I really want to be the king. Basically, the game is for nothing, because the group that has been playing for five years (not always playing) is still a diamond and it is too embarrassing. I would like to ask the big guys. What is the recommendation of choosing two heroes for each position? I want to practice these heroes, make up points, and have done the evaluation seriously. I will study hard!

I’m the king of singles, a girl, so the hero pool is relatively shallow, and I don’t know how to play wild. I hope my answer can help you. First of all, you must have a hero in all five positions, and more than one, so as to ensure that no matter what position your teammates are in, you can make up, and you won’t be useless because you are banned or selected by the opponent. Then the heroes I recommend may be those who don’t like to operate, because I am a professional, so you shouldn’t need to practice for a long time. To play this game, there must be awareness, overall view, etc., enough awareness, all five positions are common. My main archer, I recommend Yu Ji. This shooter is very stable in a single row. Even if you are alone, you can at least defend the tower. Heads-up is basically worthwhile. If you have two people, it is trivial. Even if someone comes to catch you, you can be tough (except Shangguan Wan’er). Most of the jungle towers catch you, and your second skill directly counter-kills. Secondly, emmm…I can basically be a shooter, and most of them are not difficult except Gongsunli, so the main thing is to push Yuji, and secondly you are free. You can look at the opposing lineup selection. If you have a short leg, if the opposing jungler is the kind of high explosive and high displacement, you must be cautious. Also observe the heroes of your side’s support, and whether it is playing against the jungle, or roaming or what. Baili Shouyue is not recommended. Unless you play well, you basically need to have an accuracy of more than 80%. After all, this hero is relatively slower than other shooters in pushing the tower. You must restrain the opponent’s shooter in the early stage to get it. Come first. Otherwise your teammates will easily lose hope. In the single, I recommend Xiao Qiao. This hero has high damage and strong self-protection ability. Basically, he is not afraid of being caught (remaining second skill). Secondly, Wang Zhaojun is also good, with high damage and strong control. He is not afraid of being caught, and he can kill the opponent alone. You can also choose from the opposite wizard, or see which one you are proficient in. It’s best not to choose a mage too expensive, like Diao Chan Luna, after all, you don’t have a blue buff in a single row, unless you kill the opponent, sometimes you may have to give a holy grail or something. For assistance, look at the opposing lineup, this is really hard to say. Powerful support can dominate the whole situation, but not powerful… For example, at least you have to be able to protect the output from injury, and explore your field of vision more. Detecting Vision is of great help to your teammates. It is recommended to choose Rousuke. At least Detecting Vision will not immediately kneel when found, but it can also attract enemy firepower, and often sell your own blood to help teammates escape and so on. Heroic words, such as Zhang Feiniu Demon King Donghuang, are not difficult to learn. If your teammates have insufficient control of the lineup, you can choose to supplement the control. If your shooter is very fragile, it is best not to choose Jiang Ziya or the like, otherwise you can’t keep him and die together. Of course, he may be the only one who died. After all, I have seen high-end players who take Jiang Ziya can basically protect themselves, but they can’t keep the shooter from assisting him in the end and can’t play output, so they still lose. The order is my weakness. I usually Arthur Cheng bites Jin Miyue, but in fact, Lu Bu and Bai Qi are very strong, and there are many top singles heroes, and most of them are not difficult. You can choose according to your proficiency. For the top order, first keep your tower, and then you can fight the river mobs with the opposite side. Go to Longkeng to see your vision. Don’t run around. At most, go to the middle to support. It will not be good if you run to the bottom. It is easy to drop the tower. . If your top laner is relatively strong, or is weak against you, then you can also fight for them to be close to your jungle. I can grab one, and then I found that some top laners like to play in their own jungle. It’s better not to leave resources to your jungler. After all, the shooter has to move to the jungle. If you move more, the jungler will not develop. Up. But you can try to attack the opposite, but you must keep your tower. Jungler, I don’t know how to play wild heroes. Generally speaking, I can’t play wild when entering the game. However, many times your teammates ignore you and just ask you to play wild. So I would take the fighters to jungle, Zhao Yun and the like, and the crispy skin on the opposite side could be Nacolulu Ake. I think if your jungler level is not high, then you can also fight wild like me, at least make sure that you will not send it. If the wild area is attacked, you will decisively go against the wild area and control the dragon. No, it’s just that if there is a dragon, I will fight and control the dead dragon. I am not well developed, but my teammates can get up. When fighting the dragon, pay attention to the opposite position, otherwise it is easy to be robbed and disciplined. Then more ganks and more support, the wild monsters are there. I don’t think the lives of my teammates are important. Trust my teammates more, go up and take control, I believe they can kill). And if your jungler level is not bad, Yunzhongjun Monkey Baili Xuance and the like will do, they are very strong. Han Xin is fine, but I think the essence of Han Xin lies in stealing towers. Regardless of the wind or the wind, you will win. Junglers must have their own ideas, not just rushing up. They have to go around, look at the output skills of the opposite side, the position of the opposite side, or steal towers, steal dragons and cut off the line while fighting, etc., many times I think it is not always good for the jungler to play with the team. You must calm down and take advantage of the position of the jungler. Regarding consciousness, try to develop more in the early stage (from the other party’s hands), so that you can not go home if you don’t go home. But don’t wave, don’t send. Keep the tower. You have to firmly believe that the tower is more important than the head. Please remember to me that this is a game of pushing towers, first clear the soldiers and then fight the regiment. I’m like you. Although I have played for several years, I don’t play this game many times. I play it for one or two weeks every season. But in fact, consciousness is universal, and there are many heroes with simple operations, one or two can be used, so you don’t have to worry too much. But you have to be serious and stable. Don’t be frustrated against the wind. Observe the situation and encourage your teammates. I believe you will win. Your teammate scolds you, don’t be angry with him, just block it. Otherwise, if you are all scolding in this round, the probability of losing will be even higher. Then even if someone hangs up, try their best to win (preferably three people guarding the house and one person stealing the tower). Teammates will not necessarily lose if they hang up. Keep hope, peace of mind, and then have a basic awareness that every position in the hero pool will be a little bit. It won’t be too difficult for you to be the king. In fact, there is not much difference between a low-star king’s game and a star yao game. Don’t look too high on the king and set yourself a psychological barrier. Because in fact, there are still a lot of people who are mixed up… (Although I am also a cook, I am at least not mixed) Finally, diamonds are not ashamed, and the king is not arrogant. You don’t have to play games like doing homework, be happy, and you’re done. The premise is not to pit teammates.