It’s time for everyone’s favorite Cirno’s perfect math classroom again. This time I received a request from a certain foundation who did not want to be named, saying that something is solid; the body’s “waste” is not easy to deal with, and the sun must be used for incineration. This book ⑨ expresses a very high evaluation of this “earth-friendly” treatment plan, and believes that it is likely to revolutionize the existing garbage (yi) garbage (chang) treatment (chu) management (jue) problem Sexual solution, so after receiving the task, the intense calculation process began. The first thing we need to know is how much temperature the sun can produce. Generally, the data we have on hand are that the temperature of the sun’s surface is about 5500°C, and the temperature of the core is about 20 million°C. So we may soon tend to target the sun directly for processing. The radius of the sun is 700,000 kilometers, which is a bit hard to beat relative to the 150 million kilometers distance between the sun and the earth, so I hope it can be appropriately relaxed. If the surface of the sun is 5500°C so far, this heat energy will not be dissipated very far due to the cold and dark environment of the universe. But the good news is that due to the existence of a “corona” in the outer layer of the sun, this range can be expanded a lot-due to the effect of magnetic reconnection, the temperature of the coronal layer can reach several million degrees Celsius, and the range of the coronal layer Not small, this gives us the possibility of expanding the target. Generally, it is a bit difficult to calculate this temperature level, so we have no reason to select the data of existing spacecraft missions. Such as the Parker Solar Probe. Ultra-close sunbathing, enjoying the emperor’s enjoyment. This probe is rarely named after the name of a living scientist, and the imagination of the old man named Eugene Parker has made people have a revolutionary understanding of solar particles. “Solar Wind” was first proposed by him. Besides, the old man is now physically strong, and he can see his probe flying towards the sun that is about to be launched. (Envy makes me inflate.tif) Of course, this content does not want to explain the content of the solar probe too much. But there is one data that is very interesting-the Parker Solar Probe will be 6 million kilometers away from the sun’s surface, and the temperature at this time is 1377°C. Turning to my country’s garbage incineration electric field requirements, the furnace temperature is required to be 850℃-900℃ (generally this is to completely burn organic matter to prevent the production of toxic substances such as dioxins). Take a look at the temperature outside. How about a batch of Lao Tzu’s cool. Wav So here we once again make a target orbit with a radius of 7 million kilometers from the core for no reason. In this way, we successfully set a fire, and then we can use it. Fire extinguisher, turn it into a problem that we can solve-orbit transfer. The earth’s orbital radius is 149.5 million kilometers, and the target orbital radius is 7 million kilometers. If you construct a large elliptical orbit, Homan will move you away. Here we directly apply the aphelion velocity calculation formula; here v1 indicates how fast our garbage truck should enter the field, M is the mass of the sun, r2 is the perihelion distance of 7 million kilometers, and r1 is the aphelion distance of 149.5 million kilometers. Substituting in and calculating, we get: v1=8.9km/s sounds good, but the linear velocity of the earth is 29.8km/s. In other words, you have to overcome the earth’s revolution speed to this value, and the perihelion can reach 7 million kilometers. In other words, you have to decelerate by 20.9km/s. This is not over yet, the earth’s gravitational potential energy also has to be overcome. It is equivalent to the value of the kinetic energy brought by 11.2km/s. Since your launch angle can be selected by yourself, we believe that the required speed in low-Earth orbit can be directly calculated as 23.7km/s. Suppose you use the The jet speed of the engine is 5km/s (the powerful hydrogen fluorine chemical upper level is practically almost impossible to achieve), which can be easily calculated using the Tsiolkovsky formula. At this time, 114kg of fuel is required for a load of 1kg. Consumption. This does not include the mass of the garbage truck itself, and the payload capacity of the launch vehicle that carries the garbage truck. Qualitative nonsense, in the end, a manned moon rocket as large as Saturn V (with a take-off mass of 3000+ tons) may only be able to pull an object less than one ton to receive sunbathing. But for the future of mankind, this price must be worth it, as long as this thing does not harm the sun (laughs)


