly afterwards, killing at least tens of thousands of people. The killing field is the life of tens of thousands of people. Then what did Tang San do when he left the Slaughter City? The fairy grass that was usually reluctant to give to people was taken out without hesitation and killed the city of killing. Just because I think the City of Killing is too evil. What logic is this? The city of killing is just a prison. Five people came out in a thousand years. No matter how evil they were, they never came out to harm people. If you go to the city of killing, they will open new people to protect you. No one is forcing you to enter the killing capital. What’s the reason why it’s ruined if you come out to take advantage? And the people in the killing capital are all evil? The original text only said that most of them escaped here to avoid being chased by the enemy. If Zao Wou-ki hadn’t run away, he would be forced into the killing capital. In order to train the seven monsters, the master asked them to go to the arena to kill. Guys, do you use people to practice courage? Let’s talk about how Tang San upgraded from level 85 to level 99. During this period, Tang San relied on the spirit ring experience to level up. Titan, the cow python offered sacrifices, and directly sent Tang San to 90. Behind to hunt down various spirit beasts, eat spirit beasts to level 99. This is not the standard evil spirit master cultivation method, using spirit beasts to level up. How did Tang Sanba’s spider soul bone evolve? It evolved by hunting and killing the Human Face Demon Spider, and the Human Face Demon Spider was also really unlucky, sending Tang San a spirit bone attached to his own clan would be brutally murdered. The hunting of human soul beasts is justified, and Tang San still finds some reason for evil soul beasts to kill the devil spiders, you just say that you want to upgrade the soul bones and it is all over, and it is not a shameful thing for a soul master to hunt down soul beasts. The killings in the original text are the descriptions of prisons. Tang San said lightly: “Does the Wuhun Temple know of the existence here? If you do, why don’t they come to kill you, who have always claimed to be righteous?” The black gauze girl sneered. , “What if you know? Wuhundian will not do anything to us. Let alone whether they can benefit in this world. Destroying the killing capital, there will be no benefit to them. Mr. Nine-Five 28 , Don’t forget, it’s almost impossible for people who enter the capital of killing to get out again. But to be able to come here. They are all human beings full of corruption and evil. This place has nothing to do with the outside world. The capital of killing is like it is. A special prison that helps the Spirit Hall to see where the most sinister criminals are located. You said, why would the Spirit Hall be destroyed? They might be eager for more wicked people to come here.” Outer city of the capital. There are simple black stone houses on both sides of the street. Every section of the road. There will be some special places to eat. Many people lined up there waiting for food. Feel. It’s just better than beggars. As for the so-called evil paradise. The so-called enjoyment. It simply doesn’t exist. Some people questioned whether Tang San’s killing of soul beasts and upgrading was considered an evil spirit master’s behavior. Then I will post the original text of Tang San’s killing of human face demon spiders, Qianjun Ant King and Whale Demon King. You can see whether Tang San counts as using eight spider soul bones. Eat soul beasts. Qianjun Ant Emperor did not rush to kill the three Qianjun Ant Emperors completely. At this moment, Tang San’s own body was rising uncomfortably. The energy that swallowed the golden silk to pass him was too huge. He doesn’t need to use spirit abilities to release. Simply sit on it. Release the blue silver domain guard once again. Absorb these external energy. This started to absorb. Tang Sanji now swallowed the golden thread and the difference between before. In addition to the degree of phagocytosis. What surprised Tang San most was that the energy from swallowing the golden thread was no longer as simple as simply swallowing it. After being transferred by Eight Spider Lances, it was filtered again. Although it was not the same energy as Tang Sanxuan Tiangong. But it does not have any attributes. Extremely pure energy. It doesn’t need to be filtered by him using Xuantian Gong to absorb it. You can directly merge with your own soul power. Tang San was not in a hurry either. The difference between the ninety-fifth level and the ninety-sixth level is often that 80% of Title Douluo will not be able to break through. How can it be so easy to improve. But every additional point of soul power. It will be more secure for future promotion. It is the so-called water drop and stone wear. Only by pulling out seedlings and encouraging growth is danger prone to emergence. The three-headed ant emperor struggled weaker and weaker. Their hard shells gradually shattered and melted under the intense corrosion that swallowed the gold thread. The breath of life is being weakened by a drop of love as the power is drawn. When the last drop of energy in their bodies is also squeezed from the swallowed gold thread. The strong corrosive poison also took away their lives at the same time. The Human Face Demon Spider is undeniable that the Human Face Demon Spider is definitely an extremely powerful spirit beast, whether it is power, poison or its own various skills, it is the nightmare of most spirit beasts. It may be inferior to the Dark Demon Evil God Tiger in quality, but for other soul beasts, its dangerousness is not inferior to the Dark Demon Evil God Tiger. Once this kind of soul beast appeared again, how could Tang San let it go? Not to mention anything else, but the high-level Human Face Demon Spider may be nourishing the Eight Spider Lances because the scorching sensation from behind him that he would never give up awakened Tang San from Fen. He found. The eight spider spears on his back were all inserted into the face at this time. Suck the white liquid flowing from the human face spider emperor. The greedy devouring seemed to have encountered something big tonic. There was a slight smile on his face. Tang San knew. The opportunity for his Eight Spider Lances to evolve again has come. This human-faced spider king can be said to have made the best use of everything. no matter what. Tang San’s heart was filled with only surprises. The super evolution of the Eight Spider Lances. Make his overall strength rise again. Even the spirit power made breakthroughs with the leaping evolution of the Eight Spider Lances. It directly caused his spirit power to break through the ninety-fourth rank. Entered the realm of level ninety-five. The Demon Whale King of the Deep Sea had eight spears full of swallowing abilities, and Tang San didn’t care how much the toxin could play, but he knew for sure that the energy of the Demon Whale King of the Deep Sea would be great for him. The devouring ability of the God-level Eight Spider Lances is really terrifying. Almost just after the Deep Sea Demon Whale King struggled several times, it had already swallowed a large amount of energy and transformed it into pure energy suitable for Tang San to absorb. The previous consumption of his skills was fully supplemented. And he was still helping Tang San’s energy increase through constant devouring. The place that was pierced by the Eight Spider Lances was not only filled with a layer of gold, but it was also rapidly drying out. These Eight Spider Lances swallowed not only energy, but also the vitality of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. If Tang San’s body stored enough ground, then it could even absorb all the energy of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King all the time. Of course, this would require a very long process. Although the Deep Sea Demon Whale King was dead, the huge energy in his body did not dissipate so quickly. How could Tang San give up this opportunity? Especially when his spirit power is consumed a lot now. Without the control of the Demon Whale King of the Deep Sea, the swallowing ability of the Eight Spider Lances was completely swept out, and it swallowed the ground several times faster than when he was on the Demon Whale King of the Deep Sea. Tang San’s enormous spirit power was constantly being swallowed into his body, causing his own spirit power to quickly recover. // “Okay, don’t say much, everyone, hurry up and get ready. I will inject the energy of the Demon Whale King of the Deep Sea into you. Let’s absorb it together so that we can quickly love it. Its energy is too huge. It’s not a pity that we just lost it. Perhaps, it can help us improve.” While talking, Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances trembled slightly, and another seven swallowing gold threads landed on the right wrists of the partners. The twist is strong. This is not swallowing, but as a bridge to connect the partners together. That’s right, Tang San’s swallowing gold silk can now swallow huge amounts of energy and transform it into the purest energy for Tang San to absorb, but what he can absorb is limited after all, and the time he can absorb is also limited. For him, it is more important to absorb the soul ring and soul bone of the Demon Whale King of the Deep Sea. Therefore, the time to consume the energy of the Demon Whale King of the Deep Sea is only one hour. Within an hour, no matter how much it can be swallowed, he must At the last moment, start to absorb the spirit ring and spirit bone, so as to complete the final task of the Seagod’s Eighth Test.

