What does reading mean to you? In the era of fragmentation, when short videos and Shuangwen Shuang dramas become popular on social media, the information acquisition mode changes immediately. Can you still read a book quietly, and what unique sensory experience reading will bring you? And the meaning of life?
This issue of Zhihu “Questions and Answers” and the Beijing News Book Review Weekly launched a discussion to reflect on the meaning of reading in contemporary society and the human value behind reading.

In recent years, there has been a term called “the gold fish effect” (the gold fish effect), which specifically refers to the phenomenon that people’s attention time is significantly shortened in the Internet era. Research points out that the average human attention span has been reduced from 12 seconds to 8 seconds. The shortening of attention duration shows the weakening of the average concentration of modern human beings, which in turn will have many negative effects: such as low work or study efficiency, omission of important details or information, and difficulties in interpersonal communication. Many scholars attribute this phenomenon to the influence of network streaming media on human information acquisition ability in the multimedia age, and put forward theories about the causal relationship between “multimedia” and lack of attention. Lady Greenfield, professor of pharmacology at the University of Oxford, believes that social streaming media risks “naive” human thinking. The development of the brain, in a fast and short-lived world, may be accustomed to operating in a short period of time. Then, when dealing with longer-lived tasks—such as reading books or listening in class—the attention is relatively lacking. Taking short video as an example, the relationship between users and software is very passive. A user does not even need to wait for the end of the video to choose the next topic of interest. The application software will analyze his points of interest based on his past viewing behavior and select the video for him. Therefore, short video users can passively receive a video stream with new stimulation points every 15 seconds. The link between the pair of neurons on this side of the brain has not yet been formed, and the link between the pair of neurons on the other side has not been fully activated, and the user’s attention has been quickly directed to other places. For trivial and frequent pulse currents, this may be just a flash of waste of resources. However, outside the brain, such frequent switching wastes time, attention and energy. Quickly moving from one micro-length video to another video with a different topic will shorten the user’s attention span. Here, I have no intention of putting short videos on the other side of reading. All media are not good or bad. It just depends on the ways and methods of users and readers. Text, images, sound, long movies, and short videos cannot be generalized. However, different media means and properties will naturally induce different perceptions among viewers. People who are accustomed to receiving text may suffer from this duck-feeding method when watching short videos. Back in time to René Magritte’s “The Betrayal of Images”, media scholars have discovered at the beginning of the 21st century that video, like any other medium, can be carefully designed to be deceptive. Multimedia creators are good at manipulating visual content to generate specific reactions from target audiences. However, in the era of short video with increasing frequency, how can the dialectical reaction speed of human beings resist the bombing of short videos? After singing a one-minute rumor video, the next one will appear before my rebuttal in my mind. Therefore, in this process, the time and space left for the audience to think dialectically is indeed significantly less than that of written media. Reading is different. Readers focus their eyes on individual words, and then expand to a word, a sentence, a paragraph, a page, and then turn to the next page, the next chapter. In this reading process, the speed of moving from the eyeball to the speed of meditation in the heart, to the speed of moving to the next paragraph, is all under the control of the reader. This degree of freedom allows readers to fully think and perceive the core of each paragraph of text, draw inferences from other examples to life examples, and even question the authenticity of the text story. However, this somewhat slow but also romantic thinking process, when browsing short videos, under such a high-intensity rapid impact, was beaten up by jelly beans rushing forward one after another. I don’t know how many users can read here with the resistance to the short video Don Quixote’s manipulative arm block, and encourage each other.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