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Recently, I myself have played WeChat Xingyao’s trumpet and QQ’s Diamond account (I have already hit the king). I also have a little bit of my own experience about the diamond ranks in the S20 season. Before formally answering the subject’s question, we must first understand what are the characteristics of the current Diamond Star Elite ranks, and how much help can be given to us in respect of these characteristics. First of all, we first exclude non-diamond players, that is, high-rank players to play the diamond game. The characteristics of the current diamond ranks are: 1. The biggest feature of the diamond ranks who have been fighting is that they fight and fight all the time. The diamond game can be played from the beginning to the end. It is normal for both sides to take 20 or 30 heads in a game. It is not difficult to get a dozen heads after a game and die 7 or 8 times. Things, the two sides have either already started fighting, or are on the way to fight. You want to use operations to contain the opponent, but it will be counterproductive. When you go to the lead line, you will find that your 4 teammates have already hit the 5 opponents, and then the team is destroyed, leaving you alone. 2. The choice of heroes is very concentrated. The heroes selected by the diamond players are very fixed. For example, Zhen Ji is the most common in the middle, Luban and Jia Luo are the most common shooters, and Dian Wei is the most common jungler. The most common support is soft support, and the most common support is soft support. Common Arthur and part Tanbian. Occasionally, I can see heroes with relatively high operational difficulty, such as Ma Chao and Shangguan Wan’er, but there are two situations. Either the score is the bottom, or the score is the first, the kill is the first, and the performance is very extreme. So in terms of heroes to choose, they are all easy to use, uncomplicated, simple and rude heroes. 3. Individual operation is greater than team cooperation. In other words, diamond ranks rarely cooperate. In the diamond game, if you have operations and moves, and are particularly proficient in playing a certain hero, in fact, it is not difficult to hit 2, 1 or 3. 4. I only know one thing and don’t know the other. Regarding the fourth point, I will explain it a little bit. For example, in some junglers, if the opponent is a weak early jungler, he also knows that he will go against the wild at the beginning. This is one of the ways to know, but in many cases, after he reverses the buff, he doesn’t know what to do. I don’t know how to take advantage of the early stage and do something more. After playing for a while, you will find that he got 3 buffs at the beginning, but in the middle stage, the economy is not as high as you. This is not knowing the other way around. That is, everyone may know some simple routines, but the research is not thorough. Some mid lanes also know support, but they don’t know the clearing line. They only know that they are squatting on the shooter lane, and in the end they squatted their mid lane tower. 5. There is no shortage of jungle diamond ranks, no lack of mages, no lack of shooters, and no shortage of flanks. It is a lack of jungle, and most of the junglers encountered are actually just “jungle heroes”, just putting themselves free. In the wild area, it does not really play a role in playing the rhythm of the jungle. Okay, now we are back to the subject of the question, the diamond game to make up for the game. Well, it’s not necessary. The Diamond Game doesn’t need to make up the spot. If you want to score in the Diamond Game, there are actually two ways: ①Practice a hero to the exquisite level, intuitively, for example, to reach the level of provincial gold medal ②Practice jungle Position, this is the fastest and most direct way to score the diamond ranks and hit Xingyao, the king. As I said above, the rarest part of the Diamond Game is the jungler. If you say you go to fill the field, in most cases, the fill is also the jungle position, so other positions do not need to be considered from the actual situation. So how to practice in the jungle position is very important. Let me give you some suggestions. Choose a jungler. This is very important. Different jungle heroes have different effects, especially diamond ranks, which have different effects. For example, Tachibana Ukyo and Nako Lulu are two heroes. Tachibana Ukyo is very easy to use in the high-level jungle. Nako Lulu is a little bit close, because he is afraid that it will take a lot of development time. But in the diamond game, Nako Lulu is much better than Tachibana Ukyo, as are Xuan Ce and Tiger, and the Diamond Bureau, especially in a single row, is really not as good as Nako Lulu and Zhao Yun. Therefore, there are two diamond game jungle heroes recommended here: Nakerlulu and Zhao Yun recommend the reasons for it is also very simple: simple, easy to use, enough damage, and obvious effects. The most important thing is that after practicing well, in the king’s game, Even the Glory Bureau can be used. 2. Learn a simple jungle rhythm. After choosing the hero, now it’s some simple jungle rhythm. You can remember 2 points of “helping teammates” and “suppressing economic development.” In fact, the most obvious effect of the jungle position is to help the teammates on the three lines, forming a number advantage, creating a situation of more playing and less. While helping your teammates, you can use the online economy to ensure your own development, so that you can quickly buy. Equipped to form higher damage. Let’s be more straightforward. ① Opening: try to start against the opposition. You can try to oppose the blushing BUFF. The route is shown in the figure. Stick to the wall and try to hide your vision, but if you are discovered, don’t fall in love with the battle, do everything possible and try your best. Retreat, and then return to your own wild area to open normally. If you go back to BUFF, also remember to pay more attention to the dynamics and positions of the enemies on the minimap. Don’t be greedy for other small monsters. Go as soon as possible, because the jungler I recommend is Nako. Lulu and Zhao Yun, so don’t choose to fight actively before level 4, you must endure to level 4 before taking the initiative to arrest people. ②Opening: Blue BUFF is on, and punishment is paid at 30 seconds. If you don’t choose to go against the wild, it will be opened normally. When playing blue BUFF, you can hand over punishment within 30 seconds, so that the spirit of the river will refresh in 1 minute. At times, the disciplinary CD will be refreshed, which is good for grabbing the middle road crab. Of course, there is a risk to pay punishment at the beginning, but generally no one in the Diamond Bureau will come back. ③Starting: After swiping the blue zone, give your teammates information, let the middle road and the support together to grab the middle road crabs, but the river crabs are not necessary. If the opposite side has a good view of the river in advance, and your method and