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Miss sister, seeing the questions you asked, my calm heart was shaken again. That’s it. In the past two days, I also encountered the same thing as you, a headache. She also said, I don’t like you so much, and I feel a little less. There is no way to tell you whether it is necessary to persist, so let me tell you how I persisted, and what was the result. She said that the day, I don’t want to give up, after all, is it tempted? It’s that simple to let go. I drove to his door, called her out, and talked a lot, and I also said a lot of retention, but they still insisted that it shouldn’t matter, I didn’t like you that much, even if I continue now, I will still separate in the future. , So stop the loss in time. Don’t stick to it. Persuade me to give up. Of course I can’t. After talking for half an hour, the next sentence will be the last one. I have already made it clear to you. Don’t contact you anymore. Okay, I got off the car and went home. I called her in the car and chatted and continued to persuade me to get back together. They persuaded me to go back and stop outside. If anything happens, you can talk about it when you go home. Finally, they said, you Love does not go back, even if you stay in the car for one night today, I can’t be tempted anymore. You are free, but I didn’t reply later. I stayed at her door all night, but in the end I still didn’t reply on WeChat and didn’t answer the phone. , No one came out to see me. Finally, I went home. After I got home, I told them that even if it’s not going to be good, my friends have to do it. (Actually, I don’t give up, I can’t let go, but I still don’t want to lose her.) They said, it’s unnecessary, don’t bother me in the future. Up. I still have no face to stay, and of course they didn’t pay attention to me. Finally, I told them all, you are happy, and you won’t disturb your life in the future. (That’s what I said, you should understand my thoughts, then I was so deliberate to let it go.) The next day, someone suddenly contacted me and asked me whether the clothes I bought for her have freight insurance. I said no. They said, you can ask the customer service. I refused to sign. Address, I just wanted to take this matter, to meet her, in case it is possible, get back together, and finally go to someone’s door, saying that I’m at your door, come out, I’ll tell you in person, no one will see you. Saying that you are not at home, don’t you say a word to my door, are you not too much? At that time, there was a fire in my heart. There was a quarrel on WeChat. Finally, blood came up, slapped the door of someone’s house, called her, but didn’t respond. Finally, the phone was given to others. Send me the address, calm down, and say, I’m sorry or something, don’t you know, don’t you understand what I’m thinking, or something messy, when I get home, I feel as if I feel like I’m really too much, and I’m sending someone an apology. People have deleted me. The phone was blacked out, and then there was no more. I was a lot calmer today. Seeing your question, I really feel uncomfortable. That’s it. Persevere or not. Take your own idea, Miss Sister, I still feel useless. Since others have said it, it must be a well-thought-out answer. Forget it. If you can be a friend, it’s best, in the future There may still be a chance. Just forget it if you can’t do it. Don’t go stalking. In the end, you will only polish up the good feelings you have saved before. (That’s what I thought at the time. My friends didn’t have to do it. What do I care about? It’s better to get stuck in the end. In case there is a change, I finally feel that it’s better to let go and end with her intentions. Anyway, I will see you on the street later. , You can take care of it, you don’t need to be an enemy, you don’t want to look at it


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

It depends on your expectations for this relationship. If this is a campus relationship, you know that this relationship may not come to the end. It just so happens that you also need a relationship to fill campus life. You can hold on, because it doesn’t. If you persist for a while, you will inevitably regret it. If you have enough time and energy, why not hold on for a while, at least it’s not regrettable in memory. However, if you have reached a certain age, and this relationship is meant to go to the end, you also have to see what it can bring you if you really walk into marriage. If this man can bring you nothing but likes, after all, material and There must be one spirit. It may be more realistic, but reality is like this. After all, if you don’t insist on changing another person, you may not like so much. Of course, this relationship is likely to not reach the end, so what better Tangled? The world is so big, there will be a person who loves you and you love, at least this possibility exists, why waste time on someone who is destined not to love you and not marry you, time is precious, why not enjoy life? . So if you think about what you want, you will know how important it is to like or dislike it. I hope everyone is well.

7 months ago

Falling in love is like eating. You like to eat chicken wings very much at first. If you eat too much, you will get tired. If you want to change the taste, you can make cola chicken wings, charcoal grilled chicken wings, deep-fried chicken wings and so on. But one day you say you want to eat steak again. Okay, then you fall in love with steak again. After you have tasted all the delicacies, when you look back, you realize that these are all freshness. My favorite is chicken wings. That taste is the most delicious, because it is what I really like, no matter how long it takes. This taste. So you ask your heart, is this guy a chicken wing or a steak? You don’t think you like him that much, so look for him who really makes your heart beat. If you think he is your ideal type, please be sure to cherish him, cherish him, and protect him.

7 months ago

In fact, you still have to ask yourself whether you love it or not. If you love it and stick to it, observe whether it is your reason or his reason, and then speak frankly, and then discuss each other, so that if you still don’t like you, how can you stick to it? Feelings are also mutual. One person’s one-man show ends up having a hard time laughing at others. If you don’t love so much, why not cut the mess quickly without delaying others or yourself. In fact, the feelings are just like that, I can’t forget the love that is so deep, and sometimes I think of giggling. If I hate it deeply, I can’t be irritated by it.

