It has been learned from many relevant departments that after the long trial, all departments have reached a basic consensus and the relevant policies are also ready, and it is only one step away from the promulgation. Among the consensus reached, the core one is to establish a personal pension system based on the account system.

New progress is being made in the construction of my country’s multi-level pension insurance system, and a personal pension system based on the account system is about to emerge.

On February 26, Vice Minister You Jun of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (hereinafter referred to as the “Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security”) stated at the press conference of the State Council Information Office that the third-tier system of endowment insurance has formed a preliminary idea. The overall consideration is to establish a personal pension system based on the account system, voluntary participation by individuals, and taxation support from the state finance, with funds forming a market-oriented investment operation.

Social security is horizontal and fair. When your money is deposited, it is everyone’s money, and when everyone’s money is deposited, it is your money. The biggest enemy of this approach is human selfishness, the tragedy of the commons, and the moral hazard. Many people want to pay social security according to a lower standard, but when the social security fund pays, the insured often does not care about the safety of the social security fund, especially in the field of medical insurance, there is a risk of scalping. Personal pension can be understood as an annuity account. Your money is your money, and at most it can be inherited by future generations or used for support between family members. This method can avoid moral hazard to a certain extent, but it lacks support among members of society. I mentioned a similar idea to Mr. Ma many years ago. Reduce social insurance premium rates and protection standards. At the same time, a personal pension annuity mechanism similar to the US 401K account is introduced. The money deposited in the pension annuity can enjoy part of the personal income tax deduction, but the investment direction must be a safe direction certified by the relevant department. The money in the pension annuity account can be inherited by the designated heir, or it can be used to protect the old-age and medical needs of close relatives. My idea is that young people need to find employment and start a business. Employment is the main problem for young people. The need for elderly care will not be so urgent for a while. Reducing the social security rate is conducive to young people’s light clothing and employment and entrepreneurship, and alleviates the concerns of enterprises, especially small and micro enterprises. When young people enter the middle age with a successful career, they can save annuities according to their needs to prepare themselves for a good old age. If young people are still very poor in their middle age, then honestly accept the minimum level of security in their old age.


By zhiwo

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9 months ago

I actually understand the country’s helplessness! The root cause of all is the aging of the population. According to my conservative estimate, by 2050, my country’s aging population (remember that the aging population I mean here refers to people older than 65) will account for more than 30%, and the total social dependency ratio will reach 70%, which means 10 laborers (15-65 years old) have to support 7 non-laborers, including 5 elderly people. Considering that most people now work at the age of 20 or even 23, the total dependency ratio in society will be far greater than 70%.

9 months ago

Under the torrent of population aging, we are basically at a loss. This is not because I am alarmist, but because the size is too large. If you multiply any trivial matter by 100 million, it will be a big deal. No, it was reported a few days ago that the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission transferred 1.21 trillion yuan of state-owned capital to the social security fund. Let me tell you, this is not the first time that the SASAC has transferred 660 billion yuan. It is still the initial stage of aging. At the end of 2019, the proportion of the elderly population in my country is only 12.6%. By 2050, the 65-year-old population will account for 30%. What a hole this is, the transferred capital amounted to 10 trillion and started. To be honest, whether it is pension plan reform or postponement of retirement, I understand the country’s difficulties. I think that understanding is not enough. What we have to do. Don’t talk about ridicule, the key is how to solve the problem!

9 months ago

I call on civil servants and institutions to take the initiative to take the initiative to save more pensions at work and take less pensions after retirement. At this time, it can best reflect the individual’s true feelings for the country’s deficit. Learning from Japanese civil servants cannot be compared to this island country. Our about 100 million pioneers and models must take the lead and take the initiative to take the responsibility to resolve the pension crisis. Even the smallest contribution, multiplied by 100 million, will emit huge energy. Not receiving pensions for a year will do nothing for the small family. It’s a problem, but it can alleviate a great burden for the country. Raise soldiers for a thousand days, use soldiers for a while! I will also take the lead and strive to save my own money for retirement, so as not to add to the country’s obstacles.

9 months ago

When I was young, my father stupidly bought me an insurance. Invest hundreds of yuan a year for 5 years. In the 1990s, two to three hundred yuan was really not a small amount. The return is very generous: I received 30 yuan a month when I was in college, and I would pay back when I graduated from college. If I study for a master’s degree, I can still earn money. After I retire, I can receive a pension of 600 yuan per month. I analyzed that my dad forced me to enter the university to study for graduate school. This may be a factor. But his attitude towards my Ph.D. is very indifferent. It is estimated that the taxi fare has increased. He goes to the insurance company once a month to withdraw money. If he takes a taxi back and forth, the fare is 20 yuan. I asked my dad why he wanted to buy this kind of insurance. My dad said that he was thinking about retiring 600 for a month, which was higher than his salary.