support are not near the middle road, Then you can voluntarily give up this river crab, just go to the red zone of your home. ④After level four: you can reverse thinking and squat in the middle. Many people will feel in the habitual thinking that if you are blue, you will definitely catch it, if you are red, you will definitely catch it at level 4. In this way, their attention will only be on the top or bottom lane, and the mid lane tends to be slack. After you finish the red zone, you can think in the opposite direction, squatting in the middle of the river and grass, often you will get a lot of gains. ⑤The tyrant and the prophet dominate the refresh in 2 minutes, so you don’t have to be impatient to fight. I believe you have seen a lot of jungle strategies, and it is estimated that many people will mention the importance of controlling dragons. Controlling the dragon itself is true. If the tyrant and the master can easily win it, it must be controlled, but it does not mean that you must control the dragon and control the prophet when you play jungle. Whether you control it or not, and what dragon you control, is often judged based on the game’s format. If you don’t know where you are opposite, or if you know that there are many enemies around you, you have to go under the eyes of others to open the dragon, then the result will be It must be something you don’t want. When is the best time to control the dragon? After crippling or catching the enemy. Let’s continue to follow the above jungle idea. At this time, you are level 4, squatting in the middle, killing or maiming the opposing wizard. At this time, the effect of opening the dragon is much better than the effect of directly opening the dragon. Or, when you are ready to open the dragon, you can first help your teammates on the road or on the road to GANK. Whether it is to catch the dead or the disabled, it will be more beneficial for you to control the dragon in the next step. And if you did not take advantage of this time, but exposed your position, then it is best to give up the dragon in the next time, continue to return to the wild, grow, and accumulate strength. ⑥ After the first wave of rhythm in 2 minutes, if you feel that you have nothing to do, continue to go back to the wild area. At this point, the first round of wild monsters has been refreshed. If you feel that you have nothing to do at this time, just go back and continue. Wild development, don’t always think about catching people gank, because at this time your economy and level are not high enough, and a set of burst damage is not enough. At one point, you must ensure your development, brush wild lines, buy equipment, and save damage. ⑦I mentioned in the mid-term stealing Tawen that the most obvious feature of the Diamond Bureau is fighting. Fighting all the time, what will be the consequences of fighting all the time? There will definitely be no one on the other side or several routes, no one means you can use this window to steal the tower. In fact, in the middle of the game, because everyone’s equipment and damage were not maximized, teamfights would take a little longer. In a teamfight, you can put several sets of skills back and forth, and it’s not easy to show all of them. The situation is destroyed by the group, so the best time to steal the tower is in the mid-term. You can use this time to avoid group battles, steal a few defense towers on the opposite side, and then invade the wild area to search for resources and expand your own. Economic advantage, don’t always think about fighting. ⑧ Follow the team in the late stage, do not bring the line to the late stage, you must remember that you cannot easily bring the line. I have deeply experienced the horror of the diamond game. Your teammates only think about fighting, and the opposite head will also think about it. In fights, there were a few times I just simply dealt with the line of troops. In that moment, my 4 teammates fought with 5 other people, which directly caused a wave of disappearance, and the opposite side was directly removed from the 1st tower to the crystal. So in the later stage, always follow the big team. Some teammates are more reckless and don’t know how to play. You can only bite the bullet and follow them instead of playing 4 and 5, which is really not a joke. In addition, the thinking and gameplay of the jungler can’t be explained in a few words above, but simply talk to you about some of the most direct ideas. Of course, for the subject’s question, my answer above mainly focused on the jungler position. After all, in the Diamond Stars rank, the fastest and best position to score is the jungler. However, in response to his question, let’s talk about the recommended hero shooter positions in other positions: basic choices: Yu Ji, Meng Ya, advancement choices: Marco Polo, Gongsun Li, and Sun Shangxiang feel that they are in the diamond position, and the recommendation of the shooter position. It’s almost the same, everyone’s level of operation is there, no one can talk about who can crush each other, anyway, don’t choose Baili for this rank, mainly because other shooters are selected at least not to be delayed, and Baili It is easy to drag teammates back when they are selected. Recommended sideways position: Battleside: Basic selection of Arthur, promotion selection: Mad Tietan side: Xiang Yu, Bai Qi, Lianpo, promotion selection: Liu Bang, Zhu Bajie (Punishment) Warrior side road is the most difficult to recommend. Because the heroes on the side of the warrior need some personal operations, the strong side, the operation requirements are high, but the diamond player will pull the hips in the operation, or try to be stable, simple and practical, so Arthur is actually a good choice. It is not easy to be single-killed, and has a certain ability to bring the line. The crazy iron is a numerical weird, and the operation is relatively simple. The full-screen numerical value can support the sky, and if you practice well, it can kill everything. Tanbian is more casual. Xiang Yu, Lian Po, and Bai Qi are all useful when selected, while Liu Bang and Zhu Bajie, one is quick support and the other is anti-wild master, can play a certain role in rhythm. Auxiliary position: None, all can be assisted and there is nothing to recommend. I feel like I can play whichever I can. Basic recommendation for middle position: Xiao Qiao, Jiang Ziya, promotion recommendation: Shen Mengxi. I said that if you play a hero to the essence, it is very easy to play 2, 1 and 3 in the Diamond Game, and Xiao Qiao is the middle. One of the representatives. The damage is high, the effect is many, and it is easy to use. It is also my recommendation to all players who want to play in the middle, but don’t know which hero to start with. If something happens, I will choose Xiao Qiao. In addition, why mention Jiang Ziya, because Jiang Ziya is often overlooked. In fact, his damage is very high. Jiang Ziya 1 skill can knock out half of the blood. It is simple and practical. If you have the opportunity, you can really try and practice. . As for Shen Mengxi, one thing that is stronger than Xiao Qiao is that he has stronger self-protection ability and stronger rhythmic ability. Shen Mengxi’s ability to grasp the edge at level 2 is one of the best in the middle. Skill 2 is not only a weapon for quick support but also a life-saving weapon, but the disadvantage is that it is difficult to get started, and it is difficult to play without a lot of practice. Understand that he has the attributes of an assassin. , Also has the characteristics of a great mage, which requires players to spend a lot of time to master.