The May Fourth literature and the new literature born from it had the goal of liberating literature from the monopoly of a few people from the very beginning, but it still has great limitations: it means that literature will be passed from the temple to the majestic vernacular. During the movement, it was liberated to a level that all classes can read. However, in these movements, literature has not really popularized among workers and peasants, and there is still a clear gap and distance between literature and the masses outside of intellectuals. Intellectuals are still using the discourse system they construct and are familiar with to tell the world in their eyes, that is, creation and appreciation are still not popular with the people at the lower level at that time. Mr. Lu Xun, who had also been involved in this movement, soberly pointed out that at that time, “it was the preparation of the era for the public to appreciate literature and art” and could only “make more or a certain degree of popular literature and art”. But after the Yan’an Forum on Literature and Art in 1942, left-wing writers launched an activity to promote the integration of literature with the masses, that is, the popularization of literature and art. During this period, a group of new creators, represented by Zhao Shuli, who grew up and lived in the anti-Japanese base areas and liberated areas were born. Because they had the most authentic peasant atmosphere, they could naturally write that they were truly the most extensive class in China at that time—the peasants. Acceptable popular local novels successfully created a popular writing style. This group of writers have different historical characteristics: the pursuit of popularization is no longer a top-down gift, but an inherent requirement of life practice and a natural need for spiritual dialogue with the peasants, the broadest class in China. . Although in this process, the reflection on the “Europeanization” trend of new literature since the May Fourth Movement that they advocated also has to some extent the problem of relatively narrow ideological horizons caused by insufficient cultural accomplishment, the step they have taken is nothing. Suspiciously great. They drew nourishment from Chinese native folk culture and literature, based on the literary outlook and creative attitude of the “problematic novel view”, went deep into rural life, revealed and pointed out the deviations and malpractices in social changes, and wrote from the perspective of a small person. This depiction of the lives of little people in the big era does not have the feeling of “the sympathy and pity that intellectuals have for the masses after they have separated from the masses” despite the fact that there are no shortage of excellent works. This is a great attempt and a great progress. It is a literary and artistic progress that can be directly integrated into the cultural life of ordinary farmers with works after the attempts of countless local writers. It has truly achieved the popularization of creation and reading. beginning. Many literary and art works since then, but belonging to the past, are practicing the concept of “popularization of literature and art.” The folk has always been the richest source of inspiration in literary creation. Authors who come from the folk and devote themselves to the folk use folk language. It narrates the life of the people, and has formed a set of evaluation system from the people. At that time, the folk and literature were in line. My mother can still recall those poems such as Haizi Beidao when they were popular among young students in our 18th-tier city. My father, a big man today The old man has his own independent study in the cave room of my grandmother’s house, which is full of literary books he had read when he was young. But now, the folks are indeed derailing from literature. In other words, literature has actually been shelved again, becoming a plaything for those literati class who once dreamed of becoming dragon slayers but now sitting on the throne of evil dragons and their children in exchange for fame and fortune. When the era of commodity economy is about to come, some books on the development of Chinese literature also record the attitude of literary practitioners at that time: Although confused, they are still optimistic. In the face of folk, commodity economy, government policies, and literature itself, they firmly believe that different criteria will be developed. But what is regrettable is that these refined criteria have been shattered to pieces in a rapidly developing society, even moving further and further away from each other. The popularity of the Internet, the survival dilemma faced by the entity media, the lack of interest in cultivating interest in Chinese language education, the abandonment of the folk public’s appreciation of literature, and the monopoly of literature by vested interests have combined, resulting in the current derailment of literature and the folks. situation. It’s hard to tell which of these reasons accounted for the greater proportion. An elder friend of mine who is engaged in literary creation and earns a lot of money describes this era: “It is like falling from the heroic era to the dark iron era without the blessing of the gods.” He hates all words in the Internet era. Feel noisy and meaningless. He said that young people nowadays can’t calm down. After finishing speaking, he may realize that I am also “a member of young people now” and added: “You are not the same.” Of course I know how to play in the society. The first sentence of a person who has been fighting for decades is an occasional revelation of his true feelings, and the second sentence is a compliment out of human affection and sophistication. But at that time, I was indeed a user of starting point Douyin and Kuaishou and other despised platforms. I still remember that I once logged into a website called “Under the Banyan Tree” and met a group of traditional literature lovers of all ages and occupations. In those few years, there were still many websites of this kind, and literary lovers gathered on the top. Although they lacked communication channels with the faintly formed writers of traditional literature, those web pages with simple layout were still crowded. A lover of literature. At the same time, there is another group of creators who have taken the lead and entered an industry where no one knows the way forward-online writing. Although online literature was immature when it first appeared, and even suffered real or unreal criticism from many practitioners in the traditional writing industry, online literature is a scope of creation and reading when traditional literature is gradually shelved. Expanded to the extent of popularization. As for the various behaviors of some creators who have lowered the threshold of creation caused by the commercialization and capitalization of online articles, this article will not show it for the time being. Because there are other things that are more interesting in the case of commercial capitalization:-that is, short video and pan-entertainment after the opening of the big data era. Big data gives each user an accurate portrait, and then recommends different short videos and cool texts to specific users through different algorithms. Fragmented information is flooding in, and the entertainment threshold of everyone is also raised in the process. Lose the ability to read long texts and receive long messages. That is, big data creates a barrier for users between useful information and useless information flow. The information gap that was once thought to be erased by the Internet is re-established, and it takes advantage of human weakness to become more solid. Popularization that should have developed further is blocked. This is a shortcoming that no one can deny when people mention short videos. But at the same time, I deny the supporters of the law of negation, and I firmly believe that there is no difference between user groups on different platforms. When I was in my hometown at the beginning of this year, I used my mom’s mobile phone to swipe a short video: A man wearing a pig mask is twisting our local Yangko in a dilapidated room. It doesn’t count as a noisy bgm pace. beautiful. But I know his identity. He is an old man who used to sell steamed buns at the gate of our community. He is very good and will help anyone who is busy. But unfortunately, I heard from my mother that a few years ago, his wife had an extremely tragic car accident while riding his son’s electric car to the hospital. He was the only one left in the not-so-rich family in an instant. In fact, nobody watched his video because it didn’t make much sense, but there were more than a dozen likes. My mother said they were all ordered by neighbors who knew him. Later, I saw this old man on the street at the back of the community. The difference from the video was that he was walking slowly, pushing his cart that was as old as his body, and selling buns. But I know that in a person’s home, he puts on the mask of Zhu Bajie, twists the Yangko and walks to the end of the camera, grinning, at least he is happy. You know, what really has unlimited vitality is never books, nor short videos, but folk life. The happiness of the folks should not be distinguished between good and bad. From a non-governmental perspective, if I wait for the grass, who is superior?

