Normally, on the one hand, this is also the speed of the normal game map update. The new map is not just a simple copy and paste. First of all, in the design, each map must have appearance characteristics, and then arrange the events on the map (mystery tasks, etc.) ), but also to polish the details. The above things also want the collaboration of all parties, and the handover between projects is also very time-consuming. At the same time, this can’t be done by adding people, and the efficiency of the team without running-in will decrease. On the other hand, Dao’s wife must have done a good job, and it is a matter of planning not to let it go. That is to say, the Yuanshen project is planned. How often is it planned to update a version and how often a map is updated, and the time interval is fixed. At present, it seems that a country is updated in almost ten months, and a small map (such as snow-capped mountains and layered rocks) is added in between. If you don’t plan and release all of it, it may take two years to update a country and a small map a year. Maybe mobile game players are not familiar with this speed. Generally, buyout games can take two to three years to as long as seven or eight years from project establishment to sale. It is normal. The final game is often not repeated, which may be 20 or 30 hours. . The speed of game production is far from being able to match the consumption speed of players. Generally, it is impossible for players to just wait for one manufacturer’s game, but to play all of them, and there are often times when the game is unavailable. In the past, mobile games rarely had the concept of “new pictures”, and even if they had (some mmo games), they were not the main selling point of the game. However, the good map scenery of the original god may be very attractive to players, so that players feel that this is the main content of the original god, and it should have the same update speed as the usual mobile game activities. I don’t deny the former, but the latter is too much. The activities of the original gods are quite compact. You can’t treat the activities as long grass just because the new map is too attractive (in general mobile games, the long grass period means two The interval of the new character pool is used to save resources for drawing cards; and in the original god, the long grass actually refers to the interval between the new maps


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5 months ago

Some people think that one person can be pregnant in October, so ten people can produce more than one child per month. By the way, the subject should be very few long-form works. It’s been 12 years since Gao Qiming wrote it, but now it’s only in the book. In 10 years, Guangdong and Guangxi have just won, and they have not yet started in-depth operations. You must know that the person who wrote this book, master degree or above, can not form a song of ice and fire. I wrote it in 1996 and now, Long Ma is still squatting. In Slave Bay, the Iron Fleet is still floating on the sea, Lannister still occupies the Iron Throne, Erya is still in Bravos, and the ghosts have not yet reached the Great Wall. The awards won by the author can cover a wall of full-time hunters… …….Ah, this is because I am rich and loyal to play mahjong every day. I don’t think you can count on this. There are so many good works in the world, and the authors are all elite talents. It takes countless time and energy to complete their own works. , Mhy, how long does this group of hip-pulling things take? So, mhy doesn’t update, you can’t just play, there are so many games, so many books, so much knowledge, so many people in the world, which one can’t consume your time? ? It’s not advisable to hang on a tree. At least look for a few more trees. Why don’t you have nothing to do to make a blue life-and-death relationship to read. There is also a horse project as big as a horse project. You can also come to read and read like Marlens Mao. Deng, you can also take a look at these anthologies. If you want to play games, it happens that the next door burns money and put the fission link into the permanent residence. How many did Krod get? How many did the previous p22 fish? How many pythons have you fished? Are the Azure research ships all ready? Where is the StarCraft 2 cooperative commander? How many points does the ladder score? Can key high schools go to it? Can 985211 go? Is the graduate student stable? Can graduate students graduate? You see, there are so many trees in this world, and there are many trees taller than the original god. Why hang on to the original god?

5 months ago

There is nothing to look at. The new maps of 3D games belong to the large-scale expansion of the game. In the field of console games and MMO online games, the new map level update can only be released after 3 months to a year. The map update of Yuanshen The speed is normal, it’s really not fast, but you have to say how slow it is, in fact, it’s that way. Unless the quality of the new map is actually very low after the update, it’s worth discussing whether there is management confusion in Miha Tour. The problem of uneven distribution of development resources, otherwise there is nothing to discuss, it is the very ordinary game update speed, which is not fast for other companies to do it, but why players complain that Yuanshen does not produce new maps and does not mention other games. The main reason is that the original content of the original god is really too scarce. If you don’t update the new map, you can only grow grass every day. In fact, I think it is completely possible to make the previous small games such as the organ chess and tales a permanent gameplay, each version With some new monsters and new towers, not only can you pass the time, you may be able to make a new game after a long time.