7 months ago

I am also a game idiot: (To be honest, I can have the current ranks that are not high or low. It is all through my many practice and a little talent. Last season’s glory, this season, I will go to the daily fitness after being the king. I fell to Star Yaoyi. As a female college student fighting in the Canyon of Kings, I will answer your question from two aspects. One. Heroes on the road: I suggest Baiqi, Xiahou, Zhuzhu, and Kai. These four heroes are easy to start. The first three tanks are meaty enough, and they are either handsome (I’m the brother Bai Qi’s brainless) or cute. They are easy to operate and don’t need a strong sense. You can start the team first and protect them later. You can cooperate with your teammates. You can play a very good team battle. Armor is the easiest side of the battle. The first skill throws a small flying knife to slow down the blood return. The second skill is a macho to stagger the enemy. The armor warrior with a big move is 999. The choice of armor is usually your own home. The lineup output is not enough, take a daddy can resist and fight, and a dad can be a barrier. Mid: suggest Xiao Qiao (Angela), Ying Zheng, Shangguan Wan’er Xiao Qiao Ying Zheng is a veteran fort, starting in the middle and late stages It exerts force and damage is extremely high, and it is more flexible than other mid-laners without displacement. (See @乔乔不吃乔乔’s answer for Xiaoqiao’s skills) Angela is highly controversial, and was once a female college student. Pronoun, but Angela is really a very strong existence. It clears the line very fast, has a high basic damage, and has excellent walking support capabilities. (Angela’s skills can be seen in the answer of @妹不烦妹妹.) Shangguan Wan’er is me Recently, her favorite baby is not as difficult as she imagined. It is much easier to get started than Diao Chan Huo Wu who is also a stab. You can learn basic combos and practice the position and skill connection in actual combat. You can also fly very cool. (Lian Zhao video knows a lot) Shooter: It is recommended that Meng Ya, Yu Ji, Sun Shangxiang, Yu Ji and Sun Shangxiang are veteran adverts. There is indeed insufficient damage to Yu Ji’s later playing of the five-member group, but the ad needs to be provided when playing the group. It’s continuous damage. Being alive is more important than anything else. Yu Ji’s second skill can greatly extend her survival time. Meng Ya is a hero I only started playing recently. It seems that his advantages are not as outstanding as other ads, but I don’t know. Why it really hurts? My friend from Wan Zhan Meng Ya taught me hand in hand. I can get started with a dozen or so, and I can get pretty good results in qualifying. Jungle: I suggest Nakolulu I don’t Too good at jungle, only the Lanling King and Na Ke Lulu, the two are a bit extreme, the Lanling King made an effort in the early stage, and Na Ke Lulu was a kid after being equipped. But when I was playing wild, I was really afraid of Xuan Ce If you don’t have a peaceful development at the first level and I lose one or two wild monsters, then I’m ready to stay home. King Lanling’s style of play is to stare at a crispy skin and mark it as The trick to kill Lulu is to develop and develop one butt one! Support: suggest Niu Mo, Zhang Fei, Cai Wenji, Sun Bin first; don’t play Yao, don’t play Yao, don’t play Yaoyao itself is an eating consciousness, eating operation, eating hand speed , A hero with high investment and low return. You have the same level of consciousness and hand speed, and you have finished the game early. There is another kind of Yao that is that, let’s not talk about it! Zhang Fei will be really restrained, but When the other side is not really hurt He is real meat, and he doesn’t want to hit the blood bar. The most important thing Zhang Fei needs to pay attention to is that it is invincible at the moment of opening. You can use it to dodge and control damage and hit the enemy by surprise! Sun Bin, my suggestion is to pile up pure meat, Bing Xin must be produced, and if the blood returns fiercely, it will be a nightmare. The little angel’s technique is to try to first 2 and then 3, can reduce the big move cd 2 skills as much as possible to use in team battles, large-scale blood lifting can beat the opponent into a fool. Nanako has a lot of controversy. When I play, I usually hide behind the meat and milk. Only when I am alive can I have a continuous milk supply! Don’t put yourself in danger, Cai Wenji, you get beaten up one or three times and come back with milk. It’s easy for your small body to be beaten. The above is the hero who is very useful for all ranks in practice. I hope that the subject will be the king as soon as possible! 2. Production, inscriptions, and quick voices to watch national clothes, watch anchors, watch game bloggers. Don’t be partial to one person. You can go to the training camp and try it on your own. It won’t take much time, but there is really metaphysics (that’s the metaphysics that I work hard for you and get the first place in the ranking.) Quick Don’t follow others to learn your voice. I will always put the clearing of troops and the disappearance of the enemy in the most convenient place to press. These two are really important. Secondly, wait, I’ll be there soon. I’m sleepy, good brothers rush, you are stable this season, this is the power of metaphysics!

7 months ago

Mid laner Yang Yuhuan and Chang’e don’t know how good or bad the star is, the four kings of the high-end game will practice the glory of glory is not a dream
Top single Mulan Li Xin, old man with bald head and javelin, would rather be an angel with broken wings
Jungle tiger Luna Juyou Kyung Xuan Ce, starting against red, resurrected against blue
Assist in pushing Luban master big Qiaosun Binyao, whoever chooses to win half of the peak competition is not a ban
The shooter stallion dog chooses one of the three and blew it without any problems. The above heroes do not have much practice except for the wolf dog Marco Xuance and Sun Bin; because the environment of the Diamond Game determines that they are not suitable for playing (big hand Ignore) Midlane Zhou Yu, the all-round tool man can go to c; cp Xiaoqiao has a high level of control; the diamond bureau Zhen Ji has a good playing space; Ying Zheng is pretty good, but he can’t win; if you really want to go, choose Nuwa Health , I can’t lose anyway; the upper single item Yu Lian Po Bai Qi Lu Bu Mi Yue armor mad iron is enough, think it is too slow to train a captain jungle monkey Lu Lu Kai Li Bai Zhao Yun Lan Ling Wang archer to get rid of a few stations. Zhuang Yuji, big-eared wolfdogs are okay, Master Di is a little bit lost and forget about it. Marco and Xiangxiang are still worth training. Meng Ya’s words have been cut a bit miserably recently. A Li’s words suggest not to take them out of diamonds. First, you can’t blow the opposite shooter. Second, just a simple aoe wipe will lose the tolerance rate. low. Auxiliary bull head Zhang Fei Zhang Fei bull head can be picked at will, it is enough to practice these two million gold oils