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

good idea! Too creative and terrifying. What is the total amount of waste in the world every year? Approximately 10^13kg, all sent into the sun, giving us a green hill. Ask Musk from the beautiful country to do it. The Falcon 9 heavy rocket is the cheapest. He charges $62 million each time. It’s environmentally friendly and eliminates the odds. The Falcon 9 Mars orbital carrying capacity is 13 tons, and the Mars orbital transfer speed increment is 3km/s, and the transfer to the sun is about 20km/s. It’s troublesome. If you don’t calculate it, it is exponential. Anyway, go to the sun. The nearby carrying capacity is far less than 1 ton, even if 1 ton is good. For environmental protection, science has to make concessions. This is the speed at which the Earth’s orbit goes to the sun. It also costs money to go to Earth’s orbit. The speed increment is 7.8km/s, which is about 1/3 of the above. The money is all made up by environmentalists. You can’t just shout slogans. Others do. For environmental protection, everyone has to act. Now, the environmentalists have sent 10^13kg of trash into the earth’s orbit, and Musk took the abacus and flicked it a few times, preparing to collect 10^10*600 US dollars, and write it all down to 6 US dollars. 6 billion US dollars is much, not much. If the per capita is less than 100 million U.S. dollars, it will be worthwhile. I almost forgot, this money has to be paid every year.

5 months ago

The layman passed by and gave a strong answer, forgive me for the wrong answer. First, in order to do this, you first need to launch garbage into space and then send it to the sun. However, the cost of sending garbage to space alone is prohibitively high. The cost of each rocket launch is staggering, but the delivery of each time is pitiful. This is also the reason why a company developed a recoverable rocket. This is just sending garbage into space, and the cost of sending it to the sun is even more amazing. Second, the rate at which humans produce garbage is amazing. In a smaller city, a smaller garbage incineration power plant, there are dozens of vehicles a day, which is only part of the garbage. Just imagine, the amount of rubbish every day is sent to the sky, who can afford it? Now the satellite launch is mature, but how big is the satellite that is sent at a huge cost each time? Third, recycle is the right way. In our community, there is about one car of garbage a day, estimated to be about two tons. The number of people has not been counted. How much does it cost to give it to heaven? How much does it cost to send it to the sun? You have to pack it up and install the propeller. The distance from the earth to the sun is not far. What about fuel costs? The thrusters are also disposable, and they have to be commanded and controlled. How much is the cost of one of our communities? How much do we get for a town? Then one city, one province, one country, and finally, one goal. Not to mention sending it to the sky, just ordinary transportation costs are very expensive in many cases. Why are many commodities expensive? The transportation and logistics costs are scary.

5 months ago

In this people’s subject, don’t trust your brains, strong answers are just for your thoughts~Come and find out about the light-concentrating solar furnace odeillo~The high temperature of 3500 degrees, the steel plate will melt a big hole in a few seconds~What is it except for highly reflective materials? It will melt or even vaporize for you~ The temperature limit that can be generated by reflection and focusing is only slightly lower than the light source. Take the sun as an example, that is 5000+ degrees on the sun surface minus the loss of the light path. The 3500 degrees odeillo was decades ago Technology, now I’m afraid it’s not rare to get a 4000+ one~ Throwing the garbage into the solar furnace to vaporize it is enough, there is no need to send it to the sun, it’s too expensive~ I’m very curious whether this temperature can decompose the molecules, so What about various elements freeing up and becoming plasma? If it can be done, can an external magnetic field be used to confine the plasma gas, and make it spin at a high speed, centrifuge it out, and cool it to recover its components? If it can be done, there will be no rubbish on the earth~just Jiangzi~

5 months ago

Everything on the earth can be considered a part of the earth. Throwing garbage on the sun is equivalent to continuously throwing a part of the earth on the sun. This process continues, and one day the whole earth will be thrown on the sun.
The so-called garbage is also a part of the earth’s internal material cycle, and the macroscopic view is the same as that of human beings.

