I am a former player involved in the LDL fake match. I want to kill anyone who was not a genius boy at the top of orphans with Hanbok. In order to become famous, I accepted an invitation from a club to start a secondary league career. My path to the professional league is to fight against the fake dealers! ! ! When I first entered the secondary league, I was ranked in the top ten of Hanbok’s single row all year round. I didn’t treat my opponent as a person. The opponent raised pigs in the wild. It could even be said to be a small generation on the field. I should be able to get FMVP if I didn’t expect it. …I thought that excellent performance would get the chance to enter the highest hall of LPL. I was no longer a subordinate. I was ridiculed by LPL players, but the accident came just right. It can’t be said that it’s completely an accident. It can only be time not with me. Only then did I realize that I signed a three-year long contract with the club, three years after three years, and three years after three years… Whenever the season ends and the transfer window opens, the club will rely on my good performance. And for many years of long-term appointments, the lion opened his mouth, and the price made scared the club to pee. He ran away without daring to say anything. And it’s been the same for two consecutive seasons. Later, the club realized that this was not quite right, and I couldn’t make any money. It was like selling me at a discount. It’s a pity that my status came and went. At the end of the season, I stood in a dark corner and watched. The offspring who received the FMVP award on the stage felt infinite emotion-who has never been young before. Then someone asked, why don’t you go to the first team with such a good performance — I’m angry when you talk about it. This team has five All-Stars and outrageous results. One by one Weibo is overwhelmingly crowded and talks. It sounds good, I didn’t dare to join a team without a chance (if God gave me another chance, I would definitely choose a club with the last score). At this time, Brother L found me. First, he praised how much I operated and how good my performance was. Although I was a little wary of strangers, I was only a 20-year-old child. He was so good at talking, I felt 10,000 in my heart. I didn’t want to, and wanted to talk to him. Later, the content of our conversations gradually changed. He told me that a professional player would not be able to touch him until he was in his twenties. After retiring, the unfamiliar players usually go through his headhunting. The company goes to work at Hong Kong International Ban Zhuan. If you don’t want to move bricks, there is only one way to work with him. He told me that as long as my results in Blind Monk Subject 2 of tomorrow’s competition were deliberately slow by a few seconds, I would be paid for a few months. I admitted that I was moved because he gave too much. We finalized me 15 seconds slower. On the second day of the game, I got the second driver of the subject, and I swiped red as agreed 15 seconds later. I didn’t expect that the opponent would have been waiting for me with a good vision, and then I was caught by the wild area, and the game ended. Crash. When I returned to the lounge, the coach said that my food was outrageous. I smiled, but later found that something was wrong, and immediately stopped my smile. Going back to the club to surf the Internet and look at the video of the game, I didn’t expect that the whole world focused on me because of the second subject of the game. Realize that I have become my most hated gambling brother. The second video of my subject caused a lot of waves on the Internet, and even a well-known FMVP jungler was whitewashed because of me. At this time, Brother L came again and sent a message on WeChat with two words “Congratulations”. Since then, I had to cooperate with him and become his cash cow, but my acting skills are getting better and better, and no one can see it. It was only a year later that I found out that Brother L was so powerful and knew a lot of masters. He saw that I was obedient and sensible, so he found a relationship and sent me to the LPL I dreamed of. The strange thing is that in the first two months of playing the game, L did not contact me. I seemed to have burst into the second spring of my career. Together with four teammates, I turned my back on the people who killed the famous players who used to be in my eyes. Now I am like Mengjiao under the Big Wild Goose Pagoda – I was not too bad to be praised in the past, but now I have no bounds to think about debauchery. The spring breeze is proud of the horseshoe, and I can see the Chang’an flowers in one day. But at this time, Brother L found me wanting to talk to me about a big project of several hundred million yuan. I rejected him. I think I have the four best teammates in the world to support the club. He dare not move me. But he said that if I don’t cooperate, he will die with me. I admit that I have the element of counseling, but I don’t want to be his marionette anymore. I don’t know what to do now, and I am gradually lost…Finally, the road to heaven is inexhaustible, my old predecessor, now I can say it’s me The guide on the road of life-that is the combustible blogger protagonist who surrendered and punished the fake match-for four months! The four characters came into my mind instantly-soft food and hard food; I told him that I would surrender now, and what happened to me taking your money to fight against you? I just played it. Four months later, I will be a good guy again. ! Four months later, I turned off all private messages and trained hard, and finally became a master. Fans and teammates have to look at my face and act. On the twenty-fifth birthday, the golden basin washed his hands, and all the dust settled. I bought the water army to wash the black spots all the year round. Finally, I don’t need to worry about these things anymore. Later, as a typical successful person, I went to the LDL Youth Training Department to give a career planning speech. I only wrote “soft food and hard food” on the blackboard, and there was warm applause. I looked at the young and promising young people with a gratifying smile on my face. PS: Many years later, I accidentally entered the high-level gaming WeChat group. I found out that Brother L was in it. It really didn’t meet anywhere in the world. I saw him complaining that the Bo people didn’t talk about martial ethics and broke the rules of the road. What was outrageous was that he would return later. Someone learns from him, and now it’s true that the world is declining, and even the children don’t have basic professional ethics; but it’s good, they are all vying to cooperate with me, although the initiative is not in our place, but we go. It’s the amount, but the money made is more, and the needle is not pricked. (The above is pure nonsense, if there is any similarity, it is definitely intentional.) As a senior LDL fake player, I will explode fun inside and outside the field during MSI, for the majority of friends in front of the screen to chat after tea. If you are here I’m happy to read the answer, so I might as well follow and support the author. Thank you.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