7 months ago

Depending on whether you are WeChat or QQ, I will analyze these two areas one by one with you. Wechat: This season, I brought a friend (he is a new account) to play Wechat. I started to have a training hero and took him all the way through. Later my training expired and I was too lazy to play. Just stock him (I only have an inscription level of about 40.). Consult which hero I want to buy every day. Attention, here comes the point! I asked him to buy Sun Ce, Kuangtie, and Lianpo. He used mad iron and Lianpo himself, and I took him to Xingyao. He himself got 5 stars for WeChat King. The WeChat area is very simple, just choose a simple hero without a brain, a little conscious, and resignation without consciousness. Top order: Kuang Tie Sun Ce and Lian Po. Mang is over. Mid laner: Zhen Ji, Wang Zhaojun. WeChat king is low star, and I have these mages every day, and I Diao Chan can play 2 to 5. Zhen Ji basically provides control for stable team battles. Wang Zhaojun is steady. If you can’t beat the opponent, you can at least hold it. Jungle: King of Lanling. No brain, remember the far point 231, the near point 213, and even move it. Kill the opposite c position and you are left with your fate. Sagittarius: Descendant, Li Yuanfang. Descendants do not need to operate, Yuanfang has strong survivability. It depends on your choice of support: Cai Wenji, Xiang Yu. Forget it, I’m going to eat, no more analysis. I’ll make up later. Okay, I’m back. In the QQ area, if you are still staying in Diamond, take a good look at what heroes you play, whether it’s Lupan Daji Angela, and assist Cai Wenji and Sun Bin. I’m not saying that these heroes are not strong, but the difficulty of these heroes is too low. If you want to take advantage of his advantages, you need to be aware of it. Do you not know how to use passive blood recovery, with the shooter and the shooter every day? If you are beaten, you will get a big breast, and you will be left alone in the singles next door. Did you rush into the opposing crowd when you played the fish, and then complained that the shooter didn’t follow. Are you playing Daji, a set of skills are all up to Sun Bin’s skills. Are you playing with Sun Ce, a wave of indomitable waves, and a big hit will stop, and the result is that one set of moves is not smooth, and none of the skills is flying. Did you choose Tiger Yunzhong Jun? You still choose a Jingke jungler. Did you choose Yuan Ge Li Xin on the radio and the monkey Han Xin as the jungler? You should choose Yishou Yao as a support. Whether to play any heroes without changing their outfits, the system recommends them all the way to the end of the game. Okay, I want to seriously recommend the top score hero, because I haven’t played Diamond for a long time (playing the trumpet is also killing all the way). The heroes I recommend are all heroes who don’t take the pot back. The top score depends on God’s will. At least you won’t be dragged down, unless you get blown up. Diamond: Top laner (Armor, Kuang Tie, Lian Po) Mid laner (Angela, Wang Zhaojun) Archer (Luban, descendant) Support (Cai Wenji) jungler (Zhao Yun, Lian Po) Xingyao: Xingyao can take his life Don’t be constrained by any heroes, just look at the selection of the lineup, for example, Dunshan Tianke Diaochan Ganjiang Guangxin. Top laner (Lian Po, Kai, Lv Bu) mid laner (Ghanjiang, Wang Zhaojun) Archer (Sprout, Hou Yi) assists (Cai Wenji, Dunshan, Zhang Fei) as jungler (Zhao Yun, Na Ke Lulu). King: You may not be able to keep up with the rhythm when you just entered the King’s rank. It is recommended to play first. The mixed heroes understand the play and rhythm before choosing a strong one. (Xiao Ming, Yao, Cai Wenji) As long as you don’t show your major support, even if you play with the jungle throughout the entire process, as long as you don’t explode particularly badly, you will generally not be backed up, but if the shooter explodes, you may be scolded. Here I will write down the needs of each hero in detail. Li Xin: Especially eat runes, don’t play Li Xin if you don’t have 150. But Li Xin has finished training, and he won’t have any pressure to eat the King’s 80 stars. Lian Po: On the order of Lian Po, who knows who will use it, you will be out of the pot when you are open. Old Master: Come to weaken the old Master, one line will be brought to the black, and no one will be able to beat one of them. If you come to a group, the rhythm of the opposite will fall behind. Miyue: On the ceiling of the road, as long as you don’t cross the 13th tower, you can basically guarantee you will not die. However, like the old master, you can only choose one road to the dark, and you can also join the group, but the requirements for players are relatively high. Mid laner: Xiao Qiao: I personally think that the most stable mage. If you can’t get any damage after playing Xiaoqiao, it is recommended to return to Baiyin to remake. Ying Zheng: Almost invincible during the laning period, regardless of winning or losing DPS is absolutely beautiful. Shangguan Wan’er: You are not required to brake and turn 180 turns. As long as you can take off steadily, that’s enough. Support: Master Lu Ban: No. 1 in the world, no explanation, low operation difficulty, high profit, get used to the rhythm a little bit, Lu Da is to have a rhythm. Cai Wenji: The master mix for all segments, but in each segment, the person you want to follow is different from what you do. Zhang Fei: I won’t explain the panacea that is applicable to all sections. Sagittarius: Budding, Mark. Gongsun Li is not recommended here, these two are the same, suppressed. And the passivity of these two heroes allows them to produce one or two pieces of meat. If you guarantee the survival rate, there is an output. Jungler: Just entering the king, it is not recommended to practice the jungle, the rhythm is not the same as below the king (the change is not particularly big, the change is greater than 50 stars) jungler and shooter, these two positions are the biggest changes with the version of the hero position. Except for Sun Shangxiang, Monkey Han Xin and Li Bai, these are the ones who can play at any time. For example, the current Queen of Quietness stands at the top of the jungle food chain. The former Tiger Tiger in the Cloud can also be taken now, but their time has passed.