5 months ago

After a typhoon, the sky was clear. In the suburbs not far from the city, a village was damaged by a typhoon. However, the loss is not too serious. It is just that the small temple at the foot of the mountain outside the village was swept away by the typhoon, and no one was injured. The next morning, the people in the village heard about it and started talking . “Which dynasty is the temple left behind?” “Who knows, it is a long time ago.” “A new temple must be rebuilt as soon as possible.” Just as everyone said something to me, there were several people. The look ran over in a panic. “It’s a big disaster!” “What’s the matter? Is it nearby?” “No, I have to go a little bit, just over there.” At this moment, a person suddenly turned pale and exclaimed: “Hey, come on. Look! What’s the matter with this hole?” Everyone ran over and saw that there really is a hole on the ground, about one meter in diameter. People poked their heads and looked inside, but they couldn’t see anything in the hole. However, people have an unfathomable feeling that this hole seems to lead all the way to the center of the earth. Someone suspected him and said: “Isn’t it a fox hole?”  A young man yelled into the hole vigorously: “Hey-come out!”   However, no echo came from under the hole. So he picked up a small stone nearby and was going to throw it into the hole. A timid old man put his hands tremblingly, trying to discourage young people from doing this. “This must not be thrown down. Maybe you will receive some terrible punishment.” However, the young man had already taken the lead and threw the stone into the hole. However, there was still no echo from the bottom of the hole. The villagers chopped down many branches and used ropes to wrap them one after another to make a fence, and to enclose the hole. Then, they went back to the village for a while. “What should I do next?” “Let’s build a temple on this cave as it is.”  Everyone talked about it, and there were different opinions. One day passed like this. The well-informed newspaper reporters quickly inquired about the incident and rushed in their cars, scrambling to get there. After a while, scientists and scholars also heard the news. Moreover, everyone showed an extremely profound and omniscient look, and looked calmly into the cave. Subsequently, a large group of people watching the excitement came one after another. Some people looked at the hole over and over again, with greedy eyes in their eyes, wondering whether they could make any profit from it, or should they pay a high price to buy the patent right for this hole as soon as possible? The police from the police station kept guarding around the entrance of the cave to prevent anyone from accidentally falling. A news reporter took a very long thin rope, tied the weighing mound to one end, and carefully lowered it down. Gradually, the rope was lowered foot by foot. However, after the ropes were all laid out, they couldn’t be pulled up. He called two or three people over to help. Everyone pulled hard together, and the rope broke somewhere in the hole. A reporter with a camera in his hand saw this situation, and silently untied the strong thick rope tied to his waist. A scholar asked someone to bring a high-power amplifier from the research institute to analyze the frequency of the echo from the bottom of the cave. However, he fiddled with the amplifier for a long time and tried various sounds, but he didn’t even hear the slightest echo. The scholar felt quite puzzled. He pondered hard about what reason this was. However, under the full view of the public, we must not give up and be ridiculed. He put the amplifier close to the hole and turned the volume to its maximum. The deafening sound came out of the amplifier continuously for a long time. If it is on the ground, people tens of kilometers away can hear this sound. However, this hole did not refuse to come, and swallowed all the voices. The scholar couldn’t help feeling a little guilty. He pretended to be calm and confident and turned off the amplifier, and said in an unquestionable tone: “Hurry up and fill it out!” Although the matter has not been clarified yet, it is better to deal with it as soon as possible. , Lest dignified scholars make embarrassment in public. Did it just end up so hastily? Those around me who watched the excitement felt it was a pity. But there is no alternative, it seems that I have to be disappointed. At this moment, a man sweating profusely squeezed out of the crowd and proposed loudly: “Please give me this hole. I will fill it in for you.” He planned to buy this at a high price. The speculator of Dong’s patent right. However, the head of this village disagreed. “It is a good thing that you are willing to fill this hole for us, but this hole cannot be given to you. Because we must build a temple on it.” “Don’t worry, I will build you a better temple right away. And there is a square attached, how about it? Before the village chief could answer, the villagers shouted in unison. “Is