5 months ago

Reading is entertainment, and jokes and short videos are also entertainment. But the joy of reading is known to mankind for a long time, and most of them are recorded in books at present. Having a book to read is one of the great pleasures of life. There was a book “Yi” in ancient times. In the Spring and Autumn Period, Confucius read the “Book of Changes” Wei compiled three must. “The Yi” is divided into three parts, “Lian Shan”, “Gui Zang” and “Zhou Yi”. “Lian Shan” and “Gui Zang” were later lost, and “Zhou Yi” has been passed down as a Confucian classic to this day. This book has historical records and has been passed down for more than two thousand years. This is still in the Qin and Han Dynasties, where printing and papermaking were not developed. They were handed down through manual transcripts through large seal-small seal-official script-cursive script-regular script-running script. Later, there was printing, stone carving, engraving, movable type, and now it has become laser phototypesetting. In the Internet age, it is separated from the entity and entered into the cloud after being coded into the database. “The Book of Changes” has been passed on for more than two thousand years, and its vitality is endless. There are many modern masterpieces like “The Analects”, “The Book of Ethics”, “The Book of Songs”, “Spring and Autumn”, “The Doctrine of the Mean”, “Mencius”, “Historical Records” and “Han Feizi”. Moved for 2 months? The Internet’s stalking is very popular, and it is almost impossible to keep anything. And the things in the book can’t be exhausted in a few months. Take a look at the following sentences. Heaven is healthy, and gentlemen strive for self-improvement. The topography is Kun, and the gentleman carries his virtues. Three people, there must be my teacher Yan. Do unto others, do not impose on others. Road to Road, very Avenue. You know who does not talk, do not know the speaker. The cymbal is pale, and the white dew is frost. The so-called Iraqi people are on the water side. A fair lady, a gentleman is so good. Everyone has no faults, and they can make corrections through the past. Good things are good, and everything is done in advance, and nothing is done if it is not. Born in sorrow, die in happiness. The people are the most precious, the society is second, and the monarch is the light. Princes and generals, would you rather have a kind? The embankment of a thousand feet is collapsed by the ant’s den; the room of a hundred feet is burned by the smoke of the crevices. There are many different things in the book, which are the basis of everything, and the narrative is nowhere near the video.

