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Retracing the beginning of the entire incident: the foreign service special for bunny girls, the same people carry waves. The reason is very simple. At the anniversary of the international service, a special bunny girl story appeared. At that time, it was not this thing that there were signs and rhythms, but the black and white flowers and the seat of fate. I was one of the first people to see this video. The video in this link is not the earliest, but it is the earliest released version with clear picture quality, less than two days apart. At that time, there were some comments from players saying “green” below, but someone immediately explained the plot. What everyone disliked was the “special offer”. After all, the level of this video is not very high. Development: Since the beginning of the green rhythm, the official response is all imps. Then a group of people who didn’t know the truth began to stir up a wave of public opinion. At that time, everyone was planning to rush into the black abyss, but they were suddenly disrupted by the rhythm of “self-green”. Not only that, some people have begun to write green texts, and many people have been disgusted because they didn’t feel it. Some players rushed to the official group, and a manager said, “A group of little ghosts are in rhythm.” Fermentation: The special offer eventually caused dissatisfaction, and the old accounts gradually turned up. “A group of little ghosts” obviously angered a wave of players at that time. They began to organize spontaneously (do you say there is a navy? I don’t know), and began to unearth the dark history of Bengkuaisan. The “Yin-Yang Announcement”, that is, the domestic and foreign announcements differently named the epidemic situation at the time, and the bad remarks of the Taiwanese service cooperation coser were turned out. At the same time, there was also an anniversary, when the Chinese and Japanese cv sent a blessing video, the different characters behind it were also picked up. On April 5, Benghuai 3 issued an apology announcement. Dynamic-Bilibili b23.tv sublimation: the official “captain please here”, Wanwan laughed at the national server. One wave has not settled and one wave has risen again. Then a series of remarks such as “Fu Hua show us her kung fu for thousands of years”, “please from the captain”, “is a special offer for international service”, “Ah, is there no one on the other side?” and other remarks were carried in. At the same time, the discontinued coser was also exposed to the chat records of the official staff of the collapse and the collapse of the 3: “Avoid the trend”, further sublimating the rhythm. But the original issue of the Black Abyss White Flower and the Seat of Fate has completely fallen into the wave of public opinion. Out of the circle: Pull the black, delete the comment and simplify the service, and deal with it without saying a word. Later, the player found on the external network that once he left a message under the official account of the external network in simplified Chinese, he would be blocked. In addition, the stark contrast between the skin of the flower wedding and the bunny girl on the Internet makes a large group of players even more disgusting, which directly causes the water brought by the flower wedding to be the lowest of the same type of flower wedding skin. The different treatment at home and abroad, under the background of several versions of forced krypton and liver and boring and long ingot activities, is undoubtedly the tipping point of new public opinion. At this moment, the opposing player groups have gradually reached the demand. A certain level of unity. Some facts about Beng 3’s foreign service (with photos) b23.tv climax: Black Abyss finally comes out of the united battlefield, and angry players rise up. At this time, the official cold treatment caused the problem to completely out of the circle. Angry players hung up banners in the Mihayou Building, and titles such as “Chicken Farm” began to gain real fame. The players who were originally explaining were completely disappointed with the appearance of Heiyuan Baihua. In addition to the official live broadcast, which was actually “recorded and broadcast”, many players with different positions and different ideas began to have goals, so a large number of players began to criticize the planning in the 1 room of different servers in the game. The real retreat frenzy started, and a considerable part of the silent low and medium krypton players lost. Epilogue: The version update is out normally, and the apology announcement Shanshan Chi collapsed. 3 The operation team has not yet come out to appease public opinion. The normal version changes and activities are gradually rolled out. The related rhythm has dropped. Behind it shows that most of the tower players are completely disappointed and give up. Rushing to the tower and retreating, followed by the first day of Heiyuan Baihua’s flow to a new low. At this time, the apology announcement of the collapse 3 operation team was late, mainly for the “collapse of the role image” and “failure to communicate in time” to apologize and compensate. However, the players discovered that that day and today happened to be the end of the “Bunny Girl” event on the external network. The external server also had related stigmas and in-game commemorative items. In the announcement, the terms “removed immediately”, “communication”, “liquidated damages” and other terms became pale and weak after a month and a half of cold treatment, and even became an insincere deception by the collapse 3 operation team. One of the evidence to convince the player. In addition, the foreign server also has 500 water for the compensation for the players of the national server. In the same way, the operation team has still not responded to the public opinion trend, the white flowers in the black abyss and a series of other issues. In addition, during this time, a WeChat official account in Shanghai issued a statement stating that a man was dissuaded from trying to commit an attack and was detained. There are rumors that the man is one of the players “paying for love” with a knife in his arms and two photos of Mihayou executives. The following is my personal subjective speech. What do you think about it? This time the rhythm is so big, is there really only the bunny girl? Count the Heiyuan Baihuamingzhi’s limited time limit… In the entire apology announcement, there was no mention of a word. anything else! The yin and yang announcement, the special version of the foreign service, and the story of the difference in the benefits of the national service, the whole apology announcement did not mention a word. more than! In the official account, the player replied “Captain, please!” “The little devil takes the rhythm.” No word was mentioned in the entire apology announcement. Even with this announcement specifically apologizing for “damaging the character’s image,” I didn’t see any sincerity. The foreign service activities stopped today, and then you apologized today; you said that it was an apology to the national server players, but also gave benefits to the foreign server players; and then think of the special story of the foreign server, which is higher than the treatment and official attitude of the national server. The national service has contributed the most money and enjoyed the worst treatment! I think I am smart and play some small tricks-this is infidelity! The foreign service also sent mobile phone pendants and stigmata. The so-called removal is just changed to “private “Enjoy”, playing the national server players as idiots-this is unrighteous! They kept asking for removal at the first time, but the matter has been fermented for more than a month, the official only deletes the comments, and only comes out to explain when the flow is bleak. Open-this is unkind! Unfaithfulness, unfilial piety, unkindness, four items accounted for three. If someone thinks that ten consecutive shots is enough, please forgive the bend three, everyone quickly go back to the pit-sorry, I’m chilling! If you have any questions about what I said above, I will list all my basis at the end. Do you think the Bengsan operation team is apologizing to the players? In fact, they are apologizing to the water flowing down the cliff! Heiyuan white flowers are very strong, why the water is falling? Planning, you choose (this is the estimated income, but it is almost the same as the actual situation) why not continue to install Die? Because they discovered that the so-called “little ghost” in their mouth is the real player! The banner was hung at the door of the company. Disappointed players went to Shanghai to threaten with a knife. This is the truth. Even so, the noble operation team is still aloof and throws a shot on the ground for ten consecutive times: “Come on, I will send benefits. Ah, everyone, come back and continue the krypton gold! It will expire soon! “Bah!