5 months ago

It is recommended to look at the workload of the film and television Hurricane re-engraving the Liyuegang model. This is just a re-enactment, not an original. What is the gap between the original and the engraving? If you don’t understand the workload, you can’t judge whether it is fast or slow. There is no project of the same type in the world to refer to. So I don’t think Daoqicheng is slow. Calculated by updating the map twice a year, basically adding one Yuanshen’s current volume every year. I think domestic companies, except NetEase and Tencent, no game company can do this.

5 months ago

What can I say, even if it’s a one-to-one reduction of my world, you can count on others to create a fun, rich human touch, profound plot, high-quality puzzle solving, and character data within half a year. Stable, stable element response, etc. content map. If you have worked in a company, you should know something. It’s not that you can get it done quickly if you have a lot of people. Besides, there are not many people in Mihayou and this map is really just like that. You can add a little bit here. , There will be more time to mess up communication than to do it. The suggestion is that if it is a puzzle solving or a map party, those who are not interested in the development can completely abandon the original god during this period of time. You say that if you give up the original god, you will lose What? Nothing, there should be puzzle heroes. You have the monsters on the big map. Kill the monsters without affecting you. The original god can support you in doing this. If you just want a new map to solve the puzzles and explore your losses, it’s just that you don’t. Those people you care about or you go online occasionally to see the scenery (maybe you are a landscape party) are also okay. People don’t need to force themselves, and there is no need to force others to say something, but hope to be able to give They have enough time to hand in satisfactory answers

5 months ago

The size and complexity of the map are far greater than that of the general skin-changing mobile game. The high-quality skin that it exhibits also pushes up the expectations of players while enjoying the promotional dividends. An endless stream of characters and excellent people are set on the plot, but they are more and more. The more difficult it is to arrange, the one will lose the other. However, the thin game core and the purely stand-alone game design cannot support the continuous consumption of the players. What’s worse is that the players have their own fun but were fixed by the official speed of light. Generally speaking, the free mobile game of krypton gold drawing card is not fully compatible with the stand-alone game mode developed under the traditional buyout system. The free mobile game of krypton gold drawing card is compatible with the MMORPG developed under the traditional monthly/point card system. It is not fully compatible. When the quality of free mobile games is low, the problem can be covered by a large number of homogenized activities and action plots.

5 months ago

Doing more sophisticated games is inherently unpleasant. . . Except for the assembly line practice polished by Ubisoft, other people’s new works are several years or even double digits. . . Even for Ubisoft, one work per year is already a terrifying speed. The domestic technology is not better, but the previous skin-changing games give you an illusion. So don’t worry, you can play with other things when the grass grows. If other mobile games are more difficult to see, there are actually many other platforms for stand-alone games. Steam is all-encompassing, so try it.

5 months ago

To put it better, users expect too much to create pressure, Mihayou should polish it. To put it worse, the production capacity is not enough. How about a three-month-old picture? Currently, there are both factors. I both hope that Daoqi or Layer Rock can surpass the existing maps, such as snow-capped mountains. I also hope that Mihayou can maintain the output speed. To put it simply, I fucked the product manager and I haven’t got my salary yet. For example, if you like a famous song or peak work by a certain singer, you always expect his other songs to meet your taste or surpass the peak work. However, the reality is not as good as imagined. How can a project keep improving? The pair of UP Master 36, which I like very much at Station B, is also the same. With too high expectations, it is easy to get disappointed. This is human nature, although it is very unfair to others. As long as the map behind, as long as the Miha Tour is not particularly stretched, I will still support it.