I don’t even start talking about letting the rank actor break things, just the obvious behavior of lpl official guarding the calf, and telling everyone: Welcome to the fake league. Let’s take a look. On average, these three things that are pulled out will be suspended for 4 months for a fake game, or do they include the offseason suspension and help others to place bets. The meaning is, I know where to bet, and I also bet for others, but I have played a fake match myself, and I never bet, who am I? Please call me bo, a good man, an undercover bo, can bo07? As for the official polite remarks that follow, just listen. There are no specific rules. The simplest is, who is the so-called fund manager? How to implement the information release? What is the so-called supervision of information supervision? How about the public’s reporting channels? The most important thing is, where is the punishment for the next person who is found to be a fake match? What about standards? There are none of these most critical issues. They are all refined in the future. Every ten years and five years will be in the future? How do I know if you don’t lift it so it’s not a day? If you want to help the official cleanup, please answer my questions first. Finally, after investigating for so long, we have investigated an LPL or even a youth academy player who hasn’t even heard of the name. I asked the other way around. Since so many team coaches participated, do you think the bosses of ldl know or don’t know? ? Should I participate or not? Is it better to announce or not to announce? Next time, do you continue to do it? If you continue to do it, do you have to give the lpl a copy of the money this time? Think about it seriously, I’m afraid that you don’t understand everything. As a digression, the choice of the suspension date is also full of ridiculous and childishness. When does the suspension begin when the investigation begins? I, Nima, the sentiment judge sentenced you to two years from the start of the investigation by the police? Can I still apply for compensation from the state if I drag the lawsuit a few more times?

5 months ago

For LPL players, it is said that the basic penalty is higher than that of LDL. Two of the three LPLs were banned for 4 months and more than 20 LDLs were punished. Only 7 people were banned for 3 months, and the rest started in June. Good guy, the reason why these LDL players can’t come to play in the LPL has been found: they will not be confessed and lenient. What irony! ps: wxy actually bought it. Is my stick brother’s career coming to an end again? ps: For players, there is no difference between a three-month ban and a lifetime ban. The current LPL is far from lacking. No team will buy this kind of black history player to play the game.

5 months ago

In this wave, Master Huang hosted a Hongmen banquet and invited two big families in the south of the city. If there is no blood on the table, everyone will punish themselves for three cups! When things first came out, I said that just pressing the bo hammer is useless and can’t change the fake match environment; how can one think that the official understands the king, and even those who directly participate in the fake match don’t hammer it, just pick it up. Put it down gently, low EQ: disgusting, I’m still turning off the light! High EQ: Tencent does not give up every “good seedling”! I carefully read the penalty announcement. The specific content is: three active LPL players checked, TT jungle bless and support Teeen, and bos. Regarding the punishment of bo, from the end of the original investigation on March 2, 2021 to July 1, 2021, four natural months; in other words, by the middle of the summer game, bo can play again. If you don’t cooperate with the fake match, you won’t be able to play. You will score dozens of Ws in a fake match, and you will be banned for four months. How would you choose for you?

