Spokesperson of the Embassy in Australia: We express our strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition to the Australian Foreign Minister’s announcement on April 21 to tear up the “Belt and Road” memorandum and framework agreement signed between China and the Victorian government of Australia. Australia’s move is yet another unreasonable provocation against China. It once again shows that Australia has no sincerity in improving China-Australia relations. It is bound to cause further damage to bilateral relations, and it is bound to shoot itself in the foot. (CCTV News)

Judging from the words and deeds of the developed countries this year: 1. The main premise is that developed countries must be hostile to us, because our development inevitably means their decline (geographical influence, manufacturing, finance, technology, etc.); backward countries in principle Most of them support us, because following China, re-arranging global industries and taking a share of the pie is the only chance for them to stand up; 2. Britain, Australia, and Japan are determined to follow the United States to engage us; pay attention For a moment, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Japan are all island countries. The development of China and the trend of connecting Asia, Europe and Africa by railways along the Belt and Road will shake their foundation of interests as sea power nations; 3. The European Union is relatively close to the United Kingdom and the United States, but At its heart (France and Germany) are traditional land-powered countries. Therefore, although they will act to follow the United States, they are actually very clear in their hearts about real interests and more bargaining chips against the United Kingdom and the United States; don’t imagine that Europe will stand completely. On our side, because they are very entangled, on the one hand we moved their cakes, they hate us, but they cannot cut off trade with us; on the other hand, Asia, Europe and Africa are connected by land transportation, they can naturally occupy a higher industry. Although location cannot be directly plundered as before, it is not unacceptable; therefore, Europe is what we can and must talk about. After Brexit, France and Germany have expressed their own diplomatic principles, which is what it means. There is still a long way to go, and many variables are waiting for us. Make a few wishes: 1. Northern Ireland and Scotland are independent; 2. The United States has epidemic after wave, economic downturn, wave after wave of money printing, national debt interest rates rise every day, the two parties are torn every day, and society is torn apart. It is better than reaching a certain critical point in a day and exploding in place;


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

Because other people can only allow us to live by their side if they are stronger than us; if we surpass them, if we only want to surpass them, they will not tolerate us! We are in this situation now. I think Australia wants to provoke a struggle. Since it is a government action, it must have already calculated its impact. Moreover, such a big move will definitely not stop, I think this matter has become stale. But it is a pity that our public opinion does not occupy a position, so there is no way to criticize them, make them regret or change their minds. I think we should understand the bottom of Australia, take the bottom line, tell them how to make their lives better, do more news about Australian people’s livelihood, be considerate of them, and sympathize with them, so that we can be exported correctly. Only with the values of the United States can Australia regret it.

5 months ago

If I remember correctly, Victoria’s Daniel Andrews was the one who paid Chinese netizens New Year’s greetings on People’s Daily Online the year before last? He didn’t deal with Morrison. The two sides had big differences on the construction of the Belt and Road and the unblocking of the epidemic. At the end of last year, there was a small wave calling for him to lead the Federal Labor Party to run for prime minister to fight Morrison. The signing of a memorandum of understanding between Victoria and the National Development and Reform Commission has been suspected before. I am afraid that it is not only a diplomatic issue. The whole of Australia has Victoria’s participation in the Belt and Road. In fact, it doesn’t matter, it’s not China that has suffered the most. Originally, China is getting hot in Boao, and it is justified that Australia and the people behind it jumped out at this time to add blockages to China and the Belt and Road Initiative. From this, we can see that they don’t have many cards in their hands. It’s a state, not a country. This is actually very funny. They don’t even need the last underwear. Is it because the pants are the ones who are embarrassed? Doing so will hardly trigger a chain reaction against the Belt and Road Initiative, and more of it will add to the block and cause trouble. Personally, I am more interested in Afghanistan and the minibus side. If you want to tell the truth about digging holes and mines on the Belt and Road issue, the best places are probably in these areas. For example, playing fish in troubled waters under the banner of the Taliban, dealing with Chinese citizens or workers, and instigating China-Pakistan and China-Arab relations, is to make you people have no way to survive. If there is no way to survive, it will naturally cause trouble. Countries like paper cats have been squeezed dry by the United States, close to “not a drop.” Morrison broke Victoria’s affairs, it depends on how Victoria is throwing the pot. I believe that with the political qualities of Daniel Andrews, many bad things will be thrown out.