this true?” It would be nice if it was built closer to our village. “What’s so strange about a hole, I’ll give it to you now.” “Then the sale was finalized. Of course, the village chief had to agree to this. The businessman who bought the patent rights fulfilled his promise in accordance with the contract. A little place closer to the village The temple was built, and a square was built along with it. In the autumn harvest season of this year, the patent owner founded a novel “hole filling company.” A small house was built near the hole. , There was a small sign on the door. Then, the patent owner asked his partners to run around the city, using various methods to promote. “This company has a wonderful and unfathomable hole. . According to estimates by scholars, its depth is at least five kilometers. This is the best place to contain hazardous materials such as nuclear waste from nuclear reactors. Now or never! “Soon, the relevant government department issued a business license. Many nuclear power companies rushed to sign the contract. At the beginning, the villagers were a little worried, for fear of what might happen. However, the “hole filling company” sent people. Explain to them that this is a very safe hole and will never cause any harm to the ground even after thousands of years. In addition, the villagers can still benefit from it. After everyone understands this, they can rest assured And, the modern highway from the city to the village was quickly completed and opened to traffic. Trucks drove on the highway, and a steady stream of large boxes made of lead came in. The lid of the box was above the hole. It is automatically opened, and the waste of the nuclear reactor is poured into this hole. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of National Defense threw in the confidential documents that are not needed together with the safe. The government officials who came with the car to perform the supervision task were very relaxed. They talked about golfing, while the lower-ranking staff were throwing all kinds of papers and talking about the pinball room. It seemed that the hole would never be filled. Everyone. It is agreed that this is an unfathomable bottomless pit, and the diameter of the hole may be larger as it goes deeper. The scale of operations of the “hole filling company” has been expanded little by little. Experiments on infectious diseases are conducted in universities. The carcasses of those animals were transported, and there were also many unclaimed vagrants in them. The relevant authorities have made a plan to lay a large number of pipes to discharge all the waste and sewage in the city. Go in the cave. This method is much more brilliant than the sewage discharge to the ocean. This cave makes the residents living in the city feel great relief. In the recent period, because people only desperately expand the scale of production, it has caused the city However, it is very difficult to deal with these pollutions. Everyone finds it very difficult. Moreover, people only want to work in production enterprises or commercial companies, and no one wants to deal with all kinds of things every day. However, people now think that this social problem will be gradually and properly solved by this hole. The girls who are engaged have thrown the old diaries into this hole. Others have put the old ones into this hole. The photos taken with the lover were thrown into the hole, and then a new love started with peace of mind. After the police confiscated the extremely ingenious counterfeit banknotes, they all handed them over to the hole for processing, and everything would be foolproof from then on. The criminals quietly threw all kinds of criminal evidence into the hole, thinking that they would get away with it. No matter what was thrown in, this generous hole was treated equally and accepted. This hole is hard-working. The whole city was washed with all kinds of dirty things. Gradually, the ocean and sky became beautiful blue again, which looked like transparent glass from a distance. Under the tile blue sky, newly built The high-rise buildings in the city are like bamboo shoots springing up after a rain. One day, a worker climbed on top of a building under construction to work. After he finished riveting a rivet, he put down the work Gu rested for a while. Suddenly, he heard a strange cry from above his head. “Hey-come out!” However, he raised his head and looked up to the sky, but there was nothing, his eyes were so clear that he was so clear. He thought he was a little dizzy just now, and had some illusion. Then, just as he returned to his previous posture and was about to rest for a while, a stone flew from the direction where the sound was just made, passed in front of him, and fell to the ground. However, he just squinted his eyes and gazed at the distant horizon triumphantly. Ah, our city is getting better and better! Of course, that insignificant little stone did not attract his attention at all. Hoshi Shinichi “Hey, come out”