5 months ago

When complimenting one form, don’t belittle the other. Personally, I think these are two different kinds of happiness. It’s not that reading is noble and more elegant than video. Due to the development of the times, the two do not conflict or contradict. This issue needs to be considered Use words. The joy of reading is the joy of acquiring knowledge in a quiet environment. It feels very joyful when you read it. Watching the protagonist’s destiny changes his heart ups and downs. This is a kind of spiritual pleasure. Brushing short videos and paragraphs is a kind of leisure and entertainment. It can give you a smile in a short time. It is also a new way to show your thoughts. It can also gain knowledge. It is just a way that is easy to accept. Compared with reading, I call it mild pleasure in reality. You can’t keep reading books, nor can you keep watching short videos. The two complement each other. How can two different kinds of happiness be replaced? As a student majoring in Chinese Language and Literature at World University, I personally recommend that you must read good books. The classics are the essence of the long history. I recommend a few books as examples: 1. George Orwell “1984” “After reading the novel, you must know the age of the author at that time. The book was published in 1949 and created in 1948. Orwell successfully predicted some developments in the next 40 years. One of the three masterpieces of dystopian novels. 2. The second recommended genius master Lucidi’s “Midnight Son” Lucidi is a master storytelling writer. The book is imaginative and covers various fields. “Since I read “A Hundred Years of Solitude”, No other novel has been as amazing as it is.” The Times commented.

5 months ago

I wonder if you guys have the same experience as me? The process of refreshing the video is of course very happy, but with the passage of time, the threshold of happiness is getting higher and higher, and the more you brush, the more boring you get. Of course, I also know that the same is true if I continue to read it, there is very little “irritating” content. But due to the lazy nature of people, my hand and mobile phone seem to be fused together, and I can’t get rid of it! Then, the feeling of boredom turned into pain, a jealous spirit, and finally threw away the phone. Then bursts of emptiness, guilt swept through. A friend of mine, who is not well-educated, was tired when she used TikTok and Kuaishou to wait for video apps. What will she choose? She will choose to play the king and visit Taobao. Everyone has read high school, right? The three years of high school experience has a peculiar advantage, perhaps everyone did not realize it: the ability to focus on reading for a long time. Of course, if you have not been to high school and like to read since childhood, then this ability is also available. However, anyone who has gone to high school has received three years of intensive and focused training. As long as you are not a bastard, you generally have this ability. Focusing on persistent reading ability, only those who have gone to high school can be mass-produced on a large scale. Let’s talk about the video problem. Don’t have the superiority of text reading. The display of knowledge also requires different forms of display. You watch documentaries, university lectures on bilibili, and the knowledge and information you get is by no means weaker than you read a book. However, in real life, how many people are addicted to it because of this knowledge and content? Most people watch videos that are common to humans. For example, handsome little brother, nice little sister, jokes, out-of-the-box shows, brain-dead jokes, etc. This kind of stuff is like the fried skewers on the street. That’s a delicious one, for the impact of taste, it kills all kinds of Michelin! Can you eat more? Can you eat it for a long time? Can’t! My friend who has no culture, she is obsessed with Douyin Kuaishou, Pippi Shrimp, and so on all day long. I also persuaded her to read more books, not to indulge in them, she said she couldn’t read it at all. Presumably you will think: reading, what can’t you read? If you really think that way, you are guilty of a common problem with our human beings: it is easy to get what you think you can easily get as others. When you have continuous and focused reading ability, you have ever thought that you are a lucky person in a country where China is dominated by a junior high school and elementary school degree. I have seen too many people. When they see me holding “Zhuangzi” and Ai Siqi’s “Basic Principles of Marxism” all the year round, their eyes are full of envy. What the eyes are trying to convey is: Can you actually see through? Some truths seem to “understand”, but they don’t “understand”. I believe that most users on Zhihu enjoy the pleasure of video and reading, and they also distinguish between the two. But many people can only bring pleasure through short videos! So, what about the era when there were no videos or few short videos? Then watch TV! April 23 is World Book Day, which is today. Our country also promotes reading for all, and reading is a good thing. The fact is: most of the time it’s just an empty slogan. The happiness and persistence brought by reading are far greater than those short videos that attract eyeballs and try their best to flow. The more terrifying fact: the left-behind children in rural areas are more immersed in how various short videos and video apps can guide the whole people to read, so that those who have a junior school education and the masses of Zhihu can achieve the same reading ability. It’s not easy. Don’t think this is funny, many people are still in awe of Zhihu this app! There is no other reason: there are too many words on Zhihu.

