Shanghai Auto Show on April 19, 2021
Great Wall released TANK700 and TANK800, as well as X guns and other models
I personally feel that the Great Wall has begun to develop in the high-end direction
There are even hybrid versions of 9at and 3.0v6 turbocharged engines. It is estimated that there are many hybrid and electric models for these models. However, it seems that many people are not optimistic about the Great Wall and cannot understand. Is domestic production the original sin? Finally, thanks to every Oula owner

The design line of the tank series should be straight line + right angle, but it is obviously different from the Mercedes-Benz G. This is the reason why the tank 300 has received great praise and warm welcome after it was launched. The tank 300 has made a good start for the positioning of the tank family. The front of the tank 300 is actually a little delicate, but it has an absolute hard feeling behind the body; there is a combination of G-class and Wrangler and both visual sense, compared with BJ40 Imitated Wrangler, BJ80 imitation G-class, BJ212 and Roewe RX8 and Chase D90 passerby appearance, it can be said that the tank 300 is an epoch-making work of the domestic hardcore off-road vehicle. If it is not for the Great Wall, who will endorse the tank 300, I will most likely Buy one for fun. But after seeing the 700 and 800 tanks, I think these two vehicles may be the product of the Great Wall Motor faction infighting. After the tank 300 achieved great success in design, the original design team was forced to pick the peaches and be squeezed out. Therefore, the new peach picking team took it for granted that as long as the stacking of exaggerated designs and color schemes can continue the popularity of the tank 300. All in all, the exterior design of these two cars is very failure. Tank 800 is called Baoding Cullinan. Take a closer look and see if it has the same shape as the Geely Phantom back then; the top is Geely Phantom, and the bottom is Baoding Cullinan; Look at the front face comparison of the three tank models; there is no brand heritage factor in it


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

I think the 300 behind is not a team thing at all. I guess irresponsibly, 300 is a product that was not taken seriously at first, because hard-core off-road is inherently niche. The popularity of the 300 made Great Wall’s interiors never expected. It rushed into brand independence and launched several products that have no inheritance, and the exterior and interiors are very donkey lips. Obviously it is not in the interests of the entire company, but it may be in line with a certain company. The interests of these departments or leaders. It is very likely that the internally saw 300 fires to occupy the hill to grab resources. No matter if some of the killed plans are taken out first, it can be seen from the rush to change bids within a few days of listing. I haven’t planned well, they are all products of temporary meetings and table shots. Guess, don’t refute me, the refutation is that you are right.

6 months ago

What I want is actually a tank 300 equipped with 3.0T. I bought a reliable engine and chassis at a low price, and there was a whiteboard left for me to play like an American Wrangler. 700’s complex exterior and luxurious interior are a bit redundant. As for 800, I feel like the Great Wall thinks too much. The twisted cars of GLS and Land Rover Range Rover are a mistake in themselves. It is a mistake that the Great Wall has not yet had enough brand premium capabilities to make.

6 months ago

I took a look at the car critic’s introduction, the appearance is not said, different people have different opinions. Tank is the high-end of Great Wall, so the brand is not Haval but wey. The Tank 300 is famous because it has found a very good position. The off-road is a bit worse than the Wrangler, stronger than the crossover car, and the comfortable interior is much better than the Wrangler. With this price point, it is invincible. Therefore, Great Wall independent of the tank brand, positioning is hardcore off-road. Tank 300 is positioned as a hard-line off-road with excellent off-road performance, comfort and road performance. 700. It has an off-road appearance, but it has a pneumatic suspension. 800, Baoding Cullinan, big SUV, has nothing to do with off-road. So this is embarrassing. Tank x00, the number is higher than his 300, it should be positioned as a hard-core off-road of larger size. 800 and 900 are two luxury SUVs at all. They should be classified under WEY, named vv700 and vv800, so they pop out and follow the tank. what relationship? Pure heat?

6 months ago

I only have one question about 700. Is the roof tent crooked? I can see that 700 is an h9 upgrade, but I didn’t continue to explore at the peak of 300, and turned a 180-degree turn. The 800 is full size, and corresponds to an x-cannon. A land cruiser, a smooth size. It is the first time that a domestic car has been made such a big one, so wait and see. After the size is large, the rear wheel uses an independent suspension, and the comfort can indeed be up to the next level, and the stroke will not be too short. The only counterpart that can pull and cross-country is Touro. Change the shell when it’s big? That tank is equipped with a V6 engine. Is it fuel consumption to install V6? Add a p2 to the tank. What else can you say? Should we talk about durability? Compared with the Tesla standing on the roof, Toyota holding signs, Volvo, Cadillac banners, where do you despise the logic of domestic production?