7 months ago

For real dishes, there is only one way to lie down. When I was in Diamonds, I felt that my teammates were scumbags. After being on the king, I often felt that I was scumbags. The difference between the strength of diamonds and the king is very big, and if you don’t have a try in the king’s bureau, you won’t realize this at all. Obviously, you can always play suppression on the diamond line. How can you die under the tower of the king? This is not something you can change if you play hard. If you don’t have the strength, you won’t be able to play. When I was on the King for the first time, I was very impressed when I played the peak match for the first time. I took a Yuji, but Sun Shangxiang was beaten by Sun Shangxiang and couldn’t get out of the tower. Can you believe it? It is well known that Yu Ji plays Sun Shangxiang very well, and Sun Shangxiang is still the signature hero I used when I became the king. I am familiar with the skills and operations. I can often run away and fly in the Star Game, and I don’t want to see it the last. The line shooter is Yu Ji, Li Yuanfang and Gongsun Li. There is no other reason, people are strong. According to the current level of the subject, even if you study hard in a short period of time, you will not be able to C. If you take the C position solo, it is basically impossible to play the king’s jungler. The jungler drives the overall rhythm. Diamonds do not. Said that once you are on Xingyao, you should not be able to touch the shooter if you win the game. Once the shooter is fished = a high chance of losing, it’s better not to touch the mages. The mages can’t deal 25% of the damage = you lose more and win less. C can’t be taken, then the remaining problem is how to lie down. There are two simple choices: to resist the pressure on the side road, and to assist the insurer. Confrontation is relatively difficult to kill each other, the fault tolerance rate is high, it does not matter if it is slightly suppressed, as long as the line is cleared as quickly as possible, and the opponent is not allowed to fight against the road/follow the opposing road to the middle or the wild area. Fighting against the road, the problem of insufficient strength is not a big problem. Don’t be the most important thing. If you can’t get the crab, don’t sway in the river and be caught by the opposite middle field to send money to the rhythm, and you will succeed. In terms of hero selection, it is advisable to choose the one with a little flesh, the one that can recover, and the one with displacement. The highest principle is that I can’t beat you, but I can’t be killed by you. If you want to play a role in team battles, you can choose Zhu Ba Jie. If you just want to be a shit cudgel, you can practice Cheng Zhijin, and can resist, fight, and escape. In the later period, remember to help your C position absorb more damage and play control. It doesn’t matter if you die, as long as your C position dies later than the opponent, you will always have a chance to win this round. For support, hard support is the best. Zhang Fei is a bull demon who can carry and fight to protect people. The big move can turn the tide of the battle. Zhang Fei is more fleshy. It is not easy to die if there is displacement. The big move is very fierce. If nothing happens, give your teammates a shield. When it is consumed, others lose blood and you lose your shield. After a while, the advantage will come out. My Zhang Fei played very badly, but the king’s low star game took out, the top three are basically stable, playing very fancy C position, super ghosts are often the case. Diamond Star Yao can basically walk sideways with a Zhang Fei, and yell at three of his big moves. The same is true for the Bull Demon. Even if you don’t do anything, you can add double resistance to him by standing next to his teammates. In the later stage, he is more resistant. The displacement is not easy to die. The displacement is still under control. As long as the teammates keep up with the 23 consecutive control, The opposite must die. Learn to make a big flash (if you have a hand, you can practice for 3 minutes in the training camp, and you won’t find me), and often like Zhang Fei, he can open the situation at the critical moment. In the later stage, take more injuries and let the opponent hand over your skills. It doesn’t matter if you die, you will have a chance to comeback if you keep your C position. In fact, in the Diamond Game, except for individual junglers who have a strong sense of C, most players don’t know how to play. They just do a hard job when they meet people. As long as the opponent skills are handed over to you, the next is the teammate’s harvest time, even if It’s okay if your teammates can’t play, anyway, the opponent has no skills, the basic attack will not kill your teammate. Of course, I am not asking you to die. If you can’t die, don’t die. The remaining blood can run and run quickly. Don’t care about the flood after you go. Or even if you are in good condition, but seeing the C position seems to be unable to keep it, decisively don’t go, let him die, buy one get one free. If this round is hopeless, remember to keep your KDA and make the score higher. High score = more points, more points = more times of keeping stars, too many times of keeping stars, if you win, you will add stars, and if you lose, you will lose points. In short, the top priority is one thing: to be able to lie down is never C. I wish you an early king

7 months ago

When asking questions, ask as many as you can. You send your hero pool out to better recommend, otherwise you can only recommend some more stable heroes. Confrontation: Recommend one tank and one fighter. Tanbian recommends Xiahou Dun, who can resist and fight and is not easily suppressed. The soldier recommended Lu Bu, and he strengthened a wave, team battles were very strong, and tanks were restrained. Mid laner: Shen Mengxi and Zhang Liang, Shen Mengxi is still very simple to get started, with acceleration support fast, and the big move team battle consumption is very good. The remnant blood harvesting ability is very strong. Zhang Liang’s big moves are very controllable, and you have to stand up even if you show up and be charged. There is a real injury that can be beaten. Jungle: I recommend Liu Bei and Zhao Yun. Other assassin junglers are very strong but really difficult to use. Both Liu Bei and Zhao Yun are easy to use, can resist and fight. Liu Bei beats the dragon very fast, and has shifted after the revision, and he is not afraid of control in the first three seconds of opening the big body. Zhao Yun Wanjin Oil is not strong but not weak either. Sagittarius: Sun Shangxiang and Di Renjie are recommended. Sun Shangxiang has displacement and high burst. Summoner skills are difficult to clean. Di Renjie comes with its own purification, it is not easy to cut, and the output method is simple a. That’s it. Auxiliary: Niu Mo and Zhang Fei, two hard-control assistants who dominate the rankings all year round. The protection capabilities are good, and there are also very good group control skills. If you don’t have skills, you just rely on chaos. Now there are a lot of kings. As long as you play enough, you don’t get pitted. The king is still good. Now except for the four positions, tool people can be used. Wizards use partial support, blue-collar junglers, and top tanks, not to mention supporting tool people. But with these tool people, you have to play the role of tool people, and team battles can play your role. Pangu disarming must be used well, and Zhang Liang controlled the output. But you still have to be a little conscious. It’s useless to recommend it if you don’t have it. If you want to learn to restrain yourself, you should go for it, and you must retreat if you shouldn’t.