5 months ago

As a veteran player who has played Warcraft for 10 years, the slow progress is nothing at all, let alone the repetitiveness of the day. Let’s ask which ARPG game has penetrated the entire mission line, besides brushing materials and equipment, there is something else. Is there any novel way to play in Warcraft? Take Warcraft for example. It may be that players are afraid that players will be dark in the dungeon every day, so they will join some small activities. The most common one is the activities of the Darkmoon Faire; but even if this activity is updated Frequent, after all, is still a place to brush mounts, and the gameplay inside has not changed for thousands of years. If you don’t ride a roller coaster or a carousel, you can add a certain BUFF (in fact, it is useless in the later stage), then these two so-called amusement facilities are completely useless. , Nothing is useful; but then again, it is precisely because of the continuous small activities in Warcraft, so there is a certain degree of playability, especially in various festivals, the same is brushing, but the things that are being brushed are different. , That’s a kind of thinking. Just like I eat dumplings every day, even if I eat shrimp dumplings every day, but occasionally eat lotus root once, it can be regarded as a different taste. But the original god… There are few interesting games, but the time is too short. Like the FB of the organ tower defense and wind tour, or the recently concluded water elves, although everyone is going to the original stone, there is always a new way to play. Therefore, if Yuanshen can increase the frequency of small games during the development of new maps and plots, then everyone will not feel bored with this game because if an online game, except for the daily “hoeing the earth”, every time you are online It’s less than an hour, which is less interesting than playing mobile phone games. Or if the developer is afraid that there are too many mini games, so that everyone does not make money because of krypton gold, can you shorten the recovery time? I found that the original god’s anti-addiction system is the most powerful one to restore 1 point of stamina every 8 minutes. The key is that wherever stamina is currently needed, at least 10 stamina (forging spar) is required and at least 20 points are required for brushing materials. Physical strength (Ji Zang Hua) This is equivalent to waiting for nearly one and a half hours, just for those few seconds, waiting for 3 hours for spar forging, just to brush 2-3 experience books? This operation is absolutely incredible!

5 months ago

My little brothers almost abandoned the tour several times because of the long grass period. It is said that mhy can’t release new pictures because the inner ghost keeps leaking secrets, causing the project to repeatedly remake and adjust, and then repeatedly postpone the release of the pictures. Whether this is true or not is unknown~ But the true original god claims to be an open world, but there are too few things to explore! Yesterday I learned about other open world games, such as the “The Elder Scrolls” series, whose freedom and playability are far more exciting than the original God, but the screen is not as good as the original God. Yuanshen not only has fewer pictures, but also fewer resources at the disposal of players. The so-called open world requires any props in the game to allow players to freely use their creativity to create, produce, DIY, and take risks! Such a game can really be called an open world. Yuanshen is a fake open world, which is not much different from other traditional online games. Many netizens say it is a card drawing game. I don’t think there is a problem. The only charm of the original god is the two-dimensional character. I think instead of this, Big Viagra might as well consider making a wife development system. The change-up system, the makeup system and the pet system are all researched and developed. XP games are better than they are now~

5 months ago

I’m too lazy to watch. I really think I don’t want to log in if this game goes on like this. Of course, I’m a lot of people. I understand the reason that noble servers don’t raise worms, but I just want to say it. This game is really getting boring now. Looking at 1.5, Dao’s wife is definitely not online, let alone unpacking the ghost, I am not sure which Mijia official has done with Dao’s wife, every day after 55 To go online is to find Catherine and go offline. I reject the classic three-question set of Miyoushe where mvb gathers. Have all the holy relics graduated? Has the world crusade done a lap? Have you found all the treasure chests? The same as my first answer to the original question, I want to play a game, and I don’t want to find myself a class in Tivat. Mihayou’s efforts to maintain the freshness without a new map are not invisible. What attracts me more of this game is the development of the plot. After finishing the new plot that we will meet, it is really teary. However, the lack of production capacity is really not enough to be an excuse. Anyone who pays attention to this game knows that the next version of the game will be released in the Ula and Jiayuan system. This thing was not available in the closed beta, but Mond and Rizuki are inside. The test was completed when it was opened. The initial internal test time is 2019.06.21. I want to tell the world that it has insufficient production capacity until almost two years have passed. Can it only be a home system? I don’t know if Youla’s launch is The simple addition of a multiplier monster to make money for the West Wind Knights to make a new wave knight to complete the world line or lead to a new plot. I really don’t know what kind of filial filial piety I have to witness if I come to re-enact Keli in 1.6. No way, he didn’t want to stand and earn money, he wanted you to kneel, and you had to earn 1.5. The prospect of making your money 1.5 appeared. Daojima’s design drawings and the new character Yaeko, the most idealized point of view now. It’s 1.6 out of Rice Wife and 1.9 Thor up. I can only say thank God it’s the best way. I’m really not a core player. When the big guy buys a lot of stamina every day, I’m still saving rough stones for the new role. If you I feel that what I said is unreasonable, that is, you are right, I wish you happiness.

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