7 months ago

The concept of evil spirit masters is that the evil spirit masters that appeared at the beginning of Dou Er generally use the lives of others to quickly improve their own strength, which may cause inner distortion or uncontrollable abilities. In Douyi, there are evil spirit masters with heads and faces or there is evil spirit master Tang Chen (King of Slaughter): There are a lot of people killed in the Slaughter City for the inheritance of Slaughter. The king of killing. Human Face Demon Spider: It is regarded as the “evil soul beast” in the soul beast world, the setting is very similar. Suspected Evil Soul Master Tang San: In the City of Slaughter, most of the people killed in order to temper one’s own killing god domain, can be judged as Evil Soul Master means, and have almost lost control; Eight Spider Lances can absorb the Soul Master’s soul power (human face Demon spiders can be absorbed together with flesh and blood), but they cannot increase their own strength. It is suspected of evil spirit master methods and will not affect the mind. Bibi Dong: Devour the seriously injured Qianxunji (suspected to be used in the Raksha inheritance), evil spirit master means. In the city of killing, many people are killed by tempering and killing the gods, which is controllable. Although as a villain, there is no uncontrollable ability and no inner distortion (maybe due to the love for his daughter Qian Renxue, no inner distortion, personal guess). Ma Hongjun: It is necessary to vent the fire through men and women, the ability is controllable, and the heart is not distorted. Later, the physique was improved through the burning of apricot. Tang Hao, Hu Liena: In the killing city, there are a lot of killings to temper and kill the gods, which is controllable. The style is close to Evil Soul Master Duguyan: Before Tang San gave a solution, increasing his strength would aggravate his poisoning situation, not hurting others but hurting himself, similar to exchanging his own vitality for strength. Ghost Douluo: Although it’s not, but seeing the evil spirit master whose name is easy to associate. Because of illness, the spirit of the martial arts mutates, and the ability is not evil, and even more weird. Ghost Douluo gives me the feeling that it is a martial arts palace or a pope worker (not derogatory, similar to the mercenary uncle who takes care of newcomers in a mercenary group, often finds old friends to drink, and occasionally accepts tasks and is reliable), the soul master contest When intercepting the convoy, I told Ghost Douluo to drink after the fight and treated Hu Liena very kindly and very carefully. Participated twice in the task of hunting 100,000-year soul beasts in the Wuhun Palace. The first time caused Xiao Wu to sacrifice, and the second time due to various reasons (hatred, killing Xiao Wu; threat, Wuhun fusion skills; success rate, attribute restraint ) Was first killed by Tang San, and then exploded a soul bone.