5 months ago

Many people on Zhihu have immigrated to Australia or planned to immigrate in the past. I advise you to go to New Zealand as soon as possible. Even if you are an Australian who has turned against the water and become a Westerner, you should also find a new owner as soon as possible. Australia’s diplomatic capabilities are not enough for them to find a balance between China and the United States, and they can only offend one completely. On the other hand, Australia’s dependence on China and the United States cannot be offended by either. With China’s development in Africa and domestic iron resources reserves, Australia’s iron ore exports should be greatly reduced in a few years. By then, China will definitely complain directly, and the United States will take the opportunity to take away the last fork of wool with a posture of killing chickens and eggs. Resume. Australia’s economic collapse will collapse even more as the wealthy and Kochi immigrants go to the other four eyes. Of course, if you actually love China very much and are capable of self-confidence, then it’s okay to stay. When all the local Australian politicians are gone, you can organize a group of people and find a key location to form a fully autonomous state. Then sell it to China Resources at a low price, then you are an old friend of the Chinese people.

5 months ago

It is not the agreement that our aircraft carrier battle group entered Melbourne Port or even Sydney Port to force him to sign. Of course he dared to tear up the agreement. Moreover, the decision of an opposition state government cannot confront Australia’s long-standing anti-China route with the United States. The Belt and Road Agreement is not an unequal treaty, and Australia does not have limited central control power like the Union of Myanmar.

5 months ago

The Victorian government is a state government, and it is not qualified to bypass the federal government and directly reach sovereign-level agreements with foreign countries. So this agreement was controversial from the beginning. In addition, Andrews, the prime minister of the state, is almost over. The anti-epidemic is not good, resulting in a complete blockade of Victoria for more than three months, and the economy has been hit hard, so this Victorian government will definitely step down in the next general election. I have all stepped down, and what I signed is a fart.

5 months ago

The struggle with Australia will be long-lasting. The struggle has just begun. It is possible to last for ten years, one generation, or even longer. There is a fact that the Chinese media is reluctant to mention, that is, Australian Prime Minister Morrison’s public opinion support rate has hit a new high recently. His actions towards China are supported by mainstream Australian public opinion. The series of actions he has towards China are actually loudly applauded by the Australian people. of. Looking back on the history of Australia, fighting for the British and American fathers, giving away thousands of miles to people, public opinion is supportive, and this happened not once, but many times, and even life is not allowed. What is it to be a little financial difficulty now? It is a trivial matter to have no food, and a firm stand is the key. In human history, the Anglo-Saxons are the most militant. There is no one. The members of the so-called “Five Eyes Alliance” headed by the United States are the five Anglo-Saxon countries on the earth, namely the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, new Zealand. Among the 5 Anglo-Saxon countries, Australia is the most alternative and the most militant. Its alternative is that it can follow countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States to fight everywhere without considering or considering its own interests. The coalition invasion of China, the First World War, the Second World War, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, and the war against Afghanistan, Australia never fell. So this time when the United States is determined to fight a new cold war with China, Australia’s attitude towards China is the most vicious, even more vicious than the United States. Under these circumstances, China will of course punish Australia severely. The economic sanctions against Australia should be at least 10 years away. The similar sanctions against Norway lasted for 8 years before Norway softened its hostility towards China. It understood that China is not easy to provoke, and that things related to China should not be mixed up indiscriminately. Therefore, the Chinese media reported how miserable Australia was. The Australian Prime Minister was turned into a pig head in the country. How an Australian official jumped and gave the impression that Australia was about to kneel on her knees to beg for mercy. This is too blindly optimistic.

5 months ago

We have been careful to avoid using the word “cold war” for a long time, but the development of the situation is not shifted by people’s subjective will. At present, at least the Cold War with the Five Eyes Alliance headed by the United States has already begun. What we have to do now is not to avoid the “new Cold War”, but to win this war and have illusions about the members of the rival camp. , Is a crime against yourself.