5 months ago

Feasible, I just dropped two bags of garbage when I went to work and went downstairs, about one kilogram. If I use the cheapest carrier rocket in the world, Musk’s Falcon 9, I don’t mind the success rate or anything. I quoted 62 million US dollars. One shot, the cost is 4300w. I used my experience in bargaining to buy things on Kangfu Road. I cut it in half and wiped it out. 2000w. It’s a discount. Then it is known that the low-Earth orbit capacity is 22.8 tons. Let’s talk. Round up to 50 tons, just do it, I know you have a safety margin, yes, don’t be entangled with me in low-Earth orbit and you can’t fly to the sun, anyway, it’s up to the sky, let’s do it, right? Okay, now the data is available, 2000w US dollars 50 tons, an average of 400 US dollars per kilogram, how much is the RMB exchange rate? It seems to be 5?? Forget it, I won’t bargain with you, that’s 2,000 RMB. Eat the garbage

5 months ago

I’m very curious that this question has been included in scientific insights. Included. Included. The person who had a brain hole that day must have a brain hole in his brain! Don’t count the cost, it is understandable that the brain hole always ignores the cost. Have you calculated the scale? Even if each person produces 100g of garbage per day (in fact, the smell of light is more than that), it will be 36 kilograms 365 days a year. Excluding foreign countries, our population of 1.3 billion will exceed 40 million tons! You plan to launch to the sun. Have you ever heard that when launching a satellite, the weight is often controlled by “grams”? That’s just a satellite orbiting dozens of hundreds of kilometers above the ground. Now you plan to launch tens of millions of tons of garbage into the sun. And still every year! We don’t count the cost, dear, is there so much fuel on earth for you to play like this? Even if there is so much fuel and it burns so fast, is there so much oxygen? Does the earth have time to dissipate heat? Let’s suppose you have a rocket that can launch ten tons of garbage at a time. You need to launch a million pieces a year, and it cannot be recycled and reused. Is there so much material on the earth that makes you so squandered? Your ten tons of rubbish should be put on a hundred tons of special steel, right? Launching a thousand tons of special steel for one year is nothing.

5 months ago

Think about it carefully. This is a very terrible idea. The subject may think that this is the sun as a natural pollution-free incinerator. But this will cause a serious problem. That is the permanent loss of the earth’s material. It is true that the quality of the earth itself is for humans. It’s very large, but in fact, the thin layer near the surface that humans can use. Our nature uses these things for a permanent cycle of evolution. If you dispose of garbage on the earth, it doesn’t matter whether it is burning charcoal , Or buried in place, after all, these things are still in the earth’s circulatory body. And if a brain is thrown into the sun, then these substances belong to the sun forever, and it is impossible to return. There may be most modern organic materials in it. There may be metal materials such as iron, copper, silver or even gold and platinum. There may also be helium, which is already very precious. It may be difficult for us to regain these materials that are lost forever from other environments. , Because in addition to hoping for foreign meteorite asteroids, it is hoping that humans’ nuclear reaction technology can reach the level of making the atoms they want. This is obviously extremely difficult. In any case, from the perspective of human civilization, To lose something forever is always an uncomfortable thing.

5 months ago

feasible. The cost of rockets will be diluted and reduced after mass production. Rocket technology will accelerate progress and further reduce costs. Technological progress has driven the overall technological development. Humans have discovered that using garbage to recycle resources can also make rockets. Frequent space launches thrive on outer space exploration and interstellar colonization. The era of great aerospace has arrived! The domain of human wealth has greatly expanded. Outer space resources are extremely scarce, and planets such as Mars are willing to purchase terrestrial garbage at high prices. The earth has become clean. Everyone is very happy. People on Earth built a memorial sculpture as the subject. The name of the sculpture is: This bastard committed the crime of destroying garbage! !

5 months ago

The mass of the earth gradually decreases, and within tens of millions of years, there will be an observable deviation in the orbit of the earth. In a few hundred million years, the entire planet will automatically fall into the largest garbage dump.
Just because it is rubbish now does not mean it will always be rubbish. After a while, new technologies may appear, and now these headaches have become new mines.

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