7 months ago

But the important thing is that no one in Douluo Continent knows that he is an evil spirit master, so I am very confused about the definition of an evil spirit master when I first saw Dou Er, and I knew Yabai. But at the beginning, I was still a fan of Tang San’s brains, and I still faintly made up for it: Tang San is the ancestor of the Evil Soul Master, and the Evil Soul Master is a gathering of Tang San’s cult fanatics, but although my hands are dirty, I have a bright heart. The kind of Tang San white lotus. Then Tang Ya was willing to be a saint to follow Tang Sanzu, then Huo Yuhao finally discovered that the Evil Soul Master Zu Master and his Tang Sect Master were the same person. Tang San fell off the horse, hahahahaha, and Huo Huan experienced thoughts. The destruction of the world and the destruction of beliefs and then rebirth, I think it’s cool to think about it, but I just think about it (smoking), it really is because I think too much. With the mind of the three young masters, this kind of plot will only appear in doujin. It turns out that the people in Douluo Continent not only didn’t know that Tang San was also an Evil Soul Master, but that they were as brain-dead as they did, but they didn’t know that Tang San had entered the Slaughter City, nor did they know that the Seagod had a God of Killing Rain, and finally Tang San became Shura. He and the Seagod had two gods, and they didn’t know how many people their Seagod ancestor master killed, so Tang San was not “officially” established as an evil spirit master. To put it bluntly, Tang San was deified in the folks. In a broad sense, people eliminated bad, evil, and dirty places on his body and deified how good his academy was. The Tang Sect’s hidden weapons were so powerful. The feelings of the Seven Monsters are so good, how kind and great is Tang San, how great is the Mother, the Hall of Wuhun is evil, Tang San and Xiaowu are so kind, and any small thing can become a tourist attraction, but as long as the incident is negative, delete it. Clean and clean, my ghost knows how much things Tang San left before his ascension, so he set up such a white lotus character for future generations. When I beat my son-in-law, I will lose face for him.

7 months ago

One evil: The so-called evil spirit masters rely on the strength of others to become stronger, cruel and terrifying. Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances felt very embarrassing and evil: Look at Xiao Wu’s somewhat domineering look, and look at Tang San who thinks she is cute, and you can know that he is not serious. Three evils: bullying the weak against Canghui Academy, see their actions in the Star Dou Great Forest. Four evils: showing respect to the elders of the sect, my dad is wrong, the strong is the wrong sect, hei tui peerless Tang : 1. Torture Huo Yuhao (the so-called reluctant to marry his daughter, go to you) 2. He does not talk about God’s virtues and has no rules. How many times has he intervened in the mainland in Peerless Tang Sect? There is also a B-face scolding destruction, pei I think these are enough

7 months ago

I only watched “Douluo Daluyi”, and I didn’t watch it because I felt boring later. I read the novels habitually and fully substituting myself, not only turning myself into the protagonist, but also ordinary people. I remember the first time I was disgusted when I was recruiting students at Shrek Academy. I thought that if my parents took me to a school because my poor qualifications led to spending money and being bullied by those teachers, I would definitely feel uncomfortable. In the world, I wished to change myself back and cut them down. After looking at the back, I found that Shrek’s name wanted to be packaged by the media, so it’s not easy to use, because enrolling students are all highly qualified children, and their own savvy and talent are good, so the role of the teacher is actually not big. Besides, each of these children is stronger than the other. Among them, the most distressing one is Oscar. The poor boy is still a food department. If it is not for setting reasons, he can only sell sausages to make ends meet. Ma Hongjun can also fight and collect protection fees. When it came to the most disgusting place behind, the city was full of green and quiet. At that time, what I substituted was the perspective of a pair of brothers and sisters. The parents of the two brothers and sisters died early, and the two were lonely. The brother worked hard to level up and finally joined the army. Although the life is not rich, but it is still passable. The elders of the army also cared for them, as if everything would be better. At this moment, the war broke out, the city gate was broken, and the enemy army entered the city. The brother had no choice but to take his sister to escape. At this time, Tang Sect’s hidden weapon flew with an arrow. In order to protect his sister, the brother faced the danger. At the moment of the moment, the ancient divine power broke out in his body, the arrow flew, the divine power spread far away, and the toxins were avoided. The people in the city cheered and cheered. In the three armies, from time to time, the three of Tang’s heads were already in their hands, the Wanjun was silent, and the people silenced…I rely on, when I thought of this, I was properly pretending to be cool and cool! It was also from that moment that I knew that Tang San was really bad in my opinion! If you say that killings in war is normal, or the pain that Tang San is carrying. I am about to laugh. Many years later, I read the novel “True Man Gu”, if you say vicious, I feel that Fang Yuan has been shaved a thousand times alive, but I don’t hate him, why? Because he told me directly, Fang Yuan was not a good person, he would cleverly stand up for justice, but he knew in his heart how ugly his face was. All this is his means. In contrast, Tang San refused to admit his evil from beginning to end, and then continued to do evil!