5 months ago

I think that short videos are just satisfying desires, and reading makes me happy. The two are fundamentally different, but most people are confused. Humans perceive excitement because of dopamine secretion, and short videos use this feature to satisfy most people’s desires. They are also catering to the inner likes of many people, and recommend perceptual content to people with different preferences through rational algorithms. Reading is different. Reading is something that promotes people’s thinking. The picture he gives me can be ever-changing. Even the same story, the text will bring me a lot of different impacts, and the visual effects tend to make me focus and Forgotten. It can never replace reading, because when I meet my desires, I suddenly return to reality and find that they have been creating anxiety. It is the text that calms my mood, and keeps my thoughts perfected in the input and output. It makes me empty after satisfaction, and then anxiety. The text makes me calm and full, and then truly happy.

5 months ago

I have a prejudice against short video platforms, and the number of readings per month is basically about ten times. However, whether it was a paper book or an e-book, I did not stop reading. The annual expenditure for buying books is still several thousand yuan. This is a small bookshelf that I just made and put together the books I want to read recently. Every time I heard short videos that were bloody, self-righteous, and pretentious in short videos on trains, airplanes, and waiting rooms, I wanted to escape quickly. It is very sad that many people around me, who are highly educated, increasingly use short videos as a way to understand the world and obtain correct information. I believe that the short video is the same as the food stealing game of the year, and it will disappear in a few years. Only books are the ladder of human progress, and writing is the best knowledge transfer medium accumulated over thousands of years of human history. With the continuous development of mobile terminals, pictures and videos have increased the way for humans to intuitively understand and understand society. For example, the history, archeology, and adventure documentaries produced by CCTV and some official agencies provide the public with high-quality, scientific and fair information, which is a good sublimation and supplement to books. Short videos use the audience’s enthusiasm as a marketing method. The time is too short and the information is limited. Many short videos produced in poor quality have many problems such as grandstanding, sacrificing the safety of oneself and others as a selling point, fabricating, and inciting emotions. For example, some time ago, a blogger who used unprotected glacier jumping as a selling point to set himself on fire and fell into the glacier, causing dozens of public security personnel, local villagers and rescuers to give up time to reunite with their families, and to explore in the glacier in winter, creating public resources. Of serious waste. Or conversely, if there is no short video platform to help, this person honestly wears protective tools to play the glacier, and will not die so early. Isn’t this a live short video cannibalism?

5 months ago

Of course, the effects of the two are different. I have always pursued the appreciation of both refined and popular. Besides, books also need to be divided into books. Some books are paragraphs. It is better to just use short videos. Short videos also teach things very professionally, which are much better than some unscrupulous books. What I want to talk about are books that are relatively nutritious and knowledgeable, and short videos that are too entertaining, especially those that are not well expressed by short videos. This kind of book reads too much, and the heart is fuller, while the short video clips are brushed, and the heart is more deserted. This kind of book reads more and the heart is more peaceful, while the short video clips are brushed, and the heart is more anxious and slow. , One quick, one complete, one fragment. I read a lot before graduation. I ran to the library and bookstore every day and read one book after another on paper books on humanities and social sciences. Since I started to review short videos occasionally, I found netizens My life is so silly and interesting. I don’t read books anymore, and I can’t chew hard books at all. I have more boring time. If I have nothing to do, I’ll make a small video and doubt the meaning of life. Even short video clips can’t stand it anymore, only anxiety and emptiness are left. This is brought to me by the short video, and it is probably something that needs to be changed.