5 months ago

The penalty was too light. Bo was only suspended for 4 months from March 2 to July 1. Basically, the summer split can be played. For FPX, it has been strengthened and the bottom lane has been adjusted. There is a good chance that it can compete for the summer championship, but for the league, this punishment is not painful. Although it is to attract more players who have played fake matches, the result is that new players don’t have to think too much about fake matches. For players who have already played fake matches, players who have not played fake matches have the idea of fake matches. It’s really outrageous. If you make a mistake, take the initiative to admit your mistake and reduce the punishment, which can lead to more mistakes. But this kind of innocuous punishment is not to encourage newcomers to make mistakes and feel that they are going in the wrong direction.

5 months ago

In fact, many times the Internet has memories, and it is also a stage for rapid forgetting. How much content has been washed on the beach of the background of the times because of the changing times, maybe only those things that have been forgotten are remembered. No matter how the public opinion is fermented, as long as it is not implemented, for both parties, these can rely on the washing of time to make everyone forget. In fact, more people should be just like me, just pure love, pure love, pure expectation. It’s a pity that there are too many complicated interests in this era, and there are too many fights that you can’t see. We can’t ask others for the story of being alone. We can only benefit others and self-reliance. Let’s continue to be the purest child in the space that can exist! I picked up a penny on the side of the road and handed it to the police uncle. The uncle took the money and nodded to me. I said happily: Uncle, goodbye!

5 months ago

During World War II, a little Japan named Fujii Wu Ma was caught by our Chinese militia and was locked up for three days. Later, another little Japan, Phoenix Boren secretly rescued the hungry half-dead Fujii Muji at night. With gratitude, Fujii Wuma bluntly told Bo Ren that his parents in Japan were burnt to ashes during the Tokyo bombing of the U.S. Air Force Li Mei. Bo Ren is his lifesaver, so he must recognize Bo Ren as his own father. Let yourself, an orphan, have a father. Moved by Bo Ren, he agreed. This is the story of the orphan Teng Wu Ma, filial piety, and acknowledging Bo Ren as his father. Unexpectedly, 70 years later, this story will be staged again. Fujii is uncensored.

5 months ago

Doesn’t anyone really think that Tengjing’s focus is still on LPL? No, no, no, no? Teng Jing is now full of pesticides and peace elites, things like LDL fake matches, please, fooling around will pass. When the LPL playoff finals have a fake match, Tengjing may be serious. Let me say a word of condemnation, Tengjing doesn’t care if there is a fake match in LPL. Tengjing only cares about whether the LPL is good or not and whether it can attract more audiences. Only with audiences can there be advertising, and only with advertising can revenue. No one thinks that LPL mainly relies on audience tickets to make money, right? Only when the fake matches make LPL look bad, Tengjing will pay attention to it. What LPL can do now is to raise the salary and feed the players so that they don’t need to spend money to fight fake matches. They are all a bunch of half-and-a-half children, how many right and wrong views can there be? How many poor kids who used to be in Internet cafes can feel calm in the face of at least 5 zeros?