6 months ago

It feels like the tank 300 has just made a good start, and then the faction of the tank series fell apart before it was built. The style is messy and it doesn’t feel like a system is formed. 700 and 300 can’t see any connection, 800 is not even hardcore off-road. The luxury SUV Great Wall has its own WEY and other brands, and it can’t be done by Harvard. Tanks are mainly hard-core off-road. It’s hard to see a hardcore off-road star rising from the domestic brand, and I really don’t want him to die.

6 months ago

The detailed parameters are currently unknown, only the appearance is evaluated. The appearance of the 700 will have such a big controversy, which is completely the result of improper painting and venue. The design of cyber+wasteland style is matched with bright surface paint and placed in the radiant exhibition hall, with blingbling lights reflected in it, and there will be ghosts if it looks good. If it is changed to a full-body matte gun gray/desert yellow painting, the chrome-plated parts are replaced with the same plastic underneath, and then raised an inch or two, with four anti-off rings +mt tires, I personally think it is expected to replace a certain Some rs/amg/m became the best straight male harvester of the year. PS: If the dividing line of the tank 700 two-color painting is the parting line of the sheet metal cover, it will be a killer. Unfortunately it is not. 800 did not want to evaluate, failed.

6 months ago

Look at the three major parts of the tank 700: V6 twin turbo 3.0T engine + integrated 150KW plug-in hybrid 9HAT transmission + air suspension. If this configuration is reliable, it supports DC fast charging and the top configuration is controlled within 350,000, which is indeed very competitive. Judging from the chassis layout of the tank 700, the battery location should be in the rear part of the car. This reserved space is not small. Refer to BYD Tang DM, which can hold a 22KWH battery pack and provide 100 kilometers of pure electric battery life. There is basically no problem of excessive fuel consumption under daily urban commuting conditions. As for the appearance, brand logo, etc. that many people complain about, I personally think that under the premise of reliable configuration, the flaws are not concealed, not to mention that there is still a period of mass production next year. I hope that Great Wall will make appropriate adjustments after collecting market feedback.

6 months ago

It’s a weird thing if you are optimistic about it. The 700 is a Japanese sacred car. If the Prado drops the price after the listing, it means the 700 is successful.
800 at first glance was like a “horse-horse thing”. After watching the all-round video taken by Chen Zhen, it changed. We lack a domestic luxury car for a character like Boss Wei in China, and we can’t let people go out on h9 all the time. .

6 months ago

I don’t know others, I think it smells really good anyway. Spacious and comfortable, occasionally playable, good interior, full-featured, and full of power. Isn’t this exactly what I want! There are three things to look at now, the first safety, the second failure rate, and the third fuel consumption. To be honest, when buying a car, you need to look at safety and failure rate first, which are hard indicators. If the fuel consumption is high, it can’t be too exaggerated. I can accept it within ten or four of the highway and within 13 or four of the urban area. I use the car frequently, but I use the car for a short distance and occasionally at a high speed. Although I don’t work in the country, I need to go there every other time, and occasionally go to the mine for a lap. I think that under ideal circumstances, these two cars are what I need most. After all, many people have said that they are not expensive.

6 months ago

Speaking of quality control, you may not know that this time there is a one-click spontaneous combustion Toyota owner to defend their rights, of course, there is no splash of water. I think the tank 800 should be placed in the wey series. It is said that it is equipped with air suspension as standard, which is suitable for business luxury and occasionally go bad. For 700, the appearance is already very combative. Everything is good. The price depends on the price. If you use ordinary front independent suspension and rear axle coil spring damping, it is estimated that the price can reach about 350,000. A high-end version of 400,000 should be able to import in parallel. The car dealer’s inventory was listed on the Prado causing a crit. The two biggest surprises that this auto show gave me are the tank 700 and the extremely krypton 001. These two are also typical of the two routes of domestic vehicles. One is imitating self-research and the other is acquisition and integration. I hope that they will be able to refuel.

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