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

I thought you, as a five-year-old traveler, came to the front and faced all the players, you must have high opinions, but I didn’t expect to say such nonsense. I have a word, please listen to me. Things in the past 0.98, I thought it was a lie to Krypton. Landing over the limit, cut the leek. The foreign service recharges, but a few recharges, but the benefits are full. The domestic krypton, running hundreds of millions of dollars, is searching everywhere. I know mhy’s life. You said to fight for all the good in the world, the player was moved, but backhanded and hurt the player. The plot is scribbled, and the setting collapses. ch mad, thinking that acquiescence. Chongyang, bend the waist and knees. The sin is so heavy that the world cannot tolerate it! Get out! Shameless old thief, don’t you know that you really love players, you are willing to eat your meat, and dare to rap here! Seeing profit and forgetting righteousness has no bottom line. You are about to return to Jiuquan, what will be your face to make this announcement by then? Second courtier, you have lived in vain for four to five years, and you have not done anything in your life. You will only shake your lips and bulge, bow and apologize. A dog with broken spine dared to bark savagely here. I have never seen such a brazen person! .

7 months ago

In the games I’ve played, this PR is the worst (there should be swear words here) operation, none of them. First of all, there are two best opportunities to solve the problem in this incident. The first is to respond in a timely manner. Even if it takes time to communicate with all parties as stated in the announcement, you can first draw cakes to appease the players. Control the rhythm. The second is the death to the end. After all, not all players have opinions about this Bunny Girl incident, and there are many players who are indifferent to it, and stand Mihayou here. Perhaps the short-term turnover will decline, but with several version changes, this matter will also pass. As a result, Mihayou’s operation against the sky first pretended to be dead for a whole month, letting things continue to ferment. Even if you are riding a face with a banner, you don’t know it. Let the two waves of players line up, the comment area is full of smoke, and then suddenly apologize! are you kidding me? This wave of apologies not only condemned a series of crimes, but also gave players who don’t think Bunny Girls are ntr backstabs, allowing the players on the Miha Tour side to line up for a month. Become a joke. There are a few players in my group who are indifferent to the Bunny Girl incident and abandon the pit on the spot after seeing the announcement. The late apology and vague remarks obviously cannot appease the anger of the opposition players. It can be said that both sides are not pleased. Mihayou’s apology is probably to save the backflow, but I predict that this operation will only make the future of Benghuai three slip into the abyss. At the same time, let the brains of the two side pairs be played out. The players are peaceful and unanimous. Mihayou, are you considering participating in the Nobel Peace Prize selection?