5 months ago

It’s easy to tear up, but it’s harder to sign it again. To be honest, Australia is not surprised at all. He kneels for money, and he jumps for votes. What kind of heart can a seller of raw materials have? The rope around his neck is still being held, either as a watchdog or as a licking dog. Biden’s strategy against China is not to line up directly, close the door and let the dog bite you. The so-called unity of allies and relying on allies is to let the dogs rush to the front line and hide themselves from home to build infrastructure. No, the dogs raised in Japan, Australia, Britain, Canada, and New Zealand have all been released. Four-eyed dogs plus poisoned dogs, looking at a large group of menacing men, in fact, Zhuan is good at hitting dog sticks, they only dare to hide away from the sticks and bark and disturb you by noise. Just let the dog bark, and if you dare to come close, you can poke the dog’s nose with a stick and drive away. When we solve the problem of the chip and the reunification of the motherland, this group of dogs should go to our door with their tails begging for food. At that time, what was waiting for them was not such a good thing as the Belt and Road Initiative. After all, we also have 200 years of experience in unequal treaties.

5 months ago

China lacks the ability to discipline others for breaking promises. In my impression, Africa wants to reclaim the mining rights of ore, Indonesia does not want you to build high-speed rail, India does not allow you to build dams, a small country wants to reclaim the military port you rented, Myanmar burned your factory, and Ukraine confiscated you Australia’s shareholding is gone, and Australia is ripping you off, as if they are all okay. If there is such a benevolent landlord in the village, I will also go to fight the autumn wind!

5 months ago

Regarding this behavior of the Australian Federal Government, Australian netizens expressed their expectation. After all, considering the current relationship between the two countries, it is only a matter of time before the agreement is torn up, and the new bill does not support the state government to sign diplomatic related agreements with other governments alone. protocol. However, it was also pointed out that the Morris government disregarded its own people’s livelihood, simply terminated the contract in order to lick the United States regardless of its own country’s economic impact, and may even be just to divert people’s attention from recent scandals exposed by the government. Its behavior is disgusting. . Let’s take a look at some of the opinions of foreign netizens on this behavior. John Harland now lives in Victoria, Australia. I was surprised when this agreement was reached. I think it is against the Constitution. Because the federal government completely controls diplomatic relations, any diplomatic negotiations should be conducted through the federal government rather than the state government. I don’t feel much about the agreement itself, but I hate the reason for the federal government’s rejection of this agreement. It seems to be purely to divert attention from scandals within the government, and to ignore the value of the agreement, purely to target China. A government composed of bullying young boys undergoing censorship about sexual harassment and abuse strongly needs a topic to distract people. Annotation: On February 15, the former employee of the Australian Liberal Party, Brittany Higgins, stated in a TV interview that in March 2019, she was confronted by a male colleague while working in the office of Linda Reynolds, the then Minister of Defence and Industry of Australia. Of rape. After Higgins exposed the sexual assault scandal, four more victims stood up and filed complaints against the Australian government, and the prisoners were all former government employees who sexually assaulted Higgins. Joseph Siew, a former financial writer, geopolitical writer, and property manager, graduated from the National University of Singapore, now living in Asia, Australia is the pioneer of the “Four Nations Anti-China Alliance” (QUAD) and one of the “Five Eyes”. As a staunch supporter of the United States, Australian leaders are willing to sacrifice their own country’s livelihood to support the United States’ war against China. Normally, no Australian will accept his own leader at the expense of his own country’s citizens in order to please the leader of another country. But describing China as a country that uses all means to infiltrate and control Australia, including espionage, can easily adopt internal and external racist policies to target Chinese people at home and abroad as “inconsistent with Australia’s foreign policy.” “The Victoria’s “One Belt One Road” agreement was cancelled in the name of “. Australians will continue to bear the effects of the economic recession, but this is “acceptable” because it is patriotic. Thank goodness, we don’t have such an incompetent leader. Nathaniel Brown Shanghai International Teacher & Computer Programmer, currently living in Shanghai, Queensland University of Technology Education Postgraduate, given the current relationship between the two countries, this is not surprising. My only problem and concern is that such agreements usually have withdrawal clauses, and I am not sure what it is or whether there are any consequences. If I do not comply with the relevant breach of contract terms, I am a little worried about the impact that may be brought about in the future. If the relevant provisions are complied with, how much money will Australia lose? If the cost is not too high and we in Australia have not breached the contract, then I think it is still possible. After all, the sooner the agreement is to be concluded, the better. Update: The two parties signed a memorandum of understanding. At the beginning, only a memorandum of understanding was reached, which is usually non-binding, and it is zero cost for any party to withdraw.

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