7 months ago

It depends on whether you love him or not. He doesn’t like you as much as before, it’s normal, and you will be so. The hormones recede, and the likes will decrease! The key is that likes have decreased, are there other things increasing? Dependence, trust, tacit understanding, etc., if there is nothing left behind, of course there is no need to persist! Maybe he feels that his love for you is declining, but he hasn’t realized that other feelings are rising. In this case, you should also keep watching! If you are sure that you still love him, please persevere!

7 months ago

I think it depends on what kind of thing it is. Some boys say that they don’t like before. Does it turn this kind of affection into a kind of affection or other affection? This situation does not mean that you are not important to him or that you are in his life. I’m used to having you in my life and I can’t live without it. Of course, if this is not the case, then it depends on whether you want to persist, because if you persist in getting permission, it will be tiring

7 months ago

Persistence does not necessarily lead to results, and failure to persist will definitely lead to no results. As people get older, they begin to consider the importance of results. This is true at work, as well as emotionally. The older we get, the more precious time we feel, and we no longer want to waste our youth on things that have no meaning and results. Sometimes, even if we let this love be buried deep in the mud and miss each other, we don’t want to get rid of the bamboo basket in the end, and have a foreboding of the pain of parting. Regarding this issue, everyone’s pursuit is different, and it cannot be generalized. Love needs to be paid. Not all efforts are rewarded, and it is not true love that can be together. The pursuit of life is not smooth sailing, and the courage to fight and fight is the essence of life. In the process of pursuing happiness, you will learn a lot. If you retreat from the beginning, there is no chance. Life is amazing. No one knows what will happen in the next second. Why do you think this love has no results? Try harder, all difficulties can be changed, but your efforts have not reached the level of change. Love is consensual. If you only give unilaterally but fail to get a response, then you have to think about it. , Is this the result you want? He used to love you very much, but he doesn’t love you so much now, maybe he will continue to love you very much in the future. If you really like someone, why don’t you stick to it anymore? Happiness is something you need to fight for. There are not many loves that are easy at first sight. You must dare to confess to someone you like. Being rejected is not terrible. The terrible thing is that you are being rejected. After refusing to give up. You have to believe in the principle of dripping and piercing stones. There is no hurdle to pass. As long as you have patience, the iron rod will be ground into a needle. Isn’t there a saying, how can the plum blossoms smell sweet after a bit of cold? Before the last minute, no one can predict the future. Do your best to strive for the happiness you want most, even if you fail, you have no shame in your heart. There is no way out of mountains and rivers, and there is another village in the dark. But if you are getting more and more painful during this process, then you have to think carefully about whether it is worth it.

7 months ago

It depends on whether you want to get married or fall in love. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to get married for the time being. He can act like a baby and feel free. If you want to get married, then calm down for two days, let yourself be calm and calm, and make your choice wisely. If I say that I don’t like a girl as much as before, it’s basically like a woman coming to the aunt, and the state is not good. If I want to separate, I will wisely weigh the pros and cons, and say directly, I won’t make a mistake. Of course, I haven’t experienced too many emotional ups and downs, it will be like this. There is a certain scope of application. Calm down, there will be an answer in your heart. If you choose to persist, just do what you have at hand, don’t pay more, don’t pay less, and exchange for the same value. Selflessness and non-paying feelings die fast.

7 months ago

In my own experience, I won’t insist anymore. I remember that during the Mid-Autumn Festival in 19, I asked him if he didn’t like me. He said that he just didn’t like me before. In fact, I know all about it. Only after being loved well can I understand the psychological gap at that time. Everything is foreshadowed. It’s not that I don’t like you that much anymore. Even though time is a hurdle, it is always because of some things around me that this kind of subtle change “does not like you so much” even though he dared to say that he didn’t like you so much. Frankly, but you don’t know if you like or dislike hh, maybe you just don’t want to hurt the other person too much. hhhh, this kind of emotional state is entangled with each other and you get extremely tired. You can also wait until he really returns to the original day, but I think this process is quite uncomfortable. If I can go back in time, I will leave without hesitation. I will not wrong myself because of his remaining liking, and I will not think of myself as something to win the other’s likes. I will love myself first. Being loved by someone who is worthy

7 months ago

First ask yourself, do you still like him so much before? If you don’t like him that much, then just let it go. The level of liking is directly proportional to what you give, and it depends on how much you invest in this relationship. If you really don’t like it that much, then learn to let go. After all, if you don’t love each other, the quarrel between two people is definitely indispensable. In the end, the wounded each other was wounded all over, and the meeting was like an enemy. It’s better to separate while there are still so many likes, at least to have a good impression on the other side. If you can’t stand the gap and neglect, then separate. After all, you are the only one who is sad. The canned saury will expire, the flowers will fade, and the rain will not keep falling. Nothing in this world is set in stone. Even love will expire, including yourself will change, the only constant is the self who was brave in love. Likes don’t have to be obtained. Sometimes, just keep the remaining likes in my heart. When you are old in the future, when you recall, you will say, how wonderful. I once loved someone so bravely. A life with regrets is perfect.

7 months ago

It depends on whether this like becomes a habit or a literal like. Can a girl not stare at a man every day, first see if she is developing, her career can go further, and her image can be improved? You are the most important one, and everything else is a foreign object. Why can’t I figure it out? Be the one who makes others nervous, instead of worrying about others leaving oneself, self-reliance, self-reliance, and self-improvement.

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