7 months ago

There are not many heroes. Playing well and playing well are two concepts. Knowing how to play means that you understand the skills, costumes, and inscriptions; playing well means that you know the hero’s gameplay, rhythm, restraint, and the heroes that are restrained, the strong and weak periods in the game, etc.; playing well pays attention to ordinary gameplay Extract more refined details. So in this case, I don’t recommend that you choose 2-3 heroes for each position to practice. First of all, it takes a lot of time and energy to practice heroes; secondly, with so many heroes to practice, it is difficult for you to play well for each hero, at most you can only play to the extent that you can play; then the problem comes. We all know that the Eternal Diamond Rank cannot rely on teammates. You can only rely on yourself to choose a hero who can only play by yourself. If you encounter a good player on the opposite side, you can imagine the ending. In summary, I suggest you choose 2-3 heroes in 2-3 positions to refine. At present, the popularity of each position in the game is like this in my mind (WeChat area) Midlan>Development Road>Assist/Confrontation Road>Jungling. If you are also in the WeChat area, then I suggest you play from the four positions behind. select. At present, there are too many mid-single players. Every time you enter the game, all teammates are three mages, and then continue to reopen. Repeatedly, it is a waste of each player’s time. But if you really like the mid laner position, it doesn’t mean you can’t play. Below I will do a simple analysis of some heroes to help you sort out the relationship between each hero and each other, which will greatly improve your understanding of the lineup. At the same time, you can also choose the position you want to practice and the corresponding hero. 1. Mage (1) Xiao Qiao, at present, Xiao Qiao is easy to operate, easy to use, and the damage in the later stage is very high, which is the best choice for top scores. The second skill is not so easy to be cut after being pinched. (2) Yang Yuhuan, the imperial concubine has been online for so long and is still tepid in the low-end game. If you want to control and control, if you want to hurt and hurt, you can enter the blue ring to hit the output, and the green ring can be used as a support. Who doesn’t love it? (3) Zhang Liang, although he has always been called a tool man, his role should not be underestimated. Zhang Liang is definitely a headache mage, restraining all bells and whistles. In the later stage, the CD is short, and it can give teammates rhythm without the economy. (4) Zhuge Liang, a method with a very high upper limit, is very powerful, but after practicing Zhuge well, there are basically no natural enemies when the golden body comes out in the later stage. I personally still like it very much. 2. Development Path (1) Marco, my archer, has a very high ceiling. After playing, glory is not a dream. (2) Di Renjie, the damage of the second skill is very considerable, restraining control fighters and assassins. (3) Yu Ji, the second skill is immune to physical damage and is more afraid of mages. (4) Huang Zhong is restrained by heroes such as Gan Jiang and Zhong Kui, but he is still popular among diamonds and Xingyao, and Huang Zhong who is well protected has a chance to comeback. 3. Support (1) Lianpo, it goes without saying how strong Lianpo is after the reconstruction. To be frank and frank, to hurt and hurt, to control and control. (2) Zhang Fei, set a shield on everything, just yell when something happens. But pay attention to the timing of the release of the ultimate move, and don’t shout the target far away. (3) Xiang Yu can be used as a tank side to fight against, but I prefer Xiang Yu to assist. In general, I think the low-rank hard assistant is still more popular than the soft assistant. 4. Against the road (1) Lu Bu, really hurts to restrain all melee tanks/supports. It’s not easy to catch if there are big moves. (2) Xiahoudun, a panacea warrior, can take the path of confrontation or assist. (3) Bai Qi, the big move is great to start the group first, the higher the life limit, the longer the control time of the big move, so Bai Qi’s outfit should be based on stacking blood as much as possible. 5. Jungle (1) Zhao Yun, restrain short legs without control Crispy, no natural enemies. (I feel that Zhao Yun’s jungle is getting more and more popular now) (2) Nakolulu, restraining most of the crispy skin and meat, the percentage damage, the higher the attack power, the higher the percentage damage. After choosing the hero, the key to victory in the game lies in the training of consciousness and game rhythm. In this regard, you can learn through multiple actual combat (being beaten) or watching live broadcasts. Live broadcast is the most intuitive learning. Here I prefer (selfishly) Huya Zhang Daxian @ Honor 张大仙 and 剑仙 @剑仙 live broadcasts. (Mainly because they are more funny hahahahaha, my source of happiness) Every position has a different understanding of consciousness. In the jungle position, the strong jungler in the early stage can cooperate with other teammates to invade the wild area. Now many junglers like to catch the road after the red start level; master the time of the smiting to snatch the spirit of the river refreshed in the middle; catch people, Control the dragon, fight against the wild, and push the tower in one go. The more powerful the jungler, the stronger the control of the rhythm. Besides the mid lane, most mid lane players like to shrink under the tower and keep clearing soldiers, but in my mind, the king should be an offensive game. Unless you are destroyed in the early stage, you should support both sides in time after clearing the mid lane. But the support is not where to see where to go, if the opposite is the one-piece combination of Jialuo and the nanny, they should be caught with the jungler at the beginning. What else will they play in the later stage? At the same time, this is also the reason why I suggest that the main answer not be involved in all positions. The consciousness and rhythm of each position are different. If you play in each position, it is difficult to grasp the core of the position in a short time. Simply put, it is easy to mess. Finally, I hope the subject is a little confident. Don’t always think about making up your seat, what if you are on the first floor? You should have the confidence to take out the hero, rather than always thinking about being a green leaf for your teammates.

7 months ago

Yao must be Yao, it doesn’t make much sense if it isn’t Yao, Yao, the hero, has extremely deep operations, with deep upper and lower limits, and it is extremely scary to think carefully. I saw You Yao’s strategy in the Glory of the Kings, and I am very impressed. More than 4,000 comments are equivalent to more than 4,000 details and styles of play. If you play well, you will hit a hundred stars. If you play well, you will hit a low star. Those who play Yao are all fathers. They must be banned when they see it. Don’t ask me why. If you don’t believe me, ask the people around you. 10 and 9 are afraid of Yao. They are extremely scary. The national service Li Bai Baili Tiger is very dangling, right? It’s not for Yao’s father. Anyway, it is a strong batch. It’s enough to practice 2000 games, or just play 5 matches to get started.