7 months ago

To say that Tang San is an “evil soul master” is a bit too much. But Tang San is definitely not a “good soul master”. 1. Regardless of right and wrong, it is evil to hunt down 100,000-year soul beasts in a double-marked spirit hall, and should you hunt and kill soul beasts by Tang San? The Hall of Souls killed your soul beast relatives, and revenge for private revenge is to avenge private revenge. It also slogans the high-sounding slogan of eliminating harm for the people. This is a big double standard! Is Wuhun Temple really harmful? Awaken spirits for civilians free of charge, grant subsidies and rise to civilian soul masters, suppress a group of evil soul masters who dare not make chaos, can select talented people, maintainers of order and rules. To put it bluntly, Wuhundian is a thriving feudal dynasty that is similar to the “imperial examination system.” After Tang San destroyed the Wuhun Hall, the Tang Sect, Shrek Academy and other forces that he fostered did not do as well as the Wuhun Hall in the above-mentioned items, and retreated from the “imperial examination feudal dynasty” that was finally born to the “noble system”. “Feudal dynasty”, history is going backwards, this is right and wrong! Wuhun Hall Two, Crossing the River and Demolition of Bridges, Two Sides and Three Swords Level 50: I will bear the fault of my father; Level 80: My father is right; Level 90: Can you convict you? This is a two-sided sword. Relying on the Tang Sect and hidden weapons, he walked toward the road to becoming a god. After becoming a god, he backhanded all the hidden weapons of the Tang Sect, causing the Tang Sect to fall directly to the bottom of the valley and it was difficult to rise again. This was to cross the river and demolish the bridge. Tang Sect Concealed Weapon 3. Selfish, selfish, non-expensive, and the friend-minded clan is also in trouble to protect your father Tang Hao. The huge clan is poor and can’t open the pot. Didn’t you make a lot of money by selling hidden weapons, and you didn’t see Tang San help. . Bai Chenxiang is your cousin, and even the wife of your good brother. If you haven’t been able to get the quota for becoming a god, you can’t use up your quota, so why don’t you give it a helping hand? This is selfishness. Look at your “brothers” of Tang San. They are either princes and nobles, or super-powerful mutant spirits, or 100,000-year soul beasts. It really means “My brother is the one who helps me, and everyone else is on the side.” Go”, this is not expensive but not friends.

7 months ago

In this way, there is no clear definition of “evil soul master” in the first part, and this definition is clear in the second and third parts, you will find that Tang San has done a lot of the definition of “evil soul master”. In addition, the previous opponent and nemesis of the “Evil Soul Master” is the Angel Family, which is the predecessor and an important part of the Wuhun Temple in the first part. Then, what is the definition of a member of an evil organization, and the behavior is consistent, and at the same time It is also the predecessor who caused the destruction of the opponent and nemesis of the organization. To say that the ancestors are fine.

7 months ago

Douluo’s definition of evil spirit masters is constantly changing, so it depends on which period your definition of it comes from. Sometimes as long as there is an evil spirit spirit, it is an evil spirit teacher, and sometimes as long as the heart is kind, even if there is an evil spirit spirit. No, it’s… It’s quite changeable. Let me give you an example in Dou Er. There is a titled Douluo whose martial spirit is Lacerta, whose level is about ninety-five. His martial spirit is a subspecies of the dark demon evil god tiger. , The ability is to improve the cultivation level by absorbing the blood of the soul beast (I hope I remember it correctly). This product is defined by the Shrek Academy as a “not so evil evil soul master”. The problem is here. Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances are in my impression Is it possible to evolve itself by absorbing the blood of a soul beast (at least a human face demon spider)? If you want to say that these two methods are exactly the same, of course it is not. One is a martial spirit, and the other is an external spirit bone, but the nature of the abilities is always similar.

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