7 months ago

There are generally two ways to deal with public opinion: the first is to deal with it in a timely manner. The public opinion is issued within 24 hours of the occurrence of gold, or use means to suppress the voice expansion. The second is cold processing, commonly known as pretending to be dead. “Success” took its third path. . . When the public opinion is getting colder and the cold treatment is for a period of time, I suddenly hold a salary to fight the fire and make sense. I think this is no longer a question of whether public relations work. Obviously, after the public relations have formulated a cold treatment strategy, they were directly intervened by the senior management for a period of time. An apology letter that adds fuel to the fire and is smart. This kind of apology is the same as the previous apology letter in the Zhongli incident. If you really want to apologize, please take some practical actions. If you don’t plan to make actual concessions, please don’t bother. Take out this kind of apology copy that insults IQ

7 months ago

I really want to apologize. You can compensate and apologize first before discussing copyright issues. If I was retired by this incident, will I go back because of an apology? The player who was in line for this incident was backstabbed, won’t they be lost? Will Bengsan’s flow really rise because of an apology? The world where everyone is injured is complete! ! ! After all, Beng San, is it really just because of the bunny girl’s video that made such a big move? I don’t think so. The bloated development system, the mediocre plot, the data expansion regardless of the player’s consumption ability, the slightly inferior level design, the French public relations operation… etc. These things that really involve the player’s play experience are what really caused the rabbit XX incident to be so troubled. These problems are long-standing problems in the game, and these problems cause the most damage to the player. And this is a long-term injury. A long-term problem must also be solved in a long-term process. An apology can’t cover up this big problem. As long as this big problem exists, it’s Rabbit XX this time. What will it be next time? What will it be next time? If the production team can really bring more fun, richer, and more than expected content, then that is the real solution. As you can see the typesetting at the end, I continue to watch the play with a skeptical attitude.

7 months ago

If this PR had erased the three words Benghuai San, it might have been a fairly satisfactory announcement. It’s just a pity that this apology is predicted by many prophets. Many delay-style public relations have given players a new understanding of “immediately”. Pretending to be dead makes maintaining communication a joke, and multiple operational accidents make sure that this kind of thing does not change. Of course, the quality requirements and supervision standards indicate that the senior management of mihomo may still be in the vicious circle of “driving the copywriting”. They have not inspected it at all. Why do the people who stay support them? The melted ship will not come back again and this time, the Valkyrie calls, and can’t save the captain’s heart. Even if the game changes immediately, what if the quality is super-standard if it is not liver or krypton? You have to make sure that you can continue to be so supernatural to re-absorb so many players. It’s better to use these resources to invest in the neighboring gods.

7 months ago

I vomited. It’s better not to apologize. An apology makes people want to abandon more than no apology. I am a prostitute and it has no effect on me, but this apology is really disgusting! Can’t it be sent a month earlier? The rhythm is sent directly at the beginning, which can gag a lot of mouths. You can draw a cake without saying apologize at the beginning and say that there will be corresponding activities in the country. It is good that no one remembers the several versions of the pigeon. Or simply don’t fall down, just pretend to be dead, if you want to persist, you can persist, and you can leave if you don’t want to play. Who can just keep doing it every day, anyway, the company hasn’t collapsed, and it’s not going to collapse. So you go all the way. In the end, you insisted on having things go through. Was it because the foreign activities ended today? Did you pinch this time on purpose? This time, it’s okay, it really disgusts all the people who support it, and climaxes all the hard and dark people. I can predict how the demons will dance around in the next few days, and I really made myself a joke. Is this something that a person with normal IQ can rectify? Are ten cards a lot? Do you think people who don’t play games because of this incident will return to the pit because of ten cards? Impossible! Those who will continue to play, are you missing these ten cards? Impossible! Because the people who got back to the pit with ten cards were not laughed at by others? Do you want to apologize and pay benefits at once? I can still look up to you, ten cards. Why don’t you send 60 water according to the tradition? It’s like someone trying to beat you, you didn’t surrender, someone hit you in the face, you didn’t surrender, someone beat you numb, you almost don’t want to hit you anymore, you surrendered, and you said don’t beat me sugar. Isn’t it cheap? Epic public relations negative cases, I dare say that in five years, there will be no more IQ public relations than this.