7 months ago

In view of the subject’s claim that you are stuck in the diamond rank and have not been playing this game all the time, then you must choose some heroes that are suitable for this rank and that are not too difficult to operate. I suggest that the subject is not to play some highland security heroes. The characteristic of this type of hero is that it is easy to get high scores, or the losing side mvp, and it is easy to trigger the king’s elo mechanism, making your upper branch more bumpy! Here are a few development paths recommended for the subject according to different positions: ① Hou Yi, the operation is not difficult, a typical standing-up contestant will develop directly invincible with a Xiao Ming ② Yu Ji, skills are also very simple, but also There is a second skill that can save your life when it is critical! Middle Road: ① Xiao Qiao, with simple skills and low operation difficulty. After the equipment is formed, the damage is very high. Basically, it is a set of take away. The output and control capabilities are both online. ②Angela, high explosive + brainless operation, squatting and taking away. The second skill can also limit the enemy’s position well in team battles or opening a team. Jungle: ①Armor, stun the head and brush the wild in the early stage, and turn on the large output in the later stage. ②Lanling King, with output and control, and a stealth skill. The ability to squat, catch and escape can up up. Confrontation: Arthur, Tianmei’s pro-son (after all, he is an icon hero), simple operation, strong line grabbing ability, high damage, able to resist and fight! ②Xiahou Dun, with hard control and reply, the meat outfit is really a proper front row, very easy to hold! Support: If you have a front row that you can hold, you can choose Sun Bin. If you don’t have a front row, you can choose Lianpo or Xiang Yu. If you want to be the king, you also need to have a good sense of the game. Take your time! I wish everyone an early success!

7 months ago

First, avoid heroes with high difficulty and low tolerance. Such as Sun Ce, Zhuge Liang, Luna, Li Bai, Guiguzi. Generally, this type of hero is not easy to fight at normal level, but Sun Celuna and Li Bai are okay. Zhuge Liang and Gui Guzi really do not recommend practicing. When you play and understand this game, you will find that only Yuange Pei captures the tiger Luban master Gongsunli to practice. Now let’s talk about the most important lineup view. Normally, you don’t need to consider bp. Except for the second ban on Dunshan, the grandson and grandson below the king and the master of Luban, Charlotte, you don’t need to consider the priority ban. You can ban one you can’t play, or one is on the opposite side. It’s more powerful, such as Baili Ganjiang. Choose the hero according to the lineup, and recommend against the road: crazy iron, cj pig, Charlotte, Xiahou Dun. The operating coefficient is not too high, and the alignment advantage is simple. Middle road recommendation: Gan Jiang, Bian Que, Xiao Qiao Shangguan Wan’er is actually a good choice, but if there is a big brother on the opposite side, the situation is dragged to a balance of power, the fault tolerance rate will be infinitely reduced. Once a teamfight flies in, it is difficult to handle once a mistake is made or if the fire is charged for seconds. But it’s generally good. If the opponent’s level is average, if he can average at least half of his skills, he is definitely better than other mages. And if there is no Master Luban and Dunshan on the opposite side, Qian will definitely have the right to walk around. Bian Que has a very strong ability to fight against each other. There are many players like Zhuge Liang, Wang Zhaojun and Da Ji. Especially Zhuge Liang, who had been crushed by Bian Que in the early stage, could not leave anywhere. Xiao Qiao pays attention to the fan at the extreme distance, and can basically play well. Jungle recommendation: Nakolulu, Zhao Yun, Kai’s wild efficiency is good, and the fights are also good. The point of attention for junglers is the midfielder. The midfielder must get it. The midfielder has one and a half-level experience and has a good economy. Development road recommendation: Sun Shangxiang, Li Yuanfang, Hou Yi Another recommendation is: Marco Polo, Luban No. 7 Yuji I do not recommend it. The upper and lower limits of Yuji are tied to the same skill, and the damage is limited if the bug is not stuck. Everyone who has played Luban 7 knows that the damage is exaggerated and the suppressing power is very powerful. Li Yuanfang is the same. Sun Shangxiang and Hou Yi are the adcs that are not bad in the early stage but are more powerful in the later stage. Marco Polo is a match that everyone can play on the line. And have the ability to seize opportunities. The most difficult thing for the shooter to play this way is not Yu Ji, but Gongsun Li and Baili who can play, keep their contract. It depends on luck. If you really have a chance to play, you can’t reverse the situation except waiting for your teammates. The most important thing in fighting Yu Ji is to deceive. Of course, only Sun Shangxiang and Li Yuanfang can deceive. Yu Ji is not stuck with bugs, and the damage is not high. Sun Shangxiang and Li Yuanfang give Yu Ji a 2 skill output time, which can also be played in the early stage. It depends on the psychological quality. For example, when Li Yuanfang and Sun Shangxiang roll on Yu Ji’s face, they first a double, maybe Yu Ji will open 2. Between Yu Ji and Li Yuanfang and Sun Shangxiang Luban, there is only one 2 skill, and one 2 is not good. , There is basically no second chance of 2. Support position recommendation: Lian Po, Xiang Yu, Niu Mo Ruan Supplement: Cai Wenji, Sun Bin, Zhuang Zhou, there is nothing to pay attention to. Following his own pace, in the first wave of gangs, help the jungler after the jungler is slow. Just follow the jungle invasion, and you can go with the shooter as the opponent assists. The rest is the lineup view, which depends on what the team lacks. A normal lineup is tank assassin mage shooter soft auxiliary fighters. Assassin mage shooter hard auxiliary auxiliary is mostly the role of neutral lineup. Therefore, depending on the lineup, it is more important. Many systems rely on auxiliary establishment. The auxiliary is actually a very important role, such as Sun. White Poplar, Old Man Daqiao, Zhang Liang Luban, Donghuang Zhang Liang. The above recommendation is for you to try if you feel it works. If you feel it doesn’t work, just listen to a joke. Anyway, I’ve played it all. I’ve been the king with an average of around 65 wins per season in 80 games. I think these are pretty reliable, and the game depends on personal understanding.

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