5 months ago

Happy, no, not right! It is not just happiness, but also a touch, a touch of dialogue with the great human soul. I used to like to watch short videos and funny jokes because of what? happy. I keep brushing every day, laughing every time, hahahahahahaha, I can’t stop laughing every time. and then? I got nothing after I laughed. I swiped my phone every night until I was exhausted and went to bed in the early hours of the morning. I got up slowly until 11-12 o’clock in the morning, and then continued to swipe the phone. Day after day, but after a long time, I will feel irritable again, I don’t know what to do, my spirit is very bad, I can’t learn, it’s difficult, I’m confused, empty, and confused. After that, I visited Teacher Luo Xiang. Wow, this teacher is interesting, lively and interesting. I, a person who doesn’t understand anything, can understand when listening to Teacher Luo Xiang’s lectures. Then I was curious. I searched for the teacher at station B. When I saw the number of fans, I was shocked. I was still a bigwig. I became more curious. There are not many videos and the number of views is basically very high. I wanted to get to know this person, so I searched for his most viewed videos, and then I found this “Why should we read?” At that time, my mind was blank and I had no idea. I almost clicked in. No one stopped it, and there was no push influence. I watched the entire video smoothly and smoothly, and then quietly retreated, feeling that a small hammer hit my heart, nothing changed, and it seemed that something had changed. After that, I began to actively look for the content about reading and learning on Zhihu. You must know that I have not actively searched for these for almost 3 years with Zhihu, and then I watched, and then I thought (the first real active thinking), The frequency of striking the small hammer in my heart is getting higher and higher, and the hammering is getting heavier and heavier. Finally, one day later, with a ‘click’, as if some barrier had been broken, deep and deep emotions emerged from the deepest part of my heart-I can’t go on like this anymore, my life shouldn’t be like this! Then I discarded these for the first time: short videos, funny jokes, games, online novels, cartoons. Will it be difficult? Will it be painful? No, not at all, there is just a burst of invigoration and freedom. I didn’t understand this mood at the time, but I felt a strong resonance when reading a book. In “Norwegian Forest”, Midori asked Watanabe why he wants to quit smoking, Watanabe replied: “I don’t want to be bound by something.” correct! I don’t want these things to lock my life and my thoughts. This young man should have a wonderful future. When people are confused, confused, and empty, my suggestion is to read more, read good books, reading is to communicate with the author, reading good books is to talk to those great souls, to read, to talk to the great souls. Your confusion mankind has had this confusion more than 2,000 years ago, and all the great thinkers of mankind are trying to fight against this confusion​. When I think of my confusion and confusion, all great thinkers are trying to fight, I feel moved, and I seem to be no longer alone, because those great people are by my side, my ordinary It’s amazing to merge with the greatness of mankind at once. To borrow the words of many celebrities 1. My life hobby, besides revolution, is reading. I can’t live without reading a day. —Sun Yat-sen 2. If you have no hobbies in reading, you can do as much as you can. If you don’t read the group books first, you will be at a loss or lose your preference, broad and then deep, and then professional.—Lu Xun​3. Reading is not for eloquence and refutation, nor for gullibility and blind obedience, but for thinking and weighing. —Bacon 4. The influence of people is short-lived and weak, while the influence of books is extensive and far-reaching. —Pushkin 5. Poems and books are in my belly, and I am very good at reading thousands of books. —Su Shi 6. Reading too much, his appearance naturally changes. Many times, I may think that many of the books I have read have become a cloud of smoke and no longer remember. In fact, they are still latent, in their temperament, in conversation, and in mind. The boundlessness, of course, may also be revealed in life and words. —Sanmao 7. What is the purpose of reading? If we exclude the practical purpose of learning, reading is that I am absorbing nourishment and enriching myself. I feel that when reading is the most enjoyable, you suddenly discovered “I have this thought too”, the happiest time is to wake up what you already have but you don’t know. —Zhou Guoping 8. Read more than ten thousand books, and write like a god. —Du Fu 9. Books are friends. Although they are not enthusiastic, they are very loyal. —Hugo 10. Three watch lights and five watch chickens. When a handsome man is determined, his black hair does not know how to study early, and the white head regrets his late study.—Yan Zhenqing Finally, if we make up our minds to start reading, let’s borrow a quote from Teacher Luo Xiang: Are you ready to talk to the great soul of mankind and use his sharp axe to split your cold, arrogant, narcissistic, and arrogant Poor heart. —Luo Xiang