9 months ago

Add a few words. I did not deny them. The older generation has made the contributions of the older generation, and it has also suffered a lot. The key is that the gap is too big. The others are not expanded. In addition, I think my original answer has already expressed the meaning. I have to be blunt, that is, I have already decided to vote for a guaranteed product with a closed period of 40 years. If the new product is not guaranteed to be self-financing and self-financing, why should I vote for you? Discounts on the fund platform, discounts for major bank customers, annual medical check-up packages and airport transfers when assets reach the standard, and other people’s customer service are very considerate, and they also take the initiative to send gifts to the door during the New Year. Give me a reason. If it has something to do with taxation, I am willing to vote because I have passed the threshold. But what about those who have not passed the threshold? Those children are almost unable to afford milk, so they have to take a piece from the ration and cast it? If voluntary non-voting is allowed, is it possible to say “not voting when you deserve to be young” with peace of mind in the future? To be honest, most of our people don’t have much financial awareness, and they simply believe in Feng Xiao. For example, when the national debt comes out, it will run out in seconds. There are still many people who have taken the whole thing. What are we Fengxiao? The common people don’t know what your age is, the common people only know that it is safest and safest to be kept by Feng Xiao. Now that you tell me that you are responsible for your own profits and losses, then I have reason to think that you are selling funds with a closed period of forty years under the brand of Fengxiao. If you don’t have the brand of Fengxiao, it will be up to you who will take care of you.

9 months ago

Those old people, lying on hospital beds like zombies, live by inserting gastric tubes and filling them with nutrient solution. Is this considered a peaceful life in their old age? I can receive 20,000 to 30,000 in a month, and I don’t need money for hospitalization. I need to be rescued, of course. When chatting with the nurse, it is said that the one who is the oldest has been in the hospital for nine years. For such old people, ten workers retire one by one. The point is, judging by their age, there is a high probability that they have never paid a dime in social security. The retired salary of middle-level cadres in state-owned enterprises after the transformation is not as high as the cleaners they had made before the transformation. Wisdom, skills, and labor cannot determine your pension. Why are you thinking so far? I’m not sure if I can live to the seventies. The awareness of financial management must start from the baby, and the red envelopes for the New Year are also a small amount of money. Although it is impossible to make a fortune by salary, most people still have to extract a little bit of their principal from their salary. Maybe when will it hit the market like last year, which changed from one hundred thousand to two hundred thousand, and from two hundred thousand to four hundred thousand? After the principal rolls over to 10 million, do you still need to care about the monthly pension?

9 months ago

Establish a personal pension system based on the account system, voluntary participation by individuals, and taxation support from the state finances, and the capital to form a market-oriented investment operation. Funds form market-oriented investment operations. This sentence is the key point. Isn’t this a fund with a very long closed period? What can be invested in market-oriented investment operations, national debt? Excellent corporate debt? stock? These are all risky. From the top ten tradable shareholders of listed company stocks and defaulted debts of listed companies that have exploded in recent years, there will be one or two social security funds. This is very embarrassing. Similarly, even if Fortunately, I did not encounter a thunderstorm event. (This is almost impossible. As long as it is an investment, as long as the time stretches, no matter the probability, you will always encounter a black swan.) The stock market will also have a normal decline, such as the recent hot. Kweichow Moutai share price from

9 months ago

A relative, an employee of a state-owned enterprise, pays five social insurances and one housing fund in full for his entire life, with a pension of more than 2,000. Here comes the fact that the three views collapse: a friend’s father, a cadre, and a beneficiary of the dual-track system. I haven’t paid my own pension for most of my life, and now I have a monthly pension of more than 10,000 yuan. Not to mention medical insurance. If I hadn’t tried to climb up, I’m afraid my monthly salary would not be as much as his monthly pension. Moreover, in order to give him more than 10,000 pensions every month, he has to pay more than 10,000 leeks every month before he can have the money to pay him. According to my contribution ratio, the total pension payment for me and the company is estimated to be about 500, which is still too much. Even if it is 500, there are at least 20 leeks like me, and the monthly fee can be used to support such a retired cadre.

9 months ago

It depends on the detailed rules. The overall consideration is to establish a personal pension system based on the account system, voluntary participation by individuals, and taxation support from the state finance, with funds forming a market-oriented investment operation. In fact, this feeling is a bit like the “not so cheating” “pension insurance”, or another “closed” fund guided by the state, and this thing is more or less conscience-conscious. Personally, I don’t have so many views on the overall pension plan, although everyone knows that it is a bad debt, and it will inevitably lead to various distribution problems in the future, and it is properly a burden on the country. From the perspective of “pay as you go, uneven distribution, first picking fruits, and later planting trees”, there are too many places to discuss, and from the perspective of fairness, there are also many that are worth discussing. local.

9 months ago

In East Asia, whether the policies are good or bad, the key is to make all parties willing to bet and lose. This system is good. Under the guidance of private ownership, the old age should depend on oneself instead of relying on society and collectives to cause trouble to the country. The problem of declining birthrate and aging has caused huge problems in the world’s pension systems. It is the young people who are unwilling to have children, and it is ourselves who live longer than expected to lead to aging. Since we have so much freedom, why not Give us back the freedom of pension? Like Hong Kong, there was a long-term lack of a pension system, and later there was only an MPF system similar to a semi-mandatory financial management product. It would be very good to make pensions a multiple-choice question. Employers of Hong Kong civil servants, the Hong Kong government, can voluntarily pay more pensions. For example, the People’s Daily reported that overseas civil servants have higher retirement benefits than ordinary people. Among them, it writes that the Hong Kong government has increased the proportion of civil servants to pay more pensions. Others’ employers have money, and they also have money. Isn’t it natural to pay more and take more.

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