5 months ago

My point of view is this answer: In this anti-counterfeiting action of “League of Legends”, BO players were punished and suspended for 4 months. What do you think of this result and how long do you think they should be suspended? Since I feel that the result of this punishment is unfair to other professional players, I am not afraid to speculate about the official League of Legends tournament with the worst malice. As for the official anti-counterfeit investigation results of the “League of Legends” tournament, my “one-sided” interpretation is as follows: Regarding the league’s anti-counterfeit gambling investigation results and the direction of rectification “The goal of the league’s large-scale investigation this time is to be more thorough. To understand and rectify the situation of fake gambling games in the league in order to prevent the influence of fake gambling games on the league in the long term.” Translation: It is impossible to eradicate it, it can only be contained. The league can only fully understand the situation of fake gambling games, so that it can control the situation in time, better manage fake gambling games, and avoid the proliferation of fake gambling games. “The above-mentioned active declaration policy is only this one time. After this investigation is over, the league will deal with future fake gambling violations with stricter standards.” Translation: The previous and current fake gambling games, as long as you take the initiative to confess. It can be dealt with lightly, but there is only one chance, and there will be no chance in the future. “The standard difference between the active declaration policy and the above-mentioned penalties is that the Alliance will reduce or aggravate the corresponding penalties by varying degrees on the basis of the original penalties based on the actual extent and impact of the violation.” Translation: Actively declared. , Will be reduced. As for the word “increased” added at the end, I forgot to delete it. “Involving improper behavior affecting the fairness of LDL matches, or illegal betting on League of Legends events that has a relatively high amount in recent years, will be banned for six natural months as the penalty benchmark; and those that affect the fairness of LPL matches will be penalized. Due to the greater impact and worse nature, the penalty will be stricter than that of the LDL, and the penalty will be based on a 10 natural month ban.” Translation: LDL’s ​​match-fixing will be fined for at least 6 natural-month match-making. LPL’s match will be banned. At least 10 natural months will be banned. “A general amount of illegal betting on League of Legends matches or attempting or assisting in improper behavior that affects the fairness of the game (without participating in it) will be penalized based on a three-month ban.” Translation: at least for betting or assisting in betting Penalty is suspended for 3 natural months. “If the offender has assisted the league in investigating, the penalty will be reduced according to the level of assistance (the suspension period will be reduced by 2-6 natural months / fines will be reduced).” Translation: confessed to be lenient and reduced by 2-6 natural months. “Teeen players and Bo players took the initiative to confess to the league that there had been an improper act that affected the fairness of LDL matches (none of the above violations occurred in the current club). Taking into account that they actively cooperated with the investigation and assisted in the investigation of the league to some extent, the league Based on the 6-month ban (proactively account for the improper behavior that affects the fairness of LDL matches), the ban will be reduced to 4 natural months as appropriate;” Translation: Bo players participating in the LDL fake match will be fined at least 6 natural months. It was reduced to 4 natural months because of active accountability. “The Bo player assisted others to participate in the betting behavior of the League of Legends event in this incident. Due to the proactive explanation, good attitude and low amount, the plot is minor, and the league imposes an additional fine on the Bo player.” Translation: Bo player has For assisting betting behavior, at least 3 natural months will be banned according to the regulations, but due to the minor circumstances, only a fine will be imposed. I feel dizzy when I see it.

5 months ago

Ok, let me be more realistic. If Tencent wants to do this, with all due respect, I don’t know if anyone is willing to become a professional lol player. I just want to say that every team of lpl players is from all of China. The best of talents, but not everyone can become a top star. Don’t you see a generation of newcomers better than old ones, I have been watching lol games since the S3 big brother, and my obscure career is as short as a river crucian carp. , And many of the professional players are very young but they are the most important years in life. To be honest, not being a top star affects everyone’s future development. To put it bluntly, money matters, if you can get a lot of economic income through some means in ldl or even lpl, then do it. No matter how fierce the audience is, when you experience the reality of society, when you are down, the audience will not give You have money, not to mention Tencent’s attitude itself is to condone such incidents. It doesn’t matter if you vote and leave. Of course, after you have played for a few years, you can realize that you can’t be a top player. It’s not a problem for yourself to want to retreat. It’s not that you can win the championship if you play lpl, you can go to the s game, you can always sit on the main force, you can become famous, return home, and in the end, it doesn’t matter if you play a fake game. You can surrender first, in case, only four months of ban, right? Sometimes dreams will be crushed by events like bo. There is no justice at all, so be it!

5 months ago

First of all, the league is not terrible, I still believe that. Secondly, the alliance must protect the calf too, this is not a wash. But the league is not guarding the players and coaches, but the real dealers behind the scenes. As for the players, coaches and team staff below, they are at best a tool man. If this kind of backstage does not fail, there will always be someone who will fight fake matches, no matter it is. Active or passive. Some people will say why they don’t get rid of these people behind the scenes. I think these people will definitely benefit the alliance. If you get rid of them, the alliance will be hemiplegic. So as long as these people don’t make a big deal, the alliance will turn a blind eye. One eye. This is why it is the player coach who is punished, there is no important person, and there is no report to the police. After all, I remember that I am imprisoned for organizing a fake match now. It’s as if there are gambling in the World Cup, the last World Cup record was so outrageous, so upset, who dares to say that there is nothing behind? Can FIFA know? It’s just that it’s not a big deal. As for the players, I think the penalty is normal. A murderer who surrenders can still get a probation, not to mention that the player, a tool man, is not the target of the league’s focus. The league wants to fight against the dealer who tries to control the LPL game. Bo does not want to play a fake match in the LPL this time. He blew himself up, and he must have provided a lot of evidence, which provided convenience for the league to beat the people behind the scenes. However, FPX protected him because of record problems. The penalty was lightly expected. As for being pierced in the backbone… as long as he hits out. Good results, FPX wins another world championship, then naturally everything is clean.

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