5 months ago

Irreplaceable. Reading stimulates the reader’s imagination, even if it is reading online literature with low barriers to reading such as Zuojun, in the process of reading, you will involuntarily reflect the Ning Yi you imagined in your mind. This imaginary Ning Yi is a unique character created by yourself. In the whole process, you are a God-like existence as a creator, and words are only a key to unlock your imagination. You can open your mind about what else Ning Yi can encounter and what life he will encounter. When you review short videos and paragraphs, let’s talk about the former first. It has already made the image that the creator wants to express in three dimensions, and it is difficult to imagine and play. For example, some netizens released a classical Chinese version of “Panga’s Friend” in the recent period. If you start with the text, the possible scenarios of the two-person dialogue are endless, not necessarily limited to the form of live broadcast, but can also be arranged in ancient taverns, which will mobilize your imagination. If you watch the short video of the two directly, happiness is indeed very happy. At this time, the brain will stop thinking, and it will be over after watching it. It is difficult to extend to other aspects of thinking. Speaking of jokes, jokes are clever, and Bo Jun smiled. Whether it is a joke writer or a person who reads jokes, they need a certain amount of knowledge to understand the point of happiness. The paragraph emphasizes “time and space misplacement”. When character A is substituted into scene B, the character is embarrassed, cramped and even embarrassed due to the misplacement, which finally produces a hilarious effect. Some friends think that short videos and jokes are a kind of low-level pleasure, and reading is a high-level pleasure. I disagree. Both Yangchun Baixue and Xia Liba people are great artistic creations. Reading can bring happiness to people, but short videos and paragraphs can also be used. Happiness has no distinction between high and low, it is pure existence like snowflakes. Children compete for high and low, and I want them all for adults.

5 months ago

Fast is not necessarily useful. Many of them are spam, and if you read too much, you get anxious. I uninstalled Zhihu for a while because there were too many negative news. Reading, earnestly acquiring in-depth information, may be slow at first, but it will never change, and you will slowly discover many phenomena. Answers and prototypes can be found in the book, and you can quickly understand the various phenomena that are happening around you. . Watching short videos is passively waiting for others to feed things. Reading is active thinking. I choose to think actively. Of course, not all the time I can quietly read in-depth books, so I chose to play the game for a while. Anyway, watching short videos is also entertainment, not more high-end and noble than playing games. It is best not to play brainstorming games before going to bed, which can easily affect your sleep. Sometimes it is also a good choice to play the simple Three Kingdoms for a while. So I am [Deep Reading] + [Game], and I sometimes watch short videos. However, I try not to let my time become fragmented. Time is originally a whole piece. Instead of thinking about how to use the fragmented time, it is better to think about how to make the fragmented time into a whole piece to play a greater role. Add one more. Short videos are generally based on viewing. Reading can write reading notes and then output. The production cost of text is lower than that of videos. After I started writing, I met more than 100 friends through writing (of course, some of them no longer contacted each other. Human relations are fluid). This is not possible with short videos. Video recording is more troublesome than codewords.

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