7 months ago

In fact, the most uncomfortable thing about this matter is not our group of people who eat melons. It’s not the grumpy old man who scolded at the beginning. Not to mention a long-term yin and yang fun. It is the one who continues to speak for Mihayuu. In other words, it took so long for Mihayou to come out to apologize. For most people, it doesn’t matter, but for people who continue to wash the ground for the Mihayou bunny girl incident on the social networking sites of the major posting bars, It is the most hit. Because many of them really think Mihayou did nothing wrong. Really, they really think so. Their logic is very simple, Mihayou did nothing wrong, so why should I apologize. And now, Mihayou apologized, which was tantamount to saying that he had betrayed the group of players who had been helping Mihayou. So the most uncomfortable thing now is only these players who firmly believe that Mihayou is right. This is tantamount to saying that Mihayou has betrayed the most loyal players…Of course, this does not mean that these players will not speak to Mihayou in similar incidents in the future. But presumably, some of them will not end for the time being, let’s wait and see. All in all…this operation sucks…

7 months ago

“You have enough trouble, enough scolding, a bunch of silly x holding Hannah and 1000 resonance, get out, don’t delay me from opening a new version of Qiaqian” “awwbwg, meow~” The classic post-processing same as ys in 19, the problem is​ At the beginning, ys was neither humble nor overbearing, and neither yin nor yang, nor confessed to being beaten. After the statement was made, both sides still felt that they were right. They continued to fight, and they had a lot of fans and even higher stickiness. This time I really admit that I have taken the video off the shelf. Don’t say anything else. You wait until the event is over and then take the video off the shelf. For such a perfunctory behavior, would the person who scolded you just forgive you? Then the people who are struggling to wash your ground only think that the ministers are waiting for the battle, why do you come first? Offend both sides, I only feel that this wave of operations of mhy should really be opened, it is better to ignore it from beginning to end, everyone quarrels can give you heat, this is good, just back stab, and there will be more in the future. Who will speak for you? Of course-the next version of the milkshake up flow will inevitably rise again, and the black and white flowers will also be exposed. The planning and operation took the bonus and went to the next house after a while and said, oh, I am amazing. I have to pay a high price for me. I have participated in tens of millions of projects. The company that developed the original god made the collapse 3balabala… Players are coming and going and there is another wave of purification. In two years, collapse 4 will open. Global distribution, once asked, it is another masterpiece of the company that developed Yuanshen. It’s incredible, just play around…Who cares about the game style when you are in a bad time? A group of people are talking about the mood of the game players. The sky has been rushing for nearly a month, what did you get? Hannah resonated with 1000.

7 months ago

“Since the green man and the magic man have merged into one force, they have expanded their influence on the entire network. Not only has the image of Captain Collapse 3 being taken by the NTR deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, but also has allowed Mihayou to win the famous title of’the chicken farm’. “It’s okay. Since the Green Man has turned himself off, as long as the official continues to pretend to die, everything will be fine.” “The Führer, the official…” “The official has issued an apology, acknowledging that the Bunny Girl incident has destroyed the characters. Image.”

7 months ago

In fact, I think there is nothing wrong with apologizing. Originally this was just a small issue, and the direction of the apology was only around this issue. However, whether I accept this apology or not, I always feel that this is crooked! TM is arrogant about this matter, and the actual hard-working cleaners continue to push hard. Although I AFK crashed 3 for a while, I still mourned for this group of people for 3 seconds. This matter is regarded as a node at this point, I don’t know if the knot is over, but the ten expansions can clearly distinguish people. Bunny girl + Bunny girl who doesn’t receive the card + Continue to play the new version + Abandon the new version + Do you apologize? +Abandoned desperate maintenance +True fragrance in the end, who is which kind? I’m curious

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